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And the Verdict Is In: Satan Loves the Confederate Flag!

Southerner-Hyphenated-American's god/idol

Southerner-Hyphenated-Americans’ Idol

I never figured the Confederate flag was a big deal- heck, I grew up in Virginia when I was a little girl.  I never thought much of it.  We moved away and then traveled the world because my father was career military.  I suppose it’s because I’ve moved over 23 times in my life that I’ve never really learned to identify with a certain place or People.  I’ve found it very easy to identify myself as a Child of God.  No earthly thing has been a stumbling block for my identity.  This is not so for many American southerners.  But should that be an excuse for their bad behavior?   Or worse?

I had always thought of it as kind of a joke- like, ‘Aw, you Suh-thuh-nerrs….’  And them saying, “Y’all Yankees!”  You know, that kind of good hearted jostling around.  Not so, not so at all.  When this discussion about the confederate flag came down yet once again upon our nation because of this recent church shooting, I began to question on my Susan Shannon FB Page, not the political issue, but the spiritual issue of the flag.  I stated my opinion that while anyone should be able to fly the confederate flag legally on their private property, I don’t think any Christian should fly it.  To do so would be to disobey God.   I certainly didn’t mean to set off a firestorm.   And I sure didn’t expect to find the ugly serpent of racism.

I had simply stated my opinion- and thought most of my Christian, bible reading followers would agree.  I had seen the Confederate flag on a few of my readers’ icons and was a bit irritated at their callousness and lack of concern for their fellow man.   I felt it lacked love, the greatest principle of Christian life.  In addition, we Christians have a much more important thing to do- we have Christ’s Great Commission to attend to- why were these people busying themselves over such an unimportant issue?  Such was my thought.  I was also concerned for what I believed were only a few Christians’ witness to the world.   This flag is nothing more than a stumbling block to weak consciences.  A Christian waving it around, to me, could easily cause a weak brother to stumble in one of two ways:

    A weak brother who was once racist could see a stronger brother (who knows the confederate flag doesn’t represent slavery, but a rich history) waving the flag and think, “hey, I guess it’s ok to hate black people, ” and then cause him to sin against Jesus -or-
    A weak brother (who believes the confederate flag stands for slavery) who has just come to Christ might see a brother fighting for the flag and think, “What?!  Christians stand for slavery??  If that’s how it is, then I want nothing to do with Christ!”  and so, he leaves Christ and goes to hell.  Then, that brother’s blood with be on the more experienced brother’s head.

This is the true interpretation of many writings by Paul, Peter, John,  and many others in the Bible.  Especially 1 Corinthians 8.The response from Christian men and women on my personal Facebook page was absolutely shocking.  Truly.  First, there was anger and ‘shock’ that I would feel this way about ‘their’ flag.  There were many calls to ‘just drop it.’   Then, when I failed to drop the subject as they wished, there was some name calling.  Then, when I still failed to drop the subject, there were ugly statements.  And finally, open admissions of racism.  Quite a few people who claimed to love Jesus Christ were found to say not only horrible things about me, merely for asking them to justify their insistence on this flag from a biblical standpoint, but horrible things about black people in general.  Some of the worst ones have already unfriended me.  I wish to show you some of these comments because I want those of you who still think this flag is innocent to see the reality of satan’s influence on Christian minds and hearts.  This flag has become an idol for Christians who live in the south.  Ask yourself, if this flag is so great, then why does it produce such hate?  That is what I want to know.  Observe:
One staunch Christian confederate flag lover just asked me to find a place in the Bible where Slavery was determined to be wrong.   He said,

Show me in the Bible that slavery (in and of itself) is wrong. Everything I read in the Bible teaches how the slave – master relationship should be conducted, and specifically mentions stealing and selling – active slave trade, not simply having slaves.

In fact, he is still persisting in this question.  He’s now taunting me to ‘prove it’.  {anyone shaking their heads?}   This man and I have been FB friends for years-  I never saw this coming.

When I explained that the Nazi flag also didn’t start out a negative, hateful flag but came to be known as a hateful, negative flag, I found  Holocaust deniers.  Five Christian confederate flag supporters & readers on my page said the Holocaust was not really a big deal- that the victors always got to  define history.  In this way, they said, the Civil war and the horrors of slavery were also greatly exaggerated.

To the winners go the spoils….free to fabricate history for there [their] benefit….direct quote from Nuremberg….the only crime committed was that Germany lost the war….Herman Goering….the allies committed just as many war crimes

Yeah.  Sure.  I rarely, rarely kick someone off my personal page, but, let’s just say that those five had to go. Another Christian confederate flag supporter and good, good friend said:

I HATE that WHITE Girls are going with Black Boys,having Babies with them.I know I have never found anywhere in the Bible that says it’s wrong.I do think God made Is different Color and Colors shouldn’t mix.I’ve heard people use this”Red Birds and Blue Jays don’t mix”,Black and White people shouldn’t.

I still love this brother in Christ.  I had hoped he would repent, but no.  Sadly, he has also chosen to unfriend me rather than revoke these unbelievable words. [Friends (or are you now, ‘Southerner- hyphenated– Americans’), can’t you see how the devil has twisted your hearts?  Things have gone too far!  You need to repent! ]

Here is a long time Christian friend and reader from my page.  She is so angry that I asked her to tell me why she, as a Christian, should continue to fly the Confederate flag when it hurts Black people’s feelings that she said,

I will not discount some of the good you have done, as I now regularly go to church again because of you; however, I cannot continue watching you act as a false prophet with your holier than thou complex. I’m out.

Another Christian woman began by claiming that because I required those who supported the confederate flag to produce biblical reasoning for their passion before continuing on with their praise of the flag itself,  that I was doing the ‘same thing as Islam’.  She taunted me about a past rebuke from my pastor quickly followed by  falsely accusing me of profiting from my page.  She leveled her literary finger at me and said,

 I don’t understand you preaching Christian tolerance and then doing the exact same thing as Islam…..I was given the gift of discernment and I don’t see your feelings being anything that my God really put in your heart! Don’t forget that a lot of your friends were around to see you loose it on the elders at your church!    …………….(later)..
You sell jewelry from the very same account that you try to stand on a pulpit from. Are you donating all of that money to your church? God put that on me to ask you Susan, just so you know…Hypocrite.

Here I thought that all the words I spoke were from the books of 1Corinthians, 1John, Matthew, 1Peter, etc!  I kinda thought I was calling for love for Black people, removal of stumbling blocks, relinquishing of material things, focus on Christ’s Great Commission!  These are not things that HER God would put into my heart?  Indeed.  Perhaps not.  Perhaps her ‘god’ is not my God.  Perhaps her god is the Confederate flag.
One reader wrote,

You sound very hateful Susan Shannon are you sure you are a Christian ? reread your post many times. Why are you so hateful? Please find God like you claim.

because I wrote the following to an accusation to another reader calling me a ‘Black Activist’  [ha!]

lol, a ‘black activist’? I am a HUMAN activist!! I am a lover of every human soul. I truly am. While I can’t stand black victimhood, I love black people. Don’t you know that there are many black conservatives and black Christians? But you miss my point! My concern has only ever been for everyone’s witness to the world. That’s it. It has nothing to do with whether or not you want to fly the flag. I simply don’t want any weak Christian to stumble because of you or anyone flying the flag. That has been my concern from start to finish.

Here are just a few more to finish up:

“That is that pride that your pastor spoke of!”   (another pastor taunt- my poor pastor probably regrets that rebuke now!)
“I sure do hope your elder board is keeping a close watch on you!” (yet another reference to the now infamous pastor rebuke)

“Maybe you should change your name from Short Little Rebel to Short Little Yankee!”
>”Shut your pie hole, you racist bitch! ”
“Did she shut her pie hole? lol”
“She should take rebel outta her name’
“yeah,  don’t hav no rite to it no mor.”

The plantation owner would not marry anyone outside his race . And much of this is learned from reading the Bible . God was constantly reminding the Israelites to marry inside their group and seem to take little joy in intermarriage of different groups . Was it because he is a God of diversity and wanted to preserve the differences in people and celebrate them …..

It is through out the bible the mentions of intermarriage being a weakening rather than a strengthening matter . See Ishmael eldest son of Abram by Egyptian girl Hagar not by wife Sara .Abraham begged that he be the son of blessing as the eldest but God would not . The blessing wd only go thru Isaac son of Sarah who has given up waiting for son promised but God had not . Of Ishmael the first of Arabs God said thru angel he will not die but he will be a wild man his hand raised against every man and every man’s hand against him . Gen 16:22 God was not going out of the line that would go from Adam down to Jesus

These kinds of comments are bad, of course, but the worst kind of behavior from Christians on my page was actually the constant name calling.  Here are just some of them:  ‘low-life Bitch!’,  ‘racist bitch’,  ‘hypocrite’, ‘hater’, ‘un-Christian’, ‘liar’, ‘nasty’, ‘narrow minded’, ‘arrogant’, ‘prideful’, ‘false prophet’, ‘condescending’, ‘judgmental’, ‘reckless’, ‘holier-than-thou’, ‘whiner’, ‘hateful’, ‘liberal’, ‘Democrat’ ‘liberal democrat’ and several hints have been given that satan himself is speaking through me!  lol.   People really can’t see themselves.

Many people who call themselves Christ lovers and followers have decided to quit a long time friendship over this confederate flag.  These Christ lovers once claimed their love for me.  But this flag meant more than the love of a sister in Christ.    It means more than their love of all Black people.  It means more than their Obedience to God, their Heavenly Father.  It has become their god.

And not one of them has ever answered my question:  Give me one biblical justification why a Christian should fight for the Confederate Flag.

People, everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed. But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what they have done has been done in the sight of God.  Only those who are afraid of being exposed will run away from someone who asks for biblical reasons for what they do.  The Bible is a lamp.  Everyone who unfriended me is hiding Evil.  Or they would be happy to provide the verses in the Bible that support their actions.  I know I can. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit.  If this flag were good, it could not cause Christians who once loved me act this way toward me. Only satan can cause this type of illogical, unreasonable, outrageous behavior.

Indeed.  The proof has been evaluated and the verdict is in- satan loves the Confederate Flag. It has become an idol to unwary and weak Christians in the United States of America.


  1. I just started following you Susan and you have me so fascinated by the truth you speak. Thank you for doing what you are doing. The truth is like a knife. Sharper than a double edged sword. Capable of separating bone from marrow.
    I also think of the words in Ecclesiastes for those holding onto “history” so tightly against any good and honorable reason. “There is a time to sow and a time to reap. A time to plant and a time to uproot what is planted. “. If what has been planted has grown weeds that have choked the plant, God demands that we remove it. To do anything else is disobedient. Thank you for speaking such truth. Keep doing it. I love it and it gives me courage to do the same.

    • Thank you, Paula, I’m taking a real beating on my FB page for this stand. I don’t think most Americans (who aren’t ‘southerners’) even thought this was an issue- I know I didn’t. Not until I bothered to say something against the ‘traditional’ stand on the so-called rebel flag. I didn’t think it would create such anger. When it did, the ferocity of it is what really interested me. It indicated something amiss. If felt like exploring more because people weren’t acting right. Sure enough, I found satan at the bottom of it, not patriotism, not love of country and certainly, not love of Jesus.

  2. I have often enjoyed the articles you have posted and we have agreed on much of what we both see happening to the country. However, I have to disagree with you about the Confederate Battle flag. [pro flag stuff deleted]. I will admit some groups (not all Southern, as the present KKK is not all Southern) have abused their use of it and used it for things it was never intended for. [pro flag stuff deleted- slippery slope argument about American flag deleted.]
    One reason I can’t agree with you regarding the Battle Flag is that so many of the Devil’s disciples hate it with such passion. It it were a favorite of the “Father of Lies” then would his disciples love it and they don’t. They hate it. [pro flag stuff deleted, slippery slope argument about cross deleted]. Sorry I can’t agree with you on this issue, but this is how I see it.

    Al Benson Jr.

    • Then, Al, you have failed to obey your Lord and King. You are God’s slave and you aren’t free to have an opinion on this matter. I quoted the verses that bind you. They aren’t the only ones. Read for more verses. You stand utterly convicted before the Lord. You can choose to disobey- that is indeed your right. But if my words make no sense to you, it is because of evil things in your heart, not good things.

      p.s. I deleted all pro flag stuff from your comment as I have determined to do to anyone who wants to continue that discussion. I have also deleted all the slippery slope nonsense about the American flag and cross. None of those arguments hold water for obvious reasons. I have written extensively about why on my FB page & on the comment section of my blog posts. Can’t repeat myself ad nauseum.

  3. Great Article Susan! If I hadn’t witnessed those posts firsthand I might find them hard to believe.

  4. Wow. I hope these people, when they have calmed down, will see how their trash talking is not edifying to the body. We are suppose to be as one, and do our best to keep peace and be loving. Those are surely hateful words. We should be embracing everyone regardless of color, and I do see how the confederate flag could be a stumbling block. Better to get rid of it to keep peace, then keep it and cause strife. I am sorry you had to deal with that SLR.

    • Thanks, Lisa. It began as a sort of a theoretical question and became a kind of surgical knife. I didn’t realize that we had a cancer on our body. It needs to be cut out.

  5. I totally agree with you 100%. I am going to your Facebook page to add you as a friend. Hope you accept. Jim.

  6. Susan, were this the US Flag, how would the conversation go? Is not the US flag an idol to many the same as Confederate? Aren’t we to not have “any other idols before Him” ? Can we make an oath to a flag AND God? What does the US Flag actually stand for? Are there scriptures in the Bible that support our allegiance to the FLAG, allegiance to a flag????? Shouldn’t our allegiance be to God our Creator? I’ve heard some recent opinions on the “worship of the national flag” and would like to know how others feel.Your thoughts please.

    • Hi Ruby, anything can become an idol. It depends on how we react to it. If we would choose the American flag over God and his will, then it would become an idol to us. Merely to take an oath to protect the ‘flag’ is not the same thing if what you mean is to protect your country from foreign enemies with all loyalty. Protecting your country with loyalty is Godly as the Bible does fully support ‘honoring the emperor’ and the authorities under which you serve. There are many Bible verses for this. Obeying the law of the land is absolutely Godly and honors God. But it can never become immoral. If, in the service to that nation or emperor, you are asked to do something immoral in God’s eyes, you may not do it. You must always choose God over country or flag. The confederate flag, on the other hand, doesn’t represent a living country. It has no citizenry. No one lives under it. I suppose it is possible to worship a flag or a nation. As I said, anything can become an idol. Even a drug or a culture. But loving your flag or nation doesn’t have to be. It is only when you love it more than you love God. As I said in this article, LOVE = OBEDIENCE to God. Obey God first and you will never be in doubt about who you love most.

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