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Prominent Norwegian Mullah Shamelessly & Finally Tells Full Truth of Islam to Norwegian Reporter

As Obama is welcoming 10,000 Syrian Muslim refugees to our lands, the once brazen Danish Jyllands-Posten newspaper that published the infamous cartoons of Muhammad has finally bowed to Islamic terrorism.  On the 10th anniversary of the original printing, instead of its usual defiant reprinting of the cartoons, this year’s publishing blanked out the cartoons themselves. Better to have not marked the occasion at all then to have given such immense gratification to those who would use terror to silence the Infidel (that’s you and me.)  Perhaps they folded as they watched hundreds of thousands of fighting age Muslim men flood Europe.  I would understand.  Listen to this Norwegian reporter interview this Mullah and you might understand too.

They won’t show such interviews in America- so you must watch it via Youtube from Norway. You must share this so that every American fully understands what Muslims truly want in this world. You must share this so that every American fully understands what it means to allow more Muslims into our nation. This mullah stated it plainly and arrogantly: Islam is not a religion- it is a political movement bent on global domination. In his crazed mind, he believes it will happen in the next 25 years. Oh, and by the way, I don’t have the courage to share Pam Geller’s article. It actually shows the cartoons of Muhammad. I’m just too chicken to play that game- all I will do is link to it. No one will protect me or my family. These people are out for blood. And mullahs like these are giving 100% holy permission and thanks to ‘anyone, absolutely anyone’ (he says this in the video) who will carry out the holy price of mockery: death. So, those nice Muslim neighbors down the street with the teenage son? He could very well walk down the street and do his holy duty by Allah. No thanks. I know when I am beat.

Obama announcing increase of Syrian immigrants from 2,000 to 10,000:

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  1. The Norwegian interviewing the muslim mullah sounds like he’s trying hard to appease him. He sounds whipped, with his tail between his legs. Is this how people think they have to act now, with muslims running around confident they can get away with anything they want? I’d like to act these muslim supremacists how they expect to convert several hundred million flag waving, patriotic Americans. What do they really expect to happen when they rise up and start their bombing and stuff here? They know we have our 2nd Amendment; does that mean they’re also armed and planning on forcing us to do their will? We need to think about the reality of this muslim situation, 0bama already started bringing in his so-called “refugees” October 1st.

    • Hi Ranchman, I really think this interviewer was just acting this way to keep the Mullah talking. Look how the film ended- with statements about freedom. I think the reporter was incredibly wily. He acted subservient to get this mullah to spill all his beans. I’m glad he did. Now we’ve got it on tape and no one can say we are lying about their intentions. It’s there in black and while.

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