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Category: Culture

Washington Post Article Major Errors

Addressing the lies from Wil Riggins, his lawyer Horvath and reporter Tom Jackson of the WA Post. My trial was a political Army cover up to protect president Obama and the Army.

In My Defense…

I gave an interview to  Tom Jackman from the Washington Post because he promised to be fair.  But that is not what he did.  He misquoted me and my lawyer, […]

Rebellion Is In American Blood!

As I was commenting on a question from a reader about the recent N. Korean threats against America, I suddenly realized that my family has been involved in Korean politics […]

Archie Bunker Was Right

I always did hate Meathead.  Even as a kid.  He whined, he free-loaded, avoided the draft; he was arrogant and he thought it was all about peace, love and sharing- all […]

Why Evolution Makes No Sense Today- Article 1

Western, White Scientists Determine What Exists The thing I love about atheists is that they love jargon.  Scientific jargon.  Especially when they want to refute creationism or religion.  Example: “The […]

Why Evolution Makes No Sense Today

I began writing this article and quickly realized that this topic cannot be addressed in one, fell swoop.  It must be broken down into subject areas.  The following are the […]

A Thinking Nobody is a Dangerous Nobody

You know, in this world of high-tech media frenzy, a person can get to feeling like a nobody amongst the glitterati.   Those overly adorned, shiny people who seem to soar […]