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Dr. Carson Folds Like a Cheap Suit Over Homosexuality

And here we see how quickly a man falls from grace, how thin the veil of morality is, how false the love of God is, how greed can overcome a man who once thought he was good.  Dr. Carson apologizes for saying that being gay is a choice in this NBC article.  The mere dangle of a carrot of power is all it took to buckle Dr. Carson to his knees. And he hasn’t even made it to the first step yet.

He is only thinking about running for president on our behalf.  If this is the sign of his mettle, what good will he be when the real pressure comes? My friends, a true man/woman of God is a rarity. When true pressure comes, who will stand for God? Who will stand to the end? Who will stand on principle? Who will be like Peter, when standing before the judge and told never to speak about Jesus again, said boldly, “But we can’t help speaking about Jesus! Who should we obey, you or God?” They went out the very next day and did it again! They knew they risked prison and death.

Who today would risk prison and death just to stand on principle? Dr. Carson was only tested to speak the truth about homosexuality.  He is not facing death or prison. And yet, he crumbles. And why? Because he might, might, be denied a chance of power and fame. He has no faith in God. Had he stood up for God, God would have honored him. We would have honored him.

Not because we hate people who struggle with homosexuality.  No!  But because the black buzzards of the world are using them to kill our First Amendment rights.  Because they are being used as unwitting pawns in a much larger game.  A deadly game that will deny not only our Freedoms under the Constitution, but theirs too.  Furthermore, the whole world is tired of being tormented with this 1% of the population which has gripped us by the neck with threats of fines, punishment and an unknown future. We wish to see a courageous man or woman who will stand up to them. We would have followed him or her.

But this is all we can get. A faithless man. All the 1% must do is shake their boogey men of fear and our weak, faithless so-called leaders melt to the ground. Because the 1% have money, they have bought up all the media and can tell outrageous lies about what the 99% think. They can run false polls to frighten the candidates into capitulating. And the faithless candidates fall under that spell. Is there not ONE who will simply put their faith in Almighty God and just IGNORE the 1% and their lying talisman?

Where is our Joshua?  Remember the men who came back to camp with the report that the enemy was so numerous that the Israelites had no chance of winning?  That their women would be raped and their children taken as slaves?  Remember them saying how giant the enemy men were compared to the people of God- that they looked like little grasshoppers in comparison?  Did Joshua faint?  Where is this man for us today?

We have none. And why? Because, my friends, we are in the End Times. We stand helpless before the Beast- exactly as prophesied in the bible. Our Joshua is Christ and he is coming. Our Savior is coming.

But we are lost before this crushing machine. They literally own it all. Our message is slowly being smashed.  No battle can be won without communication.  And that, my friends, is an undeniable fact.   The Progressives have already purchased all communications, newspapers, movie studios, t.v. studios, magazines, news studios, etc and now, they finally have their hands on the internet.  It was only a matter of time.   The 1% has passed the new ‘Net Neutrality Doctrine’ over the internet. They say it is to control the cost of access to the internet. That is not what it is. That is the Trojan horse. The real reason for the ‘Fairness Doctrine’ is for the US government to claim a right to govern it at all. Once they have this so-called ‘right’, which they have now claimed without an objection from anyone, they now can take it as far as they want. Now, they can force everyone on social media to do whatever they want. The last bastion of free speech has been fully penetrated by the Beast.

Already, my SLR page on Facebook has been closed down to the public. Only the 1,500 or so on my personal FB page and those on this WordPress blog, can even get my message. Perhaps, soon, they will manage to close these too.  I do not say any of this to alarm you. You are not to be alarmed. But you are to be aware.  Set your mind to prayer, return to church, deepen your Christian ties, read your bible. Call on the Holy Spirit and bring your family close. Mend relationships and forget your squabbles. We need to pull together as a unified Body of Christ.

People say that I am crazy to speak in this way. My own brother is going around the internet telling people that I am crazy. My own brother. But I don’t care. It is more important that I warn you than for me to appear sane.


      • What courage would that be exactly? Don’t you think that god is more upset at how Americans are consuming and destroying the environment. Why doesn’t the christian community take up a greater cause outside of their comfort zone and help more people around the globe that are suffering because of our need for oil. Instead you sit comfortably in churches across the nation denouncing everyone else’s sins except your own.

      • Hi Bud, by ‘courage’, I mean the courage to follow God’s Word as set out in the Bible. As you have said in another comment, you are an adult man who has given into the lust for other men. Therefore, you already know how hard it is to follow God’s commandments considering sexual purity. He has so many other moral commands and all those are just as difficult to follow. And yes, taking care of the environment (the entire world- plants, animals, water, air- everything) is absolutely one of God’s commands too. Genesis 2 says, “15 The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.” Proverbs 12:10 says, “The righteous care for the needs of their animals, but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel.” Revelation 11:18 says, “The nations raged, but your wrath came, and the time for the dead to be judged, and for rewarding your servants, the prophets and saints, and those who fear your name, both small and great, and for destroying the destroyers of the earth.” The Bible, while not specifically speaking about pollution (remember, it was written before pollution, as we know it, existed), makes it clear that God made the earth to be beautiful and that only evil would desecrate it. There is only one reference to ‘pollution’ and it was in reference to bloodshed via murder ‘polluting’ the earth, ‘desecrating’ the earth. So, you are very correct that Christians have a serious obligation to care for this earth. God told Adam and Eve that we are given ‘dominion’ over the earth. Couple the word, ‘dominion’ with ‘take care’ and you have the perfect idea of how man should use the earth properly. We are to be good stewards of the land, earth and sea.

        Now that all that is said, I absolutely disagree that Christians fail to take this seriously. We do care about the environment. And we do care about human suffering. Let’s address the environment. I would like you to show me any statistics you can find on Atheist vs. Christian households and which ones do the most recycling, composting, re-using, etc. I would like you to prove to me that Atheists somehow do more of this than we do. I know that I am extremely conscientious about these matters. I can’t stand throwing away even a product wrapper that has a piece of paper stuck inside two tight, hard plastic pieces. I will cut it open and slide that thin sheet of paper right out of there. I know I smash up every milk container (washed first, of course!), strip every pizza box, shred every document and separate out every paper napkin. I do this because I love the earth God created. Most Christians I know feel exactly the same way. We also love hiking and visiting zoos, museums, national, regional and state parks- thus supporting them with our funds. Again, most Christians I know are family people who do these things too. That is a whole lot of money coming from us and directly into conservation pockets. You are trying to say that just because Christians tend to vote GOP, we don’t care about the environment, but that is nonsense. First, just because Christians vote GOP doesn’t mean they believe in the complete party platform. No one is this way. Second, the GOP is not pro- environment destruction. Third, the GOP cares about maintaining the environment as much as the Democrat party- the difference is in how to go about it and the basic philosophy behind their methods and strategy.

        As to suffering and caring for those who suffer, no one cares like Christians. In fact, Christians give more money to the world’s poor than any other group. Atheists don’t even make the chart as a group. American Christians give more money than all other countries in the world combined. You mention oil- but we give to every cause- regardless of what caused the suffering. Perhaps Dems or Atheists only care about their target issues? We care about suffering in general.

        And I don’t sit and criticize ‘everyone else’. And I wasn’t criticizing homosexuals. (I know this is your main issue from your other comment). I am not happy with people who fail to stand up for what they believe in when they are in public or running for office. I’m sure you would agree with that idea. You and I just don’t agree with the morality of homosexuality.

  1. I agree with you in this article. It seems anymore every politician whether old or new, lies and falls in with the liberals which wanted to leave God out of their platform. You are right about parties also; there is no difference in Republicans and Democrats.
    No, you’re not crazy, you’re passionate in your convictions. Just keep in mind that Jesus was called a madman too.
    Keep up the fight.

  2. You’re far too coherent to be “crazy”. You get pretty fired up, and I think it sometimes can lead you to express yourself impolitely. But who among us hasn’t done that? Still, if you want to run for president, you have to watch HOW you say things, as well as what you say. In my opinion Dr. Carson’s biggest problem as a potential politician is that no candidate for president can win by projecting arrogance or a lack of compassion (that “47%” sound bite by Romney was deadly), but star surgeons get REWARDED and praised for acting like God, giving opinions that are treated as if they were scripture. He now has to try and play a game he has little aptitude for, or experience with. And in this case he spoke outside of his scope of practice as a doctor, having no credentials in psychology. Dumb move.

    He might do better running for a lower office first, as a resume builder. As his CV currently stands, he has little likelihood of getting a nomination. Voters treat presidential candidates like job applicants. You have to show why the people should hire (elect) you, and it must include what the general public considers relevant experience.

    • I want to say, “Of course I’m not crazy!”, but.. that would make me sound crazy, wouldn’t it? lol. I do hate that I am impolite sometimes. My only excuse is feeling rushed. I have a life outside this blog, you know. People forget that. No excuse, just a reason. Also, the need is pressing and there is much to say. Again, no excuse, just an explanation. In any case, I have to disagree with you on this point. I believe people are looking for a leader.

      I have no experience in politics. And yet, people follow me. I have learned a lot since beginning this blog. I just turned 50, by the way. I think that gives me some reason to believe that I have put some life experience behind me as well. From what I have learned of human beings is that they crave honesty. They crave bravery. They crave a steady character. They are deadly sick of falsehood, greed, weakness, and overall sin. I say ‘sin’ because it is the perfect word choice. Perhaps ‘debauchery’ would be a good choice as well. The human heart and mind is so much more than mere what we hear and read and see. Our hearts and souls simply ‘know’ things. Our bodies can literally calculate knowledge so quickly that it can’t be measured. We can take in so much information, especially over time, that what other call ‘intuition’, really is hard knowledge. The most successful people in life are those who trust in this knowledge. They trust their bodies, their minds and their souls ability to gather, analyze and store this information properly. I believe that wholeheartedly. I tell my children that this is their antennae. I tell them to always listen to their antennae no matter what. I also tell them that this is also how God speaks to them. The Holy Spirit speaks this way. Powerful. Again, people call me crazy. But I never ignore mine. And they are always right. In any case, People need people of CONVICTION. A leader doesn’t even have to be right. What is right? What is wrong? In the world which is full of mass confusion, who is to say whether to go left or right? Who can go back in time and say it would have been better to go the other way? We will never know, will we? So it is the ditherer, the hand wringer, the weak leader who will lead his/her people into death, not the one who simply makes a decision all the people can believe in.

      Dr. Carson failed us as a leader because he CRUMBLED in his conviction. If someone, ANYONE, would just stand up to the BEAST, we would follow. Regardless of their resume. If they were intelligent, had answers and had passion, we would follow.

      We have had enough people with resumes. Look who has a resume- JED BUSH! Yes, we will get JED BUSH. From a family full of DEBAUCHERY. From the family who started the wars in the Middle East, from the family who built the Department of Homeland Security, from the family who created the ‘Enemy Combatant’ . Their collective fingers run deep into the Progressive movement. Oh, he has a resume, alright.

      I believe in the American People. We are neither GOP, nor Democrat. We are Americans. We are not what they say we are. We are sick of both parties. If we took all Americans and just picked a random handful- I don’t care who- that handful could solve every problem within a year. There would be no war. There would be no starvation. There would be no problem. I know it. That is what I believe.

      • Oh, I can see plenty of good reasons people would follow your lead. That’s not the same as getting them to vote for you. Apples and oranges. You and I can disagree politely about whether voters would follow a strong leader type. Sometimes they do want that, but other times they prefer a manager, or a good administrator, or the lesser of two weasels. In any case, no president rules alone, and we’ve both seen how little can become law if neither side compromises.

      • There really is a line between compromise and capitulating entirely. Carson is folding. If this is what you and others call ‘compromise’, you will can’t ever get it from conservatives like me or any candidate we could ever support. And not because we ‘hate’ those who struggle with homosexual addictions, lusts or fears.

        Conservatives like me stand against the Progressive hammer of Homosexuality because their aim has nothing to do with helping helpless homosexuals. Their aim is to destroy the First Amendment rights of all Americans. The First Amendment Right is the most important right in America. That is exactly why it was listed first by our founding fathers. That is also why it has been attacked the most. Moral fiber, or CHARACTER, is a must for a country to remain strong. The intelligentsia, those limp wristed weak minded noodle brained wishy washy parasites that have plagued every great society right before its imminent demise, would moue in distaste at this ‘corny’ and old fashioned notion of mine, but their disdain does not make it less true. The character of the various individuals that make up the society is what will make that society strong or weak. And character is based on moral fiber. Great character is based on the belief of a power higher than self. It is based on a calling higher than oneself. A purpose higher than one’s own selfish pursuit. Great Character can not truly be found outside of one’s service to the font of Goodness itself: God Almighty. Only service to Goodness Itself and for itself can ever lead to Great Character. Only God is truly Good. Jesus said that. He said, “Why do you call me, ‘Good’? Only God in heaven is ‘Good'” God =Good. Man must serve God. Man must serve Good. From this Great Character springs. Progressives understand this far more than anyone else- even those who call themselves Christians. They understand evil vs. good very well. They know they must destroy God before they destroy anything else. By destroying God, they destroy Good. By destroying the notion of ‘good’, they destroy ‘universal good’, universal morality, and every kind of reason for character. Thus, the individual is left with self interpretation of good- civilization is left with absolutely nothing common upon which to base its laws. A belief in GOD is what brought about ALL our laws. But no atheist wants to hear this. A belief in God and JESUS in particular is how we got EQUALITY laws which define our modern democracies today. We are NOT equal in ANY OTHER WAY EXCEPT under God. That, my friend, is straight from the mouth of Jesus. And that is WHY Rome wanted him dead. The Jews too. How DARE anyone say Gentile is equal to Jew or slave to master????

        No, these Progressives want the DEATH of the First Amendment because it protects the INDIVIDUAL voice of America. It must be silenced. It protects the church- it protects the individual’s access to God and the spreading of the Word of God. It promotes the CHARACTER of the individual and thus, the strength of the individual. It, in turn, strengthens the nation which prevents the Progressive takeover. The First Amendment must be destroyed.

        The take over the of Federal Education and the FALSE statement ‘separation of church and state’ was first smashed and crammed into our children for decades. Now, it is time to truly end it with laws that restrict words themselves. This will happen via homosexuality and their ‘special rights’. We will no longer be able to say specific words anymore because these words will now be called ‘hate speech’. This will prove the end of free speech and the First Amendment- what’s left of it after the ‘separation of church & state’ debacle.

        Invisible, there is a good reason to stand against homosexuality in politics. It is POLITICAL and it is CONSTITUTIONAL and it is about FREEDOM of SPEECH. When I stand up against it, it is to protect your rights as well as mine. People can’t see the trees for the forest. They are lost in the emotional argument. The left is doing a great job of selling their case. But then again, they own the apparatus and refuse to allow anyone else any air time to present their case. People complain that I don’t allow the other side on my blog. How’s it feel? I say? Not very nice, is it? People need to hear the other side. I provide it.

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