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Bullies On the Right Celebrate Rape Victim’s Loss in Court


“We can’t help it if men slobber all over us…”

Oops.  I meant, ‘Chicks on the Right’.  These two will do just about anything for money.  Anything that will get more attention for their little gossip column is fodder for their ‘snark’, as they like to call it.  Overtly sexualized images of themselves cavorting with lipstick together, pink bubble gum and rolling eyes, and miniskirts… and don’t forget the bleach bottle.  They relish and welcome slobbering male attention in their comment section and give little shrugs of fake helplessness when criticized for it.  “We can’t help what our readers say…”  Please, Bullies.  Save it for your beehive.  These two think that just because they make money at what they do and get attention for it, they are actually serious political thinkers.  I hate to tell you, Bullies, but no one thinks of you that way. The very best anyone thinks of you is that you are a ‘good time’.  And if that is the ‘new face of conservatism,’ then conservatism is in real trouble.  You ladies are nothing more than adult mean girls.

Women who actually celebrate when the kind of legal precedent that my case has presented against all women in the military and in our civilian society are the bane of women’s existence.  They are the reason that rape and sexual harassment remain in the hands of men.  They are traitors to their own sex.  But what else should we expect of women who use their looks and bodies to sell their brand of disgusting gossip?  These two are sell-outs to women in this nation.  They represent everything that is wrong with women.  They give women a bad name.

These two angry, snarling Bimbettes are so busy with their vitriol that they fail to understand the danger my case presents to women in the military and in our nation.  They celebrate my loss because for them, it is a personal matter.  That is how puny their little brains are.  They simply can’t divorce themselves from their emotions.  Yeah, way to break stereotypes against women, Bullies.  Women who can’t control their emotions.  Women who can’t think outside of their own petty self interest.  Women who hate other women so much that they can’t think before they speak.

rape story 2.jpg

The Chicks think it is great fun to celebrate the fact that this little girl and her family can be sued for millions of dollars if she can’t pony up at least $150,000 to defend herself against a defamation suit from her dear grandpa who raped her.  Nice, huh?

I fought for every little girl on YouTube who use the flipcards to name their rapists- simply because they are too afraid or shy to say it outloud.  Now, with my loss, every one of those little girls can be found guilty of defamation- just as I was.  And all because they didn’t get a police conviction first.  And none of them have rape kits or witnesses for their rapes.  They will all lose in court because of my case.  And this is what the Idiots on the Right are celebrating so ignorantly.

rape story.jpg

The Bullies on the Right are celebrating that this little girl can now be sued by her rapist father.  Very nice, Bullies.  Very nice.

Someday, this precedent will come back and bite one of them in the butt.   Especially if one of them is raped as I was.  Let’s see them have the courage I had in standing up to my rapist.  Let’s see them try to represent all raped women, men and children in this nation as I did.  Let’s see them spend their entire retirement and children’s education fund to defend women in the military as I did.  I turned down a deal from my rapist that would have made my case ‘go away’.  All I had to do was admit ‘that I was mistaken’ about the identity of my rapist.  I have too much integrity to fight only for myself.  I turned it down, knowing that if I took it, I could never fight for ALL women’s rights to name their rapists online.  I simply couldn’t allow myself to be bullied into silence- it would also set a dangerous precedence for other women- especially these girls.

Little did I know that these two loser women actually wrote an article about my loss in court.   They wrote is as a ‘juicy tale of sex’ and asked people to ‘pull up a chair’.  Truly disgusting.  What depth is not too deep for these two Bullies?  I have an automatic feed to Twitter.  I rarely (extremely rarely) make active tweets.  My Twitter feed is simply populated with my Facebook and WordPress posts.  So, I never saw all the obsessive, hateful tweets they were directing at me about my loss in court.  I recently got a message from Twitter that my account might be hacked and to change my password.  That’s when I went to my twitter account to review what was happening there- just in case someone had posted things in my name.  That’s when I saw the hysterical tirade these two were on!  These two knew I was suicidal after the case- those tweets made it into my Twitter feed too.  And yet, they went out of their way to call me a plethora of nasty female slurs, a liar, a hypocrite? So glad I didn’t see them while I was so weak and torn down.  No doubt they wouldn’t waste a minute before celebrating my death as well.

And why all this hate from the chicks?  Because years agoI made a comment which they chose to misinterpret.  And they chose to never forgive, regardless of my sincere attempts to clarify.   Within a conversation, I said that women didn’t need to prostitute themselves in order to be taken seriously in a ‘man’s world’.  They chose to jump on that and claim I called them ‘prostitutes’.  What can I do if they won’t accept my clarification?  They wanted some public apology- not going to happen.  I meant what I said.  No apology needed. They enjoy getting into a huge huff.  Getting angry and taking revenge just sells better than boring ol’ forgiveness and understanding, I guess.  They whipped their readers into a frenzy and have continued this lie to this day.

Apparently,  they obsessively monitor my blog too.  Otherwise, how could they know that that their ex-readers complain about them from time to time on my blog? They get extremely angry when one comes to my blog and speaks about their mean spiritedness and lack of professionalism.  Then they claim I am ‘talking’ about them when I simply respond to my own reader on my own page.  Why are they eavesdropping on my blog?  I certainly don’t read theirs.   These two are bonafide liars.

They call other women stereotypical female slurs and then say that I bring women down?  They laugh when a woman loses a landmark rape case that does serious harm to all women in every court in the land?  And they claim that I bring women down?  Such Jokers.  I just want to pinch their cute little cheeks.  Hard.


Waaaahhhh!  She hit me and I didn’t do ANYTHING to deserve it!  Whaaaaaa!

I would love to compare how many comments, tweets and articles I’ve written about the Bullies compared with their obsessive tweets and article about me.  And I would love to look at the time/date stamps to see who threw punches first.  They are the bullies who hit first and then cry when they get hit back.  And they lie to the principal about who started it.  These bimbos actually went through the trouble of sending me a hand signed book full of insults to my home address.  Even the envelope was handwritten by Daisy.   How they got my home address is a mystery to me.  But they took the time to get it.  Perhaps they wanted me to see that they had a book?  I found it most amusing that they still thought of me and mentioned it on Facebook.  Then they claim I ‘made a comment about them.”  Hardy har, har.  These lightweights are never on my mind- that is, until I find they have egged my home- yet again.   Well, Ladies (and I use that term loosely), I have a right to defend myself against the likes of you.  Your cries of innocence are transparent.  You’re mean little cusses.  You really are.

Now that time has passed, I can see why my original comment so upset them- they knew something about themselves that I didn’t.  And that is this:  they really are whores- media whores.  And nothing is too ugly for them.  At least I write for no pay.   And I will write the truth even if it is unpopular.  I am willing to take hits for the sake of truth- even if it is just my truth.   I have the courage to say the word, “Jesus” in the same breath as ‘Politics’, even though that is anathema in blogging.  I will support a position, even if it is not part of my party line- because it is the moral thing to do.   That’s integrity, ladies.  At the very minimum, I believe in what I do and I do it to serve my fellow man.  These two are all about the money.  That is why they reacted so harshly to my comment and misconstrued it.  They have guilty consciences.

The bottom line this this:  They think it is funny that ALL women on social media, t.v. and magazines who have accused their rapist by name will now be liable for millions of dollars if they can’t prove the rape happened (think about the Cosby case, Trump’s accusers, etc).  My case was a landmark case of its kind and overturns decades of precedence.  Rich men can now simply file an expensive defamation case for millions and if a woman can’t muster over $150,000 to simply defend herself against the defamation case, she will automatically lose and be found guilty– just as I was.  And because most homeowner’s insurance covers defamation, it will mean that even a poor rapist can get a lawyer on consignment based on the assurance of payment from the insurance company.  But for the woman?  No attorney will touch her until she puts up the entire amount upfront.  And if the guy is rich, even if she can get the money, he has MORE money to spend on a team of lawyers who will hire private detectives, computer forensics people, etc. to dig up every piece of dirt on her.  And for everything that goes wrong in the trial, he will have the team to quickly react, regather his strategy, rearrange all the documents and even make new visuals for the jury while she has one lawyer struggling to keep up with just about everything.   Great job celebrating their future losses, BULLIES on the Right.  You are the funniest meme on the internet.  You really are.  You are Always Wrong for the worst Reasons.



  1. Umm… the women you talk about in your article got molested or raped by horrible degenrate human beings and they deserve all the support and love they need. YOU lied about getting raped and smeared the career of a lifelong military man. So dont compare yourself to these women and dont you dare cry victim in your post because you almost got away with ruining another person’s life. Thank god you didnt and thank god the courts also saw fit to make you pay for your malicious attack to get a few hundred extra views on your blog.

    • Um… You clearly are an ignorant person who hates women. Or, you are friend of Riggins. You certainly don’t know or care to know the facts of the case. You are free to read the facts in my two articles: In my Defense and Washington Post Makes Another Error. They are on the front page of my blog. Educate yourself. Your idea that a woman would go to the trouble of spending $150,000 dollars to go to court against her rapist (to get a few hundred views) on her blog just show your complete idiocy. Are you that unable to process logic, my friend? I hate to tell you this, but Riggins offered me a chance to ‘make it all go away’ if I simply said I was ‘mistaken’ about the identity of my rapist. If I lied about the rape in my article to ‘get a few views’ on my blog, which has millions of hits without any help from Riggins or his story, I would jump at the chance to be free of this headache, would I not? I could never hope to prevail in court if I lied- specifically because I couldn’t hope to find the proof necessary to win. So, why would I turn down his ‘generous’ offer to drop the case against me? Derp. Because I was telling the truth and I will be damned before I allow my rapist to silence me. I will not allow my rapist to silence me and thus, set a precedence for all women everywhere on social media. I didn’t survive rape and the humiliation of leaving West Point to allow a thug like him to set that kind of legal mania against all women in America. No. Way. I had set out to serve my nation and by God, I would serve my nation. Something I am quite sure you know nothing about. My blog is highly successful- it had millions of hits before that PUNY article about Riggins was written. The laughable part is that only 500 people in the entire world even read it before the knumbskull sued me. Now, BECAUSE he sued me, thousands have seen it. Whatever traffic has come to that article, it is 100% his fault. He has made himself infamous for the rape. Now, he will have to go through his entire life trying to convince people that he DIDN’T do it. He had already gotten away with it- both at West Point and after the Army CID gave its verdict of Inconclusive. It couldn’t prove either of our stories. He should have left it where it was. What can I say? It isn’t my reputation that he hurt. The only people who are angry are his friends and men’s groups who are full of angry men who are terrified that they are next on the block for all the nasty things they did to women in their past. I will put my money on the table that YOU are on of them. Only perverted men hate women so much that they jump so quickly to conclusions and believe the obvious lack of facts like this.

    • thanks. I guess it bothers me tremendously when women work against women on such an important topic. I saw the same kind of thing at West Point and in the police. Some women can be very petty. We need to stick together.

  2. Wow. I could never understand the length some people would go to, for the sake of smear gossip. I’m very sorry you’ve had to endure this. Keep doing what you know is right. Keep speaking. I actually never heard of either of these ladies, but then again their type of talk isn’t something I care to read. What a sad case for these young girls as well. Bad enough the poor are already marginalized. Now they want to abuse them and keep them quiet too? What shame!! I know these are signs of the times, and I know God sees every hurt and abuse you and every other female or male has, and presently go through, and in time He will bring justice. I hope sooner rather than later. All we can do for now is pray without ceasing. Yes even pray for these two women. Maybe they will come to their senses. Susan, you will continue to be in prayers every time your name comes to mind. I cannot even imagine what you are going through, but I thank God that He kept you, and that you are still here with us. Be encouraged dear sister.

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