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Don’t Give Up, Christian, You Aren’t Alone!

Dont-give-upI have no doubt that each of us, the true lovers of Christ, our Lord, come to a point in our lives that we say, “What’s the point? Am I really making a difference? I am just one drop in an ocean of sin and no one listens.” Do you ever feel like this? Do you ever feel tempted to just stop witnessing? Does it seem hopeless or does your life seem wasted concerning God’s business?

I say this: I’ve felt that too, Brothers and Sisters! And here should be our response: “Lord Jesus, Strengthen our resolve, increase our faith and put satan far from us! When we are weak, YOU are strong!”

We are in an age, friends, when true believers tend to be isolated from one another. I am glad, so glad, to have the internet for this reason. I want for you all to friend one another for this reason. While there might be a few of you who aren’t Christians ( a few family & friends), 99.99% of the friends on my page are all true believers. And that is hard to find anywhere! To have that kind of contact is wonderful. To have that kind of prayer support is wonderful. We NEED it when we get down. We rely on it when we are weak- and especially if we ever feel like quitting.

Look, while we might feel like we are alone- especially in America and Europe, the Church is growing exponentially in other parts of the earth!! It’s going crazy in China, India, Africa and now, even in the Middle East because of so many people being exiled through Muslim violence. Let us extend our love and the message of Christ through social media! Let us not lose hope. We need to encourage each other and keep one another company right here in America and remind each other that Christ is ALIVE.

And while we are at it, let us pray for a revival of the Holy Spirit here in America. And in Europe. It might look hopeless, but in Jesus, all things are possible. And we are the leavening.

We can never lose hope. Never. That is our calling. We are all called to the Great Commission. Let us all use social media to witness to the greatness of God and to the love of Jesus! Amen?



  1. Reb, a short story which relates to your post… there was an old baptist tent preacher by the name of Mordecai Ham. He preached his heart out one night and at the end of his sermon gave an altar call. Only one answered the invitation. He was absolutely devistated and cried out to the lord, “what must I do to show them you are the answer?” The one who answered the call that night… Billy Graham! One person CAN make a difference. Shalom

      • Reb, what I can confirm is that Mortecai Ham was a Baptist preacher and on November 1,1934 in Charlotte, NC, at one of his meetings, Billy Graham surrendered his life to Christ. This is verifiable through documents in the Billy Graham Library. Whether poetic license was taken with other comments I can not say. When I use this illustration from the pulpit, I will comment about Ham’s crying out as perhaps being the stuff of legend. The overarching message here however is that ONE person CAN make a difference. At a personal level I can share the following… I went through a season where I believed I was doing all the Lord asked of me, but was not seeing the fruit of my labor. In prayer I “heard” the Lord say, “continue to do what I ask and don’t worry about fruit, I will produce it in season. If you’re focused on the fruit, you’re focused wrong, obedience is what I desire.” I consider myself a “Johnny Appleseed” preacher who’s charged to plant seeds. Praying about this very idea, the Lord responded by impressing my heart with the following, “you may not fully understand the extent of your ministry until you get to Glory, where people will approach you and say thank you for what you shared because of it I was compelled to seek Him.” Don’t ever be ashamed to provoke people to jealousy to come to know the Christ you have fallen so deeply in love with.

        As a minister of the Gospel, I can fully understand the idea of crying out to the Lord with, “Lord WHAT must I do to show them…” I am quite certain also that you can fully understand and identify with that very truth as well! I believe and have preached from the pulpit the idea conveyed in what I shared with you about Ham and Graham; you never know if you’re ministering to the next Billy Graham or Paul etc. The Book of Acts, the birth of Christ’s earthly church, has not yet been closed, we still live and minister within its context.

        Hope this in some way helps… Shalom and blessings

  2. Give you a testimony about not giving up. 3 years ago lost my older brother who was like a father, then son 2 years ago, then mom last year, business fell apart, car repossessed, alone in the world, down to last $200.00. Took all the faith in scripture to believe God had NOT abandoned me, I prayed Jacob’s prayer, two hours “I will not stop until you bless me”, next day sell $30,000.00 worth of business, this won’t bring family back, but I was one week from homelessness, and most assuredly a loss of faith.

    • Michael, I am so glad that God answered your desperate prayer. Here is what I know: it wasn’t the type of prayer, it wasn’t how long you prayed- but it was because you put all your faith in God that God answered you. Sometimes, it is when we are most desperate that we finally come to God as we should have all along. We need to lean on him 100%. Trust him 100%. Believe in him 100%. But like the wandering Jews, we don’t. Every time God does a miracle for us, we rejoice and then.. soon enough, we lose faith and begin to count on other people, banks, Congress, etc, to help us out BEFORE we finally come to God. But the reality is that God wants and yearns for us to trust him like that every day of our lives. It wasn’t Jacob’s prayer that saved you, it was your FAITH in God that saved you. I hope that you continue to remain faithful and steady in Christ, Michael. Tell people what God did for you. And read your Bible to deepen your faith. God bless you and thank you for sharing your story. Susan

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