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About Being ‘Holier Than Thou’ & ‘Self Righteous…

saducees try to trick JesusWhy did the Pharissees and Sadducees call Jesus a ‘trouble maker’ and ‘rabble rouser’? Why did they hate him so much? Answer: they hated him because he could use the Word to defend himself. He knew the Word and was wise in the Word. He was imbued with the Spirit of God. Because of this, the Word came to his mouth perfectly when he needed it to defend himself against the accusations of his enemies. Also, because when he asked them questions, they couldn’t answer. Basically, he made them feel stupid. Friends. You must stop calling me ‘self righteous’ and ‘holier than thou’ simply because I can call upon the Word to answer your criticism.

Do you really think I can think of the Word on my own? Of course not. I would have to be a Bible genius- or be able to memorize the Bible whole. I am not and I can’t. The reason I can answer your criticisms so well and with sound biblical verses is because God is with me on this issue. He gives me the Holy Spirit to provide my mouth (and fingers) with the relevant verses. They come to my mind with complete clarity to answer you.

If I answered you with my own wisdom, then I would be ‘self’ righteous.  But if I answered you with God’s Word, then I am righteous through the Word of God.

One woman accused me of simply ‘cutting and pasting’ verses but failing to understand the ‘essence ‘ of the Word. I told her to have at it- she was free to cut and paste too. If it was so easy to google a biblical argument and then cut and paste the easily provided verses that resulted from your search, then why didn’t she just go do that too? She didn’t respond because the internet is a desert for these types of things. Do you really think that the devil has provided those types of searches on the internet? Only the Holy spirit can do this for you.

Indeed, what I didn’t get a chance to tell you is that before this flag discussion even began, the Lord prepared me beforehand with a deep study of the relevant books of 1 & 2 & 3 John, 1 & 2 Peter & Corinthians. Even as the discussion broke upon my page, I was wrapping up an intensive study of these books. They focused heavily upon Christian freedoms and the cautions we should take with them concerning pagans and weaker Christians. They focused, ironically, on the nature of OUR slavery to God.

Could I have been any more prepared for this discussion?

No. Indeed, it was because of my study that I formed this opinion concerning the confederate flag in the first place. Before this study, I didn’t really have an opinion on the flag one way or the other. But these Bible books caused me to have this opinion. These, combined with the heavy influence Ezekiel 1 & 3 have always had on me convinced me that I had to speak out.

I became ever more convinced that the Holy Spirit required this discussion when none of the flag supporters could voice a single biblical verse or principle that would support their protests over this flag. I became certain when these same Christians began to curse me, call me names, make false accusations against me and ultimately, break off relationship with me. This became a sure sign to me that satan was at work with this flag and the Christians who upheld it. Is there any better sign?

Friends, the Bible is all the proof I need. All that has happened here on my page- including the fact that God has provided my mouth with all the scripture and none to the flag holders- is biblical testing. Those of you who are knowledgable in the Scripture know this to be true. Those of you who are still ignorant in the Bible will soon learn these testing processes.

There are no coincidences. God is always purposeful. He had every intention for this blow up on my page. You can gossip as much as you like, but you will notice that you are doing it in ‘dark corners’. You will notice that you feel guilty. You will notice that you can’t find biblical support for your actions. The Pharisees and Saduccees did the same thing. When they failed the biblical tests set before them in public by Jesus, they ran into dark corners and gathered together to make themselves feel better. They gossiped and slandered Jesus until they felt righteous again. Then, they plotted to kill him. Are you plotting too? Misery loves company.

God is a very interesting and ironic Person. He sees that the devil is playing both sides of this flag thing. He wanted to show that to all Christian Conservatives. He wanted to shine a light upon the temptation to hate, to idolize and to disobey him. He wanted to warn his Children of satan’s lies. ‘Even the elite shall be fooled’. That’s you, my friends. Don’t be fooled by this flag waving. Your only loyalty is to God. Remember that. Don’t get lost in this flag business. Satan is very, very clever. He knows just what buttons to push. And he has just pushed your hot button.


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