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A Short Christmas Wish…


Well, Friends. It’s Christmas Eve. I just thought I’d take a moment to wish you all a Merry Christmas! I wanted to share a short (I promise! lol) message with you. Please, everyone, don’t feel the need to ‘feel extra holy’ tonight or tomorrow. I don’t think God stands on ceremony, you know? We love Jesus everyday of our lives. Our love and respect for Jesus is a given. This is his birthday- or, for those of you who have a problem with that, it’s the day we pick out of the year to celebrate Christ’s birth. It’s not supposed to be a day of solemn contemplation- it’s meant for gaiety, Christian fellowship and most of all, love. Every gift we give is remembering each other and how much we love each other. And we remember that ‘this is what the wise men did for Jesus.’ We feast because Jesus’ birth makes us happy. We gather together as families because we think, “Mary, Joseph and Jesus became a little family today too.” Some Christians frown upon the lights, the tinsel and the colored paper. I say, “It is right to celebrate enormously on this day!” The angels soared in the heavens, singing and playing their instruments. Their voices were so loud in whoops of joy that it made the shepherds afraid. We can’t celebrate enough for the birth of our Lord. We can’t laugh enough, we can’t sing enough, we can’t feast enough. For this is the day mankind received the promise, given so long ago to Abraham, the Holy Seed through whom the entire world would be saved! Let your hearts rejoice!! Let all joy shine forth. No sad, long faces and no fake holiness! It is a day of glad tidings indeed, friends! I love you all and wish, truly wish you all a Merry Christmas tonight.



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