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Christianity Explodes in China!

You need to see this. Please don’t think that Christianity is dead. The Holy Spirit is running like wildfire across the earth. The underground church in China is one of the biggest in the world. I only worry that this film might expose some pastors to the state. This will bring you great joy as a Christian. And it will also bring you tears. Tears for our own church. All of us need to be asking: why is the American Church lacking this passion? The answers are there and so is the solution- but too many fear the solution to implement it.

Before doctors can help a sick patient, they must know the underlying cause of the illness.  Knowing the symptoms isn’t good enough.  We know we have low attendance, growing atheism, lack of service among the church fellowship, hypocrisy, fear, indifference, grievous sin, apostasy, mockery of God, blasphemy, loss of faith, hopelessness, and worse of all, we have the increasing growth of the false church in America and Europe.  Better to have nothing than to have that.Why have these things come to the American Church?  Why are we sick and they aren’t (at least in the churches?)    What do we ‘have’ in America that China doesn’t have?  What do you think we Christians need to do to become open to the Holy Spirit again as these people in China are?  What do you think?


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