Caleb’s Mother Lied And Really Needs to Apologize to Mrs. Lindsey

I deleted the contents of this article because enough is enough! ย This event was NEVER important enough to warrant a mob attack on a teacher- nor is it important enough to still be attracting people’s attention. ย Let’s leave these people alone now!ย  Everyone needs to go back to business as usual. ย oh, and Merry Christmas!



  1. This is a great article. So refreshing to see people like you that aren’t willing to just take the media for face value, instead investigating the full story. You are so right about us Christians needing to be there for her and not dishing out the hate. The poor teacher!

      • I do agree that all of this has gotten out of hand and even if she done wrong, it is still horrible the threats that people are doing. I seen you wrote this article 21 hours ago if the time is right on here. The school is NOT on lock down this week because they are on Thanksgiving break all week. I also am one that when I first saw the 13 second video I thought she was wrong but I can never imagine showing hatred because I know there are always 2 sides. I don’t know the teacher or parents but this nonsense needs to stop.

      • I would love to know where you got all of your inside information to validate your ripping this mother apart. You have nothing to substantiate your remarks and accusations. This is merely an opinion article, and I feel the video speaks for itself. I’ll continue to share the petition to have her removed, thanks.

      • Hi John, CLEARLY you didn’t read this article. Had you done so, you would have seen my source. It is another WordPress article that was written before mine. It is called ‘Dear Mrs. Lindsey Letter’ and is from a WordPress blog called, ‘Open Letters’. Please look toward the end of my article to find the link. The information in my article comes from parents and teachers who were there at the play and who attend the Nutter Fort Elementary school and who know the parties involved. Their stories match one another’s in such a close fashion as to be highly credible. That is why I believe them. So, the next time you want to accuse someone of something improper, pls. at least make sure they’ve actually done the thing you say they’ve done, hey?

      • So sorry to hear that we have parents out there that are so cruel that they would do this to a teacher. In my day things like this did not happen, I can not ever remember any parent doing anything so outrageous to a teacher, It was always the other way around, if the child did something wrong, they not only got it in school, but also at home. My granddaughter who lives in Calif saw it on the news or facebook or somewhere and sent it to me. I told her that the school was just up the street from where I lived and I was raised in this community. This is something you would hear about happening in a place like Calif. I am so glad to be able to tell my granddaughter not to always judge what she reads that there is always something more to it. Thank you for clearing this up and I hope that Mrs Lindsey get all the support she needs, Count me in.

    • I’d like to apologize to Ms. Lindsey, I posted the video and was outraged by her actions. It did indeed seem as if she was being mean. But now that I know the truth I must say I can’t blame her. I will share the truth in my fb page and I sincerely apologize. Shame on Calebs mother!!!!

      • No problem, Heather! Why not sign the petition and send her a kind word? It does directly to her and she will read all the comments. It is a way to make her feel better- nothing more. It doesn’t ‘do’ anything more than that.

  2. I’m so glad the whole story has been published. I totally understand your actions in trying to resolve the problem before it escalated into a larger problem. Hopefully, all will see the truth soon, and you will be able to continue your career peacefully.

  3. I am so sorry. ..I worked in an elementary school system for 28 years and what this teacher is going through is not acceptable. ..Mrs. Lindsey I support you 100%..may God be with you!๐Ÿ’–

  4. I am so sorry. ..I worked in an elementary school system for 28 years and what this teacher is going through is not acceptable. ..Mrs. Lindsey I support you 100%..may God be with you!๐Ÿ’–

  5. The mother of the child may have lied about a “gobble, gobble” line, but it is clear the teacher snatched up the mic and did not want him to say anything! It a child and this IS NOT A FREAKING BROADWAY show! Seriously,
    ” And he aimlessly walks around on the stage because he doesnโ€™t know what to do- of course!” are you kidding me. Who the hell wrote this letter? What EXACTLY would it have hurt if the boy was afforded a moment to comment with the other children! Clearly this is coming from a parent who has an issue and feels this child is being given special privileges. Get the hell over yourselves..the children in the play would not have cared either!

    • I wrote this ‘letter’, Madam. It’s not a matter of ‘hurting’ anyone, is it? But you are a most excellent armchair quarterback. I’m sure you are loads of fun to watch football with. I’ll bet you know everything everyone should’ve done, right? And you never make mistakes because you always see what the future holds, right? As to my comment that you quoted, I see that you didn’t read the sentence after it. What can I say? I certainly don’t feel the child was given ‘special privileges’ and I don’t have any issue with Caleb or any other child. I have a problem with people like you who seem to need to hate. You are the ones I am objecting to right now.

  6. I watched the original clipbthat was posted and it didn’t feel right. I k ow firsthand how crazy elementary shows can be and how inappropriate some parents can be and with nothing but that clip to go on, I thought it very unfair to cast blame and hatred with so little to go on. Thank you for opening a door so maybe people will stop the hate.

  7. You sound wonderful…I am a special education teacher and own a dance studio and understand the pain when a parents accuses of something that didn’t happen. I can’t imagine it being shared with the masses. Your actions and your reaction means more than anything right now. Know that there are many of us who support you. Praying for you.

  8. Do you know anything about autism? I’d highly doubt it, with that being said, your entire article was absolute garbage. The woman did the act with total malice, who cares if he didn’t have any practice?! The other kids literally said “Happy Thanksgiving” let’s get real! My brother is autistic and for you to say that family of autistic children almost feel as if they are “entitled”to things? Have you completely lost your mind? I’m 24 years old and my brother is 23, we are 13 months apart, I’m pretty experienced and knowledgeable on the subject and to be honest I don’t think you have the slightest clue. You need to do some research and watch how your mouth with the way you say things…. A sense of “entitlement” over a disablility? Are you sure you are a Christian? I’d say you know as much about that as you do autism…. Educate yourself! Autism is a horrible thing, impacts the person with the disability and the families deeply…. You don’t even know

    • Jackson, excuse me? I have to ‘watch my mouth’? And you don’t think you are speaking with entitlement right now? Just because you don’t agree with me, you think you can get all puffed up with grand indignation and talk down to me? This is exactly what I mean by entitlement mentality! I’m sorry, does having an autistic brother make you someone special that I have to ‘watch my mouth’ around? I can’t disagree with you about autism? But I can and I do. I’ve seen many comments on this and other posts that say things like, “I don’t care if the mother filled out permission slips or if she brought him to any practices! He should be able to talk into the mic as much as he likes and it’s not the mother’s fault at all! It’s all the teacher’s fault!! It’s all the school’s fault for not having every need accommodated for him and his mom’s every whim- even though she just walked in at the very last minute- the very DAY of the play and demanded that he be put in the play!!” But you are right, no families with autistic kids EVERY act entitled. And my article is complete garbage. And I had ‘better watch my mouth’ when I’m around the families of autistic kids. sorry, very sorry….

  9. I was by the teacher from day one! Teachers are not “mean” and malicious like that. It was obvious to me that he was not supposed to speak at all!

  10. I work in this school…i know Mrs Lindsay. She loves the students and we love her. Praying for peace. Thank you for investigating what many of us know already…will pass this on.

    • THANK YOU!! I want Mrs. Lindsey to know that there ARE rational people in this world. Let her know where I got the facts from for the article. Please go the link I posted in this article. There are SO many parents and teachers commenting on that article. It will warm Mrs. Lindsey’s heart to see them. Also, I hope she is aware of the petition being signed for her sake. I think it might be her friend who is doing this for her. I have been at the other end of just such a terrible mob attack. I work as a Christian conservative blogger and have been attacked like this before. My phone number and home address, were leaked to allow people to call me at home. I had, still have, someone impersonating me on Facebook who is saying hate speech in my name, with my photo, against gays, blacks, and muslims- all to ruin my reputation. I have to sue them now to get them to stop it. Facebook won’t stop them even though it goes against their policy. This person imitating me has gone onto gay sites giving out my phone number and telling gay communities that ‘I’ think God will send them all to hell and to call me, personally, so that I can ‘help’ them. They have called my house and my kids have picked up the phone!! I have endured the worst kind of mob hatred just for loving Christ and speaking the truth online. I KNOW what it feels like to be hated by the mob. For this reason, when I saw this crazy feeding frenzy, I just wanted to help. I don’t know Ms. Lindsey, but I know that NO ONE deserves this treatment. I know that she is a flesh and blood person with feelings. She has a daughter, I hear. Poor baby. I know my kids were afraid when this was happening to me. I hope she knows that these cowards would never follow through with their threats. They think that because they are behind little pictures that cover their faces, their words can’t be traced back to them. But they CAN BE. So, I hope that Mrs. Lindsey reports any real death threat to the police. it is easy as pie to track some things back via IP ADDRESS. I can see everyone’s IP ADDRESS on this site. I can almost pinpoint their exact location on earth with it! So can the police. So.. report rather than be hopeless.

      Well, give her a big hug for me. I know that a lot of teachers are liberal democrats and that I am a conservative Independent (not GOP). But in this matter, we are HUMAN BEINGS first. And I believe in human decency first and foremost. I am praying for her. smiles and love! Susan Shannon

  11. Thank you!! The parents need held accountable. Why was there no fact checking? Why did people just assume the parents’ story was accurate? Why didn’t her school board stand up for her? I’ve seen this play. I know it happens just as described by others. The hatred displayed is frightful. God help you when it’s your turn to be caught on film!!

    • I think the school board is standing up for her, aren’t they? As far as I know, they aren’t firing her or chastising her. They are standing with her. I know what you mean about being caught on tape. People love to arm chair quarterback. So easy, right?

  12. Parents of disabled kids feel entitled to special privileges? NO we don’t! But our kids have a legal right to FULL inclusion! In order to fully be included some kids need accommodations! That is NOT entitlement! The writer needs to research the following federal laws. IDEA, ADA and section 504 before saying something so ignorant and down right hateful!

  13. Just a friendly reminder to use child first and people first language. It’s not a disabled child but a child with disabilities. It’s not an autistic child it’s a child who happens to have autism. Their labels don’t define them- they are children. ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. I unfortunately shared the early post. I regret doing that. Later I had a chance to see the full tape and realized that the original one doesn’t tell the whole story. I apologize and have shared the other article as I will this one, in an attempt to to help undo the damage. Hopefully everyone can learn from this. Get all the facts before judging! Don’t believe everything you see! Research!

    • hi Barbara, no time like the present! The best thing you can do now is just send a nice, reassuring comment via the petition link I gave in the article! She gets the petition and will read every precious comment.

  15. It should be noted that the author of this article is actually a true writer who has written many times horrible things about the Connecticut shootings.
    So the child was not supposed to be there why didn’t they teacher remove him from the stage before snatching the Mic smiling.
    the first statement the superintendent gave was that it was a mistake that she grabbed it before he was able to deliver his lines. If he wasn’t supposed to give that line at the end to begin with and no one knew about it and why the hell would the superintendent even say it was a mistake to take away the mic in the first place?
    the video evidence doesn’t lie whether or not he was supposed to be in the show that day or not fact is a teacher is posted guide a student not make him look like an animal in front of everyone which was what he was she literally did not give him human respect if you don’t see this I don’t really care because you’re a troll I’ve seen your writing before and they’re literally the video evidence doesn’t lie whether or not he was supposed to be in the show that day or not fact is a teacher is posted guide a student not make him look like an animal in front of everyone which was what he was she literally did not give him human respect if you don’t see this I don’t really care because you’re a troll I’ve seen your writing before and I’m sorry but I won’t even wipe myself with them after I use the bathroom.

    • Wow. Tash. Take it easy. First, I did write about Sandy Hook. And I still believe what I wrote. Along with millions of Americans. If you bothered to educate yourself, at all, and if you cared about facts, at all, then you would find the whole Sandy Hook deal and the 23 executive orders that came from it to be one of the strangest and most devastating events in American history. If you knew or understood that the 23 executive orders completely overturned your, yes, your Bill of Rights, then you might think about Sandy Hook again. But, since you clearly haven’t bothered to pay attention in school long enough to learn how to spell, write or convey your ideas in a womanly manner, I am led to believe that you have also never bothered to pay attention to anything outside of your egotistical world. Now, there is evidence to support what I am saying in this article. That evidence is in the form of eye witness accounts from parents and teachers who attend Nutter Fort Elementary School, people who attended the play. You are entitled to your opinion, but it would be preferable and more credible to everyone concerned if you didn’t call names or attack me personally.

  16. LOL! I can’t even stop laughing. All things aside the way she snatched the microphone away and smiled/laughed while doing it was the issue. If you feel she did nothing wrong than you need to evaluate your definition of humanity. all profane or unhelpful comments will be deleted I’m fully expecting mine to disappear but don’t post something you aren’t willing to have comments that you don’t like.

    -Signed a PROUD parent of a child with Autism.-

    • Jean, I don’t feel my ‘humanity’ would be stripped just because I don’t think it is a big deal that a teacher didn’t allow an autistic child to speak out of turn into a microphone when the play was over. She set a limit. Big deal. Does that shock and disgust you about my humanity? Just because the little boy had a tantrum and got over it within a few minutes? I shrug my shoulders and say, “Oh, well.” She didn’t snatch it out of his hand. She took it before he could grab it. There is a difference. And being autistic doesn’t entitle any child to just do whatever he or she wants to do. And from what I hear from other parents with children with these conditions, these little outbursts are normal and happen often over little matters. Nothing to treat with this kind of hysteria. Certainly nothing to reward with gifts and a social media firestorm that cooks the teacher at the stake.

  17. “Voila” not wah-lah. Other than that, spot on. I rarely blindly post things like the original post that the mother made. This time was no different. As a mother myself, 8 know how much you want your child to be included in things, but this seemed a bit too far fetched. Thank you for doing the digging that many refuse to.

    • You say poe-TAE-toe, I say, poe-TAH-toe. I think you meant “I know how much” instead of “8 know how much”, but what’s a misuse of a word or number here or there as long as we get our point across, right? wink

  18. I don’t care if a permission slip was signed or not, a child should NEVER be treated that way, you do not punish a child because of stupidity of a parent, the mother and teacher was in the wrong, not the child.

    • I don’t see that he was ‘punished’. The play was over and he didn’t have a line to speak. What’s the big deal? The teacher didn’t know he would have a meltdown. The teacher didn’t know he was ‘only’ going to say ‘gobble gobble’. For all she knew, he was going to give the Gettysburg address! She needed to end the show and she did. He had already shown, three times, during the play that he wouldn’t stop talking into the mic even though he knew he wasn’t supposed to. The teacher was probably trying to stop him from potentially saying something embarrassing to himself and to everyone else. Some of the laughter at his earlier mistakes had been unkind, after all. And if her motives were kind, how can you and everyone else just lambast her with such unforgiveness in your hearts? It saddens me that you ‘don’t CARE’ about the facts, which I find quite extenuating. I care and so do many others.

  19. Mrs. Lindsey, I pray that when you are weak; He is strong. Remember that. No weapon formed against you shall prosper and every word that rises up against you shall be shown to be in the wrong. Keep looking up and keep on being a blessing.

  20. As a former student of nutter fort (I’m a junior now) the school was full of love and care. Every teacher cared. Sure we had a few incidents. But nothing like this. There is no way with all the love and compassion the teachers had for every student that this could be real. No teacher would purposely snatch a microphone. I believe she was in the right and as a student I wish her well. As Dr. Manchin said, the play was over.

    All my well wishes.

  21. Should the boy be punished because of his mothers doing or non doings? Would it really hurt to have the boy say a couple words? Is snatching something out of the boys hands necessary? Is singling the boy out necessary?

    • I don’t feel the boy was punished at all. Why not have all the kids just come up to the mic and speak afterward? How about just let them grab the mic whenever they want and say whatever they want? Why set any limits at all? Does autism mean you let a kid do whatever they want? That seems counter productive to me.

    • Is it right for all the other kids who have been to practices and learn a play and then because a mother can’t keep her sh** straight demands that her son be added the day of the was not intentionally done to the child as far as the teacher knew because of what she agreed to was he wasn’t speaking and she probably didn’t realize that’s what he wanted to do until after she took the mic..

  22. I watched that video and it did not appear to me that she snatched the microphone, just that she reached for it as he was walking up to it. Let’s not judge this woman without facts. Prayers for her safety and for peace to do her job…

  23. I saw the news, and I know she didn’t snatch it from the boy, and the news never said that she did….I still blame the teacher for doing this. I have a grandson that is autistic, and I know what bothers them and what doesn’t. She should have let him do what he was gonna do, after all, my god, it was just a school play. And I agree, if she is like this in public, how does she treat him behind her classroom door.

  24. I have sided with the teacher and have several,discussions with uninformed people,that wanted to jump,her case. This while situation shows a mob mentality,

  25. If the child disrupted the whole play, why would anyone care if he said his piece at the end? Clearly he wanted to, we denied his chance, and then proceeded to be visibly distraught over the outcome…… If the parents are less then effective, then its the schools job to help and mold these children…. revoking privileges publicly is tacky and doesnt help anyone….. Im glad someone got to the bottom of this, but the behavior ON TAPE is ridiculously uncalled for nonetheless

  26. People can be so mean, Ms. Lindsey. Don’t listen to them. There are always three sides to every story. Theirs, yours, and the truth. The people have sided with HATE! Terrible. Just know that compassion and grace still reside in the hearts of many people who choose to stand and support you instead of bash you for this craziness. You are loved. Merry Christmas, and have a wonderful, love-filled brand New Year! ๐Ÿ’œ

  27. I understand the mother lied and that is wrong. What I am wondering though is what if the teacher had just let Caleb talk into the microphone? What would that have hurt and all this would not exist. What could he have said that would have been so terrible. I still think it is a terrible image to see a teacher rush to prevent him from speaking. It is Thanksgiving after all.

    • It probably wouldn’t have hurt anything. But hindsight is 20/20. Did she know he would have that reaction? No. Did she know mom would have a hysterical meltdown and go to social media and create a firestorm of hate? no. It was a split second decision. God forbid you or others never make one of those and be video taped when you make it.

  28. This is amazing! I have spent countless hours trying to get through the hatred and threats and spread the correct info! My heart is broke for Ms. Lindsey. A split second action amongst hours of preparation and dedication completely SPOILED by attention seekers! Our teachers work so hard everyday and dedicate themselves 100% for OUR children. This has gone way too far. If nothing can change your mind then please, atleast stop and calm your emotions enough to ask yourself if the mass reaction is reasonable..the answer is no and i dont care who you are! There is no fixing it now or using it as a learning experience because the mother chose to use social media as her communication tool rather than face to face resolution. Love your teachers! They are Angels!

    • Hey, I hope there is an ‘I’m sorry” somewhere in all this. It can be fixed if people just support Ms. Lindsey in her local environment. The mob will forget her very soon. As long as her employers support her and the parents are kind to her, she will feel good. And signing this petition and putting kind comments on it can really help her. That’s why I wrote this- to get strangers to write her kind things. I want her to know that there are people ‘out here’ who can sympathise with her situation.

  29. Thank you for a great article. As a retired school employee,I want to say to Mrs.Lindsey, Keep your head above all the hatred comments. You are dedicated to the safety and love to all children, not just a few. People need to know the facts before passing judgement. I wish you well and continue with educating our future leaders..

  30. I’m going to be honest and admit I read about two thirds of this and had to stop because of all the stupid.

    First, BEFORE this became viral Caleb’s dad posted this video to an autism speaks site asking what he could do. BEFORE this was a story, dad talked about how excited Caleb was to say, gobble gobble

    Second, not allowing the little boy to be in the play is probably worse than yanking the microphone away. Really not a good defense of that beast

    Third, do other parents keep a pre-made turkey costume on hand in case an emergency play pops up? I don’t. Let’s use common sense

    And fourth, wah-lah is not a word. It’s viola. It’s French. This entire article is stupid from beginning to end

    • Kate, you are a TYPICAL hater. I love how you admit that you didn’t bother READING the article. Basically, you DON’T CARE ABOUT FACTS. What you love most is your anger. And who are you to correct my grammar or word choices? Perhaps you should check yours first? Caleb was never ‘prevented’ from being in the play. But unless you think the school should round up every kid with a disability and force them to be in every event the school offers, I believe the correct process for any school would be to simply make every event OPEN to every kid. And IF a kid wants to be in an event, then the parents simply NOTIFY the teacher in charge that their kids WANTS to be in it, right? Doesn’t that make more sense, dear? I think so. Now. Caleb’s mom never made such an announcement of interest so… no one even knew Caleb was interested, see? Understand? No? Well, that’s probably because you failed to READ this article or any other article about this event. Isn’t that the ‘stupid’ in the room? If you don’t believe the facts of the case, I did provide the source for my facts- but since you didn’t READ the article, you never got to that point, now DID YOU?

    • We make turkey, indian, and pilgrim hats for our kids to wear during lunch. Perhaps he made one and Mrs. Lindsey had another teacher go get it from her room so he would not be the only one without a costume.

  31. I didn’t hear the part of the gobble gobble just saw as the child was in waiting the whole time then the mic being taken and to the public it did look really bad.. the mother should have went to the principal and no social media I have a special needs daughter whom was treated pretty poorly after going to the school board and the state in just got worse and only recently have been trying to fb to document where and when and how the mother shouldn’t have expected special treatment if only she could have walked in my shoes the last 2 year she wouldn’t have been so quick to call wolf and death threats praying the teacher would get raped who thinks of stuff like that

  32. Teaching is a service for The Kingdom of God! ” This too shall pass”! Keep your head up mama! Much love and prayers your way!!

  33. I, myself, jumped to stone her, and for that, I sincerely apologize! Please forgive me Mrs. Lindsey, and know that God is with you and your family, although it may not seem so..Love and prayers to you and your family! God bless!

    • Hey, we all make mistakes, Julie! So did I! I felt angry at first, but something made me stop. Mostly the awful things people were saying! I just didn’t want to be in that crowd. You can help just by sending something nice to say via the petition. It goes to her personally. I’ll bet she will read every one of them and treasure them in her heart. Each one of the violent comments coming her way stabs like a knife. And God forbid her little girl can read them!

  34. Thankful that this was published because as a special ed teacher I knew there was more to what that video showed. I cannot legally share all the horror stories of parents not the children we deal with. This teacher did not deserve what she’s been put through….bravo for helping set it straight.

  35. I am so sorry this is happening to you. I pray you and your family can find a few days of peace and enjoy this holiday season. Thank you for all you do for your students and parents. Fellow teachers support you!

  36. I hope as an educator you don’t give up if you touch one child heArt and make a difference in their life you are a great teacher. My daughter is a teacher and I know first hand how easy it is to blame the teacher and the parents not take any responsibility.

  37. I watched the video and it is plain to see that the teacher did NOT snatch the microphone away from him.
    She only removed it from the stand.
    My sons both work with children who have special needs and you can’t let them just do what they want. Especially on stage. One of the girls at the camp that they work at will completely strip during her performance on stage during the talent show if someone doesn’t stop her.
    This is a case of parenting gone wrong. This mother seems to be embarrassed by her child and she is taking it out on the teacher through social media. She knew exactly what would happen.
    The sad part is…the teacher, her family, and Caleb have to pay the price. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ
    This entitlement mentality is out of control!

    • Thanks, Lisa. I have heard that from so many parents with children with autism. They are the first ones to say that their kids need structure and preparation time for these sorts of events.

    • Being a mom to children on the spectrum I have rules and expectations for them like any other children. They are not granted special privileges and if I did not sign a permission slip for a play I would not ask them to be put in it on the day of the play, because they need to know what to expect. I was one of the angry mob who saw part of the video without knowing the whole story and my heart broke for the little boy. Now, knowing the truth, I have nothing but remorse for being angry at the wrong person. I agree it is parenting gone wrong and it looks like mom was setting things up to get sympathy and to create a hostile environment. The teacher was only doing her job; if she said he would get no lines because he did not participate in practices, then he should get no lines.

  38. You apparently don’t see through the same eyes as many others….. And on that note…. This Christian mother will say God Bless….. Instead of the other things that should be said…..

    • Well, Jesus stood quite alone when they crucified him. He also said that the road to hell was well paved and MANY are on it while the path to heaven was hidden, covered with bushes and VERY FEW were on it. I would rather see what the few see than see what the many see. Jessica, I will accept your blessing from God, although I fear you meant quite the opposite.

      • Can I get witness in that Little Rebel! Love how “Christians” like to tell you how much they think you’re wrong and they have so much more to say but they’ll leave it at ” God Bless” …. bananas!!! Say what you’re thinking!!! God already knows what’s in you’re heart ( or what’s not in your heart )

  39. I am so glad that you wrote this article to clarify the situation. I have met too many people who for one reason or another feel entitled, that the world owes them. The mother should have known better than to have placed get son in that situation. Kudos to you

  40. Hang in there! The truth is coming out and people will see. Teachers get so little respect and they deserve so much. And social media just aggravates the problem. Well, this time social media has spoken the truth and is helping us to post our support of good teachers. Keep it up.


  42. May you find solace in knowing that your heart was in the right place. People are cruel and always will be. We have to be strong and do what we feel is right. As a teacher is West Virginia as well, I am praying for you, your family, and your school family to find peace from this hateful world. Remember who you are and all the good you have done for our future generations.

  43. Special privileges? Yes, children with special needs do need special privileges sometimes. There are things they need, or need things done in a certain way. We don’t know why she didn’t sign the permission slip. She has a child with a disability so she probably had sooooo much going on and it completely slipped her mind. She may have told him he could say Gobble Gobble because it’s one of the few words he can say in which people can understand. It wasn’t necessary for the teacher to say he could be in the play but have no lines. Why not let the child say gobble Gobble, and saying it isn’t fair to the other kids is insane. The child has a disability, special privileges need to be made. I agree social media went to far, but the teach totally handled it wrong.

      • Rebel, Your article is sad to me I feel bad for the teacher , yes, but to put the blame on the Mom is irresponsible of you. You obviously do not know what it’s like to have a child on the spectrum and you just want for him to have the same experiences as his peers. That was just a little school play, they were not on Broadway. Was Caleb REALLY going to cause that much of a problem by saying Gobble Gobble? Again, I feel bad for the teacher when it comes to all the ugliness she is receiving, I personally feel worse for the child who is just that, a child. The way she snatched that mic and turned around so quickly just looked rude and dismissive. Caleb is still the one I feel bad for.. You kind of seem like you are the one that should’ve been in the play, you obviously like the drama. jMO

  44. Everyone believes teaching is the easiest job. Gosh, there are 3 months vacation, your day ends at 3:00, you get every holiday off. Just like people believe that since they were once a student they are automatically qualified to judge a teacher. Mrs. Lindsey, I have been in your position and it was extremely painful…for me, my family, my character, my reputation. Fortunately it was BEFORE social media. I can’t imagine the level of stressed you are experiencing, considering how I felt when just the local community was involved. I am sorry for the personal attacks on you, but please trust me when I assure you this will pass. Painfully, slowly, awkwardly, but it will pass. I wish you the strength of 1,000 horses in the meantime. Stay strong.

  45. Having been a principal for 25 years, I’ve seen this happen time and again. Nobody stops to check facts, talk to kids or others who saw or heard what happened. It’s easier to jump on the bandwagon and blame the teacher, the administration, the whole school if necessary, even if the facts don’t support the accusations. This teacher should sue her for libel and harassment. If a few educators would do it, it might stop some of the ridiculous accusations parents make. But then, consider who you’re dealing with and know it isn’t worth your time.

    • Hi Jane, people always think you can sue for defamation or libel just because someone said something bad about you and others taunt you about it. But unless you accuse someone of a crime, there is no defamation. And you have to prove financial or physical loss to get anything out of it. So, only if this teacher were fired as a direct result of this would the teacher have any chance. At least, that is my understanding.

  46. If the child disrupted the whole play, why would anyone care if he said his piece at the end? Clearly he wanted to, was denied his chance, and then proceeded to be visibly distraught over the outcome…… If the parents are less then effective, then its the schools job to help and mold these children…. revoking privileges publicly is tacky and doesnt help anyone….. Im glad someone got to the bottom of this, but the behavior ON TAPE is ridiculously uncalled for nonetheless

    • Hi Sean, since when is it the school’s job to ‘mold these children’? My goodness. I pray to God that it is never the school’s official job to mold my children- ever. It is the school’s job ONLY to educate my children. It is the parent’s job to mold and teach morality to the children. The schools need to stay out of their lives otherwise. They must uphold the laws and teach civic duty, I suppose, but ‘mold’? no. But I think I know what you’re trying to say here. Many people feel that this teacher was mean. But I think the facts surrounding the event perfectly explain her actions. In that light, I see her actions as pragmatic and perhaps even necessary. She didn’t know what he would say. Hindsight is always 20/20 and it is always easy to armchair quarterback. She made a slit second decision and it’s not fair to say what you would have done if it were you. (like so many are doing). It might ‘look’ mean, but it wasn’t. And it doesn’t make sense to say, “Hey, he was so disruptive, just let him be disruptive to the end.” It makes sense to try to prevent a worsening situation. Again, the teacher had no idea what he was going to say or do. So, she ended the play- as it was meant to be ended. He wasn’t punished. And from my understanding from parents of autistic kids, they can have these small outbursts quite often and quite easily and get over them in a few minutes. And from eyewitness accounts, he was just fine a few minutes later. In fact, he was happy and playing. Were it not for Mom’s hysterics, this would have blown over with no ill effect in a matter of minutes.

  47. I think that is all true in the fact of the hatred, but she didn’t have to snatch the mike. She could’ve walked onto the stage and helped the child down and explained to Caleb it’s not his turn to speak. If she was, as you put it, protecting him from something that should’ve been discussed beforehand. If the child had no speaking part than an aid should’ve been on stage to help Caleb to do follow directions. I myself am a parent to not just one, but two kiddos on the spectrum, it is not necessary to snatch a mike out of their reach for any reason.
    On a professional stand point sure maybe she made a bad judgment but her body language and seeing her purposefully waiting til the last child spoke then snatching the mike and not only that,but turning her back on Caleb while never even speaking to him, doesn’t prove or show to me she had much respect for the child. If she had that relationship as you state she does with him then she should’ve taken him off the stage not snatched the mike, knowing that she’s worked with him before she knew that would also cause a tantrum, not a brat one, but one that many on the spectrum deal with on a daily basis.
    Caleb deserved to know his parameters and what is expected of him. Clearly, that is not something he understood and since they knew beforehand he wasn’t speaking then there should’ve been supports there to ensure he was accommodated properly. I’m only here to defend the child the adults have to make their own decisions.
    No, I don’t think that hate speech is necessary but there is certainly a better way to handle the situation. This is something that should’ve been discussed properly. It seems to me to be poor management on both parties side but unfortunately Caleb was getting the raw deal. I can sympathize that the teacher made a poor decision but she never turned around to console the child or even acknowledge his feelings which any parent would do. The least she could’ve done is told him Caleb were all done or something to that effect. Kids whether off or on the spectrum are told to use their words all the time. If we ask our kids to use their words then the adults need to as well.
    I hope that this situation can be handled properly and in the future if the play needs to be a certain way then either tell the parent no or make sure you can accommodate the child properly. Communication is key with everyone and it’s time we all used our words properly.

    • KW, how do you know that the teacher didn’t speak to Caleb or comfort him afterward? I certainly don’t. In any case, with mom bawling like that, who knows what could have happened after the play? Witness accounts say that Caleb was just fine only minutes after the tantrum. And like I said, the mom demanded that Caleb be put into the show on the day of the show. So all this accommodation you are talking about would have been quite difficult to put into place. Furthermore, I think it would have been difficult to ‘talk ahead of time’ about all the things you are talking about if his mom just asked to put him in the show on the day of the show, don’t you? Hindsight is 20/20. Also, I don’t know if this teacher is his classroom teacher. I don’t know if she even knew he was autistic. All I know is that a short video like that can be terribly misinterpreted by anyone. I don’t think ending the play when it was meant to be ended is wrong. Autistic kids need boundaries like any other kid. Are you saying otherwise?

      • You said in the article that she was his favorite teacher and they had a good relationship so surely she knows he’s autistic.

      • I have a special needs child, and she has participated in a few plays and talent shows.

        When the kids go to rehearsal and are able to run through the program many many times, this type of thing doesn’t happen.

        In the 6 or 7 programs my child has been in, there hasn’t ever been a mishap because there are extra hands and extra teachers to redirect the students who need redirection.

        Had he gone to rehearsal and had his parents signed the papers, they could have made adaptations, set him up with a partner to help.

        None of these provisions can be made and accommodations cannot be made if they don’t have any idea that child will be in the show.

        I feel badly for the teacher and the student, and I believe the mother seems to have a sense that because of his diagnosis, this gives HER the right to force her son into things regardless of rules.

        It’s a sad situation indeed.

      • I think you’re being perfectly reasonable. I have a son with special needs, not autism. He needs boundaries maybe even more than some kids. And because for the first 16 years of his life he had them he is a well-functioning wonderful child he’s getting straight A’s and gets complemented wherever he goes. Had I made excuses for everything he did, I don’t know if you would have gotten that far. I know it different children need to be handled it differently. However, no matter what, foundries are good for every child.

      • If she meant no harm and it was an honest misunderstanding why is it not one site has had words from her. Staying quiet in regards to the reaction this recieved points towards guilt. While i agree her number being posted and death threats are harsh for her action i do think a simple apology would have gone a long way. Why defend someone that has no interest in even defending herself.

      • This coming from a person named, Anonymous? Oh, the irony. This teacher (and I, for that matter) sticks her neck out every day to the public. She shows her face, tells her name and shares her heart with countless people whom she knows very little. She takes that huge risk every day. Why do you think she does that? Either she is making a killing or she really loves kids. I would say it is number 2 because, as a whole, while teachers made a decent salary, they aren’t rolling in the buckaroos either. I don’t know if you have kids (I do), but they are the most challenging job you can ever have. I used to be an international management consultant and people paid me absurd amounts of money for my opinion. But I can attest, with absolute conviction, that caring for and teaching children is the most challenging and difficult job I have ever had. Their salary can’t be why they teach. They love the kids. AND they reveal themselves to the public, which puts them at the exact kind of risk that can bring terrible consequences as this teacher is now experiencing. If this teacher took her college education and selfishly served herself in a different career, she would never be exposed like this. Instead, she took a lower paying job and took the risk. But you, who comes here saying her silence implies ‘GUILT’ (as if she murdered someone) can’t even show your face or even your name just to leave a measly comment on a public post. How cowardly are you? I mean, really? What does your anonymity say about your guilt? Let me explain something about why this teacher is probably silent. The superintendent of her school has already given a public statement to the press. Guess what? That’s it. She probably has been utterly forbidden from saying a single word more to anyone publically. And that, sir, is why she is quiet. So you can wait till pigs fly in an icy hell before you will hear this teacher speak further on this situation. It just won’t happen. Not if she values her job. Is that fair to her? Of course not! But people like you will judge her nonetheless. While you hide behind your anonymity. And cowardice.

      • I was very happy to read your article showing more of the whole story rather than the biased clip from the original post! I myself was guilty of the judgement (minus the hate and threats) shown by most after seeing the original video and article. Im reading through all the comments and now I find myself not understanding how so many people can be bashing you for simply trying to show more of the story, and absolve this poor teacher of all the hate directed her way unfairly.
        However…you had me up until your comment in the reply to KW, above ” Also, this teacher is not his teacher. I donโ€™t know if she even knew he was autistic.”

        Now Im terribly confused….didnt you state in your article that
        “Mrs. Lindsey and Caleb have a very special relationship at school- she is one of Calebโ€™s favorite teachers! She spends extra time with him compared to other teachers- he hugs her and runs to her. She is a favorite for many parents and students.”

      • Ah. I see the confusion. I changed my comment. I was just typing too fast. I meant, ” I don’t even know if she is his classroom teacher.” All I know is about this ‘special relationship’ another teacher spoke about in the comment section of the other article. She described the hugs and the running together and such. But I don’t know if Ms. Lindsey is his math or english or whatever teacher. Those are details I have no idea about. They are irrelevant to this discussion.

      • I am a special ed teacher and this video has bothered me since I saw it. Something was off to me because as a teacher I know what my kids are doing especially during music programs involving autistic children. They practice and know what their doing. Music teachers put in a lot of hard work into their programs. If he was never at practice then he didn’t have a part so clearly she was getting the microphone just like she had done at every practice since the beginning. Teachers get a bad wrap and of course since it’s a special needs child this story is getting more press than it should.

      • I’m sorry for all of the foul and vile and cruel things that are being said toward you and about you, this was completely taken out of contexts and you deserve the right to have your life back after a vicious mother was only wanting attention and pity, which is completely ruthless when using her disabled son for any reason to gain that “light”. Please, wake up in the morning look in the mirror & say I am beautiful, I am independent, I am strong, I am an uplifting person & I am a GREAT MOTHER & TEACHER! You, yourself can take your life back, but it starts with you accepting what has happened and putting into a positive thing no matter how hard it seems, if not for you, do it for your daughter & students! Most love! I hope you wake up and have an incredible day! Never forget your WORTH!

      • Kids with autism most definitely need boundaries! I have a kiddo on the spectrum, and you know what, if he was told ahead of time that he wouldn’t be speaking, then I would certainly expect that HE WOULD NOT BE SPEAKING. Even if that made him sad. I want him to grow up to his fullest and most functioning potential–I want him to be able to have a job, go to school, be a part of the community as much as possible, and a huge component of that is being able to follow rules and respect boundaries. When my little guy is sad, or disappointed, it breaks my heart. But I have to think beyond the moment for him, and I have to think about others who will be affected by child’s actions as well.

    • Well stated KW. Sometimes a picture tells the story more than words. Neither the mother or teacher acted responsibly in this situation.

    • I agree! The video played for quite a while after the incident and the teacher made no attempt to go to Caleb at all. Even worse, I didn’t see his mother go to console him either! The poor thing just stood there, crying, while everyone else went on with their business. I believe the teacher did this as a way of “showing” the mother that she can’t just allow her son to do whatever he wants by saying gobble gobble. Unfortunately, Caleb was in the middle of the “adults” acting like children. If he, according to some, was disruptive throughout the entire play, what difference would it have made to allow him to say the two little words that would have given him so much joy??? You sound way too intolerant of children with special needs, imo

      • Debra, question: how did the teacher know what he was going to say? And please, don’t judge me or presume to know how I feel about special needs children. I am simply defending a human being from the onslaught of the MOB. I would protect you or anyone else too. This is not about autism. This is about the MOB going crazy without facts and enjoying themselves as they ravish another human being as if she were merely a cartoon character. So, please don’t try to do the same to me.

    • You said Caleb should have known what was expected of him and that he needed supports in place. He would have known EXACTLY what his part was if his mother would have bothered to bring him to a single practice. Instead he was laughed at because he bumbled around and that is on his mommma. His mother should be the one to say, I failed you. I’m too lazy (or busy or better than everybody else) and i didn’t do what I was supposed to. Your teacher is nice and will let you be on stage, but you don’t have a speaking part because of me. It is NOT on the teacher to provide support to a last minute addition to the play. That’s on his momma, too.

    • You said it in your response: “which any parent would do.” This child is ultimately his Mother’s responsibility. She should have been the one to make sure Caleb understood what his part in the program consisted of. Especially since she she is the one who didn’t make sure he attended any of the practices.

  48. People need to get the whole story before jumping the gun. Now this teache is suffering. My thoughts and prayers for this poor teacher

  49. I personally do not like the way people attack anyone on social media. Names and pictures of people who have possibly made a mistake or committed a wrongful act should not be posted. It’s one thing to share your story and your pain, in hopes of educating others. It’s another to put names and faces with those stories and cause outrage. Intentionally using someone’s name or picture on social media and causing outage might cause someone to commit suicide. We have no idea what they are going through.

    While I like that someone is sharing another side to this story, this article is just as shameful and does exactly what you’re preaching this mom did. Why? You’re attacking the mother, and the most important questions are still left unanswered. Why did the teacher respond this way? Is it possible the teacher knew the child may throw or damage the microphone and it was a quick reaction? . . . . Why did the parent wait until the day of the program to demand her child be put in the program? Is it possible the child was excluded from participating in the program and the mom found out last minute? . . . . . Is it possible the child was excluded from participating in other activities at the school? . . . . .

    I appreciate anyone’s willingness to stand up for another human being. However, before you start calling the mom a liar, you might want to get both sides of the story. My intent is not to make anyone feel bad. I am just as guilty of using poor judgement on fb to vent concerns, outrage, etc. etc., so I’m in no place to judge. However, I think we could all learn a lesson from the mistakes made here. We need to stop using people’s faces and names in stories. Sharing a story of someone’s sins and mistakes on fb is equal to a public stoning. We may not be inflicting physical wound but we could inflict emotional wounds that cause a person to commit suicide. I am a mother of three children with disabilities. While the videos that have been floating around upset me. I don’t believe this teacher should be publicly humiliated. I also don’t believe the parents should. We’re all capable of mistakes and bad judgment.

    There are two sides to this story, and from where I stand neither side is without fault. This would be a great opportunity for this school and the parents to work together and fight against exclusions of students with disabilities and the problems of social media.

    • Hi Jill, I see what you are saying, but since this story involves individuals, there is no way for me to write about it without pointing out individuals. Have you noticed that I didn’t use Caleb’s mother’s name? I did that for a reason. I am trying to protect her privacy. Certainly more than she protected her own privacy when she chose to post this story herself. My response to her own postings can’t violate her privacy since she violated first. So, I can’t agree with you on that one. But normally, I am very conscious of naming individuals on my blog. And even this article made me somewhat uncomfortable. I was as careful as I could be. As to the facts, I had to present what was known in order to defend the teacher. That isn’t the same as what this mother did- I have to differ with you. How can you possibly say that I need to ‘get the facts?’ I am trying to present the counter argument- the other side of the story- to what the mother presented. Her side has already been presented. I linked to her side of the story- I didn’t leave it out. Then, I added the rest of the story as told by those who were witnesses to the situation. I can’t see how that is the same as what the mother did or what the social media ‘mob’ is doing. I am not calling her names, wishing her death or in any way, wishing her harm. I am stating that she was dishonest- and I still believe she was. I didn’t call her a ‘liar’. I said she lied. There is a difference. One denotes your moral character, the other denotes a one time action. And I clarified in my article that I meant she was being ‘disingenuous’ in her post.

      If we see someone being unfairly beaten up, good people MUST stand up and defend them. But here you are saying, “Don’t defend them. That’s wrong. You might hurt the feelings of the bully who started the beating.” I’m sorry, Jill, I just can’t agree. My intention, I think, is clear. I, in no way, called on vigilante action against the mother. But I did assign responsibility in her direction and away from the teacher and I did call on people to stop the harassment. I also called on people to send the teacher some compassion. I am not ashamed of any of that.

      • Thank you for responding. Let me say again, I do appreciate that you’re standing up for another person. We all deserve to have people on our side. Your reasons are valid and admirable. As a parent who’s children have been excluded at times by society, I can also say the parents reactions were valid and understandable. A parent who finds out their child was excluded from a performance that all of their peers were allowed to participate in may demand the school put the child in the play a the last minute. If that child was left out, he deserved to be there.

        It’s hard not to react when a parent feels their child is wronged. Not only that, parents of children with disabilities aren’t given a handbook on how to appropriately and professionally handle these issues. We learn from our mistakes. Unfortunately, there are also agencies that misguide families on handling these issues. They take advantage of situations like this and encourage families to go public. My point is that we don’t know all of the circumstances surrounding this story and you did not present facts.

        Just as the video doesn’t clearly represent all the facts. Rumors are not facts and you haven’t proven the mother is a liar. There is only proof of another side to the story. I truly believe you are a very talented writer and your words can clearly have an impact on others. Please use those talents wisely.

      • Hi Jill, and I can see that you are a very kind hearted person who is speaking from your own pain and experiences. But I don’t think this was the case here. Her child was never excluded. The mother just never signed him up and wanted him to be in it at the last moment. It appears that this is a very well loved teacher. I agree that the written word is powerful, which is why I wanted to present the other side of the story. Perhaps my title seems a bit too powerful for you, but I needed to get the attention of the mob in order to stop its attack on Mrs. Lindsey. In my article, I clarified that I meant she was ‘disingenuous’. She left out a whole lot of information when she made her accusations. Is that a lie? Well, it is a lie of omission. But titles don’t allow for that kind of generalization. They call for brevity, don’t they? Listen, Jill, I want what’s best for Caleb, for his mother, for the school, for all the kids, and for Ms. Lindsey. I am not interested in starting an attack on the mother. Nor will you see me condone one on my page. I try to handle my page responsibly. Pray for me that I will continue to do so.

      • Perfect…everything you said was perfect! TY for standing up for what is right. I am sick over what has been done to the teacher. May God turn this whole situation around for her good and His favor be upon her. God Bless!

    • I understand your concern but I am more concerned now with reading both sides, that all children will suffer. Now more teachers will forgo plays or activities because this could happen to any of them. That the parents refuse to answer questions about the whole story and only posted a small segment of the video in the beginning and didn’t tell the why the child didn’t have a speaking part. So did the exclude this to make the story more interesting? Yes both sides have small blame but in truth the teacher should have not allowed the child to be a part of the play but then we take the compassion out. My opinion is these parents are making it harder for my son with autism to excel. She wants equal treatment but different rules, the exact thing I don’t want my son to think. I want him to know if he wants the same thing he must work just as hard and usually harder to achieve the goal. No matter the story they posted this before taking any other action(talking to the school, teacher, his advocate or social worker) they wanted a reaction not a solution and if the teacher had been wrong she would’ve been dismissed, instead she’s threatened, ALL of the students are suffering and how will this boy be received from his peers if they associate the reaction with this boy? As a parent we protect our children. They could’ve privately messaged advocate groups, asked advice from friends or a support group but they unleashed a video demanding something be done . Well something was done and now they must see it through including any and all negative reactions

      • My dear, what a wonderful, balanced comment. I can see that you are a parent who truly thinks and cares about her child. You think into the future and understand the idea of consequences. You are a wise woman. I am not interested, in the least, in punishing the mother. I hope that everything will settle out peacefully for everyone. I truly believe that apologies go a long way and that it’s never too late. My only fear is that if the parents took such an unwise path and didn’t call for peace with it went so wrong on social media, will they be the sort to apologize or even reach out in order to peacefully move forward? I don’t think you must worry about your son. This one instance can’t change everything for everyone. I think most people can see that this is a situation created by one or two people, not be a group of people. I have no doubt, with your level headedness and your wisdom, that your child will always be in safe and capable hands!! God bless you, Much love, Susan

    • The mother needs to be held accountable. Sometimes mothers with special needs children want them to be treated as any other child but when it happens they get their entitlement hat on and go into a tantrum. Thank you for posting the truth. That mother should be sued for defamation and harassment.

      • Hi Lailia, I didn’t write this to go after the mother, but to support Mrs. Lindsey. If you want to do that, you can sign the petition I linked to and write her a nice comment. I have no doubt she will read and treasure every one of them! smiles!

    • As I watched the video and read the article posted by the mother, my immediate thoughts were that we were only getting one, very unbalanced side of the story. I said so in the comments. I was not the least bit surprised to find out that the complete story was quite different. Being a teacher of 34 years, I do not find the mother’s actions and untruths hard to believe. Of course she wanted him involved, but did not do what she needed to do in order for him to be successful. She set him up for failure, then blamed it on the teacher. Very sad indeed.

  50. My husband was in Bridgeport yesterday getting our car worked on and while he waited was talking to a lady who knows you. She was telling him how kind you are and how much all this has hurt you. We both are so sorry. I will never understand why some folks feel such a need to lash out and hurt others, especially those they don’t know or even know the truth about a suitation. We pray peace for your mind and soul and your family. God Bless you๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ

    • Again, someone who understands nothing about those with special needs. Before ypu publish something, really think. I have no idea of that mom lied or not, and honestly regardless the whole this has been blown massively out of proportion. However, the section of your article says that parents of kids with special needs are wanting special treatment for their kids while not wanting them to be treated different is ignorant. Sometimes in life you are given what you need in order to do what many others around you can do.

      • why is it ignorant? I didn’t say say parents with special needs kids all want this exclusive treatment. But I do think this can happen. But sometimes, even worse things can happen than just wanting extra privileges. What I have seen has been demonstrated in full color in this comment section. Just defending a teacher from the mob and giving testimony about what the mother of this child did before the play has brought sheer hatred upon my person from those who have kids with autism! Why should that be? It’s as if people with autistic or special needs people in their lives DETEST others who don’t. Or, if we say anything negative or contrary to what they want to hear, they hate our very beings. Is that right? I call that a defensive overreaction that needs to be checked at the door. No one likes walking on eggshells. No one. If you want people to treat your kids like every other kid, then let them! But don’t make them afraid to deal with your kid altogether! Just think how many teachers are now terrified of giving plays and having autistic kids in them after this debacle on social media! How many teachers would rather just cancel all their plays then have this possibly happen to them! Is that what you want to happen? I think that you need to think before publishing all these truly, truly hateful comments to these teachers and calling for their heads on spikes. Why should they work with your kids if this is your reaction? You will scare them all away. People can only take so much abuse. And people can only walk on eggshells for so long. People want to feel comfortable in their interactions. Fear is uncomfortable. Everyone loves kids. It’s natural. You need to stop being so spikey and raw. That’s my opinion.

  51. Some people are so desperate for attention that they are willing to ruin another’s life to get it. Being a mother of a special needs child, I know how rough it can be. I also know that teachers are so scrutinized and regulated that it really doesn’t matter what works for the child, if it’s not in the prescribed strategy it cannot be done.

    • Know you are in my prayers and I posted what this mother said I am so sorry please for give me, we need more loving and caring teachers like you GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY

  52. How do you know she told her son to say “gobble gobble” maybe it was his idea to add to the play. While you make some valid points about it being the mother’s fault he didn’t know what to do because he was gracefully included at the last minute, and the fact that she isn’t trying to stop the attack on Ms. Lindsey, you’re doing just as bad by making up stuff that you think happened. And I’m still not sure snatching a microphone away was the best course of action.

    • It doesn’t matter if mother or son ‘thought it up’, does it? The fact is, she knew he was going to say it, which means she and he decided it ahead of time. And it’s obvious that they didn’t clear it with the teacher, right? So, I’m not ‘making it up’. The evidence is obvious. And the word, ‘snatching’ is something that is continually used to describe what happened. She took the microphone from the stage before Caleb could grab it. This is true. But I still give her the benefit of the doubt. Why not? Just because the child cried and the mother went into hysterics because of it? A child crying is always something that might break our hearts. But adults must look what happened before calling for the head of the person who ‘made’ the child cry. Have you ever ‘made’ your child cry? I’ll bet you have. I have. But I was doing what was right for them. I was protecting them. I was guiding or teaching them. And sometimes, I was just tired or mad and imperfect. And I had to apologize later. What I don’t understand is why YOU feel the need to skewer this teacher. Why? Don’t you see the MOUNTAIN of complaints and ugliness ALREADY sent her way? Why, then, must YOU add to it? If you love people so much, as you claim to love this child, then WHY are you so cruel to this teacher? Hasn’t she been punished adequately for her terrible, terrible action of taking a mic away from a child? Her life has been threatened many times. Her phone number has been published online and weirdos have called her house, yelling at her. Her daughter has been frightened. her workplace has been locked down due to security threats. People have wanted to rape her with the microphone. People have called her every ugly name a woman can be called. People have wished physical beatings upon her. So, THAT’S NOT ENOUGH FOR YOU??? You just want to add just a little more? I ask you, WHY?

      I ask every mob person here, WHY? You need to ask yourselves, WHY must I add to all this? What is wrong with me? I don’t think you will like your answer. You need a good look in the mirror. The intent of this article is NOT to skewer the mother. It is to protect a woman from sheer insanity. Now, you who still want to attack, GO HOME in peace and have a nice Thanksgiving.

  53. I noticed you say it “appears” meaning there could be more information proving your theory wrong… Where did you get this info? I don’t feel her life should be ruined but I do think she was wrong in this.

    • When I first saw this story I watched the video. The video did not seem to support the story line in the article much. The teacher wasn’t even looking at the children when she retrieved the microphone, let alone “snatched it” out of the child’s hands like the article I had read claimed. And about halfway through this post the writer states where all the additional information is coming from.

    • I do have experience with mentally challenged children. Lots of it. They do have rights. They do have special needs in classrooms that we need to meet. They are beautiful and loving, just like their classmates. They do NOT have the right to infringe on the rights of others, and there are times they need to be removed from the situation. And there ARE some parents that do not believe this. Not all, but some. If the mother wanted him in the play she should have signed the permission slip and taken him to practices.

  54. I still think it was uncalled for the way the teacher snatch the mic. Maybe she needs retraining on how to be more sincere and understanding of dtudents in general. I glad she got fire! She is undoubtfully not in the right job. I could care less about permissioN slips and all that crap work with ESE students. still

    • Um, first, if you work with students, you need to learn how to read and write. Second, you DO need to care about rules. Our society runs on rules- they are called ‘laws’ and one day, these children, especially high functioning children, will live as adults in this society that has rules and laws. If you don’t train kids to respect the rule of law in the home and at school, then they will struggle in adult life. That is just common sense. Anyone who thinks it is compassion to allow ANY child to just do whatever they want is a child themselves. And they certainly should not be working with children with special needs. That is my opinion.

  55. I agree with you completely!! Parents need to decide whether they want their children treated equally or special. I was at a meeting for a youth organization where I had provided the evenings snacks. I had to tell several children it wasn’t snack time yet and they needed to wait. Then an autistic child walks up, I ask him to wait just like I did the other children and suddenly his mother and the leader of the organization are down my throat. He’s hungry, just let him have it. Are you kidding me? Why don’t we just let all kids do whatever they want. I stood my ground and made him wait just like everyone else! I have no idea how to be around parents like that. Do you want me to treat your kid the way I treat all the others or do you want me to allow him special privileges because he is disabled? What do I do?

  56. Thank you for getting the facts out there. Communication is important in a parent teacher realtionship. The mom should have communicated to the teacher about what part he wanted. Ms. Lindsey seems like a great teacher and defintely does not deserve the treatment she ia getting.

  57. I won’t disagree that it’s possible that the child’s mother is acting entitled. This happens a LOT. But the teacher still didn’t act with much grace. What would have been wrong with her joining him up on stage, gently taking the microphone and giving him a little pat on the back while she thanked parents for attending? Nothing and the entitled mother wouldn’t have any ammunition to post this on social media. She doesn’t deserve the hate she is getting but she isn’t totally blameless either.

    • Don’t you think that you are doing a bit of hindsight 20/20 there? And don’t you think that your input is unnecessary to the situation? Why join the rabid mob who you can see is injuring a human being? THAT is my question to you? If this is your ONLY critique of this teacher, why add it to the avalanche of cruel criticism she is already suffering? Don’t you think she has had enough? This is what I don’t understand. You SEE the comments. Yet, you want to ADD to them. Why? You talk about cruelty to a person (a child) and yet, you completely IGNORE the gross, disgusting, EXTREME cruelty being done in the name of KINDNESS??? to a teacher? Isn’t that hypocritical? And then, you ignore the cruelty and JOIN in it? Tell me how your moral outrage can make any kind of coherent sense to you?

  58. I’m as tired as you of these special needs kids and the special privileges their parents keep on asking.
    Why should a kid on a wheel chair need a ramp to get in and out of the school building? And please, what’s with the parents asking for teachers to take classes on ASL to be able to teach those pesky deaf kids?
    I’m so glad that an expert on Autism is telling it like it is! You are right, pacing has no-thing nothing to do with being autistic!!! And don’t let me start on those spoiled brats and their tantrums, their parents should use the old good spanking and that will be the end of all these new diseases like autism and sensory processing disorder, ADHD and all the lazy excuses those parents use.
    I am so glad somebody is saying it…. Mrs. Lindsey deserves a standing ovation for making that brat cry. WELL DONE!!

    • You know, sarcasm is so unattractive. And uneffective too. The fact is this: people like you love their rage. And they use people like Ms. Lindsey and now, me, as a target upon whom they can vent it. I can only tell you, with complete certainty, that it won’t make you feel any better. What would work, however, is forgiveness for whoever hurt you in the past. Also, reading the article and the eyewitness accounts upon which this article is based.

  59. THANK YOU! I feel just like you do. This whole thing has disgusted me greatly. The over-vilification is extreme. Maybe I made that word up, but it fits.

  60. I am so happy to read a positive article about this teacher. I have read some others but they are few and far between. My grand daughter attends this school and they work so hard to include all children in everything. The teachers are a caring group. Thank you for not jumping and taking the time to get the facts.

  61. This should be a lesson to teachers: forget about going the extra mile and doing special programs for children and parents. It is likely to come back and bite you!

    • Oh, Debbie, I do hope you don’t really feel this way. Unfortunately, I think many teachers might actually be thinking this!! I have no doubt that this is scaring the pants off a whole lot of teachers. Many do these things when they don’t have to. They are EXTRA effort and done out of love. If parents respond in this manner, why should they do it? But I HOPE that loving and supportive comments like those shown here will show that the MOB only represents a teeny, tiny portion of the population. They are simply louder and ruder than most. We just get drowned out.

  62. As a teacher myself it is refreshing seeing someone stand behind her. I have read many articles on the situation and have came up with the conclusion that this was an honest misunderstanding. I could see both sides of the story but don’t think Mrs Lindsey or her family deserve what is happening to them over a short clip. This just shows you how far bad news can spread and how we all few things differently. Before you make your opinion of this teacher and the school hear the facts. Mrs.Lindsey you and your family are in our prayers.

  63. This is horrible for this teacher. It seems like a way for the parents of the child to receive free things at someone else’s expense. God bless this teacher, for trying to protect this child from more ridicule/laughter at his expense.

  64. I’ve watched the whole video and my biggest problem was the absolute glee on the teacher’s face and the devastation on the little boys. No teacher should be taken enjoyment in upsetting a child, special needs or not.

    • First, stop saying ‘glee’ and ‘snatch’. And I’ve never heard such nonsense as “. No teacher should be taken enjoyment in upsetting a child, special needs or not.” REALLY?? I have to laugh at that? Wow. I wish you were my parents growing up. Is that how you raise your kids? You NEVER upset your kids or take their enjoyment, EVER??? And no teacher should ever stop kids from enjoying themselves? Wowy-wow, wow. What kind of utopia do you imagine we live in? OF COURSE teachers have to say, ‘no’ to kids sometimes. Many times. And they must ‘upset’ kids all the time by telling them that play time is over and that test time has come, etc, etc, etc. Some of these comments blow my mind. Just because a child cries doesn’t mean someone has done wrong! It’s sad, but we must get to the bottom of the trouble before judging. Who hasn’t heard the kid screaming in the grocery store??? Who hasn’t wished the mother of that kid would get her kid to shut up? Who doesn’t think that mother is a rotten mother? We must discipline our children for their own good. Get a grip, some of you! The boy will NOT be devastated for life just because he couldn’t speak out of turn!

  65. I know for a fact that Friday morning this child went up to mrs Lindsey and hugged her telling her I love you!! There has been no turkey in the history of this play that has been at Nutter Fort for 17 years. However, we have a no child left behind policy and we’re ecstatic to include Caleb!! Social media just exaggerates and people are too opinionated.

    • Thank you for your EYE WITNESS account that helps Ms. Lindsey. That’s all I want here. I just want the MOB ATTACK to stop. This should be handled privately between the parties involved. I pray for a peaceful forgiveness between all concerned. If the MOB gets out of it, all will return to normalcy- especially if the principal is a wise person.

  66. Mrs. Lindsey, please accept my apologies for any negatively I may have expressed in my thoughts, actions and words when all this started last week. It was so heartbreaking for anyone who loves children and hundreds of us let ourselves believe the negative comments, and media involvement heightened our belief that you were in the wrong. I am so sorry for this nightmare you and your family have endured and also for the school, the staff and students. I pray the public can learn, as I have that you can’t judge without hearing both sides of the story.

  67. Thank you for getting the truth out there for the public to know. I was appauded when I saw the video. Was down on the teacher also. This article has changed my mind, thanks again for the article. Learned a valuable lesson, don’t judge until you know all the facts.

    • I don’t think I will be careful. I’m not a politically correct person. If anyone is offended, too bad. If I said something wrong, I don’t even know why. And know what? I don’t even want to know why. geeze.

      • The problem here is that you have no experience with mentally challenged kids ther fore you want to classify all the parents in one group and people like you are exactly what is wrong with the world today! Maybe you should research your topics before you write a lot of trash because I would think you would want to have a long standing career in journalism and this my friend is not the way to accomplish that!

      • I have a special needs daughter. She has high functioning autism along with several other neurological disorders. I for one do not disagree with you or think that you are off base. I have seen several parents of special needs children act exactly how you describe and I always feel that they are doing their children an injustice. My daughter has participated in Cheer, competitive gymnastics, dance, music lessons, art lessons etc. She is taught to follow the rules just like everyone else. Sometimes that is hard and may take more direction and concentration on her part than other kids require but we strive for her to be treated the same as others and that means that she has to follow the same rules as others. Her doctors and therapist always comment on how amazing she is and how she does things that they would have never imagined her accomplising. Its our job as parents to push our children to their full potential and abilities disabled or not. If you are raising a child with exceptions and to believe that they are entitled because of a disability you are failing them.

      • You seem like a real treat to go home to. Blessings. Saying special needs parents are offensive and in same breath saying you don’t care if you are offensive. Idk how or why I stumbled onto this mess of a blog but I thank God your nonsense isn’t the garbage I consume regularly. LOL

      • It is noted that you omitted the actual video footage that shows the spiteful behavior of that teacher. You seem more like damage control hired by the teacher or her employers than a warrior for Christ. Despicable.

      • right. I am in a big conspiracy to protect the teacher. And you’re right. It is WRONG to protect someone who is being attacked by an angry mob. Heeey, wait a minute… didn’t Jesus do that one time when all those guys wanted to throw stones at that woman… YOU remember, right??? Was JESUS despicable too?

    • “Some” is quite appropriate. I am a mother of a special needs child, my sister is mother to three special needs kids. We are only “some” of the special needs parents out there. She didn’t say “all”, “many” or “majority”. “Some” is completely appropriate and quite accurate.

    • I agree Shanna, not all parents of special needs children feel they are entitled. They want what’s best for their child having the tools they need to face each situation. I do not agree with the actions of this young mother. But please do not place all special needs parents in a box. Some of us try very hard not to draw any extra attention to our selves. We already have an upward battle to fight.

  68. So many people are saying she should’ve let him say what he wanted since it wouldn’t have hurt anything, but isn’t that the best time to not just let him do what he wanted when it went against the rules? It’s a lot better for him to learn in these times that don’t matter than to give him his way every time it up until it does matter and he’s never been taught that rules are important and everybody has to follow them for a reason. Yes, special needs children need special attention, but seems to me this is a demand for favoritism, which I imagine would create hard feelings and animosity towards him from other children. Whether your child is special needs or not, giving them their own way all the time teaches them not a thing about real life and they’ll not learn how to be successful adults.

  69. The mother really should have brought her kid to practice, but in the end we do not know ALL the facts. It is very possible that the child wanted nothing to do with the play until the last minute. I grew up with an autistic brother and I will also have a B.S. in Psychology and in Biology with a neuroscience emphasis this spring and in my opinion the mother nor the teacher are completely at fault. We do not know how severe this boy’s autism is, and speaking as someone who has spent 23 years under the same roof as someone with autism I can tell you that I can count on one hand the times that my brother could stand/sit still and be quiet when he is simply “told to”. It is naturally difficult for children with autism to do this task we take for granted because they have an impulsiveness to their mind that we are still trying to understand. I would not be surprised if the child grabbed the microphone without any prompting whatsoever from their mother.

    • possible, but really, how is any of this really any of our business? That is the point here. This is a MINOR matter that has gone viral. The problem is that the mob has gone insane with hatred toward the teacher. I just wanted to save her from it. This really was supposed to be between the parents and the school. Now, the entire world is weighing in, wanting to investigate every aspect of the video- it’s ridiculous. The only thing that matters here is that no human being should be subjected to the mob like this teacher was. Unless they’re Hitler. Unfortunately, we have lots of horrid criminals, pediphiles, murderers, etc- and the mob leaves THEM alone! Ironic, no? But for some reason, it will fixate on someone and then, it tears them apart, limb from limb. It’s just wrong. That’s why I wrote this. As to autism in general, the situation in general, whether Ms. Lindsey is a great teacher, etc.- that is all up to the school and the privacy of the people involved! That’s what I think. It’s very unfortunate that it has been made so public!

  70. I’m so sorry this happened. I knew there had to be two sides and everyone was only seeing one side, the bad side. I’m a preschool teacher and a mother of a disabled child and I understand exactly what Mrs. Lindsey and the mother both are going through.
    A few years ago, one of my past parents broadcast my name all over our small town as a bad teacher all because she didn’t like me. The child and I had a great relationship but this mother didn’t seem to care. The things she broadcast was harsh to say the least. I was afraid that I was going to loose my job. It really affected my confidence as a teacher. I wasn’t sure I wanted to continue teaching because of this lady.
    I can also understand the mother’s side. My child was always ridiculed and looked down upon by certain teachers. The second grade teacher allowed my child to clean shelves in the classroom rather than trying to find something that would entertain her into learning. Then the director of children’s services at our church also looked down on my child. My child went to practice and learned the proper lines but at the day of the performance, this lady would change the lines just to make my child look bad. There are so many people in the world that don’t care. I am not one of them. I am passionate about teaching, I love children, as I know Mrs. Lindsey must do the same. I will be praying for the teacher, mom and student in this situation and I will pray for all the negative people surrounding this situation. I hope more people come to offer aide to all three parties as I think everyone needs a touch of the Master’s hand. God Bless you all.

    • I agree- I am praying for ALL sides. The problem is the MOB. I state the the other side of the story simply to stop the MOB attack on Ms. Lindsey. But I am not against the mother. I’m sure she had no idea that this firestorm would result. While I wish she had called for people to calm down, it could be that she panicked and didn’t know what to do or was overwhelmed with the entire situation. I could see that. It’s time for forgiveness, at any rate. It’s Thanksgiving and school is out. We can all pray that this blows over by the time school gets back in session.

  71. I am so glad that you were there first hand, too witness what exactly happened and explain everything in detail truthfully. Nothing like reading comments from someone that was not there and just watching the film clip and giving their 2 cents worth. Once again thank you for being an eye witness.

    • um. if you BOTHERED to read, my article is based on EYEWITNESS accounts from parents and teachers from Nutter Fort Elementary school who were at the play, who know Caleb, his mother and the teacher. So, your sarcasm is lost on me, sir.

  72. As a mother of a child with autism when I first read this and seen this my heart sunk!!! I understand now what has happened and I most certainly do understand why Mrs. Lindsey did what she did. His parents needs to understand that if they want him involved in anything they’ve got to put effort into as well. I can see where Mrs.Lindsey was trying to protect him from further embarrassment to him or his parents. Seems to me thenpsrents has more issues than he does. It’s sad all the way around. Mrs. Lindsey doesn’t deserve what she’s been going through. If other parents know how Calebs parents are they need to stand up, step up, and speak up.

    • Hi Amy, we will probably never know all the reasons things happened. But my article isn’t really about autism or really about this specific event. It’s about protecting a human being from a crazed, insane MOB. It feels like the Medieval days when mobs would relish the drawing and quartering of individuals for punishment. Or they would literally tear people apart if they didn’t like them. That’s what this felt like. All I saw was a woman in the middle of a feeding frenzy and I wanted to help her. I wrote about the facts concerning the mother (well, as far as they can be known based on eyewitness accounts) simply to cause the mob to stop and pause for a moment. But my intent is to spare this woman’s life if I could. In the end, what has she done, after all? Take a mic away from a child?? Must she lose her job, be the most hated woman on earth, have her young daughter frightened out of her mind, have her work environment shut down as deadly and fear going out for it?? I don’t think so. Not even murderers in our society are treated this way. Not even the worst, killer pediphiles. There is something wrong when a mob forms and begins to feed on itself. It’s like drastic measures must be taken or the person will just go down in flames. I am just grateful to God that people are listening at all. I can only hope that Ms. Lindsey gets some relief from articles from mine- when she sees all the supportive comments and like minded parents like you. I have no real grievance with Caleb’s mother. I hope she and the school repair relations. I’m sure she never imagined that her video would lead to all this insanity. The MOB is the problem. And each of us is the mob- or isn’t. Sometimes, it just takes one person to stand up. That person began with the woman who wrote the letter I cited in my article. She inspired me to write this article. And eventually, the mob will tire itself out and things will go better. Goodness will win in the end. Thank God! I pray that Caleb is ok, his mother is ok and that all is mended at his school!

  73. Thank you for sharing more to the story. I’m rather sick of parents who do not follow through on their part, such as permission slips, practice attendance, etc., attacking the people who have to cater to their demands by twisting the truth for the personal gain of attention. If the teacher had enforced a basic rule like, no permission slip, no participation at practice, no participation in the play. The parent would have accused her of discrimination. Nope……not the case. The teacher made an exception to a basic rule and was still persecuted.

    It’s disgusting to me how this mother chose to use her son’s disability as a sympathy factor to push buttons. Advocates for people with disabilities should be offended by this mother’s misleading point of view. People like her make true advocacy more of a challenge.

  74. Thank you for writing this. It’s an extremely sad and unfortunate situation. Mrs. Lindsey did nothing wrong and should be praised for all the wonderful ways she helps her students. As a fellow teacher, I understand the ups and downs. And I hate to admit that teaching is becoming harder every day because of this type of behavior from parents and students. I’m praying for Mrs. Lindsey, her family, and for Caleb & his family.

    • You know, I don’t know anything about Mrs. Lindsey and I can’t say if she is a wonderful teacher. All I can say is that no one deserves the treatment the mob has given her. And the school has been threatened. That is not ok at all for all those children! Mob mentality, frankly, frightens me. I can only hope that articles like this can put a brake on it and make people think before writing such horrible, horrible things. I hope that they can also prove to the teacher that not all people are racing for her jugular. No one is perfect. Perhaps she made a mistake. I don’t know. But the mob reaction is wrong- outright wrong. It is against them that I write most. I only write about what the mom did to present the other view, but I am trying to stop the mob and what they are doing to another human being.

  75. Prayers for this teacher! Years ago my husband was accused of something that wasn’t true and it ended up in court with jours and was found innocent! so I know what she is going through! We will keep her in our thoughts and prayers!! Happy holidays Mrs. Lindsey!

  76. I think that the first thing the parent should have done is to take her complaint to the Principal of the School. If she doesn’t get satisfaction after the enquiry he/she makes, then the school board. This should never have gotten to the fb stage

    • social media CAN play its part if things are truly bad and you need public help or publicity for your situation. But this was just a tiny thing. If it were repetitive and indicative of a deeper problem of school neglect and/or cruelty toward my child, I might consider social media. But it clearly was a knee jerk reaction. I don’t think the mother intended to create this firestorm. But what I don’t understand is why she didn’t and isn’t calling for calm and peace for the school and for the teacher now that it’s happening. I’m just glad that it’s Thanksgiving. Frankly, I’m surprised people are still interested in the story. I hope it dies down.

  77. Thank you writer, for not only sharing the truth but doing so at your own expense. I see these stories all the time and I, like the writer, go through the what ifs.

  78. So this information came from another blog as someone else’s opinion…why should anyone believe this information as opposed to believing what the mother had to say and where is the entire video of the show and why dont i see it all over the internet like this short clip…

    • Jen, perhaps you should try READING the entire article and the link I put into it. I said to read the comments in the other article. THEY are the meat and potatoes of evidence. They are eye witness accounts of parents and teachers who attend Nutter Fort Elementary School. Their statements are at least as credible as hers. I think the mother took the full video down?? I’m not sure what happened to the longer version. In any case, I don’t really think it’s relevant, do you? The point is this: it’s not that big of a deal. It isn’t worth this kind of media attention and NO ONE deserves this kind of torture unless they are Hitler.

  79. Shame on you!!!! You obviously have NO understanding of autism! Maybe you should educate yourself before writing an article like this & you might understand that a 6 y.o. autistic boy does not understand expectations unless it is done over and over again. You are no better for attacking this mom than what you are accusing the mom of doing to the teacher. I do believe there are 2 sides to every story but being a keyboard warrior is obviously more important to you.

    • An ‘article like this’? Did I say something cruel? Did I say something wrong? What should I change? How does educating myself on autism change the facts about the mom failing to bring her child to any practices? How would my newfound education change the fact that the mom told her child to say, ‘gobble, gobble’ but didn’t apparently tell the teacher or get her agreement? How could educating myself change the fact that the mother didn’t properly get her child ready for this event with any kind of prior preparation? How does educating myself on autism change the fact that the little boy never had any speaking parts but the mother made it sound as if the teacher knew he was supposed to say ‘gobble, gobble’ but took the mic anyway? How can educating myself on autism change the fact that instead of talking to the school about any grievances they had about the treatment of their child, the mom went straight to social media and hysterically made very unfair accusations against a teacher which created hundreds of thousands of hate emails being sent to her, including death threats?? How does educating myself about autistic children change any of this, pray tell? You act as if people with autistic children in their family are above scrutiny, that their behavior is always right, no matter what the circumstances. I haven’t once judged the child. He is completely innocent and my heart is completely with him. I love children- I am and always be a child advocate. But I couldn’t just sit by while another person was being beaten up so badly by a vicious mob. I don’t know this teacher. In fact, I really don’t know what she looks like, other than the brief shots in the video. But my heart goes out to the underdog in most situations. NO ONE deserves this kind of treatment. I’m surprised you can’t see that.

    • Seriously?
      That could have been avoided had the mom taken him to the rehearsals where he would have had the opportunity to rehearse what was expected of him over and over and over.
      Perhaps you should check the facts to the story.

  80. The teacher messed up when she allowed him to go on stage. The mother didn’t fill out the permission slip like she should have, and should’ve given it to a higher authority, or not allowed him to go on stage. I don’t care what the reason is, you don’t snatch a mic from an autistic boy.

    • If the teacher hadn’t let him go on stage and the mother took a video of her boy in that outfit crying, then the world would cry out, “WHY can’t he go on stage???” The teacher couldn’t win no matter how you cut the cake, apparently. Let me ask you, Why can’t the teacher take the mic from an autistic boy?

  81. Yeah, not buying it. I was ruthlessly bullied by teachers in school and every time I or my mom spoke out some lame “excuse” was made and out came the circling wagons. Surely I was lying or exaggerating right? Until parents began to compare notes and drop in unexpectedly. But, even when CAUGHT red handed by parents the schools always come up with something like this to justify their actions. I dropped out of school but I self-educated myself and built social skills as a Girl Scout. I then went straight to college earning undergraduate and graduate degrees. Yet I still don’t have a HS diploma or GED because the system failed me. But, I am a lucky one. The other teacher-bullied kids I know did not have the emotional strength to succeed and instead succumbed to troubled lives. I am a rare success story of overcoming. Teacher bulling is real.

    • Well, I’m very proud of you, Esmeralda. It sounds like you had a tough upbringing. I do wish, however, that you could find a way to release some of the anger and bitterness you still have about the past. I, too, had a tough upbringing. I have found that Jesus and forgiveness was and is the only way to be happy and truly whole again. Losing your childhood is exactly like experiencing a death, I think. It is a death of yourself. Your childhood self. You never got to experience what everyone seemed to have. You have the same stages of grief to go through, I think: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. But they forgot the most important one: FORGIVENESS. That is the one that truly sets you free. At least, this was my experience. I believe you that it is possible for teachers to bully a student. I do. I have had bad experiences with teachers myself- and even with my children. But these were individual cases and I wouldn’t condemn all teachers as a whole just because a few were unfair or even cruel. Do you think that would be fair? All I’m saying is that there appears to be more to this story than what originally met the eye and that people really need to stop unloading such hatred on one human being. That is the entire point of this article.

  82. I see nowhere in the “full article” that you linked that it says he didn’t come to practice or his mom had him say something he wasn’t supposed to say. I didn’t see it in the blog post you linked, either. Maybe it was in the comments but that’s not what you referenced and honestly, I didn’t want to read through them all. If you’re going to say his mom did something, you need to be able to reference exactly where you got that information. Otherwise, you’re not any better than you accuse his mother of being. [REST OF KAREY’S COMMENT DELETED]

    • “and honestly, I didnโ€™t want to read through them all.” Really? I read them ALL. So sorry YOU weren’t willing. That was where all the eye witness proof was and I most certainly DID tell you that. People like you don’t WANT to see the proof because you are in love with your rage. Don’t accuse me of not citing my sources just because you refuse to read them. For that, I will delete all the rest of your comment. If you want to be heard, then please, bother to read what I wrote properly and bother to check my sources before you accuse me of having none. Huff*. Shame on you.

  83. This is bull crap I don’t care what the mother did or what she didn’t the teacher could’ve and should’ve handled things different! She knew exactly what she was doing when she took that mic. Give me a break people stop defending an adult who should know better!

    • I’m defending a human being who doesn’t deserve this level of scrutiny and hate for such a MINOR thing. I would defend YOU for this too. No one should be reviled and called such things for merely taking a microphone from a child who was not supposed to have it. And that is ALL that happened here. Teachers can and should set limits.

    • No, she took the mic from a child who wasn’t supposed to have it. Period. Nothing wrong with that. It’s always sad to see a child cry. But at the end of the play, the teacher has other responsibilities, I’m sure. She probably had to round up the kids and the parents for photos, etc. That’s when the aids, other teachers, the mom, etc, probably raced up and got Caleb. I don’t know because the film didn’t show it. But eye witnesses said that he was fine just a few minutes later. Happy and laughing even. That’s how kids are. The teacher didn’t and couldn’t know the effect her actions would have. Limits are made every day for kids and kids have all kinds of reactions.

  84. I’m so glad I read this entire article. People can be so cruel & some have a sense of entitlement that just makes me shake my head. I feel very sorry the teacher & what she’s having to endure. Praying that the news gets out there soon & her life can get back to normal ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

  85. I did not see the entire video, but after reading this story I am curious where the little boy got the headpiece he was wearing making it look like he had a part in the play. And if the teacher and the little boy had such a special relationship, wouldn’t she know that action would hurt him? As for parents of special needs kids thinking their kids are “entitled”. Let me tell you as the grandmother of a 6 year old boy who has cerebral palsy, you are dern tootin’ we feel entitled sometimes! My grandson will be confined to a wheelchair the rest of his life. We have to FIGHT THE SYSTEM for every ramp, every wheelchair, every car seat, every piece of equipment he needs. Because why? Every piece, every adaptable equipment costs numerous times more than a regular piece of equipment, My little guy will never run on the playground or ride a bike or climb a tree, just a few things that every other kid takes for granted. So yes sir we see to it that he is not pushed off to the side or left alone or abused. You see that every day on social media! We will fight for him, we can do no less!

    • Linda, do you feel as if Caleb’s situation is a microcosm for your personal war? It really isn’t. And this teacher isn’t your personal enemy. I feel as if that is exactly how some people are framing this situation in their heads and that is how they are justifying this mob attack on her. SHE is a human being. She gets up each morning and brushes her teeth. She has her problems like everyone else. She has a daughter, I understand. She has been crying about this from what I hear. Don’t her feeling count? She didn’t do anything so wrong and doesn’t deserve this amount of hatred. She isn’t the one who held back those ramps, she didn’t prevent you from getting that wheelchair or that car seat or any piece of equipment your children needed. All she did was take a mic from a kid who wasn’t supposed to speak into it. He didn’t have a line. She had no idea ‘all’ he wanted to say was, ‘gobble gobble’. All she knew was that a kid was walking up to the mic who wasn’t supposed to and she thought, “nope, the play is over.” She exercised discipline and set limits. No. Big. Deal. Stop making her the Boogey Man for all your past frustrations. At least pick someone who has actually thwarted your efforts as a community to pick on- not a teacher who has done nothing wrong.

  86. Being a mom of a special needs child this hit a sore spot. I absolutely empathize with the school and any extra effort on their part. However this was not a broadway play and I think parents and teachers alike need to remember these are just kids and it might help if we let them be just kids when it is not causing undue harm. To those that suggest we discipline our children better please know that I hear you. Unfortunately it takes time in our case and again we need to remember these kids are just doing the best they can with what they have.

    • I know it hits a sore spot. But that doesn’t give anyone the right to leave morality and rationale at the door. Some people are so defensive about their own kids with special needs that they automatically defend any other parents with similar children. That’s not right. Each situation requires it’s own evaluation. Sadly, so many people coming after Ms. Lindsey aren’t willing to do that. And it results in mob mentality. And it’s wrong. It’s not ME who ‘lumping’ people together. It’s these parents of special needs kids and others in this mob who just enjoy hating. People just don’t care about the facts of the case.

      • Oh fuck you. Raise a kid with autism then come back with your stupid fucking WordPress article. Attention whore.

      • Ok, here’s another lovely comment from a.. woman, who lives in Las Vegas, Nevada (see, Fck Yu, you aren’t as anonymous as you think. wink Be careful who you cuss out online because someone might juuuust know how to find and expose you. But not to worry, I would never send an angry horde to your doorstep, even though you think it’s ok to send one to this teacher’s.) She undoubtedly means to say that because I don’t have a child with autism, I have no right to share eyewitness accounts of other parents and teachers from Nutter Fort Elementary School. Obviously, having such a child would qualify me to share other comments with you. In her, um… opinion.

      • There is something wrong with you generalizing “it’s not me- it’s the parents of special needs kids and others who just enjoy hating”. You sound like an unempathetic and uneducated human. Bless you for thinking you know anything about autism either. You are grossly uneducated about what it is like to work with or parent a child with autism. So chime in when you have a clue. I think it would suffice to write an article that people shouldn’t be quick to judge but bless your heart for bashing the special needs community. You’re a monster.

      • Dear Julie, I don’t think I’m unempathetic when I am putting myself in the shoes of a woman who has endured the millions of people who have wished her harm, death, mutilation, loss of income, etc. That’s the definition of empathy. You’ve misquoted me. Here’s what I did say: ” Itโ€™s not ME who โ€˜lumpingโ€™ people together. Itโ€™s these parents of special needs kids and others in this mob who just enjoy hating.” See? Now, I’m saying that I am not lumping people together. I’m saying that ‘these parents of special needs kids’ and ‘others in this mob’ ‘who just enjoy hating’ are the ones who are lumping people together. Do you ‘get it’ now? Perhaps this is a case of clumsy phrasing, but come on, look at the time stamp- it was 2:44am. I had been reading over 1,000 comments that night. I think it’s ok if I was a little clumsy by then. The only reason you are insulted by this is because you wish to be offended. Let’s face it. You want to be angry at this teacher. This article and the information in it stands in your way. So, you are searching for anything to sink your toes in. And you found something that might pass muster. But, as that wasn’t my meaning, I guess you have no more grounds. Take your revenge elsewhere. p.s. don’t you feel stupid for calling me a monster now? just saying…

      • Special needs parents aren’t always defensive for no reason. I agree there are always two sides to every story, and I wouldn’t send rape and death threats to a teacher I disagreed with. But special needs children are continuously attacked, from target at 10 am to chik fil a for lunch, at the gas pump, on rides you can’t vacate (even if you want to) at Disney World, and the list goes on. We learn to be aggressive early on to defend out vulnerable children from the very hate you’re describing. My son is a moderately functioning autistic child, and we are pretty visciously derided no matter where we go or at what time, and he’s not always acting up. Try to see both sides. Of course her home information shouldn’t have been shared and of course no one deserves the hate she’s getting, but I think you’re coming down a little too hard on special needs parents. You haven’t walked in our shoes, so maybe just dial that back a little bit. I’m not justifying the vitriol that went to this woman, but clarification on both sides would have helped this situation greatly. Automatically assuming special needs parents are overly aggressive and defensive isn’t terribly helpful either.

      • lol- Oh, Ashleigh, if you only knew how bad people really are. They never bother to read the article. If it is longer than three sentences, they stop. The honest ones say, “I didn’t read the whole article BUT…” Others complain and say, “How can you blame me? It’s a WALL OF WORDS!!!” lol. Then, there are others who rat themselves out by their stupid questions. I try to just ignore the really bad ones. The ones that might be interesting to other readers, I might answer. But if they are just repeating the same stupid question other lazy people asked, I just delete their comments.

      • “It’s not me who’s lumping people together. It’s the parents of special needs kids and others who just enjoy hating.” Really? Didn’t you just contradict yourself? Lump all those “special needs parents” together why don’t ya. You know, with all the other “people who just enjoy hating.” Wow.

        I think I get what you’re trying to say here, in general, I think…but your tone is really awful and insensitive.

      • And you are right. I was rushed in my writing. I corrected my sentence to more accurately reflect my feelings. And I will say this: the worst of the comments really seem to be comming from parents of special needs kids! I haven’t shown them all because they are so negative. I am focusing on getting through the positive ones so Mrs. Lindsey can enjoy Thanksgiving! But wow. some of these from parents are real doozies. Not only do they continue to bash the teacher- but now they hate me for daring to want the mob hysteria to stop!

    • I coach 5-7 year olds. If kids don’t show up to practice they don’t play in the games.
      We had an autistic boy this year. The parents never complained if he didn’t play as much as other kids because he did miss practice a lot.
      If we had been forced to let him play it wouldn’t have been fair to the other kids. This mother is ignorant at best and deliberately spiteful for no reason at worst.
      I would use other words but I try to be polite.

    • It is SO HARD to put together a show like this. Just because it’s “not Broadway” doesn’t lessen the amount of love, care, and effort put in. This teacher and the students involved deserved to put on the show they worked for, and Caleb didn’t put in any work at all because he didn’t attend rehearsals.

      Parents have no concept of how difficult it is to put children on stage to perform. Don’t cheapen our work.

    • You take that way too personally. There is a difference in discipline and setting your child up for entitlement failair. It would have been different if the mother made any attempt at all to involve her child in the reversals instead of just expecting he be put in on the day of. Even autistic he would be capable of understanding some things.

    • I understand your point; but, the mother did not fill in the permission from. If she’d wanted him involved, she needed to do those two bail things. Based on this, she made no,effort to get he child to practice so he ould know what to,do. Autistic children need multiple repetitions; they can’t just be dropped in at the .ast minute so they feel included. This mother did an I justic to everyone involved and that includes her son.

    • I am a special ed teacher and the parent of an autistic son. He is now 22 years old and attending college. He did not get to be this successful by being allowed to get on stages and act a fool. He was required- to the very best of his ability – to exhibit the same behavior, and follow the same rules, as everyone else in his classes. The real mistake here is that this child was allowed to be in this play for which he had not practiced. Since his mom didn’t sign the permission slip allowing him to prepare, he should have been in the audience. Schools have a responsibility to educate special needs kids, taking into account their disabilities and using research-based methodologies. Parents have an equal, if not greater, responsibility for addressing the non-educational aspects of their children’s disabilities. This mom is doing her son no favors by teaching him that his disability gives him the right to run ramshod over his peers. She needs to be teaching him skills that will enable him to function in society. The IDEA actually addresses children whose behaviors are such that they provide a significant distraction to their non-disabled peers. The teacher was within her rights to take that mic away. She actually should have removed him from the stage when he first began acting out.

    • The problem is not that the child needed to be disciplined or that he was doing his best with what he has to work with. He had not been to any of the practices and didn’t even know what the play was about. Even if it is just a school play, a child can not just walk on stage and improvise the night of the performance.

    • This teacher went out of her way to accomadate Caleb. Keep in mind the mother did not bother to take him to any practices, whereas the other parents did. To say “let kids be kids” has its place, but not during a performance the rest of the class had worked hard on. Not fair. If he had attended practices it would be different. BUT HE DIDNT! Special needs does not equate to allowing a child to disrupt the rights of others.

    • It may not be Broadway, but the children who worked hard and did show up to practice every day needed their time to shine. That was the payoff for working hard. It’s unfair for them to have their hard work disrupted, and it is unfair for the parents who took special care to make sure their child got to practice. If the mother wanted her son to be included, she needed to take the time to do as the rest of the parents, or make plans to allow him to be in the next play.

      I am the mother of a special needs child–though he is grown now-you must strive to include them, but not to the detriment of others. Acting the way she did only shows her child that “this” is how you handle situations that dontgo your way. Children–even ones with special needs–learn from their parents. How she chooses to treat his impairment, is how he will choose to treat it.

    • He did speak. He his mother refused to follow the rules. She and Caleb are out of line. Caleb through no fault of his own. He is going to be hard to handle as he gets older.
      As parents of special needs children want them to succeed in life. This is setting him up for failure.

    • Gina,
      As the mother of a child with autism and a special education teacher, this mother set the child up for failure. She decided at the last minute to demand he be put in the play. The school gave in I am sure because they didn’t want this type of incident. The mother was told he wouldn’t be able to speak because he didn’t practice. That was fair to the other children who had practiced. More than once he pushed infront of other children and spoke lines that I am sure mom told him to say.
      If it had been my child the first time she pushed into line to say gobble gobble, I would have gone up on stage and either moved her with the other children who had already spoken or removed her from the stage.
      I have a feeling this will be a child 6 years from now she will be demanding someone do something because she cannot control him.
      What is cute at 3 or 6 isn’t cut at 13 or 36. Our children need to be taught what is expected of them. It takes them longer to learn and practice these things. Demanding he be included at the last minute is setting him up for failure. This mother was dead wrong from the get go.
      There is a saying the father from the norm a child’s ablities are the less society accepts their behavior.

      Short Little Rebal thank you for your blog to show the truth. I have tried to give the point of the teacher and that she wasn’t being cruel or mean.

  87. Beings that I’m mentioning my child in this if it could be private I would be very grateful. I’m worried about him coming to school anyway.

    Dear Mrs. Lindsey,
    First I want to tell you I’m sorry for you your child and all your family. These people will answer to God for this!
    Second I want to tell you I love you! I’m sorry for the hateful lost world and their childish ways. Most of them probably abuse their kids anyway. Remember in scripture David and how he had many after him? God is good and faithful!!

    When I very first seen it my first thought was maybe he was acting up and lost his privilege to speak. Something happened. A lot of people have bad kids because the parents are lazy and immature. Just know that you are loved and prayed for! I know I sound hard on these people but I’m mad at them I am so sorry for you! My son attends your school. He’s in Mrs. Browns class and he’s sweet. I support you fully and if I could stop this I would but remember this … God says in His Word He reveals all things good and bad!! The truth will come out! I pray God brings this woman to her knees that she turns from her wicked ways and repents! I don’t want to put his name on here but he has blond hair and glasses ๐Ÿ‘“ he’s a little guy. Maybe we will be able to GET TO meet a warrior of a teacher for the good side!
    God Bless you
    Anonymous Parent from Nutter Fort Elementary School

  88. Your article is spot on! The first time I saw the snippet, I checked out the full video that was posted below the other! At no time did I think that the teacher was wrong. Shame on Caleb’s parents and all those who did not bother to get the full story before spreading hate! Thank you for not being politically correct!! I believe it’s time to stop sugar-coating every little thing. The wussification of America is so over!!!!

  89. I commented that there had to be more on the story when this was posted on my local news site (also in WV). What I got in return was close to 60 comments basically telling me I was a b**** and heartless, telling me I don’t know what it’s like until I have kids, that because I went through it as a sibling it’s totally different when you have kids (not really, I pretty much helped raise my much younger brother), even more nastier than that (I actually had someone praying that I was never around kids. Seriously?!) all because I wanted people to watch the whole video and not the 17 seconds that was being shown around because there was something that didn’t seem right, and I had nothing else to go on. Thanks for this post, I knew something was amiss, and this explains a lot.

    • Hi Kayla. Jesus told us that if he was beaten and crucified, then anyone following in his footsteps would also be beaten and crucified. He also told us that when people speak well of you to beware- because that’s how people speak about fakers and liars (false prophets). I don’t know where you stand with Jesus, but you have a good heart- one naturally given over to defending the weak. It is a loving trait. One that is close to Jesus’ heart. So I’m telling this in case you didn’t know. I’m not a perfect person- there is literally no perfect Christian- nor is there ever a way to be a ‘good’ Christian. There are only those of us who love and adore Jesus. And we believe in everything he said. And his words convict us- we know when we have done wrong or right. The fact is this- Jesus only did GOOD to people. Just think what he would be like today- he would just go around touching people who lived in poor places. He would walk around cities in the nasty areas, touching meth addicts and homeless people. And they would all be healed instantly. He would be eating with them and smiling and sharing stories and love with them. The politicians and evil church leaders would all HATE him because his love and decency would make them look bad. And eventually, Jesus would stand up to them and call them ‘hypocrites’ and ‘dens of vipers’ in one of the most powerful speeches ever delivered on this earth. And they would kill him on death row. And they won’t be able to find a single crime he did. But because he only did good, the entire world would agree to kill him too. But they wouldn’t be able to think of a single crime he actually broke. Just like they didn’t actually accuse you of any wrong doing, right? They just hated you and called you names, right? THAT is the human condition. People sometimes enjoy their hatred and if anyone tried to shine goodness at them or beg them to stop, the mob will just crush them too. That’s a good indicator that you are on the narrow path, the path of doing right and good. What you need to worry about is finding yourself among the mob. If you find yourself screaming for someone’s head along with a million people, I can guarantee you are on the wrong path- satan is with you there. Get off it. You should be proud of every scratch you got defending this woman. You were on the side of the angels. You were on the side of Christ.

  90. This teacher doesn’t deserve this. I have 2 special needs kids who will never see the inside of a classroom unless it is at home but not because of teachers, because of other kids who will bully them and parents who will laugh about it. If this child wasn’t suppose to speak, how did she know what he intended to say? I hope she has more respect for the very people trying to ruin her life than they have for her.

  91. Kudos to you for taking the time to find out the real story. It’s amazing how so many people rush to judgement based on little facts.

    • This, too, shall pass I understand parents need to be advocates for their children with special needs , but this goes beyond advocating. Keep your chin up and know that every day that you step into your classroom, you are making a difference- a positive impact that n all your students s. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

    • I tried to take up for this teacher from the beginninh and got backlash. This is the exact reason why good teachers are hard to keep in education.

  92. As an assistant teacher, I’ve worked with special needs children for over 25 years. I completely understand and am so sorry for all you’ve had to go through. Some special needs parents expect us to bend over backwards for their little darlings. They want them treated like every one else, but the minute they are, they start on their pitiful child…I’m retiring in three weeks, and I’m so glad. I’m so sorry for you, and the minute I saw that awful video, I just knew that mother was going to attack you. I apologize for her hateful over bearing attitude. You DID NOT deserve such treatment. All I can think to say is God bless you, and I pray this will soon be over. That mother should be sued for slandering you. ๐Ÿ˜ฅโค๏ธ๐Ÿ™

  93. I am sorry she was out through this. People tend to forget there are usually three sides to something that has occurred. Keep your opinions, remarks, diatribes and sermons to yourself until the ENTIRE story is out there. So many times with police shootings people vilify the police…..until the whole story comes to light. Mind your own backyard. Why are we so eager to hear about the possible bad about someone rather than the good?

  94. I feel that the other teacher who listed Mrs. Lindsey’s personal information should be fired. After seeing all of the threats that teacher felt the need to give these people her personal information so that they could find her at home!?!? I also feel that if Mrs. Lindsey is hurt, raped or anything else (God forbid) that the teacher should be an accomplise to the crime.

  95. When did education become less for the children and more for the over dramatic parents? Who cares what designer clothing their wearing or how much their back pack costs! Education should be for all not just the chosen! Special needs children need more attention than others because they learn differently and God bless those teachers that actually take the time to care enough to do just that. No teacher should be blamed for your childs actions its the parents fault, a child not being able to read and write that on a teacher a child misbehaving or rude or disrupting class thats the parents fault. Our children grow up imitating what we do early in life so if you do not lead by example than your child will follow in those footsteps. This is why this new generation is lazy, codependent, and down right disrespectful. So if this teacher did help this child God bless her there needs to be more like her and if she let him participate even though the mother didn’t let her child go to practice then she done alot more than I would have in that position. A child with special needs still have to learn the consequences of their actions if they are not taught to follow the rules and their parents teach them that its ok not to because they are disabled then they will never be self reliant. Thats not fair to the child and the parents won’t be around forever who will take care of them if they can’t take care of themselves?

  96. Lindsey, I too was one of those people who were appalled at the clip that I saw. I am sorry I did not have the whole story. I did not however, share the video. I’m sorry for the grief that you and your daughter have received. I hope this blows over quickly (as most things do) and you all can return to a normal life.

  97. Thank you for opening everyone’s. You did not say anything wrong in your article at all, and I don’t think you have offended anyone. I’m not quite sure what that one commenter got so wound up about, but I suppose she still feels the teacher was in the wrong when she wasn’t. Props to you for getting the word out!

  98. I would be curious as to how many people who have went off half-cocked about this teacher and this situation actually have a special needs child. As the mother of a special needs child, I do everything within my power to keep my child out of these situations, and I certainly don’t expect to be “entitled” to participate in things that other children have been practicing for. If this is indeed the truth of this story coming out, that poor teacher deserves way more than an apology.

  99. I am sorry that this woman threw you to the wolves. It’s hard being a teacher who loves their job and hoping all you decisions are the right ones. I hope that this article help relieve the nastiness you have had to put up with. I will admit I commented on the short piece of video and my comment was as follows ( he waited so patiently this is heartbreaking) end quote. I am sorry while my comment wasn’t hateful or nasty I still jumped on the bandwagon, and for that I apologize to you. My prayers are with you and your family that this thanksgiving and Christmas season people relize that it was wrong and leave you in peace.

  100. Mrs. Lindsey, I am so sorry that this has happened to you. People can be so cruel!! I pray that you and your family can find peace!

  101. My two daughters go to this school! I have never heard a bad thing happening or going on there! Both of my daughters absolutely love this school and their teachers and friends! I pray that my youngest actually gets you as her teacher next year. I’m so very sorry you are going through this. I stand with you 100%. I have heard so many good things about you! My family will pray for your family! Keep your head held high and keep pushing forward. I can only pray you will be able to put this behind you! Praying for you and yours!

  102. Lots of love,support and only positive vibes for you and family!!!!happy holidays!! Chin up,feet down,this to shall pass!

  103. Social media can be a positive thing, but people have changed it in a way that there is more negative. I can’t stand social media bullies and mobs. As soon as I read this story, I knew it was BS. People always crave something to be offended by and they don’t care who they hurt in the process. I actually wish I had known who the teacher was so I could send her a gift and let her know that not everyone is so cruel and naive. It’s good that you wrote this. My only wish is that she does read it and does see that people have supported her since day one. What a horrible thing for a parent to do to their own child. I’m sure that child is also going to continue suffering in the aftermath of this selfish parent. Just a sad, unnecessary, dramatic event.

  104. Voice of reason. Thank you. It’s clear to anyone paying attention that Caleb wasn’t “the turkey, after all.” As his mom tearfully lied on the news. He had an Indian vest pulled up over his head!

  105. I am a music teacher and I am sympathetic as can be. Putting on a production at elementary level is really hard work and I do try to be very inclusive when it is reasonable and when it benefits the child.
    There are times when it isn’t– or the ideas about what is fair or right often completely ignore my expertise or advice. That applies to typical children as well. Contrary to popular belief, the idea that “parents don’t care as long as they see their kid and they will think it’s cute no matter whether it’s any good” is ludicrous. We don’t expect that in reading or math,so don’t ask the teachers who put on shows and dedicate their time to these children to expect less than a good performance.
    And if you want music art and or teachers to provide the special attention and encouragement for these students, please support those programs and insist that your district has the personnel to do the job. I am not a music therapist and my training for working with special needs was minimal at best. What I know I have had to learn on my own. Neither are we entertainers– we are educators. Trying to do our jobs the best we can.
    If you have ever directed a play or a concert at church or school with younger children, you are often at the mercy of schedules, staff and administrator personalities, parental uncooperation and the abilities and commitments from the children themselves.
    Trust me, I know exactly how this woman feels. And I bless her.

  106. Really?! You people find out that your “I’m offended” flavor of the week was all a lie (which I said from the get go. My son goes to this school) and you decide to attack the author of the article? Really people? Are your own lives that pathetic that you have nothing going for you except to spew your hate and ignorance out into the world? Here is a little tidbit that my mother taught me when I was a kid that will help all of you out. Mind your own damn business. None of this concerned most of the people that were so “outraged” but obviously not smart enough to do their own research. In closing I only have one more thing to say. You people are the problem with the world no matter how much you think free thinking people like myself and the author of this article are it is you. You that jump to conclusions and begin a lynch mob with no second thought of decency and morals. You will be the downfall of society if not for people like myself and a few others keeping you at bay. Your ancestors are ashamed of you as will be your decedents.

  107. As a mother of a special needs child who advocates for inclusion at first I was like oh my gosh! But before I went crazy I looked into it. I even post to the world my thoughts. This child was included,the play was over and he had no business being on the stage. When I advocate for inclusion I would also like you to know i want you to treat my child with down syndrome like every other child. Set rules answer boundaries and help him understand them. Sharing this video is a step backwards for that and I am afraid it will actually make teachers afraid to include special needs kids in their class all because she wanted some attention. Smh.

    • Andrea, that is what I am afraid of also. I think this whole mob attack and irresponsible reporting done by major news outlets (I think it was on Inside Edition!) has frightened this entire nation’s teachers. I think they are all considering canceling their future plays and events!! This is just terrifying. It really is. The school could only say so much in the teacher’s defense. So… who knows what will happen with teachers. I hope they continue to have courage. I hope this article and the TONS of support by readers will give them heart.

  108. Dear Mrs. Lindsay, I am sorry for over reacting in the video clip. I have read and now understand what you were doing. Please accept my apology. I wasnt hateful of you. I took it wrong. Sometimes people sees only the worst seniero and not what it truly is. God Bless you and I will be praying for you and your family and school. I have a autistic nephew and it is very hard but very rewarding to work with these Blessings. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving and pray people will stop harassing you and the school can be a place of learning and not fear.

  109. Voice of reason. Thank you. It’s clear to anyone paying attention that Caleb wasn’t “the turkey, after all.” As his mom tearfully lied on the news. He had an Indian vest pulled up over his head. Not a turkey costume!

  110. im very sorry you’re goimg through this and i pray these people stop their foolishness such a ugly world we live in

  111. No matter how flat you smash a pancake, it still has 2 sides! Thank you for this article, as a teacher of students with special needs and a parent to young children, these types of situations are very tough to handle! In this day and age of instant, sometimes very unreliable information, we need to pause, and wait to comment. Again, very nice article.

  112. Please at least spell “viola” correctly. It discredits your article if you can’t spell or edit.

    • Really? It discredits my article? Ma’am, if I intended to use the word, ‘voila’, I would have used it. But I didn’t intend to use it. I was being as silly and sarcastic. I’m sorry that you have nothing else to add to the situation. Perhaps you’d like to offer some kind words to Mrs. Lindsey instead of more criticism to your day?

      • Did you talk to the mom? Or are all of your informants named “anonymous.” You want to help the teacher, yet supposed “parents” from the school in question are passing judgment on the mom and the child with autism. One comment on here that asked that her comment remain private (which it isn’t) states, “A lot of people have bad kids because the parents are lazy and immature.” Wow … way to be neutral. How about offering kind words to both sides and prayers that it gets settled amicably. You say that parents of special needs children just enjoy hating. It seems to me from reading these comments that it’s the other parents (and you) that are having a field day hating on a mom of which they don’t know her story, only part of it. You are correct when you stated that each situation requires its own evaluation. Only it seems that most of your readers are not wanting to evaluate a situation because it’s so much easier to just hate the mother. Again – how about kind words to both sides and prayers for them, not petitions that just deepen the lines of separation.

      • Hi Krista, I don’t see anyone spreading hate. And I stated that “SOME” parents. And when I referred to those parents, I referred to those who were participating in the MOB who were attacking the teacher and who refused to stop it. You are not speaking the truth in your statement there. I refuse to let your comment stand as is. As to the person who left a comment, well, that’s THEIR opinion, not mine. But really, it is true. There are a lot of lazy and immature parents. But that has nothing to do with this situation. I don’t really remember the comment. As to ‘being neutral’, who said I was neutral? I am writing for a purpose. I’m a blogger, not a news site. I am defending a human being from an insane mob. I would defend you if it happened to you, though I don’t know you. No one should face that mob. Now, if you can PLEASE show me where I am having any sort of FIELD DAY HATING the mother, I would be amazed! Please don’t make false accusations just because you are mad that you can’t continue your hatred of the teacher. And please show ‘HATRED’ toward the mother. Show me where people are wishing her death. Show me where people want to ‘rip her a new one’. Show me where people want to beat her up. Show me where people want to shove the microphone where the sun don’t shine. Show me where people call her a cunt, a whore, a bitch, etc. THEN, I will believe you. Until then, STOP LYING on my page. I won’t put up with it.

    • It’s “voila”. “Viola” is an instrument. If you’re going to correct someone, be correct yourself.

    • Apparently you can’t spell or edit either. If you’re going to correct someone, make sure to check yourself first. Her “rendition” of the word ‘voila’ seemed intentional and did not take away from the story at all.

      • right? lol. it happens every time. You have no idea how many times people have criticized my grammar or my spelling and within their correction ARE grammar and spelling errors! I just delete their comment. I used to be mean and put their comment up with all my corrections, but I’ve stopped.

    • It’s funny how you just got on to her for misspelling the same word you just misspelled. It’s voila not viola.Maybe you should check your spelling before getting on to someone else about theirs.

      • chuckle You don’t know how many people are OBSESSING on the word ‘wha-lah!’ I’m leaving it there to test their characters at this point- and for my own amusement. People always make me laugh when they attempt to correct my grammar or spelling. I say, ‘Hey darlin’, why not try to write ANYTHING at all, free of charge, on all your spare time, just to make a difference in the world instead of going around bashing those who actually try?

  113. i’m sorry for the this poor woman who has been treated so terrible. It just proves again that you can’t believe everything you read on facebook. It’s to bad so many people judged before they had all the facts. I learned a long time ago to believe those in charge until they were proven wrong.

  114. I thought about this article tonight as my one child was about to knock over a glass of tea and I had to grab a black permanent marker out of the hands of his little sister at the same time… As a parent, I always prepare my child to the best of my ability for what is going to happen when it involves a new or changed situation. Kids are kids and should be allowed to be. The silly things they do are the great moments we remember.. I would never wish them harm but sometimes when things don’t go as planned I do try to save their feelings and jump in thinking I’m going to save a bad situation. But, if I was a mother I would want my child to know exactly what was expected of them and I would help them prepare as much as I could before they got up in front of a lot of people. As a parent, we might think the outcome is going to be one way but in reality, the child may see it very differently. My school would never allow participation if they have not shown up for the preparation. I guess that is where everything went wrong at this school, because if he was not at practice to act out exactly what he should be doing then he should not have been in the play. As a parent, I wouldn’t have wanted to put my child in this situation because I want them to do good and feel proud for doing a good job in following directions the best they can. No matter the age or the needs, we all like to know when we do a good job and you do that by practicing and preparing. I feel for this teacher because so many parents do feel that they are an exception to the rules and it’s also not fair to the many who try so hard to teach their kids to do right. I pray all this will pass soon and this teacher can one day enjoy her job again. I give her hugs for trying!

  115. Mrs. Lindsey,
    My name is Sheri Peterson, ARD Specialist for Tyler ISD in Tyler, Texas. I work with special needs students and teachers to ensure our kids are successful.

    Okay, first off, I didn’t see anything wrong with the video before I read the follow up. The public does not understand that we spend more awake time with their children than they do and we get to know their babies pretty well. I thought you were pretty quick in grabbing the mic before Caleb actually got to the mic. It was obvious to me that you knew what you were doing for some reason that we (FB) did not know or understand. shame on the parent!!! The parents that I work with do not act like this and mine all have kiddos with special needs!

    Keep your head up and I will keep you in my prayers.

    Just remember….they can’t do what we do!

    Sheri Peterson, M. Ed.

  116. My kids attend this school, they are a little older but both have been in this play. If my child (who isnt autistic) did the same thing as caleb, it would not be tolerated. While I don’t know this particular parent I do know alot like them. They dont want to be involved, even enough to fill out a permission form. Please dont think only one form was sent home euther im sure there were at least 2 and the school has a fb page with information as well. We have approximately 1200 kids that are in this school, you would think with that many students we would have a ton of parent volunteers, we don’t. No one wants to be bothered to be involved in the school. The same 10 parents do everything. People like that like to complain, but refuse to participate in their child’s school. It’s ridiculous! Prayers for Mrs. Lindsay! # supportthefort

  117. Mrs Lindsey, you have my support, sounds like this mother is a publicity seeker and wishes to gain favor in the way of goods at your expense.

    • Well, my aim is not to damage the mother’s reputation. My aim is just to ease the pressure on Ms. Lindsey. That’s what I want everyone to focus on. You can leave her a nice comment on the petition I linked to. She will read every comment and begin to heal, I’m sure.

  118. I agree that it was a great event over nothing! The biggest problem as I see it is the school/board of Ed chose to make no statement other than no comment , we are looking into this, etc the standard no comment verbiage. If the teacher/ board had made a statement of meaning would have gone a long way with me. We are in a world that everyone gets an award and people take it to extreme. A concise explainiation from the teacher/ board would have been very helpful. If such was posted I did not see it

    • Look, what could that Superintendent say? He said what he could: 1) the play was over. 2) the teacher didn’t mean any malice. 3) the little boy did get to speak a couple lines 4) all the teachers love and support the kids. 5) a mistake was made and it could have been handled better in hindsight.

      If he had talked about the permission slips, it would have sent the special need crowds into a tizzy- they would have cited federal law that DEMANDS all special needs kids MUST be included no matter WHAT! So, why mention it. If he had mentioned the fact that the mother never brought him to a single practice or just signed him up on the day of the performance, the same crowd would have screamed, ‘how DARE you assign blame to the holy mother of an autistic child!’ so, couldn’t say that. So, he said all the things that he should have said. By saying that the play was over, you have to read between the lines: he didn’t have a part that said, ‘gobble, gobble’. When he said that the boy spoke a couple lines, you have to read between the lines: you can’t say the boy didn’t get to participate or have his turn at the mic. He did- even though he didn’t ‘officially’ have any speaking parts. When he said a mistake was made and in hindsight, it could have been handled better, you also have to read between the lines. He has to say that or heads would roll. The school has no choice but to take the blame. They absolutely can’t blame the mother of a boy with special needs. No way, no how. Especially in light of the crazed mob. When I look back, I can see that only a person like me could have told the truth. And that’s a fact. I only hope that I don’t get punished in some fashion for having done it.

  119. Any parent of a child who has an IEP knows that your child’s schedule does not always mesh up with others in his class. From experience, I can tell you that I had to bring up the fact that my son had not been in any practices for his classmates play BECAUSE of his IEP. I did have to request that they find a way to include him. Hell I didn’t even get the flyer from the school telling me his grade was doing a play- supposedly because he was in another class when it was handed out. I don’t know the real story here but I felt like my son and I have lived thru some teachers like that one. I honestly don’t give a damn if that boy had a line or not (not relevant when talking about a teacher who is simply having a bad attitude towards a special needs child). And I don’t give a damn if he was put in the play that day (that’s the fault of the school- not his parents). And I don’t give a damn what the other parents say (cuz WE all know the other parents have no clue what it is like to advocate for our children when both the school system and other parents deem them a problem). As far as I am concerned the woman who wrote that article makes her own ignorance painfully obvious. My son is fairly high functioning for being on the spectrum – and I still have had to fight for what this woman deems odd. Having him put in a class function that I was not made aware of on the same day? Yep. It happens when your kid is excluded. It happens when you are excluded. Special considerations while treating our kids equally? Yep. I expect that 100 god-damn percent. This lady can go screw.

    • Ok, I had to include this comment. It is the PERFECT illustration of the ‘entitlement’ I was talking about in my article. Some of you have very respectfully wrote in to tell me that I hurt your feelings when I wrote that I had witnesses ‘some’ parents of children with special needs act in entitled ways. Less polite parents have called me names, told me I had no right to say a word about their behavior unless I had an autistic child, and yet others have accused me of not liking kids with special needs. I am including this comment, not because it is the only one, but because it is so typical of these types of comments. I am leaving this one in for the parents who wondered why I said what I said. You know, I haven’t met any mother or father at school who act entitled. That’s for sure. Where I find the worst behavior is on social media. It’s these types of statements and quasi-threats that leave the terrible taste in my mouth. When people are in person, they are polite, but when on social media, it’s like they tell their true feelings. I am shocked that friends of mine speak almost like this as well. I feel a threat in their voices. “If ANYONE did this to MY kid, I’D KICK their a**es….” That’s what turned me off to begin with concerning this incident. It was threatening comments like that. I didn’t like them. I feel that those hostile comments, alone, are entitled. They scream, “My child is so special that they deserve kid glove treatment. Even more, I get to use violent speech and violent behavior because my child has extra challenges. And if you don’t like that fact, then, F-you!” The only place I’ve ever seen this behavior is on social media. And it turns me off. I don’t like it. I guess, people don’t like feeling pushed around- it feels like bullying. I know they aren’t talking to me, but in a way, they are. They are talking to the world in general. I am part of the world. While they are trying to express their love and protection of their kids, I .. well, I don’t like it. I think it’s unacceptable social behavior. So, I’m posting this one to show you what I mean.

  120. Well done, and, being from West Virginia and familiar with this story, accurate. I wish you would change the “wha-lah” to “voilร ” though, the misspelling detracts from an otherwise excellent post.

    • Hi Greg, naw, I’m leaving it there just to bother people at this point! ha, ha. So many people have left a comment just to ‘correct’ that one thing that it amuses me. They have nothing else to say about the situation. I can only think they were once angry at Mrs. Lindsey and having now read that there are extenuating circumstances, they have been forced to concede that they must now put their rage to bed. However, they just neeeeeeeded to say something that so, they had to leave me with one last kick in the knees. Because it is not really that I misspelled it. I just didn’t intend to use the word, ‘voila’. I was just being silly, nonsensical and sarcastic. I guess I don’t bother addressing pettiness on the part of some readers. But as this seems a genuine concern of yours, thought I might explain myself. I’m just laughing at the number of times people need to ‘correct’ me with nothing better to add to the conversation.

  121. Dear Mrs Lindsey,
    Please don’t let this discourage you from continuing to be a loving caring teacher who goes above beyond, because it sounds like that is the kind of teacher you are and there aren’t enough of you.

  122. I saw the post and knew there was more to the story. I have worked with many kids with Austism or Aspergers. They, for the most part, respond to structure. If the Mom chose to demand he put into the program the day of the show, then presumably coached her child to say “gobble, gobble” at the end of the program then she is the problem, not the teacher. If you let one child say something, what would happen if all the kids wanted to say just one thing? Chaos! There is not a trophy for every kid! It’s not okay for one kid to steal the show at the end, special needs or not! I have the same expectations for all kids, do I make modifications for them to reach them, of course! I don’t, however let them do what they want when they want! Death threats? Are you kidding me? Social media has made a lot of bullies! Prayers for her and her family.

  123. Dear Mrs. Lindsey,
    I am sorry you are going through all of this turmoil. I have an autistic nephew. We do not allow him to have an entitled attitude. We teach him he is expected to behave just as other children.You do not deserve the treatment you are getting. I will keep you and all involved in my prayers for a peaceful resolution.

  124. How dare you write all that crap defending that teacher. I don’t care what was agreed upon. You can see the affect on the child. Who did you say needs to apologize? Try again!

    • Huh? How DARE I defend a woman who has had death threats?? So. You think she deserves hundreds of thousands of crazed hate mail? And You, personally, want to add your own version of it to the pile? I want to ask you: what is your version of love and compassion? Here you want to show you love people by loving this boy. But then, you see a clear violation of human rights in front of you when hundreds of thousands of people descend in pure hate because a teacher- lets say it: took a microphone from a kid who shouldn’t have it. To you, this is right and good and normal. And how DARE I defend her. YOU need to check your head, your logic and your heart. seriously.

  125. Where are your sources for your information? they’re not part of the article you wrote, because none of those links state anywhere that the kid need a signed slip, that he never showed to practice, or that he didn’t have a part.
    Do you have any experience with special needs children or kids with autism in general? You said that ‘he walks aimlessly around on stage’ if you new autism you would know that that behavior has little to do with the program.
    The letter that you refer to is from nothing more then another person that was NOT there. But giving they’re opinion of what happened and how it should have been handled.
    You seem to be a christian woman, but you come across as very hypocritical. Adding information to a story that doesn’t exist, and blaming a special needs child and his mother with no proof.

    Let mme remind you of somethings:
    He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.โ€ John 8:7
    โ€œDo not judge, or you too will be judged. 2 For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. Matthew 7:1-2
    As he passed by, he saw a man blind from birth. And his disciples asked him, โ€œRabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?โ€ Jesus answered, โ€œIt was not that this man sinned, or his parents, but that the works of God might be displayed in him.” John 9:1-3
    For you formed my inward parts;
    you knitted me together in my mother’s womb.
    I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
    Wonderful are your works;
    my soul knows it very well.
    My frame was not hidden from you,
    when I was being made in secret,
    intricately woven in the depths of the earth.
    Your eyes saw my unformed substance;
    in your book were written, every one of them,
    the days that were formed for me,
    when as yet there was none of them. Psalms 139;13-16

    your criticism of this child whom is Gods work. He may be different but it was God who made him this way.

    Bless you for you do NOT know, knowledge is POWER !!!

    • Diana, I find it so interesting that you say I didn’t give my source. That just means that you didn’t read the article because I gave it in plain sight, right there in the text. Also, I love when Christians come to my site and criticize the ‘kind’ of Christian I am. I especially love their false accusations.

      Allow me, for example, to take one of the Bible quotes you just used against me. You said, “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.โ€ John 8:7 That verse comes from a story where an angry, irrational, killer mob wanted to stone a woman to death for the crime of adultery. The Sadducees, wanting to trap Jesus, came to him and wanted him to throw the first stone to kill her. They told him about her adultery and reminded him of the law that demanded her death as punishment of her crime. The woman was guilty of this crime. She didn’t deny it. What did Jesus do? Did he join in the angry mob? Did he throw the stone? Did he just have to add his opinion along with the other men? Did he just have to add one more comment about the nasty woman to all those that the men had already said? No! He defended her against the mob.
      And that is what I am doing here.

      And you, my fellow sister in Christ, chose this verse, of all verses, in all stories, to condemn me? When it shows Jesus giving mercy to a guilty woman who is the victim of a mad horde bent on destroying her? When I am defending an innocent woman against a mad horde who wants to kill her?

      You don’t have the Holy Spirit. You only have empty words in your mouth. The only reason you are saying Bible words here is in the effort to hurt me, because I stood in your way when you wanted to vent your anger against this woman. I gave you enough information to make you feel too guilty to join in the mob. But in your frustration, you needed to hit me. And then, you made the shameful accusation and said that I criticized the child, himself? Again, let me tell you the same verse you told me:

      โ€œDo not judge, or you too will be judged. 2 For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. Matthew 7:1-2

      You have judged me very wrongly. And you have accused me of something I have not done. I stood against a crime that was inhumane. You stand with a mob that wants to tear a woman apart for taking a microphone away from a child who shouldn’t have one. I am happy to let Jesus judge between us, sister.

  126. So sorry you are having to go through such a horrible situation. I am an elementary school teacher myself. I know what it means to deeply care for your students. I can’t imagine what it would be like to experience such hateful things. May the Lord protect you, your family, and your job. May He also provide a way for you to regain your upstanding reputation as a teacher.

  127. Well as a grandmother of a child in the same play,here are a few more tidbits of info….permission slips were sent out 3 weeks prior to the play..this play is presented every year and has no turkey in it..hence no gobble gobble. .those who sent back their slips were given their lines and rehearsed them..also those names were printed on the program…and no his name isn’t on it so that means his parents didn’t send it back. the start of the play EVERYONE was instructed that due to time restrictions all the children would be rushed back to class. ..meaning no dawdle allowed. ..when he showed up of course the NICE teacher allowed him to participate. Why punish the child for parent mistake..and parent was informed no lines…if u look at his costume it is an Indian he just has it on kinda sideways..again no TURKEY. .and as you watch he just seems to do what he wants cause he doesn’t know what to do….and last if you watch the end after mic is removed he cries for less than 10 seconds..hardly life altering…everyone had a good time even him…his parents just wanted 15 min of fame that could have been prevented had they had more consideration of his feeling before the play (by not following the instructions of the slip) instead of trying to pass their mistake off onto an innocent and compassionate teacher ..

  128. As a teacher of children with special needs I have seen 100’s of plays with special needs kids as stars. Kids who are 2 years old to 15 year olds. I have seen whole school doing standing ovations for a child with autism. Each play takes months to practice. Each song, each word, each prop. Each child is included… if a child did not come to school or practice they are not part of the play. Unless they know exactly where they stand. It is unfair to the other kids if a child is doing what he or she wants to do. It is possible for each child to be part of the play and do great. It is unfair if they didn’t put time or effort into it. And no, him having autism is not excuse.
    I feel bad for this teacher. I know what it is like to be thrown into dirt when u love your students to the moon and back. When you have a classroom of kids to take care of and you still have to mind each one and love each one. When. You do all that and you do it with all your heart and then a parent comes and rips your heart out and stamps on it.

    • People with common sense stand with you, Mrs. Lindsey! Stand tall. The shame is not yours. God Bless you and you family.

    • We all should have known there was a snake in the woodpile so to speak. Usually all teachers teacher and treat their students like they do their own children. Usually also if there is a ruckus it is with a parent that is wanting to get attention for herself. I apologize for what I said. I said ” if she did so and so on purpose “. I figured that there were two sides. I should have kept my mouth shut. Please accept my apology.

  129. I am so sorry you are being attacked. May god wrap his arms around you and your family in this trying time and know that there are a lot of people out here praying for you and your family. God bless you and happy thanksgiving โค๏ธ๏ธ

  130. I’m glad you posted this. I also saw the full, 12 minute video. The child in question did in-fact stand up at one point with his peers in line. He made it to the mic and said “Thanksgiving thanksgiving!” The second time he went up was when the mother claims the teacher snatched the mic. The kid already had a turn. It’s funny how just the short version is the video being circulated instead of the full one. The mother’s lie would’ve been exposed right away.

  131. I really hate the way people start judging, commenting and hating others when they only see a short video of something. It happens all the time and it’s cruel. It’s slander. It’s outrageous how they go off. I’m truly sorry this teacher is going through all this. It’s easy for me to see both sides. When I first saw the video I never once thought the teacher was cruel. I thought there must have been some miscommunication that day. I’m so glad you put the truth out there so people might stop to think for a moment, but I really doubt they will. There are people who will always look for the worst in others instead of the best. I hope the teacher finds peace. I’ll say a prayer for her and her family. God knows her heart.

  132. Sending prayers. Praying that the truth will shine through all the lies what ever it may be. His Bless Everyone.

  133. Thanks for posting! When I watched the video, I felt the same as you, something just wasn’t right. Teachers are judged on everything they do. Teaching is HARD work and we don’t do it for the money!! If you really have the type of personality that this teacher was accused of having, you’ve probably already left the profession. Anyway, I loved reading your post and I love that you are not “politically correct”. Equal isn’t always fair, however, you are right, children with special needs have to be disciplined and given boundaries as well.

  134. Short little rebel…sounds like you are being attacked also. People are not happy unless they attack others. Whether they know what true or false. They just want to be heard. If only they could realize how much good they could do by staying off Facebook. My prayers go out to you and that wonderful teacher.

  135. I hate mob mentality as the damage it causes the innocent is so extreme. My heart goes out to the teacher and the child. Neither who really had a say in what went down by the sounds of it. Hoping life returns to normal soon for those involved.

    Being a teacher myself I have dealt with difficult parents and the hardest thing is the impact they can have on their child. Running a play or similar can be very stressful and unfortunately there are parents who will prey on this. Hindsight is a marvellous thing, a pity that foresight is not so common.

  136. In this politically correct self entitled society we have forgotten how to be decent human beings. We are quick to judge with out facts. Ms.Lindsay I don’t know you and will probably never meet you but I just want you to know that the good lord don’t like ugly and all those who are so quick to judge will get what they deserve. Being a teacher is hard (I’m not one but have several family members who are) and without them we have no education and lessons learned. Don’t let the ugly judgemental people of this world deter a good person from doing what’s right.

  137. Such an awful situation. I’m the mother of a special needs child and I only hope that I can get a teacher that will treat him with equality. When I say equality I mean the same in everything. Discipline, love, consequences. Encouragement…. just like any other child. I don’t believe my child is entitled to any special treatment and I wouldn’t want him to feel as if he were an outcast because of special treatment. The only truth that exists (as far as the public is concerned) is that we don’t have the whole picture. The amount of harassment that exists on social media right now is appalling. People yelling at others to be less judgmental when they are throwing such hateful attacks and comments. The hypocrisy is shocking. I am so sorry to this teacher for having been victim to this fire. And, given that I don’t know all the facts, I’m sorry if this mother was hurt by this. Not that I believe her actions were justified in any way. It’s shocking that so many people would feel hatred towards this teacher by judging things purely on what they saw. So quick to jump to conclusions. There are always two sides. I’m especially sorry for Caleb. He is victim to his mom’s anger and is probably effected by the attention he has gotten as well.
    I hope that the teacher can feel peace in knowing that she was trying to do what was right. There is never an excuse to be attacked like this. There are so many more important things people should be focusing their attention on. It’s just ridiculous.

  138. I have a son who falls on the autism spectrum, I have to say that something seemed off about this story from the beginning. All children on the spectrum behave differently however, I noticed this child did not appear to know the routine of the play, he also seemed to do whatever he wanted on the stage. Also it seemed to me that the teacher was reaching for the mic before he reached the front of the line. Also, I read a comment from a parent that attended the play who stated that this mother is always looking for her 15 minutes of fame and that this was not the first time she’s done something like this. All in all I would say this mothers story should never have been put online, no one should have shared the teachers name or posted her phone number online. The teacher has been harassed and threatened and that is much worse than a child crying because he didn’t get his own way. He more than likely has already gotten over the play.
    In today’s society some parents do not discipline their children and then blame everyone else, very sad.

  139. God bless you, and give you His peace throughout all of this! Just keep on being the wonderful teacher your students need, and mom that your daughter needs. People who know you, already know this situation. Those who don’t know you will now have learned a life-long lesson about getting the facts before pretending to sit as judge.

  140. I am so glad someone wrote and explained what happened. I was one who thought you had not let him speak. I am sorry I jumped to conclusions. I pray this can all be straightened for you. God Bless you!

  141. I watched the video and comments and immediately knew what happened, because I have been in this situation many of times as an educator. I applaud the teacher for trying to control a situation that could have caused more conflict. What if he had said something inappropriate or foul? Would it had been the teacher’s fault, because she didn’t take the mic from him. What you see is not always what you believe unless you are there to the end. We have got to learn how to stop been so judgmental and start loving. Many lives have been destroyed, because something didn’t go the way someone wanted it to. I feel for the teacher, because I know how deeply she is hurt. When you give your live to work with children, it hurts when people accuse you of not loving them or abusing them. Mrs. Lindsey, keep up the good work. Keep using that gift God has given you to make a difference in the lives of children. People, let’s learn how to be compassionate to everyone, because God is love. Mrs. Lindsey, Stand strong. God has your back.

  142. Thank you for posting this….I, too “bought” what social media sold me about this…but I would never stoop to harassing someone. I was once falsely accused of hurting a child…..I lost everything I owned because of it. Even though I was cleared of ALL charges and found innocent….my rep was ruined,…I lost my house, my business of 35 years….everything….My heart goes out to this teacher and thank you for searching and posting the truth.

  143. Thank you for posting this. I only saw an article on this situation before, where the dad was calling out the teacher in question. As I read that article (I couldn’t bear to watch the video clip) I couldn’t help but feel something was off. The parents of this child need to reevaluate what they are teaching him and his classmates. I truly hope Mrs. Lindsey can get some relief from this storm that has unduly hit her.

    • So sorry for Mrs Lindsay. I knew something was off when I watched the video. She did not even appear to look at the boy, and definitely did not snatch the microphone away. I hope the haters stop and the kids can back to a normal school routine

  144. Dear Mrs. Lindsey,
    I have also lived this. It is a terrible thing to be publicly crucified when you are the innocent party and are painted as the villain. The media chooses to present the story they think will gather the most attention even when there is no truth to it. I no longer even watch the news or subscribe to the newspapers. I am so sorry anyone else would have to travel this road. We should ALL realize that both sides of a story are rarely presented. You , your family and your school are in my prayers.

  145. I’m so sorry that you are being judged. That’s horrible. I know that you were just trying to protect the kid from getting embarrassed probably. I’m praying for you, the students, the school, the mother, and the kid. That the good that you was trying to do will be brought to light and what the devil meant to be for bad that Jesus will turn into good. God bless you and everyone that is involved. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  146. Your an amazing teacher for putting this play together and allowing him to be in it. The mother should be posting about how lucky her son is to have you in his life. Praying for you and your family

  147. she sounds like a great teacher trying to make a child she obviously cares for feel less awkward while the mother paraded him like a circus animal. hopefully it turns out well for the teacher and her own child, I hope the school feels lucky to have her

  148. You have a warped – to put it mildly – interpretation of the Bible. I don’t think Jesus would rally the sheep to attack special needs students and their families, accusing them of lying. Jesus taught us to reach out to people with special needs, not condemn them and shun them.

    • Wow. I am ‘rallying the sheep’ to attack Caleb and his family? Really? First, I have no intention of attacking Caleb. I think he’s darling. Second, I have no intention of attacking Caleb’s mom. I’m pretty sure she never imagined that her video would go viral like this. And I’ll bet she regrets the effect of the video by now and doesn’t know what to do about it. And she isn’t completely responsible for what has happened as far as the mob hate goes. That’s the MOB’S fault. Each and every person who hated first and researched second is the problem. Kind of like you, here on my page. But I had to give the facts (as far as they can be known by eye witness accounts from other parents and teachers from Nutter Fort Elementary School) in order to stop the MOB from attacking what appears to be an innocent woman. That isn’t ‘attacking’ the mother. And I would never allow people on my site to attack her either. If you see a comment that looks that way on my site, let me know. But you won’t find it. I moderate all comments. This is a responsible site. Now, it is right and good to help those in need. This teacher was getting BEAT UP by the mob. I stepped in to help her. And I am taking heat for doing it. From people like you. Now, are you my sister in Christ or are you just a mocker?

      • Sorry but you are attacking his mother….vehemently. calling her a liar? Who the hell do you think you are? Also, you run on like a bad movie in this article. It seems very biased and it is poorly written.

        Your handle should be little miss needs attention so, so bad.

      • Dear Elaine,

        Most people capitalize the first letter of the first word in a sentence. I vehemently suggest it. In addition, your comment seems rather biased and poorly written.

  149. There are many who are for you & wish you and your family the best ๐Ÿ™‚ Love is stronger than hate ๐Ÿ™‚

  150. I want to personally apologize I shared the video and was heart broken by it because I have four children three special needs I was quick to see what the mother wanted us to see. Again I am truly sorry from the bottom of my heart n

  151. My heart breaks for this teacher. This mother needs to set it straight, and I hope the school is supporting the teacher.

  152. I always knew that there was more to the story than was being told and knew that you, the teacher, had the child’s best interest at heart. Being a retired teacher, I know very well how cruel parents and others can be when things don’t seem to go their way. Please know that there of us that were always in your corner and are praying that this too shall pass for you. Continue to be a blessing to children everywhere!

  153. As the mother of an amazing teacher, I know this sort of stuff happens, not often, but even once is too much. Prayers and positive thoughts for Mrs. Lindsey โค

  154. We are so often so quick to judge. This story has taught me a good lesson. There are always to sides to every story and so often important information is left out. Much like the political situation we have gone through.
    Mrs. Lindsay, I will pray for you that your life can return to normal.

  155. God bless you for that you give to the children. Stand fast God will show the world the truth. Praying for you and your family.

  156. My heart goes out to you and your family. I was a secretary in a school system for 23 years and I know some parents feel their child is entitled just because. There are always two sides to every story and we all must learn to hear and listen to everything. Keep your head held high and know that others and God know what really hsppened. Love and prayers! Sandy

  157. Thankful for the rest of the story!
    I had wondered about this. I work with children and well, the story really did not seem to be all there.
    Thanks to Ms. Lindsey for her kindness to her students.

    • I agree… The story sounded very off… Glad to hear the other side. Working with kids is difficult enough but when you add in parents and others who try to attack and tear you down, it because much more challenging. Keep your head up and thank you for all that you do. My prayers are added to the rest for you and your family. You deserve better.

    • As someone who also worked in a School I had my doubts…..Mrs Lindsay we hope this will settle down quickly. You are obviously very supportive and caring to ALL students….I will be thinking of you

  158. Prayers are being sent up for you, your family, and the school. May God put a hedge of protection around you and your family.

  159. Ms Lindsey I’m so sorry about this horrible ordeal you are going through! My thought and prayers are with you and your family!! Happy Thanksgiving!! ๐Ÿฆƒ

    • I am so sorry this happened to you. I did see the video a few days ago and thought it was ‘off’ but not sure what or why. I can’t imagine people threatening you with physical harm for anything, much less a play. I hope you continue teaching and know that not all of us jump to conclusions when we see videos these days. God Bless You. I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving.

    • I am so sorry this happened to you. I did see the video a few days ago and thought it was โ€˜offโ€™ but not sure what or why. I canโ€™t imagine people threatening you with physical harm for anything, much less a play. I hope you continue teaching and know that not all of us jump to conclusions when we see videos these days. God Bless You. I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving.

    • Mrs. Lindsey — we are with you and we support you. You are a good teacher and we know you care deeply for your students, including Caleb. This job is difficult and we know you were doing your best for all students involved. We love you and you are a blessing. Thank you for all you have done for your students and school!

    • It breaks my heart to see adults act in such a way when they don’t have all the facts, furthermore what kind of example are they setting for their kids. in today’s society it’s extremely difficult to be a teacher, you don’t have the same tools teachers had 30 yrs ago. Hang in there god is with you, you did the right thing, you can hold your head up high, and you can negate others poor behavior. Forgive, but never forget. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.
      K.S. Lantry

    • Ms. Lindsay, I am so sorry words are being used to make life unpleasant and even heartbreaking for you. I am not a teacher at a school but was on for 15+ at church. You would think so called Christians would be different. They are not. One word leads to another and then a whirlwind of fire begins. My God does not look favorably on this. I’m not saying I got caught up in it to. I feel your hurt, your betrayal, and all you thought was good. I will pray for you and Caleb and his mom. Remembering all that are involved. Also reminding what WORDS can do to each of us.
      Nanette in Louisiana

  160. There are some who want their kid to be treated “just like all of the other kids”…until something goes wrong, and then, by gosh, you better treat them like their “special”.

  161. Thanks to Ms. Lindsey for being a kind and committed educator. Teaching is undervalued in our society and it’s stories like this that get blown out of proportion that make it even more difficult.

  162. So sorry you’re going through all this. I know how it feels to be misunderstood and accused of being wrong…it’s hard. Praying for you and your family.

  163. I never ever never take initial reports of abuse of any kind as gospel until a thorough investigation is made…We are so hurried to judge people these days based solely on the words of their accusers without giving them the benefit of doubt…
    The rage against this teacher should have been reserved until more information was released, nor should it had ever escalated into the volatile hate and vulgarity they displayed, regardless if she was guilty of this type of heartless act, it is not how we resolve issues.
    Shame on this mother and those who jumped to conclusions..

  164. Oh my goodness!! Thank you for posting what really happened. That mother should be ashamed of herself. Praying for Mrs. Lindsey.

  165. Hi, I can honestly say I felt that way when I saw the video. Being the mother of an autistic child myself, I know how quickly things can get awkward. Not everyone understands autism unfortunately. I feel terrible for that poor teacher, I’m sure it’s been very difficult for her. Defamation of character should be taken a lot more seriously than it is. Just because you say it, doesn’t make it true. The mother should take more responsibility if she wants her child to participate in school activities. It isn’t right to seek out some sort of gift or gain of any sort with manipulation and untrue statements. She has just brought bullying to a whole new level entirely. Miss teacher, I hope this goes away soon, I really do. I know how horrible it feels to be the object of abuse. It’s never fun in any form, be it, physical, emotional or spiritual. I’m praying for you and your family as well as the child and his mother. We all need to pray for each other every day! Happy thanksgiving if you celebrate, if not, peace and joy may you find in the future.

  166. It’s become so common for the Media to have the Public to believe what they feel the Public should “believe”. Moreover if anyone owes an explanation of their actions it should be those who have been posting all those negative comments. They should be ashamed of themselves. If I could advocate and establish one meaningful rule of engagement for People to behave it would be to remember, set an example and live by it ~ “Unless your “Perfect” stop Judging others”. Lastly, let’s not forget here that no matter how you flip-it, there’s always 2 sides to a pancake! You’ve not heard the full truth until you hear from the other side of the story! Mrs Lindsey you are doing a great job with your Students. That School is blessed to have such a wonderful Teacher, Woman, Mother and Guide post to lead those Children into Adulthood. God Bless You Mrs Lindsey ๐Ÿ™‚

  167. I wish you and your familyall the happiness in the world. I’m so sorry to hear your family is going through this. May God shine a bright light on your future and may your family get through this with the help of the lord.

  168. Since this mother won’t appologize, I will appologize for her. I am sorry you were treated this way. I am sorry that this mom who lied is still allowed to go into your school. I am sorry for her son who has to be raised by someone who is so deceptive. I am sorry people have said mean things to you. I am sorry for all that you have gone through, I can imagine how horrible it must be to go through this. I am praying for you and your family. God will deal with those who treat you bad. Hold your head up and keep up the good fight. God knows the truth and he will reward you for being strong and rising above the hate. God bless you and keep you.

  169. As the mother of a teacher who teaches special needs children, the whole story is often not heard. Thank you for telling the entire story and not just one side.

  170. I’m so sorry this has happened to you! I will pray that you can overcome this terrible event and have a happy Thanksgiving with your family!

  171. I’m sorry miss rebel I’m not good with names and I’m too lazy to go look lol. But, I wanted you to know I got the viola misspelling and didn’t even question your use of the word. It’s ok to not be perfect all the time. And some people live to tell you that you made a mistake. Clearly you did not. I spell words like I say them sometimes because I’m southern. Like when I say, fixinta, I mean I’m getting ready to do something. I know it’s wrong but it fits at that moment. And some folks have really large corn cobs in their nether regions. Such is life! I loved your story btw! I am a firm believer in truth and justice. There needs to be tons more of it in the world. Keep up the good work โค๏ธ

    • Must be a southern thang then. I often do that. I take many liberties when I write. But I quite enjoy watching vanquished foes gasping out their death throes. It’s their last kick at the ol’ bucket!

  172. Praying that god will place a hedge of protection around you, your family, the children and teachers at this school. Also that you will have peace in your mind, body and heart!! People such as yourself are greatly appreciated for all the love you give. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, as I am a grandmother of an autistic child, and know the effort you put forth. I am so sorry this has happened to you, and I pray it is resolved soon! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving holiday. Huggs from North Dakota!โค๏ธ

  173. Having an autistic brother, son and now grandson I am so aware of some of the frustration on the parent, mother etc, but so much of the misunderstanding happens because the main players don’t talk to each other. Some teachers are excellent, some are not good with autistic children, but its sounds like she is. So to the mother please swallow your pride, think through your judgements and make an appointment to talk to the teacher directly first without sounding off on Facebook first. Mistakes happen to all of us and no-one is perfect. Fix the damage – no-one deserves death threats.

  174. I am SOOOO glad to see someone correcting a bogus story floating around on Facebook. Jumping on the “gossip band wagon”, not even knowing if the article is true or not is absolutely foolish! We are talking about a woman’s career and her family’s life. Mrs. Lindsey, I don’t know you but remember, “God works all things for the good to those who are the called according to His purpose.” We reap what we sow. Put your faith in God and He will bring you through this. Unfortunately, that mother that lied on you will be reaping a bad harvest.
    Prayers dear lady.

  175. I pray for you and your family! The truth always comes out and don’t let others bring you down because you know your truth and that’s what matters. People doing mean things have issue and I believe in Karma.

  176. I hope as the days go by everyone reads this and re posts it, and soon the world will know what a good teacher you are..may you have a Happy Thanksgiving..Kathy

  177. Thank you for the whole story. When I saw the video clip it didn’t seem like she was snatching anything. It looked like she was doing what she had done previously.

    I know it takes patience and a different set of rules to raise and educate those with developmental disabilities but when it comes to extra things (sports, plays, clubs) there are only the rules of that event. Even the set of rules for special needs children are still rules and based on the norms of the classroom.

    The mother should be ashamed of herself but remember she needs prayers too.

    • so right. And I don’t mean it in the mean way people often say. I truly want the entire school to heal. The reason I am STILL posting these comments at.. 4 AM pacific time.. is so that Ms. Lindsey can wake up to them on her side of the country on Thanksgiving day. I want her to see them and heal. Hopefully, she can forgive the parents and move forward. Without forgiveness, nothing can happen. I truly don’t want hatred toward the mom. What I love that is almost no one is being mean to the mother behind the scenes. And if anyone is, I’m not posting those comments. I want to stay positive here. I do pray for all concerned. Peace is the goal. The mob won’t succeed on my page. I only hope Ms. Lindsey sees my page and all these wonderful, supportive and loving comments. I have no doubt they will bring her such joy and healing!

  178. First of all I’m sorry this has happened and I’ve often wondered if this is the case in so many stories that are shared on social media. It amazes me that will people will jump to such hatred to someone with such little information. Teachers are under appreciated and under paid and yet they are teaching our children! Mrs Lindsey, I hope you know that many people respect you and all teachers (God knows I do not have the patience to put up with kids who think they are entitled) The world has not gone completely mad, it appears the crazy people are the one who have nothing better to do than to get angry at strangers and correct people’s grammar on FB!

    Please don’t change “whalah”, it’s killing me how many people are upset over that! ๐Ÿ˜‚
    Do they not have a life with better things to get upset about?!! ๐Ÿ˜‚

  179. I’m so sad that this is happening and there are so many people who think this is okay! I don’t think many people think before they speak and doesn’t realize the real hurt they can cause with ignorance. I hope this nightmare ends for you and all the kids in your school soon.

  180. I just don’t understand then why she still grabbed the mic from him? Either way, it’s all wrong and everyone was hurt in the situation. Especially the child.

    • Actually, since the child didn’t have a line or a part, I think it taught the child not to speak unless you have a line. It also taught that tantrums don’t result in getting your way. Either way, a good lesson and no one harmed. Witness accounts say that the little guy was laughing just minutes later. Only mom was hysterical.

  181. You could tell she grabbed the microphone before he even moved towards it. Alas it seems this story makes more sense than she just being a heartless person. She had her back turned and it truly did not look like she saw him approaching the microphone anyway. Just my opinion.

  182. I’m very sorry you are being labeled due to lack of the truth in this matter. I am sad that Caleb’s mother is allowing this to get out of hand. God Bless you for what you do each and every day to make a difference in all children’s lives!!!

  183. Thank you for being a teacher! I taught special needs kids and no one knows how hard it can be. I truly loved my kids and cared about my parents. It is tough and you have my respect and my prayers! ๐Ÿ˜

  184. I’m so sorry that this situation has gotten out of control and your suffering the consequences. Stay strong and know that your true motivation and the truth always comes out. I wish a safe and blessed holiday season for you and your family .

  185. So so sorry for what you are going thur!! We are all quick to judge and their is so much hatred in this world if we would take time and get to bottom of things if would be a better world!! May God give you piece and comfort !!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

  186. I’m so sorry for what you and your family are going through. The woman who has caused you so much pain and heartache will have to answer for this. Try to have a very Happy Thanksgiving. Prayers are headed your way and straight to the Lord’s ears. God bless you and yours

  187. My sister is a teacher and I know what a difficult but rewarding job it is. Hang in there! This too shall pass and the truth will prevail. Prayers for you and your family.

  188. Mrs. Lindsey, my heart goes out to you. Please think of all of the students you have made a huge difference to as you go forward. I have no doubt you are an amazing teacher and would hate for this ridiculous incident to take you away from such an important career. Love and kindness sent to you from a fellow teacher in Idaho.

  189. Oh, what a shameful thing to do! There are two victims in this situation; the child, and from other accounts, a wonderful and loving teacher. When this parent posted this video, did she have no idea of the future fallout her autistic son may be required to deal with? Did she intend for the teacher to be threatened and harassed? Did she intend to simply garner attention and material gain for her child and/or family? Mrs. Lindsey, you are in a difficult and noble profession. Many, many lives have been changed for the better through the actions of a teacher. Please, hold your head high and know the thoughts and prayers of so many people follow you!

    • I highly doubt the mother or father wished such a thing on the teacher. The MOB is at fault. EACH and every person who left horrible messages for Ms. Lindsey is at fault. And for those who are CONTINUING to do so, after seeing how many death threats she has been given- well they are just cretins. I speak to those who are continuing to give ‘their two cents’ even on my page. I hate to tell you people, nothing you are saying at this point is new or insightful. Someone has already said it. If you don’t have something POSITIVE to add for Ms. Lindsey, odds are, you are just another cretin who is part of the mob who just can’t help yourself. You should be ashamed at your lack of self control. It’s already been said. Now. STOP it. SHE HAs HEARD IT. She doesn’t’ need to hear it from YOU. again.

  190. Was there another article that had information you are reporting? I hit the full article link and it said he had a line but you said it was agreed he didn’t. The clip even shows him saying “Thanksgiving Thanksgiving”.

    • Hi Mindy, he didn’t have any official lines, but he chose to speak several times throughout the play. And everyone was very patient with him. So, he did get to participate. Even though he didn’t have any scripted lines.

  191. As a teacher, I get this, and it happens far to often. I am praying for you, your family, your students, and your community! May you find this goes away quickly and life can resume in a normal fashion; however, I realize it will be a new normal. Peace and blessing to you and yours!

  192. Praying for a quick resolution and people to calm down over this deceptively inflated situation. Glad I never responded previously to any of the posts on this. I am always suspicious of someone who takes a selfie of themselves int he midst of a trauma or drama. God bless!

  193. I’m so sorry you are going through this craziness! Obviously you are loved by many. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  194. So sorry this is happening to you. This is a crazy world we live in. People are so quick to judge. I hope it stops. My prayers are with you and your family.

  195. Praying for a quick resolution and people to calm down over this deceptively inflated situation. Glad I never responded previously to any of the posts on this. I am always suspicious of someone who takes a selfie of themselves int he midst of a trauma or drama. God bless!

  196. My heart goes out to you, Mrs Lindsey. I didn’t read anything on this, only saw the video, and figured that you had a good reason for doing what you did. I pray for God to protect you and your family and that the truth will set you free!

  197. I hope your Thanksgiving is everything its suppose to be. I want to apologize for what you are going through at your school. I hope its all straightened out and alls well in the new year. God bless you and your family!๐Ÿฆƒ

  198. Wishing you the best of everything in the future. Please keep your head up and remember many of us love and respect you. You are a dedicated teacher doing a wonderful job..

  199. I feel sorry for everyone in this story but I think the writer of this article is jumping on the band wagon. Lady if you do not live Autism or work with Autistic children then you have no business writing about anything to do with Autism. You need to take your pencil elsewhere.

    • Oooooohhhh- she said, “Lady if you do not live Autism or work with Autistic children then you have no business writing about anything to do with Autism. You need to take your pencil elsewhere.” And YOU’RE not an entitled person, are you? Hey, this article is NOT about autism. It is about the mob attacking a teacher. So sorry you don’t like it. I truly believe you are angry because I spoke the truth about the mother of this child and are DEFENSIVE for her- picturing yourself in her stead. That is your boogey man and your problem. I am not speaking to you, miss. So, you can take your huff and have it elsewhere.

  200. Mrs. Lindsay, I’m very sorry that this ordeal has happened to you!! Caring teachers like you are a blessing to our children! I pray that you will get through this and know that all parents are not like that!! God bless you and your family!!!

  201. Mrs. Lindsey, no one should be attacked without all the information. I was curious from the minute I saw the video if there was something we had not seen. As a former teacher and administrator I would have never judged you without knowing everything. We all need to stop jumping to conclusions. God bless you and your family. Do not let this ruin your career as it sounds as if others truly believe in you!

  202. I was always told “Believe nothing you hear and only half of what you see” I remember watching this thinking “this must not be the full clip…and….maybe this was edited” It just didn’t add up. Good to know the real truth has come out hopefully more people get to see this article!

  203. Saying prayers for you and your family! God will carry you through this beause he just and good. Hold your head high! Those who says such evil things to anyone for any reason have issues of their own. I will pray for this to be resolved quickly for you and your family. Teachers are so important in a childs life and unfortunately the teachers are better for the children then their own parents!!!! God Bless, have a wonderful holiday season with your loved ones!

  204. Mrs. Lindsey, I just retired after 35 years as a special educator. My heart hurts for you. I have seen this type of thing before but not to this extreme. May God bless you and give you comfort. May the truth be believed and may those who are being so horrible feel ashamed that they would treat anyone the way you have been treated. Please know you are not alone. โค

  205. Thank you for being such a kind spirit. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family! I do pray you enjoy your Thanksgiving and know that many people in the world are supporting you, more than those ranting about something they know nothing about. Unfortunately not everyone choose to educate themselves or do research before jumping to conclusions. Thank you for teaching our youth.

  206. You are horrible and so is the teacher if this is true, you used a special child to prove your not excellent and your point is what benefits you . You or the teacher are not good people and deserve what you have received. Please be the adult and help these special needs kids out. You nor the teacher deserve anything. You are all in the wrong till you actually understand all the special needs kids. Which you don’t bit you want everyone to understand you and the teacher. Without question. These kids need a voice and power. And sad that this is what they have to fight for a damn christmas nothing to be heard. Focus on them year round, and maybe just maybe you woukd see they are amazing and can participate in your stupid christmas play. Which in realty Jesus would let them participate. Because they are his perfect children, and obviously you are not.

    • Lisa, I left your IGNORANT comment just so others can see what this teacher is dealing with. (and me, to a lesser extent). This is the ENTITLEMENT I spoke of. You think that just because I defended a human being from a monstrous MOB attack that I am a bad person. You claim I used a special child to do what? ‘prove I’m excellent?’ So ridiculous. Who’s making the false accusations here? The mother already put this poor child’s face all over social media, dear. My article does not add to that. I am a little trickle in comparison to what the mother, herself, has done to her kid. She has rid herself of her own privacy, especially in accepting gifts- that must have entailed the giving out of her address! You have lost your mind, madam. And I think Jesus would be with me. He stood up for the woman being stoned by the crowd. And she was guilty as charged! This woman is innocent, I believe!

  207. A Facebook “friend” had posted the mini video and some very hateful words to say about the teacher. Both my mom and my aunt are teachers, and I have heard their horror stories about students/parents, so I commented that we don’t know the whole story and not to jump to conclusions/be so judgmental and hateful. Instantly I was attacked by this so called friend and her other friends. I am getting sick of all the hatred!!!!

  208. I am an elementary music teacher and this type of thing could happen to any one of us. I pray for you and your family as you go through this difficult time. Try to remember all the good that you do for your students.

  209. Thank you for the story. I hope more read this and gather an education. It is a Shane the people are easily guided by HATE Roth little facts but with truth stand by and watch. I choose facts and say– praying for you Mrs Lindsay. You have demonstrated a wonderful gift and strength. Keep the faith. As for mom. Unfortunately ignorance is a disease and the only cure is education.

  210. People are so eager to jump on any ole bandwagon! I am so sorry that you were a victim of this hateful attack. I am a teacher too. I knew from the beginning that there was more to this story. People don’t go into teaching to be mean to children. Keep up the good work of teaching our youth!

  211. Mrs Lindsey, I am so sorry that people are so cruel. I too ask a God for a hedge of protection around you and your family. People need to ask themselves, Is it kind, is it true and is it necessary, when you say bad things and when you threaten people.

  212. Thank you for the sacrifices you make daily in your classroom. I am a retired teacher and am so sorry you have been treated this way. God bless…

  213. I’m so sorry you are going through all of this! May God give you strength, bless and protect you and your family!

  214. Mrs. Lindsey,
    As a special educator myself, my heart goes out to you. I knew there was more to this story. I’m glad to hear this young man considers you one of his favorite teachers; you must be doing something right. Much love and prayers to you and your family. May you have a Happy Thanksgivung.

  215. My best friend is a school teacher and has been through the same thing but it never got this bad,my prayers and blessing to you and thank you for being a teacher. If it wasn’t for teachers we wouldn’t have learned all we have learned.

  216. It takes a special person to do what you do.โ™ก Prayers to you and your family. And may people wake up and see the whole truth!

  217. As a school adminstrator I read the original article and “wondered” about this situation. I know all too well the antics of a parent who slants the truth and can put a spin on the story. I’m very sorry this happened to you. I pray for peace and resolution.

  218. This too shall pass. Continue to be a blessing in the lives of the students you teach. Ours is a calling. We are easy targets, but we are many and we are praying for peace for you and yours.

  219. So very sorry for what you are going through.I pray that this mother does the rite thing and tells the truth.I have no respect for parents that use their children to get attention or free handouts…Bless you and your family and I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving…

  220. Mrs Lindsey , I am so very sorry you are going through all this . I pray you and your family have a nice Thanksgiving . That Mom should apologize to this teacher for what she has caused . I am so sorry .

  221. Please don’t put all mothers that have autistic children or mothers who have children with other special needs in the same basket as this mother. It was wrong what she did. But don’t place us all the same. I’m an advocate for my son but will not allow him to avoid responsibility for his actions and reactions to situations. Most mothers I know don’t act this way.

  222. Can I ask you to post sources from your information, as I can not find any other sources to back up what you’re saying. As a humanist skeptic, I like to see your evidence for myself. As of now, I think what you’re saying is nonsense, as I can not find any other articles claiming what you’re claiming.

    • Listen, Matthew. You claim you want the source, but I can tell you have zip, zero, nada interest in it. If you did, you would have actually READ this article. Know how I know you didn’t read it? Because I GAVE my source in the text. Stop pretending like you care about facts. You just want to attack the teacher and me.

  223. I’m so sorry for all you’ve been put through. Teaching is hard enough on a normal day. I hope you will continue to share your gift of teaching, despite what this woman has done. Bless you and please keep your head up.

  224. I’m so sorry this is happening to you! You sound like a really nice person and a great teacher. My prayers go out to you and your family!

  225. Mrs. Lindsey, I am so sorry for this unfortunate situation. I will keep you in my prayers, may God keep you and your family. May He send an army of angels to surround you and keep you safe.

  226. I am so sorry for your pain. When I first saw the video my first response was there had to be more. My heart goes out to you and your family along with my prayers. For what it’s worth I believe your actions were appropriate and justified.

  227. I am so sorry this is happening to you. I hope your family and you are able to have some peace soon. You are in my thoughts.

  228. I have an Autistic son that I set the same standards as his 3 siblings. No special treatment because life will not allow it. If I treated him differently than his siblings they would do the same. Yes he is different and takes for to learn social and lifestyle skills but he is not disabled!!! He works along side his siblings at the farm and actually exceeds expectations. He doesn’t complain or hide when asked to unload hay. He is proud to help and work. I am blessed to have him and and if he is acts up or is disrespectful I look to our family for guidance not his teachers. For I am his greatest teacher and role model.

    • And I will bet he turns out great. I raise my kids with discipline too- and all of them do very well in school, stay out of trouble, don’t curse, go to church and have great hearts for those who are being injured by others. I’m very proud of them! Letting your kids go wild will never result in positive results!

  229. Prayers for you Mrs. LINDSEY. I was a teacher and principal and I totally understand your situation.

    So sad .

  230. Sorry you have to go through this. I pray this gets resolved and people will know the truth. God Bless you and yours!!!

  231. Are you kidding me? You sound like an asshole yourself writing this article. Last I checked, improv is a very popular theater arts thing. This article makes the school look even worse. Know what would have made that play a heart warming sensation? If the teacher just allowed it. Autism is a special disorder that does need special treatment. Their emotions are easily offended. Why would you do this to a child? All that showed was a teacher who had control issues!!! Her play isn’t perfect cause the special kid wants to improv a line? Go fuck yourself. You and that teacher. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป Happy thanksgiving.

    • Hey Ashley, how old are you? 13? 15? I am allowing this post because it is so typical of the kind that are being sent to Ms. Lindsey. Actually, this is a NICE one in comparison to some that are sent. You can see that Ashley hasn’t bothered reading any of the information. She is uninterested in the facts because, as I said previously, the MOB enjoys its rage. That is the nature of a mob. It is frightening. It gets angry at anyone who tries to dissuade it. Ashley (can you believe this language and behavior is coming from a woman??) is basing her thoughts on ‘improv’. She knows nothing about children because she is probably too young to have had any. She knows nothing about education. She claims to know something about autism, but I highly doubt it. She claims to know the psychology of the teacher (she has control issues). And then, we get an unimaginative ‘go fuck yourself’. And an even more boring thumbs up and yawn Happy Thanksgiving. I feel like my teenager is about to walk into the room any minute… lol. But THIS is what Ms. Lindsey has seen over and over and over again. ad nauseum. And much worse. I am not bothering to post this stuff here. This is to help Ms. Lindsey heal. Just wanted to show you guys what you are not missing and to show you the burden of what she is carrying. Such illogic. Such malice. Such hatred over nothing.

  232. I’m praying for your family’s safety and well-being. I’m so sorry for everything you’ve been through. Please keep the faith. Everything ends, even this.

  233. Wow…I absolutely love this article! Like others mentioned, something seemed off with this story. Prayers and love for Ms. Lindsey. I don’t understand how people can say such awful, ugly things about her. It makes me sick to my stomach. For those of you who are complaining about one word from the article…seriously?? Thank you for writing such a great article!

  234. May God put a hedge of protection around you and your family. I pray that HE will work it out for your good. Good bless you!

  235. I’m not sure why we face some of the trials that we do. I do know that if we allow God to work it for his good, you my friend will come out on top! I work with children in a school. I commend your bravery. Don’t let anyone steal your joy. Keep your head up. You have prayer warriors behind you. Don’t forget how big your God is! They may be a mountain of people going crazy about this…but your God can move mountains! He will work this for His good. God bless.

  236. I’m sorry you have had to deal with this ordeal and injustice. I hope that everyone that was quick to judge not only feel ashamed but take the time to apologize.

  237. My son is special needs and I know how important and valued his teachers have been in his life. We love them all. Bless you and all you do. It’s a tough job.

  238. I’m not sure why we face some of the trials that we do. I do know that if we allow God to work it for his good, you my friend will come out on top! I work with children in a school. I commend your bravery. Don’t let anyone steal your joy. Keep your head up. You have prayer warriors behind you. Don’t forget how big your God is! They may be a mountain of people going crazy about this…but your God can move mountains! He will work this for His good. God bless.

  239. As a teacher myself, I can imagine how difficult this has to be for you. I believe
    You had the best of intentions and tried to protect Caleb. I believe you are one of his favorite teachers, and I believe
    You are loved, respected, and admired
    by others. I hope you are able to focus on that rather than the negativity, and can go on changing the lives of those you touch.

  240. I am grateful the truth has come, you deserve more than an apology but that should be first. I pray for both you, your child, and the student in this story!!!

  241. I’m so sorry that something so mean has been done to you! I’ve dealt with people like this and they cause so much hurt! I hope good things come from this for you!

  242. Dear Mrs. Lindsey, I want to let you know that what you’re going through is not your fault. I hope your town and school district are providing support. This parent needs to be held accountable and there may be district policies to support you, legally she is harassing you and should be made to stop with personal atracks. Please don’t let this make you forget about all the other students you make a difference in their lives. Stay strong, ๐Ÿ’• An educator in California.

  243. Prayers and respect to you Ms. Lindsey. Shame on those who throw stones. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  244. Such a sad situation…I’m so sorry for this teacher and her family as they suffer from the backlash of all of this! Sending up prayers for all involved..lots of love and wishes for a happy thanksgiving!! God has a plan!

  245. Thank you for starting this post! I admit I read the story and it made me sick because I knew there was far more to the story! As a special education teacher I knew in my there was more to the story! Prayers for Mrs Lindsay!!

  246. Very sorry you are going thru this. As a parent of a special needs child I can say this mother is so misguided and I Will pray for her.

    • Hi Jill. I’m praying for all concerned. I don’t want to condemn the mother. I had to report what I knew about the situation to stop the mob but really, I want the mom to succeed too. My intention was simply to protect the woman at the center of the ugly storm, not to hurt the mother. So, I hope and pray that all concludes in peace and forgiveness. If we all pray for this, I truly believe that all can be restored to Nutter Fort Elementary School. ESPECIALLY if we can mend Ms. Lindsey’s heart with all these beautiful comments! Then she won’t feel so crushed and hence, angry about the video! Good breeds good even more powerfully than evil breeds evil. Amen?

  247. Very well written. There are three sides to every story…their side, your side and the truth. When I first seen this story, it was on a friend’s feed and I almost commented….almost. Something told me to learn more as social media as well as the media we rely on to give us accurate news well doesn’t. They feed on the bad in order to divide us all and in this case have really set out to ruin another life. The song ‘Dirty Laundry’ comes to mind when I see most of these ‘horror’ stories. Mrs. Lindsey, I would like to say this too shall pass but right now I know if feels like it’s a never ending nightmare. I pray that somehow you find comfort in knowing the goodness that is you…as a Mother, a teacher and as a person. Do not let this one instance define you. For the parents of Caleb I pray you see past your anger and realize such a crusade could backfire in your own lives one day. You reap what you sow. This young boy deserves to know love, joy and peace and you are the examples he sees. Let him see it in you so he will carry it in his own heart. We are not privileged nor defined by our disabilities. We are human- capable of love or hate but the message of love should be what wins out in a heartless world. The choice is ours. Happy Thanksgiving and keep your head up Mrs. Lindsey.

  248. So sorry you have to deal with this. Peace be with you and your daughter during this time! It cannot rain forever..

  249. People are so quick to judge these days. I am so sorry you are going through this. God bless you and your family! I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas!!

  250. Mrs. Lindsey, I am so sorry that this is happening to you. I’ve seen a very similar ‘witch hunt’ happen in our school, recently. I understand your pain. You are very fortunate to have strong supporters; that is due to your beautiful character. Continue to shine. There are people that thrive on contention and attention…don’t lower your standards trying to understand or battle with them, this is their 15 minutes of defame. Stay strong, wear a rain jacket and let the downpour roll off of you. Happy Thanksgiving โ™ก

  251. Mrs. Lindsey, you do.not deserve this persecution you and your family are going through. You acres out of love. Teachers are some of the best people on the planet and are so unappreciated. I, honestly, judged you without knowing your story, and for that I am sorry. Keep loving your students, you’re doing awesome.

  252. Prayers for you Mrs. Lyndsey! I am sorry that you were put in this situation. I work with significant disability students and I include my children in all school activities if they are able to participate. If you are like me, I love all of my students and would never treat theat them like this mom is making everyone believe you did. Shame on her!

  253. Mrs. Lindsey,
    Stay strong. Remain positive. Many more people care about you than you know. As a teacher you impact so many lives. I appreciate you immensely!! Thank you for what you do!!

  254. Mrs Lindsey, I am keeping you in my prayers. Praying for peace and protection for you and your family. Asking God to make the truth if this situation known to everyone.

  255. Dear Mrs. Lindsey,
    My thoughts and prayers are with you. I hope that you have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving.

  256. I’m not sure why this mother has put you through this, Mrs. Lindsey, but I’m glad the truth came out. God bless you!

    • Well, in defense of the mother, I’m quite sure she never imagined, in a thousand years, that her video would go viral like this. And I’ll bet she is regretting the whole situation and doesn’t know how to make it settle down. We can all pray that it calms down over Thanksgiving. I believe in the power of collective prayer. I’m glad people are settling down and that people are starting to send support to this very beaten up teacher. I can only hope and pray that the school principal can truly lead everyone to peace with wisdom and kindness. I pray that everyone can understand that most of the problems here were caused by the MOB. Had the video not gone viral, this could all have been handled in school in a nice, quiet way. IF everyone can just forgive each other under that understanding, then everyone can go forward and Caleb can return to the happy school he knew just a few days ago.

  257. May God bless and protect you, uphold, console and uplift you during this time of difficulty!!! I will be praying for your name and character to be positively restored, and that you are able to be a vessel to help other people get through tough times from your own testimony !! Keep teaching, inspiring, leading and loving our children ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

  258. Mrs. Lyndsey I am terribly sorry for the negative attitudes from others that are directed towards you. No one should ever have to go through this. Just remember there are people here who care for you and are here for you if you ever want to talk. Don’t listen to the negative people in this world, this situation will soon come to pass. In the mean time cuddle with your family and be happy โ˜บ๏ธ We all have your back ma’am and we are praying for you

  259. Ms. Lindsey, I am going to pray for you and your family. God, please protect this family from those who are spewing the hatred towards them. Amen.

  260. I’m sorry you are dealing with this the mom may think she is helping but she is doing mor harm Making him stand out in front of the other kids. And not feel like he is the same as any other child you are in my prayers

  261. I saw the video and was a little concerned the mic was removed but also knew that there must be some logical reason this was done.i am glad to know the truth. Sometimes things are not what it appears to be. Shame on all of us who assume the worst without knowing the facts. I was a teacher for 32 years with many austic children and they can be a challenge but if treated as any other child they function better. It appears this teacher has the heart of a real teacher but unfortunately that is not what society is looking for. I hope she gets her life back soon. I feel for her. She deserves better. Good teachers are hard to come by and the teachers of this state should support her.

  262. Please don’t let this one horrible experience take your love of teaching away. I’m so sorry this happened to you.

  263. Hello Ms. Lindsey from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada! You are important, valued and entitled to be considered innocent until proved in the wrong. The truth will set you free. Best wishes.

    • Good luck to you and your family Mrs Lindsey. You’re doing an amazing job don’t let hate breed hate. Keep the faith and know that your Father in Heaven and His Son are aware of your sorrow and are there to comfort you. Happy Thanksgiving.

  264. I work with students with disabilities and can relate to everything you say. It is very unfair to criticize this teacher for doing “what is in this child’s best interest.” Too often we are damned if we do and damned if we don’t. Thank you for speaking up for her. She deserves to be supported by her administration!

  265. Stay strong Mrs. Lindsey and you will prevail, you have a kind loving heart towards Caleb and I’m sure all of the other kids you care for feel it too. Just keep swimming!

  266. May God bless and protect you and your family, Mrs. Lindsey. It sounds as if that child’s mother needs psychiatric help. It is unbelievable how hate filled our nation has become since the advent of social media.

  267. So sorry to hear about the terrible injustice that has been done to you!!! My heart is breaking for what you are going through. You sound like an amazing teacher & deserve support and respect. I am a speech therapist that works with students with ASD and you should be commended for your special relationship with this student. I will be praying for you & your school.

  268. Ms Lyndsey I pray that this becomes a bad dream for you in the near future! Some people will do things that has a terrible affect on people without thinking!

  269. I knew there had to be more to this story!! I’m so sorry, prayers for you!!
    God bless and happy thanksgiving!

  270. I am actually apart of the group for supporting Caleb & that’s exactly what happens there. His parents actually tell everyone not to go on a witch hunt for the teacher. Just to show support for their child. His parents are NOT cyber bullying her on social media. I’ve witnessed for myself she has told ppl not to go on a witch hunt. Whoever wrote this article needs to get their facts straight.

    • Hi Charlene, Can you provide me with a link to a social media account that shows them calling on people to stop this terrible attack on Ms. Lindsey? I would love to see it. Truly! All my information has come from parent and teacher accounts of the situation. I give them as much credibility as I give the mother’s. If the mother has called for the attacks to stop, I will gladly take that out of my article- with pleasure. My intention is not to attack the mother. I’m not even using her name. In fact, I don’t know her name, nor do I care to know it. I have no intention to drive any hatred or anger her way. But I don’t think she was being completely honest when she brought all this to social media. As to the facts, she is free to say whether or not she filled out a permission slip, whether or not she took him to any practices, whether or not she talked to Ms. Lindsey about the ‘gobble, gobble’ line and cleared it with her before telling her son he could say it at the end of the play. I’m willing to post any and all facts. But most people who go to the school say she didn’t and he didn’t have that line to say. And that means Ms. Lindsey is innocent of taking the mic and purposely preventing this little boy from speaking his lines- that would have been cruel. And that’s what most people were led to believe. That was very unfair to Ms. Lindsey, don’t you think? But other than that, what other ‘facts’ did I state that need clarification? from what I heard, the mother took down her facebook page. I haven’t seen any articles where the mom begged people to stop these attacks. Did she tell any media outlets to give this message? Please let me know. Again, I have no quarrel with the mother. My quarrel is with all these haters who are STILL tearing down this teacher. I wish the mother would go on t.v. and beg these crazies to stop it. If she acted as a leader, they would stop.

  271. I am not trying to start a war but maybe help you see how offensive your comments are to special needs parents. I have a kid with ASD. No he’s not some super privileged child. What his teacher says- goes. There may be a very good reason the child was not at rehearsals. My son is checked in and out of class on average of 2 times a day for private therapies. There is no way around this. These therapies took years to get. I honestly mean that- years on a list to get my son the help he needs. Then when we finally found our name at the top we were told the only appointments that were free were right in the smack dab of classes. So frustrating. Your comment that some parents of special needs kids feel that they deserve privilege.. it’s not that.. it’s just understanding that some of us need.
    Now, obviously you do not have a special needs child.. but a word of warning in case you are still of child bearing years.. Autism is VERY common now. 1 in 68 children are diagnosed. You may know our plight eventually.
    AND as one Christian to another- your post is very hateful and not Christlike. I pray that you look into yourself, your words, and own actions.

    • “as one Christian to another- your post is very hateful and not Christlike. ” REALLY?? Jesus said that the road to hell is well paved and MANY are on it. My dear, you are on the PACKED road full with the hating mob, knives ready for this poor woman’s throat. I started with ONE OTHER WOMAN, the one who wrote Dear Mrs. Lindsey Letter, the source for this article. We were two women against, literally, hundreds of thousands of HATERS who were threatening this woman’s life, wishing physical harm upon her, signing petitions for her to lose her livelihood even though she is supporting a little daughter, calling her a cunt, a bitch, a whore and every other name a person can be called. You are on the SAME ROAD as these people who are responsible for closing down the school due to security threats! I and this woman who defended this teacher we did not know were the ONLY TWO on our crooked little path. We didn’t defend her for any other reason than compassion- because we felt that no one should be so vilified, so hated, so singled out. WHERE WERE YOU?? And yet, you have seen all this hatred, and you think your CHRISTIAN duty is to STILL add more criticism? To her and to me? And you think it is HATEFUL for me to do so? God forbid I should comment on the behavior of the mother who caused the firestorm and those of the MOB- MANY of whom just happen to be parents of disabled children? THAT makes me unchristian and hateful, does it?

      Listen, I don’t want to lose my temper, but I have been going through over 700 comments. I’ve been trying to be rational and kind to most of them. But here you want to say you are not an entitled crowd but then, you act entitled. I guess NO ONE can comment upon your crowd? Well, then don’t display the trait so eloquently! huff

  272. God will turn these ashes into something beautiful. Thank you for following your heart when you heard the call to teach. Asking our God for his immeasurable blessing on you & your family.

  273. Ms. Lindsay, thank you for being a light in such a dark world!! Being a good teacher is such a huge blessing for these children and their parents!! I’m so sorry that people have been so hateful towards you! Don’t ever forget how loved and appreciated you are by the people who actually know you and the truth! God bless you and your family!!

  274. Your article seems level headed and and quite clearly illustrates the story through the evidence you uncovered. I apologize for the illterate and lazy rage fiends good work Miss Rebel keep it up

  275. We are living in a very cruel world anymore people are so quick to play the hate card…. Trust in God weapon formed against you shall prosper…. wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas

  276. I felt like there was way more to this story when I saw it reported on television. People have got to realize how ridiculous & downright mean they are being to this makes no sense! It sounds like she made every effort to allow Caleb to be a part of this program with specific instructions on what was to take place. This mother should be ashamed of the way she has portrayed this story & she is the one that should be apologizing to her son’s teacher for this uncalled for firestorm of hatred & ignorance that has ensued! I hope this teacher realizes that she did absolutely nothing wrong & I certainly wish her nothing but a positive outcome. Prayers going up for her!!

  277. wow! thank you for the truth! It is sad that people now jump on the band wagon and cry foul before they look into things! You were not alone in wondering what the full story was. As for the teach, my heart goes out to you. I could not do your job what so ever. So many people that are teachers loose their passion and forget it is about our future too!

  278. Prayers and , So so sorry that Mrs.Lindsey, her family and the school has to go through this…I certainly hope the school has taken discipline actions on this mother… And shame on her her for acting like a child!!! Prayers go to this lady … because she Definitely needs to put GOD in her heart!!!

  279. Mrs. Lindsy im so sorry you are going through this ordeal. I’m hoping the truth will prevail and love will win. I wish you & your family a happy, love filled Thanksgiving!

  280. Thank you so much for this, darling. This is everything. This is wonderful.

    awkward cough While on the topic of teaching, “wah-lah” is most assuredly not the word you’re looking for. The real word you’re looking for is “voila”.

  281. God help me, so many teachers like myself have been in similar situations. I support you 100% and hate that social media fosters such mob mentality

  282. Mrs. Lindsey, as a fellow teacher I am rooting for you! You have done your best, I am wishing and praying for the best for you and yours.

  283. As a retired Special Education teacher of 25 years, I know how difficult it is to balance experiences that promote social growth with the parents’ desires for their children to be included. I was extremely fortunate that the parents of my students were willing to talk through plans/ideas and were willing to cooperate with me. I am so sorry you are experiencing this. However I am so proud of you for caring so much about this child. Clearly your daily interactions mean a great deal to him. Hang in there…we are in your corner. Prayers for you. Bless you…


    Mrs. Lyndsey,
    I am sorry. I, too, was quick to judge you then write a comment on how wrong you were. I’m not really one to write on things like that nor in a negative manner. I assumed and I was wrong. I am sorry.
    I spoke out of turn. I pray God gives you the strength to get through this an I also pray that those of us who read / watch articles wait until all the facts are in before chiming in.

  285. Mrs. Lyndsey, I appreciate your hard work and love of teaching. Praying for you and your family. Keep up the good work.

  286. So sorry you are going through this! It is hard enough to get good hearted teacher anymore and to have this happen is just disgraceful!

  287. Mrs. Lindsey, may God watch over you and your family. Prayers for you! I’m sure you have done a remarkable job and may God bless you.

  288. I will b truthful wen I saw the video I believe his mom.. and I have to say I’m sorry cuz like a lot of ppl we/they didn’t know the whole truth behind it… now that I know the truth I am sorry for my hateful comment… I think mrs lydnsey should go public and tell the rest of the story… prayers for her to get the truth out so ppl will understand… happy thanksgiving and God bless

  289. Sending you prayers of peace and love! Being a caring teacher is a wonderful joy and I wish for you to experience this always!!!

  290. Thoughts and prayers are with you! Thank you for being the teacher you are…. โ™ฅ๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ!!!!

  291. Praying for you, your daughter, and your school. As a special education teacher, I completely understand trying to protect your student and the other students who practiced so much while trying to please the parent who waited until the last minute wanting her child to be in the play. God bless you!!

  292. Mrs Lindsey, sorry for all the pain you have indured,glad to know the truth has come out.At the time I saw the video I was disgusted with what I saw and didn’t think it was very nice for anyone to do that to any little kid, after I read this article now I understand you did right and the mom should not have put her child in that situation. If I make a comment in regard to what I saw on the video to offend you for thst I am sorry . I wish you well and everything turns out fine.

  293. Keep your head up .. No understands how challenging it is to work with Autistic children, it takes an extreme amount of patience , love and flexibility to do your job.

    A fellow teacher

  294. I feel terrible for the teacher now, but I can tell you that as an autistic individual myself, we shouldn’t be seen as “disabled.” Obviously, the mother feels that it is a disability as well and that’s extremely disheartening.

    • Kimberly, I’m so glad you are saying this. I get so tired of this crowd telling me how to refer to people with ‘conditions’. It makes me crazy! I just want to treat people like normal people. Why do I even need to know whatever they ‘have’ or what they are dealing with? Isn’t that their own private information? I know that if I had autism, the last thing I would want is my mother trumpeting it everywhere. There are all kinds of mental and physical problems people have. Let’s just say that and be done with it. It’s nobody’s business. I just want to meet someone and get to know them. If they want to tell me about their ‘issue’, they can. Otherwise, I will figure them out as people as we go along. But this crowd literally says stuff like, “If you don’t live autism, breath autism, have autism, YOU CAN’T SAY A WORD about it!” So nasty. Sorry, but I live in a world where, apparently there a people with this condition. There seems to be more and more and more people being diagnosed with it. Why can’t I speak to it? I dont’ like people yelling at me and telling me how to speak. It’s just nonsense. When people call me ‘Japanese’ or Asian or Chinese or God forbid, “Oriental’, I don’t correct them. I GET WHAT THEY MEAN. When men say, ‘honey’ to me at work and if they are of the older generation, I can see they mean no harm and don’t correct them. People just love being defensive. They don’t know the fine art of getting along any more. I detest walking on eggshells and I don’t make others do so around me. It’s called common courtesy. If people don’t mean disrespect, don’t take any. If you have a long term relationship with a person and their terminology is really bothering you, then that might be the time to gently correct them- but people have no courtesy or politeness now. they just correct you the first time they meet you. Ridiculous. I don’t see people’s labels. In fact, I don’t want to know their labels. Why should I? I just want to see your face, shake your hand, look into your eyes, smile, say hello and take it from there.

  295. The microphone was taken after the play, you don’t need to practice lines to say gobble gobble or thank you.

    • I think you failed to read a single thing in this article and really are unconcerned with the facts of the case. The MOB loves its rage and really struggles to let it go. Come on, Molly, it’s Thanksgiving… why not just cut this teacher some slack..

  296. I didn’t read any of the other articles. I guess I just knew those were full of momma drama. There is always 2 sides to every situation and judgement should never be passed until you are fully aware of the facts from all angles. God bless you Mrs. Lindsey……I am so sorry you have been so maligned. You are in some good company though.

  297. Thank you for the full story. My thoughts and prayers go out to this beautiful teacher. God Bless you Mrs. Lindsey and your family.

  298. I’m glad to read the real story. I didn’t think when I saw the original video that you had done anything so terrible,now knowing what the child’s mom did just solidified that thought!

  299. Praying for you and your family. May God surround you with comfort and strength. Not you or anybody should go through something like this. I really hope you’re not blaming yourself cause this is definitely not your fault. Be strong for your daughter God never gives us more than we can handle hold your head high from North Carolina. Happy Thanksgiving

  300. Mrs. Lindsey,
    I’m so sorry this has happened to you. I have no doubt that you are a wonderful person and a great teacher. Your dedication to a holiday program, which takes up a lot of extra time, is proof of that. Please know I will be praying for you, your family and your school during this difficult time.

  301. I am sorry that I judge you incorrectly. The mother should be ashamed of herself. I should have done more research on this.

  302. So sorry this happened- Totally unfair to you, & Caleb is getting the wrong message if he can understand the events.
    Happy Thanksgiving & God bless!

  303. Mrs.Lyndsey, please except my apology on behalf of my family. We have autism in our family and would like to say thank you for your devotion to teaching all children. Have a fabulous Thanksgiving.

  304. I wish you and your family a blessed and happy Thanksgiving. As one educator to another, a few words of comfort, this too shall pass, what goes around comes around, and those who know you know better.

  305. Prayers for Mrs Lindsey. Hold your head up with knowing you did nothing wrong. I’m sorry that you have to suffer at the hands of a mothe that cares only of herself. I don’t think that boy would want to hurt her, so surely this is the mother. That’s said. I hope you overcome this, and come out the better woman. Stronger, blessed, and ready to keep right on helping children

  306. Teachers are a special gift from god! Bless you and all the work you do. May you have a blessed holiday

  307. Praying for you and your family. So sorry you have been put through this. I am a special education teacher and know it can be both rewarding and challenging.

  308. Psalms 23:4
    4 Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,[a]
    I will fear no evil,
    for you are with me;
    your rod and your staff,
    they comfort me.
    I am so very sorry this is happening to you!
    I’m a teacher too and I just know how broken you must be . Cling to the truth and to those that love you and believe in you!

    And at this moment I know it’s hard to understand why! May God bring you comfort and peace during this time.
    He has a plan.
    Many prayers
    Mrs. Lindsey

  309. Ms. Lindsey, I am so sorry that you have to go through something so cruel. I will be praying for you, your family and your safety. I truly believe in you and your abilities to do what is in the best interest of the children you teach. Hugs to you.

  310. Mrs Lindsey, thank you for your service. I don’t say that lightly. You serve America by protecting, nurturing, and developing our future leaders. This can’t be easy and I admit I was outraged at first but glad I took a moment to read this. I apologize for developing an opinion of a women I don’t know. I Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving surrounded by loved ones and hopefully free from harrassment. โค

  311. This woman’s life as well as her family has been ruined by these selfless people . What are they teaching this child ? I pray things will settle down for Mrs. Lyndsey and her family . The local media needs to do an article on this with and interview parents who attended the program. God bless .

  312. Mrs. Lindsey I am so sorry ur going through this on Thanksgiving hope u feel better soon feel so bad for u I am praying this all passes and u feel better soon and school won’t be on lockdown for long.

  313. Mrs Lindsey, you do not deserve the treatment you are getting. You let the child in the program knowing he did not attend any rehersals. You told his mother he would not have any lines. You did what you should have. Prayers for you. I also agree with what you had done because no child deserves more or less than another child.

  314. Mrs Lyndsey, I wish you well and for all of this to just be in the past, like a bad dream…. Calebs parents need to stop playing the poor me card, and realize that what had happend was a miscommunication an his mother’s behalf… She was told there was no speaking part for the play. So she should never have told Caleb he could say Gobble gobble! You can’t just change the way things are because you want your child to have a speaking part and to try to slip that in was terrible on her part. Im sorry she is trying and almost succeeding at making you look bad. If his parents wanted him to have a speaking part then he should have been at all the practices so he would know what to do…. I worked with Special Ed for 12 years and some parents did just think that they could tell their child one thing and that was the way it was going to be…. But if you change the rules for one student, then you would have to change it for all students! I believe his parents owe you a public apology for their behavior! Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving. This two shall pass!

  315. Wow!! Poor Mrs. Lindsey!! I truly feel for her. I agree that some parents want it both ways. They say “oh my child has autism so they can’t understand right from wrong then in the next breath ‘oh don’t treat them differently because they have autism’. Sometimes we don’t know what to do. I’ve experienced this myself while coaching little girls volleyball. This child would touch me and the other girls inappropriately and I would have to redirect her constantly yet her mother came after me because I wasn’t treating her the same when I didn’t play her “extra” time. When explaining that her child had good days and days where the lack of concentration and redirection was constant and I couldn’t put her in extra, she called me all kinds of names!!!
    I always treated with kindness, compassion and extra patience and then get slapped in the face when all I ever did was be “nice”
    Mrs. Lindsey- I feel for you and hope you know how special you are!! It takes a much bigger person to do what you do for your kids!! You can’t help ‘crazy’ and some parents are just plain cra-cra!! ๐Ÿ˜

    • Hmm, even though this article was not about special needs or autism or teaching, it is CLEAR that a conversation really needs to be had about it, doesn’t it? I wonder what would happen if I opened up a conversation between educators and parents that was completely anonymous? I wonder if people would like that? Where people could speak about their true feelings on the matter without fear of discovery? See if some of these issues can be worked out.

  316. Mrs Lyndsey I am so sorry this madness has happened to you. Please know I support you and the the whole world has not gone mad. Prayers for you and your family….Have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving

  317. Please use person-first language. The child has Autism… he is not Autistic. His disorder does not define him, but is merely one piece of what makes him a whole.

    • uh… THIS is all you have to say? You want to correct my political correctness language? How about, NO THANKS. I’m really not interested in hearing your thoughts on that since you clearly have no interest in hearing any of my thoughts on something just a LITTLE more important than being p.c. geeze. get over you.

  318. Hi Ms Lindsey. I am sorry this is something that has been taken to such a level of hatred. I hope you find peace knowing that you are a good person and you do deserve better. All humans do. Please know not all Christian’s are judgmental. As a teacher you sacrifice your time life and family for another family. Another child. Please stay strong and know you are cared for.

  319. I was a teacher for 22 years and the parents are one of the biggest reasons I left. I am so sorry that this is happening to you. Don’t let this one rotten parent ruin you or your career! Jesus wrap your arms around this teacher and guard her heart!

  320. I’m so sorry I jumped to judgement! I wish I had waited for the full story to come out. I will be praying for you and your family and everyone who is affected by this. No one should have threatened you the way they did either. I hope you get threw this with the support you deserve

  321. So sorry that is what happens when we go off with only part of a story…May God bless you and Caleb and the community will know the truth. Happy Thanksgiving.

  322. As a recently retired special education teacher, my hearts goes out to you. I knew from the moment I saw the video that there had to be more to this story! Said a prayer for you and I am so sorry this happened.

  323. Mrs. Lindsey, It breaks my heart to see how fast people rush to judge before they know all the facts. And what satisfaction do people get from trying to ruin other people’s lives…especially in your situation where you have dedicated your life to changing & improving the lives of the children you teach. Obviously, not only does our country need to be healed, but so do our communities. God bless you & your family!

  324. Dear Ms. Lindsey,
    I will not lie, I was one that was quick to judge when I seen the clip and I want too deeply apologize for not digging deeper and understanding why you took the mic away. I hope you and you’re family can get through this havoc mess and having an amazing Thanksgiving. God Bless you.

  325. I remember seeing this story a few days ago on my FB feed. I have always said that social media is a wonderful way for the world to communicate but it is sad when things like this happen. We as humans are not perfect and some like to use the platform to obtain unnecessary attention and do not understand the consequences. I will pray for you, your family and that little boy. I will also pray that his mother will see the wrong in what she did and at the very least apologize to you privately. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  326. Mrs. Lindsey, I am so sorry for this unfortunate situation. I will keep you in my prayers, may God keep you and your family. May He send an army of angels to surround you and keep you safe.

  327. Dear mrs.lindsey I’m sorry for what you are going through I hope things are getting better for you and your family.and may yall have a great thanksgiving day.

  328. I’m glad the truth finally came out!!!!! It takes an Angel in Disguise to be a Teacher, especially with this Generation of Kids…I have the patients of a Saint but honestly I don’t think I could do it!!!! Prayers for Mrs.Lindsay and her Family, I hope she finds the Strength, Peace, Comfort and the Guidance she needs to get through this trying time:) Shame on Caleb’s Mother!!!!!!!

  329. Mrs Lindsey, your dedication and kindness to Caleb and all the kids WILL be repaid many fold after you have weathered this most undeserved firestorm. And unkindness has a way of coming back to the givers, so it may be a valuable lesson to others as well.

  330. Ms. Lindsey, From a sister teacher, I pray that you may find peace in our Heavenly Father. I am praying for you and your family. If you need a place of respite, you are welcome here in NC. Love to you, Stephanie

  331. Very sorry this has happened to you, Mrs. Lindsey and for the poor boy that his mother did this to. I hope she will apologize to you, her son, the other students and to the school. Best wishes.

  332. As a fellow teacher, I can imagine the stress and duress this situation has caused you and yours- stay strong, keep the faith. I’m a special education teacher and deal with all manner of disabilities- autism one of them- I request my students be allowed to participate along with their general ed peers in activities but in order to do that they are required to participate in the preparation and behave appropriately or their participation is limited to what they can handle – it’s best for all concerned. The sad fact that strangers feel the need to judge a situation they truly have no idea about- and persecute – I would like to say this too shall pass. Remember you do your job for the kids- not the parents and not the ignorant. Be blessed ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

  333. You did nothing wrong. Praying for you and your situation. Can police do anything about harassing phone calls or media sites? Have a Blessed Thanksgiving.๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

  334. Dear Ms Lindsey, prayers for you and yours!! Keep your head held high, you did nothing wrong!! The mother was wrong and should apologize!! God Bless you!!

  335. Mrs. Lindsey,
    I am so very sorry that this is happening to you! Noone deserves this kind of hatred, noone. I truly hope that you have a chance at a better life once all of this is over hun. Remember, this too shall pass๐Ÿ’ž Prayers going up!! ๐Ÿ™Œ Hang in there and enjoy your Thanksgiving!!

  336. Mrs. Lindsay,
    I am so terribly sorry for the hurt you & your family are going through. Prayers for all the hate to stop.

  337. Ms. Lindsay, I’m so sorry for the situation you are in. I pray that you stay strong and are surrounded by those who know and love you.

  338. As a teacher, I wondered about this story from the start. People are so quick to judge and belittle teachers without knowing the whole story. Thank you for your kindness and selflessness in being a teacher. Fight the good fight!

  339. It is so nice to know the rest of the story. As a teacher, I felt that we were not hearing the entire story. As a special education teacher, I felt there was something written in Caleb’s IEP that covered the situation. I am so happy and relieved that Mrs. Lindsey has been cleared.

  340. I appreciate hearing the other side but to be honest this kind of thing is why I opted for my child to be in a contained classroom with trained special education teachers rather than an inclusive environment. It is a kinder, gentler place for him where he is far better positioned to learn and grow. I know his limitations and do not expect a regular education teacher to be able to handle it while managing a whole class of regular kids. Regular kids can also be very mean to him and that was socially quite a negative. Kids should feel safe and loved at school. The regular ed environment just was not doing that for mt kid.

    I agree that the parents should not have insisted the child be in the show at the last minute and I am sure the teacher felt under pressure to include him. Anyone who has dealt with a child with autism or cognitive disability knows that fast changes will cause a melt down and preparation is key. Both being put in at the last minute, unprepared and having the mike removed abruptly were both a recipe for a melt down. Even though he recovered quickly he still was hurting and that is sad. I think people’s hearts were in the right place but it was just not set up for him to be successful.

    I also know that some special needs parents can be belligerent about their kids needs and insist that inclusion is best which is not always right. The schools push that way too. Please also understand that special needs parents have been put in a position where we must fight for these kids. It is not easy and sometimes we make mistakes in advocating for our child. I am sure it can come across as entitled. I must admit reading the comments that allude to special needs parents feeling entitled to special treatment really hit a nerve for me.

    Regardless, this is not something to be played out on social media and the teacher should certainly not be persecuted or have personal information exposed. That is just wrong and a mob mentality. It is not ok.

    I hope the parent, teacher and administrators get to a point where a discussion can happen to ensure the situation does not happen again for the child’s sake.

  341. From one teacher to another, your gift of self each day changes lives. Try not to let the poison of one kill your deal for teaching. Others need you.

  342. The first time I saw this, I felt like something was missing, there had to be more. Why would a teacher do something so cruel (as portrayed), especially in front of the entire school. Mrs. Lindsey, please know that not everyone is full of hate, and seek the truth before passing judgement. Take comfort knowing there are many like myself, who, in fact support you! May God bless you, your family, the school, and Caleb. That poor innocent child who’s being used by his parents to obtain their fame and fortune of sorts.

  343. God bless you Mrs Lindsey!!
    I’m glad the rest of the story has been sought after and released! Praying for a peaceful and happy ending to this atrocious situation! Happy Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

  344. Ms Lindsey what you did was great you stopped this child from more embarrassment which the mother did not care about.

  345. As a fellow teacher, I am so deeply sorry that you are suffering this unfair villification.

    Please know that there ARE people out there who support you, and understand that this viral video is a one-sided and unfair portrayal of you, and the situation.

    I am praying for you and your family! Please do not lose faith in yourself, or question your career choice or your ability to have a positive impact on students. I am sorry on behalf of parents everywhere. Hugs

  346. My jeart and prayers are with – I am so sorry this spun out of control and I hope you know there are people who understand and wish nothing but the best for you. You do not deserve any of the threats or hatred. Have a hreat Thanksgiving and I pray this will all dissappear soon so you can continue to bless lives in peace.

  347. It’s moments like these that only make us stronger. As a teacher myself I have experienced unfortunate things as well even though all I want to do is make a difference in children’s lives. Hold your head up and know that you have people supporting you and praying for you and your family. Keep your faith!

  348. Mrs. Lindsey, I’m so sorry you are being attacked! You are a great person. Just keep your chin up and have a beautiful and Blessed Thanksgiving and Christmas! We need to love teachers. Thank you for all you do for the children! God Bless! โค

  349. I am so very sorry you have had to deal with such ugliness!!! I am lifting you up in prayer and may God show his favor upon you!

  350. I’m a retired teacher from Harrison Co. I know how some parents can stir things up with lies and hateful words. My prayers are with you. Have Happy Thanksgiving despite all that is going on.

  351. Thank you Ms. Lindsey for caring for children in your class including Caleb. Being the grandmother of a child in a special ed class I applaud your keeping order and teaching children that need direction more so than other children in classrooms. It is not easy.

  352. Mrs. Lindsey,
    Stay strong, teaching is hard enough without all the extra people are throwing your way. I applaud you for still being there, I pray this stops quickly and your life can go back to normal.. social media sucks at times and ppl don’t care to hear the good, they feed off the bad… Please, don’t let them get to you, thank you for all you do, I do not know you personally but as a mother of a child in grade school I know the difficulties teachers face and I appreciate all you do. God bless you.

  353. My apologies to you Mr’s. Lindsey, I was one of those people who rushed to judgment, but my heart ached when I seen the video and could not believe that a child would be put thru something like that, but I was wrong and for that I offer my sincerest apologies and hope that you and your family can overcome this….. Again my sincerest apologies…..

  354. People are so quick to judge others. However, when it comes to being judged themselves, they want leniency. If someone decides to be a teacher, I assure you that they aren’t doing so because the profession pays well. They teach because they want to educate the children of our future. They want to inspire them with the gift of knowledge. Unless you are a teacher you will NEVER know the sacrifices that they make for their career. This story literally sickens me to my core. This mom is not modeling the type of behavior that her child needs to see to become a successful adult. Instead she is making excuses for him and teaching him that everyone else in this world needs to accommodate his needs. Mrs. Lindsey keep your head high and trust that God will see you through this difficult time. My family will be praying for yours and even for Caleb and his mother. โค๏ธ

  355. Good for you for sticking up for her! I saw this and I too thought she was being mean. But now that I put things into perspective, makes me realize that I need to make sure I know what’s really going on before I’m so quick to make a judgement.

  356. So sorry for the pain and heartache you are enduring from the first video posted of you. Hopefully people will read this column and find out the truth of what really happened. Prayers being sent your way and may Our Lord protect you from harm and heartaches. So glad to know the truth.

  357. So sorry this teacher has to go through this!! Something DID seem very off in the video. As a music teacher myself, I know sometimes you have to make quick decisions during a performance and deal with situations that come at you (before and during). That’s a horrible price to pay. BTW thank you to the author here who took the time to get the facts!! I read the horrible comments before I went to school in the morning, and they haunted me all day. I kept thinking about the whole situation, replaying it my head, putting myself in her shoes…it really bothered me, so I appreciate someone getting the facts. Prayers for Mrs. Lindsey and family, the child in the video, and his poor mother who felt the need to spread this with such rage.

  358. Mrs Lyndsy I am truly sorry for the way you have been treated and made to look like a monster. I can only imagine what you must be going through, I myself work with the intellectual disabled and I know how we want to protect them from embarrassment, I feel you were doing your job and did nothing wrong. I pray things work.out in your favor and that mother gets what she deserves.

  359. Prayers for peace and protection for you and your family. Just remember God loves you and will take care of this. From one teacher to another, you will get through this. Hold your head high, you are a child of the King! xoxo

  360. I’m sorry Mrs. Lindsey. I was one of those people that jumped to conclusion on this situation. Forgive me. I will be praying that this gets resolved. We do need to find out the facts before we comment. I wish you the best and a blessed Thanksgiving.

  361. Well this goes to show there are two sides to every story. I am deeply sorry and disturbed as to what you and your family is being put through. If I could rewind time and take us all back to a time of respect and love, I would in a heart beat. I can only pray that you will be safe and cared for in the hands of the Lord. Hoping you and your family have a peaceful and loving holiday that you deserve.

    • Hi Caitlyn, I listed my source in my article. It is mostly in the comment section of another WordPress article. Here it is again. Parents and teachers from Nutter Fort Elementary school wrote in to give testimony. Since they collaborate so strongly with each other, it is very credible in my eyes. I think you will feel the same.

  362. I seen this on Facebook and like most I felt angry at this teacher. I am so glad that someone had the decency and courage to correct us in our judgment. At times we are all guilty of believing the worst in people. I’m so glad that she is a remarkable teacher and I pray that she gets the recognition as well as peace that she deserves

  363. I thought it was kind of strange that a teacher would do that to a student, autistic or not, if that was his speaking part of the performance. I can’t believe the cruelty of people. Wishing someone be raped?! Really?? That is just disgusting. Hopefully Ms. Lindsey can move past this with the support of her allies who know the truth.

  364. God will restore you. This is a prime example of “the truth shall set you free”. It’s just not fun to go through. God speed prayers through this nightmare!

  365. Fully, standing with you in this firestorm, Mrs. Lyndsey! I work as a Math Interventionist in our local public school, so I know what 1,000+ children losing their outdoor recess means! God bless you! Praying for you and your family! โค๏ธ

  366. People are always so quick to judge without knowing all the facts. I’m sorry that you are going through this rough time right now. Sending prayers for you and your family. God bless you.

  367. Bless you and thank you for caring for all of your students. I am a substitute teacher in Massachusetts and I know how difficult and cruel parents can be. I hope you and your family are able to have a nice Thanksgiving. Love to you all, the McKay family โค๏ธ

  368. You are in my thoughts and prayers! Keep your head up Mrs Lindsey. God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers!!

  369. ๐Ÿ’™ While not a Christian-I also wish you the brightest of blessings. It truly sucks when something you do is misconstrued and you are demonized despite your best intentions. The crazy people will move on soon- so sorry you and the children at this school had to deal with this type of hate.
    Love and light from a Pagan mommy~~~

  370. I saw the video. It wasn’t his turn to speak. The mother made it appear as though it was because he had autism. Shame on her for using that as a means to get attention.
    I support the teacher.

  371. As a mother of a special needs child, I worry about her going to school because of maltreatment. I don’t think parents want “special treatment” for their children. However they are called special needs children for a reason. That being said parents should put their time and attention into the care of their children. He should of participated in practicing in the play. When I read this story and seen all the comments I was upset to see that it is that easy to ruin someone’s life, job, and family with all this hatred. Like you said there are always 2 sides to every story. Maybe next time we read all the story before mobbing a person with such hatred.

  372. May God bless you Mrs. Lindsey, for doing right by Caleb! Thoughts and prayers are being sent your way. I, too, was a special education teacher, now very happily retired, and had to deal with parents like this, but God knows the truth and is watching over you!

  373. My heart goes out to you, Caleb, the school & most of all the other children that attend nutterfort elementary! So sorry for your undeserving
    brutal threats & comments from misguided judgemental insecure people! Please don’t allow them to take your love n joy away from being the best wonderful teacher n person you are! For them to hopefully realize that’s what’s wrong with the world today everyone is so quick to judge one another without having all the facts ready to show hate towards another then to show love! So easily believing in lies then to bother with seeking out the whole truth! I just want to hope you finally recieve peace & the apologies you surely deserve! I hope you & your loved ones a blessed Happy Thanksgiving!

  374. As love is the answer…Mrs. Lindsey know that I am keeping you lifted up with love through prayer! May this incident be a positive lesson to all. Thank you for being the special person you are. A Teacher. Cathy

  375. So sorry you are going through this. Prayers for peace in this trying time. God bless you for all you do for all the children.

  376. You help children every single day! Dont let a few weak minded parents or gullible people ger u down. Look towards the future, everything will be fine. I have you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and very happy holidays to come. Keep being a wonderful teacher and doing what you love.

  377. As great as it is to have the full story, you could have left out your opinion on weather or not autism was the cause of this little boys need to wander the stage or not. Do you know anything about Autism? I beg to differ with your opinion being that you don’t think that autism was the cause but the lack of reversal and or knowledge of the place being the cause. I feel even if he would have be at every single practice and even had lines, he would have still wandered the stage because. Sincerely a cousin to an autistic boy.

    • Sorry, it IS my opinion that ANY kid would be wandering around if they had never practiced or didn’t know where to go. I really do think that. If I just stuck my 6 year old into a play that they had never seen, heard or even knew about on the day of the performance, I guarantee they would wander around on stage, bumping around hitting people! And they would be very angry at me for it! I don’t need to be an autism specialist to say that. Again, such DEFENSIVENESS from the special needs crowd. I can say what I wish, thank you. As long as I don’t mean offense, why should you take any? And, don’t you know it’s rude to correct people like that? Unless you have a very good reason to do so, your politeness should rule the day. Surely!

  378. Glad the rest of the story is out. U didnt deserve any of this
    Shame on calebs parentz for taking advantage of this situation and playing it out ao horribly
    Peace to u

    • Manz, I want to focus on helping Ms. Lindsey and not vilify Caleb’s parents. I pray for the complete healing of the entire situation. I had to give all the information in order to stop the mob attack on the teacher, with whom I completely sympathize. But the point of my article is not to attack the family. It is to support Ms. Lindsey. If you want to do that- you can leave a nice comment on the petition I linked to. No doubt, she will read each one and they will act like beautiful bandages for a thousand unkind words! blessings…

      • I am so appreciative of all of the teachers who help my autistic son to be successful every day. The way the teachers in my son’s school give to us and to him is AMAZING! If this is true, certainly Caleb’s mother should apologize.This teacher deserves to have us all lifting her up for her efforts annd the special relationship she built with this child.

        I am struggling with your saying this is not to attack the family, because as the mother of a special needs child, it feels like an attack on a mother who also doesn’t deserve that. Having a child with autism is full of rewards, and also full of challenges, When your child is participating in something like this play, it can absolutely overwhelm you emotionally, Sometimes, we lose ourselves in the moment. The comments of other parents or staff about how this mother behaves are unkind, and unhelpful – and maybe as untrue as the mother’s accusations. Let’s all be a kind to this teacher, and to this mother. Spreading further rumors don’t help either. Love to you all.

      • Well, unfortunately, due to the nature of the situation, I can’t stop the MOB without stating the other set of information that came to my attention. Without a reason, they won’t stop attacking the teacher. I had to give them the reasons. And that includes the mother’s actions. Unfortunately, the mother exposed herself, her child, and apparently, many other students who weren’t supposed to be seen on public videos (as in, bad people were looking for them) with her video posting. After that, all kinds of media outlets picked up the story. Basically, her whole life became public domain. Of her own doing. In order to stop this nation wide hate mongering- heck it went to England!- I had no choice but to reveal what other parents and teachers had to say on the matter- people who were there and witnessed the situation. It wasn’t meant as an attack- but it was meant as a defense. The mother had already exposed herself. My article can’t expose her any more than she had already done. But my article had the chance of stopping a vicious crime against humanity against one person. I took that opportunity. I don’t regret it.

  379. Praying for you and your family Mrs. Lyndsey. Hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas with peace.

  380. Oh sweet girl, you are so beautifully made! God has given you such a gift to care for children the way you do! Please surround yourself with positivity and your loved ones this holiday! Xoxo โค๏ธ

  381. As a teacher too, I can only imagine how much this has effected you, your family and your daily teaching life. I hope that you can find the strength to stand tall in spite of all of this and continue to touch your students lives! God sees and knows…
    Prayers for you! ๐Ÿ’—

  382. This just breaks my heart! I am so sorry that you and your family are hurting. May God wrap you up in His arms and comfort you. May He grant you peace as only He can.

  383. You are beautiful and you don’t need to listen to all the rude stuff people are saying about you because it’s not true. I know it’s hard and I’m so sorry you have to go through this it’s not fair to you because you did the right thing in my opinion, but she twisted it and made you look bad. Prayers are going out to you and your family. I wish you a happy thanks giving and happy holidays! Be safe and have faith, you know even though everyone is turning on you God will always have your back.

  384. I’ve been standing up for you before I read this post. Hang in there! The whole world isn’t crazy. I’m a teacher too and I know we can’t be perfect all the time but no one deserves this treatment. Hopefully the internet will come to its senses soon!!

  385. Ms. Lindsey, thank you for the love and work you put into children, and being that positive influence in their lives. It takes an amazing spirit to dedicate their time to help and reach out to OUR children. For what it is worth, you have support from Shawnee Oklahoma. I will keep you, your family, your school, your students, Caleb and his mother in prayer. Stay positive through this, it will pass. I hope the world can see what exactly some parents put teachers through, and yet the teachers still continue being there to protect their children, guide them and teach them. It’s totally sad, Calebs mother is using him and his disability. She don’t care if her actions and lies actually humiliated her son. It takes a sick minded person to hurt your child intentionally, and a monster to drag you through everything she has. Happy Thanksgiving. God’s going to Bless you and your family!

  386. From one teacher to another I am praying for peace and comfort during this horrible ordeal. We pour our hearts and souls out everyday in order to ensure other people’s kids are taken care of and all we ask in return is kindness and respect. I hope things start to turn to the better soon. Hang in there โค๏ธ๐Ÿ’—

  387. Praying for you, Mrs. Lindsey. Also pray that this “mom” quickly realizes the horrible thing she has done and is still doing! Keep your head held high and know you did nothing wrong.

  388. Blessings and prayers to you and your family, Mrs. Lindsey, for trying to do your job and make the best of a bad situation.

  389. I understand the boundaries that must be adhered to to run a class or class room play. When parents break those boundaries by not signing permission slips, not having the chilld attend one practice then putting there own spin on the play that is direspectful.
    It is the teacher and the parents job to prepare kids for the real world. If self absorbed parents and their kids are not made to comply with rules we would create a culture of anarchy. Thank you for all you have done for your students.

    • Things like this happened to good people all the time. It’s very unfortunate that it has happened to you at this time of year. Keep your head up high because you know what happened and so does God. Try your best to move on.

    • Praying that God takes this situation and uses it for good & not evil & hurtful. So sorry you are going through this. I pray you surround yourself with people who love & support you.

  390. So very sorry this happened to you, Mrs. Lindsey! Sorry for the boy, he looks to you for the love and compassion that apparently he does not receive at home. I will pray the right be done by you in that the mom right the wrong she has done to you, her son and the whole community!

  391. Teachers all deserve a special Thank You, especially now days, they deal with both students and parents who thank that they should all get something for nothing, with a me first attitude…HONESTLY I could never do the job you graciously do for little pay..

  392. Mrs. Lindsey, my heart hurts for you. I hope that this passes quickly and that you can resume your life along with the rest of the school. I fear that something like this will happen to me almost every day. Hearing how you have endured is amazing. Keep up the good work!

  393. As a Boston, Massachusetts Teacher, my heart breaks for you. We are often maligned by some & criticized by others. Teaching can be a thankless job but we do it for the kids.
    Stand tall & persevere, you are valued.

  394. after reading this I feel like a fool and I would like to apologize to Ms Lindsey..because I was one of those who spoke or should I say posted before I knew or even tried to find out the whole story… again I am sorry so sorry.. it wasnt very Christianly of me either… lets just say I have learned a very valuable lesson..just stay out of it unless I am there and see it first hand..and wait before I post till all the facts come out…

  395. Ms. Lindsay, please know, not everyone is judging you. My heart goes out to you. So sad what is being done to you. You are in my prayers. I hope you can get pass this and move on. May God bless and keep you.

  396. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. May you find the peace you deserve. You were just the person who was in the line of fire of this person. She has a habit of treating others badly to make herself feel justified for her challenges. Mr Trump has been a good example that we can overcome the worst of lies, pressure or abuse by believing in a positive outcome. This will bring greater positive experiences to you than ever before. Keep the faith and soon the negative has no life. Thanks to those who have gathered around you to protect you and those who matter to you. There must needs be opposition in all things. Opposition brings joy.

  397. I like most only viewed a small clip of what occurred .. I apologize for being so quick to judge the situation … In retrospect I should have taken a moment to consider both sides.. I can only hope and pray you have a blessed Thanksgiving and A Very Merry Christmas !!!

  398. Hoping for a speedy resolution to this. Wishing you a happy and safe holiday season. Know that there are good people in this world who are on your side.