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kalamazoo application page 1 013Hi,
My name is Susan Shannon.  I am basically a conservative, Independent, news junkie who adores Jesus for saving my life.  I love to know what is going on around me.  But it wasn’t always this way- I used to blithely go about my day spouting uber-liberal opinions around San Francisco, CA without having watched a single day of news in the entirety my 25 years of life.  I was a single issue voter (abortion rights) that rejected all conservative thought because of it.  I have always been very religious (Christian), but felt the need to be a ‘cool’, ‘informed’ and ‘intelligent’ Christian to my liberal friends.  I abhorred all those ‘ignorant, red necked, embarrassing’ people that claimed to be Christians.  I was absolutely shocked at the Republican landslide in 1994- I actually felt America had been overtaken by ignorant farmers!

All that changed on Sept. 11, 2001.

Like so many Americans, I had absolutely no idea what had happened or why.  I had, of course, caught wisps of news events in years past- I vaguely remembered conservatives like Gingrich (whom I hated at the time) hammering Clinton about his weak response to the U.S.S. Cole bombing in 2000.  But I didn’t understand why it was such a big deal.  To me, it seemed like an insignificant group of dirty, skinny little guys just got lucky with their little boat full of dynamite.  I said, “so what? these people are no threat to America!  Why is that jerk, Gingrich, making such trouble?”  I felt he was just being political and hateful toward Pres. Clinton.  I couldn’t stand all the accusations he was leveling at the Clintons (including the Lewinsky affair)- to me, he was an international embarrassment to all Americans.  I felt that he was preventing our government and Clinton from doing its job.   I thought President Clinton was a good president.  (I still have no real ire toward him, as president, except that I learned he had shrunk our military so severely.)

On 9/11, I discovered the depths of my ignorance and arrogance.  I was completely lost in the ensuing debate- why Afghanistan?  who was Al Qaeda?  Bin Laden?  Why were the people in Muslim countries cheering so insanely as they watched the towers burn and fall?  All I knew was that I was an American.  I loved my country and was absolutely furious.  I was ready for war- hell, I was ready to sign up for the Army.  But I hated that I was so confused.  I was suddenly thirsty for real facts and information.  On 9/12, I bought books and began to scour news archives online.  I also watched CNN & Fox News non-stop  for several years.

The result is that I am now a staunch conservative.  I marvel at my earlier arrogance and ignorance, but am glad I experienced it.  Now I understand how the youth blindly follows Obama.  I also see beneath the thinly supported outbursts of most liberals.  I, too, used to just call people ‘ignorant’, ‘racist’, and acted as if the conservative scum before me was simply beneath my attention- I did this as I flounced off with my middle finger in the air behind me.  What no one saw was my immense relief to be away from that conservative.  I knew I had no actual proof for my opinion- I also had not understood the news reference he had used for his argument (as I never watched the news).  I simply ‘knew’ I was right and he was wrong.  Period.  Oh, I laugh when I see liberals do this now!  I KNOW why they flounce away.  Why they need to just call names, degrade conservatives, and especially, why they always LEAVE the argument.  They know they will look like idiots if they stay.  But deep down inside, they do actually believe they are right.  Been there, done that.

I like that I was a liberal and that research, reading and facts forced me to drop old, strongly held opinions.  Conclusion:  An honest seeking of truth must lead to Conservatism and to God.  If you don’t find them, then you have an evil heart which has blinded you.

The more I learn, the more conservative I become- not the other way around.

As for me personally, I am an ex-soldier, an ex-international management consultant, now a small business owner, a college graduate, a wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend.  I have 2 dogs, 2 cats and lots of fish.   I’m not rich and I’m not poor.  I went to public schools through high school.  I am an Army brat- my father is basically a generic white guy and my mother is Korean.  I have lived in 23 different places, several of which were overseas.  I tend to get into trouble with people  because I hate hypocrisy and tend to address it when I see it.

You will figure out the rest as we go.


Latest Comments

  1. Hayden Grinkroff says:

    This blog depresses me…

    • Short Little Rebel says:

      Life can depress me. Not life, actually, but mankind. I tell my children that they should never worry about ghosts or monsters or ‘evil’ things they see in movies. People contain all the truly evil things. People are capable of doing more evil than all those ghosts could ever dream of. If every person really had the courage to look around them- to see the misery that man inflicts upon man, they would realize that this life is meaningless- that it is NOT worth living. Not without SOMETHING or SOMEONE to GIVE it meaning. Without that, anyone who really sees, who allows what they see to touch them, would commit suicide. That is why sensitive artist types commit suicide and take so many drugs. They do open their eyes. They attempt to ignore God and instead try to use their art to make meaning. But it doesn’t help. Then, they attempt to use drugs to soften the misery. But that doesn’t work either. Eventually, whether or not they are conscious of their decision, they decide to end their lives by taking too many drugs. I fully understand their decision. I would do it too. Without Christ and God, this life is MEANINGLESS. I do allow myself to look. I do allow people’s misery to touch me. And it drives me to my knees. The only thing I can do is COUNT on God. I count on him to have a PLAN. A FAIR plan. One that makes it all right and just. One that will punish the truly evil and lift up those who suffered in this life. One that will bring true joy to children who were raped and frightened- they only suffered for a brief time- but their joy will last forever- so long, in fact, that they will never remember those seven years they suffered. Without that knowledge, how can you or anyone bear to see the suffering? I can’t. I need God. I need him in order to live. You should find your comfort in him too. HE is the only meaning there is. Without Christ, there is no meaning. The bible tells the only story that makes sense. STudy it. No other ‘religion’ makes sense. Atheists love to say that the bible is ‘inconsistent’ and that it is a book of ‘fairy tales’. This always prompts me to laugh. They have never read it. It is the most intellectually challenging book written. All its prophecies are perfect. It is perfectly consistent over thousands of years and many different writers separated by locations and decades & millennia. No man or group of men could have conspired to have written it. If it were about anyone but Christ, the world would believe it. The world would fall on its knees in worship. But the name of CHRIST has power. It can either create a sense of incredible hate and revulsion or an incredible sense of love and devotion. No other name can do that. You can say, ‘Allah’ or “Buddha’ or ‘Shivah’ and no one will react. But say, “Do you love Jesus?” and bam! watch the reaction. The bible is perfect. Amazing. It is the story of mankind. Everyone is looking for Jesus. He will answer your depression. He will remove your depression. He will take away all your sin. He will instead give you life- not just in heaven, but here on earth. He is already your king. He will not beg you. But I, as his servant, am lovingly telling you what he has already done for you. If you are smart, you will accept his gift. Go to a church near you. For your own sake… Susan

      • Ron says:

        God blesses us in ways we don’t see or feel. Keep your focus where it should be friends, On Christ. Susan thank you for friending me on facebook. :)

  2. Lumière et Sel says:

    Susan, great attitude and great purpose — to lead as many to Christ as possible! I’m saddened to hear of your USMA tragedy. Unfortunately West Point is far from the only place where such things have occurred. It is true that it takes courage to address wrongdoing anywhere, particularly when the masses are supportive — actively or passively. Therefore it’s awesome that you’ve aired your personal circumstances with the aim to shed light on a problem that needs to be addressed. I will respectfully disagree that there are no gentlemen at West Point. There are more outlets for positive, Christian fellowship there now than I’ve seen elsewhere. Of course, whether a cadet attends or doesn’t attend these sorts of extracurricular clubs will not definitively prevent disrespectful words and actions; however, these groups play an important role in making a positive impact, and changing some cadets. Little by little, the emphasis that has been placed on respect is taking root and affecting change. I imagine there will never be a complete solution, but I am not sure that segregation is the best option. Perhaps it is; I detailed comparative study would likely reveal pros and cons for both courses of action. Teaching people how to respect and love others as Christ taught is so critical. For those who will not attend Christian events, then addressing this issue in this secular forum will hopefully affect change in them as well. I agree that there is almost always sexual tension between men and women; it’s how we are created/wired. Of course exceptions exist, but this is really an undeniable truth of humanity, right? May God grant you the wisdom that you’ve requested and the patience to reply respectfully and lovingly to those condescending people who are missing out on the peace and joy that Christ gives so freely to those who seek it from him.

    • Short Little Rebel says:

      Dear Lumiere et Sel, I don’t believe I have ever said that there are no gentlemen at West Point. Indeed, there are many. More so than the creeps. I still highly respect West Point and am proud that I attended. But the military needs to take a real hard look at how it deploys men and women. I do believe segregation (not complete- but in logical, functional units) of the sexes. That doesn’t mean men and women don’t ever work with one another. They just don’t sit in fox holes together, if you get my drift. There are some branches, perhaps, that might integrate the two. But I still favor complete segregation in terms of their units. A real study will probably never be done- too politically incorrect. I welcome Christ’s return- once the ugliness of sin is removed from the human heart, we can actually accomplish great things together- we will actually be able to make decisions based in LOGIC instead of greed, lust, evil. Won’t that be great!

  3. sunawake says:

    Lol…… sounds like you were more educated before you watched the news.

    I thought 9/11 had everybody woken up… who knew it actually put some back to sleep??!

    Some people just require more sleep than others I guess…

    But next time the alarm goes off, don’t hit the snooze! We need ‘thinkers’ like you to start thinking! :)

    • Short Little Rebel says:

      Sunawake, despite your vaguely insulting tone, you are very right. 9/11 woke us up and now it is being used to put us back to sleep. These progressives will never let up. They ponder day and night, devising new ways to do evil.

  4. Sid says:


    Love your site. If you aren’t familiar with Ann Barnhardt, you might find you share much common ground: http://barnhardt.biz/

    • Short Little Rebel says:

      Hi Sid, I sure do know Ann Barnhardt. I have posted a thing or two of hers. She & I differ, however, on a couple of things. First, she strikes me as really angry- I don’t feel angry. I feel determined, but peaceful. She also challenges and welcomes attacks by her enemies. I don’t. I won’t run from them, but I also won’t issue a challenge. Last, my goal is not really politics. It is to bring Christ to as many people as I can before I die. That isn’t really her goal.

  5. girlinturquoise says:

    Hey Susan, I got reccommended to your blog and thoroughly enjoy reading it. I’m from Singapore (in Southeast Asia) and the gay movement has just recently picked up here, which I’ve written about in my blog (girlinturquoise.wordpress) It’s nice to know someone across the globe shares my sentiments. Looking forward to more posts from you, and the debates/conversations ahead. :) Keep writing!

    -Girl in Turquoise

  6. Ash says:

    You are filth!

  7. Jeffry says:

    Additionally, you’re essentially a laughing stock of the educated. But you’re right – you have first amendment rights! I totally support your right to be dumb. It’s hilarious to read and the actual educated people get a kick out of it.

    You should read real books rather than pundit diatribe and attend a college that’s first tier rather than a degree mill.

    I hope you post about history so I can destroy your posts. Conservatives like to make up history. Please, post about history and the Constitution so I can own you.

    • Short Little Rebel says:

      Um. I was not aware that WEST POINT was a ‘degree mill’. And I was not aware that getting a recommendation from the vice president of the United States to attend this ‘low level’ university was a shameful accomplishment. I also was not aware that working internationally as a management consultant for the telcom industry and getting paid wild amounts of money for 13 years was a small accomplishment. As for writing on ‘history’, I do so frequently. Also, the constitution. I welcome your… um… ‘destruction’ and ‘ownership’ any day. Dork.

      • Ash says:

        Wow nice accomplishments… in the end they won’t mean anything. You will die like everyone else and then nothing… no heaven, hell or void in-between. Just nothingness. Hopefully your death will come soon, we need less people like you in the world so the rest of us can go on with evolution.

      • Short Little Rebel says:

        Again Ash, thanks for demonstrating the lovely sentiments that dwell in the hearts of so-called atheist homosexuals the world over.

  8. Christopher Enoch says:

    You said, ” I hate hypocrisy and tend to address it when I see it.”
    Love it!

    The world needs more people who say and do just that.

  9. Thomas Stone says:

    Short Little Rebel,

    Just wanted to say thank you for what you do. I follow your posts daily and receive multiple blessings for it. You have my prayers.

    North Texas Drifter (northtexasdrifter.blogspot.com)

    • Short Little Rebel says:

      Thanks, Thomas. And you are welcome. I take great joy in my work! And I need every prayer I can get. If you do pray for me, can I ask that you pray for wisdom for me? And humility? I can’t bear that I should write something out of the wrong place within me and that someone should stumble because of it! Thanks! Susan

  10. saved by grace says:

    I do not even know how I came across your blog, but I am here! I read your bio and Just wanted to encourage you that the best place to “seek” the Truth is in Bible. Better yet, you will not have to “seek” for it – but you will definitely find Truth in the Word of God. As I read and hear about and have great concern of current political events and the emergent church movement, I take everything back to scripture. His Word will guide you to what is Truth and you will understand it if you have accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior. So be careful in being too open to someone else opinion – as long as it follows directly in line with scripture. 2 Timothy 4;3-4 says “The time will come when they shall not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itchy ears. And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.” (KJV). May everything you do bring glory to the Lord and win lost souls for His Kingdom in Heaven. .

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