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kalamazoo application page 1 013Hi, my name is Susan Shannon.  I am basically a conservative, Independent, news junkie who adores Jesus for saving my life.  I love to know what is going on around me.  But it wasn’t always this way- I used to blithely go about my day spouting uber-liberal opinions around San Francisco, CA without having watched a single day of news in the entirety my 25 years of life.  I was a single issue voter (abortion rights) that rejected all conservative thought because of it.  I have always loved Jesus, but felt the need to be a ‘cool’, ‘informed’ and ‘intelligent’ Christian to my liberal friends.  I abhorred all those ‘ignorant, red necked, embarrassing’ people that claimed to be Christians (my apologies to you all now- I was 25 and need to be forgiven!)  I was absolutely shocked at the Republican landslide in 1994- I actually felt America had been overtaken by ignorant farmers! (Liberals, does this sound like you?)

All that changed on Sept. 11, 2001.

Like so many Americans, I had absolutely no idea what had happened or why.  I had, of course, caught wisps of news events in years past- I vaguely remembered conservatives like Gingrich (whom I hated at the time) hammering Clinton about his weak response to the U.S.S. Cole bombing in 2000.  But I didn’t understand why it was such a big deal.  To me, it seemed like an insignificant group of dirty, skinny little guys just got lucky with their little boat full of dynamite.  I said, “so what? these people are no threat to America!  Why is that jerk, Gingrich, making such trouble?”  I felt he was just being political and hateful toward Pres. Clinton.  I couldn’t stand all the accusations he was leveling at the Clintons (including the Lewinsky affair)- to me, Gingrich was an international embarrassment to all Americans.  I felt that he was preventing our government and Clinton from doing their job.   I thought President Clinton was a good president.

On 9/11, I discovered the depths of my ignorance and arrogance.  I was completely lost in the ensuing debate- why Afghanistan?  who was Al Qaeda?  Bin Laden?  Why were the people in Muslim countries cheering so insanely as they watched the towers burn and fall?  And let’s face it, I didn’t even know the difference between Republican and Democrat; I didn’t know that GOP mean Republicans; I had no clue was a Libertarian was and I was utterly confounded that when reporters asked politicians questions, the politician never answered!  And worse, the reporter just nodded his head in understanding!  I had a feeling that there is a secret language that I didn’t understand!

All I knew was that I was an American.  I loved my country and was absolutely furious.  I was ready for war- heck, I was ready to sign up for the Army.  But I hated that I was so confused.  I was suddenly thirsty for real facts and information.  On 9/12/2001, I bought books and began to scour news archives online.  I also watched CNN & Fox News non-stop  for several years.

The result is that I am now a staunch conservative.  Note that I didn’t say Republican.  I pretty much despise both parties and I can’t call myself a Libertarian as most of them are Atheists.  I am an Independent and judge each issue according to what I believe is right or wrong.  It’s the only way to go, I think.  I marvel at my earlier arrogance and ignorance, but am glad I experienced it.  Now I understand how the youth blindly follows Obama.  I also see beneath the thinly supported outbursts of most liberals.  I, too, used to just call people ‘ignorant’, ‘racist’, and acted as if the conservative scum before me was simply beneath my attention- I did this as I flounced off with my middle finger in the air behind me.  What no one saw was my immense relief to be away from that conservative.  I knew I had no actual proof for my opinion- I also had not understood the news reference he had used.  (Remember? I never watched the news).  I simply ‘knew’ I was right and he was wrong.  Period.  Oh, I laugh when I see liberals do this now!  I know why they flounce away.  Why they need to just call names, degrade conservatives, and especially, why they always leave the argument.  They know they will look like idiots if they stay.  But deep down inside, they do actually believe they are right.  Been there, done that.

I like that I was a liberal and that research, reading and facts forced me to drop old, strongly held opinions.  Conclusion:  An honest seeking of truth must lead to Conservatism and to God.  If you don’t find them, then you are just making decisions based on emotions and ignorance.  And that makes you blind.

The more I learn, the more conservative I become- not the other way around.

As for me personally, I am an ex-soldier, an ex-international management consultant, now a small business owner, a college graduate, a wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend.  I have 1 dog, 2 cats and lots of fish.   I’m not rich and I’m not poor.  I went to public schools through high school.  I am an Army brat- my father is basically a generic white guy and my mother is Korean.  I have lived in 23 different places, several of which were overseas.  I tend to get into trouble with people  because I hate hypocrisy and tend to address it when I see it.  Mostly, though,

 12 I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who has given me strength, that he considered me trustworthy, appointing me to his service. -1 Timothy 1:12



  1. Hi, I just wanted to say that for one your comments are subjective. You only allow the ones that you like to be seen according to your “If you are leaving a nasty, unhelpful comment, it will never see the light of day.” I also think that you post about God hating sinners is very ummm extreme and not really educated. Please read what Jesus came for. We are all sinners, you and me. God doesn’t hate you and he doesn’t hate me because we are sinners. Also just becoming christian doesn’t mean you are perfect either. Being Christian has many different meanings, one is that we pursue a life of Christ and living like him. We will never live without hate or hypocrisy, but God understands that and loves us regardless. Which is why he sent Jesus. Yes I think that he can be disappointed but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t stop loving us. I do believe that we should spread the word, but one of our most important missions is living as an example for others and constantly showing love and compassion. Maybe you shouldn’t have unfriended all of your Mormon friends because you have a shot to show them ministry. Something that I think is another really cool Christian philosophy is dubbed “Imago Dei” which is latin for “image of God”. It is basically that we are made in the image of God, right? So we all have a bit of God in us, so when Jesus answers the Pharisees that the greatest commandment is that we should love God with all of your soul and all of your mind and all that you do and the second is like unto it love your neighbor as yourself. So when you are truly loving God with all your heart and soul you are loving all those around you, and when you are truly loving your neighbor you are worshipping God. and I think that is really awesome.

    • Hi Bob, please excuse me if I don’t include ‘the builder’ part as I address you. Of course I moderate my comments- any responsible blog owner would. If you read through my comment section, it is clear that I allow other points of view on my page. I do not allow useless , go nowhere arguments and I don’t allow profanity or rage. Having read back upon some of my older comments, sometimes I regret my tone. But I am imperfect and am happy to admit it. You say that I am extreme and ‘uneducated’ about the post about God hating sinners yet you fail to account for the scriptures that back that article. Of course I know what Jesus said. But note that these people whom God despises are the ones who utterly fail to obey the very first commandment. They detest God with all their hearts. These are not mere sinners. These are God haters. I do think that God despises them. And I do think that God will end their days and their spiritual lives. He has done it many times before and he will do it again. In fact, it is prophesied many times in the bible- as well for the future in Revelation. Will you call the bible ‘uneducated’ too?

      Now, as a Christian, you should know that we have only one source in all the world for all our knowledge concerning God- and that is the bible. There simply is no other reference. All other books are written to interpret that one amazing document. One can quibble about meaning, but one can’t say the bible is wrong. I list bible verses that exist. Jesus made it clear that nothing has been erased from the bible- not one letter, not one stroke of a pen.

      We know, however, that Jesus came in fulfilment of the prophesies of the Old Testaments concerning atonement and sacrifice and so we need not do those kinds of things anymore. Cleanliness and uncleanliness no longer have any meaning for us as we are permanently washed clean by the blood of Christ. Forbidden foods no longer matter for the same reason- Christ told us that it was not what entered the body that defiled us but what came out of our mouths that defiled us.

      But as to what God loves or hates, what God considers moral or immoral- none of that has changed. God never changes. He is unchangeable. He stands as the mountain of steadiness. He is who he is and will always be.

      So, your comment that I am ‘uneducated’ is something of a luxury for you as you don’t bother to support it in any way at all- other than to make yourself easier with the ways of the world.

      Perhaps you feel that I am too harsh with homosexuals. Well, I think you fail to understand my feelings on the matter. I don’t have a problem with individuals. I have a problem with the Progressive Movement who is using people who suffer with this addiction/demon/sin in order to steal all of our First Amendment Rights. Many, like you, fail to understand the danger Christians, especially, are in. Because you do not read the news, you don’t know that in Canada, today, it is already illegal for people to use words from the bible to say ‘anything negative’ about homosexuality. Counselors, pastors, psychologists will now lose their liscenses if they even try to ‘help’ a person suffering from homosexuality even if the person wants to change their behavior. That is wrong. That is the State entering into the health care of an individual. That is the State fining and limiting the free speech of individuals. The KKK can wear ugly masks and say horrible things as they march down streets but Christians can’t quote the bible? That is why I fight against homosexuality. Not because I wish to fight them- but because they are fighting against ME.

      I have friends who struggle with homosexuality. We speak compassionately and openly about their struggle. There is no hate, only love from me. We pray together and love each other. Don’t mistake my public, political battle with my personal relationships.

      I truly believe that the modern American church has FAILED to tell the whole truth about God. That is why it bores people to tears. They teach an effeminate, weak, mamsy, pamsy version of God that no one would want to follow. Gee, let’s see, even Iron Man has more balls than the version of God our modern church pumps out. No. Mankind NEEDS the biblical God. That is the ONLY God they will respect. And God knows it. He knows exactly what he created. And he knows exactly what we need. We need HIM. The real him. The one who demands respect before he demands our love. The one who defines love as OBEDIENCE first and emotion second. The one who will throw your butt in hell or kill you forever if you will hate his guts and demean him as some do today. Yes, that God. That is the one that men will follow to their dying day. Men need a higher purpose, Bob. They need something to believe in. Someone to believe in. A higher Calling that will WIN in the in. And our God is that God. And while he is full of LOVE, he is even more full of RIGHTEOUSNESS. And sometimes, that righteousness must be seen in the light of justice and that justice must been seen as death. Just as man’s court must sometimes assign death, so must God’s. Who are you to question God?

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