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Category: Religion

What Do Fred Flintstone and the Occult Have In Common?

I have to admit that either there is an unbelievable amount of coincidence (com'on people, is there really such a thing?) in finding these symbols everywhere OR there are people who like these symbols very much and manage to get them implemented in very expensive or politically powerful ways. And if they truly are satanic occults, all I have to say is... Who cares? Honestly, after reading about what people have to do to become 32 or 33 degree Masons (who can remember all the rules?) and thus be initiated into the 'sacred mysteries' or secret 'knowledge' is very reminiscent of Fred Flintstone's Grand Pooh-bah lodge. I keep waiting for the pooh-bah hats with the horns to come out.

Israel Ready To Bomb Iran- Good for Them!

Good for Israel.  They have had enough and can no longer wait for Captain-Wait-Until-It’s-Too-Late.  They are ready to preemptively strike Iran’s nuclear facilities.  And who can blame them?  If anything, […]

Why Atheists Make the Worst Scientists

I am offended. Not as a Christian, but as a scientist and mathematician. Probability & Statistics are my closest friends. Science is my lens to God. In my own intellectual […]

Air Force Class Canceled Over Biblical Words

The Airforce has suspended (see video) a mandatory ethics class due to a complaint filed by the Military Religious Freedom Foundation representing 31 missile launch officers.  Sen. John  Cornyn, a Republican, sent […]

Where I’ve Been

Some of you may have noticed that I have been missing in action for the last three weeks or so.  I wrote yesterday of my personal journey to find God.  […]

One Christian’s Journey

Why don’t you get a cup of coffee first? I know I can’t really read something this long unless I have the time to settle in with a cup of […]

What Do I Believe In?

I believe first and foremost in the power, righteousness and worthiness of God – the Great I Am- to be worshipped. Yes, worshipped.  Worship goes against the grain of the […]

Veterans Affairs Bans Mention of God & Jesus at Funerals for Vets

And here we go again. The slow, steady creep of unconstitutional squashing of Article 1 of the Bill of Rights is picking up steam as the highest levels of the military establishment are infiltrated by progressive liberals intent on one thing: the erasure of God in the United States government. read on..

Someday, When Jesus Returns, We Will Do Wonderful Things

I used to ask myself, "Why does God limit our lives because we 'have now become like one of [Them], knowing good & evil'? Let me ask you, would you want Anthony Weiner to live forever? God, in His great wisdom, knew that mankind could never resist to do evil. Yes, he can do wonders. But to let the truly evil live forever? No. God would not unleash that on the world. So, mercifully, he only allows a certain time for all of us- good & evil alike- to live.

Why We Worship God

This post is to address my friend, Lyn May’s, question, “Why do we worship God?” We worship God because we need to.  Evolution simply can’t address this human need.  Every […]

King Obama Speaks: Assad Must Go

King Obama, with the might of the USA military and billions in USA tax dollars, declares which world leaders 'must go' and which world leaders can stay and play. He is now taking aim at Syria.

Why Evolution Makes No Sense Today- Article 3: The Slippery Slope

Atheists are working in conjunction with the greedy to slip by new laws and regulations that will eventually be used to not only enrich themselves, but to make those who disagree with them criminals. This article is an intellectual exercise that will present a very near future where the Church can be called a terrorist organization and uncooperative Christians, 'enemy combatants'. And all under valid laws. Put your seat belts on.

Sharia Law: The New American Religion?

Video with pithy, yet scorching accurate portrayals of Obama, Hillary Clinton and General Petraeous upholding the Koran while burning, yes, burning Bibles in Afghanistan.