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We Are STILL the Great Melting Pot- Despite the Polls

melting-pot-2Americans, don’t believe the polls anymore. Wikileaks showed that Hillary bought their influence. We all saw how wrong they were last night. Why believe them now? They are just companies like any other. They are owned and led by people like any other company. People can be bought. That’s because people are sinners.

That being the case, why believe the polls right now that are saying that Trump only won because of white voters? The same people who bought the polls before the election have bought this racist, hateful version of the election results. These Progressives ( please note that ‘Progressive’ doesn’t automatically mean Democrat) want to control what we believe. They want us to be divided as a nation. That is their entire goal. And why? Because they want us to be weak as a People. Why? Because they want to destroy us as a sovereign nation and eventually create an American Union similar to the European Union. Eventually, they want a one world government. Think Star Wars Federation. Think Eutopia.

None of this can happen as long as Americans love their country enough to fight for it. If we still believe we are a People, they can’t get us to vote our nation away. They want us to voluntarily give it away. Last night proved that they failed. The polling companies, news agencies and magazines (all belonging to the same wealthy Progressives) all tried their very best to make everyone believe that Americans were ‘deeply divided’ along race and class lines.  Even our schools tried to make our children believe we are a ‘deeply divided nation’.  Here is just one thing they teach our kids in school:  Instead of the Great Melting Pot of togetherness we were taught in school, they now teach how we are all actually DIVIDED by race.  They say we are ‘actually’ a Salad Bowl where races remain separate from one another (both images from school courses -doesn’t that brown goo look delicious?)!

They tried their best to make anyone who liked Trump feel like a bigot, hater, racist, etc. And yet, we withstood their name calling and went to the polls. We are stronger psychologically than they thought! They were floored by our strength last night. They are all nursing giant headaches today! ha!

The fact is this: We are still a People. We are still Americans. We are still the Great Melting Pot we always knew we were. ‘They’, the Progressives, lied to us. And badly. We almost believed them, didn’t we? We almost believed that we hated each other. But we proved last night that we don’t. The stats prove it. It is literally impossible that only white voters voted for Trump. There are just too many non-whites in America. We are a blended nation, genetically speaking. All you have to do is go to a mall near you. All I see are blended couples now. Black/white, white/asian, asian/black, hispanic/black, hispanic/white, hispanic/asian- you name it.  (I don’t like capitalizing because it just isn’t important.)  And the kids are all looking mixed in schools too. Our school just announced that it is finally less than half white. I looked at the kids in our recent school concert- I thought, “Wow, it’s true! The kids were all exotic looking! What a change has come over America!” And we are all the way up here in WA State! Just imagine what schools look like down near the border!

These polls are giving false information.  The talking heads on the news are giving false information. NDAA 2012 made false propaganda legal, so every information source can now legally give false information to Americans. So, if you want to know what the reality of any given situation is, go outside to your local mall and look around. That is America. And if people look peaceful and happy, then that’s about what is going on.

People in my neighborhood get along just fine- regardless of color. And I simply don’t know anyone who could even define American ‘classes’. What does that mean, anyway? ‘Class’ isn’t an American concern or an American concept. It is a European issue. Or perhaps an Asian or African issue. But not an American issue. We don’t have classes and never have. It is a political word that doesn’t touch regular American lives.

What ‘class’ does a person belong to if they went to college, got a master’s degree in business and then started a small concrete business? Let’s say they run it with 10 employees and never grow much larger than that? Let’s say the owner considers himself an employee and works the concrete along with his men. What ‘class’ does he belong to? Let’s say he earns over $100,000 for himself a year. Is he part of the ‘upper class’ or is he part of the ‘working class’? hmmmm… hard to tell, after all, he works in concrete all day. This is the reality of America.

We are full of hard working people who have never given a care about class. We do what needs to be done in order to succeed. That is part of our success. We simply aren’t driven by class snobbiness. Which class does Bill Gates belong to? He didn’t finish college. But he is a multi-billionaire. He doesn’t have any pedigrees or ‘family’ status. Where does he stand, in terms of class?  No one cares.  This is why Americans are successful- we broke all class rules from the beginning- anyone could do anything without false boundaries and did.  In this way, we blew the world away.

So, beware of these talking heads. They want you to believe that we are divided by class. But we aren’t.  It is a myth.  Ditto for race.  Most of us have such mixed race backgrounds that we can’t say to which race we belong with any certainty. Even if we say we are ‘white’, we have to ask, ‘to which white blood do you refer? Which is the racist blood? The English, the German, the French? Or would you consider the Spanish genes, white? How about the Russian? Would that be white if it came from the far East, because it is very mixed with some Arab blood over that way? etc, etc.” Not to mention the Native American aunt or the black American thrice removed….am I still ‘white’?  How about a person who is half black and half white?  Which race is he/she?  Both?  Certainly, it is false to say they are black.  Obama is incorrect to say he is black.  He is just as white as he is black.  That is just his personal interpretation.  Someone else can just as easily say they are ‘white’, can’t they?

We just don’t give a hoot what our race is. We have too many friends of mixed race to care.  In fact, it is too tiring of a conversation to really be relevant anymore to most Americans.  In my personal life, I find that people most care about how you treat them when you meet them.  If you greet them with a smile and genuineness, they appreciate it.  If you begin with suspicion and anger, then they reject you.  It’s that simple.

Don’t ever let those polling companies or those talking heads fool you again!!! I can’t stress that enough.

Remember instead that WE ARE AMERICANS and no one can take that from us. No one. Remember that we can withstand any psychological torture and manipulation ‘they’ throw at us. We have a genetic strength that comes from our parents, grandparents and great grandparents. Almost all of us came from another country. Our relatives risked everything to be here.   They were risk takers and big dreamers. They were scrappers who fought for their existence. They fought so that our lives could be better.  Our Constitution is almost perfect now.  It really does represent equality under God- there IS no other equality except through our souls and everyone is now protected under it.  Our parents fought for that.   Let’s not get so close to throwing their work away again. Let’s build on their work instead.

I, for one, am so happy to learn that the polling companies really were paid off- just as we suspected. It is validation of our suspicions. Now we can relax the next time these alarmists try crying wolf again.

America is still America- and isn’t that a relief?


  1. I hate to point it out but your entire post is about how this affected the Trump vs Clinton election yet your sources are from 2008, the Obama vs McCain election. The source details a ~single~ study conducted in 2008, a year in which a “progressive” did, in fact, win, so if the data favored progressives it aligns with the choice of the general public. Also, possibly because of age, lack of integrity, or some other issue, some of the domains hosting the email addresses used in the leak no longer exist. I don’t know if that is because they are fake or because they are so old that the owners have since moved on but either way they undermine the credibility or timeliness of the argument. Anyway, please end this attack on statistics and the media. Alternative facts are lies and the war on journalism is dangerous for the functioning of a democracy.

    • Abraham, I’m not sure what you are talking about. I haven’t cited any study, from 2008 or otherwise. I have only cited the 2012 NDAA Bill which authorizes propaganda against the American People. As to your ‘claim’ that emails from Wikileaks that proved Clinton worked with the polling companies to fake the 20 point leads before the election, well, the election itself proved those numbers to be a big lie, didn’t it? The election was a landslide! And I don’t believe, for one minute, that Hillary won the majority by 3 million votes. I followed that news with a microscope! I watched how one outlet first claimed that she won by 200,000 votes while another, at the exact same time, claimed she won by 2,000,000 votes!! Someone got their zeros mixed up. Then, overnight, that number changed, across the board, to 3 million! AND I looked, across the board, for the source of those numbers. And do you know what I found?? They all sourced each other. And do you know what else? They all ultimately sourced a single reporter’s tweet. Yep, you got it. A guy just said so in a tweet. And from there, they all sourced each other for that remarkable 3 million vote number. AND they called it the ‘projected estimate’ number. But NO ONE has ever quoted an official number from any official source. But everyone just believes it??? Why? Because the media is honest? Because the media is unbiased? I, for one, call that sneaky business. And when I see an election with landslide results, with the American public giving such a loud, decisive MANDATE to the conservatives by giving them the HOUSE, the SENATE, AND the Presidency, there is no way I will believe a hogpog suspicious number just conjured up by the lying press.

      Oh, I agree with you about FAKE NEWS, my friend. Only we disagree about the source of that fake news. If you still believe that CBS, NBC, MSNBC, etc, are churning out professional news, then tell me why they are tearing the Congress’ and president’s eyes out about all the new laws that are so clearly unconstitutional? Like the ones I reference in my ‘The Three Most Dangerous Pieces of Legislation?” If the press had any teeth or were doing their jobs, these would have been front news a long time ago. So would a whole plethora of other things. Either you are a liar yourself or you are truly naive and in the dark still. For the first, there is no cure other than repentance. For the second, I recommend that you read your news from many different sources, pick up some good books from conservative sources, read the Bible, read a lot of Middle Eastern & World History and then THINK. Oh, and if you are under 25 and unmarried, get married, have some kids, start your own business and THEN come back in a couple years. You will be cured of all liberalism by then.

  2. Oversampling does not change results. If you want to know what a particular group thinks or believes, you over sample (take more than you would of other groups) to get more data, but statistics is not like averaging. It does not skew the final outcome, as the results are based on the demographic size of the community to begin with.

    For example, if I want to know what peanut butter Americans are eating, and I want to know about Asian-Americans, specifically, I would sample 1000 Americans, but I might specially sample 500 Asian-Americans. This gives a better result for Asian-Americans, but those results would be based on a proportional rate that shows the Asian-American grouping is only 10% of the population, so the overall rate of American peanut butter preference would not change. It would just give me more specific data on the Asian-American population.

    It does not seem that you know what oversampling is. The way you have used it above is completely wrong.

    • Jan, you are assuming that when they are oversampling, they are actually dividing the final result by the number of the subgroup they used. And you are assuming they were honest about the subgroup being a subgroup instead of being part of the larger population. Read the Word document and the email more closely. It is CLEAR that they have a ‘target’ number they are attempting to reach and they are using strategies to achieve them through bogus polling methodology. That is clear through the text.

  3. How do you know pollin places were bought off as you put it. Where did you get your info how do our know if info is true ? ? Jeanne

    • This information was found in one of the Wikileak documents. here are a few links to those Wikileaks: The biggest and worst wikileak document is the following: . You will see tags at the top of the page. Please see the one called ‘Attachments’. Click on it. You will see a box labeled ‘Polling Research’. Click it. A Word doc will come up on your screen. Just peruse it a bit. Here are just the opening words to this sickening document, ”

      Things to remember:
      • Arizona will have three competitive congressional races in 2008 and, depending on circumstances, additional polling and focus group research in CD1, CD5, and CD8 may be useful to augment the research of the individual campaigns.
      Research, microtargeting & polling projects
      Over-sample Hispanics
      • Use Spanish language interviewing. (Monolingual Spanish-speaking voters are among the lowest turnout Democratic targets.)
      Over-sample the Native American population.
      o The ratio of voters-to phone numbers is higher in areas with high Native American populations.
      • Consider modeling independents to discern how many of them are strong Republican, strong Democrat, or swing. Statewide Democrats since 2002 have carried the independent vote, but the margins have been too narrow. It will be critical to move independents 12 to 15 points to bring the Democrats closer to 65% and 66%.
      • In 2008, there must be a concerted effort to target moderate Republican women early and often, particularly those in Maricopa and Pima counties. Historically, campaigns communicated heavily with moderate Republican women in rural Arizona. Polling should be conducted to determine whether or not this should be expanded to portions of Pinal and Yavapai counties.
      • VBM poll. In 2006, the coordinated campaign (using Grove Insight) conducted a poll of potential VBM targets to determine the right messaging for the various groups within the VBM universe. This was very effective in developing the best message for this targeted universe, which turned out to be convenience. A similar poll should be done to determine what the best message in 2008 will be.
      Suggested Polling Schedule:
      January-February 2008
      • Statewide benchmark poll, 800 sample.
      • Large micro-targeting/modeling survey, 5000 voters, including likely voters and low-propensity turnout targets.
      May-July 2008
      • Targeted tracking polls statewide and in key races, such as CD1, CD5, and CD8.
      • Phoenix and Tucson focus group messaging research among key swing groups.
      Mid-September-October 2008
      • General election benchmark, 800 sample, with potential over samples in key districts/regions.
      • Focus group research in key races among swing voter groups.
      • Benchmark polling in targeted races, with ethnic over samples as needed.
      • Targeting tracking polls in key races, with ethnic over samples as needed.”

      Tom Matzzie was a campaign consultant; George Rakis was the campaign manager for America Votes, a George Soros-funded PAC aimed at getting Democrats elected; Andy Meyer was the research director at The Atlas Project, Crystal King, who has since become the political director for the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee but was working for The Atlas Project at the time; and Anna and Stanley Greenberg of Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research in Washington, D.C. GQRR has provided consulting services to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaigns in 2008 and again this cycle. In other words, these emails went between her staff and the team that produced the bogus polls.

      Ironically, Tom Matzzie is now CEO of Ethical Electric, a “clean energy” company that operates wind and solar projects in Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois, responded to the WikiLeaks email via Twitter. He tweeted:

      “The only poll that matters is on Election Day. The rest is just content to sell ads on TV or scientific tools used by professionals


      “Option 1: 8 years ago we presciently rigged 2016 polling. Option 2: the people commenting on this are being misled by a demagogue”

      another wikileak:

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