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How to Overcome Terrible Adversity

M-na0112adversity-openI’m an aberration.  I know that.  My husband is a retired federal probation officer.  When he would tell me about his offenders, I would often remark, ‘there but for the grace of God go I.’  Having made many a mistake in his youth, he would often nod his head silently in agreement.  But he knows that my past goes deeper than most and that people who lived through similar things ended up on the other side of his desk, as drug addicts, prostitutes or dead.  Certainly, they don’t end up as a well paid international consultants, jewelers, successful bloggers & happily married mothers of three.  Something just doesn’t add up where I am concerned.  That ‘something’ is called a miracle of salvation from God.  I mean that literally.

To make a long story short, I grew up in a violent home.   By the time I was a teen, I was accustomed to coming home to police squad cars, broken furniture, food and plates broken and streaming down the kitchen walls and physical violence which was heard all over the neighborhood.  We children were victims of physical and emotional violence on a regular basis as well.

The reason I went to West Point was because it was a scholarship.  I couldn’t trust my parents to pay for an ivy league education.   I was ambitious and knew that an education was the only way to ‘make it’ out of the nightmare of my life.   I was willing to serve five years as an officer for that education.

You all know that I was hated and raped at West Point because I am a strong woman.  Thus, what I had hoped would be my ticket out of hell turned out to be another form of hell.  When I ran away from West Point because of this rape, my mother kicked me out of our home.  I became homeless and dependent upon a man I had only just begun to date.  He turned out to be mentally unstable, very violent and jealous.  He raised his fists to me and I became trapped in his home.  All my pride & dreams were coming to ashes.   I almost killed myself.

I want to share how I overcame all this adversity with you in the hope that it can help you overcome yours.  It worked for me- I know it can work for you.  I am living proof.

  1. Bring It To God:    This is another way of saying, Get help asap!”  I will never forget the moment when I was about to end my life.  I have written more about this in my article, “One Christian’s Journey.”  My ‘boyfriend’, with whom I was forced to live after my mother kicked me out, had just knocked me down and slapped me in the face, twisted my arms and had dragged me back to the house after I tried to escape from him.  His mother had also attacked me by choking my neck with her two hands and shoved me as hard as she could into their car, calling me a ‘whore’ who was using her son.  She was a giant, fat tank of a woman and I was a very slight young woman.  The whole family was standing there yelling at me and I wasn’t sure why.  The situation was as insane as the family was.  All I knew was that I had been shamed to no end.  My pride was at an all time low.  I broke free and ran to a quiet room.  I fell on my knees and did the only thing I could think of- I called out to God with all my heart, with all my mind and with all my soul.  I made a deal with Him- I told him that I would serve him and not me from that day forward if he would just save me from myself.  I wanted to kill myself but I didn’t want to die like that- so young and such a failure.  Even though my offer was crap and born out of pride and desperation, God heard my prayer.  He knew that it was at least sincere.  He responded by sending me the Holy Spirit- I was baptized right then and there with fire.
  2. Rest & Trust In the Lord– I went crazy with happiness.  I knew God was with me suddenly.  I feared nothing.  I simply knew that God would find a way for me.  And he did.  The family stayed away from me and no one spoke a single word.  My mother came miraculously the next day and simply bought me a used car.  She also told me to come home.  I looked at her straight in the eye and said, “God is making you do this.”  And she didn’t say a word.  I didn’t know what would happen next, but I knew that God was delivering me.  I’m not going to say that the depression suddenly was gone or that everything was easy- but I knew that God had accepted my deal.  I also knew that I would keep my end of the bargain until the end of my days (and I have).  I felt a new destiny upon me.  This gave me hope and comfort– two things so necessary for overcoming adversity.  I now belonged to a great king who could do anything.  I was no longer alone in this world.  I also was no longer my own planner and strategist.  That made me feel much better about my future.
  3. Dandelion Flowers - Blowballs at Sunset Seek out Fellowship-  This took much longer for me than it should have.  Having started out alone in life, it was very, very difficult to find friends.  This has taken the better half of my life.  But I finally found it in my husband.  You must stay true to yourself in this quest.  If you belong to God, you can’t marry someone who is not in God.  That is to be unequally yoked.  I had a boyfriend from high school and he continued to claim atheism.  As much as I yearned to be married and have a friend for life, I couldn’t marry him without God in the mix.  Leaving him to find a Christian man was extremely difficult and painful- it took almost 15 years to do, but it was the right thing.  I stayed true to God and myself and found the right Christian man- my beloved husband.  We are One in marriage.  We are raising up our children in God. It took me too long to find Christian friendship but I blame myself and my stubbornness for that.  Please learn from my mistake.  I left organized church for over 20 years because of the crazy family I described in Number 1 above.  They were posing as Born Again Christians.  I was lonely for decades for no good reason.  I returned to church about three years ago and found exactly what I needed- such wonderful friends-  and now my life is truly flowering over with joy.  You need Christian friends when overcoming terrible adversity.  Secular friends will not stand by you in your adversity.
  4. Refuse to Wallow in Self Pity-  I never sat and felt sorry for myself.  I didn’t sit and cry about the rape- well, not past the initial stages, anyway.  I didn’t sit and think about everything I had lost by quitting West Point- in fact, I didn’t dwell on it.  When I tanked in my grades after leaving West Point, I didn’t cry that I had made my path to medical school all that much harder.  I didn’t sit and consider all that ‘could have been’.  I didn’t think about how much easier my life would have been if my mother hadn’t kicked me out of my house!  I never allowed myself to think that way.  In fact, these thoughts never once crossed my mind.  I am not built that way.  My siblings think this way and they lead godless lives full of anger and misery.   Instead of thinking these thoughts, which would have only led to complete homelessness, crime, drugs, prostitution or other terrible outcomes, I focused all my thoughts to survival:  where will I live?  How will I get a job?  How will I get to my job?  How can I finish my college education (I still knew it was the only way out of poverty)?  I bought a newspaper (ha!  remember, there was no internet then) and found two girls that wanted to rent out a walk-in closet for $75/month.  Nice, huh?  It was big enough for a twin mattress (exactly) and a tower of milk crates to hold my things.  It had an opening window.  It was close to my waitress job.  I had my old bike which I could ride to university and work.  It was perfect in every way!   Self pity will drain necessary energy you need for basic survival and you will die.  If they begin to creep in, decide  to stop them and wipe them clean off your brain. You can do this.character-cannot-be-developed-in-ease-and-quiet-helen-keller
  5. Refuse to Blame Others for your Circumstances very close to Number 4, but not quite the same.  I never looked at my homelessness, for example, and thought, “This is my rapists fault.”  I never looked around at my misery and depression and thought, “The Army should have protected me better from all those men.”  I never thought, “I should sue the Army for not providing a reporting system for rape.”  I never thought, “My mother is to blame for me not wanting to live.”  I didn’t even think, “God did this to me- He is unkind and doesn’t love me.”  These kinds of thoughts just didn’t enter my mind.  These are the kinds of thoughts that make people want to give up.  You want to give up because you can’t change what others have already done to you- and you can’t control the actions of others.  It is a useless focus.  You must, instead, set your mind to your own actions and what you can do from this point forward.  One can find very cheap lodging if you aren’t proud- you can find minimum wage jobs to do as you educate yourself for a better paying one later.  You must devise a plan and stick to it.  That is what I did.  And when you are doing this, believe me, you don’t have time to sit around thinking about who brought you so low in life.  All excess energy will be spent on overcoming all the negative forces that will constantly nag and drag at your heels (ie, depression, sadness, anger, etc) as you attempt to carry out your plan.  Anyone who evaluates my Stony brook transcript will see that I withdrew from my classes several semesters due to depression.  I just couldn’t go to classes sometimes- mostly because of massive blow ups with my boyfriend, homelessness or other disasters that semester.  But I never gave up.  I got terrible grades, but I never gave up.  I just got up, dusted myself off and kept to the plan.  I began to develop the following mindset:  “Everything is fixable.”
  6. Help Other People-  

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God.” – 2 Corinthians 1:3-4.

Believe it or not, I used to get stronger when I helped other people in their needs.  People came to me with their problems because I am a good listener- I still am.  I gave of myself to their problems.  Looking back upon these actions, I now know that helping them truly helped me in my adversity.  They provided me with a perspective- I am not the only one suffering in this world.  It helped me to feel good about myself and my own horrible experiences because  I found that my injuries could actually become assets if I could use them to comfort and help others!  That was the very best elixir of all!  Ugliness could be turned into beauty!  Evil could be turned into light!  Hate could be turned into Love.  Is that not Redemption?   All by loving our neighbor in distress!  All by using our own pain to help someone else.  Friends, I am telling you that Jesus is right– He who is willing to lose his life will gain eternal life.  When I refused to wallow in self-pity or sorrow, when I refused to think about blaming people for my circumstances,  I found the key to healing- turn the evil that was done to me into diamonds and light by helping others in pain!     When I found that my pain could act as the best medicine for others, I found that I would not  give it up for anything.   How is that for a complete healing?  How is that for making lemonade out of lemons?  This all came from turning the focus from me out to others- in obedience to Christ.

adversity-quotes-87.  Step it Out Day By Day-   Then, my friends, there is nothing left but to continue your walk daily in Christ, your Lord and Savior.  Each day is a challenge.   As I said in Number 5, you must have a pragmatic plan in mind to get out of your desperate plight and you must never allow yourself to pity yourself or blame others- all focus and thought must be toward achieving your plan. Then, turn the evil that was done to you into beauty and light.  This is your redemption every time.  If you do all these things after first giving your life over to God, then eventually, you will experience the miracle I have.  You will unexpectedly look back and realize that you are OK.  You will realize that all the darkness that once pervaded your soul has drained out of your heel and all that is left is health.  You will suddenly feel all about  your mind and soul like a tongue looking for the sore tooth and find nothing there!  You will be healed!

8.  Give Glory To God-  You will look back and see all that you have accomplished- I finished college and God dropped job after job into my lap like low hanging fruit.  Though I felt I never deserved such jobs, there they were.  I went to each interview and it was as if I couldn’t fail!  I won every job interview I wanted.  My career in international management consulting literally rocketed me to the top of my field and suddenly, I was standing with CEOs, Boards of Directors and major decision makers.  God heard all my prayers and brought my beautiful husband and children into my life and I left all the money and prestige as quickly as I had found it.  For me, Love trumps Money anytime!   Then, I began to blog for his sake- and he exploded that too.  And here I am now- having led the most amazing and strange life- about to make national news because a villain raped me in 1986 and wants to shut me up forever.  Truly, I am an aberration- living proof that God exists and intervenes in the lives of his people.  I give great thanks and praise to God!  If you follow the same path as I, you too will be thanking him someday- all because you gave your life into his hands and kept your nose down into your own business of living a good and righteous life.

I hope this has been illuminating for you.  Not many people have overcome the past I have experienced.  If they have, they rarely write about how they overcame it.  When I read about the advice given by modern psychologists, sometimes I laugh, sometimes I get upset.  Most times, I just think they are out to make repeat customers.  Healing people is counter productive to their livelihood.    Most times, people are surprised that I went through all this because I rarely talk about it anymore and I don’t ‘look’ like a typical survivor.  It’s not that I am bottled up or repressed- it’s just that I don’t think much about it anymore.  I have developed a forward thinking mentality.  I don’t dwell in the past.  I live a whole lot Today and think about what needs to be done right here and now.  And if you think about it, those are exactly the skills that helped me survive all the most terrible events of my life.  So, just because a person doesn’t complain or bemoan their past, their injuries or their lost opportunities all the time doesn’t mean they didn’t experience them.  It could mean that they are that one in a million person that actually healed from them successfully.  It’s  a modern-day miracle.  You just need to recognize one when you see one, that’s all.  (smile)


  1. Thank you so much. In this world you will have troubles. Boy have I learned that to be true. Thank you for sharing your story, gives me much needed hope. Lots of love, xxo, Peggy. 🙂

    • No problem. We do all have problems. It is exactly by sharing my stories with others that I was able to help others! That is how I learned to turn my negative experiences into diamonds. That is how I turned evil into beauty- that is how I found redemption in life. I came to fully understand Christ when he said, ‘he who will give up his life will find eternal life.’ In giving of ourselves to others, we redeem every evil that was done to us. By seeing the smiles, relief or healing of others’ pain, the healing we receive in turn is just enormous. It is a miracle hidden in the mystery of God. Until you do it, you will not understand it. I know that God brought me through my life and equipped me with writing skills for a purpose- he wants me to tell people what he taught me through my journey. And so, I do. And by doing so, I myself become healed. It is a marvelous thing he has crafted and it is so beautiful in my eyes.

  2. Ms. Shannon. I have been reading up a lot on your case, and had a few questions.

    You said “I was willing to serve five years as an officer for that education.”

    You have also said you were going to be a doctor, and that you were going to be a 42 year veteran. After commissioning, and after medical training, the commitment is far greater than 5 years, even without making it a career.

    Did you plan on being doctor? If so, why are you saying 5 years here, when a doctor’s commitment is far longer (even after medical school)? Did your grades support being a doctor?

    You said “When I tanked in my grades after leaving West Point, I didn’t cry that I had made my path to medical school all that much harder.”

    What were your grades like while in West Point? Are you saying you failed after leaving at Stony Brook? In prior posts you said your grades at West Point were terrible. Which is it?

    You claim you were an international consultant. When and where? The dates you have previously provided do not work with your timeline above. When did you start international management consultancy? With what company?

    I have been stationed in Germany, I have an MBA from a top tier university (top ten truth be told) and no one in Germany would ever hire someone who did not complete college, let alone some significant graduate work, who’s only experience was partial West Point, and waitressing to do international consultancy. Can you explain your situation with some clarity? Germans are world renowned for being sticklers for rules, to include degree requirements. How long did it take you to complete Stony Brook?

    I am trying to give you the benefit of the doubt, but your story has some holes in it. Can you explain?

    • Jonathan, you make me laugh. Do I owe you such a detailed account of my life? This post has one goal: to help others overcome adversity, not to satisfy your curiosity or your intellectual need to see if I am a liar. I don’t need your ‘benefit of the doubt’, now do I? My story is true and all this will spell out in court in proper time. Indeed, all the lies of my rapist will also be laid bare, one by one, in logical order as well. I’m sorry that your, um, curiosity will have to wait until then.

      • The problem you have is that you are not the only person explaining your story. If you Google your name, some of the websites that pop up are extremely critical of you, and they are fairly persuasive. Pretending this does not exist is not helping you. Particularly since most of the criticism comes from directly examining your own comments. I think hiding from these criticism is a bad idea.

        When you brag about how you are not afraid, how you hide from nothing, and how courageous you are, to have some fairly detailed examinations of your story that, to be polite, make a very good case against you (to be impolite tear you apart)…? It seems like you actually have something to hide, particularly when there is so much you put out elsewhere. The Colonel has been fairly quiet since day one, and I honestly think you should have followed suit, but you talked…a lot. But when some of it is unbelievable, when a lot does not make sense, and when you have a lot of holes….you’re losing support.

        When I first heard about your case, and it is being discussed by some in the military (random soldiers, I am not implying that leadership knows or cares, they very well may, I just don’t have any first hand knowledge, but amongst at least some troops, you are discussed), I was appalled. But when I read the criticism of you, I have to admit I am not that convinced that it happened. And that is something I thought you would want to be aware of. If people are going to examine your story from multiple points of view, you have to be aware that they may conclude it never happened, and I am leaning that way more and more.

        For one, you are not controlling your narrative. You control it here, but this is not reality. Outside of your blog, you are shown in a much poorer light, and there is no counter for that. Unfortunately for you, the whole University of Virginia/Rolling Stones article hit at a bad time. The accuser in that story was “a really expert fabulist storyteller” and it all fell apart. We live in an era where people lie about being raped, and as terrible as it is to be raped, it is also terrible to be falsely accused. And your case does not look that good.

        Why didn’t you cooperate with the Army? Why did you insult everyone involved? When you were asked not to talk about it (which is what happens in EVERY case) why did you immediately go to your blog to talk about it?

        That does not sound like someone who is looking for justice, it sounds like someone who is looking for publicity. And now you are asking for others’ stories to….? Try to create a huge story about rape with your case at the center?

        That sounds like someone who REALLY wants publicity.

        Do you really not get how your actions could be perceived in a bad light, particularly in the world where someone recently, and very publicly, lied about being raped?

        Even your response here seems disingenuous. When you say “all the lies of my rapist will also be laid bare, one by one, in logical order as well”, you realize that I am not concerned by anything the Colonel said, since he has said almost nothing at all. I am only talking about things you have said, all by yourself, about yourself, about your history and life, that do not add up in the slightest.

        You don’t seem to be supported by your Church, your family, or really anyone beyond a small subset of friends. Your lawyers will be paid regardless, but since you have publicly demanded publicity in the past, is making yourself a media show here and now really going to help the case that you are lying about this because you really just want attention?

        You can dismiss this, but you might want to consider it. If the media picks this up, they are certainly going to read the anti-Susan Shannon websites, and they will ask the same questions. If you could address some of the holes in your history…? People you don’t know, who you have never heard of, but who are following this, are coming to the conclusion that you are not telling the truth. And it has nothing to do with lies of your rapist. It has to do with your own comments.

        I was told you hide all comments that do not support you. I do not know if you will do this here or not. I think you might want to consider answering a few questions, it is not like they will not pop up on the stand.

      • Jonathan, I have been writing my blog for many years- was I seeking attention from my rapist then? No. My reasons for blogging have been well know from the beginning- I serve Christ. If you can’t see that, then you were never ‘on my side’ to begin with. My blog is already successful- just on WordPress alone, I have almost one thousand active subscribers/followers. On facebook, I have almost 8,000 active likes. That’s not counting the followers I have on Pintrest and Twitter. I have over 2 million hits. My blog is worth a lot of money if I wanted to sell it (according to various blog valuation sites) and yet, I refuse to make even one penny from advertising from it- instead, WordPress advertises on it and derives all the profit. Know why? Because I promised God that I would never profit from my work for his sake. In fact, I could sell my blog now and pay my lawyers’ fees with it! But I don’t. I stand to lose every penny I own should I lose this case. I didn’t need to leave my articles or my blog up. I could have taken it all down and avoided all this trouble to myself. Do you think I don’t or haven’t understood from the beginning how my political and religious views will hurt me in court? I knew this from the very beginning. I knew the risks before I ever wrote my first article. Yet, I exposed myself to this risk anyway. Why did I start? Why didn’t I take it down? Why don’t I advertise and raise money for my case? why don’t I sell it? Why didn’t I delete all the articles that might hurt me in court? Either I am stupid or I believe in what I am doing. Sheer attention seeking would be counter productive, would it not? As, by all my actions, if I lose, I will lose my home, my retirement and every single dollar my husband and I have ever made in our lives.

        There is only one person not thinking here- it is you.

        I highly doubt you were ever ‘appalled’ for my sake- the reason you can’t see the obvious about me is because you seek to discredit despite the facts. You were out to see me in a negative light to begin with. As to the publicity that you may have found against me. I find it laughable that you find it credible. Truly. The progressive left has erected hate sites in my name years ago for one reason and one reason only- because my faith and my free speech would have me speak out against gay marriage. The tolerant left is not tolerant in the least- especially not of Christian speech. Those sites are full of rage, cursing and hate and the fact you find them ‘credible’ only does discredit to your own sound reasoning. Based on that fact alone, I really don’t care what you, personally, think of me.

        I am a blogger and I believe in the First Amendment- I still believe passionately in this nation. I am talking about this process because it is of utmost importance to women all over America. I plan on documenting this entire process for the world to see because it is incredibly important for the progress of women’s rights. I want everyone to see the justice system either punish me unfairly or see God vindicate me. Either way, this case will be a landmark case in U.S. history. You can count on that. There is no way I am going to allow this travesty of justice to happen silently. The intimidation tactics that you and others are attempting to use against me (and hence, all women) will not work. I will stand up for my right (and hence, all women’s right) to speak the truth and I will speak it continually. For my sake and for every woman’s sake. People like you call it ‘attention seeking’ as a means to intimidate. What you really want is to shut me and other women up. I’m too uppity for you.

        Creeps like you love to hassle women who have been raped. It’s that simple. It is exactly your kind that I wish to defeat. I hope to make it one of my life’s mission to defeat the kind of attitude you have. Perhaps you are not really a bad person but are truly ignorant about rape. Perhaps you are only trained to hate women and distrust everything they say by culture. Hating women and calling them liars, painting them in exactly the light shown in your above narrative is exactly why raped women never come forward. Did you know that? It is because of people like you that thousands of women suffer silently in tears!!! Don’t you care what you are doing to them? Are you made of stone, man? Truly, shame on you. You need some serious self reflection. You really do.

      • Susan, I have never mentioned your religious comments or your politics. None of that matters. Some people undoubtedly think you are a religious nut, and some undoubtedly think you are a political nut.

        I am talking entirely about your comments on your life that do not add up.

        The consulting that makes no sense. You have spoken extensively about your business consulting experience, but the timelines also coincide with your abusive Italian boyfriend/family and the closet you rented for $75 a month. Also, since you did not graduate until 2000, how is it you consulted for major corporations across industries without a college degree?
        The continual comments on your medical career. Did you have the grades to be a doctor? At West Point, or out of West Point? What evidence is there that you ever had a medical career? Your continued comments about grades leads me to believe that you never had the grades to be a doctor.
        Your performance as a cadet? Were you a good or bad cadet? Based on your comments of your performance reports, you seem like a bad fit for the Army. But for a while you presented yourself as a fantastic soldier who was run out, but if you read everything together, that seems wildly embellished.
        The refusal to work with the Army on their investigation. You had a chance to really work with an investigation, but the second they said you should not be talking about it, you immediately went to your blog to start talking. They say not to talk about it, because it compromises the investigation. This is the case with every investigation, not just yours. This is one of the most condemnatory points of your narrative, you deliberately compromised your investigation. And that investigation found nothing.

        Everyone in our legal system is innocent until proven guilty. But you want to operate like your accusation should be taken as truth without trial or conviction. And when you had a chance to participate in a trial or conviction, you ignored it. And then you kept talking without concern for the actual investigation. This is really bad for your case. If your defense on the stand is going to be that it actually happened, you need to be aware that the only actual investigation by a legal body resulted in no conviction. Your accused rapist is still innocent, according to the law. If you bring up 100 eye-witnesses, you are going to run directly into the brick wall of why this was never found by the investigation.

        None of this has anything to do with your politics or religion.

        I would genuinely like to see you engage with your critics. Name them, explain why they are wrong. Address the problems in their stories. You might see that you lose supporters that way, as well, but at least you will know what is or is not working for you. Hiding from the criticism is not going to work. When your television show comes out, people are going to Google you, and when they read your critics’ works, and you write nothing in return….it is not going to go well.

        Also calling names and insulting people who find holes in your story, particularly when you have no answers to those holes, is only going to further alienate people.

      • Jonathan, you really make me laugh. The only critic I have seen thus far is you and your imaginary ‘others’. As to my usual warts who always criticize me, they and I are good, long time friends. No one doubts my work career. And I have no need to justify myself to a total stranger online.

      • Susan, after discussing it with friends, we have concluded that your story is not credible. I think the fact broke the camels back for me was your Korean TV appearance. You never participated in the investigation at all, insulted those involved, and mocked everyone involved in what is a very serious issue for the Army, but you were immediate to jump at the chance for publicity for you.

        Also, I think if anyone here is working against your defense, it is you. You are your own worst character witness.

  3. Thank you for the encouraging words May God continue to bless you as you shine for Him Mary Lou Wesselhoeft

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    • You are welcome, Mary Lou. Keep focused and refuse to allow anger, bitterness & blame enter your mind. Trust in God, stick to your plan- help those around you and eventually, you will find yourself sitting in full health in the middle of a sunny garden. You won’t even realize how you got there! Much love, Susan

  4. I disagree with some of your statements. The Army should have protected you better. They failed and did nothing to correct their wrongs. They should be sued by any women who has been raped and many men should be in prison for life for their crimes.

    • Oh, I agree with you today, James. What I’m saying is that I didn’t dwell on that at the moment of crisis. If I had had a support system and others to help me to be strong, perhaps things would have been different for me. But as it was, I was totally and completely alone. It was live or die for me. This article is trying to teach others how to survive in times of complete breakdown in their lives. At those moments, it is imperative to be forward thinking and to stay in the moment. One can’t be looking around blaming or looking for revenge. That is for the Lord. One must take care of the business of survival first. A lot of people sit and engage in rage, blame and anger when terrible things happen to them. These are wasteful and depleting emotions that will strip the person of all energy resources. They will fall apart and lose their lives. That is all I am saying here. I am not excusing the Army or my rapist at all. They are to blame and in the end, there will be justice. I probably won’t be the one to administer it, though. Thanks for your thoughts, however, and your support!

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