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Response to latest Riggins’ Attacks

daily mailSome of my readers have been sending me posts referencing the Daily Mail article about me and David W. Riggins that have been cropping up on Facebook which compare me to Dr. Ford.  First, I take that as a complement.  Second, I want to respond to some of the ridiculous accusations and blatant assumptions of my guilt involved on some of these posts.  I also want to tell you people that I am a Trump loving, anti Obama DEPLORABLE, Christian Conservative.  Most of the ones hating on me most are on my side- and don’t even know it.  You’ve rushed to judgement so fast, you haven’t even determined who it is you are judging.  I love Jesus with all my heart and have dedicated my life to him and his Truth.   I believe I have lived my life as an example of servitude and sacrifice in the pursuit of that truth.  Telling the truth about Riggins was part of that sacrifice.  I could not allow a rapist to become a general in the Army I love and in the Country I would die for.  Now, please give me the courtesy, as your sister in Christ, to confront some of the false accusations being leveled at me.

I most certainly did not lie- nor have I taken down any of my articles claiming that Riggins raped me. David Wil Riggins did rape me in 1986 at West Point when both of us were cadets. I wrote about my rape in my personal WordPress blog in 2010 and again in 2013 after Congress threatened to take rape prosecution away from the military branches due to their ridiculously low rates of prosecution and reporting. I wrote about my rape and that of my roommate in support of female soldiers. (I have since learned that yet another roommate of mine was also raped and she never reported it either. She told the jury for the first time in her life. Of course, the judge ordered the jury to strike it from their memories!) According to my WordPress blog stats, only 500 people had read that article- only my signed up readers.

However, someone sent the Army a copy of the article.  They contacted me immediately and requested for me to submit a formal complaint against Riggins. I denied and said I wasn’t interested in pursuing a case against him. They requested again. I denied a second time, telling them I was healed of the rape. Then they asked to meet with me in person.  I agreed to meet but warned them that I had no intention of going to court or to press charges in any way. I told them I would tell them about the situation, but would not do anything that would lead to any conviction. I was uninterested in revenge. I had left it with God.

However, they were ready for me. they had a big photo of Riggins they showed me, knowing it would spark an intense emotional response in me. I was sickened to see his smug face. I identified him as my rapist. I felt like years dropped away like old clothing. The pain rushed back in a moment. In order to convince me to write a formal complaint, they told me was going to be promoted to a general and that the Army no longer wanted to promote a man who had committed sexual assault and that they ‘needed’ me to write the formal complaint. “That’s all I needed to do. They would do the rest,” they promised. I commented that it would just be a ‘he said, she said’ situation.

“We could never win after so many years,” I said.

“Don’t worry about that,” they assured me. “Your statement will be enough. It will probably still prevent him from getting the promotion.”

They told me that they would support and protect me in every way.  Seeing me balking and hesitating, they also told me that if I didn’t write the complaint, he would be working at the Pentagon and would be in charge of thousands of female soldiers’ futures. They asked if I wanted that. I said, “No.” They said it would be my duty to submit a formal complaint if I wanted to help all those female soldiers- especially, they pointed out, since that was my original goal for writing my article.

Staring at his hideous face, I felt they had a point. I didn’t feel that a rapist should become a general either. They also told me that he would be working at the Pentagon at a time when they were re-organizing the Army around sexual harassment claims.

They told me, “Riggins, as a general, will have a lot of influence around those reorganization decisions. Do you think a rapist will care about making the right organizational changes for female soldiers?  You can help prevent that, Susan.” Let me ask you, if you could have stopped a man like that, would you? I felt very compelled to do so.

I wrote the complaint on the spot before I could change my mind, against my father’s and husband’s advice- both doubted the Army’s promise to support me ‘all the way.’ (I want to point out, at this moment, that I wrote a formal complaint to a policing agency- the military version. There are comments being made that say I didn’t. I also want to point out that I didn’t go to the press or attempt to sue Riggins for a penny.  He sued me.  That is how he made himself infamous.  My article got 500 people to see the fact that he raped me.  His own lawsuit made my accusation public to millions of people around the world!)  My father and husband were right- the Army eventually screwed me completely. Granted, I don’t believe they anticipated the nerve of Riggins when he dared to file the $2.3 million defamation suit against me, but when he did, they had no choice but to cut me off completely.

Riggins, on the other hand, as an active member of the Army, was able to get his hands on every kind of military information from West Point and elsewhere. I wasn’t even able to even get a detailed map of West Point (considered proprietary to the public). Riggins brought in his boss, a decorated war general who named-dropped General Allen and General Petraeus in the courtroom- he wore all his medals as well.  Meanwhile, the Army refused to allow the CID agents who told me about Riggins’ promotion to testify or write emails to inform the court about their part in this process.  Riggins’ attorney lied and said I learned of Riggins’ promotion in some military journal only active soldiers ever read.  Without the Army’s corroboration, I was doomed.

The Army failed to contact me again after I wrote the statement. I heard nothing from them until I received a lawsuit, 8 months later, from Riggins amounting to a $2.3 million for defamation. Only then did I hear that the CID investigation concluded that neither of our stories could be proven and that further investigation would be fruitless. He didn’t  receive the promotion and he blamed my article for the reason. I had no information about the details of the CID investigation and when I requested it, the Army wouldn’t give it to me. Ultimately, after I filed an information request, I got a fully redacted set of papers (a few sheets) with zero pertinent information. Riggins, however, got all the information- names, dates, locations, testimony. I couldn’t call any of the witnesses because I didn’t even know who they were or who said what. He could. The Army would not call me back or answer emails. The CID agents who persuaded me to make the statements refused to call me back or email me. They unfriended me on Facebook.   West Point conveniently ‘lost’ my records that showed I was interviewed by two psychologists who were convinced I had been raped due to my hysterical outprocessing interviews.  They also refused to give me the names of those psychologists so I could contact them- I knew they would remember me.  I was completely stonewalled. Therefore, I couldn’t get any Army personnel to testify for me.  It was also close to impossible for me to get any information from West Point or the Army while Riggins easily got it as a colonel in the Army.

However, upon intense investigation, which I had to do at my own expense, I found a key witness to prove, undeniably, that Riggins outright lied about his story that he and I had sex during a Halloween party in 1983 and that this was our one and only sexual contact.  I went home with a different cadet that night in a covered truck and walked home with him through the woods.  We both got poison ivy on the  Ho Chi Min trail that empties out into the West Point barracks area.  What bothered me most was that I told the Army about this witness and they had found him.  He had told them the full truth but they disregarded it anyway during their investigation.  Even then they tried to keep the lid on the investigation and get rid of Riggins quietly.  In any case, I found this witness and he agreed to testify on my behalf.

I also found two roommates that remembered seeing me coming home with with with this other witness, not Riggins who claimed I came home with him, after a voluntary sexual encounter.  Three eyewitnesses to demonstrate that Riggins outright lied in his ONLY defense.  Also, I found another witness to tell about the poison ivy that grew rampantly during that time on the Ho Chi Min trail.  Riggins couldn’t find a single witness to corroborate his story other than those he told AFTER I had accused him of rape.  Unfortunately, the corrupt judge refused to allow my witnesses to speak at trial.

I also found that Riggins lied several times on his promotion review letter (the letter that goes to the group of generals who decide who gets promoted to general) concerning the evidence in the CID investigation.  One blatant example is that he stated that the CID investigation contained a signed report from two psychologists that stated I had claimed I was never raped at West Point.  As I said earlier, West Point lost those two psychologist reports- they weren’t IN the CID investigation!  Riggins lied on his letter to the group of generals about its existence AND about its alleged content.  As the CID report was stapled directly to his Promotion Review Board (PMB) letter, his lie was detectable immediately.  He also changed his testimony to an absurd extent on his PMB letter from what he told the Army in the CID report- also easily detected.   These lies combined with Riggins’ FAILED POLYGRAPH test were enough to prevent him from getting the general’s position ALONE.  I also found that Riggins retired VOLUNTARILY from the Army BEFORE he even received the results from the promotion review board!  Why did he quit?  Guilty conscience?

Also, Col. Riggins was NEVER DENIED the promotion to general!  That is another lie he continues to propagate to the public.   He was only passed up for that year. He was allowed to stay on the promotion list for the next time. He was passed up for that year, according to Sec. of the Army Hughs, due to a ‘severe lack of character’. While Sec. Hughes didn’t give the details for this statement, I can only imagine that he was
referring to the failed polygraph and the blatant, provable lies he told concerning the CID evidence on his promotion review board letter.

During the four years of the trial, Riggins’ attorney stated that Riggins was trying to get the Army to increase his pension to a general’s pension.  Yet, Riggins quit early to get an early buyout offered to colonels that the Army was offering to decrease the high number of colonels.  And now, he wants a general’s retirement on top of that.  And, he and his wife are trying to sue my husband, who has never been a party to their lawsuit, to get his money!  That’s because I have no money, whatsoever- as I told them from the start.    Yet, to the public, Riggins claimed, ‘this isn’t about money; it’s about my name.’  What garbage.  This has all been about money.

Therefore, to sum up the situation:

1) Riggins was not denied promotion. He was passed up one year due to ‘serious lack of character’. Riggins lied on a polygraph when asked if he raped me and failed the polygraph. Riggins lied on his promotion review letter. Both of those items would be enough to keep him from promotion. However, the generals on the promotion review board saw fit to give him another chance at promotion the following year.

2) Riggins VOLUNTARILY quit the Army before he even received the results of the Promotion review board. Because he retired early, he received more money because the Army was offering a special retirement package to decrease the number of colonel’s.

3) Riggins immediately was hired at a private pilot job and began earning far more than he ever would as a general in the Army. He also got a part time job with the FAA that increased his earnings tremendously. Like most soldiers who retire from the Army, he is earning more than double the salary he used to earn.

4) Riggins revealed via his lawyer that he wanted to sue the Army for a general’s retirement package because he felt was he wronged by them.  That was one of the major reasons for the defamation lawsuit against me. The Army’s impossible to sue.  A stay at home housewife is not.

5) I received a political, unfair trial. Riggins’ lawyer committed so many unethical acts during the four years leading up the trial and during the trial that it became a matter of picking my battles- I didn’t have enough battle to fight against them all. It cost me $400 per HOUR- and that was for a cheap lawyer. I simply couldn’t afford to investigate and fight every unethical thing Riggins’ lawyers did. Horvath lied about agreements; I caught him falsifying evidence; he cropped photos so I couldn’t properly testify on them; he illegally held back very critical evidence during depositions and only gave it to us at the trial which made it impossible for us to use it as well.  Horvath deceived my witnesses with lies and underhanded tricks (no doubt learned in his unethical years long practice).  For example, he displayed a photo of a yearbook and said to one of my witnesses, “Do you recognize this photo as the 1983 Company B-1 yearbook photo?”  And my witness, having not seen the yearbook photo in 30 years and assuming no lawyer would dare present false information in court, said, “yes,” believing that Horvath had another question in mind.  She had no idea that Horvath’s true aim was to enter a false piece of evidence into the courtroom, now validated by my own witness, that would prove one of my statements false.  That photo was NOT the 1983 photo of the West Point yearbook of Company B-1.  The real photo did not include the term’ “Barbarians 1″.  Instead, it referred to the cadets in the company as ‘The Boys.”  I had stated that Company B-1 was known to the entire Corps as “Boys One” and prided itself on ousting every female it had.  It was proud that no female had ever graduated from its ranks.  Also, it forced female cadets to yell, “Go Boys One!” or face disciplinary action.  The photo Horvath tricked my roommate into validating was from a more RECENT yearbook when they officially changed the name ‘Boys One’ to ‘Barbarians One’ to stave off claims of sexual harassment.  Isn’t that clever of Horvath and Riggins?  My witness never thought a lawyer could show her fake evidence.  But he DID.  That was just one of many, many deceptions that Horvath used to trick responses from my witnesses.  When you don’t have the truth, you must trick and deceive.  My lawyer never did this kind of thing even once.  We were straight shooters and presented real evidence the entire time.  We turned over all evidence on time and without malice.  As per the law.

In addition, I got a last minute change in judges( we had a fair judge I was excited about and got one I knew nothing about), a last minute change in courtroom (it hid me entirely from the jury while Riggins got to sit right next to them), a questionable biased jury in a town supported by Fort Belvoir and the Pentagon, at a time when the Army was trying to prove to Congress that it was ‘doing something’ about rape. OBAMA had nominated Riggins- and I happen to believe that Obama is still very powerful. There was too much embarrassment to allow a housewife like me to ‘take this general down’. I was thrown under the bus.

6) Riggins could afford to pay for an entire TEAM of lawyers. The junior lawyers were scribbling notes down the entire time. They would all run and do legal research, strategize and have a new argument set up in no time for the next round of inquiry. I could only afford ONE, old tired attorney. Poor guy. He really cared about me, but he just couldn’t handle the level of unethical behavior being thrown at him. And the corrupt judge threw out our core defense- the CID investigation and the Promotion Review Board letter and results.   By doing this, we were unable to show how Riggins and his witnesses had changed their stories so dramatically from statements that didn’t agree with one another to the seamless lies they told at trial.  It also disallowed us to show how Riggins had lied on his PRB letter.  The judge had killed the entire CORE of my defense strategy on the DAY of my trial.  We didn’t have another defense planned.  It was a shocking disaster of a decision from a judge who knew about our defense for years.

The same judge refused to allow any of my witnesses, who all flew in from all over the nation to testify against Riggins- especially about his sexual abuse of female soldiers, along with his sexual liaisons outside of his marriage! NONE got to testify because the corrupt judge said they weren’t ‘pertinent’. But the same judge allowed testimony from my bitter, jealous sister about an argument between us about ‘who was taller’. That, was relevant??  But all the eyewitness testimony of Riggins sexually harassing female cadets under his authority and his sexual licentiousness outside of his marriage is NOT relevant?? I might have lost, but it was a grossly unfair trial, my friends. It was Army/Politics 101.

7) If anyone wants to know more about the grotesque lack of justice in my trial or more details about this case, feel free to come to my website and read it there.

I am tired of being a punching bag for those who hate women. I am a real rape victim. Just because I lost a defamation trial brought by a rich Army man against me, doesn’t change history. I was raped & traumatized for many years. He’s a douchebag who is still trying to destroy me and my family. I can only hope that there are those of you out there who care enough about truth and fairness who will give my story a chance in your hearts & minds. Ultimately, I know I did this nation a great service. I LOVE my nation and saved it from having a very morally bankrupt general in it’s ranks. He might even have ran for politics. I could not sleep or face myself had I not. I would like to think that most of you would have had the courage to do what I did. It’s not easy seeing so many hateful remarks about me without my ability to talk to each and every one of you.   Lastly, of course I support Dr. Ford right now.  I find her statements to be honest and true.  You don’t have to agree with me to believe my story.  Be kind to people. Thank you,
Susan Shannon

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