There Is Hope In the World- Let Us Cling To It

Friends, I have been thinking about this terrible tragedy and how it is affecting all of us now.  When it happened, I swore that I would not get caught up in the inevitable political fallout.  There is not one of us who didn’t know that gun control would be the first thing on our president’s lips.  But the poor children and families and communities that have been completely devastated deserve all our attention and all our sympathy and all our prayers- not politics.  And yet, the day after the tragedy, all peaceful mourning was wiped away.  To know that a mentally ill young man got hold of his mother’s registered weapons and inexplicably killed these children & adults was bad- but I could wrap my mind around it and mourn.  I could just cry and grieve and pray.  At least I knew WHY I was grieving.  There was some peace in that- regardless of the politics coming down the road. Continue reading “There Is Hope In the World- Let Us Cling To It”

URGENT UPDATE on Connecticut Shooting

Friends, there is a gift that God has given me:  I can smell something fishy a mile away.  Like Benghazi.  Almost on day one, I told my husband:  “The facts don’t make sense.  Something is wrong here.”  Last night, after I saw a talking head interview (or, I should say, NOT interview) the father of the boy who saw his teacher get shot and ran for his life with a couple of friends, I told my husband, “Something is not right here.  She didn’t ask a single relevant question.  So far, this boy is the only eye-witness of the gunman coming forward.  She didn’t ask if the boy saw one or more shooters.  She didn’t ask any details of what the gunman did first, second, third.  She didn’t ask for a description of the gunman.  These reporters are complete prostitutes.  They could care less about the feelings of the people they interview.  So why didn’t she ask any of these questions?”  In fact, I could tell she was biting back questions.  I looked at my husband and said,  “Cal, this thing is starting to stink.  By now, there should be many eye-witness accounts of the actual gunman.  There should be breathless survivors talking about how this guy walked by their room, etc.  About how they narrowly escaped.  But so far, it looks like every single eye-witness is dead.  That is IMPOSSIBLE!” Continue reading “URGENT UPDATE on Connecticut Shooting”