• Why So Called Atheists Are Desperate

    The So-Called Atheists prove God’s existence every time they spend millions of dollars on bill boards, commercials and t.v. shows to deny it.   Their desperation to not believe would be funny if it weren’t so saddening. A true Christian can no longer laugh at them, though. It’s come to the point where my heart breaks… Continue Reading

  • Celebrating Christmas Takes a Season

    I do hope that you all are taking time to set your minds, hearts and souls to God during this very important Christmas season.  The birth of Christ can’t be celebrated in one day as ours can be.  No way.  The coming of Christ to this world needs a celebration of an entire season.  Does… Continue Reading

  • Good Time Christians, Beware.

    Jesus was sure to let us know that following him would not be easy. He warned people, when they wanted to follow him, that even he, himself, had no pillow upon which to lay his head; no home to call his own. He told his disciples that the world would hate them because they hated and… Continue Reading

  • My Son’s Christmas Concert

    I just got home from my son’s school musical.   It was called ‘Celebrations around the World.”   I want to say, first, that the teacher was delightful- she was inspiring to the children. I have never seen my son open his mouth so widely and so decisively to sing anything before. He clapped his hands with… Continue Reading

  • Thanksgiving Thoughts

    Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I am sitting here considering my legal situation, all the things for which I am grateful and the sheer irony of life. I am also considering the magnitude of God’s ability to manipulate people and events to his will. I am almost 50 years old and people still continue to surprise… Continue Reading