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The Three Most Dangerous Pieces of Legislation Passed By Obama

thomSome of the most dangerous executive orders and bills have been passed under President Obama. They IGNORE the Constitution and wipe out the Bill of Rights. And guess what? Most Americans are completely unaware that they exist because they were passed in the middle of the night, hidden inside other boring bills and passed under times of great celebration or great tragedy:

  •  23 executive orders after Sandy Hook

that allow 2 people (Attorney General and the President) to create ‘categories’ of people and new laws per category on how they may be treated under emergency situations, despite what the Bill of Rights might say. This completely overturns the Bill of Rights during ’emergencies’. These two people can also determine what an ’emergency’ is and when one is happening. One of the worst consequences of these acts is losing the right to see your children again. Your local police are also being provided new hand held devices with YOUR photo and the category to which YOU belong. If an emergency happens, the police may or may not allow you to pick your children up at school- depending on what category you have been labeled with. You have no knowledge of your category. You need not break any laws to be in a ‘dangerous person’ category. You have no recourse to change your category. There is no recourse to get your children back.

  • The CyberSecurity Bill,

hidden as an Amendment in the gigantic omnibus, ‘Consolidated Appropriations Act 2016 ‘ (our nation’s spending bill), passed on April 30, 2015. This bill took all internet privacy away from U.S. citizens. Now, all the data needed for the ‘categories’ in the 23 Executive Orders can be easily obtained by the President and the Defense Secretary. This information includes your religion, birthdate, medical records (which Obamacare forced every provider to put online by 2014), gun ownership, political party, internet postings, phone calls, emails, children’s name, location- all real time, etc.  This bill allows the government to take over companies who fail to comply.  This bill allows the US government to control all US servers (think Microsoft, IBM, Dell, etc) around the world and the data flowing through them.  The US government can now read all data flowing through any server around the world and can stop any data it wants.  This amounts to massive spying and secrecy.  This can allow the US government to attack anywhere it wants, including its own cities, without allowing any information about the attack from getting out of that city.  In this way, the U. S. government can take over the United States city by city without anyone else even knowing what is happening.  It can also stop all coordinated rebellion against it by reading all communications against it.  It can round up all rebels and arrest them.  It can keep track of all people who are known opponents and arrest them and then prevent any information about the arrest from going out into society.

  • The NDAA 2012

Bill that has two massive provisions in it. It was passed Dec 31, 2011 (New Years Eve) when everyone was out partying. The government was hoping that no one would notice. But we did notice and screamed. It was struck down by a federal judge, Kathrine B. Forrest , as unconstitutional (I will get to why in a moment.) on Sept 12, 2012. Does that date sound ominus to anyone? It should. That is one day after Benghazi. The lead terrorist in Benghazi was a terrorist that was intentionally, inexplicbly released from Guantanamo by Obama and his team. Obama met with this terrorist. Conveniently, this same terrorist was available to stage a phony attack on Benghazi just when Obama needed to counter Judge Forrest’s permanent injunction against NDAA 2012! Who remembers all the b.s. around why Benghazi happened? The stupid video? The incredible lies? Allowing our security to be stripped down to almost nothing right beforehand? Telling our military to ‘stand down’ when they were close enough to help our ambassador? Allowing four Americans to die for no reason? Well, HERE is the reason, People: NDAA 2012. Here are the two major powers that the president received from that Bill (that completely overturns two critical parts of our Constitution- Posse Comitatus and the Smith-Mundt Act.)

  • The president may now use the entire U.S. military against U.S. citizens on U.S. soil and on foreign soil. He/she need not get permission from anyone else in congress before using the military or any of its weapons ahead of time.
  • The president may now use any kind of propaganda against U.S. citizens and U.S. allies. The president does not need to get permission from anyone in Congress before directing the creation of this propaganda. This propaganda may take any form-  movies, fake news articles, internet lies, fake printed stories, fake magazine stories, t.v. commercials, educational lies, rewritten history for our children, – anything at all.

As you can see, our founding fathers included the Bill of Rights and the Constitution for a reason. Kings have done these things to their people before. They’ve used their soldiers to kick down the doors of the very people who paid the soldiers’ salaries.  They used the press to spread every kind of news and lies they wished in order to make the people do their will.  They decided which kinds of people were ‘good’ and deserving of certain kinds of treatment and which kinds of people were ‘bad’ and deserved other kinds of treatment.

These are all reasons we went to war against England and established our own Democratic Republic.  And yet, we now have a dictator with all the same powers as old Mad King George.  Only Obama is not mad.  He is clever and has not abused his newfound power yet.  First, he quietly attained them.  He is slowly implementing them little by little and like the frogs in the pot, we are being slowly boiled alive.  Soon, we are about to receive a queen who will finish the frog stew and most of the frogs will just die quietly, never knowing what happened to them. Some of us, however, have seen this happening for years now.  And we are trying to tell others, but with the Cybersecurity law now firmly in place, they can stop our data from leaving our homes.What can I say but we should keep trying anyway? Remember, our faith was never in the Founding Fathers; it was always in God, whom they also followed. We are in this state because most Americans have left God and his values. I suppose we deserve it. But perhaps if we, few, sound the alarm, enough of us will stand up to save our great nation.  I believe it’s still worth a try.   Susan


  1. I also wrote an in-depth article titled “President Obama Authorizes Funding for U.S. Propaganda Bill.” In it, I critically analyzed the language of the “2017 National Defense Authorization Act” and the “Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act of 2016.”

    Turns out that we’ll have a new inter-agency called “The Center” before June 2017, which will be responsible for regulating what Americans read and hear on various news and social media outlets. I go into more detail in my blog post.

    Perhaps you or your readers might find it insightful. If y’all do, please share, like, or link to my article so that we can get the word out.

  2. What is your opinion of the election ?? Just remember, we are to Biblically pray for those in authority.” even if one does not agree with them. Da me por favor su opinion de este ellecion ? Recuerdetetu nos oramos por
    estos personas en la autoridad, asi cuando una persona so se los acuerdan.

      • Skimming your “blog” , I’m not surprised . What you fail to mention is that the two on security were just continued approvals of George W Bush’s Patriot Act . Not one thing was new. You have “articles” bashing LBGTQ’s , so can I assume you have no gay friends ?
        You share story after story after story of rape and STILL VOTED FOR TRUMP.
        Sad Republicans, you vote no matter what-knowing he wasn’t a Christian, no respect for women, none for you, or the people .
        You are no “Rebel”. I want you to remember when you try to defend the rights of rape victims you advocad this new nations leader ..all his hate . I know I will .

      • Hi JennifeR, I’m not sure what you mean that two of these pieces of litigation were on Bush’s Patriot Act. And even if they were somehow related, it wouldn’t make me agree with them any more than I do now. I am an Independent and feel that Bush sold us down the river as well. I happen to believe that Bush was as bad as Obama; that he was a Progressive like Obama and worked toward the end of our nation just as Obama so successfully did. So… does that somehow make you feel better about my ‘blog’, as you put it? Now, as to my articles that ‘bash’ LBGTQ’s. I take exception to that. They never ‘bash’ anyone. I have articles that 1) tell the truth about what this crowd is proud of- ie, their gay pride parades. I showed photos that were taken by magazines, newspapers, etc that this community were PROUD to give and show to be published everywhere else. Why not on my blog? why take offense of that? I have articles that tell the truth of what the Bible has to say about marriage- that gay marriage is not valid in God’s eyes. I also tell the truth that homosexual sex is considered to be a grave sin in the Bible. But I don’t ‘bash’ anyone while I am doing so. In fact, I reach out to these people while they are considering this decision in their lives. Because, I don’t believe for one minute they are born this way. And, neither do they, by their own rhetoric. As to having friends who struggle with this kind of sexual lust, why, yes, I do. And they are Christians. We speak openly about it and we pray together and speak of our mutual problems together. Jennifer, do you really think anyone gets off easy in this life? Do you think anyone gets an easy life, one with no cross to bear? Everyone has a cross to bear- but Jesus said, “My yoke is light.” He said that because He died for our sins. That means that HE carries most of our load on his body now. He took them upon himself when he was nailed to the cross. So our yoke is lighter. Also, we can come to Jesus for strength and for wisdom and for forgiveness over and over again- he is a well that never runs dry. So, our yoke is light. ‘LBGTQ’, you say? Why not create an iron wrought prison and put all your suffering friends in it and throw the keys into the deepest sea? Why don’t you throw their prison after the keys into the deepest sea also? You label them as if they must remain in their suffering forever, never to experience the freedom of normalcy in their lives. How many of them have said, “I didn’t ASK to be this way! I SUFFER because I’m like this! I wouldn’t WISH this on my worst enemy!” This group of people kills themselves TWICE as much as any other population. It is twice as depressed. But you and those like you want them to remain in their prison by giving them a label and wanting to celebrate it, wanting to create laws enforcing it. WE know that they are merely suffering from good old fashioned lust. Welcome to the human race. It’s inappropriate and they need to figure it out. It’s that simple. You can call me ‘ignorant’ or ‘uneducated’ all you like. But too many young kids are just experimenting with it now. And the fact that the numbers of kids ‘entering’ homosexuality are rising tells the tale more than anything else can. It is a choice. Or it can be forced on a young mind through sexual abuse or by indoctrination.

        Now, as to Trump and the allegations of sexual misconduct. Now, I can’t talk to my trial because I am hampered by my attorney’s advice. But I can say this: I would choose a sack of potatoes over Hillary. Why? Because Hillary is of the Progressive mindset that this nation must lose its sovereignty to the UN, that every nation must do likewise. This essentially means that every nation must become a mere nation-state to a one world government. That is what her ‘dream’ of the Open Western Society’ is. And guess what? We have just found that Obama, the traitor, was doing just this thing behind the American People’s back and has it all ready. It’s called the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). Look it up. They laughingly say it is about ‘tariffs’ and ‘taxes’ but its about much more than that. It is about combining economies just as the European Union does. It includes 12 world governments including the USA, Mexico, Canada, a few countries in S.America, Japan, Australia, a couple countries in Asia. All that remains is a signature. I have no doubt it would have meant the end of the U.S. dollar and the introduction of a new currency. And it was done IN COMPLETE SECRECY. Had Hillary been elected, it would have become law- BEHIND OUR BACKS. We would have become just like the EU. Is that right? Do you think that’s legal or right? We would lose our Constitution, Bill of Rights and our nation in one fell swoop- THAT’s why I didn’t vote for Hillary. Because THAT is what ‘Progressive’ means. It means ‘people who want to end national sovereignty in favor of a one world government.’ At least Trump doesn’t want to dissolve our nation. So, from a pragmatic standpoint, I need a nation in which to sue rapists and convict them, in which my Constitutional rights exist and in which my legal rights are still my legal rights. Get it? And THAT, my friend, is why I chose Trump. I had to chose to HAVE a nation vs. losing my nation. Priorities, priorities. Pesky things.

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