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What Mormons Truly Believe

(Video has been deleted – I am trying to find it again.  Please be patient.)

Most excellently done. This short and sweet comic tells you the complete and accurate truth of Mormonism. This is only scratching the surface of this cult.  One of the most basic absurdities about Mormonism that this video fails to mention is that Mormons believe that an ancient, lost tribe of Jews called the ‘Nephites’ sailed in 600 BC across the Atlantic to America.  They wrote the ancient writings of Mormonism.  There is absolutely no archaeological proof of their existence.   They believe in different levels of heaven- we won’t make the cut for any of those levels because we aren’t Mormons.  There is no death bed confession- only a pile of good works and money will get you to god-hood.  In addition, Joseph Smith was a loyal Mason. He simply took all the practices of Masons (a religion unto itself) and put more ‘religion’ around them to create Mormonism- thus, the various levels of knowledge, secrecy, power, handshakes, privileges, rites, symbols, etc.  Mormonism began with him, his immediate family, his extended family and their friends and traveling companions.  When the Mormons traveled West, fear of the unknown, Native American attacks and death by disease while travelling across the great American unknown drew this company to rely 100% on one another. This allowed the Mormon leadership to bully their followers into compliance or risk being expelled into the wild- ensuring a certain death.  The clan became cult. To this day, obedience or ostracism is the rule of Mormonism- to leave the cult equals Hell, loss of your entire family and all your friends. Thus, began Mormonism.

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  1. You are so wrong in so many ways. We are never told to ostracise those who leave the church, but to love them. We are not taught if we leave the church we will go to hell. We are taught that God is merciful and there is always hope. Most of what you have said is inaccurate. The Saviour Jesus Christ is at the centre of our religion and he motivates the service we do all around the world. Whenever there is a disaster the LDS church is one of the first there. We do not teach anything that would harm a person but rather help them to follow Christ and be a better servant. At this time and age those who believe in God should be united to help and serve one another , not attack each other. Can’t you see what lies ahead? We all need each other!

    • Portia, what I find so interesting is that you are using the exact kind of language all Mormons do- you were taught to use that kind of deceptive language when talking to us Gentiles, right? You don’t tell anyone that, to you, Jesus is the divine Son of God. You don’t tell anyone that you think he is Lucifer’s brother, born from God (who was once a human from another planet) and Mary (who is now a God). You don’t tell them that actual sex between God (as a human) and Mary took place, do you? You fail to tell the FULL truth of Jesus. You just say things like you just said: He is the ‘center of our religion’. So? He is also the center of the Jehovah’s Witnesses and other cults that deny the divinity of Christ. To them, he was just a human man. For you, Jesus was just human UNTIL he was resurrected- only then did he become God, right? And he only became God because ALL people have the chance of becoming God. All they have to do is live perfect- or near perfect lives, full of good deeds and service to the Mormon Church. Also, when you say that you never tell people they are going to hell, what you really mean to say is that to you, there is no ‘hell’, per se. There are just many levels of the afterlife. Everyone who leaves the Mormon Church and everyone not in the Mormon church just gets to go to the LOWEST level of the after life. Everyone else gets to compete for the other levels- and the lucky ones all get to be Gods at the top- each with their own universe to run, right?

      Listen, I might not have every single detail right, but I have the vast majority right. These beliefs are written in books for eveyrone in the world to read. Most people just don’t know they exist- because the Mormons do such a great job of lying to Christians. That’s why I wrote this article. Not to be perfect in every detail. For example, I read in one book that Jesus was actually the offspring of the angel Michael and Mary who had physical sex. Jesus and Lucifer (ie, Satan) are literal brothers. I have to tell you, even if this is so, it doesn’t make a difference for Christians. It still sounds crazy! And it is crazy. Portia, I wish and pray that you can see the absurdity of this man made cult. It is a very dangerous one- very clannish. You know that you can’t just walk away- and mostly because you would have no family or friends left. You would feel completely bereft in this world. And that is exactly why the Mormon leadership forbids you and other Mormons from spending real time with us outsiders. they fill up your saturdays and sundays with holy tasks that have to involve other Mormons. All this is to keep you from making friends on the outside. All because they don’t want you to have an avenue of escape.

      I know it might be hard to believe, but just look at what your leaders do and then look at cults. They do the exact same thing- make the same threats. They hide all kinds of knowledge and create levels of ‘status’. It is all to keep you under control. Real Christianity is FREEDOM from that insanity. It is logical and sound. It doesn’t hold a man up as holy. You need to break free, Portia. and I pray you do.

  2. Hi Susan! I just discovered your blog today. I am proud of you for standing up to your rapist and for making people aware of the horribly unfair laws about defamation lawsuits. I stand with you!!! I will check out the jewelry you are selling to fund your legal expenses and let my friends know about it as well. I will keep you in my prayers that you be victorious in court and do what I can to lend my support financially. You are an amazing woman!!! I am a devout Mormon, so I am saddened by this particular post. But I LOVE all of your other posts I have read so far today. You write beautifully and are a great example to many people. I will be rooting for you!!! Be strong and keep going in your fight!!!

    • Thank you Barbara, I also have a Gofundme page. You can find it on this WordPress site. Just look at the side or bottom of this page. I’m sorry that this post saddens you, Barbara, but it really is the truth. Most Mormons don’t even know this information. I wrote this to inform you. God forbid, if you ever rose in your religion, these secrets would be revealed to you. I am not lying. I didn’t know these things either until I was told. I did research and was shocked to find that they were true. I wish they weren’t, for your sake and for my friends’ sake. I have lost many friends because of this article and because of my desire to tell my friends the truth of what they are following. But I beg you to consider the kinds of secrecy that you are surrounded by. The rituals that you are not allowed to see or partake in. The way you are not allowed to ‘create dissension’ by asking difficult or controversial questions. The way you can’t really have friendships outside of your Mormon friends- at least, spend real time with them. I just want you to think about all these things. These things are all the things that cults do to isolate their members and keep them in line. Also, they teach their members that if anyone leaves, then even family members must shut them out. I know that families don’t completely shut them out, but it is very close. I’ve seen it with my own two eyes. It is very painful.

      I so appreciate your support, Barbara, but my love for you as my fellow man and as a child of God is far greater. I would have you consider my words to you about Mormonism before anything else. I send you my heartfelt love and concern, Susan

      • Thank you for this teaching post. I never knew this about the Mormons. This is the kind of info that I need to hear.

      • You are welcome, Jim. I’m not trying to bash Mormons, but this must be known. This movement/cult must be exposed because it hurts so many people who are part of it and it also fools so many in poor countries who have heard of Jesus and think they are joining up with real Christians. Later, they are then told lies and led by terrible fear- things like, if you leave Mormonism, you will go to hell, etc. People get trapped, they have to pay a ton of money into it and then, live in fear. I have lost all my Mormon friends because of this article. And that makes me very sad. I can only hope that it helps someone out there.

  3. Very sad that they all attempt to use the name of Christ to further their twisted agenda. I did research on the cult for years in order to reach a friend dying of cancer. I don’t know if he ever repented as they use so many Christian terms, though incorrectly. They refuse to listen to the corrections in their book of mormon, accusing folks who try to reach them of lying about their church. I’ve heard it all. When I confronted this friend about the belief that god had sex with Mary (rather than as the Biblical account tells), he finally had to admit what they believe. But he was horrified by the fact that I put it into words! It was the strangest thing. When armed with the facts about what the weight of their golden “plates” would have been, or the fact that there was never any archeological evidence around the “Hill Commorah”, etc., he just shut down and refused to discuss anything further. (Excellent resource used to be a website by Jerrold Tanner and his wife. He passed away several years ago. I believe that was a proper spelling of his name. They were former mormons who fought a good fight to bring others out of the cult.) It’s very sad how badly Satan has blinded them all into believing his lies.

    • I know. The reaction is very violent. I think this is because they are isolated from us to such an extent that for us to know about their secrets is shocking to them. They are taught to hide these facts. In fact, they are taught not to speak of them outside of their temples. To hear them spoken of so baldly makes them feel crazy and exposed. They can hear how ridiculous it sounds because it’s not being taken seriously by an outsider. They are so used to only hearing these things spoken of in only the holiest tones and with the holiest facial expressions. Much of this is taught in secret rituals and rites. Lower level Mormons don’t know a lot of this information because it is not taught at their level. Like free masons, it is even forbidden to talk about this secret knowledge to those who are in a lower ‘level’ than you are in. There are secret hand shakes and other ways to recognize the levels of Mormon you are in order to know what you can speak of or not. So, to hear one of us just blurt it out in public is beyond shocking. And to see us treat it with such… irreverence and clear disbelief is.. well, unraveling. AND they can see how ridiculous it would look to an outsider, suddenly. It quite undoes them and they either freak out and leave or call you a liar. They know that the truth of their beliefs would never be accepted as reasonable under any circumstance to any real Christian. Or really, to anyone. Thus, the secrecy, the isolation, the restrictions on who they can associate with, even the restrictions on how much they can question their own beliefs. It has every single mark of a cult. I believe one must be careful before labeling something as a cult. But Mormonism has all the ear marks. And it IS sad. But when I see the destruction it wreaks on so many ignorant, poor people around the world, I become angry with it. I can only pray for its end.

  4. I have 10 Mormon friends. 2 of these wonderful gals were missionaries that tried effortless for two years to come to church. I went a couple times and made some amazing friends… That respect my beliefs. I know they believe in all this. But it’s no different then a atheist being friends with a Christian.

    • Well, I’m glad you know they believe this. Sometimes I wonder if it is better than being an atheist. At least an atheist is not fooled or so warped in their beliefs. Mormons are trapped. They are trained, literally, to never complain about their beliefs. Women, especially, are trained to never complain about anything, especially their husbands. Their husbands are their priests. If their husbands don’t ‘pull’ them into heaven, they don’t go. They have to keep on a good relationship with them. They have verses in their version of the bible to not cause ‘dissension’. Code word: don’t question anything. Hell is always waiting for them. Or… really, being left behind while everyone they love is progressing toward a better and better version of heaven. The pressure to perform is tremendous. So many of those smiles and so much of that contentment is a show, I think. Their heaven is dependent on showing that fake smile. They never get a break; they are always ‘on’. It must be exhausting for them. I think it would be easier to bring an atheist to God than a Mormon. That is the trouble with cults. They can truly mess a person up and make them run from Jesus afterward.

  5. Wow. Where to start. While there are many legitimate differences with main-stream Christianity and Mormonism and plenty of things people may find strange or peculiar with Mormonism (formally The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints), you are way off in much of your information. Joseph Smith or his family could not have threatened or manipulated his followers crossing the plains to Utah, because Joseph Smith was dead and his family didn’t go. They were not there. Perhaps you could use this argument with Brigham Young as he led the saints. Mormons don’t believe they are Jews. The belief is that the people written of in the Book of Mormon were descendants of a people who came from Jerusalem and therefore are of the children of Israel. Mormons are people who believe in the Book of Mormon and the stories of these people. They believe they become part of the House of Israel (not Jews) just like any other Christian, through baptism and being born again as a child of Christ (Galatians 3:29). Mormons don’t actually believe in the traditional Heaven or Hell (so you aren’t going there). Actually through the pure Grace of Christ, all receive a degree of God’s glory (Celestial, Terrestrial, or Telestial – see 1 Corinthians 15). Mormons believe that we may become part of God’s kingdom. Perhaps that makes them gods (Romans 8:17) but never to replace God but only glory in being in His presence. I think the Jehovahs witnesses have something about 144,000 being saved, the Mormons have no such limit. They believe all have the potential to be full joint-heirs with Christ. As far as Mormons helping you fix your roof to get god-points to go to Heaven, that is also inaccurate. That is honest service based in trying to follow the example of Christ and serve His children in an attempt to follow Him and be more like Him. Yes we have legitimate differences in doctrine (the nature of the Trinity, Priesthood Authority, etc.) but you are very inaccurate in this post about Mormon’s beliefs

    • Sorry, your comment got caught up in my spam queue. Look. You are picking nits. Mormonism is not Christian by any measure by which any real Christian would use. It is bizarre and Mormons intentionally mislead us. You use the name of Christ to trick the weak and poor to join you and then you entrap them with fear. You are preventing weak people from finding true salvation through faith and trapping them into a hell of endless good works to earn their way into heaven. It is a horrible path; it is a weary path; it is an impossible path. It is prison on earth with only a vision of prison for an eternity. Anything that begins with deceit can’t be from God. Surely you must know this. I don’t have to lie about who I am and what/who I represent when I tell people about Christ. Only Mormons must. If you are a Mormon, Darren, you should consider this deeply. Find rest in true salvation. You have been tricked by a wicked man and are being held prisoner by a cult.

    • Mormons reading this already know this. They aren’t offended in any way except that it is telling the truth. They are literally taught to hide these truths from us. That is you and me. I am not kidding. They believe a ‘lost tribe of Jews’ called ‘Nephites’ crossed the Atlantic in 600 BC and wrote books for them. We are going to Hell because according to them, only THEY are going to heaven- actually, there are different levels of heaven- can you imagine that? So, those who don’t give enough money or do enough good works will get the wrong side of the tracks of heavenly property. One must ask, why do they always smile at us and help us fix our fences and roofs? Well, it’s not because they are being nice or even because they truly love us. It’s because they must earn their god-points. Without doing ‘good works’, they can’t earn their way into god-hood. They earn their way into the next level of priest hood (and heaven) by doing these good works and telling people about them. In other words, they use us, who are going to hell, as mere step ladders to heaven. They trod on our fallen heads like so many bricks with no care whatsoever for our souls. Next time a Mormon neighbor offers to fix your roof, you can look at them with a new understanding. The more money they give to the church also earns them points to god-hood. I believe Romney is already a god. Their cult is so completely crazy that they know Christians will never, ever accept them if they knew the full truth. That is exactly why they are taught, in classes, never to tell the truth. They intentionally lie to us. I learned this from Mormons themselves after I cornered them publicly on my page. I forced them into confession. You know they have been taught exactly what to say because they all say exactly the same lines. I am very offended by their treatment- as if we are children. Their secrecy has been extremely successful around the world. As if this were not bad enough, they then use the beautiful name of our Lord, Jesus Christ, to fool poor Africans or Indonesians or Chinese or Koreans into believing they are truly Christians. These people have heard wonderful things about Christ and Christians and jump at the chance to hear about Jesus and join up. Then, they are taught that if they leave the Mormons, the only TRUTH Christian church, they will go to hell. This burns my soul with anger. Their atrocities are terrible against the Lord. They offend me more than any other cult.

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