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Something Better than Money…

Stephanie1Today, I was mailing a package and saw a homeless woman sitting outside the door of the Post Office. In years past, before I became obedient to the Lord, homeless people made me so uncomfortable. I just didn’t know what to do with them. I gave them money but would scurry away as quickly as possible. But as I mature in my relationship with Jesus and God and as I read more and more of the Bible, I feel myself changing. As I walked up to this woman, I knew that I had no money- not even a quarter. In years past, that alone would have embarrassed me so much that I would refuse to even ‘see’ the homeless person in front of me. I couldn’t bear to say, “I have no money,” and think they would think I was lying or something.

But, now, I don’t feel the same. These aren’t strangers or aliens. They are people. We have to remember that. People with problems. I feel and felt differently today as I walked up to her. I felt easy, as if I was approaching a friend. I paused and looked at her and said, “I’m sorry. If I had money, I would give it to you. If you are here next time, I will.” She smiled and said it was ok. I noted that she was cold. She had her hood pull over her head, she was sitting on concrete with a very little blanket on her knees (which were scrunched into her chest.) It’s not really pity that I felt as I walked away.

What I felt was the Holy Spirit stirring in me to stop. He planted the story of Peter talking to the beggar at the gate of Jerusalem. Remember when the beggar asked for money and Peter said, “Money I do not have, but what I have, I will give you freely. Stand up and walk!” What we have is better than money. We have faith in Jesus. We have hope of better days. We have a loving Father in Heaven who sees us no matter where we are crouching. We have a knowledge that this miserable life is short compared to the life of joy awaiting us. We have victory over evil already in our hands because, my Friends! , we have Jesus who is returning to this earth to end all evil, to make all things just, to end all hunger and to restore all that is broken.

I couldn’t rescue that woman. But I could sit awhile with her. And I could ask after her a bit. Never doubt the Holy Spirit when he speaks to you. I have walked by many homeless people and not felt compelled to stop. But today, God said, “Stop.” You know you’ve felt this before but thought it was guilt or uneasiness. It’s NOT! It’s the Holy Spirit telling you to do something. Right there, right then. The more you obey this Voice, the more you will understand what God wants from you. And, the more you will hear the voice of God- which, I’m telling you, is the most joy any human being could ever ask for.

I asked if she would like me to pray with her and she said,”That would be so… awesome.”

So… I did. I asked God to not be silent to her. I asked God to speak to her and let her know that she is not forgotten by him. I asked God to keep her strong and to give her hope that He would indeed deliver her. I prayed also that God would remove whatever obstacles that were keeping her from success, be they enemies, lack of job, money or addiction. I spoke to her and told her about how I was once in her shoes. But Christ delivered me. I felt rich in comparison to her and wished I could shed my blessings onto her. I still pray so.
My daughter was waiting in the car all this time so I asked if she was hungry.  She preferred tacos to hamburgers.

As I was finishing my discussion and about to leave, a man aggressively walked up to us and said, “What’s going on, Babe?” His eyes shifted quickly between her and me.

I smiled at him and told him what I was doing and asked if he would like something from Taco Time too. He lied to me and said, “We’re leaving this spot. We’re trying to get some cash, ya know? We’re going to another spot, so.. you know, thanks and all but…”

I got the hint and began to leave, but I could sense that he dominated her and just wanted me to leave. My heart boiled over that she was hungry, had asked for two tacos and this man didn’t even care! He just wanted her to sit for him, alone, to collect money for him. His entire demeanor was aggressive and possessive.

Waffling at first, I determined to myself to buy those tacos! I drove to Taco Time and bought enough for both of them, lest he punish her. I drove back to the Post Office and sure enough, there she was again- sitting alone in the cold. I was so happy to see another woman talking to her in compassion! Praise God!

“Ha!” I thought. “You thought you could scare me away, but that girl is eating today!”

I jumped out of my van and whispered in her ear,
“I knew you would still be here. He just wanted me to leave, didn’t he?”

She smiled and said, “Yeah.”

I told her, “There’s enough for you both.” And I touched her cheek and left.

There is sadness and evil in the lives of people out there. I can’t help but say that it seems to be worse for women. I’m not here to bludgeon men. I love men- they are God’s beloved children too. And there are many beautiful, God loving men in the world. But.. let’s face it. So many men are cruel to women. Can we all pray for my friend today? Can we pray that this man won’t be cruel to her? Especially because I stayed and prayed with her? I would appreciate that.

Sisters and Brothers, let us obey Jesus and his commands. We have something much better than money. We have Jesus. In him is HOPE. We can tell those who are suffering that this life will pass and all the sufferings with it but there is a promise of so much more for them and for us. We can’t fix everything for people. Impossible. But let us do the little things when we can. Most of all, stop feeling so uncomfortable. Use your discernment. LISTEN to the Holy Spirit. In this way, we grow the Kingdom of Heaven. This story is just one more mustard seed. I pray to God to water it and place it in good soil. Amen.


  1. I had a recent encounter with a young woman who’s check wouldn’t clear at the grocery store. She was tearing up and I felt The Spirit telling me to buy her groceries so I did. When I was leaving the parking lot I saw her with her car hood open and pouring water into the radiator. She was crying so I stopped and spoke with her. She was trying to make it on her own and was having a very hard time. I spoke words of encouragement and told her I would be praying for her. I regret not praying for her right there. She was very thankful and assured me her car was ok. Listen to that Voice. God gets the Glory. We get the blessings. There is no doubt that was a Divine meeting that I will never know the reason this side of eternity.

  2. Susan, I’m a long time reader of your blog. I agree with some of your thoughts and disagree with many. Nevertheless I regularly stop by to read your blog. I’ve witnessed you become more “mellow” and understanding and not just black and white and condemning others points of view as you were years ago. But most importantly, all of your intentions are pure and good. You are a good person. Thanks for stopping and caring for the homeless woman. Whatever it promoted. I also wish you strength in your court case. I believe what you are fighting for is right and important.

    • Hi Ub, you are right, I have mellowed since the beginning. I think it has a lot to do with becoming used to being attacked by strangers for telling the truth about Jesus and the Bible. It’s harder to take than most people think. Most people think that whoever is writing an article is somehow not human or is superhuman. But they, I, am not. We are just people who take time out of our day trying to serve Jesus with the skill sets and motivations he gave us. But at the beginning, when I got such a tremendous backlash from the homosexual community for merely telling the truth of the bible, I was overwhelmed by their vicious attacks. And make no mistake about it- it was vicious. These people put my home address, my home phone number, my children’s pictures and names on the internet and encouraged thousands of angry homosexuals to call my home. My little 6 year old son took some of those phone calls. They also created fake FB pages that stole my identity and used my face and my name to go around the internet and say horrible things to homosexual sites that I would never say in a million years- again giving my phone number and inviting them to call me if they wanted to ‘talk’ to me about what “I” had said. Oh, and if you saw the sheer mountain of profanity and death wishes, you would shake in your boots. All of that was very difficult to take for a person who had never felt such hatred in her entire life. I was mentally and spiritually soft. Most women would have simply quit. My husband told me to quit a hundred times when he read what these people said to me. But I was determined to serve Jesus. I knew I made mistakes by becoming angry. But I felt it was better to become angry and persevere then to crumble and quit. What you saw in those years was me trying to persevere under the worst of circumstances and pressure. But as the years have passed, I have become stronger and stronger. Taunts and curse words don’t bother me anymore. They go with the territory. I can see past them without getting bound up by satan. I can see my mission clearly without my love getting lost. It took years but here I am. I am grateful that Jesus had the grace to see me through my imperfections as I struggled through it all. He always knew my heart was to serve him, despite my inability to do it perfectly. He and I both knew that most would have quit long ago. At least I served, right? I had to trust in the SEED of God. His WORD would grow, no matter how bad a sower I was. That was what kept me going. As long as I was still throwing, tossing, cramming, shoving, or dropping the SEED of God, IT is perfect. And the parable of the seed never said that it mattered who the sower was or HOW it was sown. It only mattered that it WAS sown and that it landed in the right soil. That soil is my readers’ hearts. That’s on them.

      As I age, I have also left most of politics. That’s also why most of the hateful people that used to plague my sites have left me alone. That’s why I appear to have mellowed. I don’t have to fight them anymore. Not by my design or will. Not because I wanted peace. Thank God that it is not from cowardice that this is so. I left the political world because I believe Americans have lost the fight. They lost it when we lost the freedom of the internet. It was the absolute last straw in the battle. There is now absolutely no way to retrieve a free government. The dye is cast. Because I believe this, I can’t and won’t worry about elections or politics anymore. I concentrate on cultural issues that impact the Christian church. I care about whether people get the Word of God. And I suppose that the haters think I am no longer a threat to them. So, they don’t waste their time on my page anymore. And I don’t need to fight. Thus, I appear more loving, kind and mellow! lol.

      So, in the end, because the haters are gone, no one is calling me names or attacking my family and I am ABLE to be more loving and understanding. Also, I’d like to believe I can handle things better. I’d like to believe I have actually grown in the Lord. All in all, I am enjoying this turn of events. I will follow wherever the Lord leads me, Ub. If he sends me back into battle, back into the battle I will go. I love this peaceful season and I’m glad you are enjoying it too.

  3. Thank you for sharing Susan. This brought tears to my eyes. I immediately stopped and prayed. God will answer. I have also had to come out of my comfort zone and as hard as it is, it is so good to obey the prompting of the Holy Spirit. We most likely will never know the outcome in this life, but it is so important to do this. The time truly is short. May we see an abundant harvest for Jesus.

  4. Reb… blessed story. I would call what you experienced a Damascus Road Experience. I had an almost identical experience on a busy street in NYC… walked right on by the first time, and heard clearly, “you wanted to be used, here’s your opportunity!” I was obedient, as you were and came to realize ever so clearly, ministry often takes place in the “mess” of life, not within the confines of our churches on a scheduled basis. Thanks for your transparency… shalom

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