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I Need Your Help Now

go fund me2Friends, I have never made a penny from the six years of work I have done for Short Little Rebel.  This was my sworn promise to both God and my readers.  I did this for love of God and so that you all would know that none of my opinions could be bought or influenced by anyone.  At the very minimum, you knew they were genuinely mine.  Since I began this process, my blog has grown to over 2 million readers.  Such is the design and will of God.  True to my promise, I never chose to monetize my site, much to the surprise of my pastors (who had monetized their own private sites), many of my readers, other bloggers and even my critics (who are sure that I must be making money somewhere, somehow.)  But I have stayed true to my promise.  I have also turned down radio and t.v. interviews that some of my articles have generated.  Fame is also something I do not seek.  But God had other ideas, as I suspected from the start of this journey.  I had a feeling from the very start that He wished me to do a job far larger than a mere blog.  Something bigger than myself.  And I now find myself involved in a landmark civil lawsuit whose result will affect millions of Americans both today and far into the future of our nation.  As most of you know, I am being sued for over 2.3 million dollars for merely naming my rapist on this blog.   If my rapist wins this case, here are the consequences for all Americans:

1) All raped men and women will be forced to remain publicly silent about their rape unless they can win in criminal court against their rapist first.  If they don’t win in criminal court against their rapist before they speak to any reporter, journalist or even on FB to their friends, they can be sued for millions.  Think about all the women who talked to journalists about Cosby.  Any one of them who didn’t win in criminal court against Cosby first will now be liable for all the millions Cosby lost when his t.v. shows were cancelled.  Think about the men who came forward in the Sandusky case.  Same goes for them.

2) Teen girls or young boys who have been raped and make the tiny mistake of saying anything online about their rapist on social media will be easily sued by their rapist even though their rapist can say all kinds of lascivious and disgusting things about them online.  This can happen as long as the girl or boy can’t prove the rape in criminal court.  If not, then the rapist can easily get an attorney for free because the attorneys will quickly learn that most home insurance covers defamation lawsuits.  All the attorney needs to do is check if the teens Daddy owns a home and then he/she will take the case on commission.  The lawsuits will all be WON for the rapists, not the rape victims!  The disgusting speech of the rapist is protected while the speech of the rape victim is not.  The rape victim will be silenced FOREVER and will owe their rapist millions for the rest of their life, becoming a virtual slave to them forever.  This could cause them to become depressed enough to commit suicide.

3)  Rich men can easily rape poor women and get away with it as long as the women can’t prove the rape.  As long as the man can pay to sue the women if she opens her mouth in public, she will be too terrified to take the chance of speaking his name.  If she can’t prove he raped her in criminal court, every word she says in public will be used against her in a civil court and she won’t be able to afford the $200,000 it will take to defend herself in civil court!  She will become her rapist’s financial slave forever because she will not be able to legally claim bankruptcy and erase the dept.  Suicide might just be around the corner for the woman.

4)  If you don’t show up to court if someone sues you for defamation, just because you made the mistake of naming your rapist on social media, you automatically LOSE and whatever that person sued you for is what you will owe them.  So, if they want millions of dollars from you, you now owe them that amount.  And guess what?  the bankruptcy laws are such that you can’t wipe out the dept because it’s considered MALICIOUS.  So, while giant, criminal companies like GM can kill people, knowing that it made and sold murderous vehicles, raped women can’t name their rapists, lose in court because they are poor and can’t wipe their debts like GM can.  Such is justice in this nation.


That is why I am begging you to help defeat my rapist.  Not just for me.  I could have just given up.  I never had to spend everything I have.  I could have just said, “Fine.  I don’t have the money to finish this race, so I concede from the beginning.”  The reason I didn’t do this was because the principle of the matter warranted a fight from me.  I had to stand up to this.  If I didn’t, too many women would suffer for my laziness.  I had to take this case far enough to get media attention.  And I have.  If you are here now, it’s probably because you heard of my case through the news.  That’s because I have already spent everything I have thus far.  Let me tell you what I’ve spent.  I have spent my and my husband’s entire retirement fund, all our children’s college funds, all the equity in our home and all our savings.  We are now fixing up the house in case we are forced to sell it.  But I pray to God that we don’t have to.  This is the only house my children have ever known.  We have planted birth trees for every child.  They would weep if we had to go.  I am turning to you, my readers, and the general public, who will be hard hit if I lose, to help me win this case.  If I lose, America loses.  Please help by donating to my Go Fund Me site.  OR, you can get something for your money by buying something from my Etsy site.  Both links can be seen in the side bar of this site, at the bottom of the site and at the following links.  Here is the link to my Go Fund Me site.  Here is the link to my Etsy Fibonacci Jewelry site.

Thank you ahead of time for your care and your generosity,  Susan Shannon


  1. Susan, I fully understand the financial need and the consequences of a politicized outcome. I will personally donate to help meet the temporal need. Of greater importance is the spiritual need. As you are well aware, our battle is not against flesh and blood… Every warrior needs armor bearers. As a warrior, do you have trusted, faithful believers who will stand with you and battle in the gap against the forces of evil that have come against you and unfortunately will continue to until TOTAL victory has been won. I’m not talking about all those who you have connected with via your blog, but those God himself has called to stand with you. I pray that what I have shared resonates with you sister, and always remember He has already overcome the world and the god of this world. Blessings and shalom. John

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    • I do. But not many. I have a few in my life who will stand by me to the end. That is enough. I am blessed to have these few. My readers are a great help but I know I need people near me. My husband, my father and my step mother are the ones closest to me. I know what you mean that this is a battle of the Spirit. I can’t put faith in myself or in other people. This battle belongs to God. I must put all my faith in him. Susan

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