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Danish teen and Muslim refugee boyfriend stab her mother to death after watching ISIS beheading videos

Danish Teen

With the massive influx of refugees into Europe right now, the question is this:  how many are truly refugees and how many are violent jihadists?  This 15 year old girl teamed up with two older male refugees, finally resulting in the murder of her mother.  It’s clear that she was disturbed before she met with the jihadists, but it is doubtful she would have actually committed the murder without her boyfriend’s huge encouragement and practical assistance.  European nations like Germany are demanding that the United States take on hundreds of thousands of these refugees that are streaming out of war torn nations from Syria and North Africa.  Most of these are heading to Germany because Germany announced that they would accept about 800,000 people.  However, after the instant and overwhelming rush of individuals who responded, they closed their borders completely resulting in a massive humanitarian crisis.  What do you think, should we accept these refugees into our nation?

Source: Danish teen and Muslim refugee boyfriend stab her mother to death after watching ISIS beheading videos


  1. Dear SLR, there is another thing: Germany has not decided to stop taking up refugees, on the contrary.
    Where did you find that information, because the source is not reliable as it seems.

    • Hi Susanne, I think I need to be more clear on the matter. Germany put a temporary halt on the influx of refugees- that was the news coming into the United States. But they will be allowing them back into Germany soon once more. The ultimate plan is to bring in about 800,000. I do believe this is correct.

      • Hi SLR,

        sorry if I need to correct that once more – Germany did not put a halt on letting in refugees. It is the neighbouring countries who have done that. Hungary closed borders and did not let them out .. I think we will take up even more than 800.000, that is the plan for this year 2015. They are still coming into Germany, many of them on foot and in a dreadful state, very ill and exhausted. Many families with small kids, who are severely traumatized, suffering from panic attacks, they are put into rooms where they can stay together, but the space is still a problem, as Germany has not enough free housing space. We have many socially weak families who cannot afford the astronomically risen rents in our cities…. It is very sad, a tragedy..

      • Ha, indeed, and crazy yes, but who should take them, shall we look on how they die? I think Germany has announced that because it feels it still has to make up for Nazi-crimes…

      • Perhaps you are right, Susanne. Did I tell you that I lived in Germany for almost 2 years because I worked there as a management consultant? I worked for Otelo in Dusseldorf and then, for Viag in Munich? I was installing a new customer service system with IBM for Otelo and was doing some process re-engineering for Viag. I was there when the Deutchmark was being converted into the euro and all my German friends were very skeptical and unhappy about it. There were other friends there also from the Netherlands and England too- no one wanted it. It was a very important time for me to be there in Germany and Europe in general. I got to talk Germans my age (young) and so many of them were already sick of the guilt they carried from the Holocaust. So, I believe you might be right.

        Susanne, These people have made their own choices. Also, they aren’t grateful for what is being done for them. They are pushy and demanding that people care for them. Furthermore, as much as I feel sorry for children who are suffering, there should be no young, healthy young men allowed into Western nations. These young men should simply be given money to return home. Sorry, but here is the reality: every. single. time. a large population of young Muslim men gather, terrorism springs forth. This is absolutely true. I’m not saying every young man is a terrorist. But from every gathering comes someone who is trouble. It is inherent in their culture and their religion. This, we should never be forced to tolerate. Why should we? They, by their own words and religion, insist that WE become them. No, if they want entry into OUR nations, MUST become one of US. This is only a natural request and demand from any nation. Let’s put it this way, the very same people who demanding a free ride into our nations would leave US 100% cold and starving outside their borders unless we converted to Islam and paid high taxes to live within their borders. And yet, they laugh at us because we feel some sort of duty to do more for them.

        I am not saying to be cruel- I am saying I would rather give them choices: learn our language, become one of us- or go home right now. All young men must go home. I would rather give all those immigrants a ticket home with enough food for the trip. That is fine with me. It’s cheaper than paying for them for the rest of their lives in our nations. Let them fight for their own nations. My pity only goes so far. After a while, it is just foolishness.

  2. Hi, I am a German living in Germany, and I am sorry that I have to tell you we have not closed any borders at all. The Hungarians closed their border. I think when every nation took refugees that could help. I have heard also that many Muslims have converted to Christianity, given their lives to Jesus. That is very encouraging, they say they saw the crass brutality of ISIS beheading unbelievers in stark contrast to Christians behaviours which they conclude is due to Jesus mercy and the Gospel of Him.

    • Yes, Susanne, you are technically correct about Hungary- and actually, Turkey too. What I should have said is that Germany has decided to stop taking any more immigrants right now but hasn’t technically closed it’s borders because it doesn’t need to. These other nations are directly in the way of refugees who want to come to Germany. Because they have closed their borders, Germany doesn’t want to. But Germany has announced its unwillingness to take any more right now even though it states it is still willing to fulfill its promise of 800,000 in the future. At least that is what is being reported in the news. That is just a mouthful when I wanted to keep it short. My apologies. You are right that many are converting to Christianity which is VERY hopeful. Great news indeed. I have friends who are in the Netherlands right now working with Muslim refugees for this exact purpose and it is very wonderful. I do think that Muslim nations should take all these Muslims into their own borders and integrate them. Those Muslims who convert to Christianity should be taken by European nations. Perhaps even here in the United States. But if they remain Muslim, then Muslim nations should take them. I don’t trust people whose very religion is at war with my entire nation and way of life. It is just too radical. It is built in treason. That is just the way I feel.

      • Hi dear sister, I can understand what you seem to find useful and minimizing friction and danger, but on the other hand, as Germany has no borders close to the ports where refugees enter, it has no other option then just saying that 800.000 are welcome. Whereas I read today that the US are willing to take 80.000… That seems out of proportion. One can also ponder the idea that the military interventions of US have greatly contributed to the current situation in those countries and that therefore people have to seek a place where they can lead lives that are safe from hunger and terrorism… I also thought that staying in Muslim nations would be helpful for us to have a more peaceful and undisturbed life. But – who knows. ..Maybe it is God´s hand to send these into our Christian nations so that there are more chances of convertions 🙂 God knows what He is doing. We need to pray and trust in His ways.

      • Hi Susanne- yes, you never know! We must trust in God. The United States is responsible for the refugees, sister. Our leadership, along with the elite leadership of powerful powerful nations, is fully intent on the destruction of most national borders in favor of a one world government, I believe. They seek power for themselves. First it was the EU, next will be the end of the USA. The disruption of the Middle East is part of this plan. I’m afraid the migration of the Muslims out of these lands and into European lands will not be a good thing, but a very violent one. Sadly, I believe this. Some will find Christ, true. But some will come for terrorism- there is no doubt at all. Of course they will. Why wouldn’t they? If I were an evil terrorist, I would absolutely plant many terrorists among those refugees. It is the perfect opportunity. In the end, because I believe the coming of our Lord is very near, I also believe this truly is all part of God’s plan. We are all moving toward a great culmination of events in our world. I can feel it building, can’t you?

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