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Feeling Helpless These Days? REJOICE!!

helpless2I was just praying for healing over a friend and was contemplating how even our cells must fall under the power of the name of Christ. Jesus was not a liar. All his promises are true. He told us that we could do all he could do- and more- because of the Holy Spirit he was sending us. Everything must obey the name of Jesus. Everything. And then it occurred to me that the entire world must also come into order upon the command of Christ. In fact, the entire world is already coming into order according to the commands of God. It is spinning and moving exactly according to God’s plan from the very beginning. I suddenly realized that this is truly something to rejoice about- even with all the chaos and evil, we should rejoice because everything is under God’s commands! A great light shimmered through the darkness of my mind for a wonderful moment.

For just the briefest second, I felt I could see heaven and all its purpose; I had no fear at all. I understood that everything is as it should be. Even all the evil in the world is as it should be. This crazy campaign season, the likelihood of Hillary being the next president, the likelihood of losing America as a sovereign nation, the insanity of Syria and the Middle East, Israel’s likelihood of getting involved somehow and retaking the Golan Heights and the Gaza Strip, Russia and China somehow looming darkly in their corner of the world… somehow it all laid down like a map on a table and made sense. It is all meant to be- it is all under the command of Jesus Christ.

I suddenly lost all fear and anxiety and came to understand that our job as Christians is not to fight this map. It is to help those who are innocent within it. It is to help those who are being injured in it. So many children are suffering. So many old people are cold and frightened. So many people are dying without knowing the hope of what they were born for- to become Children of the Living God! Our job is to give them all these things! We are too small to change the events of our time. We must always work our hardest to achieve the best world possible, of course, but if we lose, as appears to be happening now, it is ok.  We have to know that it must be according to God’s plan.  Nothing happens in this world without his permission.  Of that, we can be very sure.  Once we can see that, we should be restful, not defeated.

We all know that this world must get worse before the Lord returns and his return is where all our hope lies!   And we can share the hope and promise of eternal, joyful life through Christ, one soul at a time.  We can feed, clothe and comfort the world one person at a time.  The Lord, in his intelligence and wisdom, has sprinkled us like leavening throughout the world so that we can do this very efficiently. This is what we can do.

All the hand wringing in the world helps no one. No man can help us. Trump can’t help us. Even if he was a worthy candidate, everyone can see that the corrupt news organizations are campaigning hard against him. As I told you from the beginning, the election is fixed. Hillary will win.  The Progressives don’t even hide themselves anymore; they’ve become quite brazen in their cheating and outright plans to undermine U.S. sovereignty.  Hasn’t Hillary already stated her dream to create an ‘open’ western ‘hemisphere’?  Another word for that is the ‘American Union’ (ie, combine North America with South America and get one giant country.)  They have been caught giving Hillary the debate questions ahead of time! They don’t bother reporting on Hillary’s and Obama’s crime of treason and murder at Benghazi, their criminal legislation, their insider trading, the illegal emails, etc, etc, etc. The press is a joke. But it is powerful and even though the American people know it is a joke, they are still influenced by the repetitive accusations. Remember I told you about the propaganda that is now legal (via NDAA 2012)? This is it. It works- even when you know it is happening. That’s just how the human brain works. I’m sure even you have felt its influence. I have.

So. Bottom line: put your faith in God. We are ‘helpless in the face of the Beast.’ Even if the anti-christ has not shown up in person yet, we are still in the end times. All the signs are there. But we should rejoice because all the ancient prophecies are coming true before our eyes. And the whole point of prophecy is to prove that God is God!!  The very fulfillment of these prophecies in our lifetime is a miracle (especially the reformation of Israel in 1947)- we are a blessed generation- this is what the Bible says of us.  So, all these events prove that God is real and in control.  And it is exactly when we are most defeated politically that we should know that Christ is even nearer and thus, our rejoicing should be even greater!  Such is the irony of God.  It should reassure you, not frighten you. According to the same prophecies, the Children of God will be protected by the hand of God. So, be at peace, my friends, and just help out those who are less fortunate than you.

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Accept that we, the ‘saints’ have lost the political battle on earth. This isn’t resignation, defeatism or paranoia. It is a simple statement of fact.  The Bible predicts this and so, it must be.   The enemy has control of everything that matters as far as earthly power is concerned. It is out of our hands. And it’s OK, because we will not loose in the end. We have Someone coming who will win it on his own power, not by our power.  This, too, is predicted.   I don’t mind that one bit. And neither should you. This is all by design, according to the Bible, because God wants the entire world to know that Jesus saves the world, not the power of men. It is all foretold. And it will happen. Just like every other prophecy that has happened thus far.

I pray that the one moment of light I had during my prayer can be conveyed to you through this essay. The extreme beauty and clarity of that moment has been dimmed somewhat for me, perhaps because the heavenly can only be experienced for the briefest of moments, lest we break apart by its glory, but the reasoning behind it remains. And the comfort. I hope you can see it too.


  1. Thanks for this wonderful and uplifting message. How are you doing Susan? Haven’t heard from you for awhile. Hope all is well w/you & yours. Please keep me in your prayers as I am having some problems in my life. MUCH LOVE and GOD BLESS!!! XOXO

    • Hi Hope! I haven’t heard from you either! why is that? Are you off Facebook? I’ve been pretty active there. Not so much here- although recently, I’ve been a little better about posting articles. I went a little dormant due to the trial I am facing. But now that it has wings of its own, I feel more emotionally free to write again. Things have been great on this side. Kids growing and moving along well. Cal and I are better than ever. This trial has actually brought us closer- we didn’t think we could be closer than we were- but we are. In many ways, this trial has turned out to be a blessing in our lives. It has shown us all the things for which to be grateful. It’s funny how bounty and ease can actually steal joy from your life if you aren’t careful. Sometimes stress can make you see things more clearly. God is ironic, isn’t he? But now, to you. I am very saddened to hear that you are hurting, my friend. God can test us- but I want you to remember than within every test is joy- sometimes, great joy.God never leaves us empty handed. He never leaves us powerless or grieving. I don’t mean to say that we should manufacture fake Christian joy. That would be wrong. When this case first came to me and I understood that it was real and that it could injure my family, there were times that I felt real rage, hopelessness and anger. I felt like the world was unfair and horribly upside down. But we must remember who we are- we are Children of the Most High. The one thing I have not felt is fear. If God is behind us, who can stand against us, Hope? Oh, I love your name!! Your mother gave you a great gift in your name! Something to never forget- Hope! When God is with us, we can have hope- and never fear. I believe that with all my heart, sister. God is not a liar. He tells the truth all the time. All his promises are true! We can do all things through the name of Jesus, his only begotten, divine and holy Son. His name holds all power- even the gates of hell must bow down and obey our words- just because our words contain the words, ‘Jesus Christ’! Such is the promise of Jesus. Thus, we, as Children of God, have been given great power in this world and we should never cower. We have the power of Christ on our tongues. We can call down the power of heaven with the words, “Jesus Christ” and God, our Father, will honor them, Hope. As long as our hearts are pure and we serve him and him alone, God will honor our call. Why should we fear anything or anyone? Hope, lean on God in your troubles. Call on the name of Jesus and make him King over your problems, over your life. Nothing can stand over Jesus. Nothing. This earth is his footstool. Whatever your problems are, He is Lord over them. Call on Him and then, rest in hope, Hope. Praise God for his promises and rest in them! We aren’t made for fear or anguish. We are made to worship God on high. We are made for real joy- the joy of knowing who is in charge of existence, the joy of knowing who we belong to! Amen? Whatever your troubles are, they are nothing compared to the joy of knowing that God is forever and you are forever with him. That is the good news we have in our hearts. Remember that above all other things, ok? I will pray for you, my love. Susan

  2. Ohmygosh. Thank you so much for this message. I am late reading your post, but this is exactly what I needed to hear today. Thank you for your clarity in this season of chaos and fear.

    • You are most welcome, Sally! What can I say! Praise be to God who gives these little glimpses of heaven, right? He set me to write so many years ago and then, like everyone, gives little insights for me to share with everyone. I can only hope that my meager skills as a writer can convey the beauty of what God shows me! If my article pleased you, then I am very pleased!!

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