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Female Soldiers Can’t Win If They Do Or If They Don’t

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I love how the Marines, (the MARINES!) found this female colonel’s leadership ‘hostile and abusive’ .  Kate Germano led the only all female boot camp for the Marines and had the gall to demand and believe that female soldiers could perform to equal physical and mental standards as men.  She also told the truth about rape in the military.  She told them that rape stats would go down if women stopped getting drunk with male soldiers.  She told them that male soldiers would look down on them if they were not as physically fit as they were in battle conditions.  I have tried to write about this reality as well.  Political correctness doesn’t exist in the military.  It doesn’t exist in battle.  For me, one must ask the question if men and women even belong in the same units.  But then again, that’s just thinking strategically and logically- and what has logic got to do with war, right?

Col. Germano got results.  For that, she has been fired.  Since when have the Marines been known for getting rid of leaders that got results but stepped on a few people’s feelings?  Her commander & some female recruits complained and viola, she has been removed after only a year.  And why?  She noted that the male dominated drill sergeants expected failure and lower performance from the female trainees.  Her response:  She demanded a higher training level from them and asked for more drill sergeants.  Furthermore, she demanded higher standards from the trainees.  When she arrived the failure rate of females on the firing range was 3x that of men.  Within that single year, she brought the pass rate of females to 95%.   She wrote,

Together, we redefined the perceived physical and mental limits of female recruits and Marines, which will have a lasting and positive impact on the institution.

Nevertheless, citing a ‘toxic command’ and loss of confidence in the command environment, she was removed.  Translation:  Anyone who tries to bring about change in a broken, limping, destructive system and who INEVITABLY meets with the standard whiners, complainers and nay-sayers will be removed immediately- especially if they make progress.  I experienced the exact same thing at West Point: balk the system and your peer & commanders will simply ding you on performance reports.  Next thing you know, you have been removed.  The performance reporting system alone ensures that status quo is the name of the game.  The only changes that will take place will be dictated from the top down.  There will be zero organic change.  Perhaps that is by design.

This case is getting a lot of attention because the Pentagon has demanded that women enter all combat roles by 2016 unless reasons can be found why they should not.  I guess the top doesn’t want those women in combat roles, now do they?  ‘Cause at this rate, removing performers like Col. Germano will ensure that the status quo, ie, low performing female recruits, will ensure that reasons will indeed be found to prevent them from those roles.  Oh, and by the way, the fastest way to make general in the military is via combat roles.  Just sayin’…

What makes me so angry about this article is that this woman is really trying to help women in the military.  She knows exactly how men treat women and knows that the only way forward is for women to deal with the reality of the situation, not whine about changing the unchangeable.  To some degree, the moniker “boys will be boys” is true.  Men will rape women.  Men will resent women in battle if women can’t perform.  Aggressive males do not treat women with kid gloves.  Soldiers are aggressive males.  Thus, if women want to live/breath/eat/fight next to them, they must live according to new rules.  Political correctness be damned.

But this will not do in this politically correct world.  They can’t have a woman who is willing to tell the truth to other women.  How dare she say that too many male soldiers can’t help themselves when they see a drunk, unconscious female?  How dare she?  How dare she imply that male soldiers are unduly judgmental and cruel toward female soldiers in battle?  How dare she?  How dare she say that they might bully the females because they can’t run as fast, lift as much, or throw as far even though their bodies genetically can’t do it no matter how fit they are?  How dare she state such things like it is common knowledge and then propose working solutions around it?  How dare she imply that instead of simply using females for their genetic strengths in battle, male soldiers will focus on their genetic weaknesses and bully them instead of valuing their inherent usefulness in high stress situations?  How dare she train females to strengthen themselves against such attitudes?  How dare she even tell them that men are like that anyway?  Even more importantly, how dare she empower female soldiers to succeed in the military?  They might even make too many generals and then, by God, make real, strategic combat decisions for the entire military if that were to happen!  And that, my friend, is the true problem.  They must eliminate the likes of Col. Germano.

This woman is a seasoned female soldier.  She knows the ropes.  She is simply trying to make successful female soldiers.  Everything she is telling those female recruits is true.  Male soldiers will rape you if they find you drunk and unconscious.  Male soldiers will not use you for your genetic strengths- they will only focus on your genetic weaknesses- they will squander your strengths like idiots on the battlefield.  That is, until we get some really smart male and female combat commanders who can finally see straight.  Women have awesome, built in strengths that have nothing to do with lifting rocks, ok?  Male soldiers have a built in ego that resents the female soldier.  Her very presence is a mockery to his virility.  It says, “If I can do what you do, then you must not be very strong.”  This primal notion will never go away.  It. Is. Genetic.  Everyone needs to deal with that reality.    She will never, I mean, never, be one of the boys.  The sooner they understand this, the better.

The best way to get along with men is to be their equal.  Then, never get drunk or allow yourself to become sexually compromised among them.  That is the life of the female soldier.  This female colonel understood this and she was tough.  She got results.  I shot expert with the M-16.  Many males hated me for it.  Only two cadets in my entire company did that- me and another male.  Of course women can shoot as well as a man.  They are fabulous snipers,  can drive tanks just as well (I know!- I drove them!), fly jets as well or use any kind of high tech weaponry as well.  They are incredible with languages and communications (far better than men).  They make fantastic spies (again, I believe better than men).  They are great for reconnaissance (I think better than men).  And let’s face it, this is definitely a situation where bigger really isn’t always better.  There are times when a small, flexible body is exactly what is needed- think bomb dismantling & tight urban situations.   They can do just about anything a male soldier can do except lift  heavier rocks and run as fast.  Hand to hand is a problem, no doubt.  But specialized training could help in that area.  Here’s an idea- don’t put women in 100%  hand to hand situations.  Problem solved.

The military has zero love for women.  I know this from a very personal standpoint.  The illusion they put on for the public is called a dog and pony show for the politicians- but the reality is a real thorn in their side.  The solution is EASY.  Women can easily be integrated in a mean fighting force with their unique size, flexibility, communication ability and stealth.  But there has to actually be a WILL to do it.  That is what is missing:  The WILL.  The upper crust (oops!  did I say, ‘crust’?  heh, heh, heh…) really doesn’t like mixed company.  Sharing power with us girls is just not what the boys like to do, I’m afraid.  But one day soon, women will crest the wave.  There are only so many times you can rape us, remove us, beat us, unfairly mark our performance reports, bully us, gang up on us, and treat us like crap.  One of us, and then another, will rise above the wave.  Eventually, we will overcome it and beat you at your own game.  Once we start making general in the combat regiments, then we will finally have the power to enact some real change in the military.  I look forward to the day when women are used properly.  I can only hope that the women who make it that far aren’t stupid- that is, I hope they aren’t feminists, or femi-nazis.   I hope they don’t feel women have to be men to be real women.  We women have incredible strength in being what we are:  women.  We make awesome soldiers just as we are.  Think about our unique strengths and USE THEM accordingly.  Don’t mix us with men and try to make us be men.  In this way, men will respect us for what we are and we will respect ourselves.  I hope I see that day before I die.


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