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celebrateKnow why these progressives and the media are doing all this stuff? To stop us from gloating and celebrating!! So, stop paying attention to them and CELEBRATE this marvelous turn of events. Let’s talk about why we should celebrate:
1) Hillary, the most dangerous progressive around was DEFEATED. Yeaaaaa!!! That alone is worth celebrating at LEAST for 10 weeks. She represented all that Obama stood for. She was willing to do everything he did- and more. We all saw how Obama and Hillary lied to the world about the phoney video during Benghazi. We all know Obama gave the stand down order and let our ambassador (a gay man!!) and three other brave Americans DIE- they were torn apart by angry Muslim men. THIS is what they stood for and THAT is why they needed to go. They were both TRAITORS of the very worst kind and WE defeated them. CELEBRATE!!!

2) WE defeated the Progressives. Note that I didn’t say, ‘Trump’ beat ‘Hillary’. This was not a battle between two people. This was a battle between We, the People and the Progressive elites. The Progressive elites are just a few hundred (thousand?) people who own just about everything important- including all the press including news, magazines, movies, internet, cable, satellite, radio, social media, etc. These news venues are supposed to be giving accurate and impartial coverage to real life events.  They also own all the software and hardware in America and most of the world.  We trust these companies to handle our data in a responsible and impartial, unimpassioned manner, regardless of our politics, race, or religion.  They also own the polling companies that are supposed to give impartial data to the supposedly impartial news agencies so that Americans can understand what other Americans are thinking and feeling.  But none of these companies do their jobs impartially- they all support the Progressive cause, which aligns almost directly with the Democrat Party.

They’ve bribed almost all the politicians (on both sides of the aisle). They have created lobby groups and political organizations (any group with the word ‘progressive’ or ‘progress’ in it belongs to them.) into which they pour billions of dollars to influence your opinion night and day.  These politicians and the president, especially Pres. Obama, have created laws and executive orders that have robbed We, the People of our Constitutional Rights.

They influenced enough politicians to take over the education system in America and have recently created a country wide indoctrination study course called Common Core which is inculcated with progressive ideology in the most insidious way.

They have hired thousands of social media agents who have opened tens of thousands of social media accounts pretending to be real people who have liberal, atheist Democrat opinions. Zuckerberg has even started his own progressive lobby group and has admitted to allowing Facebook to unfairly target conservative users. Facebook is probably the number one way in which Americans communicate. If Facebook is restricting the free speech of conservative Americans, they are damaging the number one venue of conservative communication in America. Talk about a challenge!

The Progressives created a culture that made it toxic for us (or anyone even moderately critical of the uber liberal agenda) to have a differing opinion by calling us ‘racists’, ‘homophobes’, ‘haters’, ‘idiots’, ‘scum’,  and let’s not forget, “DEPLORABLE”.   The attacks upon our person were instant and vicious.  Even our children were attacked at school- the worst progressive parents taught their children how to be attack dogs.

And yet! And yet! We OVERCAME every one of those obstacles. WE, the PEOPLE, beat them at their own game. They separated us into our own living rooms, unable to talk to one another in public, afraid of the names we might be called.  Our children were afraid to tell their friends at school that their parents were voting for Trump.  We kept our own beliefs close to our hearts, just hoping that they might still matter.   We felt our mission was doomed, that our vote just didn’t matter, but our patriotism made us vote anyway.  I know that I said I wouldn’t vote.  I was angry.  I didn’t like Trump.  He was my last choice.  But guess what?  I didn’t vote FOR Trump.  I voted AGAINST Hillary and everything she and the Progressives stand for.  AND I am a patriot, red, white and blue all the way through.  I am corny as hell but that is just how I feel about it.  And hey, my readers wouldn’t let me get away with all that, “I’m not voting,” stuff anyway.  I knew I had to vote and so did every single conservative who said the same thing.  Heck, even my Dad, who was as despondent as me, voted.  We ALL voted.  Even though we thought it was hopeless.  Because THAT’S the lie that the supposedly correct polls were telling us, remember?  That was exactly what they were trying to do- keep us from voting!  But our patriotism was too great!  Our sense of duty was too great!  Our love of country was too great!  When all was lost anyway, our HOPE and FAITH in God was too great.  And it BEAT the progressives at their own game.

And THAT, my friends, is worth celebrating.  That is what I love most about this election.  Our hearts were too big to stay home.  I laugh and laugh- not in a goating sort of way, not because I like Trump.  But simply because I love my fellow Americans so much.  And I know that regular, everyday people like me voted him in, no matter what lies the media wants to tell me now.  So, for all you regular people out there being forced to watch these lies right now, why don’t you just turn it off awhile and just celebrate US with me?  Grab a beer, a glass of wine and savor our victory over evil.  Be proud of who you are and what you are.  We are still, WE THE PEOPLE of America.  And we aren’t a people you can fool or push around.  CHEERS!  and SaLUTE!


  1. Didn’t think Trump was the greatest candidate possible but don’t think he deserves a lot of the names he has been called. I think Hillary and the political elite are much more dangerous than Trump. I believe Hillary is a criminal but certainly can’t prove it myself. Trump just might be what this country needed at this time. As far as hatred and bigotry go, I have heard nothing but hatred and bigotry from the Hillary supporters, Democrats–who I call liberal, not progressive, being spewed out all over social media. Christians and other conservatives are being attacked for their beliefs and I didn’t see these people acting like this after Obama won. Let’s have some dignity and self-respect, Americans. The rest of the world is watching your ridiculous behavior.

  2. Yikes. A sexual predator being elected is nothing to celebrate.

    People are genuinely terrified of what he will do, and rightly so. He is racist, sexist, and hateful to his very core.

    I’m very interested to see what sort of pedantic reply you whip up in defense of a man that has openly mocked a disabled person, refers to women as pieces of ass, thinks that boasting about molesting someone is “lockerroom talk”, and has encouraged people to attack those that have different opinions by offering to pay their legal fees.

    You said you didn’t like him, but you still voted for him. That’s unjustifiable. I don’t give two toots what you think about progressives and the TPP, you helped put someone in office that stands for hatefulness and bigotry. If you think that’s something to be celebrated, it might be time to re-evaluate.

    • Well, electing a traitor is worse. That’s the only way I can address this until my own trial is finished. After that, I can address this topic more fully. I truly believe that Hillary belongs to the Progressive crowd who believes that sovereign nations should slowly give over their rights to self rule to the United Nations or some other world government. Hillary has expressed her desires openly. In fact, most progressives are ‘coming out of the closet’, so to speak, on this issue and speaking of it at elite universities around the world. And sadly, quite a few students at these universities are embracing this idea. They see it as sort of a new utopia- sort of a ‘Star Trek Federation’ style government that can pull all nations together in peace and harmony. We have now discovered that Obama had all but signed away the United States into an EU like model called the Trans Pacific Partnership and had Hillary won, she would have signed it and sold our sovereignty in exactly the same manner as all the EU members have. Only because Trump was elected and made it national news by declaring that the United States will be withdrawing from this traitorous ‘partnership’ have we discovered it in time. Imagine that! The TPP would have included 12 nations: US, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Brunei, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, Chile and Peru- in all, it covers 40% of the world’s economies!!! I truly believe that a new currency would have been necessary to implement such a partnership- just as the European Union required the euro. So the dollar would have become extinct. Is that what you would have wanted, Nasty Woman? While I detest all men who commit any sexual assaults against women, I need a nation of laws in which to prosecute them first. Hillary would have deprived me of such a nation. I have to set my priorities. Unfortunately, I needed to choose to HAVE my nation before I could prosecute a rapist or molester. As I said earlier, I didn’t vote FOR Trump; I voted AGAINST Hillary. And seeing the secrecy of the TPP revealed, I now see that I was right to do so.

    • MS Nasty Woman-I’d like to ring in on your comment. How old were you when Bill Clinton was president? Did you pay any attention to what were called the “Bimbo Eruptions?” And what happened to all the women who came forward to attest to Bill Clinton being a rapist, sexual predator and basically an all-around sleaze? I’m not going to rewrite, or copy here this history, as you can look it up. I’m not going to defend Trump’s remarks either. But, to have a president (2 terms? how did that ever happen?) like Bill and have anyone try and compare Trump’s behavior with a former president who was almost impeached for lying under oath regarding the Lewinsky affair is apples to oranges. Check Hillary’s deliberate smear campaign against these women. Need details? I’ve heard former Clinton advisor Dick Morris talk about this on TV. He may be a good source. To think a vote for HRC is taking the high moral road, excuse me while I roll over in laughter.

      OK, I’m back up. Moving on, you say Trump is “racist, sexist and hateful to his very core” and “stands for hatefulness and bigotry.” Really? Do you, or would you take time to read his book written in 2015, “Crippled America?” I read that, listened to many interviews by him and watched all of the debates except the last one, and somehow, I didn’t hear what you heard. He has been misquoted so many times by the media re: his comments about Mexicans in the first debate it’s mind boggling the media gets away with it. He did make some off-color remarks about women, but anybody who has lived on the planet at least to their teenage years has heard the same stuff. Also, I don’t know if he was worried about those comments like all politicians do since he’s never been in public office. I’d suggest you attend a Democrat, or Republican cocktail party and mingle around and listen to their comments. I have been to a Dem party and around many Dem’s in my life. Filthy language…common to almost all. Not excusing it, it’s just reality.

      I think you have been taken in by this election and the strategy of all parties to make the race a personality contest. We’re not voting for pope, boy scout leader, or pastor. Jesus wouldn’t have even won an election in Judea in His day as He was constantly being smeared by the other side. The question to keep focused on, is what policies and political ideology does a candidate bring to the table if elected. That is the only thing to consider as everyone has sins in their life. Sinlessness is not a requirement for public office, no one would ever get elected! For me, we need to lay down this self-righteous indignation that some Repub’s, i.e. Paul Ryan etal. have and move forward. Trump is not my favorite guy, but if he sticks to what he wants to accomplish, following the law, I am for him. This is more than I can say about O or HRC. Both, have no regard for the rule of law, the constitution, or really, any integrity about anything. They’re just smooth talkin’ lawyers who get away with murder.

      As far as the other issues you raise, I think Susan has addressed them in her reply.
      Would you be able to “re-evaluate” your thinking? Did either of us make a case for you to reconsider? I hope so, but I really don’t expect you to.

  3. Hillary won the popular vote, by almost 2 million. It was the organized government, the two party system(which you seem to hate), that won. The Republican presidential candidate did not win by a popular vote. I understand that the people in office were elected in a way, by the people, who then chose a republican candidate through electoral votes.

    What do you think about conservative Christian who don’t believe in the constitution because it puts “the people” above God as something you believe in? What do you think about conservative Christians who don’t believe in the separation of church and state and therefore choose to raise their children with no social security numbers so they will never have to pay any money to the government? I have met quite a few. They work, sell art work, and just keep the cash, or put it in significant others or parent accounts. They never pay taxes. They drive with no licenses. They break many laws in America like driving with no license, drinking underage, and owning guns with no license, they say it’s okay because they don’t believe in our government and only the laws of God apply to them. Do you identify with these people who call themselves conservatives? It seems like if those are their thoughts, this is maybe not the country for them.

    Last, please give me some advice on what to tell my students when they call each other terrible names, and then say it’s okay because our president does it. When a student makes fun of another disabled student, and asks why a man who did the same got elected president, what should I tell them?

    I am a usually leaning towards the right, but this election really gave me a different perspective and I did not believe in the things the candidate planned to do…jokes on me because as it seems, he doesn’t actually plan to do most of the things he said he would.

    • Hi Leah, I find it incredible that you are a teacher considering your terrible writing and critical thinking skills. Are you really? In any case, please let me answer your questions. First, Hillary did not win the popular vote by 2 million votes. Even the numbers given by the cheating and crooked polling companies that gave Hillary double digit leads before the election were only in the 200,000’s. So, get your facts right. In fact, different newspapers gave wildly different numbers. That’s exactly why I called the entire ‘popular vote’ news item a scam. How could that be if there was a real number out there? The fact is this: no newspaper was linked to actual data and each stated that these were ‘estimates’- or, they quoted each other. The actual votes weren’t counted at the time these numbers were announced. Votes are still being counted- they are still coming in via mail from overseas- mail in votes. Basically, the newspapers are lying. All newspapers are owned by the same Progressives who own the crooked polling companies. They know that the real numbers will take months to really count and they are lying in the meantime trying to foment as much trouble as possible in the hope of trying to get these electorates to change their votes. THAT is what this ‘popular vote’ lying is all about. They know the full truth of those numbers need not be told until after these electorates vote in Dec. And then, the actual count won’t matter at all. But getting as many to riot and make trouble MUST happen before Dec. when the electorates vote. So, we should all just ignore them. Believe me, if the electorates vote Trump, we will never hear from the popular vote again because I’ll betcha that Trump will win it in the end. And they will NOT announce it. It will go quietly in the history books that teachers like you will never delve into.

      As to not believing in the Constitution, you make me LAUGH. It’s not the conservative Christians who don’t believe in it- it’s LIBERALS who don’t believe in it! How can a teacher get something so backward? Know who doesn’t believe in it? OBAMA AND HILLARY. THEY are the ones, along with the majority of the Democrat party and most liberals, who call it a ‘living document’- in other words, a document that should CHANGE with time! Obama called it ‘deeply flawed’ saying the Founding Fathers had “an enormous blind spot” when they wrote it. Now, who feels a little silly, Teacher? Shouldn’t you know the current news if you are going to teach my, our, students? This is what kills me about so many teachers today- the vast majority are LIBERALS. You need to make sure, that no matter what your political ideology, you have the facts before you teach. And even better, don’t talk about politics in the classroom unless you are a political science teacher. You don’t have a right to pressure students into thinking what you think. That’s up to their parents.
      As to separation of Church and state. AGAIN, the founding fathers never meant to separate God from politics, they meant to separate government from the free worship of The People. Please, please, please know your history, Teacher! These men came from England and the Inquisition. From kings and queens who burned heretics at the stake for not doing the right things religiously. They wanted to ensure that The People could worship without fear- not the other way around. As evidence of this, these men prayed before every Congressional session, they published the first American bible for SCHOOL USE; they based the entire Constitution on the equality of men BASED ON THEIR EQUALITY UNDER GOD. Do you understand what this concept means, Teacher? That man HAS no equality but that which is under GOD? In other words, BECAUSE God considers each man’s, woman’s, slave’s, master’s, Jew’s and Gentiles soul’s EQUAL, through Jesus’ famous speech, “Whoever obeys my Father in Heaven is my brother, sister and mother..,” all people are equal in America. Without God in our government, our Constitution has no basis whatsoever. Take God out, the Constitution literally crumbles and all equality goes with it. All you are left with is the brutality of ‘strongest will survive’ and you as a woman, Teacher, will take the back seat to men, who are stronger than you. (I hope you enjoy being pushed around and beat up by men, btw). Liberals have no commons sense.

      Now, as far as your depiction of Christian conservatives who ‘don’t pay taxes’, ‘have no drivers licenses’, ‘break many laws’, ‘drink underage’, ‘own guns without licenses’ and do it all ‘because the laws of Man don’t apply to them’, I want to say, “when have you had your head last examined?” I mean that. Last I saw, you just described an illegal Mexican drug pusher in America- and he will be the one in the last Black Lives Matter rally flying a Mexican flag demanding American citizenship and free benefits! I have never seen such a conservative Christian- ever. Honestly, Lady, you have the Backward Glasses on! And you are the same sort of person who would be the first to say we are ‘prejudiced and racist,’ right? geeze.

      Now, you say your students call each other names? And you ‘claim’ they do it because their ‘president’ does it? Do you mean names like ‘ngger’, spic, gook, cracker, wop, ‘whre’, ‘btch’, ‘cnt’, ‘sshole’, fcker, motherf*cker…. those kinds of names? Because last I heard, all those words are in rap songs. And most of those black artists are LIBERALS and Democrats. Oh, and allow me to give you another bit of information because you seem a little scarce in the history department- but the KKK was and is from the DEMOCRAT party. The Democrats still are the most racist of all parties. Know who are being aborted the most? BLACK BABIES. And it is the Democrat Party who is pushing abortion. They don’t want more black people. It’s quite sickening to think about. The most racist thing about the Dems is this thought: Black people aren’t as good as white people. They NEED extra help to do things. They can’t compete with white people in a fair race. Oh! If anyone ever said that about me as a half Korean, half white woman, I would EXPLODE! The Dems, at their core, no matter how far they have come from their KKK roots, are still the same party. No matter how many times they try to throw their characteristics onto conservatives. WE believe everyone is just as equal as we are and they can compete with us in a fair race. OUR aim is to make the race fair. YOUR point is that THEY are inferior. Um hummmmm…

      If you are referring to Trump and the news article that lied about him making fun of a disabled reporter, I’d like to refer you to the TRUTH. It was a complete Lie. See this link. Trump always uses those arm gestures when mocking his opponent- he is taped using the exact arm movements with Ted Cruz, with an Army general, with Hillary, etc. Also, the reporter in question has a disability that makes his hand crooked, but it doesn’t spasm at all. Therefore, Trumps’ spastic impression couldn’t possibly be imitating him. And before I leave. I just want to say that I am troubled that you are a teacher in this nation. Your writing is appalling. I don’t expect perfection because I know you’re writing a comment and will make typos as I do all the time. But your mistakes go far beyond mere typos. They show ignorance and a lack of education. Your knowledge of current news is terrible and your downright prejudice is even worse. Yes, I am appalled that you are a teacher in this nation. I only hope that you are lying about it in order to give more credence to your point.

      • Susan-just wanted to say that Jesus’ dialog with Nicodemus came immediately to mind when I read your reply to the “Teacher.”

      • R, I can only hope that she isn’t really a teacher. It would be too much. She didn’t sound educated enough- and I’m not saying that as a typical put down. I mean, her writing and grammar are too lacking to be a teacher. Her style was too rudimentary to be a teacher. I think it was just a troll who wanted more credentials to make their point. That’s all. I hope so, anyway.

    • Hello Leah-how old are your students? What do you tell your students when they ask about Hillary? Do you tell them how she lied about Benghazi to the American public and to the parents of the victims killed in that debacle? How about explaining to them who Hillary’s husband was and still is? And her role in that cover up? Her admiration of Saul Alinsky and his Rules for Radicals? The Clinton Foundation’s misuse of money. How do you explain to them her “miraculous” recovery form pneumonia in just a couple of hours? Her habitual and pathological lying about everything, just like her husband? Just to name a few.

      How do explain the current president’s flip flop on gay marriage? His circumventing the laws with executive orders and absolute disdain for our constitution? His great concern on where transgenders can use a bathroom. His erroneous take on Trayvon, the police arresting the black professor early on in his presidency. His support for rioters in Ferguson, Baltimore and other cities. His disgust with police. He stands by mute along with Hillary and Holder. His lies about health care…keep your plan, doctor, etc. How he has doubled the national debt and what your kids are going to have to pay due to his failed economic policies. Plus many more.

      You are an example of what is wrong with (public) education in this country. You don’t teach in a private school do you? Schools are what I call Public Propaganda Institutions and you are a willing puppet for the leftist agenda apparently. I really hope that Trump abolishes the Dept of Educ. What a pointless waste of tax dollars. Jimmy Carter brought this bogus Dept into existence, I believe. The states should handle their own education system independently of the Fed’s.

      Susan is correct that you need to get your facts straight before you “teach” anybody anything.

      Please let me know if you bring up any of the things I mentioned above to your class. Have you got the integrity to be honest and let them know both sides???

  4. Jamie-Why does HRC support TPP? Do a search on “TPP supported by Bilderbergs.” If you don’t know who they are, you need to do some homework.

    Hitler using Patriotism was all a con. Everything he did was to take control of Germany. Your statement, “My German friend worried that our patriotism could be used against us the same way that it was against his people – opening the door to any number of horrible consequences.” This statement is evidence you don’t recognize political BS whatsoever. Being a patriot is supporting what the people of the country stand for, not necessarily everything the government did, or does. I think you should listen to Susan about this. You have bought into the subterfuge of the left with all their “touchy” “feely” blatherings that conceal their true agenda.

    Please, do some research before you try and state “Progressive” ideology and side up with it. I put the US communist party’s web site in another post. Carefully, discerningly, ponder what they are saying versus what the USA is about and what the constitution says. Obama, etal, have overstepped their authority and are ruling by fiat and breaking the law. He is not a friend of the USA. He had a communist named Frank Marshall Davis in his life (he is referred to as “uncle” in his book) who was a card carrying communist. He also was a Saul Alinsky disciple (Hillary also) and a community agitator, not organizer. Read Alinsky’s book “Rules for Radicals.” If you agree, then you may take the “Progressive” not my word position. One last thing, read the Communist Manifesto and especially the 10 points that Marx says will be the position of “most advanced countries.” If you also agree, you may freely call yourself a communist, this is my word.

    Good hunting.

  5. “Progressive” equals “communist”? Naw. I’m a Canadian progressive (which I suspect is considerably to the left of what you call “progressive” in the USA), and I (like, I suspect, most thinking people) view communism as a system that has failed everywhere it was attempted. You can’t use the term “communist” as a blanket term for “every political theory I disagree with”; it’s actually a fairly specific (and incorrect) historical and economic ideology.
    The rest of us out here in the world are watching with great interest to see what happens over the couple of years under your new President. Fascinating times!

    • Did I say, “communist”? if so, I was being tongue in cheek. Progressive means, “ending the sovereignty of countries and uniting them under a world government. Do anything to achieve those ends. Use both liberals and conservatives to achieve these ends although liberals are easier to work with as their beliefs fall more in line with most of progressives in the beginning”.

      Want proof? Read about the TPP that both our governments were just about to sign which would, in essence, begin the end of our respective national sovereignties. I’ve been watching like a hawk for this and missed it entirely. Until Trump said he was pulling out of it. The bast*rds were doing this right under our noses and kept the newspapers silent. Only the BBC is talking about it. Had Hillary been elected, it would have gone through. Canada would be gone. I wonder what they would have called the new currency???

      • Interesting perspective. In Canada the TPP was championed by Canada’s (then) CONSERVATIVE Prime Minister, endorsed in a lukewarm way by the more centrist Liberal Party, and vociferously opposed by the socialist New Democrats. That’s precisely the pattern we followed twenty years ago with NAFTA – negotiated by Conservatives here, opposed by the socialists. I can assure you that our newspapers (and TV and radio) aren’t silent about it – as an exporting and resource based economy, we play pretty close attention to trade issues.

        The bottom line for the opposition here is the same as yours – concerns about yielding some elements of national sovereignty, and the sacrifice of some fiscal tools. However, our progressives focus more on the dangers associated with international corporatism than with “world government” – the fact that when national interests aren’t protected by trade and tariff agreements, corporations are free to shift jobs and resources to wherever labour is cheapest, environmental standards are weakest, worker safety regulations are softest, and so on.

    • Terry, I don’t know where you get your information re: what “progressive” means. Did you bother to check it out anywhere but in your own opinion? What we call “progressive” is irrelevant, what matters is what the people who coined the term mean. And, I don’t use it for any political position I disagree with. If you check the US communist party web site you will see what they actually advocate. If you agree with their ideology, then, you would be a communist. Simple. Why would the US chairman of the communist party endorse Hillary? see

      Yes, communism has failed and should be discarded by any discerning US citizen as an untenable system of government. Unfortunately, this ideology has taken root in our country and we have about half of the US believing that this is a viable alternative to Capitalism & a republic/democratic government defined by the constitution. And although Marx and Engels hadn’t written their “trash” as of the writing of the constitution, it’s obvious the founders had this type of government in mind to thwart its success in the colonies.

      • Hi, R, and thanks for the response. My use of the word “progressive” is based on a slightly broader and more historical perspective than yours, with roots in the British and European progressive parties. As to your suggestion that roughly half of Americans believe in communism, I’m fairly sure that you’re using the word “communism” to describe something rather different from the political theories of Marx et. al.

  6. Hi, Susan-just wondered if you knew that the term “Progressive” is actually code for communists to be used in this country to cover the truth of who they really are. You can look this up on the net in many places, here is one link I have known this for years, but recently within the last 2-3 years read a book called “The Naked Communist” which explains and confirms this term.

    In my Random House Webster’s college dictionary under the definition of socialism, #2 “(in Marxist theory) the stage following Capitalism in the transition of a society to communism”… Isn’t it amazing that the Democrats had two candidates one identified as a “socialist” and HRC identifying herself as a Progressive and nobody bats an eye. What we are seeing is the attempt of the communists to takeover this country completely. They have infiltrated farther than most can imagine with this current prez. The wall coming down meant nothing and did not stop this wicked ideology from expanding.

    HRC got what, 40+ million votes? These were not just “Progressive Elites.” The young college people especially, were on board for her and Bernie. This is all the strategy of communism. They are in the govt, schools and in high corporate/money places. These so called protests (riots) are about one step away from full blown communism, which is socialism WITH violence and the eventual killing of dissidents by the govt not far behind if they ever take another election.

    And of course, the deafening silence from the prez and HRC who so far have nothing to say to the rioters to calm them down. They endorse this societal upheaval because it furthers their cause.

    Maybe the Lord will grant Trump and Pence (a godly man?) to turn the country around. Humanly, this will be a monumental task, but we as Christians need to direct people to Christ first and foremost. I also believe that political discourse can open the door for us to expose the evil of communist/left wing ideology and be a witness to Christ. Communism is opposed to the constitution, and to everything good. Marx/Engels were atheists I believe and hated all that our country stood for. Too many have fallen for the lie in more ways than one in the US. Government is NOT the answer, contrary to Bill Clinton.

    I would ask you and all your readers to start calling the Democrats the correct name of what they truly are and not join in their deception by using the term Progressive. The old party name’s have long lost their meaning, even many of the Repub’s have now shown their true colors-Red, as in Communist Red.

    We fought wars and Americans lost lives fighting this evil in North Korea, Vietnam and even WW2, where it was called Nazism. Now the country welcomes it into their lives. It’s all basically the same idea, God is not the ultimate authority, government is and those elites who run it. ((Supreme (?) Court))!

    Thank God our hope is in Him and He is our focus. Man cannot save us from evil, political, or otherwise.

  7. I think that the fight between progressives and not-progressives acts as a check and balance, each side prevents the other from going too far and going off kilter. So it’s really just a matter of time before the not-progressives lose everything they’ve “won”; and in due time, it’ll be the other way around again. It’s what keeps our country in balance and helps us walk toward the future – even if it takes one steps backwards and two steps forwards to get there. My German friend once pointed out that patriotism was the tool of his country’s very worst leader – he worried that Americans would fall for the same sort of despot who cloaked his intentions around patriotism. Now me, I know that both candidates lacked character and opted not to vote at all. When I arrived at work the next day, a jubilant co-worker of mine constantly quipped how thrilled he was that a woman was not in the white house; that is, when he wasn’t using racial slurs. Like it or not, not-progressives do have some sexists, racists, etc. people in their ranks. If you’re going to be in their camp, then getting painted by the same brush comes with the territory. If you don’t want to be guilty by association, then you have to work really hard to prove that you’re not cut from the same cloth even though you agree with some of what they say, you stand opposed to many of the things they say.

    • First, I don’t believe, for one second, that your coworker was using racial slurs at work. I’m sorry. I’d like to take you at your word, but there’s been too much outright lying going on. And I very much doubt that your co-worker would say that he was glad that a woman wasn’t president either. Especially at worker. Sexist and racist remarks are completely anathema at work these days and are criterial for getting fired. So excuse me when I raise a skeptical eyebrow at your testimony. Second, I do not have to work hard to prove anything. I am myself and have my beliefs. I have only to be myself and be judged for what I do. What kind of thing is that to say to me? As to your German friend, what kind of absurdity is that? Hitler is his burden and his guilt. He is also a uniquely European creation. Americans and American culture has no ability to raise such an individual. Sorry. It wasn’t ‘patriotism’ that brought Hitler. It was an unfair treaty (Versailles Treaty) that was signed, which caused the complete humiliation of the German People, it was the destruction of the most important economy in Europe (when the German economy was wrecked, so was France’s and England’s); it was the common platform across Europe of hating the Jews that allowed Hitler to rise to power. The policy of Appeasement allowed him to continue to rise. NONE of those kinds of conditions could possibly exist in America- we are not part of a larger continent that would put such conditions or hardships upon us. There are none who would appease us in that manner. Thus, the situations are so different as to make it ABSURD, bounding upon ASININE, to even make the comparison. People really need to read their history. Hitler rose for very particular reasons and believe me, it was NOT mere patriotism.

      So, Jamie Carter, I don’t want to be rude, but your comment is way off base. And it is a little insulting. And it is telling me that I somehow must watch what I say in order to ‘prove’ that I’m not like other Trump supporters. Listen up: I don’t believe ANY of those stories about these hate crimes being committed by Trump supporters. I believe they are being committed by people who are PAID to commit them. Just like the protesters are not real protesters. They are criminals who have been paid to protest in cities they don’t live or vote in. The people behind these efforts ARE PROGRESSIVES.

      Now, lastly, let me address the first sentence of your statement. You said, “I think that the fight between progressives and not-progressives acts as a check and balance, each side prevents the other from going too far and going off kilter. ” Jamie, this shows that you don’t know what a Progressive is. Progressivism is NOT the same as Democrat. Democrat is a party. But progressives can exist in either party. Progressivism is the ideology that would end all national sovereignties in favor of a one world government. They institute certain ‘steps’, like civil unrest through race problems, rich vs. poor clashes, etc. It’s just that the Dem. party is more closely aligned. But there are congressmen in the GOP who are most definitely part of the progressive mindset and help the movement by making wars where they are needed in order to foment domestic unrest, world unrest, etc. Both parties can play their part in leading to the end of our national sovereignty. And they are. It is the very opposite of patriotism. If you love this nation, you will absolutely kick out every progressive in this nation. They are NOT liberal democrats. Democrats are patriots too. Unfortunately, most democrat politicians have wholeheartedly also joined the progressive movement. Hillary certainly has. Remember her ‘dream’? She said that she ‘dreamed’ of a United and open Western Hemisphere. What the heck do you think she meant by that? She meant an American Union like the EU. A new currency instead of the dollar. The two American continents as one nation. Only it will be hidden and called something else. That is the first phase, but eventually, it will just be one nation. And then… eventually, it will all just merge. They just need enough Americans to hate their country enough to vote for her and her ‘dream’. Clearly, they said NO. That’s why NAFTA failed. It was part of her DREAM.

      I do hope you have learned what progressivism is vs. Democrats. The Dem Party has been utterly destroyed by the Progressives. It is NOT what it used to be when President Kennedy was alive. At all. Which is sad. That is when the two parties used to act in a way exactly as you have described. BUT NEVER say that progressives and non progressives act as a check and balance in this nation. Not so. We, the People, are in a fight for our nation against those, the Progressives, who LITERALLY want to end it as a sovereign nation. I don’t mean that in any figurative way. I mean it literally.

      • When one lives in and works in a community of barely a few hundred people in the middle of nowhere, you’d be surprised at how much people can get away with and how little oversight there is. Were I living in a city or the suburbs it might be different.
        My German friend’s point was that patriotism was one of the many tools that Hitler used to great effect in his rise to power and the ability to remain in power even as he was carrying out horrible atrocities. From – “Hitler used his own skills of oratory to appeal to the patriotism of the German people by promising to break free of the restrictions of the Treaty of Versailles.” My German friend worried that our patriotism could be used against us the same way that it was against his people – opening the door to any number of horrible consequences.
        That’s not the definition of progressive thought I know – it’s more like this: “Our approach is simple to summarize and is built upon the ideas of generations of progressives from Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin Roosevelt to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Barack Obama: everyone gets a fair shot, everyone does his or her fair share, and everyone plays by the same rules. As progressives, we believe that everyone deserves a fair shot at a decent, fulfilling, and economically secure life. We believe that everyone should do his or her fair share to build this life through education and hard work and through active participation in public life. And we believe that everyone should play by the same set of rules with no special privileges for the well-connected or wealthy.” To that end, progressives care about ending poverty, providing good education, and making sure everyone has the same opportunities as everyone else. As Martin Luther King, Jr. says – it’s not enough to play the role of the Good Samaritan helping people out who have been beaten up on Jericho Road, it’s up to us to take on Jericho Road, make it straight and level and safe so that nobody will be beaten up on it anymore.
        Would I be correct in my guess that you listen a lot to Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, and other guys in the same line of work as them? Don’t let these guys feed into fears and stoke up paranoia – there are just too many advantages in being separate countries and too many downsides to trying to unite all of them under one. Not even the old USSR is intact, it’s a number of various countries because it was too big and couldn’t be maintained. Humans are far too selfish to pull off erasing borders – besides, it’s always convenient to have some other country to blame for something or other.

      • Jamie, first, I wish your definition of progressive was true. But it’s not. Mine is. And no, I can’t stand listening to Glenn Beck or Rush. Actually, I do most of my research via reading. It’s much more thorough and cuts out all the yelling, which annoys me to no end. I don’t like raised voices. Also, t.v. stations- both ‘sides’ are owned by the exact same people- did you know that? They are owned in a clear, power sharing cartel by the richest people in the world. These people own all the banks in the world. I wrote an article about it. If you are interested in my research in that field, here it is. That being the case, one must ask ‘why’ did these people get together and decide on buying the news- ALL the American news, including movies, magazines, cable, t.v. paper, etc- in this manner? There is only one answer: to keep each other in check and to control what America and the world hears. In this way, they can also control what we think. Notice how the ‘news’ is now telling us how to think? In any case, these are the same people who created both FOX and MSNBC- if they are controlling the message in a power sharing cabal, do you really think they would send mixed messages? No. In other words, both FOX and the liberal media are sending the same message- just in different ways. So, what’s the point in relying on either if you want the truth? One has to put on the proper perspective and see through both perspectives and assume there is a THIRD perspective- and that, my friend, is the TRUTH. Fox is just the placebo for the discontented. It is to give the illusion of some control and some outlet. Some rebellion. But Fox doesn’t cover anything important- like, what is the real goal of the Progressives? Who owns all the news? And, what are the Progressives really after? You make me sad when you say that there are too many advantages to staying separate nations.

        You make me sad because I can see that you are a decent person who loves our nation. But you are being duped. Hugely. I have some proof for you that will blow you away. It blew me away. I’ve known that this has been the goal of the progressives for a very long time. I’ve been looking for it. But guess what? It has been happening RIGHT UNDER OUR NOSES and almost passed. Had Hillary been voted in, it would have happened. Our nation would have begun its swan song. The new American Union would become a reality- just as I described to you. Only, it’s called the TPP. Know what that is? It’s the Trans Pacific Partnership. It includes 12 nations: US, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Brunei, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, Chile and Peru. We would have become a big, new union- just like the EU. Probably with a new currency. And NO ONE EVER ASKED US, the voters, if we wanted this. Obama just did this all on his own. All that remains are the SIGNATURES. Can you freaking believe that?

        The ONLY reason I even know about this is because Trump said the first thing he was going to do is opt out of it. And the BBC wrote about it. Where in the world is this TPP in the USA news?? Nowhere. This is the terror I was talking about. Want to know more about this treasonous union that would end our national sovereignty? Here is the article: . I’m not your enemy or even your political opponent. I’m just a fellow citizen. I love my country and want it to stay a country. What you describe as being a ‘progressive’ is what the old fashioned ‘Democrat’ was. The word, ‘progressive’ has been insinuated into the conversation to replace the word, ‘liberal’ and/or Democrat. Believe me, they are two different animals. Progressives are using liberal ideology to achieve their goal of ending this nation. But if they need GOP thinking, they will pull those strings too.

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