Short Little Rebel


cover3Anyone who thinks that God and politics should remain separate is naive, ignorant or just plain evil.  In the beginning was God.  That’s it.  We weren’t there.  We are here because He was, is and always will be.  All human events are divinely inspired in order to accomplish the dearest wishes of our God.  And what is this wish?  To create heavenly children.  WE are the point of this existence.  And all that happens upon this earth is geared toward the development of mankind to be with God forever.  Once God is satisfied that he has done what he had set out to do, he plans on rolling everything we now see into a big ball and throwing it into his celestial garbage can.  There will be a new beginning- and it will be wondrous to behold.  Christ will be our ruling king forever and ever and we will serve him with joy and happiness.  Sin and satan will have served their purpose and they will be no more.  We will stand gloriously with God.  Who knows what our jobs will be then?  kalamazoo application page 1 013Jesus told us that we will be trusted with much at that time.  In any case, I write this blog in order to give convincing evidence that we are nearing the end of God’s plan.  That Christ is returning very soon.  I believe we will see his return in our lifetime.  I base this on bible prophecy and the current events of the world.  It is all falling into place.  Technology, politics and huge geo/socio/political movements are all groaning toward the inevitable destruction that can only come from the sin inherent in men.  And God is in full control of that explosion.  I do hope you enjoy what I write- but most especially, I hope you leave feeling the terrible urgency that Apostle Paul felt- there are so many that don’t know Jesus and who will perish.  Don’t let that be your loved ones.  Each of us must stand up and SPEAK with our mouths.  Silence just won’t cut the mustard anymore.

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