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Caleb’s Mother Lied And Really Needs to Apologize to Mrs. Lindsey

I deleted the contents of this article because enough is enough!  This event was NEVER important enough to warrant a mob attack on a teacher- nor is it important enough to still be attracting people’s attention.  Let’s leave these people alone now!  Everyone needs to go back to business as usual.  Merry Christmas!  Oh, and to all the armchair quarterbacks who have never bothered to write anything or care about anyone in their lives, Wha-lah, and take that!


  1. The original video instantly disgusted me but I felt compelled to search for more on this story and stumbled upon your article. Thank you God! Firstly, I like your writing style. The “asides” you take throughout lend to keeping the mood light on such a serious subject without turning the whole thing into a big joke. Secondly, I am keeping firstly and secondly in my post because… it’s my post (my attempt at keeping it light).

    Thank you for doing the leg work and getting to the bottom of this story. God bless you in all you do

    • lol, Barbara, you are welcome and thank you too. I try to keep a sense of humor. Especially if something makes me angry. Do you know how many people tried to correct me on ‘wha-lah!’ It was sickening. I thought, these people can’t understand a joke when they see one. But really, it was just the people who were mad at me who did it. I leave lots of those kinds of things on my page because I refuse to mimic some journalists who think it is better to talk down to people. I like to write exactly as I speak. It’s sort of my signature style. I guess it’s the rebel in me! haha!

  2. Mrs. Lindsey, I would just like to say that I hadn’t heard about this story until now, but it sounds like you’ve been dealing with a lot of unbearable grief! My heart aches for you. I actually wept while reading part of this story. I was going to say the very same thing that Susan said about haters. Just know that hurt people love to hurt others and you’re the attention for their target right now. Those poor hateful souls will soon find something else or sadly someone else to torment. Remember Jesus loves you. God will never forsake you. Trust in him. May God bless and keep you. I’ll be praying for you and your family Mrs. Lindsey. 🙏🏻

  3. Short little Rebel, I understand that you needed to get all of the facts of this situation out there in order to defend Mrs. Lindsey, and I appreciate that you are willing and able to stand up to ‘internet’ bullies, but your long-windedness is very off-putting.

    God, who is the master of teaching lessons and succinctness, says it best at Proverbs 18:13….”He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him,” or in plain English, spouting off before listening to all the facts is both shameful and foolish.

    It seems that in every situation it is best to allow God’s lessons to guide our lives. Jesus was our model in this. Each time the Devil tempted him, his response was, ‘It is wrtten…” It didn’t matter that Satan didn’t have the faith that Jesus had. Jesus honored the authority of his Father’s words by reiterating them. When we do the same, it shows God’s sovreignty and teaches other who may not have faith the value of those words.

    However, it is a kind and loving thing that you are trying to do. I’m sure Mrs. Lindsey is very grateful.

    • Hi Melanie, I always find it interesting when other Christians, who did absolutely NOTHING to help a person in need, stand up and criticize one the only Christians who did. I took, and still am taking, a phenomenal amount of abuse for taking up for Mrs. Lindsey. I am quite sure I am getting almost the same amount of abuse as Mrs. Lindsey herself. I just don’t post all the hateful comments I am getting against me. They serve no purpose and I don’t want to ruin something beautiful for Mrs. Lindsey. You don’t like my ‘long winded-nes’, eh? Then, pray tell, Melanie, why didn’t you write something less so, in defense of Mrs. Lindsey, and show me the way? Then you could take all the abuse I am getting and I could sit back and enjoy peace and comfort like you. Then, I could come to your page and take pot shots at you about how you did something wrong on your article. Ok? Ok. Satan used scripture when he tempted Jesus in the desert. Unfortunately, he twisted it so that it was used for evil.

  4. This is beautiful, and well-said. To be honest, I haven’t seen the video or heard of the incident. However, being a teacher myself, I can TOTALLY see something like this happening. There’s ALWAYS multiple sides to every story. As teachers, we often get the short end of the stick, unable to defend ourselves for fear of making things worse. THANK YOU for posting your kind words; I wish there were more people like you in the world.

      • Susan Shannon
        aka Short Little Rebel,
        Somehow you made this article more about yourself than the actual people in the event you’re covering. You might consider using “I” less and using “we” or “them” more. The story has nothing to do with you, yet you’re acting like you’re a saint for covering it and for going through the comments so thoroughly. The way you wrote this article makes you seem conceited. I don’t know if you actually are self-centered, but that’s how you come off.

      • Dear Abby, I can see what you mean- perhaps I did get a little ahead of myself on my final opinion- but not during the article. If I did wax poetic in the end, it was because I saw an opportunity to make a difference. If my article managed to garner that much support for Mrs. Lindsey, I thought, then perhaps she would be grateful enough to listen to my counsel to forgive Caleb’s mother. And if my influence over my readers and their comments (ie, keeping them kind and non-aggressive) toward Caleb’s mother could placate her, then perhaps she, too, would listen to my counsel and forgive Mrs. Lindsey. So, yes, I did outline the efforts I made on their behalfs- but not for the reasons you believe. It wasn’t to puff myself up in pride or to be conceited. It was to show them how much I cared- especially since I was a perfect stranger to them. I wanted them to know that I did it, not for myself, but for the sake of my Christian beliefs. In other words, I feel that God gave me the opportunity to use my page and this opportunity to bring peace to a very harmful and potentially even more harmful situation. So, I used the situation to the best advantage. While I put myself in the position of being called ‘conceited’ by some, I don’t think you can say I did it for myself. I don’t earn a penny for what I do. All my writing is done without pay. I refuse to monetize my site even though I gather that it might earn a bit on advertising at this point. That is a promise I made to my readers at the very beginning of this journey. It was to gain their confidence that my opinions are my own and that I stay a genuine person. My fear was that the parties involved might be considering defamation lawsuits. Since I happen to be involved in one myself, I know the great pain and needless suffering of being in one. I also don’t think anyone will win their suit. I think the only winners will be the lawyers they hire- I think the pain will just grow and the ‘bitter root’ with it. So, if I can use any influence I have to make pain end where it is, I used it. That is my excuse for ‘being conceited’. I hope it wins your approval.

      • You know, I can see where you are and you left your real email address. Do you really think you are invisible? This isn’t Facebook where your identity is protected by them. I can see your IP address and I can get your longitude and latitude from that. You are in Las Vegas, right? Here, let me give you a street you are close to… naw, let’s just say that you are ..close.. to the Bellagio Hotel, the one near Ogden and N. Las Vegas. Are you traveling right now? If so, is this how you spend your time? Cursing online. I feel sorry for your boy, autism or no, to have a father so irrational and so.. mean. I’m not sure why you are so worked up, but nothing can excuse behavior like yours. I am always amazed when grown adults curse like this just because they think they are anonymous. I try to act the same whether I’m online or in person. But when people act like turds online, you can bet they act like turds in their private homes- especially to their loved ones. hmm… better get some counseling. That rage will get the better of you one day.

    • Thank you so much for shedding light on this WHOLE story. I must admit as I watched the video the first time I watched as a mother and was a bit upset then I watched it a second time as a former educator that worked with some special needs children and I saw no malice in Mrs. Lindsey’s actions. I told myself there is always more to the story and was ashamed by sooo many horrible comments towards her. I am sharing your site on my Facebook page in hopes to open more hearts and minds to the truth of this situation and how easily things can be misconstrued. Thanks again and God Bless!

  5. With everything our world is going through right now, the very first thing we should be simply grateful for is the freedom to have these precious plays performed by our children. Children being the key word there. These are fleeting moments and a lot more than most realize and others take for granted. I was never given the chance with my nephew to see a school play. In the summer of 2009, just 6 days after his 5th birthday, he was with his mother,brother, and several cousins at a lake in North Georgia and he drown. I would give anything if our biggest complaint was that he didn’t get to speak into a microphone, gobble gobble. I urge Caleb’s mom to hold him tight and thank God for her precious gift. Also, to give Mrs . Lindsay the same, beautiful, peaceful, chance with her precious daughter. That baby girl no how, no way deserves to live in any type of fear, but from people who are trying to take one situation and cram it into a glass house from another. I urge those folks, please go home, be with your family and friends. If not this time of year, if not after all the tragedy and outrage from all around the world then when. I believe each party (though truly none of my business) if they could go back again, would change some things with this new vantage point. We don’t get to do it that way though. For thanks be to God and our Savior Jesus Christ, we have something so miraculous and so much better. It is called Grace!! Each day that we open our eyes we have a fresh start. The only thing left to decide is how we execute that miraculous gift. See ladies,if you have talked this over with God and feel that you made everything right, he has already forgotten about the situation, and He tells us he throws it as far as the East is from the West. Look on a globe, or Google the East and the West never touch. That means as far as God is concerned it’s gone. The hard part is forgiving or getting past this ordeal yourself. With Him,time, family, and friends it will happen. You all are in my Prayers and thoughts. Mrs. Lindsay (sorry if I’m m.s. your name) I know what it’s like due to my line of work to have threats made against your child. I too, have a daughter who the first time it happened wasn’t even 12 months old, there have been many more since then. That feeling is like no other. So my Prayer is that she is wrapped in those all knowing and all protecting arms, for He tells us so in the Bible. Also, if you ever need to Pray or talk I am a Chaplain and you may e-mail me at any time. The same goes for very kind and brave soul who wrote this article, and Caleb’s mom. God Bless you all.

    • Very well said!! Now this is a knowledgeable individual!! Best response thus far!! Bless u for seeing all ends of the spectrum and rationalizing very well…God bless u and merry christmas!!

  6. I am so sorry this is happening to you people always take things and twist and bend it to the max I hope and pray you get peacefulness back in your life if a persons intentions arent bad they don’t deserve something like this it should’ve never have gotten this blown out of proportion what happened to the adults and role-models of our world it’s sad and I’m 22 it’s scary how hateful society has become and sad to say it’s only going to get worse 😞 your a STRONG WOMAN I couldn’t even begin to imagine what your going through but your still going and that says a lot! Love, Sarah Christie….El Dorado,AR ❤❤❤❤

    • I disagree with all the negative comments towards you and you’re article… especially since they’ve did NOTHING but speak their invalid opinion. Did they not read what you wrote and negative comments are clearly not welcome here either. Shame on all who spoke this way.
      I think you’re artical is well written, well said, witty, entertaining, yet to the point and meaningful on a very serious subject- social media harassment. You’re kindness seems endless.. not just directed toward Mrs Lindsay. (I may have gotten her name wrong) This world needs people like you in it. This is also coming from someone who thinks what the teacher did is still unsettling. But I do believe the punishment must fit the crime and no one deserves to be attacked by a mod, as she was. 1 vs 100000 is unjust and unfair. Here’s to Justice for ALL and for those whom may not be strong enough to have a voice and those who speak and stand for them. STAND UP FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN, EVEN IF YOU ARE STANDING ALONE!

      • Thanks, Penelope. I’ve actually begun to regret that I helped this teacher! She hasn’t even contacted me to say, ‘thanks’! And now, I am getting so much hate mail for doing it that I am left amazed and flustered. I am thinking about removing the post for the simple reason that people need to just ‘get over it’ by now and let it go. There is absolutely no reason people are still talking about this event. It wasn’t a big deal to begin with and it isn’t now. The horrible, absolutely horrible comments I am receiving are so out of proportion to what I did (ie, helped a woman who was against crazy odds) or what this teacher did (she took a microphone off a stand before a child could get at it- who wasn’t supposed to have it!). There is something sensitive that this situation has touched- a raw nerve that is hurting in America that I want to explore further- later, much later. This reaction happened for a reason and I want to understand it better. But it had nothing to do with the facts of reality. It has something to do with underlying issues around autism and the troubles and frustrations that people are having around it. In any case, I thank you for your response. Very few people have thought to comfort me- they are either comforting the teacher or hating on both of us. So, thanks, it means a lot.

    • I’m ashamed of myself and embarrassed that I didn’t look further into that situation and it’s results. Unfortunately, I have fallen into the social media vortex, and I’m thankful you brought this out and showed reality. Also, I hope that Mrs. Lindsey receives the many positive comments she deserves and that people will realize that what we think we “saw” wasn’t the entire story.
      I was as outraged by the video clip that was posted for all of us to see, and commented on it about, what appeared to be, Caleb’s inability to say his lines.
      As for anger towards you, Believers are called to be salt and light, and you have done both. Thank you for that reminder. From now on, I’m going to be more judicious about things I see on social media that could be construed as someone having a personal agenda.

      • Cindy, thanks for your very positive comment! It cheers me. Your confession has made me feel better. As I told another reader, I have come to almost regret standing up for Mrs. Lindsey. I’m getting a lot of hate mail and stalkers are even following me to my facebook page and even to my Gofundme page and posting truly nasty comments there. One horrible man even posted a disgusting lie and wanted to start a petition to GoFundme that said I was using my GoFundme site inappropriately to enrich myself for gain!!! Some have accused me of only writing the article in order to get money for my Gofundme site. As if I knew it would go viral! I write many articles and my Gofundme link has been up on my site for almost a year. It makes me sick to hear such false accusations. I can’t believe what people are willing to say just because they are angry at a stranger. While I try to forgive people for these treacherous lies and slander, I am stunned at the level of hatred being directed my way for simply standing up for what is clearly wrong- an army/mob going after a solitary woman. No judge or jury- just verbal slaughter. Not just verbal slaughter but petitions for her termination. A petition that was started to fire her had already reached over 33,000 signatures (some from foreign nations!). Only 35,000 were needed to send it. Can you imagine if that was you??? And these people had not even heard all the facts! It was right to stand up for that teacher- but I am getting a whole lot of hate. And the teacher has not even bothered to say, ‘thanks’. I’ve tried to reach out to her, but nothing. I think she has been legally counseled to remain silent and perhaps she thinks I might report things she might say to me. Who knows? But it makes me feel very isolated and unappreciated over here. I can only hope and trust that GOD is pleased with me. I know he sees all- including the hearts of those who have slandered me so brutally. Thank you for your support toward me. It truly, truly helps. Susan

    • Wow! I had no idea how big this thing has been blowing. I am a college student who is currently writing about social media. A few weeks ago when this story first appeared on my feed, I won’t lie, I was shocked. I saw the 30 second clip and I was wondering why the teacher would do that? I am glad I looked more into it and not only because it will give a great point in my essay. It’s been really hard finding anything credible about this story. But so far my opinion on it… Honestly if all these rude people care so much about teachers and education don’t you think they would use this as a chance to teach forgiveness? If they truly had such kind hearts why aren’t they looking for a solution? The only solution is see is a bunch of frustrated ignorant people who have no where else to express their anger. I see YouTube comments floating around that contain phone numbers and emails. And what is worse is the parents of Caleb love the attention. I do not want to live in a world where children grow up to think it is okay to bully someone to this extent because a teacher was doing her job! She was at her job and who hasn’t had a bad day or been rude at a job before? I have. I don’t care if Mrs. Lindsey seemed rude and careless of Caleb’s feelings, I refuse to judge and contribute to destroying someone without even knowing them and the real story. And also what is done is done. If she had bad intention pulling that mic away it’s over and she has gotten the punishment. I have one thing to say to those who say things like “I don’t care why the teacher did it it’s rude it’s wrong, burn her”…. It seems to me you’re saying it is okay to just let kids interrupt and not follow the rules because they can. Oh and my dear heart, he was autistic so of course he can right? What if the kid was known for misbehaving or having foul language? What is sad is I found this story through my own colleagues sharing and hating on Mrs. Lindsey. Some of them are involved in many things in school and are supposedly working on a school for autistic kids. Really ignorant I’d say! I hope when they do become teachers they will have learn to believe credible things on the internet. The problem I’m getting out of this is that we need to better educate ourselves, kids and others to analyze and research the things we come across! This will be fun to write about! Much love and happy holidays to you! thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      • Hi Vicky, some great thoughts- very mature for a college student. Far more intelligent and well thought out than many of the ‘mothers’ whose mouth needed a good dose of Listerine after commenting on my page! Before you write about social media, make sure you check out my more recent article about social media mobs. I have studied them for years now, especially being a conservative blogger. I can say this with confidence: liberal mobs are, hands down, the meanest and ugliest on social media. They are also the most coordinated. When these guys decide to strike their victim, their goal is nothing short of bloody death by a million nicks. They study one-liners and know just what to say- there exists a mob language that only they know. They even sneer meaner than the next guy. I have been on the receiving end of these mobs due to the fact that I love Jesus and dare to say it out loud and in public. And I don’t apologize for it in any sort of way. This will always draw the knives and the steely eyes of hate. But not all mobs are liberal- the one that attacked Mrs. Lindsey wasn’t. It was just a normal one, full of normal people. The article I wrote focused on the common elements I’ve observed in any kind of mob. I am considering an article specifically on liberal social media mobs because they have their own special traits. In any case, it is a fascinating topic. Good luck with your paper! Hope you get a great grade on it. SLR

    • NO. First, the child in question has had enough exposure. Second, there are children in the video who have been put at high risk for their public exposure. I won’t continue it here. This is not a public forum for dissecting the right or wrong for either party. This is an article to stop the mob attack on Mrs. Lindsey. That’s it. I am all amazed that people actually want to go through every aspect of the video, as if this were a murder trial. The interest is a little sick, if you ask me. It is truly a private affair. I wrote what I wrote because it had to be said. But the tiny details and all the need to watch the video are nonsense. This discussion belongs to the parents and the teachers- perhaps the principal. But every individual in the world need not dissect the blow by blow of the video. It’s really none of our business.

  7. Praying for you and your family that God will protect you and your school. I’m also praying that Caleb’s mother will confess what she has done to cause all of this.

  8. Blessings to you. I apologize that I was one who was quick to judge your actions without knowing the whole story. I pray that these behaviors towards you and your family stop.

  9. So sorry this has happened to you I hope it will all be over soon and u will feel happy and safe again in your school and home ❤️

  10. Mrs. Lindsey I am so sorry for what is happening to you. Noone under any circumstances should be treated this way. I hope you continue to love and help your “kids” develop in the educational way they should. The adults in our society should not be judging and wonder if what they saw is the truth of what happened. Hence it is not. My heart goes out to you and just know that you do have support of strangers, family and friends to help you through this.

  11. Mrs. Lindsay you are a great teacher who tries her best every day:). Keep up the wonderful work:) We love you;)

  12. Pray for you. Your are a great teacher anyone who takes the time to teach a play to young children has to be awesome. So sorry for everything your going through.

  13. Mrs. Lindsay, you are probably one of the hardest working and least noticed teachers in your school, and I’m sure your students love you! Just know that even if you may not feel that parents and the public recognize the good that you do, there is One who does recognize it, and you have blessings waiting for you for your hard work.

  14. Mrs. Lindsey, I am lifting you up in prayer along with your family and close loved ones. May God bless and bring you peace.

  15. Mrs. Lindsay, I am lifting you up in prayer along with your family and close loved ones. May God bless and bring you peace.

  16. May God bless you and protect you and your family during this trying time. May His peace enter your hearts an restore the joy you receive from teaching.

  17. Count it a blessing for righteousness sake. Our society is sick. But Jesus has overcome. May you and your family feel His presence and protection around you during this time.

  18. May God bless you and give you strength for everything you are going through I know it might be hard but all will go away soon my prayers go to you. Keep your head up only God knows what you are going through and he will give you the victory.

  19. I have been in a similar situation as a kindergarten teacher. I knew from the minute I saw this video, it was one-sided. I feel for the teacher. Mrs. Lindsey, please know that you are doing a great job! You are in my prayers. Please don’t let the people who jump on the “crucify the teacher” bandwagon break you. They are just uninformed masses that just want to stir up trouble.

  20. My heart goes out to Mrs. Lindsey and Caleb. God bless you. Praying it all stops soon and they can resume their normal lives.

  21. Thank you for being a caring teacher. I’m so heartbroken that once again, social media misinformation has caused heartache.
    Prayers sent to you…for strength and to heal the sadness in your soul.

  22. I am so glad someone came forward with some clarification on this video. When I first saw it I curbed myself from jumping to conclusions because there was just not enough to go on. Teachers have enough of a difficult struggle trying to juggle all sorts of rules, guidelines and personalities while at the same time giving quality loving care to so many children. Shame on anyone who feels it is right to plaster teachers in a negative light especially on the wildfire platform that is social media. There may be some instances where it is warranted but more often than not it just comes down to another form of bullying. My heart goes out to this and other teachers in similar situations. Keep up the good work and please know that not everyone is against you.

    • you know, I don’t think anyone but Hitler deserves this kind of horror show. Just on my site alone, there have been over 1,000 comments and over 1 million people fascinated by this story. I’m a small blog. Just imagine what the actual numbers are for this story! The irony is, truly evil people never get this kind of social media scrutiny. Isn’t that weird?

  23. Sorry for all this happening to you. I cannot believe someone or some people would go to the extreme to threaten you. I worked as a preschool teacher and director for over 8 yesrs. And I know how things can get out of hand. I can’t even imagine how you feel. I loved every one one of my kids from the preschool and treated them as I would my own. I think you did what had to be done after reading what went on. People complain that we treat kids w/ handicaps different and get mad at us. But when we try to mainstream them into the school enviroment and treat them equal we get critized. I hope all of this stops for you and God bless you for being such a wonderful teacher.

  24. I can’t imagine being a teacher I admire anyone that does this, I’m so sorry for what this parent has put you thru. Praying for strength to deal with such selfishness.

  25. Mrs. Lindsay. If you read this I just want you to know that you are appreciated and thank you for the work you do day in and day out molding the minds of our future leaders.

  26. I am sorry that I joined in the flock of naysayers. Please accept an apology from someone that truly learned a lesson. I have posted this article on my page.

  27. Dear Mrs. Linsey, I know it hurts when your actions of good intent are twisted into something so horrible you would never even imagine them much less done it. My heart goes out to you.. please know I join many who are grateful for learning the truth about your situation and proudly stand behind you. I further feel that your heart is hurt to be forced to acknowledge that there are some nasty people in this world. Who does that, right? But we can’t save the world. Wait, as a teacher and good person you are saving the world, one student at a time. Thank you.

  28. I am one of those that reposted that post and I am truly sorry. I am sharing This post with the encouragement for others to share it as well. I am truly sorry for my involvement in spreading this and the cruelty you are going through because of it. I am ashamed of myself and ask for your forgiveness . Peace and God bless you.

  29. My heart goes out to you.
    I also work with Sen kids so I fully understand your special bond with Caleb.
    Please keep your head held high and continue doing the good you do. Xxx

  30. So sorry Mrs. Lindsay. I am so glad some one thought to research the details further.
    Here’s to better days to come.

  31. Mrs Lindsay, you know, God knows, and all of us out here with GOOD Hearts know that your questioned intentions of that day WERE NOT To harm, nor take away from that little boy, we love you for allowing him to be involved in the play in any capacity, AND SO SHOULD HIS MOTHER, Unfortunately, she has to experience the anguish of her babies situation, and her judgment may be a little clouded at times, we love her also, and pray for her situation, from what I’ve learned , you are a GREAT, and LOVED Teacher, KEEP IT UP!

    • I agree. My goal is not to create any kind of response toward the mother. And thank God, most people are interested only in helping a wounded woman recover from a brutal mob attack. This heartens me greatly about our nation. The good people have seen an incredible over reaction by the public and have now come to her aid. This warms me. I have refused to post any comments that go overboard in criticizing the mother or father or really, anyone in this situation. Most are so repetitious that it’s boring to read them. Example: people obsessing over my ‘wha-lah’ word! lolol! Seriously, though. I do have compassion for the mother. She had no idea that this mob would happen. She isn’t responsible for their actions. THEY are. She is only responsible for her part- and that was a small thing. The teacher’s action was a small thing. But the mob is guilty of a HUGE crime against humanity.

  32. From one teacher to another I watched the video and I immediately saw a frustrated teacher who didn’t mean anything mean by taking that mic. I hope your name is cleared and you are redeemed. Anyone who takes the time and effort to create a play with children wants the best for them and loves them. Thanks for all you do and all you give! Have a great Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!

  33. Please hang in there. I can’t imagine the patience and kindness it takes to have put so much into a child and have this kind of negativity thrown your way. Thank you for all you do for children and putting yourself out there day after day. Prayers for comfort.

  34. Good to know the real story. Now quit with all the hatefulness, everyone! The teacher and students don’t deserve this.

  35. Mrs. Linsey, God’s blessing, strength and comfort to you. It is amazing to me how people can be so incredibly AWFUL! Thank you for all your years of service.

    • lol. I am including your comment to answer a couple questions I have been receiving (and deleting) from other readers. Here is the question: why haven’t the ‘sources’ for your information given their real names in public? Why do they hide their information? There is the implication that they must therefore be liars. Answer: But look! I have shown my face and given my name. And what do you people do to me? You ATTACK me and I’ve certainly done nothing wrong. All I have done is repeat the testimony of eye witnesses who were there, on the ground. I truly believe them- especially since they so strongly corroborate one another. Why should we disbelieve them? What motive can other parents have for lying about permission forms and practice and play programs? But if you attack private citizens like me, who show my name and face, WHY SHOULD ANYONE ELSE stand up and give you, the angry, ugly mob, their names?

  36. As a teacher myself I understand how difficult and frustrating parents can be but I can’t even begin to imagine what you are going through! I hope that despite this you are able to continue to enjoy and love one of the most rewarding professions – sending lots of good luck and love to you!

  37. I tried to tell you people . . . what Ms. Lindsay did looked questionable, but let’s hear what she has to say for herself before we rush to judgment . . .

    One thing that bothers me about the blog post and its author, the reference to the “firestorm of anger, disgust, name calling, death threats, petitions to fire Ms. Lindsey, and every horrible kind of sexual assault on her person I have ever seen” . . .

    Sexual assault? (And “every horrible kind” of it at that?) If it had happened over this, wouldn’t it have been a mainstream news story? And if she wasn’t sexually assaulted, isn’t describing it as ‘sexual assault’ overstating it a bit (to say the least . . .)

    That term ..does.. have a specific meaning, and it’s a very bad thing.

    Could be a poor choice of words by Ms. Shannon, but I think some clarification is needed . . .

    • My apologies. I did write this article rather quickly. I meant to say “wishes for every kind of sexual assault…” I corrected the text. Thanks for the heads up. I read comments from people who gave very lurid descriptions of what should be done with the microphone and where it should be ‘shoved’ along with other colorful verbs. As a woman who has has similar such rape comments directed at me, I can tell you that a woman feels these comments of invasion very keenly. They aren’t just figures of speech. They are violent rape images that are disgusting and beyond reason. People think they are ‘ok’, but they aren’t. We, as a society, need to stand against this kind of language against women. And yet, I see women making these comments! This is almost a form of self hatred, if you ask me.

  38. I’m so sorry for the horrible way you have been treated over this. It is my prayer that God will heal your heart from the cruel judgement and social harassment that you and your family are living with.

  39. Praying for God’s protection and covering for Ms. Lindsey, the school and community. As a fellow teacher I know what all you do. Stand strong and know there are many prayers coming your way.

  40. I myself have an autistic son and I watched the video but
    Something didn’t seem quite right so I decided I would not share it. Ignore the haters and continue to care for the children as you have done. People are so quick to judge I hope you and your family get passed this awful time x

  41. Lay your troubles down at the Lord’s feet. He will carry you through. You at loved, supported, and being prayed for. ❤ Hang in there! It will all work out. 🙂

  42. Stay strong and positive. You know the truth and no matter what the ungrateful people and parents say, you know you did no wrong and so does God. Things will get better and keep being the amazing teacher you have always been. Better things always come after a storm. Like a rainbow after the rain.

  43. Dear Susan and Ms. Lindsey, my husband is a Principal of an Elementary School here in CA and had also been falsely accused by a parent of having kids bow to him. When he wasn’t disciplined and removed as Principal, she passed out fliers in town and went to the media. Not only did he receive death threats from all over the US, but the school employees also received threats. It was a very scary time as we didn’t know if someone would act on the threats. We waited and prayed that God would protect our family of 5, not knowing if someone would try and hurt our children as well. Friends in our town, parents at his school as well as former students and their families began standing up for him to the media, and many were praying for our family. Even though she intended harm, God used it for good. As much as my humanness does not want to, I pray for the mom who accused my husband as well as the mom who accused you. We are commanded by God to pray for our enemies. I will be praying for you as you go through this trying time. “The will of God will not take you where the grace of God will not protect you.”

    Here are some verses that I carried with me everywhere I went:

    “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” -Josh 1:9

    “But you are a shield around me, O Lord; you bestow glory on me and lift up my head.” -Ps. 3:3

    “We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down but not destroyed.” -2 Cor. 4:8,9

    May God give you the strength to endure this trying time,

    (Thank you, Susan, for standing up for those who are falsely accused and seeing the other side of the accusations. It makes a difference to those who are in the storm.)

  44. From one teacher to another, I understand the stress and excitement of school programs. You are to be commended for trying to include Caleb at the last minute. I’m not sure, under the circumstances, I would have been as gracious as you were. Hang in there and keep doing greT work with kids. They deserve you!

  45. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Stay strong, you are doing an amazing job. Do not let the ignorant bring you down. Have a happy, bright and loving holiday this year!

  46. Mrs. Lindsay, Thank you for all that you do. I myself am a teacher and pray that you will relish in knowing that teachers stand behind your decisions. Blessings to you and your family.

  47. Im so sorry this happend to you. Almost all of my sons teachers over the years have been wonderful. I have learned that in irder to choose to be a teacher you have to love kids and have a caring heart. I didnt see the video and Im glad I didn’t. Its sad that people use these social media networks for hurting people. Without even knowing the truth.

  48. It is so refreshing to hear the real story- I can’t imagine how hard this must be for you. This will pass in time- it may seem impossible right now but people will move on and either find out the truth or find something else to put their needless hate towards. Stay strong and continue doing what you do best- making a difference in children’s lives!!

  49. I’m so glad you put forth your time and effort to take care of these children all of them not just a few. I’m sorry that this mom has made this situation. I hope through all of it you can still take care of all kids and that this doesn’t affect the way you teach. Blessings to you and your family

  50. For Ms. Lindsey to add Caleb at the last minute shows her concern for his emotional well being and self esteem and her attempt at inclusion rather than choosing exclusion. Was this a decision from the heart? If so, thanks to her making a decision from her heart. I wish more teachers would make heart-felt decisions. Even if it was to satisfy a rule that promotes inclusion, Ms. Lindsey deserves a “thank you.” However, I saw the video, and I understand where mom is coming from too. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a good look when the teacher removed the microphone. With that being stated. the most appropriate action for the mom would have been to have a one-on-one meeting with the teacher to see why she removed the microphone. In this misunderstanding, I am wondering about something: When they (teacher and mom) decided to add Caleb, why didn’t mom talk to the teacher about possibly allowing Caleb to say “Gobble gobble” at the end? Had she suggested it, maybe Ms. Lindsey would have allowed it, and she would not have removed the microphone.

  51. Dear Mrs Lindsey
    Too often us teachers are not recognised for the love and dedication we have for children in our care. I too am a teacher and nothing is more satisfying than to hear a parent praise me for what i do. I have so much respect for you and stand by you. You are an amazing teacher and don’t ever doubt that.
    All the best

  52. You did a great job mrs.Lindsay. I hope this blows over for you. And continue to be a great teacher don’t let the hate change that. Keep your head up and just ignore them. I’ll pray for you!❤️❤️❤️🙏🏻

  53. This is just so sad & crazy. Why do people become sheep & just follow? Be a leader & make the change. To Mrs Lindsay, just remember you make a difference, you are valued & you are appreciated. Please take care of yourself, from a fellow teacher.

  54. My heart bleeds for that teacher. Everyone thinks everything is about them. When, and if, they find out is isn’t, there’s still no apology for those hurt by their words or actions. I pray for love, joy, and healing for teacher. Forgiveness is difficult, especially where masses are involved. I pray for God’s light and love to rest on teacher’s heart. I pray for the same for all mankind. We have become an unspeakably horrible species.

  55. Praying for all involved. I’m not sure what to believe, since stories I’ve been reading seem inconsistent and lead to more questions. I will say this. Autistic children need to be treated with the same kindness and respect that other children receive. I hope that’s been the case here.

  56. When the world goes nuts it gives you an opportunity to see there are kind hearted and clear thinking people who don’t join the mob just because that’s the common collective. This is truly the ugly side of social media.

    I am sending you love, hugs and healing to help you through this time. My heart breaks for you during this time xxx

  57. I feel for u…….. I am a teacher as well…. it’s so very easy for small things to be misinterpreted. U will get thru this….. I promise. Stay strong.

  58. The worst of people seems to thrive in the media. From reporters to the stories, the majority of newscasts are negative. We as a people need desperately to find the kindness and caring attributes in life. Christ was so advanced in his text about loving your neighbor that it hasn’t been secured in our families values as a practical way to live. We as parents need to show and teach this important moral act. We absolutely must lead by example. I pray that upcoming generations begin to understand how terribly important this value is- in our neighborhoods as well as dealing with other countries.

  59. God Bless the loving, patient, understanding staff who strive to help anyone with disabilities! As a parent of a son with autism, I am so thankful for the support and guidance, love, understanding, and patience people offer my son, whom I love so very much!

  60. I didnt judge you when this happened, and I am sorry you were, I hope they put as much emphasis on this as they did her original post I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

  61. I’m a SpEd teacher myself. I’m so sorry you were caught up in such a nasty situation when you were trying to include a child in the program.

  62. Mrs. Lindsey, I am a teacher myself. Teaching is the most demanding, challenging but rewarding job out there. I surely give you alot of tespect. All teachers are gems. To teach is to touch a heart forever. I’m praying for God’s protection around you. Always remember God sees you as his princess and daughter when everyone else may not see you in that way right now. You’re special and very important in the lives of these children. God bless

  63. I could never do a teacher’s job. I am so grateful for the women and men who care for and nurture my child each day. Thank you so much for dedicating your time to the educate and raising of our children. I wish you the happiest of holiday seasons and I’m sending you love and strength. Soon, the mob will find a new situation on which to bestow their righteous indignation and things will calm down. Until then, take comfort in knowing that there are thousands of people standing with you.

  64. Mrs. Lindsey, No one deserves to be ridiculed for trying to do the best and right thing for their students!! Keep your head up and remember what Eleanor Roosevelt said, “NoOne can make you feel inferior without your permission!” Stay strong!!!

  65. Dear Mrs. Lindsey I’m ,so sorry about the cruelty you have had to endure. I am praying for you and your family to be safe, and be able to get this nightmare behind you. May God bless you,

  66. Warm thoughts from Canada to you Mrs Lindsay ! You have a difficult job and the stupidity of mob behavior makes it so much worse.

  67. What an unfortunate situation. God’s word says what was meant as evil God will turn it around for your good to them who love the Lord. Blessings to you.

  68. There are 2 sides to every story, and I’m so sorry. Before I read this, I judged u myself and I just want to apologize. I only reacted to video I saw and it did look as though u were showing difference. I pray that u can get back to a normal life and move past all of this. I believe it takes a special someone to be a teacher and I’m pretty sure u love each of ur students. But again I’m so sorry that I judged a book by it’s cover, may God give u peace.

  69. Mrs Lindsey praying for you and your family. Your a special person and don’t let anyone tell you less. God Bless You

  70. Pleasr know that you and your co-workers are appreciated by the vast majority. Please don’t let the bad people discourage you from going forward with the wonderful work you do. May God be with you through this most difficult time.

  71. It is the hardest thing to overlook bad that happens. Just know that you are everything to those children. Continue doing the work that God would have you do. Blessings on your career ❤️

  72. So Sorry Mrs. Lindsey. I was one of those that thought You needed to change your ways and that the School was not doing what they needed to do . I hope that this will soon go away, and the Mother of Caleb will change her ways. Caleb needs understanding Family and Friends , so he can be the best he can be.

  73. As a retired teacher, I can empathize with your situation. Every teacher has dealt with out of control parents, but your situation seems even more extreme because social media gives malevolent people a big audience to spread lies. Hang in there, hold your head high and focus knowing you are doing the right thing for your students and parents. Bless you and I hope so much good will happen that this unfortunate situation can be put at least partly behind you. Thrive on the support of your faculty and caring parents.😍

  74. As an educator, I feel your pain. Too many times we try to do what is right and end up getting the negative end of things. I hope folks read through this article. I will pray for you.

    • most of the information is in the comment section of this article. They come from parents and teachers of Nutter Fort Elementary School, people who know the parents and teacher involved, people who were there at the concert. They testify to the fact that the child didn’t fill out the permission form, didn’t go to any practices, wasn’t listed as a participant on the play program, wasn’t dressed as a turkey, that the play runs every year as a tradition and has never before included a turkey, that the child had no speaking parts but was allowed to speak out of turn anyway, that the play was over and that the teacher didn’t know what he was going to say at the end. Stuff like that. I haven’t ‘interviewed’ anyone. I am just a blogger that is sharing the testimonies written down by the witnesses themselves on this article. I did link to it in the article. You just missed it. So have your readers. Here will be your problem, Edye: people who ask for ‘proof’ don’t actually want it. It is just a stall tactic. The proof is in the article- it is already cited. The fact that they didn’t see it means they didn’t read it. They have already formed their opinion and believe me, seeing these other parents and teacher comments won’t change their minds. They will just say, “Well, this doesn’t change anything! I STILL think…. yadda yadda yadda.”

  75. May God bless you and your family.

    Teaching is a joy and at times a hardship. May this come to pass soon so you may experience relief.

  76. Dear Mrs Lindsey. I am so sorry for what happened to you and that I was a part of the hatred that was delivered to you. Yes, I, too wrote a nasty comment on FB and for that I am ashamed and sincerely hope you can accept my apology as well as everyone else for ranted against you, I hope you can overcome this and put it behind you. Again, I’m sorry and hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season!

  77. Some people destroy others lives because it is the only way they can feel good about theirs. Stay strong. God will see you through this.

  78. Love may one day conquer hate. Until then hope you find peace and can continue your work with children. The judgement and hate will have to run its course so all of them can bask in there’re righteous evil.

  79. Blessings to you Mrs. Lindsey. Thank you for all you do for Caleb and the other children whose lives you touch. I am sorry for all this happening. Stay strong!

  80. Praying for you and this entire situation. It is sad that everyone jumped on this story not knowing both sides. Keep your head up. The truth will prevail.

  81. I think it’s very unfair for you to attack a Mother regardless of whether or not her son is special needs. A+ for capitalizing on tearing down one person in defense of another.

  82. Mrs. Lindsay, God knows your heart and sees all the good and love you have for your students. Do not let others define who you are by the garbage that spews from their mouth. I pray you will find peace in the midst of this storm. God will see you through it.

  83. Dear Mrs. Lindsey… we all pray that you are blessed and given great joy and peace through this mess. As a teacher for nearly 30 years, I understand what harsh unfounded gossip can do. I also know that LOVE stands between you and the ugly comments hurled your way. I also pray for Caleb and his mother, and grace, truth, and forgiveness flow. Bless you!

  84. Thank u for posting this. I felt like you when I saw the video.. It didnt seem as though we had the complete story!! Stay strong Ms. Lindsey! We love you! ❤

  85. I had been thinking what you wrote since the first time that I saw the report of this came to light. Feeling so sorry for the public humiliation that this mother caused this teach and school. I too saw it from a light of entitlement and privledge rather than something done wrong to her child. Teachers do not ever get enough respect for what they do; my thanks and gratitude to you for all you do to education our youth.

  86. I know how some things can be misinterpreted when we are doing out best. My prayers are with you and I pray you did not lose your job!

  87. This is the sort of behaviour that happens with Reality tv. I just don’t know why people just believe everything and go on the attack. I hope that things get better for you

  88. So sorry that social media has done this to you. People need to find out both sides of the story. We are told not to judge others. Thank you for all you do for Special Needs children. Hope you will be left in peace now.

  89. Such insanity you and yours are experiencing I’m so sorry and may God bless you guys you’ll definitely be in my prayers happy thanksgiving

  90. Bless your heart Mrs. Lindsay. I, like many others, blasted you for what appeared to be a hurtful situation for the child. I didn’t view it with an open mind and the realization that some people have bad intentions no matter the situation. I sincerely apologize for jumping to conclusions. I know better and have no excuse for my behavior. I hope this post finds you on a path to healing from the atrocious acts of a person who did not have their child’s best interests at heart and from a society who jumps on any negative bandwagon posted on social media.

  91. Praying for you Mrs. Lindsey and hoping that God will give you peace once again and the strength to endure this outrageous assault on you and your family. May truth be revealed and you be vindicated. May your position in the school and the community be properly re-established and apologies made. Please hang in there! Perhaps Fox News should investigate this and help.

  92. Dear Mrs. Lindsey
    I am truly sorry and my heart breaks for the criticism and hatred that you are receiving. Especially in the light of it being a lie. I feel as if this world has lost its mind and heart all at once. Never mind its manners and its ability to just be civil which dissolved some time back. I’m unaware as to if you are a believer in Jesus or not but please know I am praying to Him for you and your family. May He bring you peace and healing. May His face shine apon you and may you be blessed. Please know you have a friend in me.

  93. I am very sorry you are dealing with this awful situation . Please prayers for you and your family and that this resolves quickly.

  94. Mrs. Lindsay I’m sorry this is happening to you. I am one who seen the first post and I did get mad. I have a autistic grandson and didn’t even think of the many lies I have seen on here. Please forgive me and I pray you get your life back to normal. Again I’m sorry!!!

  95. I have been working with children with autism for some time now and have even changed careers as an older adult to become a special education teacher. Teachers work with students with diverse needs that come from families with such diverse needs as well. Thank you Ms. Lindsay, for all you to to support students and their families. I hope Caleb and his family will learn and grow from this experience. I hope you are blessed with peace and love from your community!

  96. Thank you for all that you do. It takes a very special person to be a teacher. Know that you are loved by your students and the parents. Praying for you.

  97. Mrs. Lyndsey I’m a special education teacher and you have my full support. Praying the truth blows the insanity away

  98. Dear Lindsey. I found the video with you in it. And it seemed odd, but not wrong, after these posts I saw and always read the comments I couldn’t believe. I wish you and your little girl the best.. sorry this is happening to you

  99. You did nothing wrong and i hope that it all blows over very soon and you and your family can get your life back!! You sound like a very sweet lady and you dont deserve this.

  100. Mrs. Lindsay. First I want to apologize for being one of the people to share the story when it first came out. I did not take the time to hear both sides before posting. I completely understand why what happened happened. Please accept my apology. Keep being the great teacher you are obviously you love all the kids you teach and don’t let that entitled mom get to you or all the ugly comments.

  101. I am so sorry for the cruel and unfair treatment you have endured! I hope the truth will circulate soon, and all this will die down. For now, I wish you and your family a holiday season of peace and joy!

  102. This is why I don’t post these articles. The mob mentality today is to hate now, hate later and hate even more if they find out (like in this case) they were wrong. I pray that this teacher does NOT change her ways because of this incident, that she continues to care for the children placed in her care, even when the world looks at her with improper disdain. I have teachers in my life from my school days that I still revere even 30 years later because they treated me in such a fashion as she is treating these kids. Love speaks louder from the heart, please shout it out for all the world to see.

  103. Thank you for this article. I saw the video, and commented. I was surprised by the hate filled maessgaes based on so lottle information. My comment was that there sis not seem to be malice or intent when she pulls the mic. The last biy has said his piece and she takes the mic. Im aleays amazed at how vile people can get with no real information. I suspected at yhe time that this was a case of a mom trying to make a win off social media…get her 15 mins. I commented on a local news station post when they included it in their feed. It seemed irresponsible, when there was so little information. My heart ached for this teacher. Thank you for taking the time and your writing talent to share a fifferent message.

  104. Mrs Lindsay, I am so sorry that you have to deal with such hatred and ignorance. I am praying that the truth will triumph and healing will begin. Once, when I was going through a tough time, a dear friend said something like..”you never know what the Lord can do with this…” I found comfort in thinking my pain could bring out something good. So many hugs and love being sent your way. ❤

  105. I can’t believe how immature adults can be. If you don’t like something, fine. State that fact!! Why do “we” have to berate someone without having all the facts. Death threats…. Really?!!?! You want someone death? People, “we” are grown ups who set examples for the younger generation. What example did “you” set when you called names, or wished this teacher dead?!!?! And as for “Christians”. Ha!!! I met more judgmental, & liers hiding behind their religious beliefs/church then anywhere else. Now, with that being said, I don’t mean all Christians. This is meant for those two faced ones….. you know who you are & if you don’t know…… now you do!!

  106. Sorry for the circus this has caused. Happy thanksgiving . May everyone show kindness and love to each other .

  107. I am truly sorry for what has gone on due to this. Social media also has a very ugly ability to make things become something completely untrue. May this thanksgiving your day be peaceful and blessed.

  108. Mrs. Lindsey, I’m so sorry you are having to go through this horrible ordeal! Being a teacher in today’s society is hard enough without being falsly villainized by others. (I’m in my 31st year) Please know I am praying for your safety, strength and perseverance. God is good, and He standing with you!

  109. I will not spread hatred of any kind! I will say this though….. you are the kind of Christian that makes non believer want to stay away! Your harsh judgement, your EXTREMELY insensitive attitude toward this family and well YOUR EXTREMELY OPINIONATED view on the subject😔 I believe not only as Christians but as humans we have a duty to spread ❤️! This article could have shared all the same information in a MUCH MORE LOVING way! If your going to profess your beliefs I would make sure that your prepared to represent them💔 It truly baffles me😔 Generally people that have this type of attitude get humbled………

    • Hi Kasey, I’m very sorry you feel that way. I truly believe you feel that way only because you don’t agree with me. You seem to believe that truth must be shared in a particular ‘tone’ or that justice can only be said in certain ‘ways’. But I don’t believe that. When you are up against an angry mob, sometimes your voice has to be loud enough to be heard. I am always amazed by Christians like you whose only contribution to a crime against humanity is to criticize the ONLY couple of people who are trying to stop it by saying, “You guys aren’t stopping this crime against humanity in a nice enough way.” But you, yourself, aren’t helping to stop the crime in any other way! You sit with a cup of coffee in your hands, eating a donut, on the sidelines, and do nothing. Absolutely nothing to help the victim. And the Christians who are being attacked by the MOB who is also attacking the victim, ripping her arms off, tearing at her neck, her stomach and her flesh, welll…. you sit in judgement of their CHRISTIANITY. It isn’t good enough for you. Kasey, I closed my article to comments, but I saved a few from Christians like yourself. Those who had comments about ‘my kind of Christianity’ because I felt they needed a special and separate sort of addressing. I truly think you and those like you need to honest look at yourself and your beliefs. Truth and justice from human beings will never come perfectly. Never. And it will always take courage for any human being to stand up against the mob. The first person to do it was the courage woman who first wrote, Dear Mrs. Lindsey Letter. The second was me. We wrote and risked the rage of the mob. And surely, the mob turned on us. Christ said that the road to heaven is well paved and MANY are on it but the path to heaven is narrow and hidden and VERY FEW have found it. When you sit and criticize me, you stand on the side of the mob. You are on the path of many. I may not be perfect, but I am still saying the truth and I am still trying for justice. My heart and intent are still right. What is yours trying to do? That is the question you should ask yourself.

  110. Our knee jerk reaction is to protect children. I read the previous post and although I did not post a reply, I was angry with the teacher and my heart broke for this child. Now, I’m disgusted that I fell for the garbage this mother posted! I hope we have all learned from this to think before we react.

  111. I’m sorry to hear about this happening to you. I pray the truth gets out and your horrible ordeal is over soon. I’ll be praying for you.😊

  112. As a paraprofessional, it is sad how things can be so easily misunderstood. Praying for peace, comfort and the truth to be revealed! Also, praying for the little boy’s parents to set the record straight but most importantly, for the little boy.

  113. As a retired teacher of 36 years, I always knew there was more to the story and I posted my opinion earlier. Please hang in there and know that we stand by you and hope that your heart heals and you continue to bless the children that need you. Good teachers like you are needed.

  114. Praying for all the hurting hearts in this situation! I pray for peace for Mrs. Lindsey and her family. I pray for healing for this entire community!

  115. Please know that not all people are hateful. I feel your pain and am praying for you and your family. I have been ” burned at the stake ” by people. It will hopefully not last long and they will be on to someone else soon. These people thrive on hating people. What a sad life. Praying for you and that you can have a good thanksgiving. Peace and protection.

  116. Dear Mrs. Lindsey,
    I am so sorry you are hurting today because of a stupid misunderstanding blown out of proportion by foolish people. Praying you and your family have a peaceful and happy Thanksgiving. Thank you for caring about your students.

  117. I am sorry that this has happened to you. May God bless you and your family. Thank you for all that you do. I pray that the truth will be made known to all and ask of the hatred against you ceases.

  118. I am a children’s minister and have been directing Christmas plays for many years. I know the work involved and applaud you for what you do. Working with children is a challenge and not everyone can do it. Know that God sees your heart and effort and I pray His blessings and protection over you and your family. You are His daughter and He loves you! Stay strong, trust Him and He will take you through this. Saying prayers and sending hugs!

  119. Keep ur head up high .never let it fall keep ur strength up to keep going for what you workd for to help kids learn.
    Never let the evil get to u never let it bring u down u are a good loving teacher that never let’s nothing bring u down you are strong loving person.keep up the good work of teaching!!!

  120. I am so sorry for the pain that has been brought to you and your family…. I pray that the Holy Spirit will bring you peace that passes all understanding to you and everbody effected by it

  121. Dear Mrs. Lindsay,
    Thanks for your service to the families that attend the school in which you teach. I know that teaching is a selfless job. It takes a lot of patience and a good heart. Most people do not have those qualities.
    Know that I am praying for you and that I wish you a life filled with joy and peace. This too shall pass.
    God bless you.

  122. I’m so sorry you’ve had to endure this treatment from the community. I have experienced that kind of bullying too, and it is no fun. Know that you have lots of kind thoughts coming your way. Have a happy Thanksgiving.

  123. Mrs. Lindsey “keep the Faith” and continue to do your job the way you have been. You are a great teacher and a friend to Caleb.

  124. Unreal, not sure a woman deserves death threats ever, but because she didn’t let him say gobble gobble? This is just the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

    Hugs to Mrs. Lindsay

  125. I am so sorry this is happening to you and your family. You have my family’s support. You are in our thoughts and prayers and although this is a hectic time for you I am in hopes that you will still be able to enjoy your Thanksgiving Day with your family and friends.

  126. People can be horrible, and I’m so sorry this has happened to you. I stand with you and pray for the truth to silence the foolish mob. Don’t stop being a light for your students, because as you can see, they NEED honest and good people so desperately. They need YOU. Peace.

  127. I am so sorry this is happening to you and your family. I hear from this lady the truth and it sounds like you have a great teacher/student relationship and connection. This is So important. I hope it settles down and that you can get back and do what you do best. We need teachers like you for our children with Special needs. I pray you and your family will be ok. May God and the Angels surround you and your family. ❤

  128. Praying that the truth will come to light and the negative comments will stop. May you and your family have peace this holiday season

  129. Mrs. Lindsey, I am so very sorry for the fire storm that has been Hurled into your corner and even your private home. Sadly, society tends to grab a untruth or even partial truth So they can hop on a bandwagon of hate and without the knowing the full story. I am believing that the FULL truth WILL be revealed. Stand on his word which will strengthen you.

    10 So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. (‭Isaiah‬ ‭41‬:‭10‬ NIV)

    8 Do not be afraid of them, for I am with you and will rescue you,” declares the Lord. (‭Jeremiah‬ ‭1‬:‭8‬ NIV)

    8 The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.” (‭Deuteronomy‬ ‭31‬:‭8‬ NIV)

    17 no weapon forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and this is their vindication from me,” declares the Lord. (‭Isaiah‬ ‭54‬:‭17‬ NIV)

    7 The Lord will grant that the enemies who rise up against you will be defeated before you. They will come at you from one direction but flee from you in seven. (‭Deuteronomy‬ ‭28‬:‭7‬ NIV)

    4 For the Lord your God is the one who goes with you to fight for you against your enemies to give you victory.” (‭Deuteronomy‬ ‭20‬:‭4‬ NIV)

    10 Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. 11 Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. 12 For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. 13 Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. 14 Stand therefore, having girded your waist with truth, having put on the breastplate of righteousness, 15 and having shod your feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace; (‭Ephesians‬ ‭6‬:‭10-15‬ NKJV)

    His your defender.
    49 He delivers me from my enemies. You also lift me up above those who rise against me; You have delivered me from the violent man. (‭II Samuel‬ ‭22‬:‭49‬ NKJV)

  130. Please don’t allow this unkind/misguided mother to negatively impact you anymore. Some people thrive on drama & being unkind. Hang in there!

  131. Mrs Lindsey,
    Nevada is praying for you. I’m sorry there are such ignorant people out there who are hell-bent on destroying others. From one teacher to another…..thank you for your service, your kindness, and hardwork. Hang in there kiddo, this too will pass.

  132. People are idiots and would have created a facebook page against Jesus’ mother, Mary, when she lost Jesus in Jerusalem. Instead of learning facts, they jump onto the stupid train and attack, attack, attack. I guess it makes them feel good about themselves. I feel for the teacher and hopefully the idiots will back off. .

  133. I haven’t seen the video but have heard about it. Coming from a family of teachers, I know how intense parents can get when they think they are doing what’s best. As a teacher, you spend almost the same amount of time with a child as the parents do and have your own unique relationship with the child that might not make sense to a parent who is not involved in her son’s school life until a school performance comes along. You seem like a great teacher and very patient. I’m so sorry that this happened to you. Don’t let the rumors stop you–It is still a beautiful world. Hope the haters stop soon and that you get a raise for what you’ve endured.

  134. Love and prayers to you and your family! Thank you for being such a caring teacher to special needs children!💕💕

  135. What a horrible situation! My family is sending you love, strength and many prayers for more positive times❤️ We do not understand why some people feel the need to put others down to feel better about them selves, it would seem as if you did the right thing. We stand with you Mrs. Lindsey❤️

  136. I must say that I was very upset after seeing the original post. Sometimes we forget that there are two sides to every story. Thank you for all that you do and may God help you through this difficult time. Peace to you and your family.

  137. Sadly your well written and intentioned article is now causing a “mob mentality” response across the internet against the mother. Thank you for educating people to not jump to conclusions, read the full story and find charity in their hearts.

  138. I apologize for sharing without knowing the full story. My prayers for yourself and your family. I am so sorry to have added to your trials.

  139. I remember when the initial article came out, and I thought it was very odd. There is always more to what is printed. I give credit to teachers, they have one of the most difficult jobs. They are responsible for teaching our children. Not everyone can do that. You are an amazing person and teacher. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Sending big hugs.

  140. Dear Mrs Lindsay….thanks for all that you do day in and day out for your students and the community!
    Warmest regards,
    Lisa Michael
    Buffalo, NY

  141. For all the blessings of the year,
    For all the friends we hold so dear,
    For peace on earth, both far and near,
    We thank Thee, Lord.

    For life and health, those common things,
    Which every day and hour brings,
    For home, where our affection clings,
    We thank Thee, Lord.

    For love of Thine, which never tires,
    Which all our better thought inspires,
    And warms our lives with heavenly fires,
    We thank Thee, Lord.

    Albert H. Hutchinson

    Wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving from our table to yours!

  142. Sorry for all the nasty things that have been said about you. I hope things get better soon. God bless you.

  143. I thought from the beginning that there was more to this story. Sorry this teacher had to endure such nonsense. God bless

  144. You know in your heart, the love you show to your students each day. I hope that we (public on Facebook) can surround you with love. As a retired teacher, I can tell you few parents understand the difficulty of your position, caring for all of your students and the added difficulties of putting on a program. I thought that if a parent has a problem with you, they need to discuss it with you. The fact that this did not happen was my clue that there was another side to the story. I’m so sorry that you were misrepresented in a public venue.
    I hope that you can focus on all of the good surrounding you.

  145. So sorry you had to go thru this…please know that we know the truth and that you are a wonderful teacher!

  146. Mrs. Lindsey,
    I owe you a huge apology that I assure you is sincere. I, like so many mothers, jumped to conclusions about you when I saw the clip. I shared the post and commented that “if I ever behave this way (as I too work in education and am amongst children with disabilities) that someone needs to tell me to change career paths.”
    I was wrong. My heart goes out to you as this was a terrible misunderstanding.
    Angela Wright
    Tamaroa Grade School

  147. So glad the truth was told. I am so sorry for all you have endured. Praying this will all be over and your life will be back to normal. God bless you.

  148. I am so very sorry this has happened to you, your family and your school. I am a spec. Ed. Teacher who has an adult son that is deaf blind. I am thankful for all the wonderful teachers that helped me make sure he grew to be a fabulous man. Thank you for putting yourself out there, every day, for all kids. You are storing up your treasures in heaven. Thank you for your service, your dedication and your love. Keep up the good work. This young man’s life will be better because you were once their to give him your time.

  149. I’m sorry this had to happen to a teacher that is there for these children. I know all teachers do a wonderful job and my heart goes out to Ms Lindsay for her tireless work, this article shows there really is 2 sides to this story. I am sorry this has happened to you.

  150. God bless you and grant you peace regarding this situation. I am praying for your family, too. I hope you can move beyond this very soon. As a retired music teacher, I empathize with you. People can judge and be unkind, but many of us know the heart of a good teacher is love.

  151. Sorry for the confusion and hurt feelings. Your role as teacher is admirable. Hopefully you can put all the meanness behind you and go back to being a significant inspiration for your students

  152. As a mother of a child with autism, it frustrates me when I hear of any parent displaying this kind of “oh poor me”. Whether your child is autistic or not.
    Parents like this can make it difficult for ALL parents, and only make it MORE difficult for other parents of special needs children because the way a lot (not all) of society is. We group people into a category regardless of their personal actions because they are “(insert race, religion, illness, etc)”, and this really has to stop as well!
    I am sorry this teacher had/has to deal with a parent who feels entitled, but let’s not all group parents of children with special needs into that category.
    I raise my child to accept when he cannot get what he wants because life ISN’T always going to go as you wish.
    Stay gracious, stay humble, be thankful, be respectful.

  153. Sorry for the confusion and hurt feelings. Your role as teacher is admirable. Hopefully you can put all the meanness behind you and go back to being a significant inspiration for your students

  154. Hi Mrs. Lindsey! Happy Holidays to you and your family!

    When I first saw the article go viral, I want you to know that I did wonder and was curious as to what the other side of the story was. I also questioned the motives of a mother who would post something like this on Facebook and allow it to go viral like this. Seems like something I would want handled between myself and the school if it was something truly wrong that happened to my child.

    I am a special education teacher myself, and I work with the K-3 age range at an alternative school. I love each and every one of my little monkeys, but they can be a frustrating group at times! And whether we are on stage or not, we must follow through with rules and expectations. You were doing the right thing!

    One time during our Holiday show, I was escorting a student from the stage to go sit back with his parents, and as soon as we were front and center in the aisle with a big spotlight on us, he suddenly became very interested in a light that he saw backstage and desperately scrabbled to try to get to it while I had to grab ahold of him and practically drag him back to his parents (who did not jump up to help and seemed keen to stay out of the spotlight and not claim him as theirs at that moment). It was pretty embarrassing, but I had done nothing wrong. I can’t imagine if that was recorded, taken out of context, had lies made up about it, and put online for all to hurl hatred and vitriol at it. Stay strong, lady! It’s not much, but I have your back!

    Know that I’m thinking of you and your family with loving, healing intentions, and that I know you will get through this and keep on teaching and reaching children with your kind and loving heart! Solidarity, sister!

  155. Judge less not you be judge. I am so sorry the whole story has not been reported, and for the pain and suffering you and your family are enduring. Will keep you in my prayers.

  156. Teachers have special relationships with their students no matter the personality or attitude of the child. Being with the students all day we see how each one fits with his/her peers. Sometimes we do things that are best for the child that parents don’t understand. They see only their child. I feel sure this teacher wanted to present this student in his best light. Putting on a presentation with students who have practiced is very stressful. Know all the facts and give her a break. I taught 42 years. Each child is different as is the situation.

  157. We are praying for you and your family through this difficult time in your lives. Unfortunately, people are so quick to judge based on one side of the story. My husband has always told me that there is 3 sides to every story. Yours, theirs and the truth. It’s so sad that teacher’s get such a bad wrap and it’s always their fault when something goes wrong with a child. We believe in you and Thank you for all that you do!! Keep the faith and remember that the truth will set you free! Much love and respect, The Lucke Family.

  158. I appreciate your candidness to let the truth be known. I will be one of the first to apologize for sharing the mother’s misrepresentation of a fellow teacher without knowing all the facts and details. My prayers are for Mrs. Lindsey and those who have been wronged by the actions of the mother and the public who vilified her without seeking to know the truth.

  159. Mrs. Lindsey, As a mother of a special needs child, I assumed the worst of you and was heartbroken for the child involved. I’m sorry for my assumptions. Thank you for the job you do every day!

  160. Prayers for you this Thanksgiving, Mrs. Lindsey. Peace and Safety for you and your family.

    From Arkansas

  161. Prayers to you Mrs. Lindsey. I’m also a teacher who has experienced a little of what you are going through. It will end. I pray for your strength for you to endure this storm. It’s hard, I know. But take some comfort knowing it will be over at some point.

  162. Mrs. Lindsey, please accept my heartfelt apology for criticizing your actions when I had only a one sided viewpoint. The original post proves that you can not even believe what your eyes see without having ALL the FACTS.

    I was very critical of you and I sincerely admit that I jumped to the conclusion that your behavior was unacceptable. I know it is a challenge to be a teacher in today’s world. My husband was an administrator of a high school and I was a teacher’s aide for several years. We both have seen the steady decline in the respectful behavior of children and lack of cooperation of the parents.

    God bless you in this time of pain and I promise I will do my best to post the “rest of the story” each and every time I see the one-sided video.


  163. I’ve lived with an autistic kid for the better part of twelve years, my little brother. The kid could’ve simply ASKED his mom if he could be in the play and say “gobble gobble”. Why assume that the mom TOLD him to say it? My little brother has made up full “commercials” by himself, and my mom once took him to audition for something, and she told him just to say the lines they gave him, but he didn’t, instead he did one of his “commercials”. Autistic children, especially the young ones, when they want to do something and show the people around them something they’ve thought about or created or done, they just do it.

    • What difference would it make? It’s clear that the mother and Caleb knew ahead of time that he would say it because the mom said he was so excited about saying it. She knew he wanted to say it and was looking forward to saying it. She knew exactly why he was upset. ie, because he wanted to say, ‘gobble, gobble’. That’s why she went hysterical. So, she knew ahead of time, right? So, does it matter who, between mom and child, originally thought up the idea? The point is this: mom didn’t tell the teacher- at the very least, we know she didn’t get an agreement or understanding with the teacher or this clearly wouldn’t have happened. Mom just made arrangements with her son. She didn’t ensure that teacher knew he wanted to do it. For someone who includes her son at the very last minute and then gets her son all excited about speaking that line at the end, you’d think she would ensure her son’s happiness. And if all didn’t go as planned and her son was disappointed, it doesn’t seem right to just blame the teacher. At least, to me, it doesn’t.

  164. Best wishes and prayers for you Mrs. Lyndsey and your family. you were right in doing what you did.

  165. You seem like a very great teacher and a very nice person and the world needs alot more people like you. I hope everyone reads this story and realizes the truth and that you, your family, the school and the community can heal and stop the unfair hatred that you did not deserve at all.

  166. Bless you Mrs Lindsay. To many idiots jump to conclusions. I will keep you and your family in our prayers. You are more than welcome to friend me on Facebook!

  167. Dear Mrs. Lindsay,
    Please accept this apology on behalf of good people everywhere. We are so sorry for all you have been through and are praying for you.

  168. Keep your head up, things will get better its unfortunate that anybody what you are enduring. Prayers and best wishes from our family

  169. Hang in there. God 👀’s everthing. I see it. I’m praying for you and standing by you here in Cali.

  170. Ms. Lindsey, I questioned the truth when this video first came out. I have a son with Aspergers and I support you in this. I keep getting a word in prayer regarding those that continue to harass you, “forgive them, for they know not what they do. ” I pray for strength and peace for you in the season of unjust accusations.

  171. I was astonished by the first story, but hesitated to post or comment due to the way social media has a way to distort the full story, just as the media. Glad I did & prayers of healing from the deviststion this lady has had to face. I hope that baby will learn that we should not jump to conclusions without the complete story. The media has shown us that we can’t always believe what we hear or see through another’s eyes or ears. The hateful threats are even more upsetting! Happy thanksgiving and God bless both the families involved.

  172. I wish that social media had filters that would not allow posts unless the other side is told at the same time. It has become too easy for society to pass judgment that spreads like wildfire. Please know that there are thousands of us supporting you Mrs. Lindsey. I am so sorry that you are having to endure this and would like the parents to publicly apologize. Thoughts and prayers to you and your family.

    • Dear ‘Pissed off autism Dad’, now, this is exactly the mentality that both the teacher and I are dealing with. I haven’t posted all the ugly and spiteful comments being directed at me, personally, because this isn’t about me. But I am posting yours because it doesn’t include curse words, rape words or violence to my person. But it still displays the entitlement mentality that is so pervasive in this community. The idea behind your comment is the following: only people with kids with disabilities may make any comments at all concerning this video. My response: nonsense. Because the issue I have with the video has nothing to do with autism. My issue has to do with the fact that this mother didn’t reveal the full truth of the entire situation that set off an angry, inhuman mob. This insane, inhumane mob then grew into over a million people who attacked a lone woman and her private home, her work place and her person in the vilest way. In addition, those who witnessed this inhumane attacked were still merciless, like you. You see the attack, might even condemn the attack, but you STILL want to add more of your words to that attack. Furthermore, my point is that I find it interesting that a community that prides itself on caring for the innocent victims in our society seem to care nothing at all for an innocent victim of a different crime- a woman who has now become the victim of a mob attack, even though you acknowledge that the attack is morally outrageous. How can you, then, claim to support innocent victims of our society? Your morality, then, is circumstantial and personal- it is not altruistic, nor does it extend past your own needs and cares. Thus, it does our society no good at all. I guess what I’m saying is that you are ultimately selfish, not caring. If you were a moral individual, you would see that this teacher, even if she were wrong, has been more than punished for her ‘crime’. And you would be satisfied. But you aren’t. And now, you are angered at me for attempting to stop the mob from rendering this teacher limb from limb. I leave others to make their own conclusions.

  173. The truth always wins out. Stay strong in that, Mrs.Lindsay. Prayers that Caleb’s mom will understand the pain she has caused and fix things, not just for you, but for her own son.

  174. Thank you for posting this. When I first saw the video I was upset (I actually shed a tear, I could hear the heartbreak in that boy’s voice.) But I knew there had to be more. Now I know, and it makes sense. Social media can spiral out of control. Thank you for trying to reel it back in.

  175. Please know that we teachers stand with you. We know that you do not go into your field lightly. Only those with an unconditional love for students with special needs enters that field. I’m so amazed and shamed by those out there who take this incident and use it to spout the hate that is in their hearts. I will be praying for you, your family, your school, and for Caleb’s mother. Stay strong and keep loving those kids!

  176. I am so sorry for what you are going through. Please try and forgive those who are filled with hate against you. Not because it will make any difference to them, but because it will make you feel better. I am praying for you and your family that this will stop very soon. God bless you. X

  177. Mrs. Lindsey I am so sorry you are having to endure all the rude comments and negativity. There are still some good people in this world so don’t lose sight on why you wanted to be a teacher. I am very thankful for all teachers because I wouldn’t be able to do what you do for a day. my prayers are with you and your family.. Just keep swimming!!

  178. Mrs. Lindsay I understand the fine line you walk between parents and students. I know you love those babies or you wouldn’t be teaching them day after day. You are a wonderful teacher even to take on the extra work of putting on and directing s play for the parents. My prayers are for a quick resolve of this matter .

  179. Why does this blog comes off as teacher worshiping? In what way does recording a Thanksgiving session as a lie? In what ways, does the social media and recording of Thanksgiving make the “parent”, as a liar?

    Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.

    • lol. If you read my blog any further or read my Facebook page, you would know differently. I am not a teacher worshipper. But I do believe in justice and truth. And I do like to help the underdog in a given situation. And I have also been the victim of a social media attack. I know that, unless you are Hitler, you don’t deserve a social media mob attack. And while I don’t know you, I do know that you would not be ok if such an attack were addressed to you, personally. I notice that you have not provided me with your real picture or your real email address. Isn’t that interesting? Why not, pray tell? Are you afraid of anyone knowing who you are? Well, just imagine if the entire world knew who you were and had only one side of a story that made you look like a monster? So, please don’t use scripture with me. I am not bearing false witness against this mother. She didn’t ‘just’ record the play. Both she and her husband have made public statements that did not tell the full truth about what happened. They didn’t tell how they contributed to the misunderstanding. They framed the story to make it seem as if the teacher knew he was about to say, ‘gobble, gobble’ and took the mic anyway. That one line is what grabbed the public’s attention and broke their hearts. If any of what I wrote is untrue, I will be happy to change it. I am only printing what eye witnesses have said. And not just one eye witness- several who were there and know all the parties involved. They corroborate each other perfectly. I can’t see how they, as witnesses, are any less credible than this mom, who is also a witness, is. Thus, I am only providing their accounts. What I wrote can’t be ‘false witness’ unless I created evidence that no one else said. Which I didn’t.

  180. Mrs. Lindsey I want you to know I defended you several times on the viral post and even asked FB to remove it. I am also a music teacher and have an autistic son. My school is doing the Nutcracker and special needs parents are coming out of the woodwork to get their child into the show even though we have been rehearsing for 5 weeks. I am new to this school because of a situation similar to yours that happened to me last year started by thi principal. It was heartbreaking. I am VERY happy at my new school and know you will get through this and things will be better for you eventually. Hang in there and keep loving your students.

  181. I did see this story and was angry at what I saw because I didn’t know all the facts. I never said anything one way or the other because I everyone else was voicing what I was feeling. I wish we always had both sides of the story initially when seeing something. I feel awful for this teacher and the school. ThIs mother should be so ashamed of herself and now what she has put her son through. Mrs Lindsey if you are reading this I wish you a wonderful thanksgivings and pray that this parent publically apologizes to you. I’m sorry that initially was angry with you when I viewed the tape. That was so unfair to you. I’d also like to thank the person that wrote this article on your behalf to show both sides of this story. Thank you.

  182. I am apalled at the amount if hatred being sent your way. I wish for you only the best in life. Being a teacher is not an easy job, I taught for 20 years. You have more love coming your way than you know. Keep doing what you do. 🙏🏼

  183. Wow!! So very sorry to hear how you have been treated. People are so quick to judge these days and social media just gives them a place to spread their venom. Prayers and hugs to you!!

  184. Keep your head up sweetie, you did nothing wrong. Some people need a target for their unreasoned hate. You have the unfortunate position of whipping boy du jour for these imbeciles.

  185. I’ve been in a situation as a teacher where parents have not had the best opinion of me even when I did all I could. Thankfully it never got to this point but is one reason I no longer teach. Sending good thoughts and prayers.

  186. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Be blessed knowing you are in the thoughts and prayers of many.

  187. As a retired teacher, I can see how the whole the night played out. I am praying for the real victim here – the teacher.

  188. It’s this type of behavior that truly scares me. I fear that you can be the best version of yourself like Ms.Lindsey but people will still find ways to wreak havoc on your life. I can’t imagine the distress this has caused you and your sweet child. I can only hope it passes quickly and it helps you to realize that you’re strong enough handle this and any other situation life throws your way.

  189. I knew there had to be an explanation behind the action….it looked real hasty and mean on the video but I never thought a teacher conducting a Thanksgiving play with children could be that cruel. I am so glad to have read this article and know that my faith in humanity is not in vain. I pray that this all calms down for you and that you get that apology (and it should be publicly) you surely deserve it. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, chin up and know God has this. ❤

  190. I had wondered the first time I saw this story what the “full story” was. I have 3 children with various disabling special needs, my youngest is 14. I volunteer all the time in the high school (the other schools in prior years) and I see what happens when the kiddos have tantrums (yes even HS but they are MORE dangerous because they are strong) or just impulsive and you don’t know what is going to come out next or even the teacher has a really good idea what IS going to come next from personal experience with the child and needs to nip it in the bud before it happens. I have seen the special ed teachers get dirty looks and comments when someone who doesn’t understand the child or sees 1/2 the interaction without having all the facts it turns into the teacher “being mean”. I have physically been there to see that the teacher needs to at times be firm before things escalate and then when the child is calm is hugging the teacher and saying “I love you” just like a toddler does when they don’t get their way (because in many instances some of these severely disabled HS kids truly are mentally, emotionally and for all realistic purposes toddlers!)
    When my daughter comes home all upset about something earth shattering horrible happening at school I call the teacher (I have her cell phone #- she will even usually call me during the day if there is something she knows might affect my daughter). When I call I ask what happened, for example this really happened- my daughter recently came home and anyone outside the family would have gotten a mob ready to go after the teacher because my sweet girl was extremely hysterical because the teacher yelled at her even though she didn’t do anything wrong. After talking to the teacher I waited till my daughter calmed down & had a snack. I told her what the teacher told me and said now think about what happened, did the teacher yell because everyone was loud and no one could hear her… “yes momma”. Was the teacher talking to you or the whole class… “she said quiet down everyone”. So was the teacher being mean to you or did she have to yell so everyone heard her because they were getting crazy… “no momma, she had to yell because everyone was going crazy because we played a game and it got loud… oh momma we were having fun but the game was over and we couldn’t go get our lunch till we were calmed down”
    People need to know the whole situation and understand that yes some horrible things happen to some disabled children and God help me if I ever discover someone hurting my child or any of the other kiddos I know but it is tricky to get the story sometimes.

  191. It’s this type of behavior from the general population that truly scares me. I fear that even when you do everything right and are a wonderful person such as Ms. Lindsey people will still find a way to wreak havoc on your life. It pains me to think of the distress this has caused you and your sweet child. I can only hope that it passes quickly and with it you will become a stronger person.

  192. All Teachers are HEROS! THEY help to shape our children, OUR future. They deserve so much respect.
    Head UP, Mrs. Lindsay. What you do is, and should be honored.

  193. God bless all teachers. Praying for Mrs. Lindsey, her family, and the community. May the truth overrun the hatred.

  194. Prayers for you and your family. So sorry that this is happening to you and I pray that it ends soon. God bless you. 🙏🙏

  195. I am so sorry you are going through this, Ms. Lindsay. God keep you and walk with you through this travesty.

  196. I pray that the Lord protects you and your family. I pray that the truth prevails in this situation. I pray that Lord puts a hedge of protection around you, your family and the school!!! May God bless you all!!!!

  197. Praying for you and your family that this issue dies down..the truth will be known.supporting your strength in this..dont lose hope.

  198. Prayers to you and your family that these hateful and judgmental comments will cease and that you are able to return to work and continue making a difference in children’s lives. Bless you for all you endure.

  199. Dear Mrs Lindsay, when I saw that article pop up on fb l ingored it then and I’m glad I did, my dad always said don’t blindly believe anything you hear and only half of what you see, glad I have taken his advice throughout the years, so sorry that you and your family and community are having to go through this, I will be praying for you, as for the mob mentality that goes on on social media, shame on them acting like a pack of hyenas going in for the kill. God Bless you and yours

  200. Praying for this teacher and her family. Sad how ppl including myself jump to conclusions not knowing all the facts. I pray that she can forgive us. May God protect her and bring her and her community peace.

  201. Oh my goodness! I am so sorry that you have been made to endure this cruelty. I pray that you may someday get your life back and have peace once more. God bless you and your family.

  202. Sorry for the treatment you have endured. I hope you can see beyond this ordeal and get back to your chosen profession…

  203. So sorry! I admit I was quick to judge (minus the hateful comments though). I’ve shared and signed the petition. Hopefully more will see the whole story and have a change of heart.

  204. Sending you love and support. Wishing you the very best. I am very sorry this has happened. Blessed Be!

  205. I am so sorry this happened to you. As a former educator I understand this kind of thing can happen. Again, the media jumped onto a story knowing only act one. Please know that you are doing a valuable job and are greatly appreciated.

  206. Praying for you!!! I am so sorry you are having to deal with all this!!! Keep your head up there are people here for you!!!!

  207. Parents can be totally unreasonable when something affects their children. Myself included. But I’m glad you wrote this, hopefully the more we see our mistakes pointed out, the more we’ll see where we’ve been unreasonable ourselves. Overreactions will continue to happen as long as we blindly accept that the truths we’re seeing are the whole truth and the only truth. Best of luck to the teacher, the student, and the families of both. I hope the real spirit of the holidays finds its way to you all.

  208. I agree with like 99% of this article. However the line “I’ve noted that some parents of disabled children are so defensive of their children that they actually feel entitled to special privileges. And yet, they also claim they don’t want their children to be treated any differently than other children.” That hurts. It is REALLY not easy to be a mommy to a child with special needs. And they are repeatedly treated differently, it’s necessary at times. I get that in this situation, the mom is being unreasonable. However, when you have a kid with special needs, sometimes you have to fight to make sure they get what they need, to make sure they aren’t overlooked. It’s hard to turn that off. So I guess I would just ask that the next time you see a mom demanding something for her special needs kid, try to understand where she is coming from. Again, that’s not exactly what’s going on in this situation, I get that.

    • Hi Tina. Please understand that this article and the statements therein don’t apply to all parents who have kids with special needs. Please note the word, ‘some’. As you said, parents with these kids are hurting. And hurt can cause defensiveness. I see a whole lot of great parents supporting this teacher. And I am with them 100%. I am a mother- so of course I understand this mom. I have defended my own children with varying degrees of success. (usually, with failure). It’s hard to protect your kids against a school system that seems to protect teachers above your children. I understand that completely- I’ve experienced it myself. Teachers’ unions are too powerful, in my opinion. They insure that bad teachers keep their jobs. I’ve always said that. BUT, that has nothing to do with my article. Or this situation. I am just trying to stop a crime against humanity here. No matter what the circumstances, this human being doesn’t deserve this kind of backlash. That’s the point. Perhaps that comment I made might be out of line, but it does seem to be my experience. And the truly hateful onslaught of comments being made toward me just because I dare state the other facts of this situation only demonstrates this entitlement mentality more clearly. I’m just not posting them because they are depressing and negative.

  209. As the daughter and sister to two wonderful teachers I wish for you peace and comfort that you did what was best for your entire class. I’m am so incredibly sorry that you have had to feel the full brunt of this mob action at no fault of your own. Please continue to share your talent as an educator and love for your students! I am with you!

  210. I knew the moment I saw the video that there was a reason that wasn’t being shared. It is so very sad the way the media has become so one-sided and seems to be showing only things that will incite hatred throughout our country! Keep doing the great job I am sure you are doing, Mrs. Lindsey! The Lird above knows your intentions and He is truly the only one that matters! Bless you and your family and may people see and learn the truth. Happy Thanksgiving!

  211. Blessings, Mrs. LIndsey! Keep being the awesome teacher you are! it matters not what people think, only what God thinks!

  212. Dear Mrs Lindsey,
    I can’t help but think that you are experiencing the same sort of emotional pain that Jesus suffered and still suffers from his false accusers. Just as he was comforted by his Father, I pray that you will experience the same comfort and that God would use this situation, ultimately, for His Glory and your good.
    Jana from Indiana

  213. Mrs. Lindsay,
    Stay strong I always tell my own children there is 2 sides to every story and I’m glad we got to hear what really happened!! I’m praying for peace for you and your family and school. Just remember in all of this God knows who the honest people are. I’d be honored to have you as a teacher for my children!!! Jennifer.

  214. So sorry this happened and so appreciate being told the truth! God knows the truth and will bring good out of bad”. Trust Him and see!

  215. I am so sorry to have so quickly judged you on something I did not fully know. I pray that others will follow suit in wishing you peace and love during this difficult time. Shame on social media and me.

  216. Dear Miss Lindsey,
    I wish to thank you for all you do working with disabled children. You don’t deserve what they have been saying and doing about you. I pray that other people and parents do all they can to stop this madness once and for all. You don’t deserve any of it. Stay strong and know you have soldiers on your side fighting to get this stopped. You are not alone.

  217. Social media wronged you, hopefully it can also make it right. I will do my small part to share the truth. Happy thanksgiving to you! Stay strong and believe this too will soon be a memory.

  218. From one teacher to another…. you know in your heart you were right in doing so, so carry on with your chin-up and go forward. Blessings to you and family.

  219. So sorry to hear this, as a teacher I completely understand and support Mrs Lindsay. I’m happy I read the entire story, because I didn’t know the truth, thanks for bringing the dark to the light.

  220. You are such a special person, Mrs. Linsay, to dedicate your career to helping special needs children & their families. Wishing you & your family peace & happiness throughout this upcoming Christmas Season.

  221. I am very sorry that i was quick to judge and said that she should be fired. They didn’t show the whole program on facebook. I have 2 nephews with autisism and i was too quick to judge. Again I am very sorry!

  222. I have a son with Aspergers and I know he says some inappropriate things, Although this video is shining a bad light on you..You know the kind of person you are, and from what others have sound amazing, this will stop, be strong and be that amazing teacher that you have been. Xoxo

  223. Mrs. Lindsey, wishing you all the best! As a fellow teacher, I know how difficult it is to juggle everything you are given to do and some people are never happy with any outcome. We know you did your best when given a situation that should have been prevented by a parent who didn’t do her job. Hang in there, we support you!

  224. Thank you for all your hard work. I am so sorry you, your family and your school has received such awful hatered due to some crazy, loony lady. If your looking for a beautiful new place to live Rochester, MN would love to have you ❤️

  225. Thank you for this article. I watched the video last week and didn’t really see that the teacher did anything wrong. She didn’t appear to me to even realize he was standing behind the last child that spoke. That child obviously had the last line of the planned program because he said something to the effect thank you all for coming, that seems to me the end of a program. The teacher was not even looking at the stage when she removed the mic. She then proceeds to line up her class to exit the gym. Anyone who works with children knows you have to move swiftly to keep order and noise to a normal level. I hate that this teacher and school are having to deal with so much negative attention. Most teachers and I’m sure she is one of them, are caring, loving, patient and love their students and would never do anything to hurt any of them.

  226. Prayers of safety and favor for this teacher and her family. Also prayers for the young boy in question – may he have a role model in life such as his teacher seems to be.

  227. Ms. Lindsey,
    I am so sorry for all you’ve had to endure for this. It makes me so sad that regardless of what happened that day people could spew such hate to another human being.
    I hope through all of this you and your family can still manage to have a happy holiday season.

  228. I am so sorry for what you are going through, Mrs. Lindsay. I pray that God will give you and your family peace, especially as the holidays are upon us. God bless you snd all that you do for your students 💓

  229. I’m sorry you have been dragged into something so horrible. I’d like to give you strength to stand up and fight for you and what is right. This too shall pass, but it will make you stronger. Hugs!

  230. So all comments with ACTUAL FACTS or anything going against what you THINK HAPPENED are being deleted???? Hmmmmm This story has too many sides so I let the video tell the story and Mrs. Lindsey was WRONG for what she did!!!!

    • Hi Christina. What ‘facts’ do you think are being deleted? I am deleting almost all horrible comments that want to continue saying the exact same things to Mrs. Lindsey. Not one of them is new or original. Ditto for the ones to me. So why print them? I am going ahead an allowing any well wishes to Mrs. Lindsey because they can do further good. And that is always a good thing. No one should ever stop a good thing, don’t you agree? But for your comfort, I will list the basic points people are making:

      1) what would it hurt if the boy said ‘gobble-gobble’. counter point: teacher didn’t know he was only going to say that. counter-counter point: it doesn’t matter, because he’s autistic, he should be allowed to say and do whatever he likes. The school and teacher are responsible for making sure everything goes well for him. counter-counter-counter point: just because a child has autism doesn’t mean that he can’t learn how to behave. In fact, the parents are more responsible to set structure and boundaries.

      2) how dare I comment on autism at all. I am a horrible person because I don’t live, breath and eat autism. counter point: learning about autism doesn’t change a thing about the situation, nor does it change a thing about the inhumane way this teacher is being treated, which is the entire point of this article.

      3) this teacher is a horrible person and deserves every bit of punishment being given to her, no matter what the extenuating circumstances are. most of these people also say they haven’t read any of the article or comments. counter point: these people seem to be making the teacher the symbol for every frustration they have ever had when dealing with the ‘system’ and trying to get help for their child with special needs. They also seem to believe that when I criticize the mother in the story, I am criticizing them, personally. They need to remove themselves from the story and evaluate it fairly from there. Furthermore, no one deserves a social media mob attack. Even if the teacher were ‘guilty’ of pulling the microphone in a mean manner, she has paid enough for it.

      4) This article hasn’t put it’s source on it. counter: I have.

      5) People have corrected my use of the term ‘wha-lah’. counter: chuckle.

      6) I am as bad as the mother for writing this article. counter: no, I’m not. I’m not making false accusations; I’m not hysterically blaming anyone for anything; I’m not accepting cards or gifts; I’m not trying to get anyone to do anything at all for my sake. All I am doing is presenting the eyewitness comments that tell more of the story than was originally told by the mother. Also, the ONLY reason I have to doing this is to stop an inhumane mob attack on another human being whom I don’t even know. One could say that this article is a 100% altruistic exercise. And it is. I gain absolutely nothing and in fact, have suffered for it. I hope I don’t end up suffering more for it.

  231. Thank you for this article. It has shamed me, for I am one that wrote a demeaning comment. And without knowing the whole story.
    Mrs. Lindsey, “I am sorry for my comment. It was hurtful. Please accept my apology. May God wrap you in His arms and give peace and comfort through this ordeal. Once again, I am sorry.”

  232. Keep your head up and keep being the amazing teacher you are. Your students love you and their parents care about you. Happy Thanksgiving dear. Have a wonderful long weekend surrounded by your loved ones!! Oh and wear your stretchy pants 😉 -Erin P. from Kansas

  233. Ms. Lindsey, I would like to take this time to say thank you for all you do. Even thought I don’t live in your city or have younger children. But I did appreciated my children teacher, keep your head up.

  234. It is unimaginable what you and your family have to endure may God provide you with strength and comfort my prayers are with you

  235. We are with you, Mrs. Lindsay. Your hard work and dedication to the children in your school is greatly appreciated! Stay strong and know that there are many people who believe in you and support you. Have a blessed holiday season!

  236. May God bless you and your family, be strong, cause you did what you thought was right. Don’t let all that you have done for your kids go wrong. I believe in miracles and God will see you through this. I pray for your safety as well as your family. In God we trust.

  237. It is a sad world we live in when all we do is jump to conclusions without knowing the whole situation! May God surround you beneath His wings for strength, peace, and encouragement! You make a difference in so many students’ lives!

  238. I’m currently in school to become an early childhood educator and this truly breaks my heart that this happened to you. I hope everyone can appreciate all you do for those children. Stay strong and I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving with your family!

  239. My prayers and thoughts are with you during this difficult time. I hope this madness goes away for you and your family soon, along with the school. Seems they are suffering too. So sad to hear about this. Thanks for all you do. You are a very important part of society and I am sure very loved for what you do. Keep your head up and know you are AWESOME!!!

  240. God bless you for doing one of the more thankless jobs in this country. I lift you up in love and peace, with continued prayers for a return to health–spiritual and emotional.

  241. Those with faith can travel through the storm, knowing they will be stronger when it’s over. only their eyes can gaze upon the beauty of the sky and calm seas. You are an amazing person!

  242. I have a wheelchair-bound son who I taught that he can’t be so concerned with your “right to do something” that you forget your manners. The Americans with Disabilities Act was enacted to ensure that all disabled individuals receive the same rights as others…not better. Not more. The same. Seems like some parents don’t understand that. I’m so sorry for this misappropriation of the story and for how it has affected your life. Be strong.

  243. So sorry we were misinformed I pray this will be resolved for you and your family and your students.God bless you on your teaching career

  244. Thank you for sharing this!! I watched this with my sister and she started jumping to conclusions. I pointed out that there could be more to the story and told her different scenarios that would change how we felt about what we saw. I’m so glad to know this teacher did not do what the parent insinuated. I hope everyone learns from this situation. There is always more to the story than a short video clip allows you to see.

  245. Mrs Lyndsay I’m so sorry for all you have endured. I pray you and your family find peace. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to your students.

  246. Mrs Lindsay, I am so sorry that you have had to endure such abuse from people who don’t know the truth in this situation. Please know that there are also people who know the truth and are praying for you and your family, the school, and everyone involved. Thank you for all you do for your community and students! I am praying that you have a safe and blessed holiday season.

  247. May God bless and protect you Mrs. Lindsay and your daughter. I pray that light and truth are shown on darkness and lies. Exodus 14:14 you keep silent and God will fight your battles.

  248. I’m so glad I read this. Shamefully, I, too thought the worst of this teacher. This is what happens when you only have one side of a story, taken completely out of context! Thanks for setting things straight! I pray this teacher can get her life back on track and that more people will realize the truth of the matter. Blessings for Thanksgiving and upcoming Christmas and new-year!

  249. The mob is exactly that, the mob. Breathe and let it roll off as much as you can, love. The impact you’re making is far greater than any of these haters will ever know. ❤

  250. Mrs Lindsay I just want to say I am praying that your life will get back to normal. I am so sorry you are going through this. May God Bless you and watch over you and your family.

  251. I defended this teacher on a post and has resulted in two cousins turning on me and one of them unfriending me over it! 😳 Judge not lest ye be judged! There’s ALWAYS more to the story!

  252. Praying for you! Continue loving children and being a great teacher. God has given you a wonderful gift working with special needs and they need more loving teachers like you. Don’t let this one incident discourage that. Unfortunately there are some inconsiderate people out there that don’t realize how their actions effect others. I’m so sorry you have had to deal with this…it’s so unfair, but unfortunately becoming more common for those who choose to serve others. Hang in there and just keep loving these precious children… maybe they will grow up to be more considerate because of teachers like you & this craziness won’t continue.

  253. You sound like an amazing woman and teacher, Mrs. Lindsay! Thank you for loving children and teaching them. My family and I are praying for you and your family!

  254. First off as a special needs parent I want to wish you and your family a very Happy and Safe Thanksgiving. I am sorry that you are going though this, and people need to stop jumping to conclusions before finding out all the fact. Hold your head up high an know that you are a blessing to the children that you work with, especially those with special needs. May things settle down soon so you and your family can have your life returned and have a nice holiday season.

  255. To the person who wrote this: you are a moron. There is no excuse for that teachers poor and discriminate behavior. She deserves everything that’s been coming to her. And shame on you. Who the hell do you think you are? If do not have an autistic child personally,If you have not walked that difficult path you have no merit regarding this situation. Please stop talking out of your rear. Thanks.

    • I can’t help it, I must post this. I want everyone to see just what Mrs. Lindsey is dealing with. This isn’t some teenager or wierdo somewhere. This is a parent of a child with autism. This parent has a child who probably has a teacher or teachers somewhere. Would you want to deal with this person and their attitude? She thinks that unless you HAVE a child with autism, you have absolutely no right to even talk about her actions, let alone criticize them. She is above all talk, criticism or judgement from anyone, unless they have a child with special needs. And I’ll bet that she wouldn’t accept anything from those parents either. I can’t tell you all how many comments I’ve deleted that say, “I don’t care what the facts are, I still think…” or “I haven’t read this article, BUT…” or “No matter what, this child should have been allowed to….” or “The LAW says that this child should have been able to….” “You need to educate yourself on autism before you can comment on this situation….”. There is this notion out there that no one can look at this situation and see it in any other light than through the lense of a special needs child. But I have never seen this as an event that has anything to do with autism. This is about a parent who went to social media because she felt her child (doesn’t matter if that child has a special need- that’s rather irrelevant, in my opinion) was injured through the actions of a mean spirited teacher. She told a story about how things went and that story really touched upon the nerves of the public. The public responded with an outcry that was immediate and rageful against this teacher. A social media mob ensured that overwhelmed and crushed the teacher in this situation. I went to an article that appeared to be the only charitable article written about the event. I believe that, because it was the only charitable article, the parents and teachers at Nutter Fort Elementary School went there to be heard. They couldn’t be heard in any other social media outlet because those were already so heavily biased to begin with and they wanted to tell the ‘other side’ of the story. Their voices continued to be drowned out there. So, they landed on this supportive article. I also went there and was surprised to see so many eye witness accounts from other parents and teachers who were there and who related much more information than the boy’s mother had related in her hysterical account. Certainly, none of the ensuing articles had bothered to ‘get to the bottom’ of the teacher’s actions before rushing to print, that’s for sure. So, I wrote this article in an effort to get that other side out – my hope was not to crush the mother, but to save the mental health of the teacher.


      So. These kinds of comments are way off base. And surely, these parents must know it. Either that, or their vision has become so myopic that they truly believe that no one else can have any other perspective on their actions other than to see them as the parent of an ‘autistic child’. I just saw this mother as a parent. period. So, as a parent, I think I can comment. It’s as simple as that.

  256. Mrs. Lindsay, I wish we had more great teachers like you in our schools. Prayers for you and the children. God Bless all of you and today is Thanksgiving so Happy Thanksgiving to you Mrs. Lindsey and your family!

  257. You are so loved by God! He will protect you through all of this. He is in control. Give every fear and anxiety to Him. He cares for every hair on your head. Teachers all over understand how much you care and love children and Most importantly HE sees and knows the truth. He knows your heart. I am sending you prayers and hugs and peace that passes understanding. I’m sorry you are going through all this. Know that YOU ARE LOVED.

  258. I am Praying for you Mrs. Lindsay. I am also a teacher and have felt criticism before when all you are doing is going above and beyond to help this child. Praying for God’s hand in this and protection over your family .

  259. I am so sorry, this happened to you.
    I would like to thank you for all the work you have done all your teaching years! Have a happy thanksgiving day! My prayers for your family.😍

  260. I have an autistic step-daughter, and I am 100% behind you. I am so sorry that you have had to endure this unfair treatment. You did the right thing. Know that God is with you and your family, and He knows your heart. I pray that He will give you comfort and His peace.

  261. I was one who got sucked in on the first post. I am truly sorry for thinking that Mrs Lindsey was wrong. I know better, I apologize to you Mrs Lindsey. Thank you for giving your heart to these children and loving them. Prayers all will see the light of this story.

  262. Would this people who were so quick to vilify you – be as quick to donate or volunteer to actually make a difference in the lives of all autistic children. Of course not. You walk the walk every day without appreciation for the difference you make in the lives of all your students. Blessing

  263. I also have a child with autism. He always asks to participate in school events. He has, he is in the Marine LOTC program. We as parents know his limits but also understand he wants to be a part of a team or a project in school. We have a lot of contact with his teachers and the principal. He now stays in an after school program to learn how to do videos. We don’t push him to do things that he doesn’t want to. Prayers for you Mrs. Lindsay.

  264. Mrs. Lindsay, Prayers are with you, the Lord is with you. Have faith and pray, God is listening and sees all…I’m not sure why we go through difficult times but know this that there is a reason but I believe soon you will get your life back. Don’t let people get to you…you deserve to be happy and I understand this and why you did what you didn’t want his self esteem to go down….I could say a lot but know Jesus God The Lord Loves You! Be strong! Keep your head up! The Lord has your back just keep him with you in your heart,in your life. 🙂 much love.

  265. I am so sorry you are going though this. Hang in there it will pass and get better. I am praying for you and I’m sure many others are as well. I hope you can find peace within all of this craziness. God Bless!

  266. Thank you for looking into this. As a teacher, I hoped and prayed no teacher would treat children this way. I’m always appalled at how quickly people jump on the hatefilled bandwagon.

  267. Life is tough enough without us clobbering each other. Here is a hug from Illinois for the teacher. Sorry for the pain and public stoning. xoxoxo

  268. Please know the truth is getting out and you sound like a teacher I would have wanted my children to have if needed. Unfortunately there will always be people like this but don’t let it distract you from what you are doing. You sound awesome. Thoughts to you and your family.

  269. To the author of this letter:

    I am like you in that I like to have all of the facts IF and before I respond to something that APPEARS so biased. Therfore, I did not respond to this video. However, I must respond to you because you seem educated which tells me you like learning from mistakes.

    Your note to the world MAY BE still biased!!!!

    I agree with you that Mrs. Lindsey was thrown under the bus by many people, which is WRONG! I think just about everyone of us has been in that position to some degree.

    You did not address al perspectives. This could have been your opportunity to educate readers that are not informed about autism.

    Now cautiously and knowing full well that I am NOT an expert (I am only a teacher of 15 years with a background of a few classes on autism) Dare I share this.

    This child’s parent may too be on the autism spectrum!!!! NOT that this excuses her behavior, BUT when considering the source the reader may view this video a little differently. Instead of bashing the parent on a public forum, AND AGAIN I AM NOT EXCUSING HER ACTIONS, you either neglected or chose not to share that this child’s parent may TOO have a disability.

    I have a close friend that is surely on the spectrum. I am pretty sure that she has never even considered herself to be autistic, yet she has a child with pretty severe autism. As far as I know, they haven’t ruled out that the gene is inherited.

    So with all this said author, you may have inadvertently misled your readers. Maybe you could add a caveat to redeem yourself?

    • Kristi, listen, it’s not my job to determine if anyone has any sort of special needs. How can that be my job? Nor is it my job to even speculate on that. People think I speculated on Caleb’s autism when I said I didn’t think his wandering was due to autism. But the merits of his autism wasn’t my point at all. They are so defensive, that was their immediate focus and interpretation- even though I clarified that I meant that any child would have wandered in that same fashion if they had not been taken to any practices. If he would have also wandered because of his autism, well, I am not here to ascertain. That’s up to experts. Yet they accuse me anyway. This is merely my personal opinion blog. I am not a new agency. People come here voluntarily. I don’t send my article out or advertise in any way. I am simply stating my opinion on a given event. Thus, I don’t have a ‘job’, so to speak. My intent, however, was to save a lone woman from a social media mob that was tearing her apart over a minor action on her part. Especially after I learned of more information that appeared to exonerate her from all wrongdoing. One could say I am sticking my neck out for a stranger. If I were a paid reporter or a news agency, I would probably still never make a speculation like you are requesting, though! I have no doubt that would bring more condemnation than praise!

  270. I am also a teacher and was horrified.. I know how one ” movement” can be so construed and you want to hold your head high… but that is not as easy as it seems. God Bless You!!! As my mother would say ” this to shall pass”…. God takes care of his Angels…

  271. Sounds like a wonderful teacher to me. This world needs more like you. Hang in there God will deal with that ugly

  272. Praying your life returns to normalcy, that your desire for teaching children has not become jaded by this, and that you can somehow come out stronger on the other side. Happy Thanksgiving

  273. I live in the county where this school is located. I can not imagine this poor teacher and all she has gone through. Prayers to you Mrs. Lindsey, may you and your family be blessed on this Thanksgiving day!!!!

    • Ah. Another beautiful, rational, well thought out response from a nice lady named, Barbara. Dear Barbara, would you like it if I now gave out your personal email and your IP address? Because according to your IP address, I’m looking at your location right now. That’s the thing about technology. From your IP address, I can get your exact longitude and latitude. And from that, I can go to Google maps and look right at a photo of your house and yard. And a photo of your street and cross street. And see your home address. Not that hard, huh? Am I correct in saying that you wrote this email from somewhere near Royal St. George Drive, Naperville, Il? How would you like it if your name, address, and phone number were revealed and an angry mob descended upon you? People like you think you can come and say anything you like to people like Mrs. Lindsey and me. But what you don’t realize is that I happen to know how to find you. Does that make you nervous? I hope so. If you don’t fancy the idea of having a crazed horde coming against you for making this crude remark against me or Mrs. Lindsey, then why are you making one against others? If you don’t like the idea of having all your private information published for the world to see, why don’t you have any compassion for a woman’s whose now been scrutinized and hated by almost the entire United States? But the difference between you and me is that I am decent and would never do that to another human being. Thank you very much.

  274. May God be with you. Working with special needs it a job from the heart. Parents have a hard time dealing with the children. And can’t say no. Pray all this will go away and your life will be happy again

  275. I’m so sorry for what you are going through, praying that all heals for you and your family, know that God knows and will keep you safe

  276. May God give you strength to get through this awful time. There are two sides to every story and I am glad your side is out there. Hang in there. Do not let this experience take away from all the good that you do.

  277. You are a light to the world for what you do every day. Thank you for serving and teaching our children! The world is full of hatred but take heart, Jesus has overcome the world! Don’t allow the hatred to crush your heart. Don’t believe it. This too shall pass. God is greater and so is His love for you! God bless you!

  278. Mrs. Lindsey I am so sorry this has happened to you. Just imagine the savior holding you in his arms as you weep and know that he is with you. He knows your pain as he has experienced it. He never leaves us alone, and although he cannot take away the pain, he is right there with you holding your hand and walking with you. Please don’t let this experience change your heart and the goodness that you do in life. I have experienced being accused of something and it nearly destroyed me. Don’t let this destroy the beautiful person that you are. We need you to be you. I will be praying for you.

  279. When I first read this article I knew there had to be more to it! I felt the mother was not bring entirely honest. So sorry you had to go through all this!

  280. Prayers for you and your family. Please know that you are making a difference in your students lives. God bless you.

  281. Bless you Mrs. Lindsay. Being a teacher is one of the hardest jobs a person can undertake. So sorry for what you are going through. 🤗

  282. I am so sorry to see this happen to an exceptional teacher. We do our best every day to protect our children from situations that will take away their personal dignity amongst their peers. It appears this teacher did just that. To the mom, I know how hard it is to protect and raise a child with autism and you owe Mrs. Lindsey a personal apology. You’re not leading by example for your child.

  283. So…. basically if there was a parent there that disagrees with you and isn’t positive, it will deleted… Congrats on supporting the creation of socialism…..

    • Hi Michele, yes, that is basically correct. But it isn’t socialism. Isn’t this my own opinion blog? Am I a public domain? Am I a news agency that is supposed to be neutral? Did I even state that this article’s intention was to give both sides of the argument or was I pretty clear that I was writing to protect and encourage the teacher, Mrs. Lindsey? And from all the comments I have made, haven’t I already said that I was only allowing positive messages? Furthermore, I have also said that I am only passing the negative ones in order to chastise people as a whole because so many people are making that same remark? This isn’t a neutral forum. Why should it be? Did you make the same complain about neutrality and fairness on the other social media sites that were ripping this teacher into a million bits? Were you calling those ‘socialism’? no. I know for a fact that people who even tried to stick up for the teacher in those forums were attacked by people like you. Did you call those attackers ‘socialists’? Of course not. What people like you want is to have only YOUR opinion heard and it infuriates you to have someone do to you what you have done to others. Only I am not doing what you have already done to this teacher. I am not going after anyone, let alone you, personally. If I were, I would give out your personal information, which I have right here, at my disposal. Did you know that? You aren’t anonymous to me. I can see where you live by your IP address. If I were a mean person, like so many of you attackers are, I would post your address and phone number, along with your name and photo- all of that is so easy for me to find- all based on the IP address you so kindly gave me when you left this snarky message on MY private site. All I am doing is protecting a person who has undergone an inhumane act imposed upon them by the MOB. But you, knowing the mob has already given the teacher death threat, wishes of rape, bodily harm, etc, STILL want to add more suffering. I find that AMAZING. I do. I think she has had enough punishment. Also, every single negative comment has been said before. Including your critique here. It’s been said several times now. And I’ve addressed it at least once before. But I’m addressing it again, so others can see my response.

  284. I apologize for reposting the video of the mic pull on fb. I have a non-verbal niece who loves to sing and be in plays, so I was judgemental but never said awful things about Ms. Lindsey. I know what it is like with Autistic children, my first thought was maybe Kaleb wanted to only say Gooble but this teacher probably knows him enough that, those words might not be the case. This mom does seem entitled because Autistic children can learn from practice, therefore if this mother would have taken him to practice it would be different. I will not say terrible things to or about this mom because have a child with disabilities is difficult and parent’s behaviors sometimes come out in a negative why. That said I do hope Ms. Lindsey and others don’t dismiss Kaleb for his mother actions, but this mother needs consequence for sure.

  285. Mrs. Lindsay, I’m sorry you have to go thru all the nasty comments & threats . I taught special needs for 35 years. Lots of time parents have their own ideas as to what would be best when actually they have no business doing that!! I’m sure you spend extra time with Caleb daily!! People need to hear the whole story!! The parents owe you an apology !! This is Thanksgiving when you are to bless those that make your life special!! I feel you are an outstanding teacher !! I’m sure The Lord has His arms around you & is protecting you from all the poorly educated people. Who missed the target on teaching them respect??? Their parents??

  286. Greatness and beauty come from within and you are beautiful! Rise above the hateful judgements, typically people who judge others that harshly.. Are broken somewhere inside 😦
    Keep inspiring our youth!! Great job 🙂

  287. Praying for you and your family. May God protect you and heal the pain all this has caused. May you and your family be blessed with peace and love, always.

  288. Keep your head up, Mrs Lindsey! I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. 🙂

  289. Stay strong ms Lindsay sometimes we make mistakes nobody is perfect you are special teacher my son has a condition and I thank the teacher every day for taking care of my boy because teacher are second parents God bless all the teacher

  290. People rush to judge one another! This is a good lesson for all humanity! Prayers to you and your family! Stay strong!

  291. I’m sorry that FB can be so big part in destroying some ones life,and people is so quick to joy ,for what is worded ,I just pray sooon you will fain pace and confort

  292. Mrs. Lindsey, I’m so sorry that this happened to you. Here sending you peace and love for the holidays and all the days to come.

  293. I am a retired teacher of 30+ years. I have seen this type situation be blown out of proportion many times by parents. Thankfully we did not have social media then. I knew as soon as I saw the video there was another side of the story! I am thankful for this post. I pray you will find comfort and know you are supported by many. THANK YOU for the job you are doing. God Bless!

  294. Happy Thanksgiving, Mrs. Lindsay! God is watching over you and your family during this tough time. Please know when you serve others you serve God. He knows your kind heart. Blessings from a teacher friend in Texas!

  295. My heart goes out to this teacher . I use to work for the school it’s hard being a teacher. So my prayers go out to you and your family may God send his angels all around you and your family. Have a wonderful thanksgiving and Holidays. May God take care of this and work it all out for you .

  296. When I viewed the video on Facebook all I saw was a teacher that was ending the program. It looked to me like the teacher had no idea the boy was coming up to the microphone and when listening to the mom I’m thinking why is she trying to make it out to be something different?

  297. I am so sorry you are going through this. Please continue doing what you do….love those children, especially Caleb. Obviously he needs a positive mother figure in his life.

  298. Mrs. Lindsey,
    I am a teacher, as well. I’ve been on your side of this debate since the moment I saw the video because I know there are always two sides to the story. Please don’t let this one incident get you down. Remember all the students who love you and all the lives you’ve made a difference in and hang onto that. I hope you know that you are supported, and I hope you can find a way to have a happy holiday with the ones you love. You’ll get through this, I promise. Remember: you’re a teacher- a real life superhero! 😊💪🏼

  299. Thank you for posting this. I am both a teacher and a special needs mom. I was really hoping to hear the other side of the story. I hope Ms. Lindsey finds that there are people who do understand her side of the story.

  300. As I viewed the video it almost seemed that the teacher wasn’t even looking at who was on stage and she pulled the mic because the show was over. There was not a “comments” section below the article or I would have posted that in the comments. It seemed to me she was not doing it to stop this child but to end the show. I think that people don’t take into consideration that there are usually three sides to every story – two sides and then the actuality of what happened without feelings attached to it. So very sorry for the teacher and all the hatred and anger directed toward her. I can hardly stand reading the comments section of most articles due to the hateful character of the posts. Somehow we all have to learn to state our views in a kinder more intelligent fashion. Thank you for this story and I hope Mrs. Lindsay and Caleb can resume their normal lives and put this unpleasant situation behind them.

  301. I’m so sorry that i didn’t watch the whole video , and so sorry that our comments were so rude and hurtful .
    I hope that caleb mom takes care of this and remembers the next time. you are so coerect, seems every level thinks their children are entileto things that they didn’t earn or try to learn .

  302. Hi Mrs. Lindsey! Happy Holidays to you and your family!

    When I first saw the article go viral, I want you to know that I did wonder and was curious as to what the other side of the story was. I also questioned the motives of a mother who would post something like this on Facebook and allow it to go viral like this. Seems like something I would want handled between myself and the school if it was something truly wrong that happened to my child.

    I am a special education teacher myself, and I work with the K-3 age range at an alternative school. I love each and every one of my little monkeys, but they can be a frustrating group at times! And whether we are on stage or not, we must follow through with rules and expectations. You were doing the right thing!

    One time during our Holiday show, I was escorting a student from the stage to go sit back with his parents, and as soon as we were front and center in the aisle with a big spotlight on us, he suddenly became very interested in a light that he saw backstage and desperately scrabbled to try to get to it while I had to grab ahold of him and practically drag him back to his parents (who did not jump up to help and seemed keen to stay out of the spotlight and not claim him as theirs at that moment). It was pretty embarrassing, but I had done nothing wrong. I can’t imagine if that was recorded, taken out of context, had lies made up about it, and put online for all to hurl hatred and vitriol at it. Stay strong, lady! It’s not much, but I have your back!

    Know that I’m thinking of you and your family with loving, healing intentions, and that I know you will get through this and keep on teaching and reaching children with your kind and loving heart! Solidarity, sister!

  303. Speaking from a mom with a son who has Autism. I’ve always tried to see both sides of the story. With that being said, I am so sorry you are having to go thru this! My prayers for the truth to he shown for what it is. The truth to he seen by all of those who are so quick to judge without knowing the whole situation! I want to say Thank You for allowing him to be in the play in the first place!!

  304. Mrs. Lindsay, I am so sorry for the way my fellow Americans have acted toward you. You certainly do not deserve the hatred that has been displayed on your behalf. I have got your back. Even posted positive comments in your favor on some of the original posts. Not everyone in the this crazy, judgemental world is against you. I know exactly how the media can misinterpret things and spread lies. I myself have experienced that first hand in the recent months. They take the word of one person and spread it like it’s the truth, even without checking to be sure that it is. I pray for comfort for you and for your family. This too shall pass. All this hatred from these cowards hidden behind keyboards will be redirected soon and your family will no longer be in the spotlight. I pray this happens sooner rather than later. God Bless you, have a happy Thanksgiving and a blessed and merry Christmas.

  305. So sorry for all the unkind attention you have gotten over this post. It’s sad people did not have all the facts before jumping to conclusions. I hope sanity returns to these horrible people who are threatening you and your family. It takes a special person to be a teacher. I have many friends who are teachers and I know from hearing their experiences how difficult it can be at times. Thank you for being a teacher.

  306. I am a teacher and it’s the hardest job. That must really hard your actions being skewed that way. I’m glad the truth is coming out. I’m glad it’s only God’s opinion that matters. And I’m sad for the hate that’s been directed at you.

  307. I’m trying a loss, and just have to say how very sorry that this could happen.
    I’ve never understood how people always jump to the worst without knowing facts. May your Thanksgiving day bring you some much needed love, and joy. Stay strong!!!

  308. I’m so sorry that you had to endure this horrible attack on you. I’ve worked with kids with special needs for three years and to see that you are one of the kid’s favorite teachers, that means a lot! Keep doing what you are doing.

  309. Wishing you and your family a blessed Thanksgiving and a peaceful school year. Those who are being so incredibly mean are not the voices to which you should listen. Rather, listen to those who have walked in your shoes as a teacher, listen to those who actually take the time to understand the entire strory and listen to those who have goodness in their hearts. Becwell and continue to give your best to your students.

  310. God bless you and your family, Mrs. Lindsey. We need teachers like you in the schools – that kids love and you, who love them back. Hope this blog goes viral too so that the people who treated you so badly can learn not to judge without knowing all!! Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  311. So sorry this happened. I am ashamed that I was one of the people that shared thinnon my FB page and I am so sorry. As a Christian I should not have been so quick to Judge. Please except my opology. God Bless and am praying your life and your child’s life gets back to normal soon. 🙏🏼

  312. Stepping back as a sister to a special needs and a caregiver of a couple special need people, I still have yet to see the argument of some of these comments. If you are a parent and/or caregiver to anyone with a special needs you know that each person needs things taken care of or handled in a specific way for them. (Clearly the teacher was meaning no harm). I’m agreeing that our society constantly look for any way to start an argument or be offended. Get the facts straight poeple! You cannot get mad at facts being presented as if it were your child because your child may be higher functioning and understand things differently. The mother herself set her son up for failure because she didn’t take him to practices to be aware. Anyone working with a special needs child knows that they need repetition to help them know what to do, especially when a high stimulation comes along. The teacher had watched him through the whole play and had no idea what he was going to do especially because her agreement with mom that he could be in the play if he had no speaking parts. In reality if a child (whom had no special needs) did not make it to practices and showed up THE DAY OF wanting in, MOST teachers and or directors would have said no. Mrs. Lindsey was trying to help include him. The article states several teachers and parents have given count that Caleb loves his teacher and they work well together. So stepping back you cannot think she was trying to harm him in anyway. I wish people would grow up and realise that there is more than one side to any story and that you can not get offended when in this article she “groups” special needs individuals together. I’m sorry has your child been grouped with people with “autism”, “adhd” or “epilepsy”? Is that not grouping your child? I highly doubt your child acts or exhibits all characteristics as other children with those same exact diagnosis. Please just think of the whole situation and be realistic. The teacher should not suffer because of this.

  313. Good Morning, Mrs. Lindsey,
    As a teacher, I know how difficult it is to try to teach and care for the students that you are charged each day to care for with parents and the public saying negative and dishonest things about you, but I know that God is a vindicator. He will vindicate you in all of this. Continue to hold your head up even when you want to just cry. Just know that others are praying for you and your family.

  314. Praying the madness stops nobody deserves the cruel things people are saying to you god bless you and your family happy thanksgiving ❤️❤️❤️

  315. Be Encouraged and know that a lie goes quickly, but the truth slowly follows. Praying that these folks will learn quickly and apologize. Stay Strong.

  316. Social media at its worst! My heart goes out to this teacher! May your word get out and the truth be told! May peace be restored to you and your family! There should be laws against this stuff these days! Happy Holidays!

  317. May karma intervene and right this wrong, in the mean time stay strong the truth will always come out. Strength and healing for you and your family

  318. I am praying that God will give you the strength to get through this awful situation this mother has put you in. Keep up the good work. As a special education teacher for 32 years now, I know the challenges we all deal with daily. It was very unfair that this happened to you.

  319. Ms. Lindsey, As a special education teacher I understand the trial and joys you experience each day. May you find peace and joy in what you do regardless of the difficulty you face in trying to do the right thing. Love to you and thanks for all you have done for your students.

  320. I’m so sorry for being someone who didn’t understand the situation. I pray that the ignorance that I had will be taken from others as well. Keep strong, Mrs. Lindsay.

  321. Mrs. Lindsey,
    Thank you for all you do each and everyday as you serve in a very special field!!! Blessings to you!

  322. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, you seem to be a loving and caring teacher and I wish you the best and that you have a Happy Thanksgiving

  323. You are a wonderful teacher & are doing a wonderful job! You can never please everyone & I’m sorry you’re going through this but I support you!

    Much love

  324. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, you seem to be a loving and caring teacher and I wish you the best and that you have a Happy Thanksgiving

  325. As a teacher of students with special needs, I was quick to judge the actions of Mrs.Lindsay as ‘deplorable’. I quickly passed judgment based on what I saw in the video. I am sorry I was so quick to offer an opinion without looking into the situation further with open eyes. Mrs. Lindsay, I wish no harm to you or any other person. I am sorry I jumped on the judgmental bandwagon of yet another outrageous act by an uncaring teacher. You clearly DID have Caleb’s best interest at heart. May the hate mongering dissipate as the truth comes to light. Bless you for all you do!

  326. Something I noticed right away reading this article was the fact the mother’s name is not mentioned. Why are the teacher’s and child’s names used but not the mother’s? If she posted it on social media, wouldn’t her name be accessible? I have to admit I have not seen the original post or video. It’s a shame if this it is true that “Caleb’s mother” did this for the drama and handouts. Our teachers are under-valued and disrespected way too often. I feel bad that it appears Caleb was used in this way.

    • Hi Michele, I didn’t use the mother’s name because this article is not intended to create any reaction toward her. Nor is it intended to create any sort of reaction toward autism or any kind of special needs child. It isn’t about special needs at all. This article is only about protecting and encouraging a lone woman, in this case, a teacher, from a human travesty: a social media mob attack. Unless you have ever been the victim of such an attack, you do not know how frustrating it is. There is literally no defense for it. You can’t respond to millions of voices condemning you. You can’t stop the attacks coming to your home and to your work place. You can’t protect your child from other children’s curious and sometimes, unkind questions. People stare at you. Her story, unfortunately, went so viral as to make it onto the news, I believe. And they didn’t interview anyone involved, it seems. They just re-iterated the social media story which didn’t include all the pertinent information, thus creating even more of a firestorm around the teacher. All I saw was Mrs. Lindsey, not the mother. To be honest, I still don’t know the mother’s name. I don’t know Caleb’s last name. I didn’t post the video, because it’s irrelevant to my article. As much as busy bodies still want to watch the blow by blow of the video, for my purposes, it doesn’t matter. Nothing that could have happened at that play could justify this mob attack. That’s what matters. All this snooping by other people is ludicrous. Also, I have no need to invade the privacy of this mother, her child or any of the other children in that video or school. Just saying, ‘Caleb’ and ‘the mother’ is enough for my purposes. I hope you can see that. My greatest hope is that people will NOT attack the mom- my hope is that forgiveness will be the result of my article, not more rage.

  327. I am so sorry for all of this. It is malicious and stems from ignorance. You will be ok, you will come out stronger even though it doesn’t seem like it now. You do have support. Some people do not have their heads in their butts. 😊

  328. Being a SLP in a school,I wondered what the other side of this was. I appreciate the blog writer getting the true story. Keep teaching the kids and being a blessing to them! I’m sure you’re a blessing to many!

  329. So sorry for sharing this original story and for helping to spread this lie. I am praying or you and your family now and hope that by sharing this corrected version of the incident your life can get back to normal. Again I am truly sorry.

  330. Sending hugs to you! Many prayers for a recovered spirit. As a fellow teacher I just knew it wasn’t being presented truthfully! Sure hope your community is surrounding you with support.

  331. I hope your name gets cleared from all this chaos, I hope everything starts to look up from here. Keeping you in my thoughts.

  332. I’m so glad that someone finally posted the “other side” of the story. I watched the first clip a few days after everyone else had seen it. As always, I go looking for the original posts. Things are never as they seem. I saw the full clip, right after seeing the original short clip. After seeing it, I refused to post the short clip because as stated by others, something was “off”. The short clip failed to portray the event as it happened.

  333. Mrs. Lindsay,
    I’ve never met, nor seen you before last week. But I knew it! I knew this whole story was an exaggerated sham. I’m so sorry you and your family are going through this. I’m praying for peace and healing for you, and for your school leaders, and your community.

  334. I saw the video and was angry at first,I admit it but to harass and threaten you is so uncalled for. I am glad I know the truth now and I for one apologize for jumping to conclusions. God bless you and keep you and your family safe.

  335. As soon as this video went viral my heart broke for you! There’s so many obstacles in dealing with special needs children. Wether your a parent, teacher, dr, sibling or family member. I knew immediately this video did not tell the whole story! Parents are all to often the problem when it comes to children. Prayers for you and your family and shame on these heartless people saying such evil things!

  336. Mrs. Lindsay,
    I have two autistic sons. Their teachers have been amazing- teaching them with love while also creating behavior boundaries, which in turn makes it easier for me as a parent. Hopefully the behavior boundaries I create at home help those teachers also. Thank you for all that you do. I’ve received so much help from teachers like you and it’s terrible to see people harassing you over this. Just remember you’re not alone. 🙂

  337. I am praying for you and your family. Poor Caleb must be so confused and frightened by all this. You are obviously a great teacher. I hope this storm ends soon for you and Caleb.

  338. Unfortunately most of us judge before we know the facts. Will be praying for this teacher and for this mother. I can only hope that Ms. Lindsey will be able to get past this and continue to be a wonderful teacher and roll model for the kids she teaches.

  339. Prayers to you! I am a teacher, and I know how hard we work to help all children feel secure in their environment. Sometimes the world seems against us, but we push on. Stay strong and depend on family and friends. The truth will help you and the school.

  340. Aww, Mrs. Lindsay please continue to be the great teacher that you are! ❤ Your students love you and know you love them too! Teaching is what you do and I support you in continuing to do so!

  341. Take heart Mrs. Lindsey, this too shall pass and you and your family will be happy again, not so much for the others who will never be happy!

  342. So sorry this has happened to you. Pray that everybody reads the truth and this is over soon. Unfortunately, too many people choose to believe what they want. Peace be with you, Mrs. Lindsey.

  343. I’m sure you are a wonderful teacher, as are most. I come from a family of teachers and worked in a school system for years. It is one of the hardest and most selfless jobs. I understand that as a parent we want to protect our children especially if they are special needs. But, parents need to start by teaching their children that there are rules and consequences for things. Like not going to practices means you don’t participate. We have become a society of people thinking they are entitled to everything, unfortunately it starts with the parents.

    I pray that people will realize and understand that and that you can get peace. I’m sure you are one of those amazing teachers that love their kids. (All of them). God bless you and keep you.

  344. Praying for you and your family that the truth will soon reach everyone and you will have some relief from all this craziness!

  345. Be strong and know not everyone holds malice in their hearts. the hardest job is being a teacher who cares. it is a very thankless job at times. but never give up. know that u truly touch the lives of many.

  346. Wow. I’m glad I read this. Thank you for this and unfortunately I was one of those that was quick to judge. Prayers for you Ms. Lindsey. I will be sharing this on Facebook.

  347. I wondered when I saw the video the first time about “the rest of the story” as Paul Harvey would say! Mrs. Lindsey may God bless you on this Thanksgiving Day and ease the burden this incident has thrown at you.

  348. I’m feeling so bad for this reacher. I won’t say anything towards the mother because it’s what we are trying to get away from, I will say that this teacher will be in my prayers and I have nothing but respect for those that teach and love our kids.

  349. I have been in your shoes as a fellow educator. Hang in there. As long as you have the support of your principal and staff, you will get through this. Saying a prayer for your comfort.

  350. So glad the truth is surfacing! I will pass it on. May the Lord protect, heal and prosper Mrs. Lindsay and her family. And may this hysterical Mother feel remorse and try to right the wrong she is causing. God bless you Mrs. Lindsay. Keep being a great teacher the world needs you.

  351. Just retired after 32 years of teaching and understand this whole situation completely. Please know that many of us support and care for you. Prayers coming your way today.

  352. I’m feeling so bad for this reacher. I won’t say anything towards the mother because it’s what we are trying to get away from, I will say that this teacher will be in my prayers and I have nothing but respect for those that teach and love our kids.

  353. I am so sorry this has happened to you. I am a teacher also and watching the video I felt something wasn’t right and really wanted to know the whole story. Glad I got the truth!

  354. I’m guilty of jumping to conclusion about this story and I’m sorry. remember that God always brings everything to the light. Stay strong and continue to hold your head high because you know who you are! Much Love!!

  355. Praying for you and your family. I’m glad that the truth has come to light. Hopefully your life and that of your family can quickly return to the way it was before all of this…

  356. I am sorry you are going through this. Prayers for you and your family. Thank you for your dedication to teaching our children! HUGS

  357. I wish I could fix this for you. Teaching is the toughest job I’ve ever done. Stay strong and know you are loved, sister.

  358. Thank you for setting us all straight. Yes…I did fall for what I saw on the video, after all…I could see for myself. Now I have the back story I will be sharing this and leaving my own message to let my friends know that what they see isn’t what our instinct tells us. I hope Calebs Mum apologises and learns that she has caused her son to be under more stress than he needed to be.

  359. I’m sorry for the nastiness that is in our world today. Im sorry that you are a victim of that. Keep your head up and keep being the teacher that children need and love. This too shall pass. God bless you💜

  360. Stay strong and know that the truth will be heard eventually and that the public is fickle and will move on to something else soon. Thank you for being a faithful Servant. I am also a teacher (23 years) and appreciate how you are making a difference in your students’ lives. May you feel a peace in your life and joy in your soul today!

  361. I knew it wasn’t as portrayed from the beginning as I looked up the entire video on Youtube and saw Caleb speaking into the microphone a few times during the play. It’s so weird to me how people feed so quickly into something when they don’t know all the facts. Thank you for posting this and thanks to Mrs. Lindsey for all she does as a teacher!! She obviously goes above and beyond!

  362. Mrs Lindsey, Praying for a hedge of peotection and God’s Blessings to be poured over you and your family. I have worked with children with autism for a long time and I knew there was more to the story. I’m proud of you for involving him in your play because that shows you do care and want him to be involved. Not everyone gets it, I do! I pray that you will some how be able to get past all this and CONTINUE to be that special and loved teacher that God created you to be. Continue to love on Caleb and not let the voices of others discourage you from who you were created to be. Love In Christ!

  363. I’м ѕo ѕorry yoυ are нavιng тo go тнroυgн тнιѕ. I aм conѕтanтly ѕυrprιѕed aт тнe ѕтυpιdιтy oғ тнe мaѕѕeѕ and тнe lacĸ oғ deѕιre тo geт тнe ғacтѕ вeғore joιnιng тнe мoв!! Jυѕт reмeмвer, тнoυgн I ĸnow ιт мay вe нard тo rιgнт now, тнιѕ тoo ѕнall paѕѕ. Tнoѕe wнo ĸnow yoυ love yoυ. Tнe oтнerѕ don’т мaттer. Keep вeιng тнe wonderғυl perѕon yoυ are. Wнen we allow тнe вυllιeѕ and aттenтιon ѕeeĸerѕ oғ тнιѕ world тo jυѕт υѕ, cнange wнo we are, we gιve тнeм тнe power тнey crave. Sтay ѕтrong, ѕтay yoυ…yoυ got тнιѕ!!!!

  364. Prayers for you and your family. I am so sorry you have had to endure such mean and ugly things. Thank you for all you have done to make the lives of your students and their families better. Keep being amazing! God knows the truth ❤️

  365. So,sorry this has happened to you and your school.We can live in a unkind world!Many prayer for you and your family.I believe social media has more than it fair share of trolls.They live for drama,we have to live above them.Teachers are our best resources for brighter futures!Thank you for all you do.

  366. Hey Lady,

    Keep your chin up. People are mean. As soon as I saw this story I rolled my eyes and told everyone it was crazy and there was this story and then the true story. I’m sorry this happened to you. The job you do is hard and rewarding at the same time. Shame on the mother of this child for not understanding that as a teacher you have decided to take other people’s children and teach them, love them, and do your best for them. Again I am sorry this happened.

  367. I am a teacher, too, and this reality breaks my heart, but you are not alone!!! May God bless you. The truth shall set you free❣️

  368. Breathe. You’ve got this. And many, many educators have your back. Exactly what you need will be there exactly when you need it. I know it’s bren exhausting amd disheartening. So grateful for the diligence of those who found and published the truth. I really hope you can contimue teaching. It sounds like you are a wonderful example of the principle that we are not servants OF the child. Rather, we do what we do ín service TO the child. Huge difference.

  369. Praying for relief for you, your family and all the children at the school. We live in a very cruel world looking for something to lash out against. Keep your head high knowing you’re still a great role model to many young children. God Bless!

  370. Thank you Mrs. Lindsay for being ALL you do for the children in your class and the school. I am so very sorry this has happened to you. As a retired teacher ,I know all too well the awful things parents can do and say. It cuts us to the core because all we want is the best for their child. Stay strong! I will be praying for you, your family and your school.

  371. Prayers to Mrs. Lindsey and to the students and staff at this school as well as her family. One parent can ruin someone’s career. Happy Thanksgiving from one teacher to another.

  372. Where do you find the full video? I have only seen the little clip and i too was one to rush to judgment once seeing the clip… i wanted her fired… I owe this teacher an apology also for how i redacted… I am the parent of 6 children and 3 of them are special needs so i feel all children shoukd be treated the same… I have done this with my own children… I personally do not allow my children to do plays and such because it is too much on me taking them to rehearsals and such…

    • I didn’t post either video because they are completely irrelevant to this article. This article is about the MOB and trying to stop it because no one deserves this type of personal attack. So, the video doesn’t make a difference. Also, I don’t want any child to be further victimized, including Caleb or those in the video who don’t deserve to have their images all over the internet. No one should be sharing it for their sakes.

  373. Mrs Lindsey, you are in my prayers. Please know that there are people who are willing to hear both sides and support you as a fellow human being. I’m so deeply sorry that this mild misunderstanding has become such a scary ordeal. My family has you and your family in our prayers.

  374. I am praying that this is over quickly and does not steal your joy for teaching. I hope this article goes more viral than the original video so that your name may be cleared.

  375. God bless you Mrs Lindsay and all you do for special needs children. I hope this nightmare ends for you soon!

  376. Thank your for finding and posting the facts of this story. I am convinced that this is an incident of “reverse bullying,” an epidemic our culture has been exoeriencing as of late. This “bullying” is the ranting, raving and accusing by the easily offended. Their feelings supersede facts and our society pays the price.
    Thank you for finding and speaking truth. It matters.

  377. Answering a matter before hearing the details is foolish the Bible says. Humans are so prone to sin. I am so sorry that you were falsely accused and people jumped to conclusions. Please forgive us for our sin against you.

  378. God love you Mrs Lindsey! Ive seen many testimonies singing your praise as a wonderful, caring teacher! My prayers for you and your family to have peace, comfort and love! God bless!

  379. Wow. Not cool, to say the least. Sorry this has happened. As teachers, we are often pretty powerless to defend ourselves if someone wants to attack us. I hope your school is giving you lots of support.

  380. Dear Mrs. Lindsay,
    Thank you for all your hard work as a teacher. I hope that you find peace and happiness this holiday season and that this bullying stops. I am a school counselor and see that parents often share one side of the story. The people who know you know the truth.

  381. Mrs. Lindsey, you are in our thoughts and prayers. I’m so so sorry for the pain you are going through and I truly hope this woman is touched by the Holy Spirit.

  382. I knew that there was more to this story than what appeared on the video. It really did not look like you were taking the mic from the child. It did appear that the play was over. I’m sorry you had to endure that. God Bless!

  383. Mrs. Lindsay, we are all growing or shrinking spiritually. This mother needs a spiritual and emotional growth spurt. Sorry you were at the receiving end. Blessings to you. May the support you get from others help you to heal.

  384. My wish for this teacher and her family is to have a blessed and safe Thanksgiving. Stay strong. Your family and friends know what type of person and teacher you really are. You have molded their young minds for the future, and they’ll appreciate in the long run. So will most of their patents. Enjoy your holidays.

  385. Thank you for finding and posting the facts of this story. I am convinced that our culture is experiencing an epidemic of “reverse bullying,” where the “offended” or “squeaky wheel” gets to rant, rave and accuse without limits. Their”bullying” shuts down conversation and facts. It stifles free speech.
    It is good and right to speak truth and point out facts when possible. Thank you.

  386. I’m so terribly sorry for what you’re having to endure by the rude and harsh remarks of people who don’t even know you. I admit, I saw the video and I was astounded that a teacher would do that to an autistic child, but also knew there had to be more to the story. Im grateful to know the entire story now. I’ve seen the comments, and I truly cannot understand how people can be so cruel, but God will protect you. Trust in Him, lean on Him, and He we make things right. God bless you! I’m sending lots of prayers your way!

  387. God bless & as a teacher I know what you do, how hard you work, and the sacrifices you make for your students… I thank you for your service.

  388. May God bless you and your daughter and keep you safe both physically and emotionally! May the truth prevail!

  389. Prayers for you and your family. I can’t imagine. I hope you can find peace and will be able to continue living what you do. May people realize there is always another side before they react.

  390. Bless you! I too am a special educator. We are the first to be over looked but the first to be blamed. I know You have worked so hard! This will soon pass. The truth will come out. Hang in there and stay strong! You are a Hero in my book!

  391. Praying for you during this most difficult time. Don’t listen to the lies. Know that you are a wonderful teacher and have a beautiful soul.

  392. As a retired teacher, I can feel your pain!! I always enjoyed the children, but found that parents can be a problem. From all the comments, I can tell you are a great and loving teacher. My prayers are with you and ALL teachers!!!!

  393. I’m so sorry you and your family are having to go through this, God bless you for the very difficult job that you do. Sending prayers for peace!

  394. Sorry this has happened! I understand your pain. It is so sad today that we as teachers can not say what really needs to be said to parents when they seem to rule our classrooms and know so much more than the teacher. Hang in there! 👍

  395. It is really easy to see how someone can manipulate a situation for their benefit … I am sorry this has gone out of control and is one sided as mentioned in the article. I hope reading that allows people / parents to get a better understanding of the day…I know I do . That being said; I hope your situation gets better and you can get back to your classroom and the children. And that thanksgiving gives you something to be thankful for today… family, friends, and health. Enjoy the holiday.

  396. I wish truth and peace for you. May one lead you o the other for you and thank you for the tough job you do each day

  397. I had seen a pat on this, telling how this teacher snatched away he mix..then I watched the video…I just didn’t see it. Yes, she took the mic, but it didn’t seem to me that it was at all malicious.

  398. Praying for peace for you and your family. My heart goes out to you for all you are having to endure.

  399. Mrs. Lindsay I’m so sorry you’re having to endure this. I only knew one side of the story, but now realize I was wrong in thinking you were at fault. I will share this to get the word out. I pray that you and your family have a wonderful thanksgiving.

  400. As a mom of an autistic child, shame on the mother for not doing more to set her child up for success. Although the comment from the author that special needs parents feel entitled to privileges stings because often we have to fight so hard to services, it is undoubtedly true of some parents. Only when parents and teachers work together for the good of the child do they succeed. I personally have never had a problem, but I bet this mom is always unhappy and expects the school to “fix” her child.

    • Hi Katrina, please note that I said, ‘some parents.’ I didn’t mean ‘all’ or even ‘most’. The fact that you are here, supporting this teacher means you are a woman with a moral conscience. I have no doubt that you don’t belong to this small sub-group of parents. Believe me, I wasn’t generalizing. ‘Some’ really meant, ‘some.’

  401. Mrs. Lindsay, teaching is a very difficult job, especially having to deal with the MANY accommodations some students must have. Clearly these parents are in the wrong and not you! This child needs to have boundaries and should not be permitted to do whatever he wants. If the parents had wanted him to participant in the play, they should have filled out the required paperwork! I hope that soon your life and that of your family will be back to normal!

  402. I am also a teacher and I am so thankful that you took the time to look into this video. Just two weeks ago, my best friend was attacked on social media (she has since deleted all accounts because of this) for having the same name as someone that lived in the same area who created a hate group on a website that she had never heard of. She had horrible comments posted and petitions started to get her fired. Her parents address was posted from her voters registration card, people posted our school address and her classroom number. They were calling the school and saying that she should be fired. She hadn’t done a thing and she wouldn’t. People just assumed that she had. The mob mentality definitely needs to stop. I honestly felt sadness for Mrs. Lindsay when I saw the original article but I did not know how to support her until this. Thank you for standing up for her when no one else would.

  403. Mrs. Lindsay I’m so sorry you’re having to endure this. I only knew one side of the story, but now realize I was wrong in thinking you were at fault. I will share this to get the word out. I pray that you and your family have a wonderful thanksgiving.

  404. Mrs. Lindsey, I never saw the original video, I didn’t care to. I knew in a moment how the public would see it. I’m sorry people hurt you. Remember you are a daughter of the Most High. Be comforted by His Holy Spirit. Forgive those people and keeping loving the children. I believe in you. Thank you for serving our future. God bless you.

  405. Mrs. Lindsey,
    I am one of those people who saw the video and immediately thought to myself, “What is going on with that teacher?!?” Shame on me. This has taught me not to ever believe just one side of a story and not blindly follow what goes on with social media. So thankful I did not repost the original article….I almost did as I have 2 close in my life who have Aspergers Syndrome. You have my sincere prayers Mrs. Lindsey. I am so sorry you are going through this sadness. Thank you to the people standing up and telling the truth.

  406. I am also a teacher, and I know how hard the job is, especially when dealing with difficult parents. I’m sorry this happened to you. Prayers for you! I’m sure there are many who support you. Don’t let one bad apple ruin it for you!! God bless!

  407. I thought the story sounded off from the beginning too. This teacher has my support. She has a big job teaching children, but apparently she is loved by her students. May God be with you and keep you and your family safe!!

  408. Prayers for you and your family an like the article said there are always 2 sides to every story dome never get the other side told. I pray for comfort through this unnecessary time in your life and your family’s that things will be better soon. From Tennessee

  409. Mrs Lindsay I’m so sorry for the hatred you have gotten from foolish people I’m sure you are a wonderful teacher I pray you get your life back and that you have a wonderful thanksgiving God bless you and your family

  410. And the truth shall prevail! Prayers for you and your family. I knew there was more to this story. Thank you for being a awesome teachers to theses kids!!!!

  411. Be strong and courageous and do not be afraid. Sadly, our world today is ready and eager to hurt and destroy lives. Video at the push of a button do not ever tell the whole story, only what fits the agenda. The same as with our first line of defense, police officers.

  412. MS. Lindsay I ask for you to forgive me and any others who have wrongfully misjudged you. I hope you will be able to get past the damage already done. Stay strong and keep your faith in the Lord.

  413. One cannot help the ignorance of others. Being a teacher is a job that doesn’t seem to get much respect and is the first position to be blamed for problems with youth that actually stems from parents. What that momma did to you was completely uncalled for and she should be ashamed of herself for tearing you apart. Keep your chin up, the truth is being seen. Continue to be the strong woman it takes to be an educator and do the right things by your students and things will work themselves out. Hugs to you dear lady!

  414. Dear Mrs. Lindsey,
    No one is entitled to DO OR SAY ANYTHING mean to you. When you have a room full of children you have to be fair to EVERYONE. Having a disability does NOT entitle this mother more the child. It only enables that child to do more extreme behaviors of he does not get his way. You did the right thing. Its the parents fault for not signing him up and then trying to basically crash the program. Yes everyone deserves a part in the program but NOT if they don’t do what is needed for it to succeed and what is required. The boy’s parents regardless of the son’s disability needs to be taught too that the way we learn to get our act together is by being left out for NOT following the rules. I have a child who has some disabilities but he learns the same thing. To grow and mature and be a proper adult someday and be treated like everyone else we must follow the rules like everyone else.
    I pray for you and your family Mrs. Lindsey. This is for other people to read mostly too. I am sure you know all this thus your actions. May God give you peace, and guard your family and shelter them from all this.

  415. It is so hard being a teacher in today’s society. I have 5 teachers in my family, and it is terrible how most parents treat teachers. Their child never does anything wrong. Limits need to be placed upon children, and common curtesy needs to be taught! I am sorry, you deserved so much better.

  416. Keep your head held high, my thoughts are with you and I hope you get through this safely and with love in your heart

  417. I am so sorry you are going through this Mrs. Lindsey.. But God knows the truth and the truth will set you free… May God bless and protect you and your family! Thank you for all you do in the lives of children!

  418. This retired teacher says….gotta love the internet… one small misinterpreted image and a multitude of strangers come out of nowhere to judge and destroy.

  419. This article needs to be shared
    I hope everything works out!
    Chin up Mrs Lindsay the truth always wins out in the end xx

  420. God bless teachers like you Mrs. Lindsey. My prayers of comfort and strength go out to you during this heartbreaking time.

  421. Mrs. Lindsey…I’m so sorry you are being misrepresented when you were only trying to help that child. This is such a horrible thing this mother is doing both to her child and to you. This will probably come back to bite her in the bottom. You know what they say about karma! Hang in there!

  422. Much love and prayers to you and your family! You are an amazing young woman for chosing this profession, for loving these children enough to teach them! I admire you for your dedication! I pray this article is read by all who have responded negatively and that they take the time to read and learn the truth!

    • Thank you for taking on one of the most important jobs on earth, teaching children! It a job that requires the patients of a Saint, the soul of an Angel & a heart as big as Texas. Thank you for devoting your life to better our children’s future. I am truly sorry this happened. I can’t even begin to imagine how you feel but I’m am praying this gets resolved quickly. You and yours are in my thoughts and prayers. ~Hugs from Florida

    • Mrs. Lindsey,

      Those outside of teaching may never truly understand how much we teachers really love our students. It’s not about the extra time on work, the hug in the hall, orthe quick visit in the lunchroom. It’s the emotions of watching them grow, make friends, overcome obstacles and loving them the whole way through it- all the while (at times) being torn apart by their parents.

      I am so sorry this is happening to you. I can only imagine the amount of time and hard work you put into preparing for that play- all for the kids. I know how anxious, excited (& exhausted) you must have been on that night- and not because you wanted to look good. You wanted it to be perfect for the kids- so that they would have a proud moment to remember and build upon.

      Please know that among all the outrageous, wrongfully-directed anger that “people” are spewing, there are MANY that are praying for you, your family, your school and your students. We hope and pray that Hod uses this for something good- something so big and powerful that only He could do it and therefore He will be glorified.

      I want to thank you for your service to the education world. Kids are brutally honest and usually very good judges of character. As evidenced by the hugs and being a favorite, you ARE positively impacting their lives.

      I pray that you find strength, comfort, peace and guidance through this.

    • I’m so sorry this happened to you. Teachers are brave and selfless and do so much for their students. They do this with little pay and often with little respect from parents and community. Know there are people out there that have your back and stand with you! God bless you and your family.

    • Dear Mrs. Lindsey, as a parent of a child with autism, I want to encourage you to stay strong and tune out the hatred from social media. All that truly matters is what you know in your heart is the truth and that you have the support of those who witnessed the event. My heart always broke for my son when his autism was more obvious and I would never put him in a situation where he would stand out as “different”. Autism is not an excuse for bad behavior, it’s an explanation. We parents, teachers, and caregivers have the responsibility to help these children function as best they can in the real world. Prayers for strength and peace of mind as you weather this storm. Good bless you.

    • prayers for u and the family today and happy thanksgiving if only there were more teachers with the love u offer children

    • Blessings Mrs. Lindsey! We’ve all reacted in ways we wish we hadn’t.
      I hope you are surrounded by people who will facilitate your growth and healing with love and kindness in this difficult world. Prayers for you.

    • Praying for you and your family. I’m sorry you are going through this.

      -Chrissy Kortenhoeven

      • Well, I’m not sure why anyone would set one up- I’m not sure how Ms. Lindsey was hurt financially in all this. If she were fired on account of this, I think it would be a great idea, but as far as I know, she hasn’t. I’m not one to start these kinds of funds just because someone’s feelings are hurt. To me, the very best thing people can do is send loving comments and even better, prayers for all involved- including Caleb, his mother & father, the school and all the kids.

    • Prayers for Mrs. Lindsey and all students, faculty and staff at the school. Keep your head high Mrs. Lindsey!

  423. As a teacher myself my heart breaks for you. I’ve experienced just a small taste of what parents craving attention can and will do. I pray for your peace and am confident you will continue to teach your students with respect and love drawing from your desire to help children.

  424. As a special education teacher and the mother of children with disabilities, I’m praying for you Mrs. Lindsey. I am so extremely sorry that this has happened to you. I send much love and a commitment to keep praying for you and your healing. Life is soooo hard, but GIGATTAATTGIG.

  425. Praying that this situation can be resolved quickly and that you may find peace and joy in teaching your beautiful angels once again… How unfair of someone to do this to you, but I know as a fine educator that you are, you will rise above this and be the better person that you are, and you will show the world that you are a fine example of what a teacher really is… inside and outside the school. God bless, … I totally understand… from working in another school district in PA… and I have an mildly autistic daughter myself, I have seen this happen time and time again, moms using the system, to get attention for their child. It is wrong, and I always had my daughter make her own way, and to this day, she is a fine educator herself in Concord NC teaching PreK in their schools there. When you model good behavior, good comes of it… and the younger generation learn from it… God Bless…

  426. Our cousin is a teacher of special ed students so we understand how much you care for and work with this boy. We pray for you and your family and hope you will continue to teach. Our children need teachers like you to help them grow up to not only be educated but to be caring and kind to each other. All our love. . .

  427. Our family is praying for you and your family, the school and that the truth prevails. Darkness will always be cast out by the light. Place your faith in Jesus and he will bring you through this. Enjoy Thanksgiving with your family. Be confident in the Lord remember that he will fight this battle. Swmding you hugs, prayers and encouragement.

  428. Our prayers are with you that this nightmare shall come to an end and your life be back to the way it was . My dad used to say believe nothing of what you hear and only half of what you see This video proves that God Bless you

    • Praying and remember life hurts sometimes. Praying God will extend His grace to you in days ahead. You may not see it now – but victory will come. Louisiana

  429. Bless you, Mrs. Lindsey. Sorry for the horrendous issue that has been caused by this mother. Hope things begin to return to normal soon. Praying for you!

  430. Ms Lindsay I am praying for you, your coworkers and students but most of all
    I am praying for calebs mom…. praying that she sees how wrong this whole thing was, praying that she can “get her head” right with God and see “the light”. Hatred, &meaness is very rampant in our country today and a very ugly thing…. remove it from your life …. live with your whole heart! Have a great thanksgiving and remember …. YOU ARE LOVED

  431. “Just the rush to judgement! And such judgement I had never seen before. I’ve not seen that kind of hatred” Black people experience this All day, EVERY day! But that’s not what we’re discussing here. Thank you for digging deeper into the story & showcasing the whole truth. If more ppl did this, there would be a lot more understanding of situations.

    • Hello Kaycee, I don’t agree. Black people don’t get the same treatment as this teacher everyday. You just can’t say that. She has gotten an entire nation to stare at her and hate her. When’s the last time that has happened to you, personally? Or to any black person you know? No one gets treated like this. This is a crime against humanity. It is happening more and more these days and it needs to stop. I wish I could help every victim of these horrid social media attacks. This one was especially bad. But you can’t compare any black person’s problems with this. That wouldn’t be right.

  432. Mrs. Lindsey,
    I’m so sorry you are having to deal with those who are quick to judge. I hope you remember that not all people are filled with this kind of hate. I’m praying that at least some of those people will read this & be big enough to apologize. May God bless your family through this glorious time of year & protect you.

  433. As a fellow teacher, I know how difficult it is to do right by the children and to do the best you can day after day. I’m sorry you have had to deal with this and I hope all is made right. Best wishes to you!

  434. I offer my support to this teacher.I watched the video and saw nothing to prove this as mean or vindictive.I think she was trying to save him from further embarrassment too.I felt this from the beginning even before this article.People are so fast to pass judgement when they dont even know the person.Also,people are out too to use their kids to gain recognition and free stuff.If you really cared about your childs welfare,you would talk to those in charge if you have an issue and not post on social media just to get hatred started.I hope the media gets behind this teacher and for once tells the truth instead of hype that is shown just to spread lies and hatred.

  435. praying for you Mrs Lindsey. I pray that you endure strength during this time and that you find peace through all the hatred. I love you and God bless you..

  436. Mrs. Lindsey I’m so sorry you have had to endure so many terrible comments. As a teacher, I know how difficult our jobs can be without all of this. May you find peace and comfort. Remember that you have and are making a difference. You are a great teacher.

    • thank you for your sacrifice of the finer things because you chose to teach.. teachers are the angels that teach our children… an apology is in order and if she can’t apologize and see the error or her ways, then i want to apologize for her..

  437. Praying for God’s protection over you, your family, and the school. May He restore your joy and peace. May the truth be revealed world-wide and this torment be stopped! In Jesus’s name!

    • Prayers for you and your family, Mrs. Lindsay. As a teacher, I know, all too well, the lengths some parents will go through to get what they want, no matter who it hurts, even to the detriment of their own child. I pray that positivity floods your life and that the truth shines brightly through. No one deserves the kind of hate that a vicious lie/stretched truth on social media can cause.

  438. Thanks for all that you do for the children. I have worked with special needs children for over 20 years now. One of the hardest lessons I have learned is that parents are often the biggest obstacle to their children’s success. I’m sorry this happened to you. When I first saw the video, something seemed”off” about it… so glad to know the full story. May God bless you and your family during the holiday season…💙

    • Dear Mrs Lindsey I can’t imagine the pain and suffering you have gone through since this event . I hope that these replies will help you know that you are thought of with high regard today. I pray that God will restore your soul and heal you where you have been so badly attacked. I pray blessings on you and your family.

    • Mrs Lindsey,
      I am also a teacher and know that there can be difficult parents and trying years. Keep in mind all the children and parents who live very and support you.Prayers going up😄.


    • Mrs. Lindsay, I am so sorry you are going through this. I pray that everyone reads this and realizes what has happened and learns the truth. I thank you for all you do as a teacher. It takes a special person to do your job, and remember YOU make a difference in the lives of these children. My prayers go out to you and your family to be able to heal from this tragedy. God Bless.

    • I’m so sorry to read about what happened to you. I, too, am a hardworking, dedicated teacher (special Ed.). I, too, have had my character unfairly attacked by parents at a private school. It was one of the worst experiences of my life. My prayers are with you. Hopefully, the truth will continue to come out and you will be free of the insanity of the mob!


    • I so agree with your comment. I’ve worked in the field of special needs for 40 years and family can be the biggest bridge or the biggest divide toward the person attaining life giving skills and understanding. Mrs Lindsay, I hope God holds and shields you and your family and the faculty of this school during this deep valley.

    • Ms. Lindsey, My apologies for what you experienced because of an Adult Mom failing to take parental actions in a normal manner. I applaud you for you and all your kind and caring actions. Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Hi! Thankyou for reposting the truth, this time the story was told from thee end and not from the beginning. Let’s look into the story b4 sentencing judgement on anybody. .Truly am sorry for your pain you and ur family are going through…you’ll be in our toughts…God bless

  439. Thank you choosing to love and educate our children- tomorrow’s leaders! I am so very sorry you’ve been treated so horribly. May God bless you and your family.

  440. You are strong women and I respect you as a teacher and a human being and god will destroy your enemies for you if you allow him to put all your pain in his hands and let him do his works.I hope everything works out for you💕

  441. Blessings, strength, courage, faith, & forgiveness in the name of Jesus. Rest in The Spirit & let Him carry you.

  442. Sending peace, love and compassion your way. People are so quick to judge with out all the facts.I truly hope things are calming down for you and your family. May out blessed saviour wrap you in his arms and protect, shelter and guide you.

  443. So sorry we live in such a hateful world. As the sister of a learning disabilities person, I have witnessed a lot of cruelty but am grateful for teachers like Mrs Lindsey. Thank you for your kindness to this child despite his mother’s inappropriate behavior. Hope all gets better for you soon.

  444. What a sad situation.. As is alot of todays society… Entitlement is such a part of everyday life for some people these days. They should be ashamed.. Bless you Mrs. Lindsey for accepting your little salary and pouring your heart into trying to teach the little folks that will soon be running our country… To be a teacher takes a very special person… May you have a blessed Holiday season and move foward and not let this hinder your life goals…

  445. I’m so sorry that only a small clip was shown and taken out of context. As a teacher, I should have looked beyond and asked for the whole play to be shown. I’ve been in your place before and I apologize on behalf of the multitude of people, including myself for not realizing there was more to this story. You sound like a dedicated teacher and my prayer is that you continue to feel the love your students project and that your passion for teaching continues to create those light bulb moments.

  446. This will blow over and things will get back to normal soon. I’m sorry you are going through this at all though. People are so quick to judge without all the facts. Prayers for you and your family.

  447. Well the way I see it is, the damage is already done, you cannot undo everything she went though now. Maybe people should stop jumping to conclusions when they see something and get FACTS . Hello people remember them? Reporters are not reporters anymore for this exact reason. God bless you mrs Lindsey🙏🏻

  448. I’m so sorry for your struggle and that of your family. I pray that this all dies down soon and you can find peace again.

  449. Teachers have thankless jobs. Nobody really understands the hardship and hard work unless you are a teacher. No student should be singled out or given priority, or special privileges regardless of special needs. You Ms Lindsey did your best to accommodate all. Thank You for what you do.

  450. I knew there was a second story to this. I am happy someone can finally clear this up . I can’t believe how people profit from injustices. Happy holidays to Mrs. Lindsey.

  451. Thank you, Mrs. Lindsey, for keeping school a safe, consistent place for ALL the students. May God bless you.

  452. Prayers for you! I’ve been there when parents want their kid to be in a program they didn’t practice for, that was commendable that you even let him be in the program in the first place. So sorry it has backfired on you this way. God bless you.

  453. When I first saw the video I thought,”Really?” There aren’t just cruel teachers out there ready to hurt kids for no reason- we don’t get paid enough for that 😂. There must be a back story!” And here it is. I’m so sorry she was attacked this way. Even when it eventually blows over the pain will last a long time. Close that door and do what you know to be best for your kids. Thank goodness for a school and principal standing up for you. It might be time now for local police to be involved also. Happy Thanksgiving!

  454. Thank you for all that you do for the children in school and the special attention you give to those special kids who need that extra dose of love! Hang in there; the truth will win out!

  455. Mrs. Lindsey, I, too, have been a teacher. I’m so sorry you’re going through these dark days. As you see the hurtful, evil things people are saying, remember what my mother used to say: Consider the source. Your critics have the problem. May God bless you! Joshua 1:9

  456. Dios te bendiga Mrs. Lindsay! Sé cómo te sientes. No hiciste nada malo. Espero te recuperes pronto de este episodio. El mundo de ahora está lleno de estas mamás que quieren hacer lo que les da la gana y falta de respeto al docente. Estamos contigo y con tu familia.

  457. I am so sorry this happened to you Mrs. Lindsey. God willing these parents will see the light and apologize to you. You sound like an awesome teacher that really values her students. Please know that there are parents with autistic children that do set boundaries with their children and parents that don’t are setting their children up for failure. After reading this story my heart ached for you. I can only pray that once you see the kindness of these comments, you will know that you have a huge band of support behind you.

  458. Don’t lose your loving heart over this horrible injustice. Everything in life is a test and by taking the high road you are modeling for your daughter and those who know the truth how to act whenhorrible things happen. Plus these people have short memories and will be onto the next person soon enough . What doesn’t destroy us makes us stronger , and you have to believe and trust you will be given the grace to endure and get past this

  459. God bless you for being a teacher in the first place Mrs Lindsey….con’t to do your job where your heart is and blessing will come your way. I don’t know you personally but I’m a mother of 2 and love my kids teachers .

  460. Hey, your a good teacher and did nothing wrong. Hold your head up high and hang on, hopefully it will all go away soon. Xx

  461. God Bless Mrs Lindsey! I’m praying for you and your family at this time. I have the upmost respect for teachers that do so much for so little and then to be treated this way. I pray for your safety and the courage and fortitude to continue in this environment.

  462. When this first came out, I told me wife and two daughters that this was fishy. They argued with me that no— it was all above-board and that the teacher was mean.
    This morning I’m laying in bed half awake. She’s on her phone because she had to work this morning and my phone goes DING with a Messenger alert.
    “Who in the world?”
    “Oh that’s me. I sent you a link about that autistic child in the play. You were right— as always.”
    “I’m not always right.”
    “Only about obvious things.”

    At any rate, I know that there mean, horrible teachers out there who are cruel to students. I’ve had a few when I was in school, but this video just seemed too edited, to blatant, and too perfect.

  463. Prayers for comfort and peace for you Mrs. Lindsey. May the Lord wrap His loving arms around you and your family and protect and comfort you during this time of tribulation.
    In Jesus Name. Amen

    • I’m a music teacher too & can’t imagine what you must be going through! I saw the first video & was sceptical! I know music teachers have an extreme love for all of their students, including special needs! I mean really, we don’t do it for the love of money :). Praying God heals your pain & just makes you stronger from all of this! Also praying for protection! God bless you and your school!

    • I teach special needs pre-k – 2nd grade and when I first seen the short clip from the mother’s point of view I have to admit it looked hurtful. However, I knew there had to be more to the story because it made no sense to why a teacher that loves children would do such a thing. I hope the media and the mother set the facts straight for the sake if the teacher and school. Prayers!

  464. Bless you and your family during this time of chaos. Praying for your strength to endure this negativity. God is in control and keep giving God the praise throughout this. Look to the hills from whence your help comes. Vengeance is mine says the Lord, and let Him fight this battle for you!!!

    • I’m so sorry you have had to go through this. People are so quick to judge and so harshly without caring for facts. Have a blessed holiday

    • Mrs Lindsay, as a fellow teacher I have seen the rush to judgement that sometimes happens. I know teachers are teachers because we love kids. It’s a difficult job at the best of times. I hope this is made right and you are vindicated. There are those of us who are behind you and stand with you.

  465. Keep your head up, Mrs. Lindsey! You have people that matter that love you and appreciate all you do! This too shall pass. Your Father in Heaven loves you!!!

  466. Thinking of you and your family! It is so sad that one parent can cause so much pain for anyone. When I looked at the parent I thought she was carrying it a little too far just to get attention. Please don’t let this ruin your life. Consider the source of where it came from!

  467. What a horrible misinderstanding. Prayers and comfort to Mrs. Lindsey. Thank you for your service to our children.

  468. Hang in there, tomorrow the news will have someone else to bash. It takes a special person to teach. God Bless

  469. I have an autistic Child and I am strict with him. I have to be. but to me that does NOT mean he is Entitled to anything. if he wanted to be in a play it means he needs to practice with everyone else!! I do NOT allow it to be used as an Excuse for him to get everything or anything he wants with out working for it!! & because of the way I am raising him he has the Manors, Morals, & Respects Most children are lacking these days!! I have however seen many Mothers like this one and she is only in it for attention for her self & using her sons disability as a crutch!!! which will only hinder him in the future

  470. I was one of the people that was very angry about this incident. I apologize Mrs. Lindsey. I hope that your world calms & you have a happy holiday!

    • Thank you for all that you do. The role of a teacher is by far one of the most difficult careers. Thank you and your family for the sacrifices that have been made. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  471. My heart goes out to you Mrs Lindsay as a retired special ed teacher. I hope you survive this attack and continue to be the wonderful teacher you have always been!

  472. I am guilty of believing what I saw on facebook -I am so very sorry for judging you without knowing the truth! I am too trusting and was outraged by what I saw as child abuse- I pray I will remember to know more before voicing my opinion.-With so many wonderful teachers in my family, including my mother and sister, I thought I was defending them and appreciating all their dedication ,hard work,and love of children-Lesson learned the hard way-Mrs Lindsey, I I want you to know I am so sorry for the pain and hurt this has caused you and your family!! I pray your school system and all those that know and love you will rally in your defense and make people like me stop and know the whole truth -Taylor Crawford Warren is right! I too am a Christian and God is Love- Prayin you have a blessed Thanksgiving and return after the holiday feeling twice as much love and support!❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🦃🇺🇸🏈🍁🍂

  473. This is so sad and what we have allowed our society to come to! This appears to be an excellent teacher who is being attacked for doing the right thing. I am so sorry this teacher has to endure such hate and this mother should be charged for any harm that comes to this teacher! My thoughts are with you

  474. Wait? YOU are a Christian? What happened to turn the other cheek? Wow! Do you realize you prove an atheists point simply by that response. Wow. You need prayer.

    • I’m sorry, but it is 5 AM and I’ve been up ALL night moderating over 900 comments. If I seem a little irate, excuse me. But somehow, I don’t really thing you care one fig about Christ.

  475. Sending you & your family many prayers for peace, comfort & strength during this horrific time Mrs. Lindsey. Don’t lose faith & walk with your head held high! May GOD bless you!!

  476. Stay strong. Thanks for helping kids with autism and including them in whatever way you can. You are a blessing! I have a daughter with autism. She is 42, and she teaches me patience daily. I love her and she loves me back in her own, not always sweet,way. Don’t let social media upset you. You are doing the very best you can, with imagination and flair!

  477. Praying this sweet teacher with a good heart continues doing what she does as it’s a God given talent to teach.
    Parents need to act as adults and realise CHILDREN are watching and listening to adults acting out. This is NOT a good senerio for anyone.
    Praying ALL is forgiven and forgotten and apologies are made to heal the inflicted wounds. Who is without sin ………………Little eyes and ears are watching.

  478. Nothing is more painful than to be the victim of gossip. Your good name will prevail. Remember that those who love and know you are what matter. Before this incident the opinion of the world didn’t matter, don’t let it now. God Bless.

  479. So sorry you have had such a horrible experience just trying to do your job and giving your students a fun experience. You did nothing wrong. These are the things that take the passion for teaching away. Have a happy thanksgiving ❤️

  480. Social media has hurt so many good people, and you your job ss a teacher is one of the most important jobs and most underpaid jobs. Being a teacher in most casese is for the love of making a difference and from all what people that know you say you most be a wonderful caring teacher. I hope life will return to normal soon. Happy Thanksgiving

  481. Social media has hurt so many good people, and you your job ss a teacher is one of the most important jobs and most underpaid jobs. Being a teacher in most casese is for the love of making a difference and from all what people that know you say you most be a wonderful caring teacher. I hope life will return to normal soon. Happy Thanksgiving

  482. May the power of Jesus Christ turn every curse into a blessing. May you truly know that God is Big enough to walk you through this storm. May the Holy Spirit comfort you and your family. Thank you for serving and pouring your life into children. Your impact will change the face of eternity.
    Love, hugs, and prayers coming your way.

  483. I can’t believe I am still reading this trainwreck of a thread/article, whatever. I have totally lost the focus of it, which was quite rightly to give a different perspective, defend the teacher and to condemn the hatred and mob mentality. Got it, Agree with it 100%. I can’t drag myself away however, from the hypocrisy that is the whining, spitty, spiteful, ignorant, rude, tantrum-chucker of a so-called writer?! Every time anyone says anything REMOTELY like, “whoa, ease up there chick, you’re being a bit harsh there” “or hey, without defending the mother here, let’s try and understand a little about disability and especially autism because how you are writing about it sounds really shitty and rude and ignorant and well…unChristian..” she rebukes them with an infuriatingly patronising tone, claims that because she is CHRISTIAN she can be really rude and ignorant and intolerant simply because she’s doing it in the NAME OF OUR LORD and even more annoyingly she puts her most spewy points IN CAPITALS!!! Lady, take a pill or something, get out of your white, wealthy, neurotypical, Gilmore Girls lil bubble and stop giving Christians a bad name.

  484. I too (earlier)thought this was something done in malice. I now know the full story. I apologize for thinking you were being mean and wish you the best Mrs. Lindsey.

  485. Dear Mrs Lindsay,
    Be of good courage. There are more with you than against you. I’m praying for you right now.

  486. Never let anyone define who you are Lindsay, keep your head up. Thank you for teaching our kids in this cruel world and for teaching equality. Happy thanksgiving

  487. Mrs Lindsey, I’m so sorry this happened to you. I hope you and your family can put this behind you and enjoy the Holiday season. Be encouraged.

  488. Praying for you and your daughter may God touch the heart of those horrible people and make them stop the awful things they are saying. Praying for peace..

  489. I am a newly retired 3rd grade teacher and I went through a somewhat similar situation one of my last years of teaching. So, I understand what you are going through Mrs. Lindsay. So sorry for all the misery and heartache this is causing you. People are quick to judge and that is that. Know that there are some people out there that believe in you and hope that this goes away sooner than later.

  490. As a mother of an Autistic child, I agree 100% with this article, and the fact that some parents of children with disabilities expect ‘exceptions’ to be made for their child versus ‘accommodations’. There is a huge difference! This mother appears to be one of those parents.
    If you want your child to be included in a play, you fill out the permission slip, just like everyone else. You bring your child to rehearsals, just like everyone else.
    The above steps are what other families and children needed to do to be part of the play, so why not this family and child?
    Once the family did their part and completed these two things, the teacher could then have made accommodations for their son in order to incorporate is abilities with his contribution to the play.
    The fact that the parents insisted on an ‘exception’ to be made, and their child to be included in the play in which other children may not have been allowed to (due to no permission slip or attendance of the rehearsals) is ridiculous and unfair.
    Again, your child with ‘special needs’ is entitled to ‘Accommodations’ not ‘special treatment’ due to your lack of follow through as a parent.
    As a parent, if I knew that my child may wander and speak out of turn, I would have also been up along the stage in order to keep him from disrupting the play as much as possible.
    Shame on this mother for mis-leading people on what the real situation was.
    Again, as a parent of an autistic child, I appreciate teachers like you Ms. Lindsay, that take a little extra time for our children to make them feel special and included. There are too few of you out there.
    I ask that other families come forward and show their support as well.

  491. Prayers for you. As a mom of a special needs kid, I know how much it takes to make sure my kid is included and loved. I have been fortunate to have the most amazing teachers, parapro and school for my son. I hope people will see how much it takes not just to be a teacher but to teach special needs kids. You are a blessing to those kids. Prayers for the situation to be cleared up. And please continue doing the amazing job of being a teacher.

  492. I saw the video and I too, decided there had to be more to the story. I’m praying for Mrs. Lyndsey. My sis ter was also an elementary teacher faced with the same, “You need to include my child no matter the circumstances.” I stand beside you.

  493. So Sorry to read the terrible treatment you have been subjected too Mrs Lindsey,When a mob mentality takes over people lose all intelligence and rational thinking, I pray you and your family , and remember everything passes ,

  494. The world has gone crazy from a generation of people with no conscious feeling entitled at anyone and everyone’s expense. I pray the sane people will stand up for this teacher and not let evil win. Evil wins when good people do nothing!!! I have worked in the school system and dealt with difficult parents. Where is the majority of the public that know the truth?? Don’t stay silent!!!! Next time it might be you!!

  495. Happy Thanksgiving Mrs. Lindsey to you and your family. My family is sending love and good wishes for you 🙂

  496. My heart goes out to you!!💕 may Gods grace and mercy heal your wounded heart I will be praying 🙏🙏that The love of God be in your heart to forgive those that have wronged you. Have a blessed thanksgiving!! Mary

  497. I have to say when I first watched the video I was mad because he is just a child, but I have to say I’m sorry for letting my first judgment get the best of me. I hope that you can forgive me and everyone else who let that happen and who are sorry. I am praying that people open hearts and minds to read this article and see the truth. Thank you for being a teacher in the world we live in, and for being one that the kids seem to love.

  498. May God comfort you and give you strength in this difficult time. A Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family

  499. Happy Thanksgiving and give thanks that the truth shall prevail. You are an asset to your school and community, as well to your family. God’s blessings be upon you. Praying for you.

  500. I really dont know y anyone would get hot under the collar over the clip we saw. Even the news anchor said that there must have been a mistake or something innocent. Why would a teacher do that on purpose. It didnt make sense. It looked unfortunate at best. I am shocked to know that so many people just jumped up and asumed you were a mean person. Rediculious. He doesnt need money and gifts as much as he needs a mother who explains how things work around here. People get a grip! Mind your business and your manners. More important things going on in this world concerning children especially.

    • I hope this terrible experience doesn’t change you, Mrs Lindsay ! There are students out there who have not had the privilege of having you as a teacher-yet!! Please know that this too shall pass….hugs for you and your family

    • I’m so sorry this happened to you! I actually posted on a some post to defend you because I already guessed what really happened. I’m a teacher too😊love to you and your family.
      Windi Born

    • Mrs Lindsay
      Chin up! You are a great educator! This is an attack from Satan himself! I am standing behind you in prayer.

    • Teachers have hard jobs… Most teachers I know do their jobs because they love what they do. They don’t get paid enough to deal with these undiciplined entitled self centered kids that parents are raising these days. Not all are but these kids learn from their parents. One can only hope that teachers can have a strong enough impact to instill some values. I appreciate what teachers try to do and do it with a goal in mind “to reach that kid”. Keep doing what you do. Pursicution comes when you believe in good and try so hard to do good. Stay strong this too will pass. Maybe healing can come between you and the mother. Sounds like she has major issues. I know many are praying for you including me. Trust me God is on the side of the righteous he up holds them with him mighty right arm. Your heart may be broken but keep you eyes on Jesus he the only one that knows you. He will see you through this stay strong in him and stay humble in his sight.

    • Prayers to you and your family! I respect your choice and think you did nothing wrong. “This too shall pass” I pray for comfort, strength and happiness for you and your family.

  501. Thank you for being a Teache. ! Hard job on the best days … with this on FB , I m sorry n praying for a great holiday season and rest of the year

  502. I am so very sorry for any pain this has caused you. Please know that you have an “army” of people who support you. Much love and many prayers❤

  503. The kindness and loving heart you have will always prevail over “bad” gossip. Keep being yourself and the Lord will straighten out the injustice you have been given. 🙏


  505. God Bless you and your family on this Thanksgiving day…prayers that the truth reach all the people that were wrongly informed…you have one of the hardest jobs of all and so under appreciated…..maybe you will get more appreciation after this ❤❤❤
    From Kalkaska Mi

  506. Teaching is the hardest thing next to parenting… we teach our kids boundaries and right from wrong for their good not for our own. If we love them we teach them!! Great job Mrs Linsey. Hang in there.. there are parents who have morals and want their children to learn them at home and at school! 🙂