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A GREAT Video Mocking Social Justice- “Modern Educayshun”

modern Educayshun

“Modern Educayshun,” a short film by Neel Kolhatkar

I always find it amusing when ‘adults’ of society try to cling to their rebellious youth.   They say and do things that elicit agonies of humiliation from their own teens and mockery from those that don’t belong to them.  You know it’s bad when college kids start to mock them- especially when the adults are trying so desperately to act just like them! It used to be grey haired, pony tailed men in Birkenstocks. Now, it’s aging homosexuals, violent lesbians and desperate politicians losing ground in a failing economy. What we have are 50-year-old ‘rebels’ trying to shove ‘social engineering’ down our collective throats. You know, the idea where even mentioning a person’s race is racism (as if we should all be ashamed of our race), even mentioning our sex is sexism (as if we should be ashamed of our sex), the idea that who you are sleeping with earns you special privileges and that no child should ever be made to feel ‘like a loser’ (and thus, no child can ever be made to feel like a winner, either). My teenage children tell me that in their high-school, the kids openly mock each other’s race for sheer fun (including non-whites mocking the ‘crackers.’) They do it to rebel against the ‘adult’ obsession over race. They are just sick to death of the adult nagging about race.   And yet, all their relationships are harmoniously mixed.  When my children mention a new friend to me, they never mention their race.  Interesting, no?  When I meet them, I am always surprised to find they are Indian or Black or Chinese in racial background.  That would not happen with my generation, would it?  We would always mention race to each other.  I don’t know why.  But we would feel it was relevant somehow.  They have great race relations, it appears, because they DO mention race freely and love to tease each other about it. (hmmmm, might the babes just have a better answer, I wonder?) Here is a wonderful,  short video made by Australian college students mocking the so-called ‘adults’ of society and their ‘rebellious’ social engineering attempts.  Thank God for children and for their fresh thinking.  Let the old die away…as Jesus said, ‘new wine needs new wine-skins…’


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