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You Are Not ‘Gay’; You Are a Child of God

I’d like you to read this intriguing article written by David Prosen who has been struggling with same sex attraction almost all his life. He was caught up in the diabolical trap of labels purposely set by the Progressives: ‘homosexual’, ‘gay’, ‘lesbian’, ‘bisexual’, etc. He speaks to the evil power of these labels (perpetrated throughout schools, tv, movies and society) and how they seek to create an actual identity out of what is truly a behavior.   One isn’t born or created ‘gay or ‘straight’. One is simply born male or female. That is biology. Our true identity is Children of God, not ‘gay’ or ‘straight’.    He exposes the massive confusion that stems from the acceptance of sex attraction as an identity  on a person and how that must lead them away from God and all Christians who believe in Scripture.  Here’s how that mindset works:

-I ‘am’ gay.  (It’s my identity)

-I must have been born this way.

-If I was born that way, God made me this way. (He doesn’t make mistakes.)

-If God made me this way, how can there be anything wrong with it?

-It’s in my nature and I must be true to my nature.

-If it’s my nature, I can’t change.

-If I try to change I would be trying to go against my nature and that would be harmful.

-Accepting myself as gay feels so good—I feel like a thousand pound load has been lifted off of my back—so it must be okay.

-If people can’t accept my being gay, then something is wrong with them. (Includes most Christians.)

-If people can’t accept my being gay, then they don’t accept me because that’s who I am.  (and how unloving is that?)

-If God created me this way and then will condemn me to hell, then he is a hateful God I don’t want to worship or believe in.

The problem began by calling an experience, an emotion, a lust and the choice to behave based upon it, an identity.   Once a person believes their experience or lust is his identity, they feel locked in the logic above.   Yet, if a person understands their identity to be male or female and hopefully, to also be a Child of God, then all their actions and thoughts from then on are either healthy or not healthy, sinful or not sinful.   A completely different image and argument emerges from that point when considering same sex lust.  It suddenly falls within the realm of the controllable.  In the days of Rome and in many other known cultures, same sex activities were commonly known among people.  It was by no means considered an identity.  It was an activity people engaged in.  They also engaged in heterosexual sex at the same time.  It was lust, plain and simple.  Only in today’s politics are people trying to push the idea that people are born with this identity.

Read David’s article and see how a man once tormented by his same sex activities has come to see himself as a man and a Son of God.  See how he came to understand the difference between who he is vs. what he experiences and does and how that has changed his entire perspective.


  1. I love it how “christians” spew hate and intolerance in the name of god. Frankly I would never want to spend an eternity with so called christians. Please send my gay ass to hell, I am sure it would be a much more entertaining place. As far as sodomy is concerned I am quite sure that church going married couples and singles has at one time or another engaged and experimented with it.

    • Budd, I don’t think you really mean that. This post is the farthest thing away from hate. It is kind and lovingly meant. You aren’t ‘gay’ and you know it. You choose to have male/male sex because it gratifies you in ways that male/female sex doesn’t. But you know it isn’t good or right. You know that it is deviant and unhealthy for you mind, body and soul. I’ve talked to too many men involved in this to believe any denials from you. But I also believe you feel trapped and helpless. For that, I am sincerely in your corner. The reason I will get touch on some people is their mockery of God or Jesus. If that becomes too brutal or disgusting, I will cut them quickly. But not just because they suffer, like so many others, with sexual lust. That is just part of the human condition. As to sodomy, I don’t think that is the issue, do you? It is the male/male issue. Jesus made it very clear what God intended for men and women/ sex/ and marriage. He didn’t do this to torment, but to love. He didn’t make mistakes, nor did he create confusion. Evil in the world, along with evil people, has done this. That’s why so many boys who have been molested end up practicing homosexuality themselves. There is no connection to biology- it is choice. But here is the verse from Jesus:

      4“Haven’t you read,” he replied, “that at the beginning the Creator ‘made them male and female,’a 5and said, ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh’b ? 6So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.”- Matt 19

      It is BECAUSE of our biology that we marry and have sex. Period. No mistake there.

      Budd, I don’t hate you. I care about you. That’s why I write the things I do. I want to give you the TRUE words from the Bible. While they might pain you at first, they will also set you FREE and bring you the greatest joy of your life. I dearly hope you read more of the Bible and go to Church. The Love of Christ is there for you. You aren’t alone. You have a purpose. God knew your name before he formed you in the womb. You have a purpose. Come to Jesus and find it. Susan

  2. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Pray for the the Supreme Court to rule against SODOMY/Homosexuality
    The Union of one man and one woman=God’s Word
    The Supreme Court is not the ‘Supreme Being’

    • Hi Jerry, well, without including God of the Bible in government (which, by the way, is NOT against the First Amendment which was to protect religion from government, not the other way around!), there is no logical reason why they should rule against sodomy or any other form of sexual union. Either their ruling should say that government doesn’t belong in the business of marriage at all (which is the correct answer- it is a Christian matter) or, they must allow anyone to marry. They certainly can’t determine who can or can’t marry. The only reason the S.C. would ever rule against gay marriage is because it would be the overwhelming and obvious will of the People. And since the majority of the People don’t respect God or his opinion as laid out perfectly in his Word, they no longer put any pressure on the S.C. to rule in their favor. Thus, don’t hold your breath. This nation is lost and has abandoned their belief and respect in God. And that, my friend, will carry it’s own death and consequences with it. We are already seeing the end of our nation as we watch today. Say hello to the New World Order. After all, Obama mentioned our need to strengthen the New World Order 52 times in his State of the Union address the FIRST time around. Just imagine how he feels this time around!

  3. David Prosen is saying God is in everybody – if I understand him correctly – and that is not the truth. God is in only the saved (Born Again Christians). Otherwise this would be Heaven on earth if God were in everybody. Satan is the god of this world and those who have not accepted Christ belong to him. Otherwise this is a great article for homosexuals to read.

    • Ruby, normally I am in agreement with you, sister, but in this matter, I am surprised. This article, written by a man who has been so profoundly affected by God’s redemption and wisdom is so powerful and good that I am amazed that you can only come away with that somewhat petty criticism. In fact, I went over the article again and couldn’t find where he said that. It must be a small point indeed. Certainly not something upon which he dwelled. Homosexuality is such a curse upon our society. It has dragged too many souls to hell. It is the tool by which Christian speech and freedom are being taken from all modern Western culture Christians. The fact that it is written by a man who was once tempted with this false identity makes it such a powerful witness to so many millions of people in the world. How can you only take that small point away from it? This is when Christians need to put the nitty gritty doctrine away and see victory when it is staring them in the face. Did I notice that he was a Catholic? YES. Did I care? NO! Christians must, must stop this bickering and back biting. Unless someone rejects Christ himself, they are Christians. Period. Remember the thief on the cross. His ‘doctrine’ was simple indeed. I detest denominations. I truly do. They are nothing but illuminations of the arrogance of man. Reading through their little booklets leaves me feeling like snake skin is suffocating me. Who do men think they are to say that their interpretation is THE interpretation of God’s Holy Word and even worse, DARE to draw a stick picture of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit and say, “THIS is what God looks like!!!” I go crazy when people think they KNOW God’s mind so perfectly. This article is a victory for Christ. It is. And I stand by it and celebrate it. I am so happy that this man realizes that his TRUE identity is Child of God and not ‘homosexual’. The next thing that must happen is that so-called atheists must learn that they, too, are not identified by ‘Atheist’, but Child of God. I’m not upset with you, Ruby, but I do think that you are allowing your feelings about Catholicism or other doctrine cloud what is a very, very good thing here.

  4. Dear Susan,

    This is a quote from 2013 RT news article. It is about banning gay propaganda in Russia, and how things in Russia are quite DIFFERENT from the west, as regards to same sex activities.

    Russia’s upper house, the Federation House, has approved a bill introducing fines for propaganda of non-traditional sex relations to minors, including in the media, on the internet and via viral adverts.
    Some 137 senators voted for the draft law which introduces administrative liability and fines of up to a million roubles (over US$ 30,000) for promotion of homosexuality among children. One senator abstained from voting and no one voted against the legislation.
    The controversial bill – which critics fear may spark a wave of homophobia in the country –
    was approved by the lower house, the State Duma, on June 11. The vast majority of the population – 88 % – is also in favor of the introduction of the ban, according to a poll by the Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VCIOM).
    The draft law is not discriminative against LGBT people and is only aimed to protect minors, Federation Council speaker, Valentina Matvienko, emphasized on Wednesday, ahead of voting.

    Needless to say, the law was signed by President Putin.
    This means gay parades are legally prohibited, and in fact they do not take place in Russia. Also prohibited are performances of artists who promote homosexuality, where minors have access to tickets.
    I should also add that similarly the law in Russia prohibits:
    – same sex marriage
    – adoption by gay couples

    The head of the Russian orthodox Church Patriarch Kirill is also known for his strict objection to same sex lifestyles and their promotion in the west. By the way President Putin regularly attends Russian Church services on high holidays. Here is another quote from RT news

    ‘Recognizing same-sex unions brings us closer to apocalypse’ – Head of Russian Orthodox Church

    The Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill sees the recognition of same-sex unions by Western countries as a portent of doom. He called upon Russians to ensure that sin is never formalized by the rule of law.
    “We face enormous temptations when countries start approving sin and codifying it into law in order to justify it,” Itar-Tass quoted the patriarch as saying after the Sunday service in the Kazan Cathedral on Red Square.
    Those who follow their conscience and “fight such laws imposed by the minority are subjected to repressions,” he added.
    The patriarch pointed out that people have been convinced that the only value is the freedom of choice and no one has the right to infringe on that “even when a person chooses evil or a socially dangerous behavior.”
    The Patriarch called upon Russians to fight for freedom from sins. “Where sin is elected through freedom, there comes death, terror and dictatorship,” Kirill said.
    Kirill urged Russians to ensure that sin is never formalized in the rule of law.
    “This is a very dangerous apocalyptic symptom, and we must do everything in our powers to ensure that sin is never sanctioned in Russia by state law, because that would mean that the nation has embarked on a path of self-destruction,” Kirill stated.

    As a result of Russia’s refusal to go along with the homosexualization of society imposed in the west it is subjected to a massive bashing campaign, including various sanctions. Yet it stands for its principles, and it shows the world, that there IS an alternative to the moral collapse forced by western powers.

    • Hi Sava, Yes, I am familiar with this. But you didn’t ask me a question. Are you simply seeking to inform me and my readers of this? Ok, then. I will post your comment. I would have no problem whatsoever if we banned such activities in America. None.

    • Oh, for Goodness sake. I see that you have posted under several different names. Look, I really don’t like when someone uses false names. You sound a little off your rocker. I’m banning you from my page.

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