The Body of Christ Has A Cancer- It Must Be Cut Out!

Speak Softly!  Don't Offend!
Speak Softly! Don’t Offend!

Before I say goodnight, might I make an observation? We, the Body of Christ, have a cancer on our body that MUST be cut out. That cancer is RELIGIOSITY. This couching of criticism and pettiness in ‘churchy’ language. This inability to speak openly and honestly about ANYTHING. This tyranny of Biddies who NEED you to use special words and a soft voice whenever you speak. THAT is what drives normal people from church- not people like me! It is a PRISON to live like that! I thank GOD, with all my heart, for my 25 year sabbatical from church life!!! I left the church over 25 years ago because of old biddies who criticized my love of God because I didn’t go around waving my arms in the air and speaking in jibberish like they all did in the crowd. What nonsense that all was! I praise the Lord to be back in church, but I am not the same girl I was then, hurt and confused. Now I will FIGHT this cancer!

Friends, according to these police wardens of religiosity, even JESUS and John the Baptist wouldn’t qualify as proper Christians! No, they wouldn’t. John most certainly would have to put on clothes for these people and his screaming on the side of the road would most certainly have to go! And Jesus? Can you imagine these biddies twittering if Jesus were here today, at an art festival, overturning craftsmen’s tables and whipping people??? HE would not be ‘holy’ enough for these ‘Christians, either!’

These religious people attack with their honeyed words and then act SHOCKED when you speak like a normal, offended person back to them! THAT is not the game they know! And then comes the Jesus martyr look on their faces, saying they ‘wished they had not spoken at all…’ and that ‘they did not mean to offend, but to lovingly correct, ‘ etc. Really? There is a part of me that wants to just slap that victim right there on the spot. Not very CHRISTIAN of me, now is it? No. But very HUMAN of me. And thank the Lord, I do not need to be perfect- and so I shall not pretend to be so! Continue reading “The Body of Christ Has A Cancer- It Must Be Cut Out!”