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Would I Attend A Gay Wedding? (Video: Pastor John Piper)

As loving an explanation as I ever heard. All true and beautifully explained. God created many earthly parallels to spiritual realities to continually remind us of who we truly are: Children of God. This is to always give us hope in a hopeless world. To obfuscate the earthly symbol is not only dishonoring God, it is to hide the spiritual gift from the eyes of man. Only one entity could wish this for mankind: satan.


Marriage is the earthly parallel to Christ joining the Church (all who believe in him) for the final union at the end of time. It represents the moment when all is made new- the end of this era and the beginning of the next for humankind. It is when the dead are resurrected and the living are given new, timeless and perfect bodies capable of existing in the next reality. It is the beginning of eternity. It represents the beginning, essentially, of heaven- everything a Christian has been living for.

parentsTo replace the bride with a man is to literally create a sterile union, one that physically can produce no fruit and no growth. Yet, in the Bible, Jesus compared Heaven to both yeast in bread and to a seed, both things that inherently have exponential  growth potential that results in great bounty once unleashed. In other words, the very nature of heaven is to expand, yield fruit and to grow. Sterility is the opposite of heaven.   Hence, a sterile marriage can’t represent our future with Christ.  It must be a fruitful marriage, a heterosexual marriage.  If not, our spiritual future would look mighty bleak indeed.

o-gay-wedding-cake-facebookMost non Christians, and dare I say it, most Christians, don’t understand the basic reason why gay marriage is inherently displeasing to God. They only know that the Bible says it is wrong. But it is for the reason stated here that God so rejects the notion of gay marriage- it is sterile and hides the true hope of man’s destiny from the world.   Marriage is not the only earthly symbol of an important spiritual reality God set up on this earth. There are others. But marriage is probably one of the most significant.

And if you think about it, heterosexual marriage has been one of the most important aspects of culture and society in mankind’s history, and for good reason.  It is the most important and efficient method to determine the need for resources, to gather the resources & to distribute the resources like food, wealth, medical needs, education, housing, clothing, etc for all the individuals in the nation. What other organization has ever done a better job than the heterosexual family?

Without the healthy heterosexual family, modern society would never have been created at all.   It is when the modular heterosexual family breaks down that individual disfunction rates goes up as well as societal burden and costs.  All modern studies have shown a direct correlation between the break up of the heterosexual family unit and the cost to social welfare programs and crime.

invitroHomosexuals that want children require a tolerant society, medical labs, modern science, elaborate partnerships with other willing females and/or adoption agencies to have children.  Statistics also show that the male homosexual ‘marriage’ is almost never monogamous (an average homosexual has 100- 500 sexual relationships in his life)  and rarely lasts over a few years while lesbian marriages fare little better.  Both are far more violent and unstable than heterosexual unions according to studies done by gay activists themselves.

They could never have populated the earth, built stable nations or done any of the things the heterosexual family unit has done. Even today, they still don’t have the autonomous strength and capacity of the heterosexual family.      Just its dependence on a tolerant society, technology and outside relationships to provide biological material to conceive threaten its cohesion and chances of success.  On the other hand, the heterosexual family can go out into the wilderness, survive, reproduce and build up a society with very few resources and neighbors (for a healthy gene pool).


Lexa & Clarke are lesbian leaders on a popular show, ‘100’

Culture driven programs to de-legitimize and demoralize the heterosexual family unit are self destructive to the cohesion, strength, efficiency of the society.  No statistics are available to support the idea that homosexual family units are any stronger or even equal in strength concerning the ability to contribute to society.  Quite the contrary.   There is no evidence to show why the heterosexual family should ever be discouraged if you want to maintain a strong society.   It seems obvious that if you want a strong nation, build up the family structure at any cost.  If you want a weak nation, destroy the heterosexual family.

And that, my friends, is exactly what some people believe the Progressive elites are doing right now and is the reason why the Progressives are pushing homosexuality so hard on television and in our children’s school education programs.  But, that is another article.

In any case, listen to this rather short video. I think you will enjoy John Piper. His voice is smooth as molasses.


  1. What an interesting read and listen! Honestly, I hadn’t given myself much insight as to your reasons of why homosexuality is wrong biblically. It makes perfect sense though abs had given me more perspective. My main reasoning for homosexuality being wrong is that God created man and woman very uniquely, each with different qualities that are intended to complement the other sex and to contribute to the wholeness of the union. So, to practice homosexuality is to pervert God’s perfect creation of marriage between a man and a woman. I always love new insights though! Thank you!

  2. I would imagine I’d find the best excuse possible not to attend a homosexual ceremony of union. It might be an opportunity to witness for one’s faith, but that could create problems and an uncomfortable situation. Fortunately I don’t think I’ll ever have to face this circumstance with my kids unless some drastic change in them occurred.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    • Hi Arlee, you are blessed. I think about these types of questions concerning my own children as they are only young teens now. They seem to be well on their way down a healthy path and I thank the Lord everyday for that. But no one can control everything. Growing up, they can chose anything. We hope to be good enough parents to have instilled wise counsel, Godly counsel, firmly into them but… well, we must pray for heavenly strength as well. I think that is the answer. Thanks for stopping by, Arlee.

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