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Don’t Worry, God is in Full Control- Even if Hillary Does Win!

in controlFriends, I see that so many of you are still angry and restless about the world and the politics within it.  You post angry memes about Muslims and Obama and Elections, etc. I understand.   Your pages are full of worry and doubt.  But I want you all to take a breather. I want you to remember Who is in charge. I want you to remember the Author who wrote this  script. I want you to remember the Conductor who orchestrated every election (including Obama’s), every socio-economical move (like the environmental push to take over human rights), every moral political movement (like the homosexual legal agenda) and every world event that we are seeing today.

Who do you think brought every one of these things into being?? God did. Some people like to say that satan brought all this to be because they are evil. But if that were so, then God is helpless against satan. We all know that this is impossible- then satan would be first and God would be second. God is first and satan is last- even far below the angels.

God is the most powerful. Nothing can happen without his full knowledge and permission. The story of Job tells us that. So many Christians can’t wrap their minds around that- but this is the only way to see everything. Then, you ask, is God responsible for bringing about death, destruction, war, disease, and every kind of evil? I say, “Yes, he is. Of course he is. But what you call ‘evil’ is simply a step in his overall plan to create Mankind in his full glory to live with him in heaven forever.” Why do you think you get to define what is good or bad to God?

God gets to determine what is good or bad. He defines and creates his own strategy to create his final creatures: Man. He has defined this Story since before it’s inception. He knew the ending before he rolled it out. He is the General who laid out the battle plan before he set the troops out into action. The strategy is already in place. Each step has been fully planned. The outcome is the point. The outcome is YOU and ME in our final, perfect, newly made glory. God has determined what steps must come about to create us, his Children. Who are you to say that his steps aren’t right, aren’t moral, aren’t fair? You are the created ones at the end of the process. Can the gold ring complain about the intense fire and the dross that was thrown away during its creation??? No, it can’t.What you may think is evil is God’s plan for your creation. It is up to him. He is God, after all.

Satan is his tool. Period. Now. Within this grand scheme, you and I can certainly choose to do real good and real evil. This is how we are to be judged. We do have a choice and this choice determines our salvation. Will we, or will we not, honor and choose Jesus, to save us from our sins? That one decision will determine whether or not we will be part of the Outcome of God’s Plan. That’s it.  So, you might ask, why should there be all this evil around us as we make this simple choice?

Let’s take a man who is very, very, very rich and very, very beautiful. If he showed all his riches to women, every woman would say she loved him. Indeed, every woman would think she did love him- so desirable would his wealth, lifestyle and beauty be to her. Even she would be blinded by all his outward gifts. He would always wonder if she really and truly loved him above all other men, wouldn’t he? He would wonder if she loved him for himself or only for the money and for his physical beauty, right?

So, a wise man like that might go ahead and hide all his money and make himself look very poor. He might hide his beauty by growing a scruffy beard and long hair and wearing baggy, poor clothing to hide his body’s strength. And then he would look for a woman that would love him just for him and his essence. If he could find a woman who loved him without all the outward things and only for who he was on the inside, then he could be SURE of her love, couldn’t he? Thus, he has tested her and found her heart to be true. Then, once he has secured her love, he can shower her with all that he has! Won’t she be so happy then!

This is exactly how we can see God’s use of evil and satan in this world. We must be tempted- and sorely tempted- by other things. We must choose God because we truly love him for him.  Life must be very difficult for us- we must be tempted to give up.  Why should he give us all his wealth if our love is given so cheaply?  No, he wants true LOVE from us.  This can only be gotten through severe testing.  THIS is his choice!   He COULD overwhelm us with his power and his glory and all that he could give us- but instead, he allows satan to tempt us with every sin and evil thing.  And he has allowed satan to be beautiful and wealthy and powerful in every worldly way while dressing his beloved Son in rags.   He wants to know whom we love best- satan or him. Once we have chosen him, and only then, we will receive all that he has.

Thus, evil serves his purpose. In the end, evil is not really evil. It is good when wielded by God’s hands and for his purposes. It is necessary for our creation. We weren’t done being created with Adam and Eve. We needed to be tested. Satan never ‘ruined’ anything of God’s. He was fully intended to temp Eve. God knew exactly what Eve would do- he created and orchestrated the whole thing. No. Every event you see happening is part of his Grand Plan to finish his Creation of Men. Eventually, as described in the Bible, this Plan will come to its final conclusion. This universe will be ‘rolled up like a scroll’ and it will be done. No more human beings will be made. One has to put on God’s eternal glasses sometimes to put things into perspective.

So don’t obsess too hard on these earthly matters, Friends. I want, hope, pray that you put more energy into your Bibles. Read it and understand more about God, why you were made, what promises you have been given by Jesus, how Jesus fits into the Grand Plan laid out by God, the signs of Christ’s Return (which are happening before your very eyes!), and the weapons you have against satan- of which most of you are completely ignorant! The only reason I ever talked about politics was to give you proof that Christ’s return was near- not to get you obsessed over earthly matters. I hope you understand that now. In any case, blessings to you today.


    • Mary, I have no idea what Trump believes deep, down inside. His past life doesn’t show a Godly disposition. But that doesn’t mean he hasn’t since found God. All I know is that, as citizens, we were given two options. Trump was the lesser of two evils. If he turns out to be all that people dream him to be, then great. But right now, I am cautiously optimistic. I wish I could believe a little more in his cabinet picks. But.. as I said, time will tell.

  1. Your blog is so refreshing to see. You are absolutely correct!!! No matter who wins, it is God who has absolute control.

  2. How can you explain the fact that many people in the world do not currently have access to Christian knowledge? Many people are bought up in societies where other religions are so dominant an individual has no opportunity to find out about Christianity. How many children in Nepal have access to Christian material/ knowledge? The people of the Americas in the period before the European conquests would never have heard of Christianity. The spread of Christianity like other religions lies mainly on its believers spreading information and teaching its practices. It is common for a child to take the same view on religion to their parents. If the parents are Christian the child tends to follow that belief, if the parents are Hindu then the child tends to be a Hindu, if the parents are atheist the child tends to be athiest. Upon growing up some people choose to question there parents beliefs, but most tend to follow the things they were taught as a child. This explains how different areas of the world tend to have different religions. Religion is an evolutionary advantage as it gives people a sense of meaning and purpose. As the human species intelligence increased it looked for questions and found the answer in religion. Religion took many initial forms, until the now dominant abrahamic religions shaped the culture of the world.

    • Almost all people in the world know who Jesus is by now because almost all the people in the world have access to the internet. However, do they have a personal relationship to Christ? Well, not even most Americans do. Jesus told us that the path to heaven is well hidden and covered over with shrubs and rocks and that VERY few people are on it. People, like you, who know who Jesus is, simply choose satan instead of him because they are evil most of the time. To their own death- it is a mystery to me. But to the question of other religions. It is true that other religions exist- they go along with other cultures. These pagan cultures have existed from the beginning and have been morphing and changing over the years. But they have been in the dark. God began his message of hope in one People and then spread from there. That is why some Peoples are still in the dark while some are in the light. The message has not yet gone into all the world yet. God began with the Hebrews. After teaching them about himself, he taught them about their sin and how far they were from perfection- he did this by giving them the 10 Commandments & the Old Testament Law. This Law couldn’t save humanity- no, instead, it convicted him completely. While God gave the Hebrews the written Law, the bible also tells us that he ‘wrote his laws on the hearts of all men, so that no one will have an excuse.’ This is Universal Morality and the knowledge that God exists. Mankind needed to understand that he was sinful in order to know he needed salvation. Then he established the idea of sacrifice of something valuable in order to Atone for their sins. They did this for over a thousand years to get used to that idea. Finally, when the Hebrews understood this as a race, God sent Jesus to be the best and FINAL sacrifice for ALL mankind- Jew and Gentile alike. He prepared 12 men to be the ambassadors that would leave Jerusalem and spread outward into the entire world with his message of salvation. They would create the Bible that would record this entire Plan and process to show the marvelous work of God. Mark, you have never read the Bible or you would believe it. IF satan had written it, you would bow down and worship it. It is a miracle. The perfect symmetry of the book couldn’t be planned by any group of men- no group could have conspired to produce it. It was produced over thousands of years and it is PERFECT in every way- surprising even to every biblical scholar that lived. No one expected Jesus as he was. And yet, he was found to be the perfect fulfillment of all the Old Testament Prophecies. The Old testament verses prophesied him exactly. The events of history have come true exactly as prophesied- and are unfolding exactly as prophesied even now. Only people like you refuse to look and see it for fear it will convince and frighten you. You will know then that you are going to hell like everyone said.

      There have always been ‘religions’ in the world because man has always wished to be close to God. But Christ is NOT a religion. He is God’s Answer- finally. Christ simply IS just as air IS, just as mountains ARE. God said his name is, “I AM” to Moses. That is very profound. Christianity is exploding around the world, Mark. Exploding. Africa, Indonesia, China, Korea, and in many Muslim countries (interestingly enough, ISIS is producing huge numbers of Muslim Apostates in refugee camps all over the world and these are turning to Christ in huge numbers!). Asian believers are also growing rapidly as missionaries reach their nations.

      It it taking a little time to get everywhere, but we are almost there. The knowledge of Jesus is almost everywhere. The curiosity and hunger to know him is everywhere. Most don’t understand who he really is or why he came. They don’t understand that he came to offer forgiveness of sins and eternal life; that he didn’t come to condemn, but to save. When they do hear this, their hearts are lifted and they celebrate with us. Only the wealthy countries are jaded and sickened to death. But I believe we will also have a new revival! I do!

  3. Absolutely spot on target!! Nothing or no one is more powerful than God, which is why I don’t fret about what is going to happen to our world, its taken care of, through Jesus. No matter how bad things seem, there is nothing God can’t handle. He knows what he’s doing, even if we don’t, so trust in him, do what you can, then turn the details over to Jesus to handle. All our fretting is not going to do anything, except create stress, and there is already enough of that, so as one of my tee shirts says: “Relax, God is in charge.”

  4. Our Bible tells us to pray for our leaders that they are only there by God’s appointment. If we are griping about them we are griping about God’s choices for us which we do not want to be doing. Putting our trust in Him and doing as He commands will produce fruitful results. 🙂

  5. I went to your facbook page, I think, to try and make you a friend of mine. Did not see how to do it. I’m not to good with this electronic stuff that you younger people use. Jim.

  6. Yes I agree with you that God is in cotroll, however look what happened to the Israelite when they went their own way. Many bad things, however when they turned back to Him, things got better. Hon many times did this happen before they obeyed Him? What if more of us, BibleStudies, churches would pray and fast what would happen? Just suppose this would happen all over the United States? Hor many churches in the United States prayed about the Supreme Court and changes what marriage is? How about Planned ParentHood. What would happen if millions and millions of prayers went to God about these things? Do you think that God received so many prayers that He might say these people must really care, look at all of the prayers that are flooding the gates of Heaven! What about Revivals, how often are they happenng? When was the last time that you heard about one? Just a few thoughts. Jeanne

    • Hi Jean, Oh, I do think God cares about prayers and revivals! But I don’t think that this will change his overall plan for humanity. The Bible does tell us stories like how King Hezekiah was sick and was going to die, but Hezekiah didn’t want to die so he cried and prayed to God. God saw him crying and felt sorry for him. Not only did he let him live another 15 years, but he also allowed him to be the one who defeated the King of Assyria! So, talk about a change in politics based on prayer! So… God is.. somewhat flexible about things! lol. So, yes, God can definitely be swayed by prayer. But the Bible gives a general outline that won’t be changed. Within that outline, however, I’m sure God is as loving and as willing to hear our prayers as he is in the Bible with others. Why else would he show us examples like Hezekiah if not to give us hope?

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