Note On Fake SLR Facebook Page

There exists a fake Short Little Rebel Facebook Site.  You will know it is the fake site by seeing the word, ‘twunt’ in the http address bar name.  He uses my photo and impersonates me on Facebook to say horrid things about homosexuals, Muslims, African Americans, and just about anyone in the hopes to create as much hatred against me as possible.

This person has psychological issues and has been stalking me for many years.   By stalking, I mean, stalking.  He has given my personal phone number, my home address and even photos of my home and names of my children online so that every kind of criminal and mentally deranged person can come to my home- all while cowardly hiding behind anonymity himself.  Because of the actions of this person, angry and deranged people have called my home and yelled at my young children.  This person has not limited his actions to Facebook, either.  He has used my photo to go to other sites, impersonating me, and saying absurd and hateful things to them and Jesus and then, leaving my phone number saying to contact me so that I can ‘straighten them out’.  This is the calibre of the man behind this site.

Both I and many of my readers have reported him for harassing me, a private individual, to Facebook, which is directly against their harassment policy.  But they refuse to acknowledge the problem.  We have also reported him for impersonating me even though he clearly stated that he knew he was impersonating Susan Shannon, not just ‘Short Little Rebel’- but they refuse to acknowledge the problem, even though impersonation is directly against their community standards.   The fact stands:  Facebook is part of the harassment against me as they have been for over four years now.

For those who don’t know, Facebook ex-employees have now confessed to regular and systematic bias against conservative writers– in fact, they are ordered to take action against conservative writers.  Faced with widespread condemnation, Facebook had to withdraw its initial full denial and had to admit to the bias- even though they blamed ‘rogue employees’ rather than themselves.  I am just one of their examples.  Mike Huckabee is another one of their examples.  He had the power and clout to call them out, though.  FB claimed it was a ‘mistake’ and blamed ‘rogue employees’, as they always do when caught treating conservtives unfairly.

That is why the fake SLR site is allowed to run.  This is also how the real SLR Facebook site does not show up in any internet search.  Please note that when you search on my pen name, ‘short little rebel’, it isn’t my SLR facebook page that comes up.  It is my Susan Shannon personal page that comes up.  I renamed it to ‘Susan Shannon/Short Little Rebel’ because FB has been trying to shut down the real SLR FB page for years now.  I brought many of my readers to my personal site due to FB’s biased efforts.  I had to do this because Facebook actually refuses to even ‘index’ the real Short Little Rebel FB page to any search engine at all.  (an ‘index’ is basically notifying each search engine that a page exists; it’s like a tag that sticks up off your page that a search engine ‘sees’ when they are crawling the web looking for matching pages to a search term.  FB won’t give me that ‘tag’, no matter how many times I have asked or complained.  I have screenshots of all the times I have requested them to index my page like every other page.)  Thus, the real scandal is this:  Facebook will show the fake SLR Facebook site (with less than 300 likes)  but refuses to show the real SLR Facebook site with over 6,000 likes.  They’ve also disabled my right to advertise, which every other page enjoys.  I’ve also complained and received no response from Facebook.

I just wanted you to know, SLR fans, that I would never say the things on the fake SLR FB site.


Thank you,
Susan Shannon
aka Short Little Rebel

p.s.  note that I didn’t give the fake SLR facebook site’s address.  That’s because it is best to leave it be.  All you need do is google ‘short little rebel’ and you will see the facebook site.  I ask you not to click it and give him more traffic.

** Note:  since the publication of this page, FB has finally indexed my FB page, it appears.  Indeed, since I incurred an 8 million dollar judgement against me, FB has suddenly deleted the fake Short Little Rebel page.  I have no doubt, whatsoever, that they are afraid that I might sue them for the ruination of my online reputation by this fake SLR site, of which they were completely and totally complicit.  Indeed, Facebook and this site, combined with a few other vengeful writers, have all defamed me in a material sense that may have harmed me in my trial.  Since Riggins’ attorney blurted out that my online reputation was bad before my attorney could object, he planted the temptation into all their minds to go online and look.  All they had to do was look online to see the fake site and all the stupidity, racism, and ugliness that was attributed to me.  I am all amazed.

But just in case you want to see just a smidge of their TRUE defamation of my character, face, name and identity, please allow me to show you a few screen shots of what this site has done to me:

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