Warning Mormons, Masons, Jehovah Witnesses & Seventh Day Adventists

I had a Facebook friend who is a Mormon. She remains a Facebook friend to many of you to this day. My page has served as a central meeting point for many, many Christians. Lots of you have found each other right here on my FB page and have become fast friends. Even if you have come to disagree with me over the years and have unfriended me, you have retained friendship with people you met on my page. I find that both gratifying and ironic at the same time- especially as some of you have come to almost hate me behind the scenes. Be that as it may, I have unfriended this Mormon because I unfriend all Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventists and Masons because they are all cults.

I try to not accept friend requests from anyone who belongs to these groups in the first place but these cults teach their members to lie to the world by telling them to use the word ‘Christian’ when identifying themselves.  Sometimes I only find out later during a discussion about their group.   I know some of you still belong to these cults but remain silent about it. That is fine. I unfriend only those who are vocal about it and insist on trying to either protect these cults or try to advocate or push their beliefs on Christians. I must add a note of precaution to all my friends here to not bring Catholics up in this discussion.   I do not consider them to be a cult. So, please, don’t add them to the list in the following discussion. I won’t allow it. I understand that the Catholic church has done many things that I don’t consider biblical but they still remain within the overall definition of Christian. These other cults do not. They deny the deity of Christ; they deny his very identity; they deny that his birth, life, death and resurrection is wholly sufficient for salvation. Catholics, despite their traditions with which we might not agree, do not deny these basic tenets of Christianity. Thus, they are Christians.

One of the hardest things to do as Christians is to warn those we love that they are going to die because they reject Christ. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to warn someone who is in a cult like the Mormons, the Seventh Day Adventists and the Masons. Each of these cults has taught their members about secrecy and fear of rejection. They have been conditioned to expect Christian attacks and how to deal with it. They will reject you violently and quickly. They will say they ‘pity’ you for ‘being the way you are’ and then they will say that they will ‘pray for you’.  They will claim to ‘love’ and ‘believe in’ Jesus and will call you ‘judgmental’ and ‘divisive’.  They know the buzz worezekiel 3ds. They have been schooled most carefully.

Your own fears will rise to the surface when confronting people in these cults. They will give you every reason why they are indeed Christians. But each and every one of these practices reject Christ in the way I have defined above. The Mormons will tell you they have the KJV of the bible- not so. They have a special, re-written version of the KJV of the bible, the Mormon KJV, which leaves out major portions of Paul’s writings as well as others. It certainly leaves out the thief on the cross who called on Jesus to remember him. According to the Mormons, there is no deathbed confession, no ability to call on the Lord to be forgiven- without a lifetime of good works, there is no salvation. Masons worship the Great Architect, not God, nor Jesus.

Anyone or anything other than God or Jesus is satan. It is an idol. Period. They also have a different book than the bible- it uses words from the bible but it is re-written and Jesus’ name has been stricken out of it. Seventh Day Adventists use the bible but they revere the writings of a woman named Ellen White and have a bizarre obsession with food and health. They follow a weird set of rules that are completely outside the bible, worship Ellen White along side with Jesus and do everything contrary to what God commands.

Yet, YOU must speak to each of these people in your lives. Does this mean you need to unfriend them or reject them? No. You are not in my shoes. I run a public page. I have thousands of readers, you don’t. I have to worry about weak and new Christians who can be influenced by the words of these people. You don’t. I unfriend these people, not because I am mean, but because I can’t have them lying on my page and influencing people who are ignorant of the Word and who are still highly influenced by satan. They need to hear the Word, not satan’s lies. But you must still speak the TRUTH to these people in your life.

This woman whom I have unfriended is still friends with many of you. You need to know with whom you are friends on FB. Be sure to witness properly to those who are on the path to death. God will surely hold YOU responsible for their death. He won’t accept ignorance as an excuse when you see him.  He won’t accept excuses like, “I don’t think it will do any good.” or “What can I do about it?” or “I don’t have the opportunity.” or “I barely know him/her.” or “It isn’t my place.” etc.  There are no coincidences in life.  People come into your life for a reason.  Help them.

Read Ezekiel below. God set us as watchmen at the gate. We don’t even get a reward for warning those around us. We just save ourselves. This sends a chill up my spine. That is one of the reasons I do what I do. I fear God’s disappointment with me. We aren’t on this earth for our enjoyment. We are here to serve our Lord and King. Use your FB pages to witness to your friends and family. No matter how uncomfortable that might make you. Take the time to use your private messaging to reach out to those whom you know will die for their rejection of Christ. Pray daily for wisdom and read the Word of God so that you will be properly armed. These words of Ezekiel are hard, hard words to hear. I give them to you because I love you and fear God. I am your watchman at this moment. May God bless you and keep you. Susan


17 “Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the people of Israel; so hear the word I speak and give them warning from me. 18 When I say to a wicked person, ‘You will surely die,’ and you do not warn them or speak out to dissuade them from their evil ways in order to save their life, that wicked person will die for[b] their sin, and I will hold you accountable for their blood. 19 But if you do warn the wicked person and they do not turn from their wickedness or from their evil ways, they will die for their sin; but you will have saved yourself.

20 “Again, when a righteous person turns from their righteousness and does evil, and I put a stumbling block before them, they will die. Since you did not warn them, they will die for their sin. The righteous things that person did will not be remembered, and I will hold you accountable for their blood. 21 But if you do warn the righteous person not to sin and they do not sin, they will surely live because they took warning, and you will have saved yourself.”


  1. I can see the cult aspects of the faiths you mentioned, but Masons are not a religion. I was a Rainbow Girl in my youth, and the only real problem I have with the organization looking back is that it wasn’t a very feminist organization. The Rainbow Girls are a Masonic youth order and are sponsored by Masons. So I was very familiar with the order. Masons never claimed to be a religion, and in fact welcome folks from all walks of life and all faiths to come together for service projects and fellowship. The only religious requirement is that you believe in God. This can be loosely applied, and they do use the Bible in meetings, but we had Christian and Jewish members alike.
    Masons are less a religion and more of a community service organization. The secrecy throws people off a bit and invites skepticism, but honestly it’s just to make it more fun. Our meetings were actually pretty boring in the parts that were closed to the public LOL.
    I assure you that there is no plan for Illuminati world domination or anything of the sort. The masons are just a bunch of (mostly old) dudes who like to do community service and hang out together with old-timey traditions.

    *side note: I started this WordPress account in plans to create a podcast of the same name and I can’t figure out why it’s showing my name as my blog name instead of my actual name….so please don’t delete my comments due to lack of a real name. It’s Jen but I’m technologically illiterate sometimes LOL

    • Hi Jen, what you fail to understand about the Masons is just how evil they are. They aren’t a religion unto themselves, but they are satanic. They don’t believe in the true God- in fact, they hate Jesus Christ and use this pluralistic approach to eventually force initiates to drop their commitment to Jesus because he said, “I am the ONLY way to God.” Jesus, on purpose, made himself exclusionary. They know this and start with youngsters like you with the idea that ‘any’ god is a good god. Eventually, that transcribes into the thought, ‘any god who proclaims himself to be the only God is a bad god and must be denied. Can’t you see that? I’m just glad, that as a girl, you never rose very high in their ranks. And the secrecy is not just for fun. But I’m glad that’s how you saw it. The old guys can be low level and quasi- ok people, just lost, or they can be extremely evil satan worshippers. I assure you that I am not exaggerating one bit. The entire Mormon religion is set up exactly along Masonry organizational lines because its founder was a Mason. That system of levels, rites and secrecy, along with privilege, social status and exclusionary tactics, truly appeals to the weaker minded individuals. It can be extremely powerful once a person is entrapped. And for children who have been raised in it, they find it impossible to escape without losing their entire family and emotional support structure- not to mention their everlasting souls. The very definition of a cult. So… there you go. As I said, I am just glad you saw it as you saw it. And I hope you aren’t in a family who is still embroiled in it. If so, stay far, far, far from those family members and keep your kids away from those groups.

  2. you must of been conversing with SDA rebels. SDA christians worship God the Heavenly Father, and Son of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. , but Jesus says to pray to our Heavenly Father in Jesus, who died on the cross for our sins.

    • Hi Donald, I don’t think so. No matter to whom I speak, the SDA’s all hold Ellen Whites principles to be their founding principles. They also hold the Bible as their founding principles but she is always there. As long as she is in the mix, they will remain a cult. She doesn’t belong there- she is a false prophet. She tried to define when Christ would return, then failed and said when Christ would begin judging the dead. She has NO such knowledge as even Jesus said he had no such knowledge. As long as the SDA’s remain as the SDA’s, they will always be the group who follows this false prophet and thus will always be a cult offshoot of Christianity. This cult needs to close down and everyone in them needs to go to a normal church uncontaminated by Ellen White.

      • My brother was “cornered” by SDA’s. I believe they have ruined his life. I won’t get into details. Suffice it to say, he tenaciously holds to their views. I should say, the views of Ellen G. White. I had no idea what I was up against. I do now. SDA’s will tell you they believe the same as you. But it is a works religion. Virtually everything they believe is through the lens of Ellen G. White. When I began to do my research, I was astounded at how much they rely on her. SDA is Ellen G. White. They use christian language, but mean something very different. It breaks my heart.

      • I’m sorry, Angela. There is some hope for your brother. I do believe that salvation is still possible for those in the SDA church. As long as they call Christ LORD and put him above all, they will not perish. The sad part about this cult is all the weird practices they include- like the food restrictions, etc. The elevation of Ellen White can definitely become idolatry above Christ and that is the danger. You just have to keep talking to him and ensuring that he keeps his focus on Jesus. If you can get him to do Bible Study, this will save him. That could be the way around these SDA’s. They believe in the Bible. So, approaching him with a proposal to do indepth Bible Study on a consistent basis can’t be something he objects to. Both of you will deepen your faith and knowledge together. Eventually, the Holy Spirit in him will teach him that the SDA cult is wrong for him.

  3. I’m still waiting for your response on the Deuterocanonical gospels. Do you have the courage to post it and debate the truth?

    FYI – The canon was set by the early church and the early church was Catholic.. Also, perhaps you could explain how the Eastern orthodox Church which separated in 1054 also recognizes the Deuterocanonical gospels if they were added 500 years later. Also, if the books were added later as you claim then perhaps you could explain how it is possible that Luther and the other “reformers” could have objected to those books prior to the Council of Trent if those books were not in the canon to begin with. It is one thing to believe a heretical protestant myth, it’s quite another to perpetuate that heretical myth once you’ve learned the truth…. God bless…


    • sigh. The original canon didn’t include the Deuterocanonical gospels, Steve. Sorry to disappoint you. This is just historical record. This is even Catholic record. Those books were officially canonized at Trent in the mid 1500’s. The early canon was set in the late 300 AD. and didn’t include those books. They were discussed but not included officially. No one said those writings weren’t around for a long time. The Greeks were very flexible about many writings. They also didn’t see the rush or the need to set any canons like the majority of the early church did. They also didn’t feel bound by any authority of the early church. They still don’t feel bound by either the Roman Catholic church or any protestant church. So, they decided to include these writings from the very early days when the Early Church rejected them. The Early Church most certainly rejected them during the ‘canon’ set around 380 AD (I have to get the specific date- look at my latest article for it- I just wrote a brief history of the bible & the Catholic church on this blog).

      They were absolutely included as an official, specific act at Trent almost a thousand years later. It was a recorded act at Trent to finally put to rest all debate about those books. Why would it be a specific, recorded act if it was already there? Steve, you are spouting nonsense- even the Catholic Church doesn’t agree with you. Give it up. Luther didn’t take them out. He simply refused to agree with the Council of Trent. He said they had no authority to change the Bible almost a thousand years after it was canonized around 380 AD by the early church. Ok? ok. You tire me. Go read you history or something, ok? You are wrong, I am right. That is the last time I will discuss it. I’m sorry you keep making a fool of yourself.

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