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A Sunday Morning Satanic Attack-and a Good Word to Boot!

zfg.wfc.1I want to share with you an experience I had at church this morning. I was trying to sing at worship this morning when I felt satan accusing me of doing a terrible job on my blog. I started feeling so down on myself. So sad, so distracted- I couldn’t sing anymore! I felt weighed down by all the Facebook friends I had lost, by all the readers I felt were idolizing something material (the Confederate Flag) over God- I was praying for them fervently- I felt I had made so many mistakes; I was wondering if I had been too harsh; had I spent too much time on politics and not enough on Christ; was my name,  ‘Rebel,’ distracting and were people mistaking it to mean ‘Southern Rebel’- oh, just everything! I felt weak, shaken and tears began to flow. I knew I was undergoing a satanic attack- I knew it as an accusation type of attack. Normally when attacks come, I feel so filled with the Holy Spirit that I can easily call upon Jesus’ name and rebuke him away from me, but this time, I felt very tired and very weak. I have taken a weeks long beating online with very little encouragement from anyone. People either vehemently disagreed with me or remained completely silent on the matter- but almost no one came to encourage me. So, I felt very tired and alone today. I wasn’t sure if I could rebuke this satanic attack.

I certainly knew I couldn’t do it myself. I simply called out to Jesus first. I called out to him and poured out my heart and told him the truth- I was too weak to rebuke satan and that I needed his strength to do it. And then, in a quiet mental voice, I told satan to get behind me in the Name of Jesus- because my Lord was nearby to ensure it. And People, he left just that quickly. Just the name of the Lord is enough. It is enough. I was able to continue in my worship and I was given the peace and clarity to hear the message. I was also given a good message to share with you today.

Here is the message:

It doesn’t matter how badly we screw up in our work for Christ. It doesn’t matter if we say it wrong. It doesn’t matter if we do it wrong. It doesn’t matter if we, in doing it wrong and saying it wrong, seem to represent Christ poorly. If all that mattered, none of us could serve Christ well- no work could ever be completed- we should all just stop before we even start. No, none of that matters because the only reason we succeed in our work for God is because God has anointed us to our work.  Note the Bible Verse in the meme above- “You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes to you, and you will be my Witnesses to Jerusalem…”.  It is this Anointing of the Holy Spirit that does the work of Christ. My pastor spoke about this ‘anointing’ today. Anointing is when God works through us to break down the walls in front of us. Anointing is when God opens doors and windows, breaks open hearts, minds and souls, creates understanding where there was none, brings joy where there was sorrow, creates friendship and bonds in the most unlikely of situations. It isn’t because we said it the right way that we succeeded on our blogs- rather, it is because God wished it that our blogs succeeded. Our words weren’t the right words that reached people- rather, it was that God opened the hearts of those whom he wished to open. And when people are offended by my words, again, it is God who wished it as well. We are not the true operators of our anointing- God is. Does this mean that we are not responsible for our actions?  Of course not! We are. However, our actions are not what will make or break what God wills to be done through us- as long as we remain obedient to his will.

That is the Word I wanted to share with you today.

We, each of us, has an anointing. That is what my pastor spoke upon today. He was speaking in terms of kingship and tithing. But I am speaking of our duties toward Christ’s Great Commission. We are all to ‘go out and tell the good news.’ If you’re terrified of speaking the ‘right way’ and doing it ‘the right way,’ I want to offer myself as example. When have I ever done it the right way? or spoken it in the right way? And yet, I feel God’s hand of approval on my head! I know he is with me, even on my worst days, when I have made the worst mistakes. Sometimes, like now, I have no idea if I have done good or bad. No idea! I think I have done the right thing and can only pray that I listened correctly. I will have to wait until I see my Jesus to find out. Yet! I still feel his hand upon my head- he still loves and approves of me. How about them there apples, as my Dad would say?

Watch me be bashed about by my fellow Christians and so-called atheists alike and listen to me say, “My Lord, Jesus Christ, is STILL happy with me!” You should be comforted by that!  So don’t shy away from your witness, Friends. Don’t be silent with your lips pressed together in fear.  God’s anointing is upon your head. His anointing will go out in front of your words and deeds and will open that person’s mind, heart and soul and will prepare people before they receive whatever words and deeds you send. Even if they are a little dorky, a little awkward and perhaps a little stupid.

I don’t often tell you this, but lots of people do come to me behind the scenes and they tell me that things I have said or written helped them in an important way. Sometimes in a critical way. And I never knew!  I am always shocked by what mattered. Often times, I had argued with that person! lol. I can tell you, it wasn’t me that helped them, it was God who helped them. I know this because I was completely clueless as I was doing it.  So. Be brave my friends.  You already have your anointing by being saved and having accepted the Holy Spirit within you.  Now, all you have to do is open your mouth and begin.


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      Thanks, Susan

  1. To the editorial commentator: The Seventh-day Adventist Christians, our prayer practice in worship or daily prayer is, Dear H eavenly Father ………… in the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
    Your rebel ear is tune to unreliable sources. EGW or Spirit of Prophecy writings, are used as appendix or as reference to the studing of the Holy Bible, the true guide for our salvation. Salvation is continuously. Asking for forgivines, daily. Paul says, he dies daily, we fail, but Jesus will us up the ladder in spiritual growth, one rung or one step at a time, as we ask for forgivness, until our probation closes or the second coming. I Thessalonians 4: 13 – 18

    • Donald, are you trying to tell me that you do not use ANY of Ellen White’s fundamental beliefs in your church? a simple yes or no will do. Of course, I already know the answer- it will be, “yes, we do, but…..a load of b.s. that tries to explain how it’s ok because you STILL make Jesus the main person.”

      My ‘rebel’ ear rebels against this world, not against God. It refuses to be fooled by sweet talk and lies. It is an ear that is well tuned to slick words that avoid the main point and try to use tricky arguments that really don’t tell the full truth. Like the Mormons, you like to say things like you just did. You point to how you close your prayers. Did I ask you that? Is that what I complained about? No. I complained about your use of Ellen White’s beliefs in your church- about her predictions about Christ’s coming which failed in epic (and humorous) proportions. Instead of repenting, she just changed her tune, as do all false prophets, and made up another ridiculous story- only this once can’t be disproved so easily. THESE are what I complained about- and instead of addressing a single point, you bring up how you close your prayers???? Nice. Nice try. Yeah. My REBEL ears REBEL against your slick tongue. There is only ONE true prophet- and that is Jesus. There is no room for anyone else in any church. Ellen White must be stricken down. Period. Since she is integral to your church as much as Joseph Smith is integral to the Mormon church, neither can be ‘fixed’. Both must simply be abolished and those who have been misled must be re-educated about who Christ really is. It truly saddens me to know that evil people such as those two people have used my Lord’s name to gather power to themselves. Only through satan’s power and people’s weakness has anyone believed them. I can only pray that Jesus will see fit to bring a swift and final end to both.

  2. “28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

  3. Reb… you make some EXCELLENT points, kudos!! If the Body of Christ could ever get its arms around the truth that ALL believers have the Holy Spirit indwelling them and then yield to His lead, we could begin doing what Christ charged the church with… changing the world.

    Stay strong sister, you’re in good company when to defile you! Shalom

  4. Sounds like the Lord is wanting to get your attention. The internet is a sword used by Satan to attack all of us sister.

    • Hi Ed, Well, like all things, the internet is just a neutral tool. It is the intent and soul of the user that defines how the tool will be used. If someone Godly wields the tool, then God’s work will be done. If someone with evil in his heart wields it, then IF God allows it, evil will be done. God is always in control. Even of evil. satan always needs permission. We all need to remember that too. If God allows the evil, even the evil will serve his purpose. This, I believe with my whole heart. even satan is wholly hamstrung by the will of God.

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