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There Is Nothing New Under The Sun

What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun. Ecclesiastes 1:9

What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun. Ecclesiastes 1:9

People. Some things are just beyond our control. If you are a student of history, there should be no surprise when you witness the events of today. Conspiracy, crime, politics, murder- nothing is new under the sun. Which regime has not taken over the education of children in order to secure their future? Which regime has not taken over the press? Which regime has not controlled the message? Which regime has not murdered or framed their opponents? Which regime has not set up scenarios for the public eye in order to obtain public support for their desired laws or new politicians?

Observe any great regime in world history and all these things were done. It is standard procedure. No one should gasp in surprise. Yes, we are America. We should be above all this, right? I once thought so too. But I was naïve. We, too, are a great regime. We, too, are simply human beings. Where there is great power, there is great corruption. Yes, here in America too. Men have wanted to rule the world from the very beginning of time. Did not Genghis Khan want to rule the world? Ceasar? Nepolian? All the kings and queens of Europe? America and our politicians are no different, I’m afraid. Why do you think men would be content to rule only America? Especially if ruling the world was oh, so possible? If I were evil, I would try to rule it all too. Why not? That is the natural inclination of evil, power lusting men and women.

It is absolutely inevitable.

When you see the events around you, you must realize that it was inevitable from the very beginning. God knew this too. It stems from the evil inherent in human beings. As a whole, as a group, we are hopeless. Only as an individual is there any hope of redemption. That is why we have stories where heroes arise. You don’t see stories where whole groups emerge as heroic, do you?

No, it is always the individual who manages to rise above the base human nature. That is because mankind has something special within- he has the soul. He can choose between what he was born into and what he can become if he applies himself. He can choose to be more than himself, more than his base human nature- he can choose to be divine. Within every human being is the soul. From this soul is the capacity to become the hero- the one who will sacrifice himself for others, the one who believes in justice where there is none, the one who can see the good in others where none exists, the one who has faith when there is no reason for it, the one who can inspire others to rise above themselves- who can convince them that even to believe in more is better than to die believing in nothing.

This rare person is so admired within our species as to deserve a unique set of vocabulary which can be identitified in every human language: hero, champion, savior, leader, overcomer, brave, valiant, integrity, knight in shining armor, etc. We all look up to these traits, not down. This proves that we, humanity, understand our own flaws and admit them. We know that these traits are rare- and we celebrate the few who obtain them. We ASPIRE to them but rarely obtain them.

Only within the individual is there ever any hope of finding these glorious traits. A group lacks a soul. The human soul, that divine thing, is why the individual can have hope of attaining these brilliant traits. What I mean to say is this: as a group, as a species, we are doomed- and we always were- from the start. Since man was created- our end was ensured. Self destruction is literally sewn into our DNA. We can’t rule ourselves in peace. None of us will ever allow it. We must all be king. Thus, we will always be at war. Eventually, our weapons will ensure death for all. Inevitable. I can see this with dispassion.

I understand now why God said that this existence will be ‘rolled up’ like a parchment and that he has prepared a new one for us. This is just the training ground for us- the finishing ground for our maturation process. This is where Adam and Eve finish becoming the Sons and Daughters of God. They weren’t done being formed in the Garden of Eden. God had a plan- and that plan included the bitten apple. We must CHOOSE God and goodness over sin and satan- with the full knowledge of good & evil and all that evil can offer us. Just as God and all the divine beings in heaven choose God and heaven, knowing good and evil and all that evil offers them. We can only make this choice if evil exists. Evil didn’t exist in the Garden of Eden. It does now. Once we have all been tested, it will be over. Then, those of us who chose God will move on to whatever God had in mind for us. Those who didn’t will simply cease to be. At least, that is my thought.

When I see this world doing the evil it is doing, I no longer care. I see that it is as inevitable as the sunrise. It no longer disturbs my peace. Also, I know that we, American citizens, can no longer stop it. There was a time when we had some say. But that day is gone. We are mere spectators of the game. We are watching each move now. Each piece of the puzzle falls into place and we are witness to the loss of our freedoms. This does sadden me. Our nation was the closest this world has ever come to a great human nation. A truly free nation. Our constitution did the best job of any other government document to stave off evil men than any other. But it couldn’t hold them off forever. Nothing can.

In the end, my friends, remember, our true business is not of this world- or even this nation. Our true King is Jesus. Our true nation is Heaven. Our true God is God, our Father. Our true loyalty is to God. Our true work is for him only. Remember, our business is to help others to not die. By whatever means- mostly, by telling them the truth about Jesus- both the good news of salvation AND the hard truth about the consequences of DEATH if they don’t turn and repent. This is why we exist. Should our nation fall around us, yes, we grieve, but our mission is the same. Let us rise like heroes among the sadness and let us have the traits I mentioned above. Keep your integrity, keep your word to God, remain pure and honest and good- help people around you and don’t become bitter and angry. Stay true to why you have been called. And most of all, remember WHY God called you- WITNESS with your mouth and SAY the words.


  1. God bless you and your mission work. You, and those like you, bring light to an otherwise dank and filthy internet. Where vile sin, ignorance and hatred is only a few clicks away, you are a voice in the wilderness, preaching repentance.

    Even to this day, some people call Paul a liar and intolerant because he told the truth, inspired by God. Too many people have also turned our Lord into some kind of hippy who will just give the world a free pass because he loves everyone sooo much. Tell them the truth though and out come the stones and cross.

    You call sin what it is, call cults what they are, and are a living testimony to the truth Christ spoke about hatred and persecution.

    I wish i had half your courage or gift for speech. And it may not help any, but let me say that in the course of His perfecting work in us, God puts us in trial after trial, each harder than the last. Those who have strong faith need to be tempered in a hotter flame to deepen that faith even more.

    Paul said the last drops of his life were a sweet savor to God, refering to ancient wine makers pouring new wine from container to container, letting the dregs settle to the bottom each time and moving the more pure wine along till it was as sweet as the winemaker wanted it.

    From reading your testimony and seeing the pain and faith and fortitude between the lines of your articles, I think I’d add my voice to the chorus. Maybe it will be drowned out, maybe it will mean nothing but if even one person comes to Christ from reading anything I ever write, it will have all been worth it.
    I will be praying for you.
    Your Brother in Christ, Justin.

    • Justin, that’s just what I feel. If you want to know how I gave my entire life over to the service of God, read One Christian’s Journey. I was about to kill myself in horrible desperation but I didn’t want to! I wanted to live but didn’t know how I could bear to do so. I called out and pleaded with God to save me. I swore (and he knew I meant it) that if he would spare me, I would give over the rest of my life to his service. I had nothing to lose, did I? And so I did. Little did I know where this promise would take me! I’m going to court, I’m being sued for three million dollars by an ambitious man who raped me so long ago. Imagine that! I let him go out of a sense of mercy and a desire for peace. And now, after he’s gotten away with it, it’s not good enough. Now he wants my blood. I think God has his plan. He has decided to glorify himself through this court battle. That’s what I think. My rapist thinks he will be glorified. I think he sees himself running for public office or making millions of dollars someday. This must be costing him a fortune too- it’s worth it to him because he has serious ambitions, I guess. But God is with ME, not him. I tried, like Jonah, to not go to Nineveh (court)- but God said, “Girl, you are going to Nineveh.” And I’m going. There will be press, that’s for sure. Justin, every reader that gives me a cheer helps me. It really does. Don’t think your words are in vain. They gave me pleasure and satisfaction. And I want to encourage you in return. GIVE your life to Christ- the more of it you give, the more LIFE you find. I promise. I gave ALL of mine- as part of a desperate, sad deal. Little did I know that God had TRUE LIFE in exchange for my pitiful worthless one! I am the winner in that exchange! I know true joy that runs over! And so will you. I have no idea if anyone has been ‘saved’ by my writing. But I do know I have helped many, many people feel better. I’ve helped many people understand Scripture better. I’ve strengthened many people’s faith by standing up myself. And all this FEEDS me right here on earth. I know what Christ meant when he said, “Heaven is here in your midst- if you had the eyes to see it.” Serve him, Justin, with your entire mind, body and soul=- and his GENEROSITY will bowl you over in return. It is a decision you will never regret.

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