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All the reasons I love God


God never leaves my side. He has never let me down. I feel his goodness next to me all the days of my life. No matter how dangerous my situation becomes, I feel safe, knowing He is with me. I am never afraid anymore because I have grown into Him and He, into me. I walk with the Lord.

I have prayed since I was a child for wisdom because I wanted to please the Lord, just as Solomon pleased the Lord. I have walked with the Lord because I wanted to please Him just as Enoch did. And I feel God’s pleasure upon my head like warm sunshine. There is no greater pleasure in the world than to feel His smile upon me.

I love God because He loves me first. He gives me energy, passion and desire to do good in the world. He lifts me up from evil thoughts and temptations. He instructs me and grows me every day. He took me from a crooked branch and made me better in every way. He makes me feel good about myself.  He makes me feel blameless and not cursed. Because He has led my feet into his ways, I am proud to be a human being, his child.

I am so thankful for God, especially when I turn around and see all that He has done in my life and the lives of my family and children. He has kept every promise. Even the desperate promise I made to Him, begging Him to protect my children in response. He didn’t have to keep his end of that bargain as He never agreed to it. But He did, nonetheless, because He is that compassionate. When I see the health, love, goodness and potential in my children, I see God’s hand in them. When I see the strength of my marriage bond with Cal, I see his hand also. All I see of myself is a blind following, a mere trusting of the Lord. All came from Him and I know it.

I love God when I see the beauty of nature. Every hill and mountain, every stream & ocean, every wildflower, every bird and even the wonder of insects. Each apportioned their share of life, peril, joy, purpose and time. Only a fool fails to see a compassionate Creator in that. The more I see, the more I worship Him with passionate joy. It overwhelms me with happiness.

God takes vengeance, heart sickness and darkness from my body and replaces it with understanding, wisdom and compassion. I find it harder and harder to hate people who do evil things to me. It is truly a peace without understanding. Jesus is the personification of God- all that is good, kind, compassionate and true. He is here to love us and care for us. To teach us and to guide us. I love Him.

We are meant for so much more than to eat, drink and survive. God intends for us to come to an understanding of who we really are- much more than a mere animal- indeed, his own spiritual Children! The Bible says that the entire universe has been held back and is ‘groaning in anticipation’ for God’s Children to be born. WE are the entire point of all Creation! All those stars, nebulae, black holes, asteroids, comets, planets- everything! All for us to contemplate, enjoy, and to marvel at the strength of God for making.

I adore God because He gives my life meaning and purpose. He makes sense of the senseless. He provides order to evil chaos. He’s got a Plan. With Him, I am safe. We all are. There are so many more reasons why I love Him, but these are just a few.



  1. Do you love God still after the recent judgement against you? Im wondering because I went through a similar situation and now I question my faith. I seek your guidance.

    • Yes, I do! Listen, when we have something catastrophic happen to us, we can easily become angry or upset with God. I was shocked at God’s choice, frankly. I had taken him quite literally when he promised to never allow his children to be condemned in court! I really had faith that God would show me to be innocent in the courtroom. And when he didn’t, I was truly dumbfounded. My grief over what I saw as a broken promise is what almost took me down. Also, the idea that now atheists would mock God as well as me hurt me greatly. I couldn’t believe God would let his own named be mocked. I cried so hard. I threw myself against the airplane seat and against my husband’s lap when I heard the verdict, such was my shock. But even in the midst of my pain, God’s Holy Spirit never left me. It began to supplement me with knowledge from the Bible. “God allowed his own Son to lose his trial, “the Holy Spirit said, “He let all the Apostles and Paul lose their trials too…” and I knew, even as I was upset with God, that he was right. I needed to bring these two biblical facts together. I realized that I had not understood his promise about losing in court properly. It took a few days, but eventually, I began to understand that verse. It says we won’t be ‘condemned’ in court. It doesn’t say we will never lose. I suddenly realized that no one believes that Jesus or the Apostles got fair trials. Today, we look back with understanding that they were innocent of all charges and were victims of a larger political movement that was threatened by Jesus’ teachings. And Jesus, of course, was the greatest threat of all to the status quo of power. (after all, Jesus claimed that we are all equal under God!) Therefore, IN TIME, we will not be condemned in court- even man’s court. To me, the promise means that even if we are found guilty in man’s court, one day, the truth of our innocence will get out and our reputations as good, honest people will be restored. So, we will not remain condemned in man’s court. Man’s judgement upon us, if erroneous, will be lifted even in the eyes of men. The conviction will not stand forever. We WILL be found innocent eventually. I hope that makes sense to you. I think that is the correct way to interpret that promise according to the reality of what happened to God’s Son and all the Apostles, whom we know to be righteous. So, if you were innocent and found guilty in man’s court, just hang on and trust God. Trust him no matter what happens to you. Believe in his promises even if you don’t understand them. HE will bring the correct interpretation to you soon enough if you have faith. It will become clear to you why he did what he did. And remember, he only does things for YOUR GOOD and for the good of the people around you. You aren’t the only one he loves. Remember that. So, if your pain leads another to Christ, he might let you deal with that. You are his servant after all, are you not? Thus, we bow to his wiser mind and allow him to use us like the clay pots we are. Much, much love and support to you in your suffering. Many blessings from Christ. And may God BLESS YOU with peace, wisdom and understanding Robert.

    • Well, because I don’t practice hate and division. I’m not sure what you mean by that. I do know that there is a fake Short Little Rebel Facebook page that mimics me and says awful things in my name. But that just goes to show what the liberal atheists do, which is hate and divide. As for me, I believe I practice what I believe. I’m not perfect, of course, and sometimes say or do things I regret, but so does everyone.

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