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It Takes More Than A Day to Celebrate Christmas- It Takes a SEASON!

Let "Merry Christmas" be your best 2015 witness yet! Squeeze it in whenever, however and in as many conversations and greetings and partings as you can! Jesus' birth deserves a whole SEASON to celebrate! Let it begin now!

Let “Merry Christmas” be your best 2015 witness yet! Squeeze it in whenever, however and in as many conversations and greetings and partings as you can! Jesus’ birth deserves a whole SEASON to celebrate! Let it begin now!

Merry Christmas! It takes a whole season to worship and glorify our Lord’s birth. One measly day just isn’t enough. For me, it begins now and I will be sad when it ends on Jan. 1. I hope the entire world can feel the rumblings of the Holy Spirit as it moves mightily upon the earth because our Lord, Jesus Christ is returning very soon. Who else can see the buds on the tree ripening? Rather than be afraid, rejoice! There should be no fear for those who love Jesus. We are Children of God and he has promised us every good thing. We are protected by God of the Universe’s hand from his wrath.  This is his biblical promise- trust in it.  He protects us just as we would protect our own children.

As I grow each day and each year and each season of my life, I grow more joyful and confident to approach God’s throne. And why? Because he’s my Father, my very Dad (“Abba”)! lol. His love for me is profound and real and tangible. I don’t even fear this lawsuit being unjustly brought against me. I don’t even fear losing. I don’t even care if I win or lose in the opinion of mankind. It will be whatever God says it will be. God, in all his providence, has already provided for my family before he brought this disaster upon our home. We already have all we need to make our lives comfortable. We already live frugally and without massive credit problems. In fact, he prepared us ahead of time by telling Cal to get our finances in order a couple of years back. We reorganized and paid off every credit card and went to a cash only system. Our credit is solid.

Now, although we have spent all our savings, we already have the essentials- we have our home & all the ‘things’ we need.  The kids won’t have the nicest clothes, shoes, etc, in the future, it’s true. But really, who cares?  And all of them are uniquely talented to work to get these things for themselves. God prepared my oldest with swimming expertise. She is already working as a lifeguard and makes an excellent salary doing that- at only 16. My second is an expert on the clarinet- she will have no problem making quite a nice salary giving lessons.  Both girls are ok with spending their money on their clothes.  My littlest one is the only one left to provide for in terms of clothing and shoes- and he really doesn’t give a hoot what he wears! If I bought used stuff for him, I don’t think he would even notice- and when he does notice, he will also give music lessons (as he is also a musical virtuoso). So, you see, God has enabled my family to care for itself.   And best of all, he called all my children at a young age to be obedient to him.  None of them are angry at me, resentful of the loss of money for their education.  All of them joyfully accept this situation because it is a fight for justice.  All are proud of me, their mother and of their father for fighting for what is right and good.

God is awesome!  He has foresight!  He is always preparing the way for his Children.  We never knew that our children would become poverty stricken in this way- but the Lord has provided through preparation and talent beforehand.  That, my friends, is our God.

My only hurt is that we lost their college money. Spending over $100,000 would have paid for at least 2.5 kids’ education. It hurts that they will now struggle to pay for college- more than the average kid. Sadly, my husband makes way too much for them to get loans or special aid. If they were black or hispanic, they could go for free. But because my husband and I took the time to educate ourselves, work very hard, were financially conservative, paid all our bills and have great credit, our children can’t get a dime of financial help.  This suit does put my children in a uniquely difficult situation that way.  I ask that you will pray for them.

I will not get bitter. Instead, I will put my faith in God. I will trust in him. Somehow, someway, he will restore us. He will take care of my children’s education. He will keep their hearts from bitterness and mine too. I will at least try to love my enemy- at least enough to pray for him. I ask your prayers that I can have the strength to continue to do so throughout the next year.  Remember his children especially as they are innocent of whatever he does.  Pray that none of this touches them and that they can grow into good, loving Children of God no matter what.

This is the Christmas season! Let Jesus’ name be Glorified by saying Merry “CHRIST”mas as many times and in as many ways as you can! See if you can’t squeeze it into as many conversations and blessings as you can this year! Let 2015 be your best witness season ever! Remember my family (and even Rigg this year too! God bless you through this season. Sincerely, Susan & Cal Shannon-Bouma!

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