Special Note About My Rape Case

Hello.  For those who are visiting my page for the first time because you saw my television article on t.v., welcome.  I invite you to peruse my blog to see what I am all about.  You can read my About page to learn more about me, personally and the Short Little Rebel page to see what the focus of this blog is.  Then, you can stroll through the front page to see the various articles I have written.  There are almost four hundred articles written in approximately four years- that is about two per week on average.  I ask one thing of you:  remember that I am a human being trying to do a good thing.  I am unpaid for my efforts and swore from the beginning that I would derive no financial reward from my work.  I did this for two reasons:  first, to reassure my readers that my opinion would always be purely my own.  We all know that opinions can be bought.  In the event that my blog should grow (as it has), I never wanted anyone to doubt my sincerity.  Second, I wanted to honor my God by living in poverty for his sake.  I wanted to share his news for free.  What is a Christian who is paid for a living?  While I know there is no shame in it, I always liked that Apostle Paul wouldn’t accept any money just for bragging rights!  lol.

So, while you may or may not agree with my thoughts, at least you know this work horse never made a penny for all her hard work.  In addition, please know that I have also been asked for radio and television interviews before.  This would have added to my blog’s fame- and to my own.  But I never called these people back for the same reasons above.  I prefer to just write in peace & quiet.  I don’t seek fame or fortune- regardless of what you might have heard about me from my opposition.  In fact, I walked away from a very rich international consulting career to be a stay at home mother.  I tell you all this so that you can know that what I do, I do for love and genuine belief.

3c4f0d527bb4a142bcbfd67f7bf293a1I also want to add that I have changed my mind on many things I have written but refuse to delete or change any of my articles just because I am being sued and accused of many false things.  (As part of this blog’s purpose was to show my personal growth and how Christ changes me with time,  it doesn’t make sense to edit what I have written.)  I believe in America and I believe in the American People.  I believe in you.  We have freedom of speech for a reason.   I let you speak, I trust that you will allow me to speak.  Otherwise, we live in a dictatorship that we will all detest.  Our children will be prisoners of silence.  Our grandfathers didn’t fight wars to see this day.  This blog is over 400 snap shots of me.  They are photographs of me taken over four years.  They can’t represent the whole of my Being.  I have learned more facts about each and every situation and event about which I have written.  I have changed my mind and added to my opinions for all of them.  Events that enraged me have mellowed with time.  People that once did things inexcusable in my mind, I can now better understand.  If bloggers are held to account to every word they ever wrote as standards for what they believe today, then, well, no person should ever blog.  I regret nothing and am proud that I spoke at all.

I ask you to remember all this today.  I could have protected myself and shut down my entire blog and denied my opposition all their fodder to distract from the real facts of the rape case.  But I didn’t.  It was difficult to stand up and put myself on record.  I hope that I can inspire everyday Americans to do likewise.  We are Americans before we are political parties.  In fact, I refuse to join any political party- in my opinion, they have failed us completely.

You will note that I am a free thinker and have supported issues on both sides of the political spectrum.  This is because I have no respect for the political spectrum!  Ha!  That is one of the reasons I call myself, “rebel”- I refuse to be pigeonholed, no matter how desperately people wish to force the issue.  I have lost many friends for being this way.  But I am absolutely sure that I am like most Americans- none of us are represented by these two parties.  We are all free thinkers.  Every issue speaks to us and we all decide them according to our own experiences.  I am an Independent.  I speak my thoughts without concern for party.  We have a basic right to speak.  If more of us spoke out, we would not be where we are today politically.  I’ll bet that you and I have more in common than we do in difference.  So, be kind and be human.  I have already been through a lot.  But, indeed, welcome to my page!