Where Was Your Passion When We Needed It?

fighting for the flag
(taken from my Facebook page today)

I am sitting here reviewing all the passion I got from those of you who support the Confederate Flag. And I am wondering, where the heck was all that passion when I wrote all those articles about all those bills that put the last nails in this nation’s coffin? Heck, most of you couldn’t even take the time to hit the ‘share’ button for those articles. Were they too hard to understand? Were they too long? I tried to shorten them as much as I could. I tried to make them as understandable as I could. I linked them to all the right sources- I proved every one of them. And still, the lukewarm response. Had you had the same kind of passion that I saw and see for this dead thing called the Confederate Flag for the American flag and for the nation you now claim to love, perhaps we could have made an impact. Perhaps we could have gotten some actual media time for those articles. Perhaps we could even have slowed the Progressives down or God willing, stopped them. Instead, only a few brave souls even read them. But they were oh, so important, readers. Where were you Confederate screamers when I wrote about Lieberman’s Cybersecurity Bill that he introduced years ago? This was finally implemented only recently. We had plenty of time to fight that one. Did you care? No. Now, we can’t even raise a grass roots armed protest against this tyrannical government. Some of you laughably think the Confederacy will rise again? You make me laugh. How, pray tell, do you plan on fighting all the forces of the U.S. government without any communication? Answer: you can’t. That’s what you lost when you lost the internet. That is what I tried to tell you when I wrote that article about the Cybersecurity Bill. Did you care? No, no you didn’t. But you can still dream about the Confederacy rising, can’t you?

Oh, and where were you when I wrote about the NDAA 2012? I read the doggoned thing from front to back for you. And then I highlighted the most evil, most salient points. I told you that it would allow one man, without any need from Congress- or anyone other person for that matter, to use the entire U.S. Armed forces- against U.S.A. Citizens on U.S.A. home soil. Where was that same passion that you displayed here for the dead Confederate flag? It was nowhere to be seen! And why? Because it was too hard to understand? Because it was too esoteric? Too difficult to put your passions behind? But it was a real threat to our country! And now, how do you expect our teeny, tiny little militias and fathers and brothers with their AR-15’s around the nation to rise up and fight against the entire force of the U.S. military? Without any means of communication? Ha! You can’t. And you couldn’t be bothered to even hit the share button. Such was your passion then.

How about the time I told you about the 23 Executive Orders that were a direct result of Sandy Hook- the absolute worst ones being about ‘Categories’ of citizens? I told you that the Attorney General now has the power to create Categories of Citizens- any kinds of categories his/her heart desires. He/she doesn’t need to get permission from Congress or anyone. And citizens who are labeled with these Categories (one such category will be ‘dangerous citizen’), will be treated differently under the law under varying circumstances. I mean, why bother with the Constitution, right? Why bother with the Bill of Rights, right? Specifically, but not limited to,  these categories will be used against law-abiding citizens when attempting to pick up their children under emergency situations. Citizens will not be notified about their new classifications. All kinds of information can and will be used to classify us- everything from our newly digital medical records to gun ownership to political party to voting records. And where was your passion over that one? I heard virtual crickets!!

How about when I researched who owned every scrap of American news? Did you care? Nope. Most of you didn’t read it, let alone share it! I hate to break it to you all- but the only reason a small group of incredibly rich people get together and clearly conspire to buy up the stock in all these corporations who then buy up all the stock in all American news agencies in such an equal way is to control the news- and each other! And why control the news? To control power. That doesn’t excite ja? No?  But a dead flag does? really? damn.

How about the time I told you about the fact that one man and his brother own the software that was implemented in 80% of all voting machines used in the 2012 (and by default, of course, the 2014) elections. Again, crickets.

People, I love you. I really do. But sometimes you frustrate me to no end. I look at your priorities. I look at what really gets you going. I look at the types of things you love to ‘like’ on Facebook. I look through your various pages. And I want to scream. You love the Confederate Flag, do you? Even when I have told you the sheer biblical logic concerning why Christians should not be running to support it. You choose your pride over the love you are supposed to be showing black people. Ok, well, explain it to God. It is out of my hands. He will talk to you about it. You clearly don’t fear his reaction- that will be your own undoing. You will answer for every. single. person you cause to stumble by supporting a flag that almost everyone believes stands for slavery. Those who throw their faith away because of your rotten witness will be blood on your hands, not mine. But like I said, that is between you and God. Me? I’m just a little bitter here. I see your passion; I see your anger! I see you ‘un-friending’ me over such a monumentally stupid thing! You pound your chest in pride and speak of heritage- but you didn’t lift a finger to save the nation that you currently live in! And I say, ‘damn.’ If only you cared that much for America when we could have saved her. Because now, it really is too late, brothers and sisters. These bills have passed. They are the law of the land.  There is no way to elect our way out of it; there is no way to get our message out; there is no way to even fight our way out of this.  As my father would say, “How do you like them, there apples?”

So when the tanks come rolling down the streets, when you can’t get your child and they take them away because you have been labeled a ‘dangerous person’, and when your cell phone can’t call out of your city and you can’t get a response from loved ones from Facebook, Twitter or any other social media and the news just isn’t reporting the military take over of your little town, you can blame yourself. Because it is all LEGAL. The government won’t have broken a single law. And you will be glad to know that you supported the CONFEDERACY and were so confident that IT would rise to save your butt when the crap hit the fan.

This nation deserves to die. That is what I know. We never loved her enough to save her. We only love ourselves and that’s it.

There. I said it. Unfriend me at will.


For those who give a crap about what God says on this matter and just need a little biblical support to help them relinquish their grip on that flag, I ask that you consider the following verses:

36 “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?”

37 Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’[a] 38 This is the first and greatest commandment. 39 And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’[b] 40 All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”- Matt 22: 36-40

“15 Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, love for the Father[a] is not in them. 16 For everything in the world—the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life—comes not from the Father but from the world. 17 The world and its desires pass away, but whoever does the will of God lives forever.” -1John 2:15-17

11 Dear friends, I urge you, as foreigners and exiles, to abstain from sinful desires, which wage war against your soul. 12 Live such good lives among the pagans that, though they accuse you of doing wrong, they may see your good deeds and glorify God on the day he visits us.” -1Peter 2:11-12

” 16 Live as free people, but do not use your freedom as a cover-up for evil; live as God’s slaves. 17 Show proper respect to everyone, love the family of believers, fear God, honor the emperor.”- 1Peter 2: 16-17

“31 So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. 32 Do not cause anyone to stumble, whether Jews, Greeks or the church of God— 33 even as I try to please everyone in every way. For I am not seeking my own good but the good of many, so that they may be saved.”- 1 Corinthians 10:30-33

Lastly, I want to confront those who love to ‘unfriend’ people so easily over minor issues.  According to the Bible, Christians are to love each other.  Apostle Paul goes as far as to say that when one Christian hates another, he/she doesn’t have God within them.  I believe this.  People unfriend others simply because the conversation is difficult or because they are found wrong in a conversation.  Friends in Christ, this is a wrong thing to do.  We are not to hate one another.  It is ok not to agree or even to get angry- but we are not to hate each other.  Remember this Bible verse the next time you do this to a fellow Christian- especially when you know they serve the Lord:


” 10 This is how we know who the children of God are and who the children of the devil are: Anyone who does not do what is right is not God’s child, nor is anyone who does not love 11 For this is the message you heard from the beginning: We should love one another. 12 Do not be like Cain, who belonged to the evil one and murdered his brother. And why did he murder him? Because his own actions were evil and his brother’s were righteous. 13 Do not be surprised, my brothers and sisters,[b] if the world hates you. 14 We know that we have passed from death to life, because we love each other. Anyone who does not love remains in death. 15 Anyone who hates a brother or sister is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life residing in him.

16 This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers and sisters. 17 If anyone has material possessions and sees a brother or sister in need but has no pity on them, how can the love of God be in that person? 18 Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.”- 1 John 3: 11-18


Losing Everything Can Be Quite Wonderful

verse-001This case is really taking its toll on my blogging work, I’m afraid. I apologize for the poor quality of my Facebook page these last months. Most of my time is now spent bringing my incredible new lawyers up to speed on my case. Yes, if haven’t told you, I have gone ahead and hired a law firm to represent me in this defamation case. I should have done this from the beginning. I want to thank those of you who are now knowingly shaking your head and thinking, “I knew it,” for not saying so. I admit to my foolishness. All I can say is that Cal and I truly did our best to make the best decisions for our family along the way. The cost of defending myself (over six figures) that was quoted beforehand took our breath away. It would have bankrupted us.

And yet, we are now happily paying those exact fees. The cost hasn’t changed, nor have the consequences. Only the decision has changed. We discovered a very pertinent fact: I would never be able to claim bankruptcy and discharge the $3 million debt. Apparently, defamation is considered a ‘malicious act’ & is not dischargeable! I might have hired a lawyer from the start had I known that beforehand, but hindsight is 20/20. But I fear not.

Everything is under the authority of God. This is going exactly as he planned. When I am weak, he is strong. Through my stupid mistakes, God will deliver me even more gloriously- just watch him work! God will not allow me to be a slave to my attacker. In fact, he will turn and punish my attacker for what he is doing.

The best part of all this is that my husband and I are one. The Bible speaks of this- but we are experiencing it now. It is a blessing to lose all material things. It has a liberation within its folds. What appears to be a terrible load unravels and white doves fly out from it. Freedom lies within! Love lies within! Loyalty lies within! Faith, friendship & spiritual power lay within! Who knew?

My children see me working on my court documents and they silently wrap their arms around me- my oldest asks me, “How are you doing, Little Mother?” My husband and I drink coffee and quietly discuss the case together, heads pressed close, bare feet touching. So what if we lose everything, we all say to each other. We carry our happiness and home on our backs, don’t we? We are like a little family of snails, aren’t we? We could live in a teeny, tiny apartment and be happy, can’t we? In fact, our happiest times have been doing just that on vacation! Sometimes this big house just feels like a burden. Too much to clean. We aren’t afraid of losing stuff- as long as we have each other, what can make us unhappy, we ask each other and smile big smiles. We are a happy power team. That part is invigorating! The worse it gets, the calmer we get.

Remember I told you that I had a feeling that I was Jonah and that I was going to Nineveh? Well, I’m going. What should have been a simple jurisdiction case has morphed into a full-blown defamation case. Even though all the facts are on my side, I still need to go through all the motions of defending myself. Anyone can sue anyone if they have the money to do so. It’s called revenge by court. I guess he figures that if he can’t have his star, he needs to take someone else’s life away. I’m the scapegoat for his rage. Nevertheless, God is with me. I find myself more calm and peaceful than ever. Cheerful, in fact. I literally couldn’t find a lawyer who would defend me before the jurisdiction hearing. But after that devastating loss, God brought me this spectacular law firm. Such decent, law-abiding, God-fearing men. Of course, they don’t tell me that, but I can hear it in their words. They aren’t liars or creeps- they are ethical to the bone. They would never lie for me- and that suits me just fine. My attacker has a lawyer to match him in every way. God has his ways. Truth will always win in the end.

I’m going to Nineveh. God has a point to make.

Concerning this enormous sum of money that is required, God has not forsaken us. Incredibly, we were able to use a nice credit vehicle where we borrow from ourselves & we pay ourselves the interest. We had saved that for years for my future business venture. Thank God (literally) we were frugal and saved it. Also, Cal got a new job as a corporate investigator for Boeing. He has been seeking one for four years. Here’s the amazing part: we had a church growth group at our home two years ago and my pastor asked Cal to tell him the specific job of his dreams so that he could pray for it. Well, Cal wanted this exact job. He didn’t get it at the time & was sad. But just when we needed the most help, God dropped his dream job into his lap! So Cal is very happy. He had to change jobs because his old job was law enforcement – there is a forced retirement age- he was getting very worried as the deadline was getting nearer- especially with this case & its financial demands. To top it off, God and his goodness added something more: his old job just happened to be offering early retirement incentives! Another big chunk for the case. That was not all that God has done for us recently- Cal also found a very lucrative second job that fits perfectly with his work with Boeing. So, another way to help pay for this monstrosity. God always comes through when it counts. We have a long year ahead of us- what looks impossible to human beings is nothing to God.

About Cal, my dear husband. With him working all the time now, I don’t get to see him much & it makes me sad. I just love him so much. I don’t talk about him much here, ’cause, you know, it’s private. But I just want you all to know that he is taking good care of yours truly. He works so hard. In fact, the worst part of this all is that a bad man is taking all the hard-earned money away from such a good man. My man has worked all his life responsibly, reasonably, and ethically- providing for his family in such an honorable, kind and wonderful way. And then comes this thief with a mouth full of lies and takes it. All because I tried to help women. But this is why I know God is with us. All will be restored in the end. A good man is seen by God. So is a bad man. Eventually, this will all be over and Cal can relax again and we will go back to a normal life. But he is so cheerful everyday- you would never know he works non-stop, weekends and all. (and you all know he technically still has cancer!) Please pray for his strength!

The Lord, God, is so good. I KNOW that no matter what happens, he will not only restore our fortunes, but he will make Cal and I thrive. He loves us and upholds us. He knows that I never meant any harm to anyone. He knows that I never had revenge in my heart. He knows that, in fact, I felt gracious toward my attacker. I even offered his attorney a deal where I would wipe the entire internet clean of every reference of my attacker if he would simply apologize for what he did. I would sign a legal agreement to never write about it again. It wasn’t good enough, he wants my blood to spill. God knows that I felt sorry for my attacker’s wife and children- I love all children. Because I didn’t want them to suffer, I didn’t want my attacker to even be put in prison. My only goal was to save future women from being affected from the influence of an unrepentant rapist. That’s it. God is with me for these reasons. He will uphold me and not my rapist. God cares what motives are in our hearts.

I want to leave you with this thought- truly, what seems impossible in every way is not impossible to God. I saw a lawsuit that would cost over $100,000 and thought it was impossible. It was not impossible. God brought the money. I thought my husband would be angry and regretful that he married me for bringing this trouble upon him. He is not angry and in fact, has professed his love for me more sweetly than he has for many, many years. His words brought tears to my eyes. I thought my children would be angry at me or think less of me and instead found out that they are proud of me and are standing behind me. I thought I had brought everyone down because I felt it was important to step up with my beliefs- but they, instead, are lifting me up. God is in their hearts as he is in mine. Nothing is impossible for God! When all is lost, everything is gained! He who will save his life will lose it, he who will give his life for the sake of the Lord will win everlasting life! There is joy in loss! Who knew? Friends, believe every Word from your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Believe every Word from God. All his promises are true. We need fear nothing, my friends. All may be taken, but nothing of importance. Our true treasures are in heaven.  Heaven is in our midst if we but had eyes to see it.  Even the greatest joys of this earth can’t be taken from us by any man or satan for they reside in God’s realm- the love of our spouse, children & friends.  God’s name will be glorified in this trial- as it will be glorified throughout all time.

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Female Soldiers Can’t Win If They Do Or If They Don’t

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I love how the Marines, (the MARINES!) found this female colonel’s leadership ‘hostile and abusive’ .  Kate Germano led the only all female boot camp for the Marines and had the gall to demand and believe that female soldiers could perform to equal physical and mental standards as men.  She also told the truth about rape in the military.  She told them that rape stats would go down if women stopped getting drunk with male soldiers.  She told them that male soldiers would look down on them if they were not as physically fit as they were in battle conditions.  I have tried to write about this reality as well.  Political correctness doesn’t exist in the military.  It doesn’t exist in battle.  For me, one must ask the question if men and women even belong in the same units.  But then again, that’s just thinking strategically and logically- and what has logic got to do with war, right?

Col. Germano got results.  For that, she has been fired.  Since when have the Marines been known for getting rid of leaders that got results but stepped on a few people’s feelings?  Her commander & some female recruits complained and viola, she has been removed after only a year.  And why?  She noted that the male dominated drill sergeants expected failure and lower performance from the female trainees.  Her response:  She demanded a higher training level from them and asked for more drill sergeants.  Furthermore, she demanded higher standards from the trainees.  When she arrived the failure rate of females on the firing range was 3x that of men.  Within that single year, she brought the pass rate of females to 95%.   She wrote,

Together, we redefined the perceived physical and mental limits of female recruits and Marines, which will have a lasting and positive impact on the institution.

Nevertheless, citing a ‘toxic command’ and loss of confidence in the command environment, she was removed.  Translation:  Anyone who tries to bring about change in a broken, limping, destructive system and who INEVITABLY meets with the standard whiners, complainers and nay-sayers will be removed immediately- especially if they make progress.  I experienced the exact same thing at West Point: balk the system and your peer & commanders will simply ding you on performance reports.  Next thing you know, you have been removed.  The performance reporting system alone ensures that status quo is the name of the game.  The only changes that will take place will be dictated from the top down.  There will be zero organic change.  Perhaps that is by design.

This case is getting a lot of attention because the Pentagon has demanded that women enter all combat roles by 2016 unless reasons can be found why they should not.  I guess the top doesn’t want those women in combat roles, now do they?  ‘Cause at this rate, removing performers like Col. Germano will ensure that the status quo, ie, low performing female recruits, will ensure that reasons will indeed be found to prevent them from those roles.  Oh, and by the way, the fastest way to make general in the military is via combat roles.  Just sayin’…

What makes me so angry about this article is that this woman is really trying to help women in the military.  She knows exactly how men treat women and knows that the only way forward is for women to deal with the reality of the situation, not whine about changing the unchangeable.  To some degree, the moniker “boys will be boys” is true.  Men will rape women.  Men will resent women in battle if women can’t perform.  Aggressive males do not treat women with kid gloves.  Soldiers are aggressive males.  Thus, if women want to live/breath/eat/fight next to them, they must live according to new rules.  Political correctness be damned.

But this will not do in this politically correct world.  They can’t have a woman who is willing to tell the truth to other women.  How dare she say that too many male soldiers can’t help themselves when they see a drunk, unconscious female?  How dare she?  How dare she imply that male soldiers are unduly judgmental and cruel toward female soldiers in battle?  How dare she?  How dare she say that they might bully the females because they can’t run as fast, lift as much, or throw as far even though their bodies genetically can’t do it no matter how fit they are?  How dare she state such things like it is common knowledge and then propose working solutions around it?  How dare she imply that instead of simply using females for their genetic strengths in battle, male soldiers will focus on their genetic weaknesses and bully them instead of valuing their inherent usefulness in high stress situations?  How dare she train females to strengthen themselves against such attitudes?  How dare she even tell them that men are like that anyway?  Even more importantly, how dare she empower female soldiers to succeed in the military?  They might even make too many generals and then, by God, make real, strategic combat decisions for the entire military if that were to happen!  And that, my friend, is the true problem.  They must eliminate the likes of Col. Germano.

This woman is a seasoned female soldier.  She knows the ropes.  She is simply trying to make successful female soldiers.  Everything she is telling those female recruits is true.  Male soldiers will rape you if they find you drunk and unconscious.  Male soldiers will not use you for your genetic strengths- they will only focus on your genetic weaknesses- they will squander your strengths like idiots on the battlefield.  That is, until we get some really smart male and female combat commanders who can finally see straight.  Women have awesome, built in strengths that have nothing to do with lifting rocks, ok?  Male soldiers have a built in ego that resents the female soldier.  Her very presence is a mockery to his virility.  It says, “If I can do what you do, then you must not be very strong.”  This primal notion will never go away.  It. Is. Genetic.  Everyone needs to deal with that reality.    She will never, I mean, never, be one of the boys.  The sooner they understand this, the better.

The best way to get along with men is to be their equal.  Then, never get drunk or allow yourself to become sexually compromised among them.  That is the life of the female soldier.  This female colonel understood this and she was tough.  She got results.  I shot expert with the M-16.  Many males hated me for it.  Only two cadets in my entire company did that- me and another male.  Of course women can shoot as well as a man.  They are fabulous snipers,  can drive tanks just as well (I know!- I drove them!), fly jets as well or use any kind of high tech weaponry as well.  They are incredible with languages and communications (far better than men).  They make fantastic spies (again, I believe better than men).  They are great for reconnaissance (I think better than men).  And let’s face it, this is definitely a situation where bigger really isn’t always better.  There are times when a small, flexible body is exactly what is needed- think bomb dismantling & tight urban situations.   They can do just about anything a male soldier can do except lift  heavier rocks and run as fast.  Hand to hand is a problem, no doubt.  But specialized training could help in that area.  Here’s an idea- don’t put women in 100%  hand to hand situations.  Problem solved.

The military has zero love for women.  I know this from a very personal standpoint.  The illusion they put on for the public is called a dog and pony show for the politicians- but the reality is a real thorn in their side.  The solution is EASY.  Women can easily be integrated in a mean fighting force with their unique size, flexibility, communication ability and stealth.  But there has to actually be a WILL to do it.  That is what is missing:  The WILL.  The upper crust (oops!  did I say, ‘crust’?  heh, heh, heh…) really doesn’t like mixed company.  Sharing power with us girls is just not what the boys like to do, I’m afraid.  But one day soon, women will crest the wave.  There are only so many times you can rape us, remove us, beat us, unfairly mark our performance reports, bully us, gang up on us, and treat us like crap.  One of us, and then another, will rise above the wave.  Eventually, we will overcome it and beat you at your own game.  Once we start making general in the combat regiments, then we will finally have the power to enact some real change in the military.  I look forward to the day when women are used properly.  I can only hope that the women who make it that far aren’t stupid- that is, I hope they aren’t feminists, or femi-nazis.   I hope they don’t feel women have to be men to be real women.  We women have incredible strength in being what we are:  women.  We make awesome soldiers just as we are.  Think about our unique strengths and USE THEM accordingly.  Don’t mix us with men and try to make us be men.  In this way, men will respect us for what we are and we will respect ourselves.  I hope I see that day before I die.


There Is Nothing New Under The Sun

What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun. Ecclesiastes 1:9
What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun. Ecclesiastes 1:9

People. Some things are just beyond our control. If you are a student of history, there should be no surprise when you witness the events of today. Conspiracy, crime, politics, murder- nothing is new under the sun. Which regime has not taken over the education of children in order to secure their future? Which regime has not taken over the press? Which regime has not controlled the message? Which regime has not murdered or framed their opponents? Which regime has not set up scenerios for the public eye in order to obtain public support for their desired laws or new politicians? Observe any great regime in world history and all these things were done. It is standard procedure. No one should gasp in surprise. Yes, we are America. We should be above all this, right? I once thought so too. But I was naïve. We, too, are a great regime. We, too, are simply human beings. Where there is great power, there is great corruption. Yes, here in America too. Men have wanted to rule the world from the very beginning of time. Did not Genghis Khan want to rule the world? Ceasar? Nepolian? All the kings and queens of Europe? America and our politicians are no different, I’m afraid. Why do you think men would be content to rule only America? Especially if ruling the world was oh, so possible? If I were evil, I would try to rule it all too. Why not? That is the natural inclination of evil, power lusting men and women. It is absolutely inevitable.

When you see the events around you, you must realize that it was inevitable from the very beginning. God knew this too. It stems from the evil inherent in human beings. As a whole, as a group, we are hopeless. Only as an individual is there any hope of redemption. That is why we have stories where heroes arise. You don’t see stories where whole groups emerge as heroic, do you? No, it is always the individual who manages to rise above the base human nature. That is because mankind has something special within- he has the soul. He can choose between what he was born into and what he can become if he applies himself. He can choose to be more than himself, more than his base human nature- he can choose to be divine. Within every human being is the soul. From this soul is the capacity to become the hero- the one who will sacrifice himself for others, the one who believes in justice where there is none, the one who can see the good in others where none exists, the one who has faith when there is no reason for it, the one who can inspire others to rise above themselves- who can convince them that even to believe in more is better than to die believing in nothing. This rare person is so admired within our species as to deserve a unique set of vocabulary which can be identitified in every human language: hero, champion, savior, leader, overcomer, brave, valiant, integrity, knight in shining armor, etc. We all look up to these traits, not down. This proves that we, humanity, understand our own flaws and admit them. We know that these traits are rare- and we celebrate the few who obtain them. We ASPIRE to them but rarely obtain them.

Only within the individual is there ever any hope of finding these glorious traits. A group lacks a soul. The human soul, that divine thing, is why the individual can have hope of attaining these brilliant traits. What I mean to say is this: as a group, as a species, we are doomed- and we always were- from the start. Since man was created- our end was ensured. Self destruction is literally sewn into our DNA. We can’t rule ourselves in peace. None of us will ever allow it. We must all be king. Thus, we will always be at war. Eventually, our weapons will ensure death for all. Inevitable. I can see this with dispassion.

I understand now why God said that this existence will be ‘rolled up’ like a parchment and that he has prepared a new one for us. This is just the training ground for us- the finishing ground for our maturation process. This is where Adam and Eve finish becoming the Sons and Daughters of God. They weren’t done being formed in the Garden of Eden. God had a plan- and that plan included the bitten apple. We must CHOOSE God and goodness over sin and satan- with the full knowledge of good & evil and all that evil can offer us. Just as God and all the divine beings in heaven choose God and heaven, knowing good and evil and all that evil offers them. We can only make this choice if evil exists. Evil didn’t exist in the Garden of Eden. It does now. Once we have all been tested, it will be over. Then, those of us who chose God will move on to whatever God had in mind for us. Those who didn’t will simply cease to be. At least, that is my thought.

When I see this world doing the evil it is doing, I no longer care. I see that it is as inevitable as the sunrise. It no longer disturbs my peace. Also, I know that we, American citizens, can no longer stop it. There was a time when we had some say. But that day is gone. We are mere spectators of the game. We are watching each move now. Each piece of the puzzle falls into place and we are witness to the loss of our freedoms. This does sadden me. Our nation was the closest this world has ever come to a great human nation. A truly free nation. Our constitution did the best job of any other government document to stave off evil men than any other. But it couldn’t hold them off forever. Nothing can.

In the end, my friends, remember, our true business is not of this world- or even this nation. Our true King is Jesus. Our true nation is Heaven. Our true God is God, our Father. Our true loyalty is to God. Our true work is for him only. Remember, our business is to help others to not die. By whatever means- mostly, by telling them the truth about Jesus- both the good news of salvation AND the hard truth about the consequences of DEATH if they don’t turn and repent. This is why we exist. Should our nation fall around us, yes, we grieve, but our mission is the same. Let us rise like heroes among the sadness and let us have the traits I mentioned above. Keep your integrity, keep your word to God, remain pure and honest and good- help people around you and don’t become bitter and angry. Stay true to why you have been called. And most of all, remember WHY God called you- WITNESS with your mouth and SAY the words.

We need Peter, the Apostle again, not pastors planting more churches.

Pastors Have Lost Their Way- They Must Become Apostles Again

We need Peter, the Apostle again, not pastors planting more churches.
We need Peter, the Apostle again, not pastors planting more churches.

I have a question for pastors.  Actually, I have a question for pastors and for all Christians who do all their serving within church walls.  Do you believe you serve God?  Do you believe you are obeying Christ’s command to ‘go out and tell the Good News’ to the world?  I don’t ask to be disrespectful.  I really don’t.  I ask because it just seems too easy to do what you are doing. It seems so safe, so easy and so insulated.  How hard is it to hang around people who agree with you all the time?  How hard is it to talk to only Christians day in and day out?  I mean, who hates a pastor?  Especially a pastor who is only saying things that people want to hear?  From what I see, pastors are very beloved people.  They are sought after dinner guests. They are the most popular people at church.  Everyone wants to shake the pastor’s hand.  Crowds gather around them after church and they have to carefully met out their hand shaking time so that they can exit the church in time for their kid’s baseball game.

How hard is that?
I don’t see how that brings the hate of world upon their shoulders.

Didn’t Christ tell us that to serve him would leave us homeless?  Didn’t he say that to follow him would leave us friendless?  Didn’t he say that slander would follow us?  Didn’t he say that men would look down upon us?  I mean, didn’t Jesus say, “Woe to you when all men speak well of you, for that is how their fathers treated the false prophets” in Luke 6:26 (NIV) ?
I don’t see any of that happening to pastors today.  I see good salaries- double salaries, sometimes, when pastors’ wives also work for the same church.  I see great vacations around the world.  I see kids going to great universities.  I see new cars, motorcycles, a bit of fame and not a speck of disgust anywhere online against any pastor I know.  Only love and admiration.

Yet, I am detested and hated and alone.  And no pastor I know stands with me.  One of my pastors calls me a conspiracy theorist.  Both pastors tell me that when I speak, I am not  ‘kind’ enough, not ‘Christian’ enough to non-Christians.  I believe I am to understand that this is the reason they don’t stand by me.

No one from my church has called me to see how I am doing.  Even though I have filled out my nifty, very business efficient ‘communication card’ and told them about this lawsuit.  I have told them the tremendous burden I am under.  I have asked for prayer.  I have described the rape, the defamation suit, everything.  I have missed Sunday church for many weeks.  And yet, not one phone call.  Not one word of concern.  I have been quite involved in this church.  They know me well.  Yet, silence.

I can only conclude one thing:  they are distancing themselves from me.  I am an embarrassment.

Actually, I will conclude two things:  they also don’t care.  One can say it this way:  they have no love for me.  Words are cheap, after all.

Yet, they are very busy planting more and more churches in the world.  The plan is to plant 100 of them in the next 40 years or so.  How lovely to be remembered as the pastor who planted 100 churches in his lifetime. That ‘100’ has a nice, round ring to it, don’t you think?  Me?  I’ll just be the un-Christian-like woman who wasn’t very nice to homosexuals that went bankrupt for not covering her butt online.

To me, when I watch pastors today, I am reminded of my work as a management consultant.  What a cush job that was.  It’s just business.  It was fun.  Challenging.  Intellectual.  Sure, there were stresses and pitfalls- but the pay was great and the status was even better.  I think being a pastor building a hundred churches would be very similar to that experience.  Very heady stuff.    You are awash in love and praise.    Everyone thinks you are smart as hell- and if you are a pastor, they also must think you are moral as hell too.  Does it get any better?

But what if you get paid nothing to do the work?  What if your work were different in nature?  What if, instead of building beautiful buildings, full of people who agree with you, you had to stand up in front of hostile crowds who may likely hate you and what you are about to say?  What if they begin to heckle you the second you begin to speak?  What if you lose your cool during the heckling and your fellow Christians start criticizing you for not handling yourself better?  What if you were to be arrested if you spoke?  What if, by speaking, you killed your chances of ever earning money for your family again?  What if you knew that by speaking God’s truth, your children might not get the money they needed to educate themselves in college?  What if you knew that your children might not get to play baseball or soccer or football because you were about to tell officials that their actions were cursed by God?  Then, pastors, would you speak?  Thus far, the answers to those questions appears to be, ‘no.’  And there are always a million ‘good’ answers why.  The most prevalent answer seems to be:  it’s just ‘not the right time or place.’

It’s never the right time.  The time is right now. The place is in church.
Jesus never said to go out and ‘plant churches’.  He told us to go out and tell people the good news- or, one could say- tell the TRUTH of the good news.  Today’s pastors interpret this as only planting churches.  Yet the Apostles went out among real people and boldly opened their mouths.  They stood up to real authorities and spoke directly to them.   Our pastors are so hidden behind thick church doors that they have lost the meaning of ‘going out’ among the people.  Their actions seem to say that because the Apostles did establish churches and did appoint leaders for them, then a pastor’s job is only to establish churches and preach in them.   But I say that you have lost your way and you have lost your boldness and courage for the real work.  If this is so, then you have become mere administrators and we have no more apostles.

The real apostles didn’t sit in the early churches.  They left them.  They went out again among real people.  They spoke real, bold words on the streets for everyone to hear.   The apostles took enormous risks with their lives by talking on the streets.  They were hauled in front of the officials of the cities because of their proclamations and their admonishments of the people.  Eventually, most of them were murdered for not only standing up for Jesus, but for admonishing the people, the government and the religious leaders of the day for their grave sins.  Pastors today are tight lipped in all matters that count.  Some will  preach the Bible, but don’t connect any of it to events around them.  It is as if the Bible is disconnected from politics and real life events.  When sitting in church, one gets the feeling that church is one place and real life is another.

What patent nonsense!

Pastors, we are in dangerous days and I believe, the end days.  And even if we don’t see the return of Christ, are we not to live as if we will?  Christians are being cut down all over the world.  You don’t get to just have your cushy jobs and your nice, air conditioned offices.  It doesn’t matter how hard you worked to get where you are.  We all work hard at our jobs.  Remember, you get paid to do what you do.  The apostles were poor men.  You are not poor men.  You can’t complain about your lot.  The very least you can do is suffer a little for the Lord.  Stand up and tell the truth.  And when someone in your congregation does tell the truth and gets pounded by society for saying it, you need to stand with them- not criticize the way they said it.  Your lack of leadership tells the rest of the congregation exactly what to do.  Or not do.

I don’t remember Jesus being very nice in Matthew 23.

13 “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You shut the door of the kingdom of heaven in people’s faces. You yourselves do not enter, nor will you let those enter who are trying to. [14] [b]

15 “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You travel over land and sea to win a single convert, and when you have succeeded, you make them twice as much a child of hell as you are.

16 “Woe to you, blind guides! You say, ‘If anyone swears by the temple, it means nothing; but anyone who swears by the gold of the temple is bound by that oath.’ 17 You blind fools! Which is greater: the gold, or the temple that makes the gold sacred? 18 You also say, ‘If anyone swears by the altar, it means nothing; but anyone who swears by the gift on the altar is bound by that oath.’ 19 You blind men! Which is greater: the gift, or the altar that makes the gift sacred? 20 Therefore, anyone who swears by the altar swears by it and by everything on it. 21 And anyone who swears by the temple swears by it and by the one who dwells in it. 22 And anyone who swears by heaven swears by God’s throne and by the one who sits on it.

23 “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You give a tenth of your spices—mint, dill and cumin. But you have neglected the more important matters of the law—justice, mercy and faithfulness. You should have practiced the latter, without neglecting the former. 24 You blind guides! You strain out a gnat but swallow a camel.

25 “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You clean the outside of the cup and dish, but inside they are full of greed and self-indulgence. 26 Blind Pharisee! First clean the inside of the cup and dish, and then the outside also will be clean.

27 “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of the bones of the dead and everything unclean. 28 In the same way, on the outside you appear to people as righteous but on the inside you are full of hypocrisy and wickedness.

29 “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You build tombs for the prophets and decorate the graves of the righteous. 30 And you say, ‘If we had lived in the days of our ancestors, we would not have taken part with them in shedding the blood of the prophets.’ 31 So you testify against yourselves that you are the descendants of those who murdered the prophets. 32 Go ahead, then, and complete what your ancestors started!

33 “You snakes! You brood of vipers! How will you escape being condemned to hell? 34 Therefore I am sending you prophets and sages and teachers. Some of them you will kill and crucify; others you will flog in your synagogues and pursue from town to town. 35 And so upon you will come all the righteous blood that has been shed on earth, from the blood of righteous Abel to the blood of Zechariah son of Berekiah, whom you murdered between the temple and the altar. 36 Truly I tell you, all this will come on this generation.

37 “Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who kill the prophets and stone those sent to you, how often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, and you were not willing. 38 Look, your house is left to you desolate. 39 For I tell you, you will not see me again until you say, ‘Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.’[c]

You would have criticized Jesus, I suppose.  We have become the Milquetoast Generation of Christianity.  The enemy will hate you simply because you say the truth.  Just look at the businesses who have lost everything because they couldn’t serve a gay wedding.  They were as polite as could be.  I just visited the most polite young woman’s blog who wrote against Bruce Jenner’s ‘coming out’.  Oh, the names they called her.  The enemy hates the truth.

Arm chair quarterbacking has always been easy.

It hurts that my pastors won’t stand with me in my hour of true need but when I look at their actions, I see the actions, or inactions, of the rest of modern American churches.  You want to be ground breaking.  You want to be the ‘new church’.  You want to see the powerful, earth shaking reawakening of the Holy Spirit in your church and await breathlessly- praying like crazy that it happens.   But loud music won’t make the Spirit come.  Cool tattoos won’t make the Spirit come.  Video sermons won’t make the Spirit come.  Multiple ‘campuses’ won’t make the Spirit come, nor will all that new terminology.  Money won’t make the Spirit come. The Spirit won’t come until you do what I have done- give over your entire lives to the Lord.

And you know what I mean by that.  You need to be hated for what you say.  You need to be reviled for the TRUTH.  You need to be unpopular among Christians that are not Christians.  I’m telling you that the day you open your mouth for the plain, undecorated Truth, you will lose a large part of your congregation because they will be shocked by what you say. But then again, the true Spirit of God will be with you.  And the people who love the truth will come.  And those who remain will be ever stronger.  Jesus needed only 12 to change the world.  I yearn for you to take this step.

Pastors need to be apostles instead.  They need to go out among real people if they want to change the world.  They need to talk to officials and non Christians, not hang around Christians day in and out.  They need to risk their own personal hides- their own children, their own money, their own homes, their own spouses, their own livings and their own reputations.

Just as I have.

Then the Spirit of God will rain down upon them and bless their church.  That is when the miracles will begin.

We need real apostles again.  We need courageous leaders.  We need bold speakers.  We need risk takers.  We need TRUTH TELLERS.  We need men who will stand up to the world without fear, without regret.  Must a woman, a mother of three lead the way?  Should I be Debra and shame you men into it?  Should I take the credit because you will not do what  men should do?

I hope not.  I love you.  I believe in you.  You are younger than me.  I feel that you can be what you should be.  I feel you can be the leaders you should be.  But you must break the mold.  You must take the risk.  You must do something radically different.  Or you won’t do anything at all.  That is my word for you.

I might be 'suicided' by some unsavory folks.  Don't buy it.  I ain't that selfish.

I Would Never Commit Suicide- It’s Sad That I Need To Say That

I might be 'suicided' by some unsavory folks.  Don't buy it.  I ain't that selfish.
I might be ‘suicided’ by some unsavory folks. Don’t buy it. I ain’t that selfish.


Listen, I don’t want to sound paranoid, but I feel the need to say something. I want you to know that I would never take my own life. Ever. While my appetite for this world is at an all time low, I would never disobey my Creator. I am here for a purpose and that is to serve God. I will go when he calls me and not a moment before. Furthermore, I am not a violent person. I would never do violence to myself or to anyone.

Why do I say this?

Well, I was considering things today. It occurred to me how easily I could just be ‘found’ hanging in a closet tomorrow (think Aaron Swartz)  and everyone would think I was just depressed over this whole court thing. And considering what I wrote yesterday, well, people might think I just couldn’t handle it anymore. Wouldn’t that be a convenient way for the U.S. Army & the Progressives to get rid of this particular embarrassment- ie, me?   Do you realize that it was Obama himself who did not send Riggins’ name back to Congress for the generalship?  Indeed.   It had absolutely nothing to do with me or with my article. I have all the paperwork to prove that.  In fact, it is public record.  Anyone can look it up.  It’s all a part of the Arms Committee’s records.  Riggins can’t prove that I had anything at all to do with him losing that general’s position because the reason is publically stated.  Congress refused to promote him and sent his name along with another guy back to Obama. The entire rest of the list (about 32 other colonels) were promoted, no problem.  I’ve got that list too- it’s readily available online for all to see.   This may or may not have been for the sake of the rape investigation that the U.S. Army instigated and performed.  If an investigation is being performed on anyone who is being considered for promotion, the person is temporarily removed from the promotion list until the investigation is over.  The results of the investigation determine what happens to the soldier’s promotion at that point.

The investigation was conducted and the result was ‘inconclusive’. That means that NEITHER of our accounts could be corroborated. Therefore, by military code, Riggins could not be held back from that promotion because of the investigation, by my article which prompted the investigation or by anything I said during the investigation.  All of this is spelled out by Army regulations and by public record in Congress. I have every aspect of this on paper and ready to go in court. I also have records that show that after Riggins’ nomination went back to Obama, it sat there and sat there. There is absolutely no record of Obama sending it back to Congress as should have happened when the investigation failed to result in a negative result. Well, according to Army regulations, guess what? That nomination is only good for 18 months. And then… wha-lah! it expires! So, it looks like the Obama administration decided to let his nomination expire. That is Obama’s decision, not mine. Perhaps they were just too busy to get ’round to it?   Again, not my problem.   To conclude again, it was Obama, not me or the investigation, that held up Riggins’ promotion papers.  If it were the investigation that kept him from being promoted, it would mean that the U.S. Army had broken the law. Now, if the U.S. Army broke the law, Riggins needs to sue them, not me. All this paperwork proves I am innocent of the entire affair. I had nothing to do with him not being promoted.  He needs to take this up with Obama.

However, this might be embarrassing to the U.S. Army. We have a renegade colonel who is taking revenge on the woman who accused him of rape because he needs someone to kick.  He can’t sue the Army.  They didn’t technically break any law- neither did Obama.  The nomination just became obsolete.  He is impotent to do anything about it.  I am his little scape goat.   If I lose this case, it will look like neither the Army or the Obama administration care about rape in the military and that they let me take the blame for something that they did to this guy. Further, it looks like this colonel is thumbing his nose at the Secretary of the Armed Forces because he just passed a law that made it illegal to take revenge like this on anyone who brings rape accusations against a soldier. Unfortunately, because I am no longer a soldier, I don’t get that protection. But this colonel is clearly breaking the spirit of that law and the Army is powerless to stop him. I have threatened and indeed, plan to involve the press in this case, should it go to trial. This will be a landmark case should it go to trial. No man, let alone an Army colonel, has successfully sued his rape accuser for such a large sum ($3 million ). It will be a major win for rapists and a major set back for women and rape victims. It will impact freedom of speech and redefine State jurisdiction concerning the internet. It will also highlight rape in the military and in the academies. The media will pay attention, I promise you. It is too important to ignore. I know important people are watching this case with interest. It would be mighty convenient if I just killed myself, wouldn’t it?

Everything would just go away then, wouldn’t it?

I want you all to know that if I am found dead in my home or if I have some kind of accident, I didn’t do it of my own accord, ok? I wouldn’t let you down that way. I wouldn’t disobey God like that. What kind of servant and friend would I be to you if I did that? What kind of wife and mother would I be? To me, suicide is selfish. Who doesn’t want the pain to end? Who doesn’t want to be with Jesus? The tough person sticks this life out. The real woman or man lasts to the end. We are to use this body until its last breath. I leave my safety to my Lord. It is HE who will decide my last hour on this earth. I fear no one. I don’t.   If someone ends my life, then so be it- but I will be free and happy until that point.  I just needed to ensure that none of you believed any lie that might accompany my ‘suicide’.

So, now you know. Let that stand as my own witness for now and forever. Ok? Ok. Just needed saying, that’s all. Susan

jesus and lampstands

I Am Smyrna

jesus and lampstandsI find it so interesting that my pastor spoke on the church of Smyrna today in church.  We are studying the seven churches mentioned in the first part of the Book of Revelation right now.  I was feeling.. well, kinda low today.  I didn’t want to see anyone right now.  I get sick of explaining my circumstance to people who either can’t understand or don’t want to understand.  (For those who are only now signing onto my blog, I am being sued for slander against a colonel who raped me when I attended West Point in 1986 and now claims it never happened.  The suit is for the ridiculous sum of $3 million.)  And even if they want to help, can’t.  It is a mutual burden, not a conversation.  So I stayed home today and decided to catch the sermon online- pretty nice as I could do it with my puppy in lap, regaled in full pajama, coffee in hand.  See, I just lost my last hearing concerning my lawsuit this past week.  I must say that I am rather stunned and have been rolling it about in my mind.  I have been considering how to break it to my readers.  How do I tell thousands of people that God didn’t swoop in and save me as we all thought he would?  How do I tell them that Jesus’ words concerning standing in court and having the Holy Spirit fill our minds and bodies with the right words didn’t come true?  How do I tell them that God’s name was shamed and not honored in court?  That my enemies were licking their lips in satisfaction and gloating, patting their fat, evil stomachs in glee- at my expense, but also at Jesus’ name’s expense?  How can I express how that last part angers me?  Oh, yes, I know they are reading this and with further glee.  And that makes it all the more difficult to communicate the truth to you.  Just doing so satisfies their evil little putrid minds.

Can I tell you that I never thought I would be taken down in this way?  I have written about homosexuality, gay marriage,  Obama, progressives, Mormons, Jesus, liberals, NDAA2012, the Cybersecurity Bill, the fact that all American media is owned by seven privately owned financial groups, that 80% of digital voting machines are owned by one man and his brother.  I wrote about Sandy Hook and was one of the first ones to call it a set up.  That one article brought over 2 million hits (almost all hate mail) to my site.    I have exposed people by name on this blog- I have proven, without a doubt, that these things are true.  Granted, I am small and few people have heard of me.  But I have felt the brunt of liberal wrath in any case.  I have laughed at so many creepy cretins that have crawled upon my page that I was sure one day, a cretin would find a backer with some power.   Facebook worried enough that it attempted to shut down my page once and almost succeeded.  In fact, it has partially succeeded to this day by shutting down my ability to advertise both my private and public pages.  I can’t even ‘boost’ a post!  Further, it has killed my ability to post on my Short Little Rebel page thereby killing it for all practical purposes.  When I post, about 3 people receive it although I have over 6,000 likes.  It has also refused to index my Short Little Rebel facebook page to Google, Yahoo or any other search engine.  In fact, if you ever google ‘short little rebel’, you will only find the liberal hate pages dedicated to mocking me on facebook.  Even though they only have about 200 likes or less.    So I kinda figured that when the hammer came, it would come from one of those directions.   But no, the cretins are still just writhing impotently upon their own tiny…um.. pages, hopping gleefully about as they continue to live vicariously through me.  (typically liberal, they abandon their own platform when hate suits them- the party that supports women cheers on the would-be general rapist and calls the rape victim woman a liar.  Liberalism is not the bastion of logic or intelligence- you can’t reason with these numbnuts.)

Instead, it came from the slanderous direction of the U.S. Army and one of its colonels.  And how do you like this?  I was raped and was merciful to my rapist.  I never brought charges.  Instead, I turned to God.  I owned one thing, however, and that was his name.  It was he that should bear the shame, not me.  I didn’t do wrong, he did.  Rape is a crime committed by the man, Friends.  It is about power, not attraction.  You can’t dress sexy enough or act sexy enough to ‘deserve’ rape.  No one can shame a woman into ‘deserving’ to be raped.  The reason I say this man’s name when I speak of my rape is to put the blame on him, not me.  This is part of my healing and I will continue to do so for the rest of my life.  He is the criminal and I am the victim.  That fact will remain between us until we die- and even beyond- for we will both be judged by God himself.   No court, no judge, no lawyer can remove the crime.  I repeat, no one can remove the factuality of the crime.  It remains as a bloodstain upon this man forever.  Edgar Allen Poe wrote about this spot as did Shakespeare- this ‘damn spot’ will never come out.  Man’s court is not the ultimate court.  That is what I have learned since Friday’s hearing.

I innocently wrote about that rape in support of a Fox news article about rape in the military, writing his decrepit name as has become habit to me.   I had no idea what that one action would bring.  Long story, short- it led to an Army investigation which was inconclusive- neither his enormous lies (with lying witnesses to boot) nor my truth could be proven.  Immediately after the investigation came the absurd defamation lawsuit.

Two days ago, I lost my 14th amendment right to due process- well, according to the VA judge I did, anyway.   That means that I must now, according to VA, be tried in VA courts for this supposed defamation I committed.  Even though all evidence clearly shows that VA has no jurisdiction over me.  And why?  Because a lying, unethical lawyer wrote five pages of lies which the then prejudiced judge had no right to see and made up his mind before I ever showed up to the hearing.  The hearing was flawed and defective from start to finish.  The entire process has been a farce.  I would have been better protected had I never responded to this preposterous lawsuit at all.  Instead, because I had respect for law & order, I responded, saying at every hearing that VA had no jurisdiction over me.  However, I didn’t say it right and according to this judge, filed my paperwork in such a way that gave VA jurisdiction over me.  So, get that?  I submitted paperwork that declared that VA didn’t have jurisdiction over me and by that very submission, gave them jurisdiction over me.  Can anyone say, ‘gotcha’?  Can anyone say, ‘appeal’?

Justice is a travesty in VA.   They just hate letting any fish get away from their grasp.    Well, we will see about that later.

So.  Let’s get to today and why I call myself Smyrna.  Beyond just considering the case, my mind has mostly been on God.  I thought I knew him.  I thought I was his favorite daughter.  I thought we were close, you know?  I thought I knew the Bible and what it meant.  I thought I had a GRASP on things, you know?  I asked thousands of people to pray for me and I know they did.  I felt power surging through my bones before I got on that telephone (I appeared telephonically)!  I was absolutely confident that all the slander against me would be exposed for what it was- desperate, vengeful, bald-faced lies.  I was confident that the judge would make the right decision and release me from this frivolous and defective lawsuit.  You can’t understand my disbelief as I listened to the judge all but argue the case for the plaintiff!  I wish I had called the judge out on it, but was too overwhelmed at the time to think of speaking.  I was stunned.  I was stunned at my God!  Forget the lying attorney, forget my foul rapist, forget the judge- I was stunned at God  himself!  I have been wracked for understanding since Friday.  Is it possible that God let me down?  Let his own name down?  And what was this in my own heart?  Anger at him?  Disappointment in him?  Am I a hypocrite?  Did I not just yesterday advise two people to understand that God always means good either to us or to someone else even when it appears that he has let us down?  Then this anger/disappointment in my heart is pure hypocrisy!!  And that thought got me even more down.

I don’t want to be a hypocrite.  Not to God.  And not to you all.  That’s why I am confessing it to you as I confessed it to him.  That is why I have been silent since Friday.  I didn’t know how to talk to you.   The only saving grace and point of forgiveness by which I can approach God is that I knew in my heart that I would not feel that way for long.  I knew that I would come around to a wiser understanding and that I would come to a better place.   And I have done so now. Jesus wrote to Smyna:

“To the angel of the church in Smyrna write:

These are the words of him who is the First and the Last, who died and came to life again. I know your afflictions and your poverty—yet you are rich! I know about the slander of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan. 10 Do not be afraid of what you are about to suffer. I tell you, the devil will put some of you in prison to test you, and you will suffer persecution for ten days. Be faithful, even to the point of death, and I will give you life as your victor’s crown.

11 Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches. The one who is victorious will not be hurt at all by the second death.”

See?  I had forgotten something.  Even Jesus was hauled before the courts.  And he lost the earthly battle.  Why am I any different?  When we stand for Christ, we will lose our wealth, freedom and even respectability on this earth.  Was not God mocked when Jesus was crucified?  Wasn’t Jesus mocked by the criminal who was crucified beside him?  People spit on the Son of God!  Who am I?  Jesus, in this letter, saw the church of Smyrna and praised them.  They, too, were losing the earthly battle.   He specifically mentioned slander.  My situation is full of irony.  I am called a slanderer, which is slander against me.  My pastor mentioned that history shows that they refused to pay for the certificate that was required at the time that showed that they claimed that Caesar was the Son of God.    If their persecution was merely that, then it wouldn’t have been slander, it would have been the truth.  But people were going around telling lies about this church because they hated them for standing up for God and Christ.

This is the same for me.  No one will help me now because of who I am and what I have written.  My enemies online don’t care about my rape or the truth of it.  They only care about my politics and the things I have written against them before this point.  Because they are full of evil, they will join any side to take me down.  They give up all their own supposed principles and join up with their ideological enemies to destroy me if that suits them at the moment- they only know their hatred.  They have no scruples or desire for truth.  And they know it themselves.  They only know bloodlust.  I don’t know how they sleep at night. I am just glad that I am not like them.

I tried to find a defense lawyer in VA but no one would even take my case.  No one.  I was turned down by every defense lawyer.  Even when I said I could come up with the money.  Even when I lied and said I could come up with the money.  At that point, I just wanted to see if they were just avoiding me.  And they were.  This craven lawyer had picked his victim well.  He knew that I would be seen as a right wing religious fanatic- he would paint me as a consummate online liar who was craving attention all the time.  And defense lawyers were terrified of taking me on because they knew the fight would be hard.  That society hates Jesus and would not look kindly upon a person who wrote blatantly against homosexuality and gay marriage as I did.  Oh, and add the government ‘conspiracies’ that I write about and forget it.  Telling the truth, my dears, has never been popular.  Not in the time of Smyna, and not in today’s time.  Telling the truth will always bring punishment from the government and from those in power.  Defense lawyers know it too.  And without an insurance company behind you to ensure that they get paid enormous amounts of money, they won’t take on the risk.  Our home insurance doesn’t do slander cases. Nice, huh?

The government in the form of the U.S. Army refuses to help me as well.  It was they who abandoned me at West Point.  It was they who encouraged me to come forward with the investigation even though I absolutely refused to do so for the first two requests.  It was they who promised justice.  Instead, they set me up for this lawsuit.  And when it happened, they refused to provide any legal help at all, citing the fact that I am no longer in the service.  How do you like them, there apples?  The Army doesn’t give one fig about rape in the military.  They got to ‘do something’ with my case.  And now, they have closed the books.

And I will drown as a result.

They don’t care about their renegade colonel/ rapist.  Even though two women have also come forward with complaints against my rapist secretly to me.    If you tell the truth, that simple act is to stand up for Christ.  Truth belongs to Jesus, not satan.  Truth of any sort.  Telling the truth is to stand for Jesus.  Any truth.  I told the truth of my rape.  Even though this wasn’t a direct stand for Christ, my entire blogging life and in fact, my life is a stand for Christ.  I declare my love for God with every breath. I am Smyrna.  And I am proud of it.  How many people can say this?

My pastor was in pain this morning.  He said that it pains him that when he was young and idealistic, he grieved because he felt that he and we had built lives that were inherently disobedient to Jesus’ Great Commission.  That the very method of our lives, the very comfort in which we live is disobedient.  I will not only agree with my pastor, but I will one-up him.  I will say that he is completely right and that even my church and even my pastors are living disobedient lives as we speak.  It is easy to say that we should all live Christ’s Great Commission.  But it is an empty speech when you do not do it.  The problem with his speech is that he went on to qualify his story by saying that he grew up to realize it was ‘too extreme’ and then, sarcastically said that he would never ask us to sell everything we own and follow Jesus- after all, who would be crazy enough to do that?  No!  No qualifications!  No sarcasms!  No escaping!  That is too cheap.

I do it.  I do it here on my blog and on my Facebook page every day.  And I have faced anger, slander, ridicule, shame, pointing fingers, hatred- both from the public and from those closest to me. Sadly, even from people from my own church. But who of my accusers is even trying to speak the truth in any way at all? Where are they? They are all, everyone of them, hiding behind their comfortable lives, saving their own bacon, their own children, their own wallets, their own reputations, their own friendships, their own careers, their own spouses, their own homes, their own everythings. Even my pastors. Yes, I must say it, though I love you more than I love my own brothers.  They will only speak the truth among others who agree with them- but never to those who oppose- and never publicly.   Don’t look down upon me- I am not perfect, but you can’t fault me for my love of Jesus- or for my attempts at the truth. Because I know that Jesus honors me for it. And so should you. But where are you when I need you most? Where are you now?  Why do you not stand publicly with me?  Are you ashamed of me?

I am alone right now in my suffering. I am now facing bankruptcy because of it.  My husband, who has lived the most proper and correct and respectable financial life possible will suffer for my truth telling.  He doesn’t deserve the blight of bankruptcy on his record.  I am considering divorcing him to protect him from this shame I am about to bring him.   So many people have shaken their heads at me.   The inherent message in their oh, so wise and grave shaking of heads:  “I always knew that the day you opened your mouth online was the day you asked for trouble to your family.  You are so stupid to take that chance with your family.  You are a foolish mother and a bad wife.”

I suppose I am a foolish mother and a bad wife.  I feel that.  It breaks my heart.  If suicide were an option, I would take it for the pain I have brought my husband and children.   I would do it for all the pain my tormentor is putting me through in these last years.  I can honestly say that I no longer even wish to live in this world- that is the overall effect of what my rapist has done to me and is continuing to do to me.  What all this has shown me is that I am alone in wishing to stand up to evil in this world. That the path to God is indeed hidden and little trampled upon. Few wish to stray onto this path. Indeed, the path to hell is wide and well paved! It is polished slick with all the feet of those who call upon the name of Christ! I am an outcast among my brothers and sisters. When I suffer on these sidelines among the thorns and rocks, they look upon me as the foolish person. But Jesus! I look for you only ! I believe in your promises! So few people are on this path that I can’t see one with me. But Christ is with me, I tell you all now. This life will pass away and I will be with him. And he alone will comfort me. All your words of scorn will no longer be heard by my burning ears. Jesus alone knows my heart and how it craves his truth and justice. Only he knows how much I yearn to obey his commands. He understands me completely and I tell you now that he alone loves me in this rotten world. No one’s judgment upon me matters but his. People’s words do hurt me- they do. I am not stone. But he alone can sustain me to the end. That much I believe.

I get this terrible notion that only my death will finally prove that my rapist did rape me.  That’s when officials finally take any woman seriously- when her blood runs red on the street.  Only her death will suffice.  But as long as she breaths, as long as she dares to share the same earth, dares to pursue happiness, has the audacity to claim her right to not be raped, claim her right to speak the truth for its own sake, dares to  be strong, stand up and be someone- as long as she has any guts at all, no one will help her in her hour of need.  No, she must die first.  Then, the officials will turn out in their slick, dark suits (rapist included) and say how very sad it all is.  And they will finally turn to her tormentor and will slap his wrist.  But no real change will happen.  And the other women will continue to be harassed, touched, pushed, and raped.  And their rapists will still become generals.    And these same generals will be the ones who make policy on rape in the military.

But I am still Smyna.  Jesus still looks upon me with favor, World.  I still stood up for the Truth and you did not make me crumble.  You can take away all my money; you can take away all my freedom.  But you can’t make the spot of your guilt disappear.  No one believes you.  They all know you raped me.  Just as you know you raped me.  Your wife- both of them- know you raped me.  They are women too, you know.  Your children know you raped me.  Everyone you work with knows you raped me.  The ‘damn spot’ can’t be wiped clean, no matter how many times the court of man might give you victory.  If you win in court, it will be empty.  You will still face God.  I will still be innocent.  All you will have done is hurt your victim even more than you already have.  That is something you will have to live with.  You could have just gone on with your life in comfort as a retired colonel but instead, decided to turn in revenge.  You needed to hurt me even more.  What does that make you?  An animal.  There is a hell.  And you will see it.  There is also a heaven.  And I will see it.  That is the ‘second death’ to which Jesus refers in verse 11.  That is all our hope when injustice and even death faces us in this life.

Yes, sometimes, no matter what God has promised, he will let us be defeated.  He let his own Son die by the hands of evil men.  But not without purpose, my friends.  And not without ultimate victory.  Remember, Jesus ROSE AGAIN after three days.    My suffering is not without purpose either.   Nor will it be without its victory.   If nothing else, I can tell you that I will never lose faith in my God.  He always IS.  He is always GOOD.  And I know he LOVES me.  These are infallible truths.  As true as the sky is blue.  Nothing can shake these truths.  We may not always understand his decisions and we may very well be allowed to lose very publicly in life – it may even look like God is not honoring his own name.  But don’t forget that Christ was mocked.  God was mocked.  And Smyrna was eventually crushed. But in the end, God WILL be glorified.  God is patient.  We must be patient too.  I was short sighted in my initial anger and disappointment with God.  That was my problem.  Today’s sermon showed me that.  I thank my pastor for this sermon.  Now I challenge him and everyone to live a real, bold, and sacrificial life.  BE Smyrna yourself and stop being safe.  Speak the truth- dare to speak the truth.  Dare to stand with those who have the courage to try.  You will see the trouble it brings.  It is as inevitable as the sunrise.  But as necessary as the breath of Life.


Why Christians Leave Church, Why They Must Return & How to Find the Right One


I wrote a Facebook post on May 11, 2015 asking if my readers went to church regularly and if they didn’t, why.  I wanted to understand the general situation ‘out there’ among Christians. If you think about it, the people on my personal page are what you might consider, ‘staunch’ Christians. Therefore, if a percentage of them aren’t going to church, then there is even a larger percentage of ‘regular’ Christians not going.  Whatever reasons are keeping them from church are effecting ‘regular’ or weak Christians even more.  I just wanted to know.  The results were very interesting.  Those who wish to see to see the conversation can go to my facebook post here.

Gossips turn people away from church.

I would never judge or look down upon anyone who is not going to church. Especially if you left a church because they deeply wounded you. I, myself, was hurt almost 30 years ago by many churches, culminating with a Born Again Christian Church, and never returned until about three years ago. I was completely alone, without family, ‘weird’ and desperate. Not one person in any of those churches cared if I lived or died. I attended almost every denomination in my search for a soul who might care. No one even noticed me. Then came the coup d’etat  – a gaggle of Born Again ‘ladies’  gossiped about me in a church corner saying, “She’s not a Christian because she doesn’t speak in tongues!” They all started in horrified guilt when they saw me, hearing them talking about me.   I guess I was dressing a little too brightly, a little too sexy in those days.  Nothing over the top, but probably not to their aging taste.  You gotta love old church ladies….. So, I am the last one to judge anyone who flees the judgment of judgmental Christians.   You so-called atheists really don’t understand how much I do understand you!  lol.  I don’t agree with some of you out there who say there is ‘no excuse’ for people who don’t go to church. There are many reasons people don’t go to church. Good ones.  Just read people’s comments on my Facebook post. That being said, everyone still needs to go church.

Acceptance of pagan religions (pluralism) turns people away from churches.
Acceptance of pagan religions (pluralism) turns people away from churches.

A few of you asked why I asked this question. I asked because I am worried that many Christians will be unprepared for the difficult days ahead. Many of you know that I believe we will be here for Christ’s return.  I was getting this uneasy feeling from too many of you that you weren’t attending church regularly.  Also, the Holy Spirit just prodded me to ask out of concern. This is not the time to dally.  The time is growing near.  I needed to hear why you weren’t going so that I could address your concerns and give proper advice.

Worshipping God alone is good, but it isn’t church.

After all those years in the ‘desert’, as I call it, I did go back. And I found out what I had been missing. My logical mind can’t escape one thought: “Surely, this wonderful thing I am now experiencing in my church didn’t just start up now. It has been going on for the 25 or so years I sat nursing my hurt feelings! I missed out on all this fellowship, company, worship and friendship for decades!” I left and never looked back. I did what so many of you are describing. I called my isolated worship part of the Greater Church. And it was. I also called talking to others about Jesus part of the Greater Church. And it was. I called my Bible Reading and constant prayer my Daily Church. And it was! I called hiking and gardening and being in God’s

Jesus IS there when you read the Bible with a friend. But it isn’t Church!

beautiful nature ‘church’.  And it was.  But it wasn’t Sunday (or Saturday night!) local church.   And you know what?  I was missing out on something huge.  Something powerful.  Something truly, truly important for every single Christian:  a local church family.  That is what I learned by leaving for over 25 years and then finding a real church family.  I regret that I was alone for so long.  There is no comparing all those other church-like experiences with belonging to a group of people who know me, love me, care about me and accept me as part of their Christian family.  One is good, the other is gold.  For those of you who say that all those experiences are good enough or equal to having a local church family, I attest to you  now that you are flatly wrong.  It isn’t the same and it isn’t equal.  It isn’t real church.  At all.  Christ is there with you, yes, – but it isn’t church as it was meant to be.  Church is more- and you desperately need it.   You can’t give up.  Don’t do what I did.  You need to get and stay connected.

church family
Nothing can replace the relationships you build with real people at your local church. These people will be the ones who will house and feed you when the Mark comes. You will fight alongside these people to protect your elderly and young when the military and police come to lock you away. You can’t count on internet friends- there will be no communication then. You can’t be alone when things get politically hot.

Many of you know that I don’t believe that there is any guarantee of a ‘pre-trib’ Rapture in the Bible.  Believe me, I have looked!  Who doesn’t want that to be true?  But it just isn’t in there.  Some people have simply made a very hopeful translation based on a lot of loose, broad logic.  All one can say is that it is possible we might be ‘raptured’ before some of the really bad stuff happens.  There is a ‘taking up’ into the sky which we have come to refer to as the Rapture. ‘One will be taken while the other will remain’- we assume this is the same as the ‘taking up’ mentioned in the Bible- although, again, that isn’t clear. The word, ‘Rapture’ is not in the Bible.   The timing of that event is in great question!  To me, it looks like that doesn’t happen until the very end of time.  But it just isn’t clear.  That being said, I believe Christians must be prepared to be here during the dangerous times.  If we are here, we must be huddled closely together, not isolated and alone.

Since we don't know when we will be 'raptured', you might just be here for the tribulation.  You will need your church for protection.
Since we don’t know when we will be ‘raptured’, you might just be here for the tribulation. You will need your church for protection.

The end days are described in detail in the Bible but there is absolutely no strict wording that says it will be in the order described. It also doesn’t say what the time line will look like, nor that the events must happen consecutively. People who go around saying, ‘3.5 years, 7 years, etc’ are simply interpreting the words, “time, time and half a time’ in a way in which they feel comfortable. The Bible never uses the word, ‘year’ to describe the timing of these events, it uses the word, ‘time’.  So, it could be ‘seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries, millennia, epochs, anything!  The word, ‘Tribulation’ (ie, capital ‘T’ or The Tribulation or The Great Tribulation), is not even in the Bible. The Bible says, ‘times of great tribulation,’  but only vaguely. It isn’t described as some grand epoch that has a definitive beginning of which everyone will be fully cognizant.  There is no grand flag which is waved, as in a car race.  There is no giant bell that rings.  Things just get progressively worse and worse.  I believe we are already in the days of great tribulation and that the Mark is already upon us.  The signs are all around us.  (Aren’t Christians already losing their heads?  They are already gathering under that altar in heaven!)  But many Christians can’t see them- which, in and of  itself, is another sign- the great delusion.   Worst of all, many Christians remain isolated from their brothers and sisters.

You must not be alone right now or in the near future. You must join up to a local church now for your own protection.

The new show,
The new show, “Black Jesus” hilariously asks, “Don’t you have any f***king faith?” while he goes about a mostly black neighborhood. The sitcom is about the various neighbors discussing whether he is the real Jesus or not. Real funny stuff, huh? No one fears the Christian backlash. That means they know you are powerless. And you are.

The days ahead- in the next two decades- will be bad. Very bad. Christians are already undergoing an open attack in the freest country in the world. There is no shame among most Americans in attacking us. We are attacked openly on mainstream, highly popular t.v. shows. If that doesn’t wake you up, I don’t know what will. The laws are being changed in ways that punish us for our beliefs. Our businesses are being penalized and shut down for our obedience to God. Isn’t that the very beginning of the Mark? Soon, it will be official. We will not buy or sell without the Mark. Don’t be stupid and remain alone, waiting for the perfect church. You must go out and try again.

Now that you know you must find a local church, you must know how to vet a church before investing your whole heart and soul into it.  You need to know how to ask the right questions and you must have the bravery to ask them.  The bravery is up to you but I will give you the right questions.

The most critical aspect of any church is the leadership and their philosophy concerning the Bible. Do they believe that it is the only source for knowledge concerning God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit? If so, you have a good chance that it is a decent church. This was one of the most frequent reasons given for why people left their churches- the lack of adherence to biblical teachings.  If they don’t believe in the Bible as the only source for authoritative knowledge, then you are in trouble. What do I mean by this? Well, many cults have ‘additional books’ they use- and even elevate above the Bible as holy. Seventh Day Adventists use Ellen White’s writings in addition to the Bible. Mormons use Smith’s writings. Muslims use Mohammad’s writings in addition to the Old Testament. (At least the Jews only use the Old Testament and don’t add a new ‘god’).

While the Catholic Church has stopped selling indulgences, it hasn't repented adding the books that supported Purgatory.  That is wrong.
While the Catholic Church has stopped selling indulgences, it hasn’t repented adding the books that supported Purgatory. That is wrong.

Dear Catholic friends, I do not like to do this, but for the sake of honesty, I must.  While I hold that Catholics are Christian, I also must warn you that the Catholic denomination is guilty of adding seven entire books to the Bible at the Council of Trent in in the mid 1500’s for horribly sinful reasons.  It has never removed them to this day, nor has it repented of its actions.  The original Bible, as we know it today, was set by the Early Church in 393 AD at the Synod of Hippo .  Almost a thousand years later, the Catholic Church changed the Bible- one must look at the surrounding political landscape of the Church to understand why.

The reasons for adding these books were predictably sinful- it was to bolster the political power of the priesthood (a sin in and of itself) by giving the Pope the right to forgive sin and deny salvation to kings while enriching itself by selling indulgences by adding the notion of Purgatory.  One could now pray for the salvation of the dead- it just took gold.  Various sins could be wiped out with various amounts of gold.  It was a literal gold mine for the Vatican.  Is that not horrible?  It was all for the sake of gaining tremendous power over individuals and massive amounts of money- it gave the church agonizing power over kings.   The literal definition of monarchy is that God established his rule through genetic bloodlines on earth.  The Pope claimed the power to change which bloodline God would select!  It created a massive hierarchy of powerful men who were enriched beyond their wildest dreams- they lived wild lifestyles of sex, drugs and debauchery.  Becoming Pope was equivalent to becoming King of the World.  It was better than becoming a mere king of one country.  I am terribly chagrined that the Catholic Church not only is unrepentant, but still accuses the Protestant church of ‘taking books out of the bible.’  That is a great deception indeed.  I tell you this to warn you.

Jesus expressly forbade anyone from calling another man, ‘Father’.  And yet, you Catholics do this regularly.  Far too many of you still worship Mary- completely and utterly unacceptable!  This is a violation of the number one commandment!!  I’ve heard just about every Catholic explanation about Mary.  But facts are facts.  Right along with Mary are other saints you pray to.  Also a no, no.  Jesus instructed us to pray to God only. Periodo.  No one else.  In fact, he never, ever told us to pray even to him.  He said, “When you pray, say, ‘Our FATHER, who art in heaven….”  There shall be no other God!!    I believe the theory that the Catholics used Mary & the saints to more easily attract the pagan worshippers into the Catholic fold.  Polytheism & Mother Earth worship were widespread,  popular & deeply held in Northern & Eastern Europe at the time.  Fertility rites were wildly popular as they included unrestricted sex, drugs, alcohol- who doesn’t like that?  In the Bible, God detested the female goddess, Asherah more than any of the other pagan gods because it was she who caused the people to commit the worst of the sexual sins due to the horrible fertility rites.  Like the European pagans, the Israelites of old really didn’t want to give up that particular rite.  The historical theory is that the Catholic Church created a sort of ‘mother worship’ with Mary. They created Easter to coincide with Christ’s resurrection for the same reason- but Easter is derived from the celebration of the mother goddess, Ēostre; rabbits and eggs are both symbols of fertility.  Christ has nothing to do with fertility.  That is why I believe the theory that the Church melded their calendar to the pagan calendar.  I think they were pragmatic.  I definitely believe they would use  Mary and the Saints to help transition the pagans into Christianity.  It is a logical explanation for why Catholics pray to Mary so much and why they pray to the saints.  As no other plausible explanation has ever been offered by Catholic historians, it seems the most reasonable to me.  And it is a big no, no.  They must  repent of this pagan based worship.

The Catholic Church has been guilty of much sin.  It refuses to acknowledge it and it refuses to repent.  That is a real problem.
The Catholic Church has been guilty of much sin. It refuses to acknowledge it and it refuses to repent. That is a real problem.

Listen, I know that most Catholics don’t out & out worship Mary or allow a priest to come between them and God.  But the Church itself is sinning greatly against God.  To change the Bible is expressly forbidden by Jesus.  That is why the Catholic Church has erred throughout history and continues to do so, despite its love of Jesus.  It has opened its door to sin from the very beginning.  I know this angers you and I am sorry.  Most of my family are Catholic and I love them dearly.  I know they are Christians and every one of them are saved and going to heaven.  This isn’t a personal condemnation, but rather, a general warning.  I must speak the truth and I can’t leave out the Catholic Church when describing denominations that use other sources than the Bible as their authority.  The Pope has no more authority on this earth than I do.  This current Pope, I fear, will lead millions to their spiritual death.  He may even be the Second Beast.  And if you Catholics are incorrectly loyal to a MAN, the Pope, over Jesus, your Lord and Savior, then you will die and go to hell among so many others.  God would condemn me for not speaking up to warn you.

Many Protestant denominations have gone astray as well because they adhere to their Denomination’s Doctrinal books as the ‘only’ valid interpretation of the Bible. They have actually elevated that book above the Bible as more ‘holy’.   Although they would flush red and puff with indignation at this accusation, it is true nonetheless.  Why else do we  have denominations in the first place?   When people worship the denomination above the Bible, that is immoral and wrong.  It has become a cult.  Again, my apology to denominations out there.

No man may interpret the Bible for another man and call it ‘Truth’. Jesus forbade that when he told us to call no one else, ‘Father’, ‘Rabbi’, ‘Teacher’ or ‘Priest.’ No pastor is above us.  They are not more holy or more spiritual.  They are not our teachers.  They are not more ‘good’ than us.  They are not closer to God than us.  It is vital that we all understand this.  Their role is to run the church.  To organize it and to lead us.  Leading is not teaching.   Leading us means keeping us from falling into sin.  It means keeping our feet on the righteous path.   It means inspiring us to obey the Bible.  It means demanding the very best of all of us.  It means cultivating a boldness of spirit among the members of the church to speak out about Christ. It means making the hard decisions.  It means holding us together with wisdom.  It means standing strong upon the Rock when the terrible winds blast us- It means taking us boldly into war if that is necessary.  It means listening to God when God orders him to do something with the church.  He leads us, but the Holy Spirit teaches each one of us- just as it teaches him. The Bible teaches us.  We all obey God and his Word in the Bible.  The Word is for every man. Man- Holy Spirit,-Jesus- God. No other man may stand in between. Churches that adhere to their Doctrinal Books above the Bible are cults in my mind.

Pastors are leaders, not priests.  Like Joshua, they should say,
Pastors are leaders, not priests. Like Joshua, they should say, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

Churches that would set a man, pastor or priest between a man and God are cults in my mind.  Only Jesus is between us and God.  He is the only passage point.  No one else gives us permission or halts our progress.  If a church says any other man or woman can give permission or withhold permission, it is a cult.  Only the Bible matters.   Jesus promised us the Holy Spirit as Teacher.  Only the faithless need a doctrinal book written by men to interpret the Bible.  One may use a doctrinal book as a teaching tool, as another’s opinion– but it is not holy at all.   In fact, it must be full of error by the mere fact that it is written by men.  By that fact alone, it cannot ever be ‘Truth.’   You must read the Church’s belief statements, mission statements and all other similar documents.  You must also ask direct questions about the church’s beliefs and the sources from which they derive these beliefs. If you see any book other than the Bible mentioned, don’t go there.

Also, be wary of pastors that ignore politics and are afraid to speak out about political topics from the pulpit. Politically correct pastors and church leadership are cowards and will not lead you as the times of tribulation worsen. They are already weak and nothing has even happened to them!  They will be the first to cover their own bank accounts when the Mark comes.  You must ask about political issues you care about.  You must ask what your pastors will do when certain political situations come up in the future.  Be very specific.  Example:  “What would you do if a gay couple comes to you and requests for you to marry them?  What would you do if they threatened to sue you?  What if the federal government threatened to take away your tax free status?  What if the government threatened to take away your license to marry & bury people?  What would your actions be under each of those scenarios? ”

Next, ask how the church integrates new members. How do they make sure that new people get to know other people? Do they use small groups?  If not, what specific process do they use?  If they can’t tell you, on the spot, what process they use, they don’t have one and you should leave.

My church uses small groups. It is a modern, brilliant approach. Our small groups run on a semester basis. New people are highly encouraged to join one- they are well advertised and little booklets are made and passed out months in advance. The small group is the #1 method by which our church does three critical things:

1) introduces newbies to friends quickly

2) does all volunteer work in the community

3) does all Bible study.

We discourage people from creating cliques by only having small groups for one semester at a time. They end and completely new groups with new topics & new leaders are created. The new person gets to know a whole new group of 10 -20  people. Our church has an incredibly high percentage of people who attend these groups. They are so interesting and people love the hands on community service projects. If a church has zero plan to integrate a new member into their church, it’s probably not going to be a good place for you- the new member-to-be! You will be lonely there! A good church is where the leadership has cared enough about you that they have a plan in place to make sure you feel at home there, right?

Ask about how the church  uses its member volunteers in service to the community.  What is a church that doesn’t serve the community?  As mentioned, ours uses Small groups to do community service.  Some churches handle each separately.  Each must be addressed in a healthy church.  If you new church doesn’t have a solid volunteer plan, you probably won’t be happy there.

Ask about how the church teaches each member about the Bible- ie, Bible Study.  Again, mine does it through  Small group.  If your new church doesn’t have a solid plan, you probably won’t be very happy there.

If you are disabled or can’t travel for some reason, then you must ask three more questions of your prospective church:

  • Do you have a consistent online sermon?
  • How do you ensure that immobile people can participate in Small Groups?
  • How do you ensure that immobile people aren’t forgotten in your ministry?
  • Remember, just because you don’t go to the brick and mortar, you still must give to the local church if you join!

Lastly, it is critical to find out how your church is structured financially. Is it nonprofit? Who makes the financial decisions? Who has the final say on buying and selling assets? Who owns the money/ assets? Who hires/fires the pastor? The Board of Directors? What kind of say do the members have over the money/assets?

Getting the answers to all these questions is simple- just ask right up front!  Make a list of questions you have about your new church (including the ones above) and make an appointment with your pastor. Some churches, like mine, have a class for just this purpose. They answer these types of questions in an informal setting.  If your new church acts weird or uncomfortable or offended by your questions, then you know you are in the wrong place. You can scratch that church off your list and try the next one.

Your heart won’t be broken because you haven’t invested it yet.   I do suggest, however, that you attend the church for a  month or so before you fire off these questions and make sure you like the ‘vibe’ of the church in the first place.  No sense on grilling the leadership if you don’t even like the feeling of the church, right?  Then again, don’t reject every church out of hand because you are impossible to please or because you are a high class musician that can’t stand anything but the best of the best music!!!  Be reasonable and obedient to God.

Very quickly, you will find the church that is open and honest about all the most important aspects of being a church. They will care about what you care about. They will appreciate your questions and will know you care about your church too. You will get to know them before you invest your entire life into your new church.

Who do you think is going to pay those bills?
Who do you think is going to pay those bills?

Now.  Once you find that church, People, you must make sure to give money regularly. Some of you are upset that churches hand you an envelope. Well, they have to, don’t they? Jesus confirmed that the Sadducees were supposed to not only continue tithe but also keep the spirit of the law, did he not? While I agree that the Levite priesthood and their 10% tithe from the other tribes was abolished when the priesthood was abolished, Jesus still said that the new Christian Apostles were worth their wages, did he not? He still said they were to be fed and clothed by those who housed them, did he not? We must house and feed our apostles. Do they live with us in our homes? No, we prefer them to live in their own home, do we not? Do we like to go to a hovel with broken, gross toilets?  No, we prefer to have a nice church building.  Who else will pay for that building if not us? Who will cut the grass if not us? Who will pay to keep the lights on if not us? That is our facility- we need to take care of it. Our pastors work for God and serve us daily-  it is our biblical duty to pay their wages, house them and make sure they are cared for. While some will quibble over the 10% aspect, I will say this: I agree that there is no basis for the 10%. However, how do you know if that is too little or too much? What if it is too little to house and feed our pastors for what they do? Blows your mind, doesn’t it? Ha!

The Apostles used to live with their hosts as long as they stayed in a town.  What percentage of your pay would that be if they and their family lived with you?  That would cost more than 10% of your income, I think.    It would cost you half of what you earn and both you and the pastor would be poor.  The Bible never said anything about asking anyone to help the host to help pay for the Apostle’s care, did it?  No, it just said for the Apostle to find someone ‘worthy’ and to stay with them as long as they were in town.  They were to eat what was served and to live there under their roof.  That is called living with them.  So.  As a church member, what if your name were called and you got the honor of having your pastor, his wife and three kids to come live under your roof?  How’d you like that?  lol! What we do today is a little more generous and I think, a little more pragmatic and sensible.  It shares the burden among the entire church and allows the pastor to at least live as well as his congregation.

I think 10% is an appropriate figure. I feel it honors God because it hurts (me) just enough. That might sound kind of funny, I know.  But God is first in my life. Giving that number was tough at first. It was a challenge. But it was a challenge I wanted to meet. It wasn’t about pleasing my church- it was about showing God that he meant so much to me. I wanted to hurt for his sake. And when I looked at it, it seemed so paltry compared to the 90% I kept back from him. It made me ashamed. That shame also felt appropriate. It showed God’s love for me. He graciously allows me to keep all that he gives me. We quibble over 10%. What is 10%? I figure, “Hey, if that is what he asked of the Jews, perhaps that is a good number from me. We still need to pay for our pastors to live and we still need to pay for the building in any case. So if we must pick a percentage, let’s go with the traditional number God used with the Jews. If it pleased him then, it must please him today.”   Do some churches take advantage of that number?  Do some try to say, ‘hey, that’s just the tithe!  Now, you ALSO have to give your ‘offering!  AND you have to give ‘gifts'”  Yes, yes they do.  You need to leave that church.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with a church asking members to give more.  But it should be asked honestly, with all reasons given and without duress.  And the Bible should never be used falsely to force people to give.  Once that begins, corruption begins.

The one thing with which I can’t agree concerning money is the notion of giving whatever you have leftover at the time.  I once thought that but have come around to thinking otherwise.  Giving whatever you have when Sunday comes shows a tremendous lack of respect for God.  You plan your finances around your mortgage and car- but you can’t plan around your giving to God?  That’s bad.  Very bad.  If I were God, I would be so insulted.  I’m sure he is insulted over that kind of thinking.  No.  You can and should plan to give to God.  In fact, you must give to him FIRST- above and beyond anything else.  Before the mortgage and car- before retirement and health insurance.  You must show your love and faith in him first.  Some of you balk and say, “Hey!  What if I don’t trust my church!  That is 10% of my income wasted!”  I say, “How do you figure that?”  Jesus said all the Sadducees and Pharisees were corrupt and yet, when the widow put her two pennies in the giving box he said that she had given more than anyone else and praised her.  It didn’t matter about the corruption of the church or how they spent it.  It mattered about the heart of the giver.  What matters is between you and God, not where your money went.  So, tithing is no excuse for not attending church.  Be responsible and vet your church properly.  Ask the above questions.  It is never too late.  But put God first, not last.  I don’t believe it is right for you to say that you left the church because it asked for 10% of your income.  I think you should just pay up.  That isn’t reason enough.

I say all this out of love for you.  I so wish you would listen and take my advice.  I only write because I feel compelled to write.  I believe it is the Holy Spirit which compels me.   Believe me, I have much to do right now.  I have a super important hearing date this Friday for which I should be studying and I have my entire jewelry photo catalog on which I should be working.  But I felt so strongly compelled to write this essay today that I couldn’t work on those things until I finished this first.  Much love and many prayers for your well being. Susan

A True Teacher is hard to find.  If you find one, value him or her.  They are precious beyond measure.

A True Teacher

josh & dad measuring stuffI just want to brag on my boy for a moment. This is my 11 year old, Josh, listening to my Dad on the phone. He calls his grandpa everyday for an hours long teaching session on electronics. You would not believe the subject matter that is covered in these sessions. (Both of them are  geniuses, by the way.)  Sometimes, I hear my Dad assuming that Josh knows things like algebra and I almost step in.   But then Josh will say stuff like, “You can’t divide letters, Grandpa.” My Dad says, “Yes, you can, Josh. The letters are just substitutes for numbers.” Josh says, “Oh. Ok. ” And on they go.  I sit back down; no interference needed!   They cover subjects like potential, resistance, capacity, ohms, voltage, etc. Josh is learning scientific notation and the meaning of a slew of Greek letters. Grandpa has sent him a box full of little tiny parts that look suitable for jewelry (if you ask me) that are eventually to be used for electronic boards in future projects.  This includes little black chips that look like a variety of bugs that my dad says he has collected throughout a career of electronics.  Apparently, they ‘do stuff’.   I gave Josh a plastic box full of little drawers to organize all these darling little parts. He went and quickly organized them and labeled every drawer!

Josh's current project
Josh’s current project

Josh has build a power supply and is now building upon that supply a variety of projects that teach him basic electronics. My dad used to teach young men and women in classes. He is now running Josh, an eleven year old, through the same class. He laughs when I mention that he isn’t teaching him like a kid. He told me, “Well, I’ve never taught a child before. I figured I would just teach him like an adult until we hit problems! ” So far, so good. Kids are way smarter than we give them credit for.

josh solderingWe have a BIG, big problem with our schools and with our culture. We keep them ignorant for too long. We fail to give them truly interesting things to do. We assume they are too small to understand ‘adult’ things. They aren’t. Josh hates the ‘highly capable’ program he was placed into at school. He scored a genius IQ in their tests but doesn’t do any better in their ‘highly capable’ (what an awful name!) program than he did in the regular program. Both programs seem more interested in teaching discipline than in teaching knowledge. My dad only cares if Josh understands. There is no punishment. He assumes that Josh wants to learn and he is correct in his assumption. He tells Josh that his responsibility is to tell him when he doesn’t understand. If he doesn’t do that, then Grandpa can’t help him. So Josh will boldly say, “Grandpa! I don’t understand that.” Grandpa will then say, “Ok, Josh. You don’t understand that? Let’s try it this way.” He explains until Josh understands. Then they go on. No muss, no fuss. He asks hard questions- not to trick Josh, but to see if he understands. If Josh didn’t get them right, he says plainly, “Josh, you got that wrong. I want you to look at such and such diagram more closely. Then I want you to answer that question.” No muss, no fuss.” He asks Josh to do some things between sessions. Josh will stay up late doing these projects. I have to pull him away from his work station. Even his friends can’t tempt him away from this. He LOVES it. His sense of accomplishment is huge. The rest of the world just disappears. He is lost in a new world with a like minded person- Grandpa. It is a world of bliss.josh learning electronics

My father is a true teacher. This world used to understand what a true teacher is. People used to hire these kinds of people to teach their children. These types of teachers would gain reputations and followings. They became renowned for their ability to know what their students needed and how they needed things explained to them. Today’s teachers are more like parrots. I’m not sure how well they understand the subject matter themselves- they receive State sanctioned lesson plans that tell them exactly what to teach every day. They don’t seem to be able to connect their knowledge to the outside world around them or to the future of the students before them.

They don’t seem able to connect the various subjects to each other, even. It is simply a matter of teaching each subject, one by one, as if each is separate from one another, as if each if separate from the real world. None of that is true! Each is completely intertwined with each other- intimately entwined- so much so that to create the subject areas must have been quite a headache for the earliest educators! How can we teach biology without mention of chemistry? How can we teach chemistry without mention of math? How can we teach music without math? How can we teach art without physics?

A True Teacher is hard to find.  If you find one, value him or her.  They are precious beyond measure.
A True Teacher is hard to find. If you encounter one, value him or her. They are precious beyond measure.

They are all together in a body called KNOWLEDGE- something of which mankind has only scratched the surface. It must be taught with great excitement and sensitivity to the real world around the child- with an eye toward how it will be used in their lives- otherwise, the child has every right to ask, “Why should I bother learning this?” Today’s educators discipline the child who would dare to ask this question in class when, in fact, that is the child who would probably do best if only that question were properly answered.

My father instinctively understands this. That is how he ‘gets’ Josh to learn algebra, physics, electronics, etc without any effort at all. Josh hangs on his every word and can’t wait for his next session- after all, why wouldn’t he want to learn all that when his entire, really, really cool project requires all that knowledge to work?  It is all completely relevant! ‘Relevant’ is the operative word in education and it is the number one criteria when attempting to motivate children to learn.  Without relevance, there is no motivation.   My father teaches his classes project by project, not subject by subject.  Various subjects are taught within each project.  The excitement of the project is the motivation to learn the various subject matter within the project.  Motivation simply isn’t an issue with my Dad’s teaching.   When Granpa is pulled away by Grandma (hee, hee) to a social occasion, Josh pouts. I would challenge all teachers to observe my father and the way he does things. Observe his style; observe his naturalness; observe his passion; observe his ease. Then, even with the State’s cramping interference, implement what he does. You will be sure to have a class full of children hanging on your every word.

jonah ashore2

You Can’t Run Away From God- You’ll Just End Up In a Fish

You know, Jonah tried to run away from God when God told him to go to Nineveh. Nineveh was sinning greatly against God; it was an evil city full of evil and violent people. Guess where a God fearing Jew really, really didn’t want to go- especially to tell the murderous people there that they had better change their ways or God was going to kill them? Yep, you guessed it:  Nineveh. Jonah tried to obey, but lost heart along the way. Just thinking about all those people hating on him and judging him and perhaps even coming after him just unnerved the poor guy. He became completely afraid and tried to run away from Nineveh- perhaps he was thinking, “Maybe God doesn’t really want me to go. Perhaps I just thought that was what he wanted. He wasn’t all that clear, I don’t think.  Besides, God doesn’t get that involved in people’s lives anyway- if I’m wrong, I will ask forgiveness when I see him {i.e., after I’m dead}.”

He took a boat heading in the opposite direction of Nineveh and hoped, prayed, that his ordeal was over. But no, the blue skies turned dark and ominous- as dark and ominous as Jonah’s worst premonitions that God was not about to let him go this easily. The storm hit and the boat was about to capsize and kill everyone on board. jonah overboard Jonah understood God completely at this moment: God would cut off every escape route he chose.  He had no choice, except death, but to return.

People think that just because God knows the outcome of events that our lives are ‘pre-ordained’. But they are not. God simply lives outside of time and so, can be an observer of it. He can also choose at any moment to stick his finger right into the timeline laid out on his kitchen table. We, human beings, are all trapped in the timeline on God’s table- but each of us has free will within it.  I believe that God has set the general parameters of time (his Great Will for Human Beings) and we all live within it, making good and bad choices for ourselves.  However, I believe that every now and again, God sometimes says (just as a king will do), “Servant, you will do this task. You will go where I command you to go. ” And the servant understands that he must obey or really, what? Face the king and be killed?  If death can be called an option, then we do have one, but most of us would not take it.  The King holds all the cards.  His great finger can simply prod us back and forth around his table, according to his will.   Jonah was kidding himself that he could run from God.

I don’t think God interferes like this all the time. That is why we don’t have a hundred stories like Jonah in the Bible. But sometimes, he does. That is also apparent from the story. And I am coming to understand that when God decides on something for your life- some task that you are to do, you can’t really run away from it. He will cut off all other paths.  But not because he hates you or doesn’t love you.  It is because God has a purpose that he is determined to see through.

God sank Jonah’s boat- or, almost sunk it. Jonah had to agree to comply jonah14 before God would relent. Then, he had the good fun of jumping into freezing waters, being enveloped by an enormous whale, living in its mouth for three days as it meandered back toward Nineveh and finally, being coughed out to shore. Then, cold, wet and stinking with fish, he finally turned toward Nineveh to finish the task that God had set before him.  Sometimes, in this life, you don’t get a choice.  When God calls you forth- you will go.  And that’s that.

I have come to understand Jonah better at this hour.  Jonah could have looked at his mishap as God’s abandonment, punishment or even a lack of love- but when you look at it like I am, it is simply that God will not let you out of your duty.   We are all too willing to believe the worst of God.  Sometimes he says, “No,” because he simply wants us to go a different direction.  Only then will we find the success that we seek- and the result that God intends.

God has chosen to cut off my paths so that I have only one direction left- a direction I once dreaded.  But no more. Rather than continuing to run away, I think it is time to do what I must do.  I actually find a sense of peace as I make this decision.  God will be with me as he was with Jonah. We can’t forget that God told Jonah that he would be with him, protecting him from the people of Nineveh. He didn’t send him friendless and helpless. Likewise, I am not friendless and helpless. God has provided and provisioned me well. I will no longer listen to the counsel of others. I will do what I have always felt I should do- I will turn toward the task at hand and do what I believe my King is telling me to do.  That is where victory ultimately lies.


Interested in knowing more about Jonah’s remarkable journey?  Read it first hand here in the Bible!


Once and For All: Einstein Believed in God- He Believed In Jesus Too.

I just thought I would clear something up once and for all.   Albert Einstein was absolutely not an atheist. He was offended that anyone should say that. When he was younger, he was quoted as saying that he didn’t believe in a ‘personal’ God.  Desperate so-called atheists have latched onto that one statement and have taken it to the bank.  They conveniently forget the fact that he is still stating a belief in God, just not a personal one.  They also forget all his other quotes that affirm his strong belief in God.  There are also many blatantly false quotes that have Einstein mocking the bible- beware of these- he did not say those as he respected the bible- especially the New Testament.  He accepted the bible as historically accurate.

As Einstein aged, his words concerning God seemed to mature to a deeper understanding.  He never denied God’s existence.  I believe he wished he could stop believing in God but the facts stood in his way.  His mere intelligent and love of knowledge won out in the end.   In fact, he made it very clear that to deny God’s existence in the pursuit of science would be ‘lame’.   This is what many so-called brilliant scientists of today do.  Steven Hawking comes to mind.  Hawking allows his personal bitterness over his infirmities get in the way of facts.  That is what makes this theories ‘lame’.  Einstein was simply too intelligent to deny the factual print of Intelligent Design upon creation.  Intelligent Design is scientifically evident.  Intelligent Design (thus, the existence of God) is simply the most mathematically probable cause of creation.  Einstein saw this clearly- as anyone with even the semblance of honest intelligence would.  All his bitterness concerning the Holocaust couldn’t make Einstein fail to see the facts before his eyes.  This is what made him a great scientist.  This is what makes him better than Hawking.

In addition, in 1929, when once questioned about Jesus, he answered in ways that will truly surprise you. He never doubted Jesus’ existence and felt very strongly about him, even as a Jew.  One is left wondering if it hadn’t been for the fame, the Holocaust, the nuclear weapon which he created and the death that ensued (what terrible guilt did he feel?) that Einstein mightn’t have found salvation in the end.

Print this out and store it in your bible for future reference or copy and paste it to your Facebook Notes.  You no doubt have so-called atheist friends who love to either misquote Einstein or make absurd, and usually funny,  statements about how science hasn’t proven the existence of God (science is always right!) and so they won’t believe it,  or some such thing.  This article will prove very handy in those cases.  You can then pull them out and say, “Well, if God is scientific enough for a brilliant scientist like Einstein, I think he is scientific enough for me.”

Einstein was just a human being like everyone else. He was searching for God like everyone else. Being Jewish didn’t help.  Furthermore, he had just witnessed the destruction of 6 million of his people by the Germans.  When you read how Jesus inspired him, you will see how very close he was to finding the kingdom of heaven.  A Jew to be so very inspired by Jesus! He speaks more powerfully about Jesus than of God, whom he seems to resent. I can only hope that Einstein, in his final hours, decided to accept Jesus as the Messiah. I hope he is in heaven. His thoughts about God changed throughout his life. But he was NEVER a so-called atheist. He was just too intelligent for that. As I have always maintained, true genius must recognize God in existence. There is no other way to see it. Only a coward, a demon or a dunce can say otherwise.

Below are his quotes and their sources:

“It was, of course, a lie what you read about my religious convictions, a lie which is being systematically repeated. I do not believe in a personal God and I have never denied this but have expressed it clearly.”3

“I believe in Spinoza’s God who reveals himself in the orderly harmony of what exists, not in a God who concerns himself with fates and actions of human beings.”4

“In view of such harmony in the cosmos which I, with my limited human mind, am able to recognize, there are yet people who say there is no God. But what really makes me angry is that they quote me for the support of such views.”5

“I’m not an atheist and I don’t think I can call myself a pantheist. We are in the position of a little child entering a huge library filled with books in many languages. The child knows someone must have written those books. It does not know how. It does not understand the languages in which they are written. The child dimly suspects a mysterious order in the arrangements of the books, but doesn’t know what it is. That, it seems to me, is the attitude of even the most intelligent human being toward God.”6

******Albert Einstein received instruction in both Christianity (at a Roman Catholic school) and Judaism (his family of origin). When interviewed by the Saturday Evening Post in 1929, Einstein was asked what he thought of Christianity.*****

“To what extent are you influenced by Christianity?”
“As a child I received instruction both in the Bible and in the Talmud. I am a Jew, but I am enthralled by the luminous figure of the Nazarene.”
“Have you read Emil Ludwig’s book on Jesus?”
“Emil Ludwig’s Jesus is shallow. Jesus is too colossal for the pen of phrasemongers, however artful. No man can dispose of Christianity with a bon mot!”
“You accept the historical existence of Jesus?”
“Unquestionably! No one can read the Gospels without feeling the actual presence of Jesus. His personality pulsates in every word. No myth is filled with such life.”7

Here are the sources:

1.”Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.” (Albert Einstein, “Science, Philosophy and Religion: a Symposium”, 1941)
2.”My position concerning God is that of an agnostic. I am convinced that a vivid consciousness of the primary importance of moral principles for the betterment and ennoblement of life does not need the idea of a law-giver, especially a law-giver who works on the basis of reward and punishment.” (Albert Einstein in a letter to M. Berkowitz, October 25, 1950; Einstein Archive 59–215; from Alice Calaprice, ed., The New Quotable Einstein, Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press, 2005, p. 206. )
3.Helen Dukas and Banesh Hoffman (eds) (1981). Albert Einstein, The Human Side. Princeton University Press. p. 43.
4.Cable reply to Rabbi Herbert S. Goldstein’s (Institutional Synagogue in New York) question to Einstein, “Do you believe in God?”.
5.Prinz Hubertus zu Lowenstein, Towards the Further Shore: An Autobiography (Victor Gollancz, London, 1968), p. 156.
6.G. S. Viereck, Glimpses of the Great (Macauley, New York, 1930), quoted by D. Brian, Einstein: A Life , p. 186.
7.G. S. Viereck, “What Life Means to Einstein,” Saturday Evening Post, 26 October 1929; Schlagschatten, Sechsundzwanzig Schicksalsfragen an Grosse der Zeit (Vogt-Schild, Solothurn, 1930), p. 60; Glimpses of the Great (Macauley, New York, 1930), pp. 373-374.


Why So Called Atheists Are Desperate

The So-Called Atheists prove God’s existence every time they spend millions of dollars on bill boards, commercials and t.v. shows to deny it.   Their desperation to not believe would be funny if it weren’t so saddening. A true Christian can no longer laugh at them, though. It’s come to the point where my heart breaks for them. Sometimes they anger me and I lose compassion, it’s true. But that is only because I am evil to the bone. Thank you, God, for Jesus who redeems me from myself. But when my heart is correct, as it is now, I feel sorry for them. Satan has convinced them that if only they can silence us Christians, and if only they can get rid of the word, ‘God’ and ‘Jesus’ and take down every cross, then they will no longer feel compelled to believe. Because, make no mistake about it, they do believe. That is what makes them so very angry. They don’t want to believe. They don’t want to believe so much that they have made it their life’s mission to not believe. They are certain that they only believe because they were influenced, since they were young, by their parents and society to believe. They think it is a mere environmental training thing- at least, that is what satan has whispered into their ear. They believe they can raise children who can be trained out of God. They don’t believe the scripture where God said, in Hebrews 10: 1-18

1The law is only a shadow of the good things that are coming—not the realities themselves. For this reason it can never, by the same sacrifices repeated endlessly year after year, make perfect those who draw near to worship. 2Otherwise, would they not have stopped being offered? For the worshipers would have been cleansed once for all, and would no longer have felt guilty for their sins. 3But those sacrifices are an annual reminder of sins. 4It is impossible for the blood of bulls and goats to take away sins.

5Therefore, when Christ came into the world, he said:

Sacrifice and offering you did not desire,
but a body you prepared for me;
6with burnt offerings and sin offerings
you were not pleased.

7Then I said, ‘Here I am—it is written about me in the scroll—
I have come to do your will, my God.’ ”a

8First he said, “Sacrifices and offerings, burnt offerings and sin offerings you did not desire, nor were you pleased with them”—though they were offered in accordance with the law. 9Then he said, “Here I am, I have come to do your will.”

He sets aside the first to establish the second. 10And by that will, we have been made holy through the sacrifice of the body of Jesus Christ once for all.

11Day after day every priest stands and performs his religious duties; again and again he offers the same sacrifices, which can never take away sins. 12But when this priest had offered for all time one sacrifice for sins, he sat down at the right hand of God, 13and since that time he waits for his enemies to be made his footstool. 14For by one sacrifice he has made perfect forever those who are being made holy.


“15The Holy Spirit also testifies to us about this. First he says:

16“This is the covenant I will make with them
after that time, says the Lord.

I will put my laws in their hearts,
and I will write them on their minds.”

17Then he adds:

Their sins and lawless acts I will remember no more.”
18And where these have been forgiven, sacrifice for sin is no longer necessary.

And you can see why satan doesn’t want them to believe in these particular verses right? Because these verses, among all verses, are the most critical. They encapsulate the very essence of our salvation through Christ. Here is the holy promise of God. That the promise of salvation through Christ is written on the hearts of all men. All the laws of God, including the fact that Christ’s sacrifice and the forever forgiveness that results is written on all men’s hearts. We believe in them. We naturally believe in them. That is why people, when they once hear, believe. Their hearts naturally believe.  (p.s.  that’s also why God doesn’t need you to be perfect in your witness- people already want to believe, so just open your mouth and speak- that’s good enough.)  Also, that is why even primitive people believe in God, even if they have never heard of Christ. That is why all peoples, all cultures, understand the same basic morality- no matter how isolated they have emerged from one another- we all understand, ‘thou shalt not murder, steal, commit adultery, provide false witness, etc’ These are standard moral ideals across all cultures. This Universal Morality is proof of God’s existence if nothing else, but the Coffee House Intellectuals of this world simply look the other way.  Ah, well.

The So-Called Atheists are desperate to eradicate all mention of God because they have bought into satan’s promise (ha!): if you can just eradicate all reminders of God, you will finally get rest from him. You will finally stop believing in him and you will get peace.   Today, because they still believe in him, they have no peace. They still feel his eyes boring into their backs as they lust. They still feel his judgment as they curse his Son’s name. They still sense a terrible fear of death and hell.  How do I know this?  Well, just tell an Atheist that they are going to die and see what happens.  All this creates a rage within them. It solidifies their resolve to complete their mission quickly.

But they will never succeed.

Because they are wrong.

They can kill every Christian. They can take down every cross. They can strike the words, ‘God’ and ‘Jesus’ from every book, t.v. show, blog and newspaper. They can do all this and God will still exist. And the very worst part is this:

He will exist in their own hearts. And they will know it.

Satan is a liar. Jesus said that lying is satan’s native language. We should be better Christians. We should not hate the so-called atheists. I wish I could be like this all the time. I pray that we should all remain in Christ’s love and forgiveness for so-called atheists. I pray that we can love them and not despise them. I will pray for us all right now, that we can all be cleansed, once and for all, of our own hatred and disdain for these lost people. Help us, Jesus, to understand how much satan is lying to them. Help me, Jesus, to not provide bad leadership to people when I speak about these people. Help me to be more loving and gracious and pure in my love toward those whom satan is torturing for they are going to die and I should feel mercy, not anger. Forgive me, Jesus, for I have truly sinned against my brothers.  I feel guilty, Lord, because I know I have sinned.  Anger is not your way, Jesus.  I will do better, Lord. Thank you for my life and my opportunity to witness. Help us all to witness properly in your name, that we should not shame you in this world, Lord Jesus. We are evil and we know it. We thank you for your blood and your sacrifice for us. Thank you for being so willing to suffer for our sins, Jesus. You didn’t have to, we know this. We know you did it for love. For that, we love you so much in return. We owe you our eternal servitude. Jesus, you were so kind and loving when you were here- please help us to be like you and not like ourselves. Thank you, Amen.


Have You Ever Thought About Why God is So Worthy of Our Worship?

God is worth worshipping.  Have you ever considered that?  Sometimes, those of us who were raised in the church have such reverence for God that we never stand back and just think about him objectively.  Sometimes, it is only the person who never knew him and found him or someone who left for a while and then came back who ever got to really look at him and saw how very worthy He is to be worshipped.  God never lets us down.  Ever.  Every promise he made in the bible, he has kept.  Well, there are still a few that are yet to come- such as Christ’s return- but we can count on those because of God’s stellar track record in the past.  No matter how angry God has become with mankind, he has never reneged on his promises.

God is also a heroic leader.  He isn’t a pansy pushover.  Look how he delivered the Jews from Egypt- I love the wall of fire and the parting of the seas.  Although I hate the numbers of people who died, God brought terrible death to the Egyptians’ first-born as a terrible reminder of what they did in their attempt to kill Moses when he was a baby.  In that way, he is also a poet- all that he does has poetic purpose.  They killed the first-born of Israel; he killed the first born of Egypt.  They struck first.  He struck last.    It served as a testimony that no man can outwit God when he is determined on a purpose.

He is the Leader that all men can respect- he is not the Milquetoast God that is presented by the American Church of today- he is a fearsome God who demands respect and fear FIRST and then delivers such tenderness and mercy directly afterwards.  He is a God of remarkable tenderness.  He thunders his threats- terrible threats of death, destruction, disease, pain, blood, terror, anguish- and then, in the very same breath, cries out! “Why!  Why must you die, Israel?  Come, let us reason together…I will be your God and you will be my people…”  My heart broke when I read those words.   What kind of God utters that plea?  He could smash us… but he truly doesn’t want to.  He thunders death, but pleas for us to reason with him.  He is a king whose own sense of justice refuses to allow him to give into his feelings of sadness.  He doesn’t want to kill us- but he will.  He doesn’t want to fulfill the promises of doom- but he will.  He must- because he must.  His own laws of justice require it.

He is the ultimate Good King.  But.  Because of his great, great love and mercy, he sent his Son in one, last act of desperate grace.  Just let these children believe in his Son and ALL their sins will be forgiven.   He will wash them all clean, remove them from all temptation and allow them to live forever with him.  But most do not accept even this gift.  Their hatred for their Father is too deep.  And this seals their fate like no other, for God loves his Son.  To hate his Son is too much.  It is the last act of betrayal.  The Good, Righteous, Kind, Just King has done all he can do for those whom he has loved.  The decision has been made.  It is decreed and it is just and right in his heart.  Those who will abuse his Son will die.

God, the Good and Worthy King, will indeed set this world right.  Those who are sinful and awful will pay the ultimate price.  Those who love God will be rewarded.

As for me, the more I learn about my King, the more worthy I find Him.   In fact, it makes me cry to see such a loving Person.  I am so HAPPY to find Someone worth my worship- over and over again.  I think mankind was made to worship.  We are a proud creature for sure.  But we endlessly seek someone to look up to.  We Americans pride ourselves on never having a king.  We refuse to believe that a president has ‘royal blood’- ie, literally sacred blood that is blessed by God to rule over us.  Royalty of old literally believed that this blessing was genetically passed from parent to child.  We, Americans, completely and utterly reject such a notion.  But we do worship.  Just watch a Sea Hawks game.  I watch the people in the audience and think, “Man, not one of those people with tickets would ever miss that game but they would sure miss church.  Would they ever cheer for Jesus like that?”  Look at a Beyoncé concert and look at the raised hands of the people.  It looks just like our church service- only a different god.

We all seek to worship.  Me?  I refuse to worship anyone.  Except God.   And I LOVE that it is so easy to do.  Because my intellect is fully engaged.  I laugh when so-called intellectuals, scientists and ‘atheists’ claim that to love God is to suspend the intellect.  “Indeed,” I always say, “It is quite the opposite.  It is because I use my intellect to its fullest that I can see how very worthy God is to worship.  You simply refuse to consider Him because you hate him.”  They always march out of the room before I can explain myself.  He is WORTHY of our praise.  He is strong, kind, gentle, just, intelligent, wise, funny, witty, outrageous, brilliant, in control, trustworthy, loving, well, you get the picture.  He is my king and I am glad.

mormons masons

Warning Mormons, Masons, Jehovah Witnesses & Seventh Day Adventists

I had a Facebook friend who is a Mormon. She remains a Facebook friend to many of you to this day. My page has served as a central meeting point for many, many Christians. Lots of you have found each other right here on my FB page and have become fast friends. Even if you have come to disagree with me over the years and have unfriended me, you have retained friendship with people you met on my page. I find that both gratifying and ironic at the same time- especially as some of you have come to almost hate me behind the scenes. Be that as it may, I have unfriended this Mormon because I unfriend all Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventists and Masons because they are all cults. I try to not accept friend requests from anyone who belongs to these groups in the first place but these cults teach their members to lie to the world by telling them to use the word ‘Christian’ when identifying themselves.  Sometimes I only find out later during a discussion about their group.   I know some of you still belong to these cults but remain silent about it. That is fine. I unfriend only those who are vocal about it and insist on trying to either protect these cults or try to advocate or push their beliefs on Christians. I must add a note of precaution to all my friends here to not bring Catholics up in this discussion.   I do not consider them to be a cult. So, please, don’t add them to the list in the following discussion. I won’t allow it. I understand that the Catholic church has done many things that I don’t consider biblical but they still remain within the overall definition of Christian. These other cults do not. They deny the deity of Christ; they deny his very identity; they deny that his birth, life, death and resurrection is wholly sufficient for salvation. Catholics, despite their traditions with which we might not agree, do not deny these basic tenets of Christianity. Thus, they are Christians.

One of the hardest things to do as Christians is to warn those we love that they are going to die because they reject Christ. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to warn someone who is in a cult like the Mormons, the Seventh Day Adventists and the Masons. Each of these cults has taught their members about secrecy and fear of rejection. They have been conditioned to expect Christian attacks and how to deal with it. They will reject you violently and quickly. They will say they ‘pity’ you for ‘being the way you are’ and then they will say that they will ‘pray for you’.  They will claim to ‘love’ and ‘believe in’ Jesus and will call you ‘judgmental’ and ‘divisive’.  They know the buzz worezekiel 3ds. They have been schooled most carefully.

Your own fears will rise to the surface when confronting people in these cults. They will give you every reason why they are indeed Christians. But each and every one of these practices reject Christ in the way I have defined above. The Mormons will tell you they have the KJV of the bible- not so. They have a special, re-written version of the KJV of the bible, the Mormon KJV, which leaves out major portions of Paul’s writings as well as others. It certainly leaves out the thief on the cross who called on Jesus to remember him. According to the Mormons, there is no deathbed confession, no ability to call on the Lord to be forgiven- without a lifetime of good works, there is no salvation. Masons worship the Great Architect, not God or Jesus. Anyone or anything other than God or Jesus is satan. It is an idol. Period. They also have a different book than the bible- it uses words from the bible but it is re-written and Jesus’ name has been stricken out of it. Seventh Day Adventists use the bible but they revere the writings of a woman named Ellen White and have a bizarre obsession with food and health. They follow a weird set of rules that are completely outside the bible, worship Ellen White rather than Jesus and do everything contrary to what God commands.

Yet, YOU must speak to each of these people in your lives. Does this mean you need to unfriend them or reject them? No. You are not in my shoes. I run a public page. I have thousands of readers, you don’t. I have to worry about weak and new Christians who can be influenced by the words of these people. You don’t. I unfriend these people, not because I am mean, but because I can’t have them lying on my page and influencing people who are ignorant of the Word and who are still highly influenced by satan. They need to hear the Word, not satan’s lies. But you must still speak the TRUTH to these people in your life. This woman whom I have unfriended is still friends with many of you. You need to know with whom you are friends on FB. Be sure to witness properly to those who are on the path to death. God will surely hold YOU responsible for their death. He won’t accept ignorance as an excuse when you see him.  He won’t accept excuses like, “I don’t think it will do any good.” or “What can I do about it?” or “I don’t have the opportunity.” or “I barely know him/her.” or “It isn’t my place.” etc.  There are no coincidences in life.  People come into your life for a reason.  Help them.

Read Ezekiel below. God set us as watchmen at the gate. We don’t even get a reward for warning those around us. We just save ourselves. This sends a chill up my spine. That is one of the reasons I do what I do. I fear God’s disappointment with me. We aren’t on this earth for our enjoyment. We are here to serve our Lord and King. Use your FB pages to witness to your friends and family. No matter how uncomfortable that might make you. Take the time to use your private messaging to reach out to those whom you know will die for their rejection of Christ. Pray daily for wisdom and read the Word of God so that you will be properly armed. These words of Ezekiel are hard, hard words to hear. I give them to you because I love you and fear God. I am your watchman at this moment. May God bless you and keep you. Susan


Celebrating Christmas Takes a Season

I do hope that you all are taking time to set your minds, hearts and souls to God during this very important Christmas season.  The birth of Christ can’t be celebrated in one day as ours can be.  No way.  The coming of Christ to this world needs a celebration of an entire season.  Does this mean that we all walk around with false cheer on our faces?  No!  Christmas can be a very depressing time for those without family or friends, those who are sick or poor, those who are stressed or those who feel like a failure in life.  Christmas is a time for us to love our God with all our hearts- more so than at other times of the year.  It is a time for us to contemplate how empty our existence would be without Christ’s love, without his devotion and decision to come and rescue us from what we see everyday.  It is the time to see the pain around the world and know, without a doubt, that we, humanity, really do need a Savior.  It the season to see, truly see, the truth about mankind.  If anything, one must open their eyes to the pitiable state of man, to the things we do to one another.  We must acknowledge the loneliness, the cravenness of some souls, the emptiness of existence.  Look at the politicians’ solutions for world issues and contemplate that without Christ’s promises of justice, this is all that we would have!  This would be all that we could hope for!  How sad is that?  How depressing would that be!

And then, turn your hearts to gladness and thank God for his Son!  Thank God that, despite our sin, he loves us enough to over look it!  Thank him that he knows our potential to love him.  He sees past all the dirt and sees the diamonds underneath- he sees that if, given half a chance, we can be heroes, we can be majestic, we can rise above the filth of ourselves.  He sees that in us.  And he wants to give us that chance!  He wants to give us a new life- a life unburdened by satan and sin.

But not without effort and not without testing.  No.  First we must overcome.  First we must prove ourselves worthy.  Not by works.  He doesn’t care about works.  What does he care about?  He cares about Love.   Do we LOVE him?  He loves us.  That is evident.  But do we love him enough?  So, he sent his Son and he made us a new deal.  It is so simple.  So exquisitely simple.  Such a gift- such a kingly, rich, bountiful gift.  Eternal life, full of joy.  All we have to do is love his Son and believe in God’s power and Love.

And yet, look!  The world takes God’s gift and thrashes it from his loving hands.  They throw it to the muddy ground and stomp on it!  They smash it with their ugly feet and kill it.  And yet, angry as God is, his promise still stands today.  It stands because God is not like us- his Word is like the ageless mountains, it stands forever, immovable and dependable to the end.   Do you love God enough?  His kingly hands are still outstretched, gift still poised.  Will you take the gift or no?  So easy.  THAT is what we celebrate!

It takes more than a day to celebrate!  Without seeing the pain of the world, we can’t properly celebrate this gift.  Without seeing from what we are delivered, we can not appreciate the deliverance.  So don’t feel pressured that you must walk around with false cheer upon your faces.  How can you feel the true joy of Christ if you do that?  No.  True joy stems from TRUTH.  See the truth of existence and you will then see the Truth of the freedom of Christ’s sacrifice- and the remarkable power of his resurrection!  He lives!  He overcame all this stink and death.  And he has been given all power from God to do the same for us.   He will raise each of us from all this death as well.  We will celebrate, every tear will be gently washed from our cheeks- and we will laugh honestly from our bellies again, like we are children.  No false laughing, no fake joy-  but honest to goodness happiness.  And won’t that be lovely?  I love you all and truly wish you a joyous season of Christmas.  Susan


Good Time Christians, Beware.

Jesus was sure to let us know that following him would not be easy. He warned people, when they wanted to follow him, that even he, himself, had no pillow upon which to lay his head; no home to call his own. He told his disciples that the world would hate them because they hated and would kill him. He didn’t want anyone to enter into a relationship with him with any illusions about what the cost would be. So many churches today are lying about this very important aspect of being a Christian. Our rewards will not be here on earth- they will be in heaven. So many churches want to deny this truth. Either they never bring up the subject of suffering for Christ or they outright lie about it. Some churches display prosperity in the leadership as if to say, “look, if you follow Jesus, you too will be rich, fat, happy and famous!” On the contrary. You will be hated, despised, libeled, persecuted, shamed and murdered. Just like our beloved Jesus.

“You will be hated by everyone because of me, but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved. ” – Jesus in Matt 10:22

We are not greater than he. If he suffered these things, then the more like him we become, the more of the same treatment we will receive. Jesus, in fact, warned us to beware when men speak well of us. So if you have a party FB page and call yourself a Christian, you had better take a very good look at yourself. Why do men speak well of you? Jesus said that all the false teachers spoke very well of false prophets. It was only the true prophets they hated and despised. I agree with Jesus. Speaking truly will always get you despised and hated.

“Blessed are you when people hate you,
when they exclude you and insult you
and reject your name as evil,
because of the Son of Man.”

“Rejoice in that day and leap for joy, because great is your reward in heaven. For that is how their ancestors treated the prophets.”

“But woe to you who are rich,
for you have already received your comfort.
Woe to you who are well fed now,
for you will go hungry.
“Woe to you who laugh now,
for you will mourn and weep.
Woe to you when everyone speaks well of you,
for that is how their ancestors treated the false prophets.”- Jesus in Luke 6:22-26

Even on my Facebook page. So many people there want me to fit comfortably into the Republican mindset and when I don’t, they shy away uncomfortably. Anytime I protect a black man and say injustice was done, almost none of you ‘like’ that post. If I get angry at police officers, almost none of you respond. You only like when I go ‘with the party line’. Well, as I have said before, I don’t hold to a party. Neither party is interested in what is called the TRUTH. The truth is detested by both sides. No one wants to hear that Bush did wrong or could be responsible for the ushering in of the antichrist. Those posts also drop like lead balloons. People. Wake up. This isn’t about politics. This is about truth. Do you want it or not? Do you love truth for its own sake or not? Do you desire truth or not? Only those who love the truth want God. And wanting God is desiring to serve. The truth was spoken by Jesus- but hardly any church teaches Jesus’ words. You won’t get rich following God. You will be unpopular to your friends and family. Almost no one will come to defend you in your hour of need. People will side step when you walk by. And when you are finally on trial, your reputation for being ‘strange’ and ‘odd’ will all be there to bear witness against you. And where will all your friends be then? They will be hiding- at best. Just as the disciples hid when Christ was on trial. You will stand alone. That is what Jesus told us plainly. Why don’t you believe him instead of all these false and weak minded churches? So, all you party time Christians, all you Christians with FB pages full of good cheer, happy photos, smiling friends and good times, what the heck are you doing?  How can you possibly be serving Christ?  Are you somehow an exception to Christ’s warnings?  Really?  Did God overlook you somehow?  Did Jesus’ words somehow lose their meaning over the 2000 years since they were spoken?  Or have you lost your way?  Is it really that you sought and found the easier path?  And have you surrounded yourself with like minded Christians who never bother you with the uncomfortable truth?  I think there can only be one answer here.

But take heart!  Jesus didn’t leave us in that state of hopelessness and fear. No. He told us that truth because he wanted us to know what we were getting ourselves into. And all the disciples did suffer for their deep love of him- just as he said they would. However, they are all sitting at his right hand right now. Just as we, who truly love him will also be doing someday. Below is his warning, and his promise. Take heed, Christians. If you are too happy, beware. If you are too loved, beware. If your life is too unbothered, beware! You are not doing God’s will. That is what I know, deep in my heart. Change your life and become involved again. You don’t get to just opt out. You don’t get to just hang with other Christians who already agree with everything you say. You don’t get to must turn off the news. You don’t get to say, “Well, there’s nothing I can do about it.” I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there it is. It is for your own good that I say it. You will not stand well with God when you see him. And guess what? You know it. So, fix it.

“Truly, truly, I say to you, you will weep and lament, but the world will rejoice. You will be sorrowful, but your sorrow will turn into joy. When a woman is giving birth, she has sorrow because her hour has come, but when she has delivered the baby, she no longer remembers the anguish, for joy that a human being has been born into the world. So also you have sorrow now, but I will see you again, and your hearts will rejoice, and no one will take your joy from you. “- Jesus in John 16:20-22


My Son’s Christmas Concert

I just got home from my son’s school musical.   It was called ‘Celebrations around the World.”   I want to say, first, that the teacher was delightful- she was inspiring to the children. I have never seen my son open his mouth so widely and so decisively to sing anything before. He clapped his hands with complete assurance and with happiness all over him.   The decorations, lighting, stage props- everything was lovely.  This was truly a gala event. So I applaud the teacher, the students and the school with all my heart.

But here is my problem. Sometimes, I truly hate being me. I want to be able to sit in the beautiful auditorium and watch this beautiful production full of beautiful children and just be happy. I want to be like the other people there. I want to watch the children singing African songs that have absolutely nothing to do with Jesus in a Christmas production and I want to think, “Gee, that’s great! I learned something tonight!” But that is not what happens for me. At first, I’m tickled pink. It begins with little light blue elves tinkling away on xylophones- how darling! But then come three children to tell us a little about what we are about to see. They pretend they are leaders of multiple nations at the UN and they are all in complete disagreement about how to celebrate Christmas.  The child leaders begin to argue- one says, ‘We celebrate Christmas!’ Another one says, “We celebrate Carnival!’ and the UN moderator calls a truce and says something like this, “You all want something different- Christmas, Carnival, Cinco de Mayo- we should just scrap them all and come up with something brand new- Celebrations around the world!” And thus begins the musical. Some of the ‘holidays’ are not even in winter.  Some are in winter but have nothing to do with Christmas. In all fairness, there were Christmas songs scattered throughout, but the most popular song was ‘Celebrations around the World’.

I struggled within myself the entire time.  I couldn’t just break free and relax.   I want to just take it easy like everyone else. I have no doubt that 80% of that absolutely packed auditorium would call themselves Christians. But I also have no doubt that 95% of them did not even catch what the children said- or what the musical was about. All they saw was kids dancing and singing. And that is all I wanted to see! But my mind wandered to prayer, asking God for his blessing on all the children and their families. I prayed that they raise them correctly and in the beautiful knowledge of Jesus.  And also in the heaviness of Jesus.  He is a cross- his burden is light- but he is a burden nonetheless.  It isn’t all joy.  Can those kinds of Christian handle the truth when it comes?  Will their children be able to?

As I watched the children, it came to me that the world truly yearns for peace, now more than ever. The need for a one world government is actually inevitable. Each country can’t just get bigger and bigger and more and more powerful. Something has to give. And it will give. And it will give through war or through powerful manipulation. Everyone sees that religion truly motivates humanity- sometimes to extremes. So, the easy answer for the weak-minded and the spiritually weak is to ‘just get rid of all religion’ and create a single ‘new’ one that doesn’t offend anyone. Well, they know it will offend us ‘fanatics’ and ‘weirdoes’, but not the majority. And we fanatics can be dealt with.  The laws are already in place for us.

Progressivism, the political movement, is a conspiracy. Make no mistake about it. Those people are intent on their evil schemes to see the end of the United States in favor of one world dictatorship- with them on top, of course. That being said, I see the lure of one world government. It is actually the most logical outcome of mankind on earth. It truly is the only solution for mankind- we need to be exactly like the Star Fleet Federation. But. Then again, so is communism the most moral of all political systems. Who doesn’t want to share everything- how is that not right? The trouble with these recipes of utopian society is that they always forget one major ingredient, and that is the sinful nature of man. The only way to overcome that sin resides in Jesus, the world’s most hated Person.  We must die to who we are now and be reborn into sinless creatures.  Otherwise, there will always be those who would and will dominate the rest- regardless of whatever legal safeguards mankind dreams up.  Dictatorship and brutality are also inevitable when man leads men.   The only possible leader for such a stubborn race must be someone greater than that race- and that is Jesus, the God/man. And therein lies the conundrum.  Most people want him dead.

Sin prevents any kind of idealism to work and yet it blinds the decision makers into believing it is possible. It is quite an impossible situation! The worst part of the inevitable end of man (i.e., one world government) is that it can allow too much power to consolidate into too few hands- or even into one man’s hands. If those hands are not Jesus’, then the world is in terrible trouble.

No, mankind cannot ever allow one person or one country to rule all. While it is the logical, most idealistic solution (and will no doubt appeal to the majority of the world) it simply can’t and won’t work. Everyone has forgotten about sin. And the very nature of Man. We all see the world coming to a head. War is coming. Something awful is on the horizon- we all sense it. All these countries prowling about in their tiny border cages- their muscles bursting with pent-up power and rage. War is an inevitable as morning. So, we all yearn for salvation from this thing. Of course we do. We all yearn to come together in peace. Of course we do. And we should! We should all get along and respect each other, love one another and tolerate one another. The children on the stage yearn for the right thing. But the teacher who selected the program is wrong about how to achieve it.

The world IS heading for war. There is just too much power- even the power locked up in all those nuclear warheads and dirty nukes- it must be used- all that potential power seduces evil men like sirens to the rocky shores. It is just too much to ignore. Too many dark hearts lusting for their day. And too few people with any love of Truth for its own sake. Who will die for Truth today? The world is moving with unstoppable forces toward its own doom. And we need to be saved from ourselves. That part is not a conspiracy. The people of the world only sense the truth- they sense their demise without being able to articulate it. It’s coming sooner rather than later. The pressure cooker is about to burst. We need a Savior. So, we begin to make songs and musicals about coming together as a world, all holding hands and getting along.  I’m seeing World Citizen badges.  Schools are teaching our kids to be good world citizens.  We are caring for our mother earth.  Tolerance for other societies is taught far more than tolerance for Jesus, their Lord.  The focus has turned decidedly outward and our hands are open in supplication- let’s be friends, we will do what it takes.

Most of the world is without Jesus, so they can’t look to him as their Savior. Only Christians understand that Jesus is not only our spiritual savior,  but he is the world’s literal savior as well. He will come and he will politically rule this earth as it needs to be- under one world government. But those who don’t know him must look elsewhere. They are thrashing about. Not all of them are evil. Most are simply lost. “Who will save us? Who has the charisma? Who has the power? Who can convince the world’s leaders? Who can hold it all together?  Who is Good enough, Moral enough?” They all wonder. They desperately seek this person.

But if not Jesus, then whom? There is only one other option. And we know who that is. It is he who lives in this world already. It is he who already occupies the territory of men’s hearts. He is already fully entrenched and ready for battle.  And he is an angel of light, full of beauty, charm and charisma- all the qualities the world is seeking.  And we, humanity, are the losers. We do indeed need a Savior. And one who is merciful enough to overlook us overlooking him.

I look at all those people and at all those singing children and all these thoughts are going through my head. Unwanted thoughts. Unwelcome thoughts. This is when I wish my life were near its end and that the Lord would call me home. I tire of this world- where is the pleasure? And when is it not ruined by satan?  What are they teaching our children? What chance do all those children have of knowing their Savior? We will be very few, my friends, and extremely unpopular. We will look like extremists of the worst kind. We will be the party poopers on everyone’s darling dream. The world will join hands in a beautiful, brave, new kumbaya prayer and we will stand on the sidelines, helplessly, watching their faces fall as we say we can’t agree with them. We will be betrayers. We will be the ones to rain on everyone’s parade. We will be lonely. We must cling to one another, dears. We are not of this world. Because if we were of this world, I could have sat through that brilliant performance and not have noticed that Jesus was entirely missing. And my heart wouldn’t have broken.

The Kingdom of God is in Our Midst!

We Were Not Ever Intended to Be Alone

heaven copyI just missed my first Sunday because of work (the farmer’s market I told you about). I have actually missed a couple of Sundays before this because of other reasons- so this last one really hurt. To make it right, I had decided to make a different day my ‘God day, my rest day’. That was to be yesterday. I watched the recorded service (which was outstanding as usual), but still didn’t feel right. I watched my pastor speak Continue reading “We Were Not Ever Intended to Be Alone”