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Inaugural Day Advice

trumpListen, I’d like to offer up some Christian advice on this profoundly important day. We, the Christian patriot community in America have been suffering, badly, for eight long years. Today is a day of hope. A day of new beginnings. A day full of expectations. We are all so tired of one man’s incredible devastation upon our nation- a devastation no one ever thought was even possible! No one could ever have imagined the kinds of changes that these last eight years have brought.   Our country is a crippled, mangled version of what it was before Obama entered the scene.

We have been involved in endless war since Obama took office. He undid every American victory in Iraq and Afghanistan, enraging the men and women who fought for those territories.   Soldiers wonder why they lost their limbs and minds if those lands just went back to the same hands after they left.    And he started new wars- they just don’t call them wars and the media just doesn’t cover them.  We are sending soldiers to fight in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Egypt and all around the Middle East.  Obama has created a U.S.  militarized zone around the entire Middle East and not a peep from the media.  It is a complete mystery why he is doing this.

We have had homosexuality shoved down our throats. Indeed, we have been threatened with it. Counselors and pastors have been threatened to lose their license to practice if they try to help anyone, including children, understand the reason for any kind of gender confusion even if the patient requests the help.  Any one of us who dared to even speak our thoughts against it have been persecuted in so many ways. That angry, rabid, bullying 1% of the population was given leave to abuse the rest of us in ways that we have never done to them.
We have watched as the same 1%, led by the same horrible man, announced that not only do they want the right to kill unborn babies up until the last minute of pregnancy, but even after they have been born alive. This is a new form of ‘abortion’ called Post Abortion. Yes, Obama supported that madness too and we were forced to endure it. And if we didn’t, we were aggressively persecuted.

At the hands of this same man, for eight long desperate years, we have had secret laws passed that took away our constitutional rights and if we dared to write about it, we have been murdered, persecuted and targeted.   Andrew Breitbart mysteriously died of a sudden heart attack;  Aaron Swartz was mysteriously found hanged in his closet just as he was ready to stand against all cyber security laws.  These are just the high profile deaths.

Persecution for all of these things have come in various ways but the majority has come through silencing us through the internet.  The government now uses social media agents who open hundreds of fake accounts to harass us.  With the help of  social media and tech giants, Obama has encouraged and led the way to censor ‘fake news’- all aimed at OUR opinions and thoughts.  Under Obama, the government has given itself broad powers through the cyber security laws it passed- the very ones Aaron Swartz tried to stop.  Obama took the power to use our own military against us on American soil even though our Constitution forbids it; Obama took the power to use any kind of propaganda against us and against our allies even though the constitution forbids it; Obama took the power to treat each citizen differently in emergencies even though the Declaration of Independence & the Bill of Rights forbids it.  Obama took the power to remove our children from us, even though the Constitution forbids it.  And we have all watched helplessly…

The media gave Obama the ability to operate in complete secrecy as he literally sold our nation away from us- all while they tortured us with endless talk of genitals, bathrooms and gender. Obama secretly gave our nation away to a group called the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), consisting of 12 nations & encompassing 40% of the world’s wealth.  Most of you don’t know how close we came to losing our nation!  Had Hillary won, she was supposed to put the final seal upon it and the United States would have lost her sovereignty to this TPP, just like the European Union.  Trump was briefed about the treachery and said, ‘My first act as president will be to pull out of the TPP!’  Trump has already saved this nation and most don’t realize it due to the complete media blackout on this topic.

We are a nation that was once at peace with race- until this man Obama walked into the presidency. Oh, what has he done to us?? We have never hated each other more than this since the rioting of the civil rights era! The peace we have worked so hard for is gone!  We have had to watch helplessly as people riot on our streets!
This same man has scorned God-  the Democrats voted to take God and Israel off their official platform at  Obama’s 2012 Dem. Convention for the first time in U.S. History.  Muslims had been bussed in large numbers to that convention.  When the American People excoriated them for it, the Dem. Chairman forced them to put God and Israel back on, which resulted in them booing both God and Israel! Obama has scorned the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob too many times while upholding Islam many times and boldly.  And we have suffered watching it.
Worse, we have had to endure that all this has been forced upon our children in their schools as Common Core was solidified under this evil man’s leadership. Every satanic thing is represented in this curriculum and forced into our children’s minds.  Liberal teachers have become emboldened under this horrible president and they have felt free to browbeat our children into submission if they dare to speak up for America and her Christian values.   We, parents, have been helpless to stop it.
We are a nation that has been beaten, tortured and scarred by the worst president in history. And we are angry!
And now, finally, we see a new dawn, a new hope in Trump.  And we want to let loose and celebrate!  Right?
But I say wait.  Wait, my friends.
Don’t throw all your faith into this man until he has proven himself. Trump has already done one heroic thing: he has saved us from Obama’s and Hillary’s traitorous TPP and for that, we are in his debt. Now, let us soberly observe him. He has been accused of terrible things and he, himself, has admitted to some of them. Specifically, things concerning his sexual affairs. If he did the things he bragged about and is not repentant, then he is immoral. If he truly has never asked God for forgiveness, then he is immoral. If he truly cheated people out of tens of thousands of dollars with Trump University, then he is immoral. If he lied about being a Christian, he is immoral. The fact of the matter is this: we don’t truly know him. At all. All we really know is what he said. And he changed it a lot. We also know that he had to say some things for political reasons. Both good things and bad things. And we have no idea what his thoughts and prayers are- that is between him and God.
We can’t let our suffering from one man make us jump into bed with the next man unwisely, irresponsibly and immediately. No matter how desperately we need, want and crave relief, I say, wait.
I know it’s not popular to say this, but I do think it’s wise.  We will see who President Trump is soon enough.


  1. I’ve felt this same sense of wait and see. I agree we can’t jump into bed simply because he has spoken a few things that sound good nor because he has moved on some of his promises … Nothing less than wisdom to wait and see ……and pray!!!!!

  2. I live in the Middle East. Where are all those troops you say are over here? I see lots of volunteers working for NGO’s here but no troops. We are risking life and limb to share God’s love, but there are no troops. At least not American ones. Iranian? Yes. Russian? Yes. Saudi and Kurd and Yemeni and others have jumped on to one side or another in the cluster… that my neighbors to the south are right about now. There might be some American bombs every now and then but troops on the ground? Not a one.

    • Hi BJ, went to your blog to see what you are all about. I can see your deep sentiments and sincerity for the people in the Middle East. But just because you say you live in the ‘Middle East’ is like me saying I live in ‘America’ and say I think I know what is happening all around me. The U.S. military has been deployed to all the places I wrote about- you can just Google those areas and find the information. Or, if you don’t believe me, I can do it for you. The media is in blackout mode concerning the level of troop deployment. But we aren’t there to help anyone with food, water or security. We are only there to build up our strength and capacity. Sometimes we are there are as counselors to the military and politicians on how to conduct wars. The number of soldiers isn’t in the numbers of hundreds of thousands- they are in the thousands, sometimes tens of thousands, depending on the location. Sometimes the numbers are kept secret. They aren’t in the kinds of numbers that you will see them patrolling the streets. Depends on where you are. But to say, ‘The Middle East’ is a might vague term’.

      • Me thinks you are too easily susceptible to conspiracy theories and internet hacks. Just because something is on the internet does not make it true. I am one of a small handful of Americans in this city and it is an NGO hub for this region spanning multiple countries. I can guarantee you I know far, far more about what is going on here than any “Info Wars” type wonk.
        Your analogy fails on many levels and just the fact you made it reveals a level of ignorance. A better analogy would be if you were one of about fifty Kenyans who can speak Maa living in the southeast of the US. Odds are, you would know who most of the others are, why they are there, and a good portion of what they know. Some other Masai from Kenya making blanket statements about others like you throughout the US can easily be recognized as clueless.

      • Oh, I get it. You are the only one the Holy spirit speaks to. I am an ‘Infowars Wonk’ while you are the ‘informed Middle Eastern Person.’ Is that it? So, just by living in the Middle East, you know all about it, right? So, just by living in a country means that you know all about that country’s politics, right? You can’t be swayed by the media, propaganda or your own laziness, right? Your own lack of education, lack of curiosity, or general ignorance can’t make you blind to what is happening around you, right? Middle Eastern countries NEVER control their media, right? So, even when the Pentagon says that it has troops deployed to all the nations I just spoke about, it’s not really true, right? Because YOU, you, live there, in that massive swath of land called the MIDDLE EAST, one person whose eyesight can see less than one mile in any given direction, because YOU, B.J. can’t see them, they aren’t really there, right?

        Ok, B.J. Ok. You are right and I am wrong. Btw, you will never, ever see me use an Info wars article. Thought that might reassure you, comfort you and make you happy.

      • Here is a wonderful link for you, B.J. Since it comes from that evil place called the ‘internet’ which you so despise (even though you, ironically, use it to get your own message out), you will probably not watch the video within, but it does give 100% valid and true statistics on the freedom of information in all the ‘Middle Eastern’ states, including Israel. Just a brief synopsis: 99% of all the Middle Eastern states have been labeled ‘Not Free’ by Freedom House, a U.S. Government funded non-governmental organisation (NGO) that conducts research and advocacy on democracy, political freedom, and human rights around the world. This includes their assessment of freedom of the press and internet media. In other words, you, being in the Middle East, get absolutely NO real news at all, while I living in America, can get real news if I search hard enough. So, unless you are doing a walking tour to every city in the entire Middle East and conducting a one man spy operation around the Middle East, I’m really not sure how you can say with SUCH cockiness that what I’m saying isn’t true. All you can do is mock me and say that ‘other’s’ with you mock me and ‘those like me’ too. Listen, I’ve lived abroad too and I’ve met too many ex-pats who are ashamed of their own countrymen- they think it is cool to be like this. They always DISGUSTED me. I always stood up for Americans when I saw them- even if they were fat, carrying cameras, were sunburned and looked clueless. I knew that MY COUNTRY was the most generous country in the world. Out of THOSE PEOPLE’s hearts came more donations than ALL THESE OTHERS COMBINED. We, Americans give more charitable money from our own pockets than the world combined. So, laugh at us all you like, but we have LOVE in our hearts for those less fortunate. Also, we love Jesus and God more than any other nation in the world. Being a Christian yourself, you should be proud of that- but instead, you mock your own people. I was proud of my people while living in Germany. I detested my fellow Americans who thought to ingratiate themselves to the Europeans there by demeaning their fellow countrymen. They didn’t realize how the Germans saw them. If I heard foreigners demean my country, I would say, “You know, you could just say, ‘thank you’ to my country for the fact that you aren’t speaking German today (the ones who weren’t German.)” And to the Germans: “Well, we beat you twice, didn’t we?” They knew not to say such things to me in future.

        Being proud of your country is a good thing. They respected me more for it after they got done being offended. But they offended me first and they knew it. So, why don’t YOU stop doing the same thing? Americans aren’t ‘stupid’ or ‘clueless’. We are smart and savvy. And right now, my dear, I have access to FAR BETTER news than you if you are stuck in some Middle Eastern hell hole. Perhaps you can start getting hold of some real news if you can get into Israel. But until then, you are getting government approved news- which is all propaganda. Thank you very much, Susan

      • I am not sure how from my comments you jumped to the conclusion that I “hate America”. In fact, I was confused enough that I went back and read them again. I’m still not sure. Could you please tell me where that idea came from? I really would like to know, and to put that fear to rest check out a comparison I made of democracy in Turkey vs the US

        You are right about the fact that American media is far more reliable than the local media. I wouldn’t think of trying to get my news from those media sources. However, that doesn’t make American news without blame. Did you know that most of those reporters giving you news about Syria are actually based either right here in Gaziantep or in Amman Jordan? I can take you to a spot a few miles from my home that looks a little bombed out etc where more than one “live from Aleppo” newscast has been shot from. I have also seen BBC, CNN, etc report exact translations of Turkish news reports that you, and I, and they all know to be unreliable and untrustworthy. Does the fact that it is now in English on Fox News or MSNBC somehow make it more reliable? To be fair, I have also seen a Saudi news agency translate me into Arabic and quote me as an “unnamed source” without ever bothering to contact me or verify what I wrote. The moral of this story… don’t just believe everything you read. Check your sources. I have an ability to do that here that you simply do not have.

        As far as access goes… have you ever heard of VPNs? Anything you can get access to in America, I can get access to here. There are times when they shut down the internet entirely (like this fall for a few days after they illegally arrested multiple MPs and mayors for the crime of being Kurdish) but when they try shutting down individual things like youtube, twitter, or facebook it is a matter of seconds to bypass those blocks.

        However, I do want to thank you for warning me that where I live is not free. I didn’t realize every single morning that this could be the day I can be deported or end up in jail. I didn’t realize every time I step into my school that it might be raided and shut down. I didn’t realize that every time I write something on the internet I need to be careful not to cross some invisible line that could get me killed. I don’t get nearly as nervous as I should every time I share my faith that the person I am talking to might have government or ISIS connections that could get me killed. Thank you for informing me I am not as free as you are in America. I never knew this.

      • Let me get this straight. Your first argument was that you were more informed about military matters because you LIVED in the Middle East and you, personally, didn’t see any American troops around your area. You also told me that I couldn’t possibly know better than you because I was getting my news from the lousy American news. I responded by telling you that it hardly qualified you as a military expert just because you occupied a small plot of the MASSIVE area called the ‘Middle East’ and pointed out that the news you get over there is completely repressed. I proved my point by showing you the stats that verify that the entire Middle East is considered, by every non profit, to be completely repressive of the press. Thus, you can’t possibly be getting true information about American troops from the press over there. So, if you can’t see beyond a mile around you and can’t get any reliable news, my question to you was, how can you possibly say you were better informed than me? Especially when I have confirmed my information from several sources? NOW, you come back to me and say that you get American news too?? (didn’t you just tell me that it was lousy? Isn’t that exactly why you told me not to believe it?) Listen, BJ, you aren’t making any sense.

        Let me just settle the matter. Let me give you the sources for the information. Obama HAS increased our military presence in the entire Middle East. Much of it has been done quietly. He has NOT reduced our footprint, he has increased it. I don’t really care if Bush started it. And btw, are you SERIOUSLY still blaming Bush after 8 years and AFTER Obama has left office?? Kind of ridiculous if you ask me. Now, read the RECENT articles below and be contented that I didn’t lie or exaggerate at all to my readers or to you. If you want to be a decent person, you can apologize afterward. Thanks, Susan

        SOMALIA: an American base on Socotra Island off Somalian coast * & the troop increases described in :
        KUWAIT: U.S. Army Forces Central Command stationed there *
        QATAR: U.S. Air Forces Central & U.S. Special Operations Command Central is based there *
        BAHRAIN: U.S. Marine Forces Central Command & U.S. Naval Forces Central Command. is located there *
        SAUDI ARABIA: Secret New Drone Attack Facility *
        JORDON: 1,500 American soldiers, a squadron of F-16s, and a Patriot Missile Battery have been temporarily based in Jordan *
        UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: According to UAE and U.S. officials, there are about 5,000 U.S. troops *

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