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Something Better than Money…

Today, I was mailing a package and saw a homeless woman sitting outside the door of the Post Office. In years past, before I became obedient to the Lord, homeless […]

Dancing Christmas Cream Puff Dreams

I appreciate very much the opportunity that Inside Edition gave me to tell my story, but was disappointed that questions that I believe are important, and would like to have […]

Live a Life of Principled ACTION

Friends, we are Americans.   We are not dead. This country was founded on principles. High principles. Not many nations can claim that. Most nations just emerged over time through warring […]

What Would You Sacrifice For Christ?

The Bible is very clear about something.  God wants your entire life.  Yep.  The whole enchilada.  Every breath you breath, very eye-blink you blink, every gulp you gulp.  Didn’t his […]

I Am Smyrna

I find it so interesting that my pastor spoke on the church of Smyrna today in church.  We are studying the seven churches mentioned in the first part of the […]

Why So Called Atheists Are Desperate

The So-Called Atheists prove God’s existence every time they spend millions of dollars on bill boards, commercials and t.v. shows to deny it.   Their desperation to not believe would be […]

Got Life?

God’s WORD is all we need.  It is.  If someone says, ‘the bible doesn’t address today’s problems,’ I would say that they have never read it.  How can you even […]