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A Short Little Rebel Poll



There is a first time for everything!  I have been curious about something and want to ask my readers about it.  This poll is entirely anonymous- even I don’t know who answers it, ok?  So, for the paranoid or just plain scared people out there, don’t worry.  I really do want your answers.  I want and need to find out just how much the left’s intimidation of me has affected my readership.  It’s important to me.  I will give you the results after the poll closes.  You can leave multiple answers.   I’m crossing my fingers that you will have the courage to answer this honestly.  We need to know.  And then, we need to fight back.

** Update on Jan.29, 2017**

I want to leave the results of the poll.  It appears that all of these negative things happening to me have had little to no effect on people’s willingness to like or comment on my articles here on WordPress.  I do have a reason for asking and these results have left me with no answers to my real questions.  Here is the chart with the results.




  1. Brother Bob said everything I would have said if I thought (or wrote) that well. The Truth will set you free.

  2. I do not remember the first article, just that it was sent from a friend to me. Since then have checked in on your site sporadically, finally followed you on fb as well. I think your awesome! You take a situation/viewpoint and strip it down to the bone and then describe the layers from top to bottom, You are among the few that are able to do that. Still have a couple of fingers left on the hand to fill it up of people who speak well. Thank you SLR for all that you do. Take Care. Bill

    • Oh, boy, Bill386, that really makes me happy. Lately, I’ve been standing still. I’ve felt like a giant house has been sitting on my chest, making it hard to breath. I feel the Lord is testing me, hard. There is an end in sight, however. I really don’t know what it will feel like when the end of my trial comes. I feel that it has grown into my bones like a cancer. It’s been with me and my family for over three years now. Sometimes, you get used to a painful thing and when it’s gone, you feel empty. But that day is coming this year. I will be a momentous occasion, marked with complete faith in Jesus. I can only hope and pray that he has marked that day for my deliverance. If you will, will you put me on your prayer list? Thank you, Susan

      • Yes ma’am I certainly will put you on my Prayer list. A person I speak with occasionally on facebook has a saying, she says ” I often learn more by the “question” than the person I am responding to. : ) ” The reason I bring up what she said is this: I am not sure that even my wife knows I have a prayer list. You used those words. To me that really means something, So many ways to look at that, I prefer to believe the explanation that we all have help we are not fully aware of. To me it is a banner saying ” we hear you. ” a banner to both of us maybe? and at this point in my life, that is a sign that I really, really needed to see. you know like the saying just send me a sign Take care, Bill Murphy

      • Well, then let me add something to that. As I was adding the words, “Please ‘add me to your prayer list'” instead of ‘please pray for me’, I hesitated! I thought, “what if he doesn’t have a prayer list?’ Then, for no particular reason, I felt I should go forward with my first inclination! So, perhaps that ‘sign’ was meant to be. I’d like to think so. That pause was very real.

  3. I admire your courage and you have inspired me to “take a stand” on issues that go “counter culture.” Sometimes I may get a little “hot under the collar” about somethings and before I hit “send” – I may edit what I write (not delete the posts or articles…just “rephrase” somethings – so I don’t get visits from men in black suits)!

    I support you in your stand…
    I support you in your lawsuit…
    I support you on your morals…
    I support you in publicly showing your Christian values…
    I support you in speaking/writing about your battles…
    I support you in joining forces with by speaking out about all of these issues in my daily walk as well.

    Keep up the battle! The enemy is growing weaker! It may not look like it, but when Satan fires his most powerful shot – and you are still standing – he has nothing left!!!

    Remember, when the dust settles, it will be you and God still standing tall…with Satan and all the little demons under your feet!

    • Wow! What a great comment, Brother Bob! So great to hear. I needed that shot in the arm. Sometimes, it feels like all we get are criticisms from the other side. I’m trying to figure out how much their intimidation has affected those whom I love and care for. I know people who have already told me that they don’t like to comment on my page because of these trolls. I personally find it hard to believe that a small fry like me might have ticked off the powers that be- but I suppose that my Sandy Hook article might have done the trick. lol. Who knows with these people? But some people believe it and tell me that this is one reason they don’t like leaving comments! So… I’m just trying to get my hands around it.

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