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Have You Ever Thought About Why God is So Worthy of Our Worship?

worthyGod is worth worshiping.  Have you ever considered that?  Sometimes, those of us who were raised in the church have such reverence for God that we never stand back and just think about him objectively.  Sometimes, it is only the person who never knew him and found him or someone who left for a while and then came back who ever got to really look at him and saw how very worthy He is to be worshiped.  God never lets us down.  Ever.  Every promise he made in the bible, he has kept.  Well, there are still a few that are yet to come- such as Christ’s return- but we can count on those because of God’s stellar track record in the past.  No matter how angry God has become with mankind, he has never reneged on his promises.

God is also a heroic leader.  He isn’t a pansy pushover.  Look how he delivered the Jews from Egypt- I love the wall of fire and the parting of the seas.  Although I hate the numbers of people who died, God brought terrible death to the Egyptians’ first-born as a terrible reminder of what they did in their attempt to kill Moses when he was a baby.  In that way, he is also a poet- all that he does has poetic purpose.  They killed the first-born of Israel; he killed the first born of Egypt.  They struck first.  He struck last.    It served as a testimony that no man can outwit God when he is determined on a purpose.

He is the Leader that all men can respect- he is not the Milquetoast God that is presented by the American Church of today- he is a fearsome God who demands respect and fear FIRST and then delivers such tenderness and mercy directly afterwards.  He is a God of remarkable tenderness.  He thunders his threats- terrible threats of death, destruction, disease, pain, blood, terror, anguish- and then, in the very same breath, cries out! “Why!  Why must you die, Israel?  Come, let us reason together…I will be your God and you will be my people…”  My heart broke when I read those words.   What kind of God utters that plea?  He could smash us… but he truly doesn’t want to.  He thunders death, but pleas for us to reason with him.  He is a king whose own sense of justice refuses to allow him to give into his feelings of sadness.  He doesn’t want to kill us- but he will.  He doesn’t want to fulfill the promises of doom- but he will.  He must- because he must.  His own laws of justice require it.

He is the ultimate Good King.  But.  Because of his great, great love and mercy, he sent his Son in one, last act of desperate grace.  Just let these children believe in his Son and ALL their sins will be forgiven.   He will wash them all clean, remove them from all temptation and allow them to live forever with him.  But most do not accept even this gift.  Their hatred for their Father is too deep.  And this seals their fate like no other, for God loves his Son.  To hate his Son is too much.  It is the last act of betrayal.  The Good, Righteous, Kind, Just King has done all he can do for those whom he has loved.  The decision has been made.  It is decreed and it is just and right in his heart.  Those who will abuse his Son will die.

God, the Good and Worthy King, will indeed set this world right.  Those who are sinful and awful will pay the ultimate price.  Those who love God will be rewarded.

As for me, the more I learn about my King, the more worthy I find Him.   In fact, it makes me cry to see such a loving Person.  I am so HAPPY to find Someone worth my worship- over and over again.  I think mankind was made to worship.  We are a proud creature for sure.  But we endlessly seek someone to look up to.  We Americans pride ourselves on never having a king.  We refuse to believe that a president has ‘royal blood’- ie, literally sacred blood that is blessed by God to rule over us.  Royalty of old literally believed that this blessing was genetically passed from parent to child.  We, Americans, completely and utterly reject such a notion.  But we do worship.  Just watch a Sea Hawks game.  I watch the people in the audience and think, “Man, not one of those people with tickets would ever miss that game but they would sure miss church.  Would they ever cheer for Jesus like that?”  Look at a Beyoncé concert and look at the raised hands of the people.  It looks just like our church service- only a different god.

We all seek to worship.  Me?  I refuse to worship anyone.  Except God.   And I LOVE that it is so easy to do.  Because my intellect is fully engaged.  I laugh when so-called intellectuals, scientists and ‘atheists’ claim that to love God is to suspend the intellect.  “Indeed,” I always say, “It is quite the opposite.  It is because I use my intellect to its fullest that I can see how very worthy God is to worship.  You simply refuse to consider Him because you hate him.”  They always march out of the room before I can explain myself.  He is WORTHY of our praise.  He is strong, kind, gentle, just, intelligent, wise, funny, witty, outrageous, brilliant, in control, trustworthy, loving, well, you get the picture.  He is my king and I am glad.


    • I worship Paul? I don’t think your comment is nasty but I certainly do not give it any credit either. Apostle Paul wrote most of the New Testament. I realize that most cults out there, like the Mormons, have simply removed Paul’s writings. That is because Paul has explained why the need for the priesthood is no longer relevant. Cults need the priesthood in order to keep levels of power in place- these levels of power are necessary for them to maintain control of their cult members. Paul’s writings gave freedom to every human being on earth. That freedom is the antithesis of cult behavior- thus, cults simply remove all his writings and say they are not legitimate. However, all his books were included in the bible when the bible was originally completed by the original apostles. They were part of the original canon. The Catholics added a few books later in order to include indulgences and purgatory and their priesthood and Masonic cults like the Mormons have removed books like Paul’s writings. But the mainstream bible as we know it today is exactly as it was two thousand years ago when it was set by the Apostles. The fact that I honor the bible as the inspired Word of God and you don’t doesn’t mean I worship any of its writers. It means I worship God, who is the original writer. It is you who fail to worship God. You worship Smith.

      • Hello ma’am.. I’m not sure of this but you’ve said in one of your blogs in 2013 that continue to talk to God every moment even if there’s no In Jesus name and amen.. I have a hard time with this.. It just feels that God won’t hear me.He doesn’t care about me unless I always declares Jesus..

      • Yes, I’m sure of this. God is not superstitious. He is with you all the time. God heard all the Old Testament prophets, didn’t he? Did they say, “In Jesus’ name, Amen?” No. Jesus told us how to pray. In Matt 6, He said to pray like this: “9“This, then, is how you should pray:

        “ ‘Our Father in heaven,
        hallowed be your name,
        10your kingdom come,
        your will be done,
        on earth as it is in heaven.
        11Give us today our daily bread.
        12And forgive us our debts,
        as we also have forgiven our debtors.
        13And lead us not into temptation,a
        but deliver us from the evil one.b ’

        Where is the “In Jesus Name, Amen”?

        It’s not there. WE add that because we DO pray in his name. I’m not saying that we don’t pray in his name and I would never say to leave his name out on purpose or to always leave it out. I’m just saying that it isn’t necessary to always be so formal with God. There is a story in the Bible of a man named Enoch. In Gen. 5, we see that Enoch ‘walked’ with God faithfully. In Hebrews, we see that Enoch was looked upon favorably by God and that God simply took him into heaven- he never died. God was so pleased with Enoch because he walked with Him faithfully that he took him into heaven, alive. That story has affected me all my life. Since I heard it, I wanted to please God as Enoch did. I wanted to ‘walk’ with God. I wanted to pray ceaselessly. In 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18, the Bible says,

        16 Rejoice always, 17 pray without ceasing, 18 give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”

        We should pray without ceasing. We should walk with God as Enoch did. This pleases God. So. How can we pray without ceasing if we start and end prayers all the time? No! We always talk to God without ending! Yes, there are times when we pray formal prayers. No doubt. I still do. Especially when I have a request or a special need or am praying for a friend, etc. But I also have my unceasing prayer which never stops. I simply talk to God and walk with him every moment of my life. That prayer never ends. I talk to God about everything- in every moment of my life. There is no moment when this line of communication is cut off. That is what I mean. And yes, I am sure of this. I always pray in thanks for Jesus. This is always a part of my ongoing prayer. I can’t help it!

        So.. God is not superstitious. Jesus invited us directly to the throne of God and in Gal 4, we are invited to call God, ‘Abba’, or, ‘Dad’. That is the familiar term for Father. God is not to be a distant, foreign and formal relationship to us. He is to be our true, loving, familiar and intimate Father. Our Dad. Yes, we still fear and respect his power, but like our own father, we know that when we are obedient, we have nothing at all to fear from his adoring gaze and warm embrace.

        So, there are two types of prayers that we have- the more formal and the unending. Never cease your informal communication with God, the Father, Angie. But also, there is always the Our Father, Who is In Heaven and ends in “In Jesus Christ’s Name, Amen.” I hope you understand this.. Susan

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