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Merry Christmas to Everyone- Especially to Those Who Are Lonely

Even if you are lonely, remember who you ARE!

Even if you are lonely, remember who you ARE!

Merry Christmas Everyone. What a lovely day to be alive. And for all of you who are lonely, Merry Christmas to you too. God sent Jesus to save us all from despair- for we all despair, no matter what stage of life we are currently in. Didn’t Jesus say, “You do not know how wretched you are!” to those who were singing and dancing at the time? Those without Christ were facing a terrible death and didn’t even know it! You who know Christ but still suffer for whatever reason this Christmas, remember that you are saved! Have that joy which comes from the true knowledge of who you really are!

God made this entire universe just to be your cradle. You are his baby. You are literally a Child of God. Jesus raised you up from mere humanity and called you his timeless brother and sister just as God raised up Christ and called him, ‘God’. (Hebrews 1) We have all been glorified by God’s great gifts of love and forgiveness and grace. Even if you suffer by being alone today, I want you to grab onto this joy that is for everyone: Jesus was born this day to save you and me and everyone who will take God’s great gift of everlasting life. You will live forever- but not in suffering and isolation as you are now- but in intimate, glad and warm friendship and family with everyone in heaven who will know you to the bottom of your soul.   Be glad of that knowledge.  No one can take this from you.

You will never be alone again- people will know you, really know you- and they will cherish you for who you are, deep down inside. They will not seek to change you, they will delight in the ‘you-ness’ of you. You will have a lifetime, a million lifetimes to minutely explore every aspect of the universe- from learning whatever instrument you please to evalutating how God set the very particles in motion. You will never feel rushed or harried again- you can tarry by a streamside with your love and never worry that some terror is awaiting around the corner, ready to snatch it all away- no, the peace with be real. You can truly breath a long, long breath and not hurry- there will be no rush to make money, to head off disaster or to protect your little ones or your home- no thief is coming, death is not waiting, there are no predators. God’s great light is shining upon your head in approval all the day long because you always do what pleases him- and you know it. Heaven is not paved with gold because that would be ugly. It is a lovely wooded garden full of flowers and plants and water and light and soft furry creatures that please every eye. People talk, laugh and share things with such interest and passion and we can see Jesus walking by everyday! We can touch him, embrace him and love him as often as we please and he will know us intimately and will call us by our name! He will know whatever we are doing at the moment, every interest we have, whatever project we are working on, or whatever we are endeavoring to do. There will be time for everything we wish.

Every suffering that we suffer now will be completely forgotten because it happened in so brief a time, so very long ago! When we have lived a trillion years, we will forget that 10 years of loneliness- it was less than a microscopic pinprick in the timeline of our lives. Don’t you see? We were never meant to die! This earthly life in not our true life. Those who fail to grab onto Jesus literally fail to be born at all. Our earthly birth is not our true birth. It is only step one of our true birth. We have a Second, most important birth- the rebirth into Christ! We must, must, must become born into being Children of God or we fail to be born at all. God has set up an environment for this second birth to take place. It is an exceptionally challenging birth environment that only the most hearty can survive. Only those who will listen, humble themselves and obey  God will do all that it takes to accept the great gift of Christ from God. All else will fail to become born again- spiritually into their true lives. They die as they are: half born as physical men and women.

But not you! So, no matter where you are today. Consider these things. Consider the heaven into which you have already been born! Knowing these things, knowing the shortness of your sufferings, be glad! There is a definitive end point! Use the rest of your life here on this earth to help others find Christ to join you in Heaven. Be of use to your Father in Heaven. Be of use to those around you. Why else do you linger here once you have been born again? Obey Jesus’ final Great Commission to every one of us: Go out into the world and open your mouth and tell the Good News of Salvation to everyone you know. Not only will you be pleasing your Father in Heaven, but you will also feel less lonely- I promise.  Oh, the irony.

Christmas. This is the day when God sent his Son to save you and me from death. Actually, if you think about it, this is actually the day that God fulfilled his plan to create his Children. God didn’t make a mistake with Adam & Eve. He knew what they would do- that apple tree wasn’t there for no reason. He knew they would bite that apple. Oh, and satan was allowed in that garden. He, too, is not a mistake. God doesn’t make mistakes.  Whoever said that Satan rebelled against God and that there is this great war against God is lying- there is no biblical proof of that.  Jesus said, “Satan was a liar from the beginning.”  He was created that way- all part of God’s plan.   God knew satan would talk Eve into biting that apple. God knew that Man would sin. All part of the Great Plan of creating his Children. God’s Children needed two births. One physical birth, One Spiritual Birth. The second birth is one of faith. One of trial, One of fire, One of difficulty, One of Choice.  The second birth couldn’t happen without satan.  Thus, satan is just God’s tool, no more, no less.  Never think that satan is at war with God- there is no war- God is in full control.  He is simply necessary for God’s Children to complete phase II of their coming of Age.  Without evil, there is no great Choice.  And we must know evil to choose AGAINST it.   Remember Genesis?

God wants our Love, our Commitment, our Total Dedication, our Everything. And in return, he will give us all of Himself.  He is the husband and we are his bride. This is the Great Marriage to which the Bible refers over and over again.  And for this, he sent his Son with his great gift of Redemption. Today, Christmas Day, the Way that God would bring his Children back to himself, but not the same as when they left, no! Not the same, for when they return, they will not be disobedient and rebellious Adam & Eve- they will be reborn through faith, humility, love, wisdom and everything beautiful that his Son taught them. They will have grown up into Children of God, new spiritual Beings, ready to live forever with God in his heavenly Kingdom for ever and ever, Amen!


  1. hi rebel,

    Do not post this. I just wanted to share my concern about the coming

    catastrophe within the next few months. This catastrophe will be both

    natural and political. Things especially don’t look good for those who

    live in the US. What I would recommend is at least to stock up on

    imperishable foods and supplies now, since things may get pretty nasty.

    Warning others is also a good idea. If I am wrong no harm is caused by

    being prepared, but I might be right. I can not say for sure to what

    extent the earth would be effected but it seems that earth is going to be

    hit quite soon by a tail of a large planet(s) as predicted in scripture.

    In such times I recommend placing a large cross on the outside wall of the

    house near the entry, and to pray.

    Here are some recent sightings of this planet (out of 1000’s of
    {I deleted all the fake links- short little rebel}

    NASA refuses real comment on this matter, and so does our “friend” the

    pope, although he even has his own astronomical observatory with a

    powerful telescope (guess why he needed one). Governments are covering up

    this matter for as long as they can. That’s when people can only rely on

    each other and on God.

    • Sava, your comment had been cleared as a blacklisted website address by WordPress. I truly wonder why someone from Zvenigorod, Russia, living in a little apartment like that would be interested in bothering someone like me, living all the way around the world. Do you think you are anonymous? You aren’t. You are easy to find by your IP address. I can see your apartment right now on Google Earth. If I really wanted, I could find your exact address and then your name. Would you like that? People who write garbage like this enjoy making people go to websites that are full of viruses or other nonsense. Why? Don’t you have anything better to do with yourself? Now, be a good boy and leave people alone.

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