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Critical Update on Benghazi- CIA Confirms That Obama & Hillary are Traitors

 ***Critical Update added 6/28/2016: FINAL Select Committee Report on Benghazi has been released confirming all these facts.  President Obama and Hillary Clinton have been proven to be criminals.  All links to the official Report (many .pdfs below. **
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This was released back in May of 2015, but I somehow missed it (no doubt because of my trial). But investigators have finally obtained secret reports from the Obama administration (by suing them in court) that prove that Obama, Hillary and all the talking heads from the top to the bottom outright lied to the American People. They knew the attacks were imminent 10 days before they happened. That means that moving our soldiers away from the embassy was treason and murder.

The CIA reports also show that the attacks were specifically in retaliation for the assassination of a terrorist leader and specifically in memorial of 9/11. There was absolutely no mention of any movie. Thus, the lies told about the movie were intentional.

This means that Obama and his entire administration, including General Dempsey lied to President Karzai of Afghanistan about the movie who then sent warning throughout his nation which spread throughout the Middle East- thus sending rage throughout the Muslim population. This led to more embassy attacks and riots.  This also places the blame for the resulting fear, rage and uncertainty about whether other embassies would also be attacked directly on the intentional lies told by Obama, Hillary, Dempsey and others. This is treason that led to American deaths and violence in the Middle East.  One must ask what motive they had.

One need not look any further than our own borders for the answer.  The ensuing attacks and uncertainly of more attacks on U.S. embassies overseas led to the overturning of the decision to strike down the NDAA 2012 bill.  “What is that?”, you might ask.  NDAA 2012 is one of the most important pieces of legislature that has passed under Obama.  Thanks to our state controlled media, most Americans don’t know anything about it.

It was passed on New Year’s Eve under the noses of the American People in the guise of a yearly funding bill for the military. However, it actually gives massive, unconstitutional authority to the president, without any approval of Congress and without oversight from any elected official, to use the entire might of the U.S. military against any American citizen on American soil. This bill was struck down as unconstitutional because it directly violates the Posse Comitatus Act, a critical part of American legislation, passed in 1878.  It was due to be finalized exactly on Sept. 12, 2012 when the Benghazi nightmare ‘happened’ on Sept 11, 2012.   (Remember, the Obama administration had been preparing for this since Jan 13, 2012 when the legal challenge was issued.  They had time to plan this move.) Obama’s attorneys argued that domestic terrorists here at home might also react in rage and violence because of the movie  and needed the right to use the U.S. military on domestic soil.  Obama got a federal judge to STAY the finalization of the first federal judge’s order to strike NDAA 2012 as unconstitutional on Sept 13, 2012.  It remains in legal limbo today which basically means that it is still legal.  In other words, Benghazi ensured that Obama (and Hillary- because you know she will win) retains the power to arrest Christians, deny them all their constitutional rights and make them disappear forever without needing permission from anyone.)

Do you all understand the crimes committed in Benghazi and why it was done? NDAA 2012 is that important.  Killing the ambassador and embassy workers was just a necessity to the media drama.  Without the dead bodies, no one would pay enough attention and the bill injunction wouldn’t get stayed.  People needed to really believe that terror could spread to U.S. shores.  The violence caused by the movie rumor (most Muslims never saw the silly trailer- (no movie even existed) was also necessary to create the appropriate rage.  Lying to President Karzai was a necessity, too, because you need a Muslim spreading the panic too.  Oh, and getting the media to interview the pastor in Florida who burned the Koran was delightful, too.  Just to add fuel to the fire- even though he had nothing to do with the infantile movie trailer.  That was just to make even more Muslims as mad as possible- it was all one big lie.  In hindsight, each one of these lies has only one thing in common- get as many Muslims as mad as possible in order to incite as much violence on American targets as possible.  The goal:  get a federal judge to stay the first federal judge’s injunction and keep it legal.  Result of Benghazi:  4 Americans dead and NDAA 2012 is still alive.  To Progressives:  an acceptable loss for a powerful result.

Being allowed to use our military against American citizens here at home is key to overthrowing our nation’s constitution and turning this nation into a dictatorship- or whatever else a powerful group of individual wants. Add media control, internet control, quasi-digitized money and a powerful Progressive morality/loss of Christian values to the general population and you have a very ripe situation for the plucking.

All the proof is right there in black and white in the CIA reports. And yet, where are the Congressional hearings for the president, Hillary, Dempsey, Susan Rice, etc? Each and everyone of them are guilty of treason. The news did a story, but why did it die such a quiet death? Because the media is controlled and Americans are asleep. It is so sad. We deserve what we are getting. That is all I can say.


You can get an exact breakdown of the events of Benghazi in my article: “Let’s Sum Up The Facts On Benghazi, Shall We?”

Source:  Benghazi Report at the Select Committee for Benghazi website:


I. Terrorist Attacks on U.S. Facilities in Benghazi

II. Internal and Public Government Communications about the Terrorist Attacks in Benghazi

III. Events Leading to the Terrorist Attacks in Benghazi

IV. Compliance with Congressional Investigations

V. RecommendationsAppendix A: Resolution Establishing the Select Committee on the Events Surrounding the 2012 Terrorist Attack in Benghazi

Appendix B: Significant Persons and Organizations

Appendix C: Questions for the President

Appendix D: Significant Events in Libya Prior to the Attacks

Appendix E: Security Incidents in Libya

Appendix F: Deterioration of Benghazi Mission Compound Security

Appendix G: Timelines of the Attacks

Appendix H: The September 12 Situation Report and the President’s Daily Brief

Appendix I: Witness Interview Summaries

Additional Views by Rep. Jordan and Rep. Pompeo


  1. You state: (and Hillary- because you know she will win) … do you truly believe she will still win the 2016 Presidential election? Or, at a minimum, do you believe a liberal/democrat will win the election? Do you believe we have ANY conservative who could win the election at this point? I am curious because I trust your very knowledgeable insights on current political situations. Thank you!

    • Hi, no I don’t think any conservative will win. The elections are, in my opinion, completely rigged. The machines are now digital and the votes are all but untraceable. 80% of the machines are owned by one man and his brother. The question isn’t IF they have been bribed, but by WHOM. That is what I believe. After all, if I were evil, that is exactly what I would do, wouldn’t you? Add a controlled media that will only show certain candidate speeches, biased reporting and corrupt campaign funding and you get candidates that have nothing to do with Americans’ values. You get candidates that represent whatever the powerful elite wants on both sides. It almost doesn’t matter which party wins- either candidate will do the same bidding. Both parties are very useful to the Progressives. Both have important and useful buttons to push with the American public. Free thinking and thinkers are now labeled as ‘conspiracies and conspiracy theorists’ among other names to ensure that no normal American will dare to step forward with any questions. Indeed, no conservative is even on the GOP ticket at this time.

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