Our Solar System Points to God

Solar system planets

Is there any Christian who can be surprised that our solar system is unique in the galaxy? That ours, alone, is conducive to Life as we know it? It truly amazes me how mathematically and logically blind some so-called scientists are. The very ones who claim to extol the virtues of ‘hard science’ can’t embrace the logic that stares at them everyday. If LIFE were an automatic, Natural process as they say is, it would ‘happen’ all the time, everywhere. It would not be unique, it would not be hard to find, it would not be confined to water based planets, it would not be confined to our atmosphere or our planet. It would simply ‘happen’ on all planets, under every circumstance, everywhere. That is the very definition of all Natural Law: ie: it happens all the time, everywhere.

The Fire Island Light house near the western end of Fire Island at night with a bright Milky Way overhead.

If this were not so, it would not be a Natural Law. Gravity is Gravity- it works the same here as it does across the galaxy. If scientists ever find that gravity doesn’t work the same everywhere, all the time, they will change the meaning of gravity. They would debunk gravity as a natural law. If entropy changes elsewhere in the universe, they would debunk entropy as a Natural Law. If light ceased to travel at the speed of light, they would change that ‘law’ of nature too. The nature of Laws of Nature is that they are consistent no matter where you are in the universe. In essence, scientists are looking for the fundamental truths of our existence.

jupiter and moon
Jupiter with one moon

Thus, if evolution- or the idea that life just ‘happens’ from the primordial ooze, is Natural, then every planet would be seething with its own version of Life. It would be Life that could live on that planet. Who made the rule that Life had to be adjusted to H2O, Carbon and Hydrogen? Why not the gases on Saturn? Why not the heat on Mercury? or the cold on Venus? After all, even here on earth, we find life in the most amazing places where toxic chemicals, astounding heat or extreme cold would kill most other life forms. Life on earth appears to ‘just happen’ according to the environment it finds itself in. It doesn’t appear to be very picky about that- it is a powerful force.

Why not life on Saturn?

After all, most of the scientists who tout evolution don’t believe in God or a higher power so why do they insist that some power or rule exists that Life must be H2O based? Says who? No, a series of chemical elements can randomly come together just as they proposed happened on earth and will eventually lead to Life anywhere and under any circumstances. The universe has certainly had billions of years to do so! That is evolution and in their minds, that is the Natural Law they propose. Thus, Life should abound everywhere, just as light does.


There should be Life on Mars…

The very fact that it only exists on one planet should absolutely astound every scientist who claims there is no God and that evolution is a Natural Law.  Their own logic demands it!  This should bother them from morning till night. It should embarrass them from meeting to meeting. And yet, they don’t see the incredible fallacy. It astounds me.

It’s mathematically impossible that Life only exists on earth.  This makes it mathematically more probable that there is  God than that  it all ‘just happened.’

In fact, by their own estimation, it is mathematically more probable, by far, that God exists than to believe that Life only ‘happened’ on one planet.

In any case, as I always say: any scientist who fails to find God at the end of his studies is not very smart. Even Einstein found him there and he really, really didn’t want to. I admire his honesty. He began his scientific studies trying to deny God’s existence.  He even began his theory of relativity on the idea that God didn’t exist but eventually had to change it because he had to conclude that the universe had a beginning.  With that, he came to the conclusion that there must be God.  He didn’t want God to exist but in the end, couldn’t deny him. Anyone with any intelligence must conclude, scientifically, mathematically, and in every other way, that God exists.  The evidence is overwhelming.

Most people aren’t smarter than Einstein.  If the evidence convinced him, a rebellious Jewish intellect, I would say the evidence is very strong.  At the end of his life, Einstein is recorded as saying that he believed in both God and Jesus.  God is the intellectual, scientific conclusion of every human search.

Life is purposefully created and driven and designed.  This is obvious to children.  We lose the ability to see this once we become adults because we are stupid enough to think we are smart and know something.  Some of us adults attain wisdom and being to think as children again.  That’s when the obvious becomes the truth once more.



  1. I find this interesting as a post. Many questions. Many answers. Yet even more questions. I see many words used throughout without too much explanation. Its a lot going on and im not sure where to start. But what i can deduce from this is that because many of these questions cant be answered[yet(to you mostly)] god is the reason they happen. So what then is god.
    Also none of this is to be offensive.

    • That is simple. God is God. He said, “I AM.” I love that answer. He said, “Tell them, I Am.” That’s the only answer our 3D minds can handle. If we live in 3D and God is, at the very minimum, 4D, then how can God use 3D terminology to define himself to us? That is exactly like using a mind experiment like this: imagine a point without any 3D dimension. It lives on a 2D plane. All it can do is move laterally or up and down the plane. That is all it knows: east, west, north and south. It can stretch it’s mind to understand lines and maybe even circles and complex ideas like parallelograms. Wow! Some of it’s scientists have even speculated on things like curves and the areas beneath them! Exciting times! But something bothers this point. It bothers him very much. All he knows seems limited. There must be more to his world than he sees. But he can’t define it. He just senses it. Other points also sense it. How to say it? This, this undefinable… feeling? How can these points say, “above and below?’ How can they say, ‘volume and 3D space?’ They can’t. They literally lack the vocabulary. And if you, a Being outside their reality, even if you could make them hear you, how would you describe yourself? How would you tell them that you were outside their plane of existence? What does ‘outside your ‘plane’ of existence mean to them? would they even understand what a ‘plane’ was if a ‘plane’ is everything to them? To answer the question, what is God?, especially if you are already making the assumption that God is real, is a non-answerable question. All that God CAN say is, “I AM.” and all that we can do is accept that “HE IS.” We either believe the evidence before us or we don’t. But we are locked into our 3D world and God is not. Because he is the creator of our reality, he is, by definition, outside of it. He is not bound by Time, space or dimension because he created those too. So, (shrug), IF we believe in him, we must, logically, also accept the ‘I AM’ descriptor. It’s all that we can have for now- until his promises change in our physical anatomy comes. And that is why I find God and our entire story of evolution in the Bible so convincing. We CAN’T remain in this physical state to be with our God. No, we must be transformed into HIS state to be with him as a timeless being. They wouldn’t have considered these things thousands of years ago- be modern man can. Yet, it was included in the story thousands of years ago- this changing of our bodies. Notice how Jesus’ resurrected body was different- he was bright and shining. He could disappear and appear. He could go through objects like closed doors. His very matter had changed nature!!! So, so convincing to MY scientific mind. It is EXACTLY what MUST happen if we are to leave a 3D world and live outside of it. I am so saddened that so-called great minds of science are so distracted by their emotions that they fail to see the completely exciting aspect of the Bible. SO. Exciting about Human Evolution. Ah, well. I do hope you can see the absolute logic and reason of my statements. Don’t let these so-called scientists suck you in. It is THEY who are letting their emotions get the best of them, not thinkers like me.

  2. Actually, everything is connected. It is said science can’t explain everything but this needs revision, “Science can’t explain everything YET”.

    In his last days renowned scientist Albert was working towards finding a unified equation, he couldn’t succeed but he was close. We had Srinivas Ramanujam who said, “Everything is already there and we don’t invent, we just discover” but unfortunately Ramanujan didn’t live long and died at a young age of 34.

    Coming to the science, we have an equation, E=mc2= constant, Now thinking of everything you can plug in everything you can think of, there is an equilibrium and whenever the equilibrium is disturbed events transpire to restore that equilibrium.

    Basically, anything & everything is interconnected, we just now how YET.

    • Oh, I fully agree with that. I love science and agree with the man you quoted. Everything IS linked. We, human beings, only break knowledge into subject matters because there is no other way we can perceive the whole. We are incapable of approaching ALL any other way. But it is a flawed way. Art is not separate from science in any way. Nor is literature separated from anatomy or biology. It is all together- or, altogether. I understood this when I was in highschool and they were trying to determine what ‘kind’ of student I was. Don’t you remember the tests they used to give when determining if students were ‘math/science’ or ‘art/literature’? They were sure (perhaps they still are) that human brains were separated in this manner. But I scored off the charts for both. That’s because I could see the manipulation in the questions when I took the test and refused to be pigeon holed! I love ALL knowledge! I refuse to believe that people are broken down in this fashion. This is the reason I am so critical of atheists. They always have the worst thinking to me. I am not critical because I am blinded by ‘religion’. I am critical for the simple fact that it is most logical to believe that there is a supreme being that created ALL than it is to believe that ALL happened by a series of accidents. There is NOTHING, absolutely nothing, in human experience or in observed scientific experiments anywhere, that would support that thesis. Mistakes or explosions or time- always lead to chaos and brokenness- it NEVER leads to order. So, the hypothesis is ridiculous. Ditto for the Big Bang. And the idea that matter created itself is also ridiculous. Then, these theories called string theory and what not- again, such b.s. (excuse me) but who do they think they are talking to? idiots? What I’m saying is that God is simply more believable considering what we have EXPERIENCED and what we have seen. Jesus LIVED and did miracles. The Bible stands as a testament to the truth of so many prophecies that have come true. If these scientists want an experiment that tested reality, then they got one in these prophecies. these things were predicted hundreds, if not thousands of years before they happened. And they happened exactly as predicted. They continue to do so. That, my friend, is outrageous proof considering we are talking about the movement of HUGE geopolitical forces that no one could ever have imagined back then (ie, the re-formation of the nation of Israel, the Holocaust, the Babylonian invasion of Israel, the Assyrian invasion of Israel, the Persian king Cyrus allowing the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem, that the new Israel would stand at the center of all world politics once reformed, etc) How can so-called neutral, truth seeking scientists simply ignore such amazing data such as that? I can’t. I stand amazed. I left God in college. Not because I hated him- but because I saw the EVIDENCE of so many cultures and people who believed in other religions and gods. I saw the EVIDENCE of the strong, undeniable connection of religion being connected directly to the location of birthplace. I was Christian simply because I was raised by American parents. Wow. Is my faith real? Or just indoctrination? I couldn’t STAND that. I didn’t want to be a mere product of my upbringing. So, I left God and Jesus. I prayed my last prayer to God, “Lord, forgive me. But if you are real, I will find you again through fact. If you really are the God of all Creation and if Jesus is the Only way back to you, then all evidence will point back to you. But if you are not God, then all these other gods will prove true or all gods will prove false. But I have to know. I’d rather know that there is no God or gods and that life is nothing than to be falsely led and disappointed later. If you are God, then I know you understand and would only want people who truly believe in you and are not afraid of my investigation. You know I will find you.”

      And I began a journey of discovery. I searched other religions. I read their philosophies, including the atheist, humanist approach to life. All I discovered was how utterly ridiculous their ideas were. If believing in Christ is ridiculous, then these other ideas were even more ludicrous. I couldn’t believe just how illogical these other ideas were to a thinking mind! All I could say was, “are you serious? THIS is the replacement for what I used to think? THIS is what is supposed to replace what I used to think? How empty! How nonsensical! How can THIS fill me? How can THIS make any more sense?” It didn’t touch me. In any way. Other religions were like cartoons in comparison to the sophistication of Christ and the Bible. And atheistic worship of science just made me laugh. Science is nothing more than the uncovery of what IS. How is that something to worship? How does that give any hope to the future of life? It is always one step behind life. It is never quite good enough because people are still suffering and dying. It can’t keep up with us or reality. It is not a god. It is just a process, of course. AND, by its very nature, it is always wrong. Any good scientist should know this. We are always wrong about what IS. That is how complex reality and the world around us IS. Our minds haven’t even scratched the surface of what IS. Any person who considers themselves to be a thinking person and also says that we are close to knowing ALL is just… well, puffed up in pride. We. know. nothing. Nothing. And the best scientists are humble ones. We must laugh at ourselves and approach science with humor and joy. We are uncovering what the Master has done. That’s what I know. We created life in a test tube. By every logic, we can thus be the life in Someone’s testtube. It only stands to reason. If you are a thinking man, you must acknowledge the logic. God CAN exist in all the possibilities. And if so, at this point, he is the most logical possibility. THAT is my point. Until other possibilities become known, that is where I will continue to hang my hat, thank you. You can hang yours elsewhere, but I’ll be my horse wins the race.

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